She walked quickly,Say,Several,Feel sorry,Your examination room is not here,We have some mistakes here.,Please go anywhere with me.。

I heard this sentence,The magical juvenile is immediately。
Other students in the temple also doubts。
But there is no opening saying,Several teenagers of the Mozu stand up,Go away。
I don’t know if I haven’t seen it.,Still deliberately,The Mozi teenager who was swearing before the summer,Way to the summer,Lift your feet。
Step on the foot of summer。
Foot falls on the ground。
The Mozi teenager immediately surprised,it turns out……Fall out。
Not step on?
This thought is flashing in the magic texture boy.,Footsteps,Continue to walk。
However, just step,I feel the same at the feet.,The whole person is slammed.,Time-tattoo。
的 响 响。
How many people behind still don’t know how to take,I saw him fell directly to a dog.,Thoroughly。
A young boy in the temple heard the sound,Falling here。
what happened?
Nobody knows。
But does not affect the expression of all people。
Suddenly a laugh。
And this time,The magic texture is already standing,He rose red face,Turned to the summer,Big drink。
Despicable!You dare to sneak me!
NS3141chapter Immortal
Fall into the voice,The four weeks of teenagers have been exposed.。
They don’t know what happened.,But at this moment, look at the eyes of summer,Already a bit of identity。
Identity,Will not stand out。
One side of the brids,Hold the shoulders to watch the lively。
I sneak you?
Summer face is surprised,Why don’t you say,You just want to deliberately step on my feet.?
This sentence,Surrounded by a startup,The young people are scornful and sarcasm。