This time,Su Li cool wind touches on some impressively。

He did not think Lee will actually leveraging the wind。
“it is good,By the time you give me the contact details,I talk about。”
After exchanged with Su Cool and,Li Hui hangs up the phone,Then hastily eat more rice,We continue to practice together。
Recently, he seems to feel some big some pubic region,And pubic region is full of energy is stored。
In particular, that actually a lot of magical when he closed his eyes,One perspective is actually somewhat similar functions,But it needs energy to complete the pubic region。
Extending energy,He can wear the object to see the opposite side.。
Even he also tried to control this energy,Let this energy become invisible。
After a few days of trial,He was also a lot of success。
And in these days of effort,Magic are the best hospitals,The two black people is being picked up,Directly to the United States。
While the black family is also directly issue orders,Lee to direct the wind disappear in this world。
All Lee wind is no sleep。
He is a high school at the school gate until the Yang smiled。
Yang Xiao smiled and saw Li Hui Feng’s instant,He filled out sunny smile,Lee has been infected with the wind and it was the other’s smile。
He did not even think of having gone through that kind of thing,Yang smiled the smile still so beautiful sunshine。
“Lee brother,My dad said you accompany me to go abroad,This is true?”
“Hey-hey,Of course it is true,But I am a little curious,Why is me??
Many people can?”
I heard Li Hui Hui.,Yang Xiao smiled a pretty face and red.。
“Because I have a sense of security with Li Da Ge.,And as long as you are by your side,It seems that there is no dangerous。”
“Forehead,Be careful in foreign countries,Not dangerous,But if you are not willing to go abroad,I also have the ability to let you go to other places to read,Anyway, I feel that it is still for it.,After all, there is such a thing.。”
Yang Xiao smiled and smiled this.:“whats the matter?”
“Cough and cough still don’t say。”
Li Hui’s problem for Yang Xiao Xiao,It is also awkward。
“Hey-hey,Lee brother,Can I tell you secret??”
What secret,you say,I guarantee confidentiality。”
Yang Xiao smiled directly to Li with the wind,Then put the tip of the foot。
Gently attached to the ear of Li Hui’s ear。
This suddenly close to Yang Xiao Xiao,Li Hui also does not help but,He suddenly felt that Yang Xiao smiled and seems to be much bold than before.。
Smell the unique fragrance on each other,Li Hui Feng feels yourself this is a matter。
And Yang Xiao smiled and smelled the taste of the sun.,Li Hui’s taste is very light,Very good,Let her feel some fans。
“Lee brother,I want to tell you is,I secretly went to the hospital to have seen it.。”
Five hundred and fiftieth eight chapters jet lag
What Seen?”
Yang Li smiled a moment the wind is this saying。
Yang smiled and flushed with a beautiful Qiaolian,Gently said:“What is Tianshir who didn’t take me?,He did not go in,And I was still that layer of film。”

Everyone is eligible to sign up,Even if you are a member of the cooking class。

It just has to pass the test of the military competition of the whole army first,Only the best soldiers are qualified to enter the reserve in the iron and blood blade。
Yes,The best special forces can only become reserves for the iron and blood blade。
There are only a very small number of special forces that are valued by people with iron and blood.,Able to get full members directly。
It is estimated that there are only one or two in a year。
This year’s Tekken’s highest voice is He Chenguang from Sharpshooter Silian,And Wang Yanbing from the Seventh Company。
These two people are currently the most popular,It is recognized that the special forces most likely to enter the iron and blood blade。
Among all subjects,Both of these two completed the assessment with excellent results。
Starting today is the military competition of the whole army。
“Hiroko,Get up,Today is the first day of the military competition,If you are late, you will miss the first game。”
As Qin Hao’s roommate and best friend,Huang Xiaoding shook to Qin Hao。
“Didi,The host gains pure friendship,Congratulations to the host for getting a red envelope from Taishang Laojun,Strengthen the body strong activation pill。”
“Once this pill is taken,Permanently improve the host’s endurance,And increase the load and speed。”
suddenly,A dark pill appeared on Qin Hao’s right hand。
While Huang Xiaoding is getting dressed,Qin Hao swallowed this powerful activation pill, which is called physical fitness。
This Dan melts in your mouth,No smell,Then a burst of majestic medicinal effects radiated from the whole body。
Sure enough to keep fit,Qin Hao felt that a certain part of his lower body was now straight up。
Bulged up a big tent,Made him very embarrassed。
“how,Not out yet,It’s really late if you don’t go,”Huang Xiaoding said eagerly。

