Huangmei Opera "Deng Jiaxian" "a change" revision expert speaking

Adjust the drama plot, enhance the work of Feng Yuping (Vice Chairman of the Chinese Player Association, First Level Actor): As the Huangmei Opera of the Modern Theme, "Deng Jiaxian" artistic achievements can be used. Huangmei opera "Deng Jiaxian" singing chamber, music is beautiful, let the audience feel the charm of Huangmei Opera, and then feel the nostalgia and love: the love between husband and wife, the love between mother and child, and the love of the nation and the country. But in the setting of individual plots, it also needs to be adjusted to make the works themselves more tension.

  The play of the mother’s diseased news, it is recommended to receive the Guo Shenjun to the telegraph to change into the Telegraph. So, Deng Jiaxian will be aware of the consciousness after receiving the news, will be more touched, will also have more drama. tension.

In addition, Deng Jiaxian is not enough to use life to protect the plot of scientific data, flow in the form, the plot as the core of this drama, requires grinding on several emotions.

Shaping the three-dimensional image of Deng Jiaxiang, carry forward the traditional Qin Huasheng of the art (Missionary Memorial Memorial Hall): Huangmei Opera "Deng Jiao Xian" overall reached a certain height, especially in the field of drama stage, this work is made. Poor try and explore.

How does art creation enters the spiritual level of the characters, find someone to pursue, family life is different from others, which requires creators to continue to consider and explore.

  Next, it is recommended to continue to dig deeply in the personal image of Deng Jiaxian, including his personal pursuit, family life, etc., highlighting the true and good beauty of art.

First of all, the characters of Deng Jiaxiang are in touch with the objectivity, authenticity, such as Deng Jiaxiang’s old age has not been to Yuanmingyuan, but in this drama. In addition, when shaping Deng Jiaxun, abandoning the expression of individual emotions, this is actually harm to the characters, such as the relationship between Deng Jiao and mother, it is recommended to add some content. Adjust the drama to meet the expectations of young audiences (Professor, Shanghai Drama Academy, Professor, First Level): This drama is very powerful, but the subsequent paragraph is inadequate, especially the desert, the drama, need to strengthen . In terms of plot setting, the play of Yuanmingyuan is better before Deng Jiao first departure. I suggest to delete the role of the brothers and sisters, these two characters have not played the role of plot development; the character is shaped, and the uniqueness of Deng Jiaxian behavior should be highlighted, so that the image is more full; and since the music is used to use the red flag and other melody It is necessary to integrate the music into the singing chamber of the Huangmei drama; The moment, more time.

Resend to the script, create a boutique modern drama Wang Hui (Shanxi Culture and Tourism Opera Creation Office Director, First Level Plan ": Huangmei Opera" Desperate "with a unique perspective, distinctive rhythm, shaped a legendary figure, realizing the subject Legendary and artistic depth combination. Below, I want to give the repertoires to give a few suggestions: First, the plot of the sacrifice of Guo Yonghui’s sacrifice is naturally delicate; the second is that the emotional expression of the grand scene has some blood and conceptualization, and it should be integrated into the artistic emotion; The play of Deng Jiaxian team is difficult to calculate, I hope to add some details and true stories; four is to deal with the performance of Deng Jiaxian in the protagonist, can relax some, plus some balances, tighten, and humorous lines; five is suggestion The first play was treated: After a family had dinner, Deng Jiaxian said the wife’s mobilization, and the heart is not concerned about the appearance of the appearance of the appearance, making his wife a psychological wave. This is more vicissible than the whole family reunion after 28 years.

Wash the drama plot, returning to life essence He Hongxing (Xi’an Qin Chaoshi Co., Ltd. Art Director, First Level Director): Huangmei Opera "Deng Jiaxian" has been very good in the rhythm, especially the anti-chemical run.

According to this paragraph standard, I think it can still be better in the plot.

  First of all, the arrangement of the Jeep movement can be opened, and the pause can be added, so that the scene is more flexible; second, in the first play, the drama to the northwest is too slow, lack of drama conflicts, should be discre well the conflict; Third, putting the sixth play to the first game, let Deng Jiao carried from the bed to the computer, calculation, fighting the same time, this plot setting will be more touching; fourth, in the mother of the mother In the middle, we must better express the two difficulties choices of Deng Jiaxiang and make the country’s dilemma and the mother’s filial piety. This entanglement will be more conceived; fifth, put the fire burning Yuanmingyuan on the influence of Deng Jiaxiang, will make Deng Jiaxian The behavior is more convincing and driving.

In addition, music, it is recommended to reduce the sound of the small number, otherwise it will affect the atmosphere of the whole drama. The actor shaped and then puts the skills, and the music is re-treated Dong Hong (Zhangjiagang City Xi Draday Art Center Director, First Level Actor): "Deng Jiaxian" is not telling the personal deeds of Deng Jiaxian, but telling the story of China’s older generation. This drama has changed many times, but there are still some problems.

The main reason I think is not on the script, may be on the starring. The image of Deng Jiaxiang has begun from the age of 26, and the actor’s vision should be expressed, and whether the old Deng Jiaxian needs an actor to play, I think it may be bold. In addition, there is a need to adjust the proportion of related plots in the script, try to set key plots, character relationship with the main role.

Finally, the music in the play is very modern, but there is still a trace in the connection of the atmosphere music and the music music, I hope to have better improvements.

Beijiao Office opened: Animation of the reform of the capital market

Original title: Beijiao Office opened the market: Another iconic incident of capital market reform November 15, the Beijing Stock Exchange is open to the market. The 10 new stocks issued on the same day rose, as of the next day, in the new regulation of the opening limit, this 10 new stocks increased by more than 100%. The "open-door" of the North Exchange reflects the positive attitude of investors involved in market transactions, which helps to guide more organization investors to enter, form the positive benign circulation of the market.

The Beijiao Office opened, and it is another iconic incident of China’s capital market reform.

