Summary: Who is the US "diplomatic boycott" in the United States hurts?

On July 20, 2021, the 138th plenary plenary of the International Olympic Committee was held in Tokyo. After the vote vote, it agreed to join the "more unity" after "faster, higher, stronger" Olympic Motto. Post-epidemic era. This is the first revision of the Olympic Motto for more than 100 years.

Reporter Han Haidan’s photographing the United States is both a sports country and a member of the International Olympic family. This should be "more united" advocate, "Olympic Charter" practitioners. Nowadays, their words do not match the Olympic Motto, and their rows violate the Charter, which is more difficult to estimate the damage caused by the Olympic spirit. Second, the so-called "diplomatic resistance" will not damage the international influence of the Beijing Winter Olympics, but will weaken the international image of the United States.

  Pound of the International Olympic Committee, Pound, Vice-President of the Former International Olympic Committee, responded to the so-called "diplomatic boycott", "this will have an impact on China is a guess. And I will say, basically, no." At present, the preparations for Beijing Winter Olympics have entered the countdown sprint phase, including the international community, including the International Olympic Committee, highly recognized the preparation work, a large number of foreign athletes enthusiastically expected to come to China, this sports event will not be due to a country "Resist" and is affected by substantive effects. As China’s well-known Olympic research expert Yi Jiandong said, for a country that hugs and respect the Olympic movement, there should be no to resist the Olympics, and the world should abandon this behavior.

  Third, the so-called "diplomatic resistance" is not only difficult to achieve, but it is easy to generate side effects.

  In 1980, the Moscow Olympics, some countries were boycotted by the Soviet Union Afghanistan; in 1984, the Soviet Union also boycott the Los Angeles Olympics in the year.

Historical lessons prove, boycotting and retaliation not only did not reach the purpose, but instead aroused new hatred.

Xinjiang promotes the "double mining" work to ensure that students and parents are effectively reduced within 1 year.

People’s Network Urumqi October 28 (Li Long) On the morning, the reporter learned from the press release held by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People’s Government Information Office, Xinjiang solid promoted primary and secondary school students, sleep, mobile phones, extracurricular reading, physical health "five Item Management, comprehensively implement the "double minus" policy of the national and autonomous regions, and promote the full coverage of after-school services, and increase effective governance of foreign training institutions.

It is understood that the state’s policy on reducing the workload of the compulsory education and the inferior training burden is introduced, the Party Committee and the government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region attach great importance to the "double minus" work as a major people’s livelihood project, "Double Reduce" implementation plan " , Clarify the road map, schedule, ensure the boring burden of the students and the burden of school training, family education spending and parents should have effectively alleviated within 1 year, and the results are remarkable in three years.

The autonomous regional people’s government’s supervisor, Sun Hongxin pointed out that in terms of school, insist on covering the block, strict control operation difficulty, strict control operation time, strict control test number, manage education teaching order, management test evaluation, manage the teacher violation, guarantee Student sleep time. At the same time, improve the level of operation, improve the level of classroom teaching, improve the level of service level, and ensure that students learn to learn in the school.

At present, Xinjiang Compulsory Education School has all established operational management implementation programs, all of which meets all post-class services. In terms of proof of foreign training institutions, adhere to the amount of control incremental deposit, and do the "three strict three standards", that is, strict approval, strict supervision, strict publicity; standard training behavior, standard training time, standardized teacher management; build a family, School, social collaborative education mechanism.

At present, Xinjiang has fully ceased to re-review the existing discipline training institutions for the approval of the discipline training institutions of the discipline training institutions, and registered the existing discipline training institutions for the approval of the discipline training institutions of the discipline training institutions in preschool children, compulsory education.

At present, 87 online discipline training institutions have registered as non-profit organizations in the region.

Sun Hongxin said that next step will revolve around "Over-time overtime and teachers’ superline advanced teaching, school training institutions violate the regulations, training advertising governance, small and middle school in-service teachers have five governance, harming the interests", etc. Underline, let the students "eat" "eat" in the school, reduce the training needs of the school.

