A case in Shanxi Province was selected for the highest prior to punish the typical case of casino crimes.

On November 29, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate held a press conference that "fulfilling prosecutive functions according to law, from severe punishment of casino crimes", issued procuratorates to punish typical cases of casino crimes according to law. 11 people who have been selected by 11 people and other 11 people in the province’s procuratorate.

After investigation, Malaysian residents’ bears (original Chinese, in escape) were illegal interests, from October 2017 to August 2019, the implementation of online casino crimes.

In order to facilitate the settlement gambling gambling gambling, the defendant Song, a certain person, a certain person, a certain person in the abroad, hire the defendant Wanmou, in Shanxi Province, Changzhi City is open "Network Studio", sending gambling advertising information for Xiongmou’s online gambling platform, providing gambling platform links, and mass acquire bank card, ID card, online banking u shield, Alipay (commonly known as "four sets" ) For gambling for online gambling platforms.

Through online banking, gambling settlement, or direct withdrawal, stealing the national border to transport gambling, involved in the case of more than 300 million yuan. In addition, some members of the gang also implemented illegal detention, theft, concealing, concealing crimes, loan fraud and other crimes.

In the case of the case, the city procuratorate shall accurately identify the fact and accurate applicable law.

The procuratorate believes that the acquisition of "four sets" in the online gambling website settlement gambling process, which is implemented for online gambling, and is part of the opening of casino crimes, and should evaluate the opening of casino crimes.

Yuncheng City Salt Lake District People’s Court made a judgment on June 29, 2021 to open a casino, illegally detained crime, and stealing the guidelines for the sin of the defendant Songmou and other 11 people six months to two years. In prison for the month, it is sentenced to the corresponding penalty. This decision has taken effect. (Reporter Deng Weiqiang) (Editor: Lei Hao, Zhao Fang) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Dongba Law Enforcement team kills regional merchants, killed more than 650 stores

During the killing process, the "four early" measures were effectively implemented.

Supervised all merchants should conscientiously implement early discovery, early report, early isolation, early treatment of "four early" measures, cut off the transmission path, prevent diffusion.

Encourage units and individuals to discover, report relevant cases and epidemic. Strictly implement aggregated venue scanning code registration reservation, limited frameworking measures such as wearing masks.

Business buildings must strictly implement testing temperature test, wear masks, ventilation disinfection, "one-way", etc.

The law enforcement team also supervised the business of merchants in the jurisdiction to do a good job in daily health check management and epidemic prevention and control supervision and inspection. Supervise the information platform such as the merchant to promote the personal health code, residents apply the electronic health code through the network platform or apply the paper version of the paper version (health pass card) through the community, obtain the qualification of travel, completion, etc. The unit gives two publicity and publicizes the rectification of 2 merchants.

(王 化 玲) (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing).

China Space Explore the vast universe ("13th Five-Year Plan", we pass this way)

On February 12, the National Space Agency issued my country’s first Mars Detective Task Day, a probe Mars capture process image, showing the detector flew near the hot point and braked the ignition. These images completely record Mars gradually enter the field of view, and the slight vibration of the detector after the engine is ignite and the detector flew from Mars in the daytime. The sun wings, orientation antenna, Mars atmosphere and surface morphology are clearly visible. Tian Qian No.1 visited Mars and became a vivid scene in my country’s construction of aerospace. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Explore the vast universe, the development of the agency, the construction of the security country is our unremitted space." Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", my country’s aerospace industry has continuously refreshed records, and the aerospace launch capacity is significantly improved. Leap-forward development, from the steps of aerospace power towards the Space Strong Country.

Deep-space detection capacity continues to enhance, the exploration of exploration and fire creates a number of first time, on December 17th, 2020, in the hands of people’s head, the 23-day space trip, and the soil, stable Steady landing in the Four Son of Inner Mongolia, the Four Son of Inner Mongolia is scheduled to land area. This is a feat that has been returned from the moon sampling after more than 40 years, created 5 "China for the first time." The successful implementation of the mission of Chang’e No. 5, marking the perfect ending of the three-step planning of the project "winding, falling, returning" three steps in China, and laid a solid foundation for my country’s future moon and planet detection for China. Base. Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", my country’s space exploration range has been deeper, and the deep space detection capacity continues to increase.