On September 2 this year, President Xi Jinping announced the establishment of Beijing Stock Exchange at the Global Services Trade Summit of China International Service Trade Fair in the 2021 International Service Trade Fair, and built a service innovative SME main position. From the declaration of official opening, just two months, it can be stable.

Compared with the early 1990s, the repetition test and all the games of the listing of the Shenzhen Exchange, it is understood that the following reasonable use of capital forces to promote development has become a universal consensus of society. The tide of the times is mighty.

Just as there is an endlessly established a securities trading market, it is to introduce social idle funds into the economic circulation system, alleviate the lack of corporate funds, and help enterprises to expand their regeneration. Today, in the deputy, the deputy, the deputy, and set up a North Exchange. It also assumes financing of innovative enterprises that meet the conditions to promote the special mission of high quality development.

In the context of the global economic recovery, the new crown pneumonia epidemic, setting up a Beijing Stock Exchange, promoting the formation of science and technology, innovation and capital, is an important measure to improve the national innovation system and cultivate new motivation in the development of growth. In the domestic stock exchanges, the SECCITY is based on the motherboard, and the focus is the leading backbone enterprise in various industries.

But in general, the listing threshold of these two markets is high, and it is difficult to play the role of the financing platform for the innovative SMEs that urgently needed funds.

The establishment of the Beijiao office, the direction is to develop the new three-board trading platform into standardized, standardized financing platforms, which builds a multi-level capital market system, enriched innovative SME financing channels, and promoting economic structural transformation and upgrading. Combo.

China’s reform and opening up for more than 40 years, Chinese people’s attitudes and concepts have also taken profound changes. In the capital market, there are now people who are deemed as a flood beast, but how to promote the development of the capital market, prevent the market failure caused by the uncomfortable, mechanism, the imperfect mechanism, the unreasonable structure, how to make representatives The market main body of advanced productivity development can obtain financial support through the capital market in a public transparent manner, thereby achieving self-optimization and upgrading of economic system, which we should focus on thinking and reforming the direction.

The opening of the Beijiao, also released a clear signal at home and abroad. The track of macro policy, optimizes the development of innovative SMEs, increasing their opportunities to grow into "small giants" "unicorn", and provide investors with higher risk but more relentless market opportunities.

The Beijiao is still a start-up platform. Although there are many useful references at home and abroad, it still needs a process of developing maturity. From the establishment and opening of the North Exchange, we can see that the decision-making level is very awake for the mission and task of the capital market, and is clear and firm.

Reading this is true, you understand the future direction of China’s economy.

(超) (Editor: Musheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Fuzhou CPPCC member Jiamei: escorting private enterprises have developed, Minhou procuratorate has made good demonstration

In October 2020, members of the Fuzhou CPPCC were appointed by the Minhou County Procuratorate for the business community procuratorate.

This "work" makes the "interaction" of Jiamei and Minhou County Procuratorate, "said the privatization of private enterprises many times, and discussed our entrepreneurs.

"Bao Mei said. In May 2020, the Minhou County Procuratorate held an open hearing on the incident of entrepreneurs Zhang suspected illegal to occupy the agricultural land, and Jiamei took the hearing as a hearing member.

When I learned that the annual output value involved in the case is 15 million yuan, the chicken farm involved in the company is also included in the provincial and municipal food base and disabled poverty alleviation and development base and the provincial non-pollution-free agricultural product poultry egg base, Jiamei said: " The entrepreneur involved is a disabled. It is very difficult to develop into the agricultural industry of Minhou County, which has been developed into the agricultural industry in Minhou County. If the processing is not good, such a large-scale business will face a predicament.

"The Minhou County Procuratorate fully considers the corporate itself and the local economy, after strict examination of the comprehensive situation of the main dangers involved in the case, it will finally make a relatively no prosecution decision according to law.

At the same time, Fuzhou City Procuratorate also took the initiative to contact the Disabled Persons’ Association, establishment of inspection and enterprise contact points, providing long-term legal policy guidance, guiding people with disabilities and sustainable development according to law.

In the view of Bao Mei, the procuratorial organs have effectively avoided the practices of corporate and local economy suffering from serious blow. They balanced the jurisprudence and rational, and the cases of generous and sent a case, but also fully handed the sense of justice and creating a good business environment.

Procuratorate open day, private enterprises symposium, Pu law into enterprises … With the "distance" of the Minhou County Procuratorate "Distance", there is no harmoniousness to help the procuratorial organs to help private economic health development. "How to effectively escort the development of enterprises? I think the procuratorate has made a good demonstration.

"Bai Meifei is given a high degree to the Minhou County Procuratorate to shorten the arrest of the corporate case.

At present, the Minhou County Procuratorate’s case-related cases were reviewed and arrested for the day, and the review of the average handling time was the day.

"They also communicate with the court, actively recommend the application of criminal steampered procedures and simple procedures, and put an end to the case, and collapsed the factory ‘." Bao Mei said.

It is reported that, since last year, the Minhou County Procuratorate has established a hook to the private enterprise mechanism, and 18 of the industrial representative private enterprises have set up 18 inspection points in the industry, inviting private entrepreneurs to participate in the prosecutive activities, and provide more than 20 legal advice services.

Strengthening 13 cases of criticism and agreed to the prosecutor’s quantitative recommendations, and signed a book-related enterprise personnel, and proposed to the court to apply for the premise of probation. Improving private enterprises and their investors, managers, practitioners, and collecting 25 crimes involved in violence, duty invasion, misappropriation of funds, etc., prosecute 33 people. At the same time, the Minhou County Procuratorate in-depth analysis of the characteristics, reasons and regulations of the privatous crime of the law-on-law and the production and operation of private enterprises were targeted, and the procuratorate proposal to prevent crime was proposed.

In handling, it is "one proposal" to help private enterprises to improve the system, block loopholes, and effectively resolve the risk of production and operation. (Zhou Wen) (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xiahuahua).

