Psychologically test whether your mind is open

Psychologically test whether your mind is open

Question: If you go to a dinner party, a couple just sits at the same table.

During the dinner, the man was very affectionate about giving food to his girlfriend, and he kept talking softly.


It’s really a boring move. Who should show it to?



This is a natural thing between couples!


How can this be done in public?

Pretending not to see even though he was uncomfortable.


Really disgusting!

  Psychoanalysis 1.

Do you really hate this move?


Of course, if someone is treating you like this now, you will be very satisfied.

So, after all, you are a bit jealous!

In love, you have an unwillingness to lose, and hope that he or she will stick to you in the future, don’t say others’ good!


You are too sensitive and rational about loving and caring about this thing, but women’s stubbornness is reflected in you.

Of course, it’s not that you don’t want to, it’s a bit uncontrollable.

The best way is to learn how to make love a little easier, for example, occasionally give your boyfriend a wink, and show the timidity and weakness of women in a timely manner.With less torque, your boyfriend will fall in love with you more heartily!


It’s an obsessed woman. The only bad thing is that there are more fantasy than reality, so you must be careful when you are ashamed!

In fact, you are a girl who is not very open. Although you envy the intimacy of others, you may not dare experience it yourself.

If there is a boy willing to treat you like this, it will make you happy.

The things in the world are often mixed with wrongdoings. If you are such an infatuated girl, if you accidentally encounter a negative man, your fate will be sorrowful, so let’s be calm!

Choosing D is not difficult to imagine your innocence, but at the same time, maybe you are a very relaxed girl, who knows?


It’s not hard to imagine your innocence, but at the same time, maybe you are a very open girl, who knows?

The selection of these girls must be masters who are proficient in using the magic formula of love. Not only are the birds and people cute, but they also know how to make each other work hard for you and give all their enthusiasm.

Your desire to refuse and return, and to be ashamed will certainly attract too many admirers, but it is important to note that don’t be regretted because you love most of the people.