First919chapter Deal with rogue
got inside12month,Most of the students started to prepare for the final exam。
For college students,This is also a rare busy time of the year。
Many university libraries finally ushered in the most crowded time period。
Judging from the current domestic situation,Basically the same as another world。
Worked hard12year,She started herding sheep after entering the university。
Only one month before the exam,So I can read it at night,Pray to sharpen the gun,Don’t have any trouble。
Shen Huan once heard such a sentence,During school,Which school’s library,The most people at night,Then this school must be a good school。
If you think about it, it’s really like this。
Take a look at the library of Qinghua Jingda Futan,When it’s absolutely normal,There are many schoolmasters who read and study carefully here,It is absolutely impossible that this place is crowded only before the exam。
This is especially true of those famous schools abroad,There are people who study all night long。
So don’t blame others for always giving out some Nobel science prize talents,It’s all accumulated on the basis of day by day hard work。
Didn’t the ancestors say?
As long as the skill is deep,Iron rod grinding into needle。
Unless you hang up like Shen Huan,Otherwise, don’t want to get a golden doll with a day’s hard work。
Shen Huan actually worked hard。