Hengshui urban area has basically available to boot heating in the right time

In 2021, the Hengshui Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government were listed in the urban heating and old pipe network renovation project as one of the practical things of 20 people. As of the end of June, the Hengshui Downtown Heating Pipe Network completed 32 reinforcement projects, and the renovation network is a thousand meters, which will effectively solve the problem of poor heating effect in some old cells and pipe network.

In response to some new construction communities in previous years, it is time to pay the feeding, and the payment fee will be paid. In the 2021 Hengshui City, the new heating pipeline, the new heat transfer station, 5 new heat transfer stations, the supply capacity is more than 16 million square meters, satisfied The people in winter warm demand.

This year, Hengshui City has developed "hot call center platform", but also answers the reflection of 20 citizens at the same time, and the telephone will be undertaken by the 114 platform to enhance the user’s turn-on. At the same time, there are more than 20,000 open columns in the unit entrance of the urban residential community. Announce the name of the maintenance personnel, the phone, all maintenance personnel 24 hours, ready to answer the public call, receive the public to arrive at the citizens within 30 minutes, fast and efficient The heating problem of the citizen reflected. (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

An old photo "touched"

  On November 19, the Henan Party and government delegation visited Suzhou Industrial Park, and the inquiry and orderly investigation process was interrupted by an old photo.

  In 1994, this is the cross-pang town of Jinji Lake in the eastern suburbs of Suzhou City, the dirt road gray tile, the narrow wall, and the Henan countryside is not born.

However, in the sea, in the past 26 years, Suzhou Industrial Park has accumulated taxes of more than 80 billion yuan, achieving the total import and export of over trillion, which has become the highest in the country, the best development is the best, the most innovative environment is the optimal environment. One of the regions. "This old photo, witnessed Suzhou ‘dare to dare to try,’ Dare to become a leap-forward course of the world.

"The members of many delegations said they were deeply touched here.

  In 2019, Suzhou Industrial Park realized regional production value of 274.3 billion yuan, general public budget income of 37 billion yuan, per capita million dollars, a batch of indicators reached the international advanced level, and realized four companies in 219 national-level cross-section in the country crown.

From January to July, 2020, the park realized the increase in industrial added value, which increased year-on-year; total import and export was 100 million yuan, the year-on-year increase of 100 million US dollars, an increase of 211% year-on-year, and became the fastest, development of the epidemic One of the best development zones in the momentum, with international leading gestures, developed a clear "benchmark" for the development of various parks across the country. What is learned to Suzhou "benchmark"? In the horizontal, the peak of Chengling, and the members of the delegation have their own perspective and feel different.

  "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are the landmarks of Suzhou, Suzhou people will eat crabs, and dare to eat crabs’ first spirit is worthy of our in-depth study. Liu Nanchang, member of the Delegation, Sanmenxia Municipal Party Committee, said that the driving force of development comes from liberation, seeking truth from facts.

In recent years, Sanmenxia has risen around the rise of the central region, the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and has solidly promoted new economic development such as new energy vehicles, and has achieved certain results, but there is still a big gap compared with the advanced areas such as Suzhou. Step by step, you must study Suzhou’s entrepreneurial innovation spirit and promote high quality development.

  "I have the deepest impression is that Suzhou Industrial Park will always strive to be first, create the only ‘written in the development flag, firmly build the world’s first-class high-tech parks, enhance the capacity of international innovation resources, participate in international economic and technical cooperation and competitiveness Member of the delegation, the secretary of the Kaifeng Municipal Party Committee, Chen Hong, told reporters that in recent days, the construction of the Suzhou Industrial Park and the Yangtze River G60, I have given us a lot of enlightenment, and we will deeply implement the 19th session of the party. The spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session, promoting Zhengzhou Metropolitan Circle, Zheng Wei integrated construction, to find a positioning, playing advantage in the national regional economic layout, and accelerating the integration into the "double cycle" new development pattern provides useful reference. "Promote high-quality development, but also from public administration and other aspects." When taking to visit Suzhou Industrial Park, the delegation member, the Director of the Provincial Division, "Suzhou is in achieving the economy At the same time, while paying attention to basic education, health, culture, human resources management, office automation, etc., let the people’s sense of gain, happiness, security, worthy of our serious thinking, learning to learn, and earnestly promote the large health industry Development, protect the lives and health of people, and realize the high quality development in Henan in ‘145th and even longer.

(Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana).

How do you respond when doctors are insomnia?

  ▲ During the immunity, Li Wei, deputy director of the emergency department of Zhejiang University, ended asleep by the ICU wall.

  Yesterday, it was the 21st World Sleep Day.

Last night, did you sleep well? Sleep disorders are a disease that is plaguing more and more modern people. Will they also encounter sleep problems? Qianjiang Evening News has launched a survey for the sleep conditions of Hangzhou medical staff. The results of 69 recycled questionnaires show that there are 68 people say that sleep has been insufficient. The sleep is troublesome, the most common thing is that sleep time is not enough, second To be delayed and awake. Drop the factors affecting sleep, the work needs to be ranked first by many people: although the way each hospital is different, most medical staff have experienced the rotation of Big Sanban. So, how do you deal with your doctors? Short-term insomnia: I can’t sleep, I will give myself 21-year-old Xiaoxin (pseudonym) is in the hospital internship. Every time the night shift, she will look at the doctor at duty at 11 o’clock in the evening, 1 am and in the morning.

  "Until, I didn’t find someone in the bed in the interior of the duty room. They carry me and steal the operating table.

Xiaoxin joke.

  I often waited until I was sixty-o’clock in the morning, she started to see someone lying on the bed.

  I still need to go to work on the day of the night shift, sometimes encountered an accident, and become a two-day class continuously. Xiaoxin always feels that the doctors on duty look very spirit: "I admire, are they reliable?" Laughing a method of disclosing a slow tired.

  For Dr. Wang, the most difficult falls in the next night.

The time to rest is relatively short. I always think of getting up, I can’t sleep myself, but I can’t sleep: "I can’t sleep. I don’t sleep. You can do it without anything." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " One or two days, I will have insomnia.