Lunar exploration innovative breakthroughs, more and more part of China’s lunar mark. January 3, 2019, Chang E IV probe successfully landed on the side of the moon, and the "Magpie Bridge" relay back to the star world first month back close-up shots of imagery, opened a month back the mystery . This is the first time a human probe month back soft landing, opening a new chapter of human lunar exploration. Up to now, the rabbit II lunar rover has accumulated mileage over 600 meters, becoming the longest work on the lunar rover. Mars interplanetary open a new journey, the whole concept of the formation of planetary exploration.

2020 July 23, my country’s first Mars mission Heaven 1 spacecraft takes off in China Wenchang spaceport.

This is a global space exploration focused its attention by one shot to achieve surround Mars, landing, lunar exploration three tasks, the first time in world aerospace history. A series of key breakthroughs in core technologies vast expanse of deep space, over 100 million kilometers measurement and control technology, so that every movement Heaven One of perfectly neat.

As a starting point to explore Mars, our country in the field of deep space exploration has identified the next direction, Jupiter, Saturn and other more distant planets are waiting for us to get them to explore.

Since manned space flight entered a new stage, the construction of the space station Taimukaiqi "Thirteen Five", my country’s manned space program execution after another long march VII, Temple II, Shenzhou 11, tianzhou 1, Long March V B, etc. a major task, and constantly refresh the Chinese manned space flight to new heights, "resident" space dream one step closer. "Shenzhou" perfect hand "Temple" to complete a thrilling space "kiss."

"Spacecraft turn 30 meters remain, the spacecraft finally move closer to normal status, capture docking mechanism, docking ring began to pull back, to complete the docking mechanism lock ……" at 3:31 on October 19, 2016, with the instruction issued a Road , eleven manned spacecraft Shenzhou and Tiangong space laboratory successfully achieved II automatic rendezvous and docking.

During this manned mission, Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong resides in orbit 33 days, creating a record for the longest Chinese astronauts in space resides. Tianzhou 1 completed its first "space refueling," the field of aerospace technology to fill the gaps. April 2017, my country’s first aircraft cargo spacecraft was launched tianzhou 1, and the Temple II space laboratory in orbit to complete rendezvous and docking, the first in-orbit propellant additional tests. "Space refueling," the smooth implementation, making my country the world’s third independent master this crucial technology. Taimukaiqi space station construction, China’s space into the space station era.

"5,4,3,2,1, ignition!" 5 May 2020, the Long March V B carrier rocket into the sky, straight to the sky.

A few days later, a new generation of manned spacecraft re-entry capsule returns successfully test vessels, test a complete success. As China’s first manned space mission project of the third step, this successful mission marks the Chinese space station construction curtain went up, China formally entered the space station era.

Scale the heights self-reliance, space science and technology by leaps and bounds since the "Thirteen Five", my country’s aerospace science and technology level to achieve leapfrog development, a series of important innovations large rocket, the Beidou navigation, high scores and other independent satellite competing to emerge again and again …… launching exciting, a key stunning achievement, the condensation of Chinese astronauts sweat and wisdom, showing Chinese science and technology to achieve self-sufficiency determination and courage.

A new high level of Launch Vehicle Technology.

Rocket development project across the board adhere to independent innovation, scaled new heights, breaking the large-size fairing separation technology, large-diameter tank connected Arrow separation technology, high-thrust directly into orbit deviation precise control of a number of key technology and other core technologies, world-class carrying capacity level.

At present, my country’s "Long March" carrier rockets more flowers: 11th Long March carrier rocket lifted off in the Yellow Sea, my country’s first rocket Sea Launch successfully implemented; VIII successful maiden flight of the Long March, Long March V, VI Long March, Long March VII like rational layout of the new generation of launch vehicles.

