Four points of cesarean baby breastfeeding pregnancy

Four points of cesarean baby breastfeeding pregnancy

Caesarean section is more difficult to achieve breast milk replacement studies than natural delivery. It is found that the time of cesarean section gradually degenerates from the beginning of lactation, that is, the time from retinal dialysis to the mother’s conscious breast swelling and the first milk discharge when squeezing the breast.The new mummy is nearly 10 hours late, and the prolactin level in the body is low, coupled with the restriction of body position, pain, psychological factors, etc., so the risk of breast milk failure within one year after delivery is higher than that of a new mummy born naturally.

So, how can a new mom with a caesarean section successfully substitute breast milk for her baby?

  Key 1: Three stickers, three early-early breastfeeding for newborn babies. Lactation is a complex physiological process. Prolactin plays an important role in initiating lactation and maintaining milk secretion. Avoiding sucking nipples and breast emptying is to promote lactation.An important factor in hormone secretion.

The colostrum within 24 hours after the birth of the baby can resist the Royal Internal Virus. The immune protein content of the bacterial invasion is the highest, and it will gradually decrease in the future. Therefore, breastfeeding as soon as possible after delivery is the key to promoting and ensuring the occurrence of breast milk.

  The sucking reflex is the strongest in the 20-50 minutes after the birth of the newborn. If you can fully and effectively implement the “three stickers”, that is, chest against the chest, abdomen against the abdomen, baby mouth against the maternal breast, and “three early”, that is,Touching early, sucking early, and opening milk early can not only consolidate the suckling reflex of the newborn baby, but also stimulate the nerve endings of the nipple, which will cause the release of prolactin, make milk secrete in advance, and increase the amount of milk.

Therefore, new moms who have a caesarean section should actively adopt prolactin techniques such as early contact, early sucking, and early milk opening.


For new moms who start with less milk, it is best to avoid using bottles and pacifiers, as this will cause the illusion of the baby’s nipples, and they will no longer suck their mother’s nipples.

  Key 2: Analgesic Pump-Relieves the pain of cesarean section headaches Caesarean section headaches, affects the rest and sleep of new moms, and produces a series of pain, anxiety, sympathetic nerve excitement, etc. can inhibit lactation.

Especially for the gradual 3 acute attacks, the pain and prevention of tibia fractures are the most prominent. At the same time, the pain will seriously affect the activities of the new mom and feel inconvenient.

This directly leads to the breastfeeding posture, affects the baby’s attachment to the nipple, and causes the new mom to feel powerless and even lose confidence.

  However, new moms who have a caesarean section can ask the hospital to provide an epidural analgesia pump.

Studies have shown that gradual analgesia has no adverse effects on new moms and newborn babies, and no narcotic drugs can be detected in the milk, so it is safe and feasible, and it can greatly help the successful breast milk replacement of cesarean babies.

  7 major benefits of eliminating pumps on breast milk metabolism1. New moms have stable mood, adequate sleep and unlimited movement after surgery.

  2. Improve early contact and early breastfeeding, which will help the mother to establish lactation reflex, promote prolactin secretion and lactation start time.

  3. Improve the activity of getting out of bed for new moms, promote the recovery of rehabilitation function, eat as soon as possible, so that the milk secretion increases significantly.

  4. Promote the peristalsis of the hypertension tract, shorten the time of gradual exhaustion, and help the new mom to eat gradually and early.

  5. The analgesic effect of the initial analgesia pump is improved, and the effect is rapid. The action time can reach 72 hours, so that the new mommy can contact the baby as soon as she returns to the ward, and let the baby suck.

  6. It is estimated that within 6 hours, the new mummy can turn over or sit up with the help of family members, and can get out of bed after 24 hours.

  7, can maintain a better position for breastfeeding, make the new mummy rest well, feel happy, and have a good role in promoting the success of breast milk.

  Key 3: Peace of Mind-Relieve the tension Just after giving birth to the baby, almost all new moms have different levels of worry, anxiety, depression, fear and other psychological problems.

New moms who have a caesarean section have nervousness about the operation itself, coupled with the effects of pain, inconvenience and poor sleep, fatigue, and inadaptability to the change of postpartum roles, psychological problems worsen, and they are more likely to be depressed and overwhelmed.Not enough confidence in successful breastfeeding.

The changes in human neuroendocrine are largely restricted by psychological factors. Bad psychological factors will affect the pituitary secretion of prolactin, while the elderly affect milk secretion.


Studies have confirmed that relieving tension can promote milk secretion. Therefore, for new moms who have a caesarean section, the family should give more care, care, encouragement, and attention to her mood changes, and help new moms by comforting words and practical actionsRelieving her worries and making her realize the joy of “beginning mother” will help milk secretion.

  Key 4: embracing sitting position breastfeeding-Mummy is comfortable and convenient, and the baby can effectively suck the position of the new mummy feeding, which directly affects the position of the baby’s mouth containing the nipple.

When the mummy is in the supine position, the nipples and surrounding areolas are not easy to protrude, the baby is not easy to cover the nipples and most of the areolas, and the lateral lying position is not conducive to forming a good inclusive posture.

The baby’s articulation posture is not good, which may easily cause mummy’s nipple pain and nipple cracking.

  Although seated breastfeeding should be the best position, new moms who have a caesarean section will easily rub off the dressing due to abdominal pain or overcome pressure and friction in the first few days, often in a semi-sitting position.

In fact, there is a cuddling sitting breastfeeding method that is more suitable for new moms who have a caesarean section. This way, the mom is comfortable and convenient, and the baby can suck milk effectively.

  The embracing seat feeding method1. The new mummy sits on the seat beside the bed, puts the chair close to the bed, the body is close to the back of the chair, and the shoulders are relaxed and the shoulders are relaxed. The body must form a certain angle with the bed.

  2. The baby’s body is placed on the bed of the new mummy. It can be cushioned under the baby’s body with a quilt or pillow to ensure that the baby’s body is exactly on the bed when the new mummy embraces the baby’s upper body and breastfeeds.

  3, the new mummy just hugs the baby’s upper body for breastfeeding, and the baby will not touch the abdominal wound.

  The embracing sitting position breastfeeding method 3 weights 1, breastfeeding under the embracing bed position, the baby’s weight is supported by the bed, the new mummy just hugs the baby’s upper body, reducing the burden on himself, controlling the baby’s head, and truly achievingMummy and baby chest.

  2. The baby is easy to cover the nipples and areola and suck effectively. This can ensure effective sucking time, properly suck the nipples and most areolas, avoid nipple pain and cracked nipples, and affect breast milk replacement.

  3. Effectively suck or promote the reflection of ejaculation and the secretion of prolactin, which is conducive to breast emptying and increased milk secretion.

In addition, the new mommy is satisfied with breastfeeding, enhances the confidence of breastmilk replacement, reduces milk swelling, and promotes uterine recovery.

  In short, as long as you can maintain a good attitude, breastfeeding early, appropriate analgesia, and appropriate posture, any new mummy with a caesarean section can successfully replace breast milk.