"Zhejiang Provincial Hospital-level Chinese medicine, Zhang Yonghua, who is responsible for the medical sleep department of Hangzhou Hospital," "But it is a short insomnia, I will not let it develop into chronic insomnia."

"As an expert in studying sleep, Professor Zhang Yonghua is not afraid of insomnia:" We know that insomnia can intervene, solve. "Many chronic insomnia patients he encountered, after a few insomnia, in the first few insomnia, but aggravated insomnia. Professor Zhang Yonghua also met for 4 hours in one night, wake up I will not tangle if I want to make a trip, or I don’t want to leave, but I am pursuing my spirit, I am angry with yourself. "This is to cultivate insomnia tolerance, and occasionally insomnia is indeed a little impact on people.

"To cultivate tolerance, you need to repeatedly warn yourself not to pay attention to sleep, don’t blame sleep. For peers that often need to fall, Professor Zhang Yonghua can take the melatonin:" Not necessarily everyone Effective, but choose a good brand, melatonin is the only suitable health care product in insomnia.

"The peers and I said, or take medicine." The name) Doctors are taking melatonin.

In addition, he has taken a javaclon (prescription sleeping pill) for several years.

  He is about forty years old this year, and the chronic insomnia problem has been accompanied by several years. The most beginning is because of pressure.

I was lying down at 11 o’clock in the evening, I fell asleep in the morning, and the doctor’s sleep time was over two hours.

Most of the time, he is thinking about "how can you sleep quickly."

  Sometimes, the more you want, the more you want to wake up.

One night, he thought of working in the day, or couldn’t sleep. He decided to think about happiness, suddenly recalled his first love, he tried self-healing, running, relax training, although a little effect, but it is hard to stick to it. The tolerance of short-term insomnia, with the longer the time of insomnia lasts, it is not so effective. In life, especially when driving, his fatigue is scary. So, when you continue to insomnia for more than a year, when he is free, he decides to go to the doctor.

The doctor’s suggestion is: take medicine.

  Shi Wei as a doctor, followed by the Qikuton, followed the doctor’s advice, this effect is much better: "The side effect is okay, I am intermittently taking the medicine, I will not eat every day.

"The survey conducted by this newspaper showed that nearly 25% of medical staff were standing for auxiliary drugs or health products to improve sleep.

In addition to melatonin and Jozzi, the drug or health products mentioned are also Chinese medicine, Sini, Diuxi, An Shen Complex, etc.

  However, Shi Wei is particularly emphasized: "The treatment of insomnia is very complicated, most of which are reasons, common, such as anxiety, depression, etc., it takes time to seek medical treatment." In this regard, Professor Hu Shaohua, deputy director of Zhejiang University, Professor Hu Shaohua I also expressed: "Anxiety, depression, other diseases, sleep environments … resulting in many reasons for insomnia, it is difficult for the reasons, it is difficult to say." Like Shi Wei thinks "how to quickly fall asleep" but can’t sleep Professor Hu Shaohua will also encounter: "The people who can’t sleep often, waiting to feel their consciousness becoming blurred, slowly fall asleep.

But sleepiness is sudden, not waiting.

"He gave some advice on helping to improve insomnia: breathing, meditation, wash a hot bath, do some indoor stretching … Professor Hu Shaohua did not experience the feelings of insomnia.

He abides by a series of strict requirements: weekends are not bed to maintain day and night rhythm; as long as there is time, go to the evening of the class, go to the morning, release emotions; drink less coffee and tea, eat more lacticate, Soy products, oats or fresh fruits – intestines as the second brain, pay attention to the diet, can help improve emotions and sleep. Poor time to get along the day and night rhythm, the same is true for the doctor. Once, Professor Hu Shaohua flew to the United States from China to the United States, and the activities of the two worships, a doctor who went to him with him a full worship. In the United States, during the day, the day and night rhythm in China’s time zone reminded: I went to sleep. It’s hard to play my spirit. It’s hard to lie down at night, staying day and night rhythm reminds: day to arrive, don’t sleep.

  After waiting for a week, the doctors of the peers are not easy to adjust the biological clock, so soon, he returned to China, and then experienced a pain.

  The director of the Human Sleep Science Center of the University of California University, wrote: "This is a slow process.

Because your body will be in a different time zone every day, you can only reset 1 hour each time. "Simply, he thinks it is just that it is naturally faltering, and the day and night rhythm can only be adjusted for about an hour every day, how many hours is taken when it takes a few days. However, Hubo Shaohua gives Professor Hu Shaohua Some suggestions have been suggested. After half a year, when they went to the United States again, they did only use two days to complete the fall.

  He has made more simple things: during the meeting, go out as much as possible, sun dry.

  Due to the influence of circadian rhythm being illuminated, the body feels natural light, which can be adjusted faster.

  Professor Hu Shaohua also suggested that before on the plane, you can start adjusting sleep time according to the new time zone, and can also reduce the number of days after arrival. Zhang Zhenzhong, Director Zhang Zhenzhong, director of the Sleep Medical Center of Zhejiang Province, summed up the difference in insomnia and the insomnia in the same time: "Convert an environment, the light is different, and the poor time takes a certain time. But in the same time zone, There is no big change in the environment. In the case of no big stimulation, short-term insomnia is easier to adjust, generally insisting on one or two days, can return to normal sleep time.

"(Trainee Reporter Chen Xinyi correspondent Wang Rui should Xiaoyang Hu Yutan Xu Yujia).

Expert: Chinese medicine has unique advantages in myopia prevention and control

[】 Recently, the "2nd China and Western Medicine Comprehensive Prevention and Control Children’s Youth Tear" The First Temple of Traditional Chinese Medicine "and the theme event", my country’s first "Chinese Medicine Prevention and Control Children’s Youth Path" (hereinafter referred to as " "Guide") is released.

Professor Chen Zefeng, deputy director of the Ophthalmology Hospital of China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine should have a significant effect on the anti-control, control and treatment of different phases of myopia, and have unique advantages in the full cycle of covering myopia prevention and control.