"China’s Compass" has become "the world of the Big Dipper." 2020 July 31, Compass III global satellite navigation system officially opened.

Navigation from anywhere in the world, are able to obtain the Beidou system, positioning and timing services.

Since the "Thirteen Five", China’s space race against time to step up research, the Beidou satellite navigation and single key components to achieve 100% localization rate, my country has become the world’s first three independently owned global navigation satellite system, the Chinese Compass truly a global star Yao. Space science and technology to benefit people’s livelihood.

Since the "Thirteen Five", my country’s civil space infrastructure continue to improve.

"High family" skills more powerful, satellite communications, satellite navigation, satellite remote sensing widely used in many fields.

Over 2000 results of space technology to achieve deep transplant, gave birth to a new form of smart city, space breeding. The most memorable is to combat the new crown pneumonia outbreak during high score, Beidou precision of plotting, high-precision positioning, the whole network to witness the Vulcan Hill Hospital, Raytheon Hill hospital building "China Speed", highlighting the effects of radiation technology combating the disease.

Star vast expanse, endless exploration. "Fourteen five" first started, China’s space will continue to temper forward on a new journey.

2018 Guangdong Red Tourism Series Activities started in Nanxiong

The young pioneers stood a red scarf to Peng’s relatives and the old guerrilla warrior.

More than two thousand people walk 20 kilometers "Re-take the Road" on the morning of the 24th, "Southern" magazine reporter saw the Shangdu Village People’s Hall in Yoshan Town, Shaoguan, Shaoguan, and the "warrior" wearing the Red Army military uniform came toHall Square, the entire square has become a light blue ocean, one side "Red Flag" is like a sail in the blue ocean.Nanxiong Express Major General Peng Xianlun and the Secretary of the Nanxiong County Party Committee, the martyrs Peng Xianmo, representatives of the old guerrilla warrior, and the news media and travel agency representatives, and travel agency, more than 2,300 people participated in activities, and reproduced "Red Army is not afraid.The spirit of the expedition, Wanshui Trushes is just the spirit.

At the launching ceremony, Director of the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau Zeng Yingru announced the province to focus on 10 red tourism boutique; Peng Xianglun, Shazi, the story of the Sanzi Peng Bo, telling the story of the oil mountain revolutionary ancestors, and leads reading by Comrade Sanshi Peng Li Sheng Long March spirit "oath; Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Provincial Tourism Bureau, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Culture, Shaoguan Municipal Committee, Shaoguan Tourism Bureau, etc., the relevant person in charge of the Shaoguan Tourism Bureau, etc. 2,300 people’s hiking team deployed, vastly in the fields and villages, experience the difficulties of long laundering, and pursue the footprints of revolutionary ancestors.

Shaoguan is a city with a glorious revolutionary tradition, and the red historical and cultural heritage is deep, and the revolutionary old district is numerous.

In the history of the new democratic revolution, Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Peng Dehuai, Wang Jiaxiang, Chen Yi, Xiangying and other older generation of proletarian revolutionaries wrote immortal poems on this hot soil in Guangdong, leaving a rich red ruins. And spiritual wealth. At present, Shaoguan City is like Nanxiongmei Mei Guan, Zhou Xinwei, the Chinese Provincial Party Committee, Renhua Shuangfeng Village, Wuliting CPC, Guangdong North Provincial Party Committee for the old site, and the River Plow City pawn shop and other red relics, the site total of 287 It is one of the most red resources of Guangdong Province.

Nanxiong is the only Soviet area in Shaoguan City, which made excellent contributions during the second domestic revolutionary war, the Anti-Japanese War and the Liberation War.

The Red Army has entered the first stop in Guangdong, and the first battle of the Red Army into Guangdong happened in Nanxiong.

