Oil muscle buster editing experience fruit acid skin rejuvenation _1

Oil Muscle Editing Experience

Who is suitable for fruit acid rejuvenation?

Oily skin, acne, acne muscles, people with obvious acne marks, people who have been tanned after excessive sun exposure.

  Main effects: peel off the abnormal cuticle accumulation, brighten white spots, reduce pores, lighten acne marks and scars, and also can penetrate deep into the dermis layer to stimulate collagen production.

  Danger: Any high concentration of fruit acid has the potential to burn and cause scarring.

Therefore, the medical cosmetic fruit acid skin rejuvenation must be performed by a doctor with relevant experience at a distance medical institution.

People with deeper races may gradually develop pigmentation and cause uneven skin tone, which cannot be avoided during the course of treatment.

  Six months?
Two-year effect: The effect of fruit acid rejuvenation can generally be maintained for such a long time. If combined with some other skin beauty treatments, such as microdermabrasion, the effect can be more durable.

Repeat every six months to one year.

  Preparation before skin rejuvenation: In order to make fruit acid rejuvenate better, you can prepare some special skin care products in advance.

For example 4 before surgery?
Starting in 6 weeks, skin care products containing retinoids, glycolic acid, and whitening ingredients can improve the effect of fruit acid afterwards. People with darker skin can also reduce the risk of pigmentation by whitening products.

  Step 1: After cleansing, the doctor will apply the prepared fruit acid solution to the entire face with a mask brush. After contacting the skin, the solution will have a burning tingling sensation, but it is not very strong and belongs to the scope.

After about 1 minute, this feeling disappeared.

Everyone’s skin texture and sensitivity are different, and the feeling of tingling will be different.

  Step 2: The doctor will focus on the areas where the keratin is easy to accumulate, such as the nose and wings, and use a small brush to draw a circle to help the horny replacement.

  Step 3: About 3 minutes after application, the doctor wipes the entire face with gauze dipped in a neutralizer, neutralizes all the acids, and restores the pH balance of the face.

The first time you wipe, you will hear a hissing sound, like a chemical reaction, but the skin will not have any special feeling, and then you will use gauze saturated with saline for further cleaning.

  Step 4: After the cleaning, the ice is calmed down, because the acid will generate heat after neutralization.

Cover the entire face with gauze saturated with saline, I think there are about 20 of them, and the entire face is densely covered.

At this time, you can feel the entire face calmed down, without the expected symptoms of redness and fever.

  Step 5: Apply ice for at least 10 minutes to achieve the effect, then clean the skin with ice water again and wash away the remaining solution.

My skin is well tolerated. I have no symptoms of redness and fever. After washing my face, I feel that the skin has become white and translucent.

  Interventional care: 7 days after finishing to strengthen sun protection and avoid sun irritation.

Do not use any exfoliating products for the first 10 days.

  Editing the fruit acid experience: “Because there is no skin discomfort, I will perform routine maintenance that night.

To be on the safe side, the whitening essence is replaced with a moisturizing essence + a product that repairs skin effects.

Sun protection during the day intensifies the intensity.

The doctor said that there will be slight skin peeling for at least a few days, but after 1 week, there is no obvious peeling of my skin (this is also different from person to person), it is estimated that it is the time to follow the daily cleaning and use of lotionJust wipe it off.

When you touch the skin, you can feel that the skin surface is smoother and the oil control effect is very obvious. Even if I use sunscreen products up to SPF50, the transmission will not show a lot of shine like before, and my pores will no longer expand.Keeps it matte.

In this week and week, the epidermal layer has become “thin”. I personally feel that it is more susceptible to external forces. I must avoid over-squeezing the skin surface and sun irritation.