  "Guide" pointed out that my country’s children’s adolescent myopia is generally onset, the progress is fast, the prevalence is high, and the complications are characterized. The burden, the prevention and control situation is grim.

In 2018, there was a short visual rate of primary and secondary school students in the country. It was% in 2019, which decreased a percentage point in 2018.

During the epidemic, the online classroom and other influences, and the nearby student nearby has increased by the second year, and the mid-primary midst of primary school students increased%, and the high school students increased%.

The overall near-vision rate of national children’s adolescents in 2020 increased in 2019. Professor Chen Zefeng said: "Since my country is still in the era of intellectual competition, the fact that the pressure of the classroom caused the ‘one increase in a reduction in’ bottleneck ‘in my country’s myopia prevention and control.

The specific mechanism of myopia, the specific mechanism of development is not clear, and there is no effective prevention and control measures, so that my myopia is difficult to control. "Traditional Chinese medicine has unique advantages in myopia prevention and control. Professor Qi Yan Feng said:" Traditional Chinese medicine has more than a thousand years of understanding, TCM emphasizes the treatment of myopia is prevention, advocating ‘unsolved first, wants to save Meng Heaven and man combined with first ‘, this is highly consistent with the principle of’ prevention, prevention and treatment, and intensive in Chinese and Western medicine. The effect of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine should be significant in different stages of myopia, control, and the treatment of the cure in the process of covering myopia prevention and control. "However, my country’s myopia prevention and control also urgently needs the theory of traditional Chinese medicine." It can be seen that Chinese medicine means for Chinese medicine, massage, 揿 needle, etc., can delay myopia development and prevent serious complications.

However, there is currently no negative control guidelines under the guidance of Chinese medicine theory.

This is also the prerequisites and important purposes of our "Guide". "Professor Qi Yanfeng pointed out. Professor Chenzhan said that myopia prevention and control is a systematic project, requiring medical education union, multi-way linkage.

The object of myopia prevention and control is a student, school and family are the main battlefield for myopia prevention and control, and grassroots medical units and school school doctors are an important executive in traditional Chinese medicine to intervene and myopia prevention and control science. This requires multi-pruning, multi-point force, comprehensive coverage, group control.

  June 6, 202, is the 26th National Love Eye Day in the country. The Baiwangshan Forum has from the National Health and Justice Committee, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Eye Science, and the Chinese and Western Medical Ophthalmology Leadership experts and scholars attended the event.

Cao Lubao, secretary of Yancheng Municipal Party Committee: Demonstration of the future green transformation

Original title: Facial facial year, the first ten plenary session of the provincial party committee, the 10th National Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee has been fully deployed in the construction of Jiangsu’s socialist modernization, and the "six take the lead in the forefront" connotation is rich, and it is full of effort. It reflects that Jiangsu is the mission of the national development path, which provides an important follower for our new journey of modernization. Yancheng will implement the spirit of the provincial party committee, the big bureau, and the greetings, in the new journey of modern construction, it has across the new tour of the green transition, promoting various work, and walking in the forefront, courage The tide head is a greater contribution to the province’s "consideration in the form", striving to demonstrate, walk in the forefront ".

Modernization is both a struggle, and it is also a development practice.

In November 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave Jiangsu "in the reform and innovation, promoting high-quality development and praise, serving the national construction of new development patterns to do demonstration, and take the lead in achieving socialist modernization in the forefront" new major Mission, this is the general question, the general program, and the general requirements are "re-starting" in the "strong and beautiful" new salt city.

Looking forward to the road to the new test, there is a clear "exam" time, you must "catch"; have a higher "test" goal, you must work hard to "rush"; "Examination" requirements must constantly "catch".

Yancheng will deeply understand the rich connotation and intrinsic logic of General Secretary Xi Jinping, in the coordinate system of socialist modernization of Chinese characteristics, firmly grasp the "strong and rich" goals, will "ecological land, industry strong market The development strategy of Fuwinxing continues to lead to in-depth, good "first chess" in the most conditional, most distinctive field, and step down on the development of advanced regions, and take the lead in the province to lead to socialist modernization contribution more power. .

The eighth party context of the city put forward that inheriting the rectification of the red gene to strengthen the party’s construction demonstration, in the promotion of rural resolution, accelerating the modernization of agricultural rural modernization, in practice "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan Yinshan" concept to promote green transformation The demonstration leadership, in the integration of the "double cycle" pattern, the demonstration leading to the high level reform and opening up, in promoting the joint share of common prosperity and implementation of the people. We will use this "five demonstration leaders" as an important starting, driving the city’s various fields of modern construction synchronous improvement, overall jump, improve the status of Yancheng in the new journey of modern construction, showing Yancheng, and letting go out of Yancheng, let a full Vitality, unique, stronger new salt city, rapid rise in the new map of the Yangtze River Delta City. Modernization, both carrying ardent hopes, and also proposes an era project, and we can create a new bureau. The Provincial Party Committee proposed Yancheng, "Drama to the sea, the development of the sea, the future, and became a green transformation model, let the people of the old district" The annual hopes of the people, the station is high, the pulse, and the new concept of practice, Exciting new movements can have strong targeted guidance. We will further cultivate the "face toward the sea", and consciously put Yancheng in the domestic international "double cycle" overall, thinking about the positioning, innovation and integration development ideas, high starting point planning and construction of the Yangtze River Delta integrated industrial development base, building high-end manufacturing , The integration of science and education, tourism holiday, and modern logistics highly fused, build the main position of the province, the main front of the Yangtze River Triangle, and the north-south cooperation, and comprehensive strengthening of other cities in Nanjing and provinces, active docking In Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta city group, through the lack of high-end resource elements, and agglomerate more global high-end resources, and actively expand economic and trade cooperation with Northeast Asia, ASEAN, Europe, America, "One Road", and strive to seek greater openness. Space and open opportunities.