The Red Army fiftes into Nanxiong, which has four times to Yanshan Town. The back of the Red Army came to the event, sang a long stroke song. Shangdu Village, Yoshan Town, Nanxiong City became a "blue ocean". 75 games to create a new image of Shaoguan tourism brand, in addition to "Re-accessing Long Qiao Road, innovation – 2018 Guangdong (Shaoguan) Red Tourism Launched Ceremony", Shaoguan City also held the plan to organize "Flower Food" " "Happy Tourism", "Goodkey Yao Township", "Parent-child Tour", etc., the topic of 75 colorful festive activities, forming the monthly month, and the strong atmosphere of the activities, build a complete, distinctive Shaoguan tourism brand image.

Shaoguan mountainous scenery is beautiful, the historical and cultural heritage is deep, the revolutionary monemor is numerous, with extremely rich red historical and cultural resources, folk custom style is colorful, is one of the most tourist resources in Guangdong Province, tourism cultural taste. In 2018, the Shaoguan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government rely on the unique folk culture and colorful festive activities, and the festival activities as an important graphic of tourism work, and the festival activities are listed as one of the top ten key tourism work in 2018. Promoting, feeding activities as carriers, continuously enriching tourism products, realizing the tourism products from sightseeing type to leisure, experience participation transformation, so that the majority of tourists have effectively felt the unique charm of Shaoguan. This year, Shaoguan City combined Guangdong Province Tourism Brand "Vigorous Guangdong · He Yue Tour" and Shaoguan City Brand "Shanmei City", first proposed Shaoguan City 2018 Tourism Festival Propaganda Slogan – "Vital Tour · Good Beauty Shaoguan", and around "Daden Xia" "Daden Huaxia" "Datong", "Da Nanling", "Dazhu", "Dazhu", and planned 75 rich celebration activities, including the 28th China (Wengyuan) held in Wengyuan (Wengyuan) Orchid Expo, Ginkgo Cultural Tourism Festival, Shaoguan Horse Maslance and other forms of festive activities, the promotion of "Vital Tour, Shanmei Shaoguan" tourism festival brand is in high-out position, by pushing culture, specialty, scenery, Market, tourists, opportunities introduced. 2018 Guangdong Province red tourism series activities have attracted everyone. With ten work to create a domain tourism deputy secretary-general, Zhu Zhishi, the municipal government spokesperson Zhu Zhishi, told the "Southern" magazine reporter, Shaoguan as an important engine industry as an important engine industry, as a hand-1 project Push. Shaoguan City attaches great importance to tourism, especially in 2018, is to create a strong measures, especially around Dadixia, Damei, Damei, and Dadu As a key point, the scenic spot, focusing on the work of ten aspects: First, a group of key projects such as Danxia South Gate, Night Dandux, Nanhua Museum is combined; the second is to build Guangdong outdoor sports paradise, Propose an influential activities in the province and even the country; the third is to build a group of tourism roads in the four major scenic spots, the "national first-class, Guangdong leading"; four is to promote 16 tourism key projects such as Nanling Engineering The five is to develop rural tourism, plan to improve 10 beautiful rural boutique tourism routes, and further expand the work of rural tourism; Sixth is the holiday activities of the city, doing the holidays, Zhou Zhou activities; seven is to carry out tourism environment Special actions to improve the tourism environment of the Shaoguan tourism environment, improve the tourism environment of Shaoguan; eight is to fully explorate the red tourism resources of Shaoguan City, create a red tourist base, and Nan Xiong also introduced a series of activities that returned to Long Zun Road. Including construction of Guangdong’s only Long March Memorial; Nine is to promote urban tourism landscape, smart tourism and travel service environment improvement project, to create the best destination of Guangdong Tourism services; Ten is targeting Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, this year, Shaoguan will carry out ten Investment promotion and tourism promotion activities, and plan a series of related activities to expand all kinds of resources through activities.

Zhu Zhizhi said that in 2018, Shaoguan will establish a market-oriented, tourist-centric idea, through emancipating ideology, pioneering and innovating, measures, and raising all kinds of policies, and accelerating the entire tourism infrastructure. Construction, put Shaoguan became the "Pearl River Delta Tourism Leisure Vacation Presser" "Guangdong Outdoor Sports Paradise".

"Southern" magazine full media reporter Zhang Liang.