Focus on key tasks, key work, normalization of registered discipline training, and track the implementation of "double mining" work, ensuring effective. Adhere to the symptoms of the specimen, look at the current and long-term, the same hair change, finance and other departments to formulate the supporting policy of the post-post service funding guarantee method, form a long-term mechanism, and build a good ecology. (Editor: Li Long, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.

"Technology" + Wen Travel Interpretation of China’s "New Play"

[] From the northwardly snow to the waterfront, from the east to the foot of the sky, the beautiful China’s scenery is in the first China (Wuhan) Cultural Tourism Expo. At this 3-day national cultural event, cultural and tourism multi-state integration became the wind direction of the industry, but also let the audience have tasted the "China’s rules" "China’s beauty" Wenxin experience. Crossing the millennium, "live" through the Yangtze River basin, feel the civilization of the ancestors; through the Jinghang University’s business prosperity, witness the diligent wisdom of the Chinese nation; board the Great Wall, overlooking the Shengshi Zhonghua The vast … The "Damei China" Complex is a 360-degree curved screen, which tells the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Great Wall, the Canal, and the "China Story" in the Long March, a "China Story", a "flowing" Chinese painting in this 3000 The square of the venue of the square, showing the heroic gas of the big country. Gansu Province brings more than 40 exquisite tourism pictures, Wuwei Copper, Dunhuang Jiuzi, Qingyang Xuanjia, etc. have attracted many viewers.

Chen Weizhong, director of the Cultural and Tourism Department of Gansu Province, said that this year, Wuhan Tianhe International Airport is new Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Zhangye, many domestic navigation points. "We are like walking relatives, the more you go, ‘Early eat beef noodles, eat hot dry noodles in the afternoon, become the tourism life of the people in the two provinces of the province.

"Chen Weizhong said. National top museum" team "brings a fun and holysis of the literary and experience project: in the Henan Museum Exhibition Area to repair the archaeological blind box, repair the cultural relics; in the Capital Museum Exhibition Area to make 掐 珐 pendant; play 3D in China Railway Museum Exhibition Area Train model … Dean Dai Bin, Dean of China Tourism Research Institute, received reporters, "Online planting, off-grass" breaking time and space restrictions, from "card" to deep experience, tourism business progress Reform the traditional cultural venue reform method.

  Science and technology enlightenment allows travel "Hyun" 60,000 square meters of exhibition halls to reflect "hard nucleation technology", scientific and technological empowerment, let the literature have new patterns. The Yellow Crane Tower, which stepped into the "Extreme Chu Tianshu" Hubei Pavilion, the photovoltaic reproduction, installed the latest high-precision chip, "plum tree", robotico tea, and 3D printed porpoise "small beauty" made the visitors.

  On the morning of November 27th, the digital museum exhibition area of ??Tencent Wenta Exhibition attached a young Wenbo enthusiast. They touched the screen "transient" to Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes to see skills exquisite grottoes, scan QR code line. Morning to enjoy the "Forbidden City is slow". 19-year-old tourist Zhang Jiaman scans the "Forbidden City front door" applet, got the Tibetan poem of the AI, and generate exclusive wallpapers.

"Because the epidemic has not been traveling for a long time, this cloud interaction is still the first time.

"She said with joy.

  According to the relevant data of cultural and tourism, in 2020, domestic tourism revenue is trillion, downloaded year-on-year.

Culture Travel industrial transformation and upgrading of the digital era to become a "must answer", the Internet industry to leapfrog into the text of the travel industry, reshaping the digital text brigade online and offline experience. Wang Jiahe, the relevant person in charge of Tencent Yunwen Travel Industry, as of now, Tencent’s cooperative layout in Wenxiao has covered more than 60 domain tourism projects, more than 40 scenic spot parks, more than 20 digital literature, etc.