Anchoring the key direction of "Development to Sea", it is necessary to open the coast, but also to launch Shanghai, be a benchmark in the national new district, and the provincial development zone is the target, high standard construction 616 square kilometers Huanghai New District, promote the coastal, rang water The integrated layout of coastal districts, integrated construction, integrated development, take the initiative to undertake major productivity layout, forming a modern industrial system with advanced manufacturing, modern port logistics industry, building a new highland of Yancheng industrial economy, urban development new space, let Coastal key variables have become the largest incremental increments in modernization. The competitive advantage of "enlining future", focusing on future technology, future industries, future talents, layout a group of large industry influence, landmark major scientific and technological innovation platform, continuously do big strong car, steel, new energy, The leading industry such as electronic information, vigorously promotes the reform of the park management system, implement the Huanghai Pearl Talent Program, introducing more high-quality college students, industry leaders and high-end innovation teams, providing persistent power sources for high quality development.

Grab the "green transformation", implement the natural solution, promote the conversion of the ecological advantages of the Yellow Sea Wetland into the development advantage, actively participate in the construction of the global ecological governance discourse system, actively explore carbon peak, carbon, and realize the path, and speed up Green spans. The ultimate goal of "making the old people in the people of the old district", with the goal of common prosperity, broaden urban and rural residents’ income channels, high standards to build a beautiful home, build social security bottom line, let everyone live more dignified life . Modern construction, both ushered in a rare opportunity, and also facing severe challenges, only to come to the fine to deliver the promise. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the great revival of the Chinese nation is never easier, and the drum can be realized. Yancheng on the new journey, ranking among the important nodes of Shanghai North to the development axes, China Unicom and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hei Ringhai Economic Circle City, Huaihe Ecological Economy Belts Sea Portal City, China – South Korea Industrial Park local cooperation city, south integration The long triangle, the north is connected to the Bohai Sea, Dongjin docking Northeast Asia, Xiguo Unit China and the West is accelerating, the strategic status in the "Double Cycling" new development pattern is more prominent, and the potential of infinite development is. Yancheng on the new journey also faces many risks challenges, we are still in industrialization, urbanization and speeding period, and there are many "must-have courses" need to be allowed.

On the way to the new test, the Yancheng Municipal Committee specially introduced "about vigorously forging" seeing, standing, unhappy "cadres, accelerating the formation of passion, and courageing the entrepreneurial atmosphere, Shaping the new image of Yancheng cadres, as the basic, pilot, strategic project to promote modernization, call on the city’s party members and cadres to promote the spirit of the great website, learn from the history of the 100-year party, focus on politics, do things, do things, do things High standards, people can be tough, during the event, the six standards of the rules, the target, the tree benchmark, grab the entry, nervous and dry, and don’t worry, diligent, diligent There is no precedent but to make a big potential, support the future, and make a blessing thing, do more work, but can bring long-term advantages and long-lasting interests to the future generations, and break out of the new realm of bravery, the sky. Danify a population expectation, the resultant of the masses, spelling a "fourteen" belonging to Yancheng, belonging to the people. (The author is the Salt City Party Committee Secretary) (Editor: Xiao Wei, Tang Wei) to share more people.

Humanities Chengdu thickness: thousands of years into one city

  Chengdu night view. What is the Chengdu in your mind? Maybe, the first time in your mind will be: food, big panda, fashion … is right! These are all a bright business card in Chengdu.

  Chengdu City Keywords – Humanities April 8th, the first Sanlian Humanities City Awards Ceremony was held in Chengdu. The Sanlian City Award was the first construction / city award initiated by the "Sanlian Life Week" in 2020, which is designed to promote the public enlightenment, stimulate public participation, and promote the social value and humanistic care of the future China. That night, the Chengdu Xigu Courtyard of the Chengdu West Village, the Chengdu Xucun Courtyard, who has been accompanied by the building, won the Sanlian City Award – Public Space Award. In 2020, new crown pneumonia epidemic challenged people’s city life, people have more thinking and appeal: What is a good city life, how to create a good city experience? In the future, how can the city generate their own meaning? On the afternoon of April 8th, the Sanlian Human City, the Sanlian City, the Sanlian City Award, "Chengdu Declaration", held in Chengdu, is officially released, and it is designed to find and find and form a consensus consensus.

"Chengdu Declaration" specifically for urban development, the possibility of thinking – "People, is the purpose and scale of the city", only to truly reflect human care and urban cities to understand to the city to make people feel The heart has a return. The bookstore has become a great place to be a lot of Chengdu.

Wang Lei, I found ancient times, Chengdu, the beauty of Chengdu – the brilliant Tianfu culture Chengdu landscape, the property is rich, the people are simple, the culture is colorful, and since ancient times is an important part of "the country". " Chengdu is also the only city in China for more than two thousand years.

  In March 202, the latest archaeological results of Samsung Pile Site were released in Chengdu: New Discovery of Samsung Trick Culture "Sacrifice Pit", now unearthed mask disabilities, bird type diaphragm, eye has painted copper avatar, giant bronze mask, bronze 500 pieces of important artifacts such as Shenshu. The Shang Zhou Dajin mask saved in the Sands Site Museum is now the largest gold mask discovered in China. In this new round of archaeological excavations in this Samsung Pile Sacrifice area, a larger gold mask residue is also discovered, and the Shang Zhou Dajin mask in the Sands Site is very high. The Jinsha site is often considered to have a political, economic and cultural center, a rising, economic, cultural center in Chengdu Plain after the Guanghan Samsung Pile. Archaeological excavation and research showed that there was a significant cultural evolution, absorption and fusion of Samsung culture. Both have the spiritual core of the sun worship, as well as the same equipment style and art style.

The similarity of the golden mask of Samsung Golden Mask and Sands Site also has more confirmed the cultural origin of two ruins of the two ruins. For thousands of years, Chengdu has passed through the brilliant and brilliant, and the book is written in a colorful and unique Tianfu culture.