Chen Min, Tang Liang Zhi Zhang Xuan, Wang Hao, participated in the city county, towns and villages, representatives

  On December 10, Zhang Xuan, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Xuan, director of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Wang Wei, who participated in the district and counties and townships, and the voters, and the vast number Various people exercise democratic rights according to law, cast a solemn sacred ticket.

  Yuzhong District Municipal Organs 1 selection polling station At 16 o’clock, Chen Min came to the polling station and participated in the election vote with the municipal party committee cadres.

Chen Min listened carefully to the electoral critics, and took out the voter certificate to the staff to verify, and received a vote. After filling out the votes at the writing ticket, he walked to the ticket box solemnly cast a ticket. On the same day, Tang Liangzhi invests a ticket in the Yinzhong District Municipal Organs 2, and Zhang Xuan voted at the 1st selection area of ??Longxi Street in Yubei District. Wang Hao entrusted others to vote in the Longxi Street, Yubei District. Wu Coirong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, voted at the 16th Orchestra of the Municipal Organs of Yuzhong District. The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, the Municipal Government, and the Municipal Government, and comrades voted at the polling station in the selected area, or entrusted others to vote.

  It is understood that the re-election election of the county and township people’s Congress will begin on November 30th, with more than 26 million voters to participate in this reward election, and share more than 5,100 representatives of the county people’s congregation. .

Before December 20th, through the difference election, there will be more than 10,000 people’s representatives of the county counties, and the township people represent more than 50,000 people. (Reporter Yang Fan Zhang Wei) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing Let more people see.

Doorbraak "ambitie" van het spel IP naar "Animation EpiPer"

"League of Legends: Shuangcheng Battle" Online Gao Kai fotografeerde "Double City Battle" om het favoriete Jindi en Wei’s perspectief te selecteren, vertel het legendarische verhaal van liefde en haat in het land van de rune. Link in een interview: "Vanaf de eerste dag van het project is ons doel om een ??goed verhaal te bouwen dat onafhankelijk kan, ongeacht of u iets te" competitie "hebt, voelt.

We willen een plek maken om te begrijpen en zoals het verhaal. Dit wordt altijd benadrukt, omdat we niet een paar uur ” acties willen maken. We willen meer diepe dingen, diepgaande rollen verkennen, ze kijken uit op de uitdaging, ze zijn het meest bezorgd over. We willen gewoon een goed verhaal vertellen. "Breaking the Animation Work In Investment and Public, de" Double City Battle "legde de dikte op de connotatie en waarden van de werken. In de core-inhoudswaarde van" Guarding "als zoekwoorden is dit werk gebaseerd op verschillende niveaus zoals Familie, Attributie, Wetenschappelijke en technologische, bestelling, met een meer gratis animatietaal, het tonen van gerechtigheid, taaie karakterbeeld, pure onbaatzuchtige karakteremoties, voor de ideale aanhoudende achtervolging, enz. Positieve energie. In tegenstelling tot de animatie van kinderen, onderscheid ook tussen de algemene anime , vol met steampunk-stijl "Shuangcheng Battle", met behulp van een meer volwassen toon in het verhaal, vertelt een verhaal dat een breder bereik van leeftijd dekt. ??In feite zijn de afgelopen jaren meer en meer animatie-makers op het meer uitgestrekt Publiek dan ooit, van het formulier tot de inhoud, alle soorten pogingen die hiervan zijn opgebaseerd, verschijnen voortdurend. In aanvulling op het verhalen, "Double City Battle" geeft mensen diepgaande de doorbraak van de indruk ook, meer overvloediger en meer geduld is tekens.

  Als gevolg van aanpassing is het drama niet alleen in de vorm van sterk verlaagd de tekens en scène-instellingen in het native IP, maar ook de game-instelling, die de karakters aanzienlijk verrijkt.

  Link, "We willen de thema’s onderzoeken, waaronder binaire oppositie, broers en zussen, er zijn mensen en dingen die samen zouden moeten zijn, maar er is geen manier.