In the past few years, Tencent joins the Palace Museum, Dunhuang Research Institute, the US Metropolitan Museum, and digitally digitizes massive treasures, so that traditional cultures have new energetic. Communication intervenes let life "beauty" "" "" "" " At this exposition, Ouraugui wines, Mongolian wool sweater, all kinds of overseas commodes, etc. 15 national tourism authorities and international tourism institutions from the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, South Korea, Switzerland and Wanli Tea Division and international tourism institutions have given a well-known literary "specialty". At the Thai Traditional Festival Water Light Festival, in the "magical Thai" exit, a mascot "Happy Doll" holding a water lamp.

"This is the mascot design of Thailand National Tourism Bureau. We hope to share Thailand’s happiness to all Chinese tourists. After leaving the travel limit, the number of Chinese tourists is still ranked second in the total number of Thailand’s entry tourists, and the relevant trade exchanges are more frequent. Dai Bin pointed out that domestic travel willingness to grow steadily, and there is more recovery in the export and tourism, and tourism industry kinetic energy is gradually agglomerated.

Looking forward to 2022, a small number of tourist destinations have to be good with the situation of the epidemic prevention and control, and it is expected to take the lead in restoration of the exit tourism market.

Suzhou City Culture and Tourism Bureau organized tourism integrity management Huimin publicity activities

  From November 10th to 11th, the Suzhou Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau organized some of the tourism enterprises and volunteers. He successively went to the North Fujian Vocational College.Volunteer service activities, advocate civilized travel, rational consumption, and create a good atmosphere of honesty tourism and quality tourism.In the event, some tourism enterprises representatives and volunteers in Suzhou City introduced the city’s high-quality cultural products, popularized civilized tourism, and accepted all the relevant consultations in the city.Guide the public to travel safely, happy travel, civilized travel.At the same time, the "Civilized Tourism Rational Consumption", "Civilized Tourism Rational Consumption", "Civilized Tourism Rational Consumption", "Civilized Tourism Rational Consumption", "Suzhou City Civilization Behavior Promotion Ordinance", and other promotional materials.(Reporter Wang Yun).

Zhangzhou high quality beef and mutton landing in Chongqing Market

  Original title: Zhangzhou high quality beef and mutton landing in Chongqing Market on December 28, the reporter learned from the Yangzhou Agricultural Rural Area, in the 18th China International Agricultural Products Fair, in the recent, Zhangzhou Agricultural Rural Area and Chongqing City The Hot Pot Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and it is a long-term strategic partnership in terms of long-term strategic partnership. The Cangzhou City is in the north latitude 39-degree grass and herstannium gold industry belt, which is the only city in the country. Special geographical climatic conditions have a wide variety of farming products. "It is characterized by the characteristics of fresh, tender, slippery and fragrant." Shi Shenghua, the person in charge of the Agricultural Rural Rural Area of ??Zhangzhou City, "I hope to recommend the safety quality agricultural products of Zhangzhou to this cooperation. Chongqing’s general public, and uses the world-famous popularity of Chongqing hot pot, and further expands the brand influence of Qizhou quality agricultural products, promoting better development of the cow and lanterns industry and Chongqing hot pot industry. "(Reporter Yuan Zhaoli).

Qiu County, a sixty-sixth party member, a hundred old photos celebrate the 100th anniversary of the party

In the past few days, the majority of party members and cadres from all counties and towns and counties, and the county are moving into the picture exhibition.

Each time, Zhang Min as a speaker, will take care of the masses who come to visit. Because these photos are all he personally found, so the story behind the rich picture, every time I explain, I can listen to the people, it is very welcomed by the masses.

Today, in Qiu County, whether it is a centralized picture exhibition, or a community, rural tour picture exhibition, there is always a picture of Zhang Min scene. "I am a communist party member, I insist on collected a lot of old photos in decades, and I also take pictures of many new photos, recorded the development history of Qiu County, and scree more than 100, focus on Qiu County yesterday, including the party History, military history, history of social development, my original intention is to pass these photos, let more people know the party history, see the party, respect, and make a positive contribution to their respective positions, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with practical action Zhang Min said. (Huo Feifei) (Editor: He Xuewei, I wish the dragon super).

