“What do you mean by sister Wu?Xiaona and I have to ask your permission for a drink?”Xia Jian smiled,Leaning over and asked Wu Ling。

Wu Ling’s beautiful big eyes turned around and said:“What did Mr. Xia say?,Don’t say let her have a drink with you,Even if I give her whole body to you,I have no opinion either”
“Well!Xiaona is mine”Xia Jian laughed deliberately,Seem extremely presumptuous。
With Wu Ling’s consent,Xiaona poured her a large glass of wine,Pick it up and touch Xia Jian lightly,Very refreshing。
“it is good!Sure enough, there are no weak soldiers under the strong generals。Sister Wu can arrange such a good place for me,I should really thank her”A large glass of wine,For Xia Jian,And no problems。But when he spoke deliberately,Roll your tongue every now and then。
acting,To act like a little。Otherwise, if you play it,,Not only can’t achieve this effect,And will be ashamed。
Wu Ling winked at Xiaona,Xiaona immediately refilled Xia Jian with wine,At this time a bottle of liquor has bottomed out。Xia Jian knew,After he finished the second cup of fashion drunk, the effect became realistic。
Wu Ling put her body close to Xia Jian,The perfume smell on her body is mixed with the smell of wine from time to time rushed over,Let Xia Jian smell a little trance。
“President Xia!There is a saying like this,Borrow soil for mud,Banquet。You don’t understand the matter between Luo Jun and my sister,So your involvement can only be said to be your bad luck”Wu Ling said,I caught a chopstick dish with public chopsticks,Sent directly to Xia Jian’s mouth。
Xia Jian ate without hesitation,he knows,The good show just kicked off。
Wu Ling continued:“My sister stumbled for a while and had Wu Xiong who was disappointed,But Luo Jun never looked at him directly。STBranch matter,My sister reminded him many times,But this guy just doesn’t listen。But Luo Jun asked you to do this,Really cruel”
Wu Ling was talking,Keep winking at Xiaona。Xiaona picked up the glass again,She said with a smile:“President Xia!Don’t patronize and talk to Sister Wu,Here is my Cortana”
This Xiaona is acting coquettishly,It’s really crispy to the bone。Xia Jian understands what she means,Don’t you just want to get him drunk as soon as possible??
“Damn!Tell the truth,I’m afraid I will be really drunk if I have another drink。I’m afraid this drunk will do some gaffes,Don’t blame the two beauties”Xia Jian said,Picked up the wine glass and touched Xiaona,And drank another big glass。
Xiaona glanced at Wu Ling,It’s very painful。Xia Jian cried secretly,It seems that these two women are definitely not under him。Drink it anyway,It’s strange that he is not drunk。