Mourning hammered his chest excitedly,But Big Ben raised his brows,He didn’t lose the wind in strength against him,But Mourning is taller than him,Even if the two sides collide together,Mourning can still hit the ball into the basket。Big Ben regrets his position,And the hand movements are not clean and the referee blows one2+1。

Mourning missed a free throw,Big Ben will make up for it,Hold the ball in his arms,And handed it to Kobe。
Kobe’s eyes swept away,There is no quick break for this ball,Still gave up the fast break,Dribble slowly。The player defending Kobe in this game is Sasha-Danilovic,The defensive strategy adopted by the Heat is that Mourning sits at the basket,Kobe hits the three-point line。This defensive strategy is very similar to Houston’s defensive strategy for Kobe。A big center sits under the basket to block Kobe’s breakthrough space,Then double-clamping compresses the middle distance space。
have to say,This defensive arrangement really made Kobe more uncomfortable in the first quarter。Because Campbell and Daben are both players who can only score from the basket,They can’t make room for Kobe,Finally, the penalty area and the middle distance are crowded together,Kobe’s offense can only rely on difficult moves to create a mobile phone meeting,Of course the offensive hit rate under this style of play will not be very high。
And in the second quarter,After Harris replaced Curry and Horry on the field,The situation is different。
Big Ben is cruising in the restricted area,The other three players are moving back and forth on the three-point line,Complete a single-block screen without the ball from time to time,Kobe breaks through Sasha-Danilovic is still very relaxed,Once a double-team is formed after the breakthrough,Kobe throws the ball outside,The three top shooters on the outside,The shooting percentage in the open position is not generally high!
“Horry hits three points!”
“Eddie Jones receives Kobe pass,Undefended corner three-pointer!”
“Dale Curry receives the ball,No one around,He even adjusted his breathing rhythm for a second before he shot!Soft touch!Lakers hit three again!”
“opened!The Lakers’ offense is fully open!Consecutive three-pointers!Pat Riley quickly called a timeout,Interrupting the Lakers’ offensive momentum。”
“Consecutive three-pointers,Rewrite the score quickly!Lakers38:42Heat!Lakers crazy chasing points!The score is only4Points are bad!I don’t know if the Lakers players can continue this feeling.?”
This lineup hit a three-pointer5in4,Kobe looked at Pat Riley who was talking about something,Know the next offensive position in the middle distance,The Heat shouldn’t use double-teaming anymore。
Then,It’s time to play by yourself!
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Two Pat Riley