Recommend the five best yoga venues in Shanghai

Recommend the five best yoga venues in Shanghai

With the popularization of the yoga style, yoga studios have also blossomed.

For my friends in Shanghai, how can I choose a trusted professional yoga studio?

Let’s listen to this expert’s suggestion.

  1. Hatha Yoga.

  This is my impression of the first yoga studio opened in Shanghai, originally called the Shanghai Yoga Club.

The one I went to was this Wanping store, on the first floor of the Qigong Institute opposite Longhua Hospital.

It feels a little old. The classrooms and locker rooms can basically meet the needs of yoga classes, but they are relatively old, and it feels that the doors are open and anyone can enter the room. The privacy is not enough.

The reception lady had a good attitude, and introduced their characteristics and the types of membership cards.

At present, the association is characterized by the “seven-color chakras”, such as “belly chakras, umbilical chakras, root chakras”, etc., but I don’t understand. The front desk does not explain them clearly.
It is said that the scale of their flagship store, Julu Road, is upstairs from a Catholic church. The scale is still okay. I haven’t seen it.

  There are seasonal cards, semi-annual cards and annual cards.

It seems that if the price is not adjusted within June, it will start to increase in July.

Season card is 1088 yuan, but limited to 30 times, half-year card is 1,744 yuan, unlimited times.

How many annual cards I forgot.

  The teachers here are said to be domestic coaches who are relatively old in teaching yoga and have taught for more than 10 years.

I think it should be quite experienced.

  In general, here to practice yoga, if the distance is close, you can persist, it is still more affordable.

Of course, in terms of hardware, the environment and facilities may be slightly weaker.

It is said that there are a lot of college students applying for cards nearby.

I forgot to ask about experiences or trials.

  2. Yoga space.

  I haven’t seen this on souguan360 website, and the advertisements are rare.

It was because I bought it in the June issue of Yoga and found it in a humble corner.

The website is also in English.

The location is pretty good, at the intersection of Hengshan Road and Gaoan, next to the subway Hengshan Road Station.

  To be honest, from the downstairs, the yoga studio’s billboards are quite large, but it doesn’t give a good impression, because there are a few messy shops, stationery shops and the like below, and then when you go upstairsThe second floor is a restaurant, and the surrounding environment is not good enough.

  However, the spiral staircase went up to the third floor and found that it was gradually getting better. Both sides of the staircase were lit by faint candles. They took off their shoes and shoes at the entrance and found that the front desk and the rest hall were very distinctive.

There was a big skeptic who doubted leaning on the rest, with cushions and the like on it.

The membership consultant showed me around.

There are two classrooms in total, one of which can be used for hot yoga.

The dressing room is quite spacious and the shower room is ok.

There are also two large dressing tables in the dressing room.

  The special feature of this shop is that there are massage and beauty services in the small room on the other side, which can be used as a single massage card and a beauty card, or in conjunction with a yoga card.

If you have a Yoga Card, you can also get massage or beauty services.

If you have time, practice yoga in the field, then take a shower, and then do a massage or beauty treatment, but a full set of services are available.

  As for the coach, it seems that there are both Chinese and foreign nationals.

The teaching level, since I have not experienced it, I will not comment.

However, I did see a lot of foreigners come to practice there.   At present, if you apply for a card, 3988 is a special year card that gives you a massage or beauty worth 388, but it does not include high-temperature yoga.

If you do a high-temperature yoga card, it is 6768 a year, a total of 100 times, which can be used by three people.

  3, Lujia Yoga is very famous on the Internet, often see introductions or talk about it on the fence.

The geographical location is also very good. It is located in Xujiahui, Xingeng Road next to Tianyaoqiao Road, which was developed by the fitness club of Yongxin Garden.

  The new building has three floors, the reception on the ground floor, the Sparton fitness club on the second floor, and saga yoga on the third floor.

Classrooms and equipment are new.

There are a total of two large, three small and three classrooms for yoga. One of them is a high-temperature yoga classroom, which is heated by geothermal energy.

The big one is very big, and you can feel that two or thirty people are practicing yoga together, and it is not too crowded.

  The dressing room is spacious and the shower is plentiful and clean.

The aunt has been cleaning.

  Sparton will have all aerobics classrooms, equipment classrooms, and a dedicated spinning classroom.

