Silverfish Hot Pot

Silverfish Hot Pot

Health Hotpot —- Silverfish Hotpot Production Process: Hotpot, Taste: Salty Flavor Ingredients: 50g dried silverfish Ingredients: 200g pork ribs (pork belly), 150g bamboo shoots, 150g cabbage, 150g spinach, 50 grams of vermicelli, 25 grams of white fungus (dry) Seasoning: 100 grams of lard (refined), 25 grams of garlic, 15 grams of salt, 3 grams of monosodium glutamate, 1 gram of pepperImpurities, rinse with water and drain.

Fresh pork belly with fat 3 lean and 7 thin, washed and cut into shreds.

Rinse the shiitake mushrooms with water, cut into shreds after squeezing, and squeeze out the water.

Dry fans are soaked in warm water, cut into 20 cm long sections, rinsed with water, drained and put into hot pot.

Remove the hard parts of the bamboo shoots and wash them into shreds.

Pick and wash the cabbage and cut into strips. Pick and wash the spinach and drain the water.

Pick and wash the garlic, drain the water, and cut into shreds.

Set the pot on the fire, add the fresh soup and boil, and then drain the pork shreds. After cooking, remove the shredded pork, skim the pork frost in the soup, and then add the shredded pork and winter bamboo shoots, and add the salt to adjust the taste.Pour into hot pot.

Then put the silver fish and shiitake shredded into the hot pot. 10 minutes before eating, put the red charcoal in the hearth of the hot pot, boil the hot pot, then add lard, monosodium glutamate, pepper, shredded garlic, cover the hot pot lid, and eachServe the pans on the table and serve immediately.