Over de Gemini-stad, en over broers en zussen, er is een interessante plek om: je kunt elkaar niet kiezen, je kunt alleen feiten accepteren.

Dus dit onderwerp gaat eigenlijk om dat deel van de twee.

"Om deze reden kan het hoofdstation van het verrijken van de ecologie van de personages in het spel en de vitaliteit van de personages het publiek gemakkelijk maken om te brengen, en hun hart te voelen, voelt het Grand Universum.

  Op basis hiervan is "Double City Battle" duidelijk meer "ambitie" in de artistieke doorbraak van animatie, "willen we een ander werk maken van andere geanimeerde drama’s. Wanneer het lijkt erop dat er slechts twee opties zijn: ofwel om de kinderen te zien , of geef het aan de volwassene.

Maar wat er ook is welke het soort geestig is, het ritme is erg snel.

We willen een echt drama maken in de vorm van animatie.

We willen dergelijke scenario’s doen: de stilte tussen de personages en hun lijnen hebben ook componenten. "Zo’n doorbraak van kunst nastreeft, vereist" Double City Battle "om aanzienlijke uitdrukkingen in detail, animatie, fotograferen en emotie te bereiken.

Op dit punt is de film echt voldoende om het publiek te verrassen, van het micro-gezicht van de personages tot de vechtscene, van een steen tot de grote scène met uitzicht op de dubbele stad, als een geanimeerd drama, "Double City Battle", Sense en impact op het kijkeffect hebben ongetwijfeld buiten de vorige gerelateerde ervaring.

  Er moet worden gezien dat achter deze significante verbetering een uitgebreide doorbraak in de productiefilosofie en -methode is. In de afgelopen zes jaar, de ontwikkeling en productie van de drie koninkrijken van China en de Verenigde Staten, is dit een succesvolle koppeling van globale ecologische middelen.

  Deze ge?ntegreerde koppeling garandeert de topproductie van het werk.

Het is duidelijk dat de "Battle of the Shuangcheng" de top drie-weergave van twee technologie?n gebruikt, met meer dan 7.000 lenzen en tienduizenden met de hand geschilderde originele schilderijen, waardoor verschillende scènes, en micro-end, binnen Emoties en andere karaktergegevens; In Design, nodigen we ook professionele architecten uit om te bouwen, Franse decoratiekunst, New Art Genre en Steampunk-stijl, enorm benadrukken de unieke artistieke esthetiek in de wereld. Voor animatie-episodes, innovatie en verbetering van creatieve effecten en filosofie of hebben nieuwe ontwikkelingsrichtingen op dit gebied getoond.


Zhang Li: Easy to move into the "circle"

Since November, the business of the express supermarket boss Zhang Li is more popular.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, it is the peak period of her 宜 express supermarket to send and receive express packages. In this small shop in Rainbow Community, Rainbow Community, Xixiu District, Anshun City, Zhang Lizheng squatting on the ground to encode into the warehouse, and people who handade business are endless. Zhang Li, 27 years old this year, is one of the Rainbow Community Relocation Households. Rainbow communities only from Anshun Central City, is the largest rival and relocation community in Xixiu District. In 2018, 1305 homes in 15 townships (streets) in Xixiu District moved out of the mountains and came here to become new citizens in the city. Zhang Li originally lived in Xixiu District, Xinfu Township, the past and her husband in Guangdong, Zhejiang to make money.

Now, the whole family has a spacious and bright new room, and there is no tall rent, Zhang Li has a pavement in the community.

Rainbow community relies on 35 pavements in Gongchang Street, leased to the exclusive intention of 360 yuan. Not only does Zhang Li’s own store, the community opened the Children’s Knitting Factory, the Weiwang handmade gift processing factory and other well-off workshop, and more than 200 school-old women are close to work, and enjoy it.

Zhang Li’s express supermarket, now there are thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of dollars every month.