This is indeed the most powerful proposal for the two people.。

After all, you can see it.,If two people do it,No matter what the end,Summer will shoot the remaining person。
Comparison of the combination of two people,The person who can eventually live,There is no doubt that Rose。
Rose is slightly hesitant,Yin and clear。
Summer is laughing,Sound means deep,I deeply glanced at Christina,Then look at Rose,“Okay.,Let’s go together.,Cristina,See my eyes for a while
Your sister!
Christina face is green,Grievances stare at the summer,I can’t wait to swallow him.。
And originally intended Rose,Immediate icy,Re-flashing in the scorpion,Staring Cristina。
I know that summer is scaming him.,But but I don’t dare to take risks.。
Not afraid that 10,000 is afraid of。
Who knows this is not a trap of deliberately settlement?。
Not finished,Eyelid,Lower consciousness。
“I certainly don’t believe him.。”
Ross step by step,Sound ice cold cool cool,“But don’t believe you of your white wolf,So,You still die.。”
Christina is very clear,Once,She has no possibility of living,Seeing Ross step by step,“Do you really have to die?,That is only cheaper.…
Ross,Still away。
Next second。
It’s like a ghost-like appearance in Christina.,The fangs are like a ghost claw,Then the blue light flashes,Be more than imagination。
Christina rising,The same blue light flashes,But only listen to a sound,The whole person fly out。
The killing of Rose is almost essential,Follow,Second claw torn。
Desperate,Cristina Mes is screaming,“Uncle Gasker,Save me……”I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1413Chapter Each has a background, you sing me to debut.
After listening to Christina shouting this name,Rose pupil,Murder is even more,Do not hesitate to move forward。
意 意。
But it’s still late.。
A lightning, a light-powered, from the corner of the floor,Fladder,The finite is firm with Ross hard,Two people return。
“Gaskel,Sure enough, you have everything behind you.!”
Rose bite teeth,Both my eyes are dead and dead stare at the middle-aged people opposite。
Middle-aged dress straight dress,It looks stinked,Extremely gentleman,It is in the family meeting room constantly provocating his Gaskel。
Facing Rose murderous eyes,Gaskel is just a smile,“Don’t you know??”

Instant,East Big Day,Jinshan Emperor,Busy,The figure of the four strong people in the east bunch of the east is again rushed again.,Their power is all injecting the soldiers,The horrible breath rises again,Four people stand in the sky in the nine stone columns。

Four people burst into a sound,Four people shot at this moment like lightning,The four big gods have emerged horrible light,These rays are like lightning.,It is like a bullet.,A light is then shock to nine stone pillars!
The harsh blasting sound is ringing among the air.。
“boom,boom,boom!”Dramatic explosion sound continues,Nine stone pillars stand still,The mysterious light above disabling the attack of the four strong people。
Just in the sky at this time, an angry roaring voice came.,The owner of this sound is honest, and it is the singer of the singer.,Shi Nazeng’s face,Also, there are three kinds of breath, old people follow him.。
These three old faces are ugly。
“My Chinese territory is sacred and inviolable!”A thunderous sound came from the distant high altitude。
This is a golden windbreaker,It looks for more than 60 years old,This old gold windbreaker embroides a huge gold dragon,This person is not someone else,It is the dragon’s proud of the dragon,Dragon proud god handed a golden long knife。
There is also Beijiao with Dragon proud.,Dragon,Tongz,Fairy,Those who are so powerful,These people are a face hole,It looks more than Tang,Long Taihuang et al.。
These people are the half-pointers that condense the gods。
Qinglong Chamber of Commerce out this one,According to Tang family,Lesson Mountain,Fei Fairy Pavilion means direct appearance interference,And the forces of this,狠 的 上,After all, from the big level。
This inclusion is undoubtedly the authority of challenge the Chinese government.。
But the dragon,Sheah,The Tzon is not thinking so,Everything is expensive,So severely condemned。
However, after the International Times, Qin Guangwang’s articles have appeared.,Dragon,Sheah,The force equalization of Tuanzi began to change the attitude.,Rhetoric protest,And claiming that Luofu is a Chinese territory,Holy invasive。
So this dragon,Sheah,The strong people such as Tuanzi have come.。
Heard this voice,Both people, god, and others, etc.。
Robu,Liu Sheng sword,Jinshan Emperor and other four people are crazy,Each shot accelerates,Crazy attacking nine stone pillars,After all, Jinshan Emperor and others are still very far away.,Need time to come。
Once open,They directly use the things in the martial arts to control the things in the control.。
The horrible blasting sound is fried in the void。
The rays on the nine stone columns are getting more and more light,Inside the red clouds,This cloud is drifting。
Shi Nazegger and Dragon proud of the gods are getting closer。
The strange light on nine stone columns is getting thinner。
A dramatic explosion sound,A stunned,The horrible breath comes from the midfielding light,This horrible breath is shocked,Beyond the power of major golden level leaders。
Even if they use the soldiers,It is also fragile in front of this force.。