  In fact, if you have a comprehensive card, you can also go to the gym and swimming pool in Yongxin Flower Garden, both of which are included.

The swimming pool is not big but it is beautiful and the water is clean.

When I went to visit in the afternoon, there was only one person visiting.

However, it is estimated that by the summer vacation, there will be more people.

  Prices are still at their original prices in June and will rise in July.

Is it necessary to increase the temperature with the increase in temperature?

He only has an annual card and no other types of cards.

Yoga card is 3280, fitness club is 3200, comprehensive card is 5000, including swimming.

  In general, the museum is quite attractive due to its newness, and it is also very affordable in Xujiahui, which is more affordable than the Alexandria Yoga Studio on Tianyaoqiao Road.

Yoga classes are also quite complete.

If you want TX to have a deadly option, you can come here.

However, WILLS at Xingyou City is also newly opened. The annual group purchase price of the annual card is 1980, which seems to be more cost-effective.

Of course, you have to visit and experience before you know which one is better.

  4. O SPA is actually a beauty salon, which directly represents Zheng Mingming cosmetics. On Hengshan Road, a small courtyard within the Hengshan Cinema is a small bungalow on the third floor of the building.

When I was passing by, I just looked around curiously, and suddenly found a brand saying that one-on-one yoga / pilates classes were offered, so I went straight in and watched.

  A very young and cute little MM was found at the front desk and took me to the top floor to visit.

The two floors below his home are for beauty spas. The top floor is a light-filled, spacious classroom. Of course, the “spacious” I mean here is a one-to-one small class course. If there are many people, it is still considered here.small.

There are other fitness equipment in the classroom.

The MM claims that she is also one of the yoga / pilates instructors, but the two seem to overlap, I guess it may have the essence of Pilates lessons, because she always mentions only Pilates, and the word yoga is omittedToo.

Well, it is impossible to compare it with a professional yoga studio. Anyway, it is estimated that it teaches the elementary beginners, not a system.

It is said that an appointment is required, and the course time is not fixed.

However, it is conceivable that if one-to-one is added together with such a classroom, it is estimated that it is often not possible to book a course when booking an appointment, unless there is no business.

  However, contrary to the Yoga space, if someone has a beauty card here and often comes here to do beauty treatments, it is possible to book a Pilates course by the way.

  Because it is not considered at all, the price is not written down.

  5. I have already said something specific before Datang Yoga.

Still like the environment like Datang, quiet.

Of course, this environment is also piled up with silver, after all, the price is quite expensive.

The annual card is 8800.

  Yoga space: hot yoga, my feelings are: 1. Environment: The overall decoration and location are good, quiet and quiet, you need to take off your shoes when you reach the stairs, there are small candles on the stairs, there is a cricket in the hall, a lotPeople like to sit and read books and chat.The yoga classroom is very small. The hot yoga classroom I made can only have two people in a row, which looks like 4 rows in total.

But it ‘s only good, it ‘s easy to concentrate, and the coach will easily find out that you ‘re correct. 2. Service: The waiters there are all very good. When I arrived, I got water to drink first, and then told me some precautions.In fact, he told you in advance what to pay attention to when making an appointment.

Of course, you ca n’t avoid selling yoga if you ‘re sitting well, but it ‘s okay. No one is disgusted. Teacher: The coach over there is not bad, because I ‘ve only practiced one class, so I do n’t feel much at the end.There is also a little gossip. The boss lady there is 36 years old. She can’t tell at all. She is very young in body and looks. It may be a relationship that has been practicing yoga. Her husband is a foreigner. Maybe this is the yoga practice there.There are more reasons for foreigners, 珞 Yoga: space ratio of yoga, I feel that there is not very good1, environment: the classrooms are quite large (I like small classrooms, because the large classroom feels that it is not easy to focus), the location is good,Convenient because of the relationship in Xujiahui.

There is not enough place for rest in the lobby to have built-in yoga.

The shower and dressing room are just fine and clean, and the shower is separated. (The yoga space is a large room where a group of people take a bath together . 2. Service: I do n’t feel there is any service, huh, because there is noNo one tells you something to pour water on.

There are only annual cards, which are not humane enough3. Coach: Because I also had a pair of lessons, I didn’t feel much.