Zhang Mengke heard this,I couldn’t help but look away。

boyfriend?She never had it。
Haven’t waited for Jing Chu to speak,The fourth master took a hissing breath,Talking to myself。
“and many more,Zhang Mengke?”
Si Ye frowned,As if thinking about something。
Subsequently,Asked the probe:“Miss,You said,Your name is Zhang Mengke?”
Zhang Mengke winced and nodded。
Fourth Master’s brows are getting tighter,There seems to be a trace of panic。
Zhang Mengke……Why does this name sound so familiar?……
Si Ye suddenly seemed to have thought of something,Hurriedly took out the phone,What to look at。
Phone to a page,Si Ye raised his phone and compared it with Zhang Mengke,Isn’t this the same person!
Manager Shen was also startled,Did this girl meet Si Ye in advance??
otherwise,Why is there a picture of her in Siye’s phone??
And now look at Si Ye,Cover your mouth,Eyes are almost staring out!
It’s her!
This grandma!
She is the sister of the noble guest from the Mandarin!
I was bored just now,Look at the phone,Han Liang sent some information in the group,There is information about Zhang Mengke。