Nothing is good,是 呗 呗。lt;/Pgt;

Gao Bao took a white cloud sword,Start thinking about the swords of the Tri Jade Masterlt;/Pgt;
I wrote that“Meet a smile”After the letter,He is higher with this body.,The essence of swordsysides grows rapidly with incredible speeds.。lt;/Pgt;
Stepping on the drum sword,Gao Bao’s body seems to have incredible toughness。lt;/Pgt;
lt;/Pgt; Be:Today, there is a strong master Gao Lang,A dance sword。The viewer is like a mountain color,A long time。lt;/Pgt;
Huo Ruyi fell 9 days,Lecture, the emperor Dragon Xiang。Come like a thunder,Jianghai Dingguang。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Yang took the drum,Excited strange call,More excited than eating five stones。lt;/Pgt;
He is very embarrassed today.,I haven’t so cool for a long time.!lt;/Pgt;
“Royal brother!You as a king of a country,Can you indulge in?!”lt;/Pgt;
A roar in the distance,Like a pot of cold water to the head,Higher drums hang in half air,Gao Baoyi dance sword almost flashed,Yang Wei and others Zhang Danedigan,This moment is like it is really still.!lt;/Pgt;
A flourishing in the Zhaoyang Palace is in a hurry.,The guards can’t stop。lt;/Pgt;
This person is called high,Seal Yongan,That is, Yongan Wang。lt;/Pgt;
He is a high school brother,It’s just,Originally, no gifts,But then get more and more talented,Very attached to Gao Huan and Gao Cheng。lt;/Pgt;
This person has always been a plate,See you,Therefore, it is not happy for the high ocean.。lt;/Pgt;
As for why he presents in the palace,It is because he listens to the high ocean in Gao Zhanfu, killing two beautiful women.,I feel awkward,Specially coming from Qingzhou to the suite“Advise”of。lt;/Pgt;
He feels that Luoyang will win,Gao Yang floated,Continue like this,Country is very dangerous!lt;/Pgt;

“Hey……”She sighed a sigh.。

“Why is you sigh??”Lu Haocheng gently fingers gently with her cheeks。
Blue Xin laughs,“its me,Today, go to the Chinese entertainment.,I will remember about five eighteen women’s stars,I always feel that I have some defeats.。”
“hehe……”Lu Haochong,What is he thought?。
“fool,This is called the defeat.?”
“I saw it.,Still have to pay for them a lot of money 。”
“Oh!”Lu Haocheng is black and a smile,Character of Muzi,Everyone else stretched his hand to his wife.,He will pay a default?
“All right,Don’t think about these things.,What do you want to eat at night??Maybe tomorrow,You will start busy.。”
Blue Xin looked at him:“what happened?”
Lu Haocheng looked at her cute.,“Blue,You said before and I have said,You like it very much..lshopping mall,Now you design your clothes can stayocountry.lMall,happy?”
Blue Xin is surprised:“husband,Did you compromise under the immersion of Chu??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“……”How can he hear this?。
He squinted,Some dangers,Can’t help but pinch her cheek:“In addition to you, this world seems to have no one to ask me to seek her.。”
“See you,It seems that I am terrible is,Who didn’t you face??I didn’t give you a face.?”Blue Xinjiao’s mouth glanced at him。
“It’s my fault is my fault.,What do you want to eat at night??”Lu Haicheng took her up。
Blue Xin thought about it,Recently I want to eat spicy incense pots。
“Would you like us to eat Sichuan cuisine?,I haven’t eaten for a long time.,Fashion Square,But now go back and far.,See if there are。”
“Row,All according to you。”
Lu Hao Cheng Baidu,Looking for a very good spicy pot in the vicinity,Take her to eat,Two hours,The two people go home。
Blue Xin bat out,Just look at the lobster video that is happy to send her。
See her eyes,Especially want to eat。
[Blue baby,You also come to eat,too delicious,I am happy to cry.,Mu Zizi fungus apologizes。Thank you.,Blue baby,I feel that my grievance since this time.,It’s generous now.。]
Blue Xin laughs,She has always arrived,Things that can solve themselves will never feel troublesome。
But is Mu Zi 珩 Is someone else??That is her husband。
[Gather,I have to meet this kind of thing in the future.,You are husband and wife。]
[Uh-huh,Blue baby,I see,I will,We are all happy.!]
Blue Xin:[We are very happy now.!]
NS1850chapter I am afraid that I am angry.
[Blue baby,Lu Haozheng bully you,You must tell me。
]Blue Xin laughs:[He does not dare,If he dares to bully me,Let’s join him together.!]“Um!I really don’t dare.。”
Lu Hao Cheng’s voice suddenly appeared behind her。