  The long history of the long history, from Sima Xiangru to Li Bai, Du Fu, from Guo Moruo to Ba Jin, Ma Zhi, Nothing to give Chengdu literature. On the Chengdu District, Wuhou Temple, China’s only Junchen closed the temple of Wuhou Temple, still retaining the breath of the Three Kingdoms; in the river, "Shi Sheng" Du Fu’s "Tao House" originally rebuilt Du Fu Caotang, I said the old time to the world; the city center Dongfeng Road side, built the Daxi Temple between the 3rd century to the 4th century, is known as the "Evan’s First Justic" … Chengdu’s historical and cultural achievement, It is amazing, it is also quite curious. In Chengdu, the Sanlian Human City, the Sanlian City, the city and us: Rebuilding joints, "Sanlian City Award" Chengdu Declaration "officially released. Sanlian is awarded the new version of Chengdu today – "Accelerating the Unique Humanistic World Cultural Mall" in the city core 2019 published, "cultural is a country, a national soul.

Culture For the city, it is both strength and image, but also the kernel and soul.

"And Chengdu people, probably engraved in the pursuit of culture from the bones.

  At present, there are 159 in Chengdu Museum, including 110 non-national museums; in the physical bookstore and more than 3,600 reading spaces, China first. Visiting the museum, bookstore, becoming a great choice for Chengdu people. Chengdu, is also known as China’s "Science Fiction". At present, Chengdu is actively applying for the 81st World Science Fiction in 2023.

Liu Cixin, a famous science fiction writer, said: "Chengdu is a creature of science fiction, China Science Fiction has developed and going to the world.

In Chengdu, the traditional atmosphere is integrated with modern vitality, making the present and future of the city. "Today, Chengdu has become the" Third City "after Beijing and Shanghai. In 2019, the" Small Bad "" Wandering Earth "" "Small Ball" "" Wandering Earth "" special effect team earned the tears of the people from Chengdu. In the same year, "Chengdu "The Anime Movie" is also open to the world, creating a national roof office of up to 5 billion yuan … After the fire all the country’s "Glory", they once again polished the golden word sign of Chengdu Wenchuang .

  In recent years, Chengdu has accelerated the construction of the World Wenchong City, the tourist city, the event is famous, and the music capital, the capital capital capital, enhance urban cultural communication and global communication, and will "Sancheng Sanyu" as Chengdu Time to build a world cultural city city.

  In 2020, Chengdu has also successfully held the only national comprehensive award in China’s music industry – the 12th China Music Golden Bell Award, currently the highest domestic poetry art event – the 6th China Poetry Festival, ELLE Fashion Card Global 75th Anniversary Celebration and major cultural activities such as the 8th China Network audiovisual meeting … On April 1, 2021, in the 2021 national cultural and tourism consumption training courses held in Culture and Tourism, Chengdu successfully held back. The first batch of "National Culture and Tourism Consumption Demonstration City" medals.

  Today’s humanities Chengdu will never stop.

  This is only 26 meters long in Dujiangyan, 11 meters wide, 12 meters high, weighs 130 tons, and it’s awkward. It attracts many tourists to play card. What is the Dujiangyan Municipal Party Committee for Graph, causing the humanity of Chengdu? Different regional cultures have created different lifestyles. Thousands of years of cultural infiltration, giving birth to the humanities of Chengdu "Leisure Capital", shaping the distinctive characteristics of Chengdu "living city". The words life are deeply engraved in the bones of Chengdu people.

But the Chengdu who loves life, enjoying the fun of life and the martial arts, and constantly imparting more unique human properties for life. Pick up the fat feet, raise your mobile phone, click on the "Self-timer Panda" in Dujiang Zhen Tianwei Square, and the "Selfie Panda" attracted many tourists.

After Chengdu IFS, here became the second giant panda theme network in Chengdu.

  "Selfie Panda" designer, Dutch artist Florectin Hoffman, "Panda raised the mobile phone to self-portrait, the beautiful and relaxed gesture, kind and pleasant, is a kind of life in Chengdu The expression of the art language. In addition to the "leisure" "life" label, inheriting the Tianfu culture inheriting the development of the natural and humanistic, closed and open, the collision integration of farming civilization and urban civilization, also condenses into Chengdu "innovation creation, Elegant and fashionable, optimistic tolerance. In order to further promote the construction of the world’s cultural city, 2021 Chengdu will accelerate the promotion of major cultural landmark facilities such as Tianfu Art Park, Tianfu Cultural Center, Tianfu Media City, and build a national first-class in the field of Condu, Museum, Bookstore, Performing Art, etc. The cultural space of the force; promoting the depth of literary financial depth, implementing digital literary-style products, force digital cultured industries in national level energy levels, etc. .

  Beside the Temple of Taiko, standing in Chengdu, stands with a long history.

Half is a fashion district full of business elements. Half is the Hall of the Millennium, the Qing Dynasty, and the Half Tempe of "Half is the ancient city, half is the trend". Such a unique man-style Chengdu, can you don’t love? (尧 欣).

Agricultural Development Hebei Branch High Quality Party Construction Leading High Quality Development

  In recent years, the farm issued Hebei Branch keeps in mind policy financial political attributes, vigorously promoting the depth of party building and central work, leading high quality development with high-quality party construction, forming a wind, gas, heart, strength, good performance situation.

In the past three years, the accumulation of 148.4 billion yuan, the loan balance increased by 47%; distribution of poverty campaign is 44.9 billion yuan, ranking first in the province’s financial system; the whole country has won many honors, only the provincial branch has won the provincial party committee The government awarded the "Advanced Advanced Collective", the "Hebei Financial Pioneer" granted by the China Financial Union Hebei Working Committee, 31 comrades were recognized and rewarded by the provincial party committee, the provincial government, and the head office.

  Highlight "four strengthenings", take good political standards and political requirements to all aspects of the whole process and business development of the party, and fully highlight the nature of policy banks.

Strengthen the awareness of the whole government.

Taking political construction as a leader, in the political action of the party, the party’s central government is highly consistent, and integrates the party loyalty into resolute implementation of the actual action of the party’s central decision-making deployment and the work arrangements of the General Communist Party Committee, reflecting the whole process of performance . Strengthen political theory learning.