Wenqi to the meeting, the second party branch of Guangxi, the second party branch, the topic of the study, education

Guangxi Fucai Center Second Party Branch Party History Life Conference on August 31 meeting.

Wen Qi contacts its own learning and work, and with everyone to exchange the harvest and experience of party history education, and put forward suggestions for the second party branch of Guangxi Fucai Center. Wen Qi pointed out that all party members of the second party branch of Fucai Center attach great importance to party history education, and the criticism and self-criticism of party members have a detrimentary targeted measures. Wen Qi emphasized that, in accordance with the requirements of the superior party organization, all party members and cadres enhance the ideal beliefs, and put the party history education activities to the implementation of the party, firmly establish the ideological roots of the Party absolutely loyal.

The second is to further enhance the overall consciousness, service awareness, and improve the capacity of action. To adapt to the new situation, adapt to the new era, adapt to today’s competitive market, adapt to comprehensive supervision.

The third is to further strengthen responsibility, improve political quality, and promote the implementation of various work.

The relevant members of the Party History of the Autonomous Region of the Autonomous Region, and the members of the Party Committee of the Fucai Center of Guangxi premiliated the topic.

(Liang Jinghao) Source: Guangxi Fucai (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Zhou Yule) Share let more people see.

"Celebrating the Party 100 years · Discover the most beautiful railway" activities started at the same time!

On April 23, the "Celebration Party" and discovered the most beautiful railway "activities jointly held in Beijing, Wuhan, Nanchang, and Nanning, China, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. Deputy Director of the Central News Network, deputy director of the National Net Truna Office, Sheng Ronghua, and ZHOU ZHANG ZHANG ZHOU ZHOU III, and ZHANG ZHIHUAR INCRIC Group Attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech.

Sheng Ronghua emphasized that "celebrating the Party 100 years · Discover the most beautiful railway" activities, we must use the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping.

It is necessary to highlight the theme, enhance the historical thickness, and integrate this event into the establishment of the party’s 100-year major theme publicity.

To build a boutique, enhance the activity, and promote a batch of political heights, the depth of thinking, and emotional temperatures.

To hammer the team, enhance combat power, communication power, guiding, influence. When Zhongyi’s membership of the event group and speaking, "the most beautiful railway" activity is the important part of the railway system to celebrate the topics of the party, covering 18 railway bureau companies, all over the country, and the national iron group The unit will carefully plan organization, strengthen service guarantee, innovative means, to ensure new color, further show great achievements, promote great spirit, and condense. As the brand promotion of the railway system network, "Discovery the most beautiful railway" activities have been continuously held for 6 years. This year’s event will run through the year, the content is focused on the 100-year theme, and the railway line of the four-way eight-through, the red footprint along the railway, the red footprint along the railway, show the huge achievements of the railway construction development under the leadership, reflecting the railway people Inheriting the party, the red gene walking with the party, unforgettable, keep in mind the mission, struggling to promote the high-quality development of the railway. From April to October, members of the "Discovery of the most beautiful railway" will revisit the "Mao Zedong" road, feel the "Mao Zedong" locomotive group spiritual inheritance, see the change of Beijing, Zhang Zhang; walk into Eu Yu, see railway people Trough the big mountain, guarding the big Beijing nine; walking into the railway anti-US aid chartering Memorial Hall, inheriting the Northeast Railway Revolutionary Spirit and Red Gene; visit the Highland China New Town Road, see the renovation of the snowy field; walk along the new four military footprints, listening " The Yangtze River Triangle "helps the story of local economic and social development; deep into the Beijing-Bian Railway, chasing the red gene of the Beijing Beijing Railway.

There are more than 400 people in the central and local news websites, commercial websites, live broadcast platforms, network positive energy backbone representatives and events, and participate in launching ceremony in Beijing, Wuhan, Nanchang and Nanning.