“I go,This is also kissing indirectly.,Be addicted?”

“Lin girl is definitely it.,Absolutely,Otherwise, how can it be so not?!”
People in live broadcast can’t help but say it.,One by one,AllLsp,The head is the way,It seems that it is very experienced.。
Lin Wei is not going to see the evaluation of her.,A strong eating cucumber,The essential,Ate,Just like it can’t stop,Eat also。
“you……What am you eager?,Eat slowly!”
Xue Qing finally felt something wrong with,Can’t help but say:“Nobody and you grab!”
“Is it so delicious??”
Wu Xiuxiu is a food,But there is not much interest to cucumber this creature.,Just watching Lin Wei eats so hard,I can’t help but ask a sentence.。
“Really delicious!”
There are still many in the mouth of Lin.,Child,A strong saying:“Really delicious,You try to see it.!”
Xue Qing and Wu Xiu Xiu have paid a look,Will believe,Dressing down two cucumber,One person,Learn into Shen Xuan,Lick,Then I bite the small mouth.。
Cucumber crisp,Also special sweet,Acetic,Rosed into the mouth,Last time。
Both people only eat it.,I’m stunned.。
“What’s wrong?”
“It is definitely not good,Both people eat dumbfounded。”
“It is estimated that Lin girl deceived them.,The play is not going on.!”
People in live broadcasts have guess,Every one feels that this cucumber is definitely not good.,Otherwise, how can I stop it??
Almost simultaneously,Wu Xiuxiu and Xue Qing screamed,A thicker,Then I bite a piece of cucumber.。
Big mouth,Just like the previous Lin Hao,Can’t stop。
Three people stand side by side,Human hand, a cucumber,A strong eating,I am too lazy to talk.。
“Trough,Can still be like this?”
“This wall is advertising,Next, guide us to buy cucumber?”
“have to say,Advertising effect,But unfortunately,We will not buy it.!”