If you can succeed,He was forced to hand in hand,Even if the shares are retained,Waiting for them to enter,How do you want to pinch him?,Not all of them?

It’s problematic.……
“If he really did the performance??Then we are not smashed.?”
“how is this possible。”
Zhou Zhixiong laughed:“Busy, we can not help,But if he really has some indication of gambling,We can drag him on his legs.。
Rumor、Wipe black、block,Or directly with the Securities Regulatory Commission,Card does not let him go public,Just think,How much is。
As long as he signed an agreement,Can you complete a gambling?,I can’t say it for him.。
The gambling in the first few phases can be completed,After all, enter the shares.,Finally, I will enter the master.,Good performance is also beneficial to us,But the last listing gambling,He is impossible to complete anyway.。”
The king is slightly talented,Like I don’t know how Zeng,I looked at him.,I am inexplicable in my heart.,Originally thought that his heart is already black,But after listening to Zhi Xiong, he discovered,A ratio with him,I am still too pure.。
Dragging legs, you can think about it.?
As long as Wu Qingdong signed a gambling agreement,You will eat him.?
Or do you eat people don’t spit the bones,Not only need to revenge him,I have to let him work free of charge.,Finally, I will give him the company.,Killing people is just like this.。
really,In black,Still you help with financial capitalists。
But I like it.!
This is called retaliation.,It’s a bit of a bitter,The king has a little expectation in the heart.,Some hesitate:“But if he doesn’t sign it.?”
After saying the king, you will react.,Know yourself,Do not sign, there is no loss to him.,I don’t have to find the two reasons.,The chance of investing him gave it,It is not hesome,This can noble him.。
Zhou Zhi Xiong said:“Happened,Do you have just let me find a rejection??This is not ready-made?”
Wang traffic nodded,Suddenly, I admire him.,No matter what Wu Qingdong is not signed,They all can sit on the Diaoyutai,This plan is not missing.。
“makes sense,Then listen to you,That’s it.,I will notify Wu Qingdong。”
Wang traffic somatoes,Say the phone,I called Wu Qingdong.。
“Total Wang,How did I call me??”Telephone connection,Wu Qingdong has some fox。
“Yesterday, I didn’t say investment. I will come back.、think about it,Give you a reply?,I have just told old Zhou just now.,Zhou Zhixiong,Last time you have seen in the forum。
His research on you3Plan a very interested,Investment intention,If you have time,Go to Changfeng,You talk about it.。”Wang traffic hooks his mouth。
Wu Qingdong’s face,Hurriedly:“Really?no problem,I have time now.,You will wait,I will pass it right away.。”
“it is good,Then I am waiting for you in the company.。”Wang traffic smiled and hangs up,Then look at Zengxiong:“Proper,He will come right away。”
Zhou Zhixiong Road:“Still very positive,Then I will also go to do my homework.,Wang, you will take yourself first.。”
Wang flows up:“Busy,Do not bother me。”
Half an hour later。
Wu Qing Dongxing said over,I am full of joking,Rushing:“Total Wang,Long time。”
Wang flows back to smile:“It’s not bad,Wu Chang is very fast,Didn’t wait for how long,This is the old week,You have seen you,I will not introduce it.。”
Wu Qingdong smiled:“Need not,Zhou total a last time,I still remember it now.,I haven’t seen it for a few months.,The total style of Zhou is still still。”
“you flatter me,Wu is always really still good.。”Zhou Zhi Xiang smiled,Hold a handshake。
Can you blew each other??Wang is dark,Laugh on your mouth:“The company’s business has always been an old week in the management,Now you have seen it.,Do you want to invest、How to vote,You will talk about it.。”
“it is good,3I brought it to the business development and planning plan.,I will introduce it in person with Zhou.,What is Zhou’s concerns about investment or questions?,Can be asked,I must know all。”Wu Qingdong is cool。
Zhou Zhixiong smiled:“I really have a few questions.,I want to know with Wu.,Not anxious,Sit first,If you have something, let’s sit down.。”

