Learning parent and baby games in bed

Learning parent and baby games in bed

The large, soft bed is a comfortable and safe place for children who can’t walk yet.

Playing games on the bed, watching some colorful pictures on the bed, listening to music, etc. Here is how to play on the bed.

   1. Blow the balloon, blow it first, then release the balloon, the balloon will fly out with the sound as fast as a rocket. Because of the limitation of the mosquito net, the balloon only flies in the range of the mosquito net and it is easy to pick up and take off.

The baby will listen to the sound of the balloon and follow his eyes.

Can exercise your baby’s observation and attention.

  2. Raise one end of the pillow to become an inclined surface. Place a round object such as an empty plastic bottle or other ball toys on the higher end and let it roll down to make a dynamic toy.

The baby will actively grab when the toy falls.

Repeat several times to exercise your baby’s observation and hands-on ability.

  3, put all kinds of toys around the baby, the baby will look for their favorite toys around, constantly turning and crawling, is conducive to training your baby to crawl and learn to walk.

  4. The bed is the place where the baby is active. Place some brightly painted pictures on the top of the bed, mostly for animals.

Although the babies don’t speak, they are in the listening and potential imitation stages. They listen too much when they say the names of the things in the period painting again.

The baby will look at the painting unconsciously.

This is beneficial for children’s early enlightenment education.