Shanxi opened the negotiation drug "Double Channel" Hospital pharmacy to buy can be reimbursed

  Original title: Our province opened the negotiation drug "Double Channel" Hospital pharmacy to buy and reimburse it, China Pharmaceutical Society has completed the "Progress of China’s Medical Insurance Drug Administration Reform, the Blue Book" (referred to as Blue Book), through 804 sample hospitals in China The data analysis of multiple dimensions in the clinical administration situation has revealed the changes in clinical medication in hospitals after medical insurance drug reform policies.

  National negotiation drugs are included in medical insurance and is a crucial part of the blue book. Through negotiations, the state has included some innovative drugs into medical insurance reimbursement, escorting more patient health. How is the effect of national drug negotiations in Shanxi? In order to facilitate the use of people, what ways have been taken in our province? On November 16th, on the 17th, the Shanxi Evening News reporter conducted a visit. The chips slowly disappeared with the smile on her face. On November 16, Liu Linlin once again came to the "Opening of Drugs" in a Tangjia Hospital, Taiyuan. The drug she wants to buy is a biological agent, with more than 2,000 yuan, injected into the arm or belly, two, according to the treatment of psoriasis.

Biological agents into the health insurance this year, Linlin Each at their own expense a few hundred dollars, you can effectively control the disease, looking at the body of the lesions gradually disappear, Linlin smile more. Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease, has a "die of cancer," she said, difficult to cure.

More than a decade, the incidence, remission, relapse, remission again, repeatedly haunts Linlin, she eventually finding no way to include Provincial People’s Hospital, Taiyuan Central Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine to cure a number of top three hospitals she has been eager to have a "cure" who can control large tracts of skin lesions. In 2020, doctors recommended her to a biological agent. At that time no biological agents into the health insurance, a drug at least two thousand yuan. The face of the high cost of treatment, she had to choose conservative treatment.

2020 December 28, the National Medical Insurance Bureau announced the outcome of the negotiations, the doctor recommended biological agents were successfully listed in 2020 edition national health insurance drug list by Medicare to negotiate, not only the price drop by more than half, 60 percent of health insurance can be reimbursed.

"Biologics are included in health insurance, I felt my life what have to look forward.

"Linlin happy to say that after the use of biological agents according to their own treatment, their faces and bodies gradually less dander, people are more confident.

  Blue Book shows that in recent years, a large number of domestic and imported original research drugs through the national drug after negotiations into the health insurance, reduce the burden on patients, medication availability improved. 2019 to negotiate the use of new drugs, for example, the first quarter of 2021 was 17 times the amount of drugs the first quarter of 2019, while the amount of drugs the same period in contrast to only incremental times.

  After he recovered hepatitis C will come into the marriage a few more days, Li Taiyuan small group of children held (a pseudonym) to be married. Marriage, Li held a special trip to the hospital for examination of hepatitis C virus antibodies and nucleic acids.

After getting the report of a single negative again, his long sigh of relief. "The doctor said I’m all good, you can normally get married and have children.

"Li Ming-chu says. In 2020, Li was diagnosed move" when hepatitis C, "feeling day to be collapsed. Hepatitis C is a contagious disease, very easily lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer, and even then the drugs has not been included in health insurance, medical treatment at least It takes more than ten million. "At that time, my girlfriend and I have reached the point where gonna get married, but taking into account their own situation, I reluctantly broke it off.

"Li Ming-chu says, did not think his girlfriend who are still adhere to accompany their treatment.

Shortly after, hepatitis C drugs through national negotiations into the health insurance, the cost of treatment greatly reduced, after more than six months scientific medicine, Li held healed.

  The past 10 years, reported cases of hepatitis C virus infection increased year by year. Emergence of direct antiviral drugs, so that hepatitis C can be cured become viral hepatitis.

To allow direct antiviral drugs to benefit more patients with hepatitis C, through the National Medical Insurance Drug negotiations "in order to change the amount of price", will have to negotiate the drug into the national health insurance drug list, in the past few million patients need to pay at least the cost of treatment, and now thousands yuan will be able to cover. Insiders said that with the increasingly sophisticated and reduce drug prices, drug selection of liver disease more reasonable, improved diagnosis and treatment of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer incidence further reduce, enhance the quality of life of patients, while health insurance directory, but also improve the effectiveness of the use of insurance funds. Mass medicines reimbursed implementation of "dual-channel" To ensure that patients "can buy drugs, money can be reimbursed," the province on the part of countries to negotiate drug to implement the "dual-channel" reimbursement policies, in addition to psoriasis, hepatitis C, as well as for malignant pulmonary hypertension and tumors, acromegaly, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and the like a large number of orphan drugs are also included in the "two-channel" management, a total of 95 kinds. "Dual Channel" means that the patient can either buy health insurance designated hospitals to negotiate drug has been included in health insurance, and can also be purchased at the drugstore to negotiate drug and reimbursement policies consistent.

  November 16, Linlin need of hospital drugs sold out, after a good start in the hospital medicine, she went into the hospital pharmacy opposite the purchase of medicines.

"Whether in the hospital or in pharmacies are reimbursed 60%, and health insurance can be billed directly, very convenient." Linlin said. As early as March 2017, the province will be the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia, malignant gastrointestinal stromal tumors, six kinds of breast cancer drugs targeting these three diseases included in health insurance, other than inpatient, outpatient slow special disease, health insurance pooling funds separate reimbursement policy, patients in hospitals and pharmacies can be reimbursed, and a national early implementation of "dual-channel" mode provinces. 2018 to 2021, according to the results of the national negotiations, the province increased four times to adjust the "dual-channel" Drug List, and gradually optimize the management approach, the formation of more mature "dual-channel" operation mechanism. Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, as of the end of August this year, the province has determined that special drugs designated 214 hospitals, 310 pharmacies, to achieve the province’s 117 counties (cities, districts) in each county (autonomous regions and municipalities) have at least one the special medicine outpatient medical institutions and a drugstore.

September 6, the provincial Medical Insurance Bureau in the official website issued a unified province special outpatient drug "dual-channel" designated medical institutions and pharmacies information to facilitate the people for medical treatment, purchase of medicines, accept social supervision.

  At the same time, the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, Wei Jian Commission jointly issued a circular calling for hospitals according to the function positioning, clinical diagnosis and treatment capacity and demand with timely, rational use of the country to talk about drugs.

Clinical needs of the hospital to hospital all at once into the directory medication, medication to meet the needs of patients. (Reporter Wu Jia).