Establish a party committee "first topic" system, insist on holding the theoretical center group study meeting, and use the branch "three sessions", learn the latest important speech spirit and instructions, constantly enhance political judgment. Develop a theoretical learning program, clarify the key points, distribute the counseling books, guide employees to read the original, learn the original text, and realize the principle; monthly "Yan Zhao Lecture", invite a well-known expert scholar to counsel teaching; make full use of "party building cloud" app The platform strengthens daily learning and continuously deepening the understanding and grasp of the party’s innovative theoretical results. Established Youth Theoretical Studies Group, organized reading, exchange sharing, etc. weekly, inheriting the political armed for young employees in the red gene.

Strengthen party building responsibilities at all levels. Every year, the party building is based on the party building, one integrates all the tasks of the party to participate in the party building at all levels, ensuring that the responsibility is in place.

Formulate a list of party building and quantification assessment, branch secretary list, party member points management method, and realize the deployment of party building work, implementation, inspection, closed-loop management of the assessment.

Strengthening the projecting effect. Carry out "learning, innovative, service type, high-efficiency, honest" "five-type organ" creation activities, focusing on improving the capacity and level of the provincial and municipal branch office management, the base layer. Improve the agency style, highlight the comprehensive text, reduce reports, standardized inspection, and effectively reduce the base.

  Focusing on "Four Careers", building a strong officer entrepreneurship "combat fortress" focuses on improving organism, focusing on "Ideal belief, political functions, party members, play" four starting hands, and forging strong and powerful grassroots party organizations. Catch the ideal belief education.

Take advantage of Hebei red resources, organize the three-level lines of provincial counties and 121 red resource units to build, strengthen party’s sexual education, and inherit the red gene. Formulating Party history learning education implementation plan and "Party history learning education learning arrangements, activities" "two tables", establish "every day reading, weekly learning, monthly, quarterly" normal learning mechanism, revision Entering the party oath, shooting video short film, choosing a "ten one" special event such as a tree around the tree, the staff and art performance, etc., high-quality high-quality promotion of party history education. During the Work Conference in the General Year, the line as one of the four provincial branches of the whole system, and made a special experience in the study and education of party history. Grasp the construction of political functions.

Formulate the implementation of the standardized standardization construction of the party branch, clearly 72 construction standards, refine 5 projects 21 inspection lists, organize standardized standardization and standardization to receive the assessment activities, and promote the comprehensive progress of grassroots party organizations and fully exceeded. Grab the party members’ team construction. Conscientiously implement the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference, study and formulate the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period, improve the normal training mechanism, through the cooperation between school cooperation, up and down communication, departments.

To carry out the basic "pier seedlings" and the base of the grassroots "pier seedlings" and the base-level excellent young employees to the provincial "seedlings" activities, this year, the five institutions youth employees have served as branch secretary and county branch, and select 3 young employees to exchange. The agency broadened the growth path of youth employee.

Grab the model role.

The normalization of "two excellent first first" "Top Ten Branch Work Law" selection activities, promoting the formation of advanced and advanced atmospheres.

At the beginning of the year, the epidemic "raid" Hebei, the first time to form an epidemic prevention and control commando team and youth pioneers, give full play to the exemplary role of the pioneer, the total approval of the anti-hypog protection loan project during the epidemic period, the amount of billion yuan, province to North China Pharmaceutical Group, province The focus of the aggression of the agricultural investment company and other governments have issued loans billions of credit billions and hosted the forefront of the province’s financial system.

  Promote the "four integration" to create "party construction business complex" clear "party construction soul, development shaping, compliant" work, from "target integration, assessment, grassroots fusion, cultural integration" Dimensions Promote Party Construction and Tight Combination and Deep Integration.

Fusion in the functions of functions. Resolutely implement the national strong agricultural benefits policy, put the whole power to safeguard food security, serve the village revitalization, and hold the financial risk bottom line as the specific embodiment of the party loyalty, and effectively take the mission of agricultural policy finance. Ticolib00 million yuan in January-October, increase billions of dollars year-on-year; at the end of October, the balance of loans billion yuan, growing hundreds of millions of dollars from the beginning of the year, more than 144.1 billion yuan, guided more funds reflow "three farmers "The average interest rate of new issuance is lower than that of 93 BPs in the same industry, allowing an enterprise billion to interpret the party loyalty and responsibility with practical results.

Deep fusion in the assessment evaluation. Adhere to the party building, the business "two rules", cadres, party members and party construction and business "one". On the indicator setting, the political construction is placed in the first, organized construction as a guarantee, and the business development, management is focused; in the specific assessment, the assessment process is combined with the assessment results, and the party branch mission is completed. Look at the work of the party building to complete the task; in the results of the results, the assessment results are redeemed, and the position promotion is adjusted.

Deep fusion on the grassroots construction.

Implementing the party construction system, the members of the Provincial Branch Party Committee identifying 1 grassroots party organization as a party construction link, and often conducts the guidance of field research and strengthening the specific guidance of the construction of grassroots party organizations. Established the Party Branch of the Office and the Deep Poverty County Branch and the Difficult County Branch of the County Branch of the County Branch of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office, and the Fallback County Branch implements the designated help. Deep fusion in cultural construction.

Carefully designed and build "party construction homes", with the theme of "Casting Soul, Jian Gong Yan Zhao", promoting the party building in front of the party building, Hebei; open up "party building" in the office building, change "blank wall" as "party building window" , The first time propaganda centered spirit and party building results.

Adhere to the party building with group construction, establish a "long-term reception day" system, hold a young employee symposium, female worker symposium, advocate "happy work, healthy life" concept, form 11 interest groups, carry out badminton, gas bar, basketball , Running, yoga and other rich variety of cultural and sports activities, continuously improve the cohesiveness of employees, and aggregate strong energy promotion. Correspondent Peng Debin, Cao Minghui ‘s.