What makes her is more happy, "Working is good, you can also take care of your child." In the life circle of the new citizens of the Rainbow Community, schools, hospitals, government affairs services, bus, convenience business districts, industrial parks. Zhang Li’s child reads elementary school at the new school next to the community, and walking to school, as long as it is 5 minutes. In the community, there are nearly fruit fresh supermarkets, community hospitals, etc.

In order to let the new citizens integrate into the central city. Since May this year, many departments of Anshun City have worked together to repair the 2 bus stops to the entrance of the community.

Zhang Li said that this bus is more than 10 minutes, which is convenient! When the night came, Zhang Li, who is busy, long, finally standing.

Looking up, the community is already a lighting.

Think about the good days of being more comfortable in the future, smile, floating her young face.

(Queen Stone) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District (Guangdong) Housing Construction Transportation Industry Engineering Construction Labor and Skills Competition

  On April 16th, Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Danwan District (Guangdong) Housing Construction Transportation Industry Engineering Construction Labor and Skills Competition launched in Guangzhou.

  This competition is based on the main body of the participants, and the "leadership leadership than organizational leadership, than production quality, than production progress, than production safety, the construction of the production, more technical and innovation", by the Guangdong Provincial General Union, Provincial Housing Urban-Rural Development Department, Provincial Department of Transportation, Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Trade Unions, Provincial Transport Unions Jointly. This competition runs through the "14th Five-Year Plan", Yue Hong Kong, Macau District, the housing construction, traffic administrative department, relevant industry association, and more than 70 residential transportation industry companies around "Jian Gong 14 Five-Year Plan. The new journey "theme, together with the high quality construction of Guangdong, Macau Dashang District. The General Assembly emphasizes the construction of construction knowledge, skills, innovative high-quality skills talents through labor and skill competitions, and cultivates excellent enterprises, casts boutique projects; we must vigorously promote the spirit of labor, labor, and craftsmen, leading the majority of cadres and workers to actively Part of the Hong Kong and Macau Daban District.

Redefinct: Let more women ride the wind

In the summer of 2020, the most popular variety show is not "Raw Sister". The girls who participated in the actresses of the actresses, such as the ages of performing art, music, dance, and the sister of the wind and waves ", and became the most popular brush screen variety of the whole network.

The official slogan of the program is called "30 and 青, the youth." The sisters they once again strongly walked into the public vision while also set off a new round of the new round of women’s topics. Redefine women’s career choices and fertility self-sovereignty, explore women’s body, age, desire and other topics, and cause resonance of the entire public opinion.

In this year’s various film and television, entertainment programs, all kinds of voices that break the gender concept.

"Thirty," accurately grabbed the age pain of contemporary urban young women, raising the banner of independent women.

In the third quarter of the "Drop Show Conference", Yan Yiang Yue and Yang Wei’s paragraph have already refined to the hustle of fire, and you will not help but laugh in the late patient. In addition to these discussions, the media and the public focused on the female persistence of women in major issues. Zhang Guiping, Huaping, Yunnan, adheres to the country’s first race, and suddenly fired the education circle this year, so that rural girls have received more social attention. The same is unforgettable, a female face under the epidemic. They are the retrograde of the one-line, which is the "Iron Night" in the medical staff. However, I can’t pay attention to the absence of another female voice, it is a hidden silence of the most in the wave of the era. Because of the reason, I walked in the western rural areas, I visited many poor families, I have seen many persistent women.

Some women have such women, they have never gone out of the mountains from small to the big, have not been in a few years, and they have been married when they are teens. Some in order to give birth to a boy, less than 30 years old, have given five children, endure the derailment of poverty and husband, and suffer from home violence.

Female independent discourse in the film and television drama, which is lacking in front of harsh survival. You can persuade her divorce and alarm, but if the social environment and the local ideas do not change, how can she change their own changes? You can criticize a rural poverty behind, but how to fully enjoy the achievements of urbanization and industrialization, how to ask rural women in this environment in this environment only by self-improvement? The life is like a seed in many winds, where is it ranking germination. Some seeds fall in north, some fall in small towns, and some fall in the most desolate rock peak. However, it is the same to grow out, see the sun, to pass through the wind.