She walked quickly,Say,Several,Feel sorry,Your examination room is not here,We have some mistakes here.,Please go anywhere with me.。

I heard this sentence,The magical juvenile is immediately。
Other students in the temple also doubts。
But there is no opening saying,Several teenagers of the Mozu stand up,Go away。
I don’t know if I haven’t seen it.,Still deliberately,The Mozi teenager who was swearing before the summer,Way to the summer,Lift your feet。
Step on the foot of summer。
Foot falls on the ground。
The Mozi teenager immediately surprised,it turns out……Fall out。
Not step on?
This thought is flashing in the magic texture boy.,Footsteps,Continue to walk。
However, just step,I feel the same at the feet.,The whole person is slammed.,Time-tattoo。
的 响 响。
How many people behind still don’t know how to take,I saw him fell directly to a dog.,Thoroughly。
A young boy in the temple heard the sound,Falling here。
what happened?
Nobody knows。
But does not affect the expression of all people。
Suddenly a laugh。
And this time,The magic texture is already standing,He rose red face,Turned to the summer,Big drink。
Despicable!You dare to sneak me!
NS3141chapter Immortal
Fall into the voice,The four weeks of teenagers have been exposed.。
They don’t know what happened.,But at this moment, look at the eyes of summer,Already a bit of identity。
Identity,Will not stand out。
One side of the brids,Hold the shoulders to watch the lively。
I sneak you?
Summer face is surprised,Why don’t you say,You just want to deliberately step on my feet.?
This sentence,Surrounded by a startup,The young people are scornful and sarcasm。

Siki,I don’t know if you don’t know.,Kunlun Mountain is my root,I don’t know how deep the water,Is it you can go?。

You give me your guy look.,I have to count him alive.。”
敖 汤 老实 拓 prints the appearance of the Tianjun。
It is a monk of a fairy style bone.,Dishes。
鸾 鸾 鸾 鸾,At the same time, the heart is not limited.,I only feel that the sky is chaotic.,Not can’t come out at a point。
“I said that you can’t figure it out.,He said that I will get the first day to kill the sword.,Fortunately in Black Dragon Tan,At that time。”
“Why don’t you say it?,You hold it to Black Dragon Pool,I’d like to see,Who is so bold?,I want to borrow my congenital killing sword to the Kunlun Mountain.。”
Due to the pendant infinite murder, That is a sword, hanging in the top of the soup。
敖 汤 不 瑟 瑟 瑟 瑟。
“Not going back。”
The sword falls down,Scared and rushed to leave the ancient mountain。
Senbai Kill Jian is in the top of Sangtou。
The meditation of the female crown is being pinned in the sword.,Her kills is a congenital killing avenue,This is the end of the road,Traceability,Once this sword,Even if it is Tianjun,Also implied,Strain。
Therefore, the guys who make the soup are bad.,Seeing the sacred object is a fake,Borrowing the sword kill talent is true。
NS170chapter Invade
Black Dragon,Head, white killing sword,I am in my heart.,It is awkward:“Old,I think Black Dragon Tan is not a good place.,Would you like。”
“Who are there so much nonsense,Hurry。”
敖 汤 脸,Hoe:“This family should not be neat,I am, the friend is not a lone,If you start after you?,Unclear,In case people find the door。I can say good,I have to give us a singer.。”
“Your dragon is so much dragon,What kind of。”
“This is not a lot of benefits.。”
“I am, your son is stronger than you.。”
“To say it is really,What’s more, your nephew is now with a love, the brother,蜃 蜃 子 子 是 万 万 面 面,It is equal http://www.susongdanbao.cnto your nephew, and this is a big mountain.,Specified in the future than I have an interest。
To say this is awesome,Wan Demon Emperor So many faces,No one can serve her more than the millennium,蜃 蜃 蜃 子 跟 她 她 她 年,Also mentally shaking,Alien。”
“You are so envious,Do you want to get into the palace?”Kill sword, like a cold universe,Dark void。
“Where。”敖 soup is a cold,Tremble。
Black dragon grinds,I’m not willing to go to Black Dragon Pool.。
“Brother,You really kill swords。”A fairy style of the sky is floating。
敖 汤 勉 强 out a smile。
Tianjun feels strange,Suddenly felt a stronger murder locking。
A forestless kill is awkward。
Tianjun continuous cloth multi-layer body god,But the cave is smashed by the sword.。His mindful,In the case of a unreasonable kill,Nothing everywhere。
Take the heart of the murder, the hole in the sky,A creative wound appears,血 直 直 直 注 注 注。
Tianjun spends the speed of the naked eye。
“观 主,We have no hatred。”
That day didn’t try to stop the injury,I will kill the sword first.,He can only choose a hole,And I have to find ways to make up for the trauma of the hole.。

This eternal heart,Nature is giving me the favorite person,Also my three children’s mother,Blue Xin。”

“what”surprise!Unconvident!Even Look at the reporter will,There are some unbelievable look at Lu Haozheng。
Now,I can’t hold anything.。
Ning Feifei also looked at Blue Xin。
The attention of the reporters is full of unbelievable,Whether it is a journalist or a mask with a screen?,I suddenly not calm down at this moment.。
Have to say,There is a relationship between Blue Xin and Lu Haocheng,Everyone is now nothing.。
But,To say he is the father of three children,This makes all people unbelievable。
Especially Lin Zikai,Lu Haokai,Gu Anan。
The look of the three people are calm than anyone.。
“how is this possible?”
Lin Zikai died in the fist,Biting teeth,The eyes are angry and have to be high.。
But look at Lu Hao Cheng’s serious gaze,Not like kidding。
Lu Haokai’s face is more gloomy and terrible,He finally understood,Why did my mother called him??
I am afraid that my mother knows some things he don’t know.。
After a female reporter reacted,Excitement:“Continental,Just now, you can say it again.。
Today is online,Blue Xin’s three children,Because of7Year ago,Peaceful Wang’s Wang,After one night, I left three children.”It’s just that the reporter has not finished.,Lu Haochong is cold and gloomy eyes to her,A suppression,Let the female reporter instantly can’t be closed.。
Lu Haocheng gazing sharply looked at everyone,A reporter looks at him nervous,The whole game is not autonomous under his coldness,Not from home 。
“Everyone is tall,Blue Xin’s three children,It is my Lu Haoheng biological flesh.。
That Wang,For your own interests,Dare to do this to smear my mother’s mother,I will pursue this thing.。”
He is powerful,Silent scene,Incomputory in everyone’s ear,After saying this sentence,In the case of the public reporters have not returned to God,He left the scene,Leave only a touch of back。
And the main screen,After seeing this scene,The whole person trembles。
In the river,No one can sin Lu Haozheng。
Sin, his end,How will consequences??
In the industry,He is very clear,He should not talk to his face。
“Do not,impossible,impossible。”
Lu Haokai shakes his head in an unbelievable,How can there be such a smart?
Seven years ago,That night, he chatted with Wang and Wang.,Although the Wang always said,The words are talking about her and blue.。
How to turn your eyes,Will make him solemn。
Gu Ai’an is not credible to watch the eye-catching man in the screen.,When he admitted that he was the father of three children in front of everyone,That kind of happiness,She has never seen it.。
“But,The three children really will be a child of Lu Hao Cheng??”
Even Lu Haozheng personally said,She doesn’t believe it。
Lin Zishi biting his teeth answer:“Even not his child,But from his mouth,Who dares to question??”
Lu Haokai smiled:“How is it from his mouth??