I think, in this sense, the year girl is also my example. She is so strong and stubborn, supporting her own life and family with her own way.

For a long time, rural women are comparative marginalized in female discourse expressions. In 2020, with the social discussion of the topic of Zhang Gui Mei’s speech, Fangyang incident and other topic, more women’s situation belonging to the poor are beginning to be seen, discussed and changed.

Women’s redefine not only needs their own wisdom and courage, but also need support from society. I believe that under the awareness of women’s self-consciousness and social care, more people will usher in their own wind and savings.

(Editor: Ding Yixin, Li Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Hainan Zhangzhou Teacher Tmail: Underated Honor Do not forget the beginning of the three-foot lecture

People’s Network Haikou November 9th (Song Tong Tong) "I can’t think of this honor, I can harvest this affirmation, very excited is also very proud!" Recently, the 8th National Moral Model Nomination Award "winner, Zhangzhou In the interview with reporters, the teachers in Nanfeng Town, the city, said that they will not forget the initial heart, continue to do their jobs, and play an exampleside to take the lead in affecting people. Talking about the honor, inquiry is very emotion, he believes that the award reflects the affirmation of the party and the state to work to work, and also motivates and reminds yourself to make more efforts to help more students go to a broader world, train the motherland. More talents. This honor not only encouraged himself, but also more and more people in the mans. In the man, I told reporters that after returning to the school, the school conducted a publicity mobilization for his deeds, aroused the boom of teachers and students in the school. At the age of 20 to 48, the most precious youthful years have left the most valuable youth, and he talked about this hard experience. He did not regret it. "Looking at more and more students, go out of college. "Island", my pay is also exchanged, worth "." "There are a lot of colleagues and friends as a praise, but also touched my deeds.

"This makes the inquiry aware of the weight and responsibility of the award," (after the award), it can’t be floating. I will continue to play the project, as always, I will work hard, strictly driven by self-discipline, and pass the power of the example to more people! "Attached: The deeds in the woods, male, Li people, born in August 1967, member of the Communist Party of China, Nanfeng Town, Hainan Province, Nanfeng Town, Hainan Province.

Sticking to "Island" teaching point in 28 years, inquiry in the world, in the world, the hopes in the three-foot lecture and rural education, send a batch of students to the or island, with stick to and pay, illuminate the road to the island, "Island Gardener". I don’t forget the initiative, stick to the island.

There is a half-sided loop in the south bank of Songtao Reservoir in Zhangzhou City. It takes more than two hours to cross the reservoir on a mountain without a road.

For the island’s children, set a teaching point. In 1988, the man came to the island in the man, and his only teacher in the teaching point.

The living conditions on the island are quite difficult. Before 2000, the villages did not connect, and the preparations and approval hours at night can only be carried out under the dim kerosene lamp. Because of the inconvenience of traffic, he can only take the island, one batch of inexplicable ingredients and eat two weeks. In such a hard environment, in order to have a book in the mountains, from 1988 to 2016, he adheres to the island teaching point for 28 years, and a batch of students sent a batch of students to the or islands, and went to a broader world. .

Love is accompanying, Gan doing lights. In the teaching career, he always adheres to a concept: "Teach a class, you have to teach the results, bring a class, and bring out the characteristics.

Love is root, no love is educated, use your own love to moisturize every child’s heart.

"In the past 28 years, the students regard the students as their own children.

When faced with the choice of "Island", look at the parents’ thirst, looked at the children in the morning to carry the book, let go of the book to the book, he does not open the footsteps, No these children … With the development of the times, Zhiwen teaching points in Xinvun Village Committee in Nanfeng Town, Zhangzhou are now no longer existed.

In 2016, the last batch of 2 students were completed in the second grade of primary school, and the Muchi officially transferred to the teaching point and went to the town center elementary school. The annual Teacher’s Day, a student’s text message, a phone, a call from the heart, let him feel happy and satisfied.

In the man said: "My adheres to the garden flowers, this is my biggest wealth in my life." Yuhua won the title of Hainan Province Excellent Country Teacher.

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