The garbage classification of the Pinggu Community "take the leader"

Yan Hong leather held in the trash can. (Pinggu District Committee Propaganda Department) A map) People’s Network Beijing March 1st "Uncle, is this garbage?" This is the question of Yan Hongzhen, frontal community garbage classification instructors, frontal community garbage sorting guides in Beijing Pinggu District, Beijing. At 7 o’clock in the morning, Yan Hongzhen put on volunteers red vest, wearing a mask and gloves, waiting for the trash bin, and sorted knowledge guidance on the residents who came to throw garbage.

Yan Honggera became the garbage sort of guides in the front community in May last year, and party members and volunteers in the community were round buckets. At the beginning, the residents were not strongly affected, and the situation of missed scales will always occur.

Yan Hongzhen guided by the residents who were putting garbage once. Whenever the residents throw garbage, Yan Hongge will open the garbage bag one by one. If there is an inconsistent situation, the situation will be corrected on the spot, and the erroneous garbage is picked out. Throw in the corresponding trash can. Whether you are still in the winter, in the morning or in the evening, you can see that he holds a hook to sorting garbage next to the trash can, or explains how all the garbage bags and the residents will explain all kinds of garbage. Over time, under his influence, the residents’ garbage classification accuracy is greatly improved. The 73-year-old Qi Shulan, a pre-office community, specially supports community garbage classification.

She has participated in the community volunteer service, issued a garbage classification leaflet to the residents, and also helped to guide the residents of the 24th building for domestic garbage classification, mobilized more residents to participate, in her driving, more and more residents consciously Garbage is good, accurately put it. The community cadres Zeng Zhengjin often promotes the sorter while the community cadres will act as a sorter and sort it inaccurate.

The community works, knocking at the door is a common thing. He uses the opportunity to go to the door to check the garbage classification situation in the residents, explain how to divide the class at home, get more and more residents understand.

In the premium community garbage classification, not only enthusiasm, but also actively cooperated with the units of jurisdiction. Pinggu One, the second park often popularizes the children to the children, organize the trash classification "small hand to pull the big hand" parent-child activities, so that the child develops a good habit of garbage classification.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, wind and rain, unremitting efforts, the garbage classification of the front community has been significantly improved by the support and cooperation of all community residents, and the community’s garbage classification accuracy has been significantly improved, and the garbage classification has become a residents. The habit, the clean and neat community environment makes people look bright. "Our work can be carried out smoothly, inventory of the residents’ support and garbage sorting instructor and volunteers, etc., the garbage classification is the big thing about thousands of thousands of households.

"Cui Caijun, the Secretary of the First Community Party Party, said. (Editor: Yin Xingyun, Gao Xing).

"I am best in water, I am first!" BR Cultong County Public Security Bureau Titang Police Station police Huang Huajie floodman guarded the masses

  Since July, the continuous heavy rainfall in North North has caused the water level of Poyang Lake to skyrocket. Some of the homes in the township houses along the Jiangxi Province are flooded, the road is blocked, the masses are trapped, and the flood prevention and anti-prevention situation is grim.

In the face of sudden floods, the 33-year-old police station of the Duochang County Public Security Bureau, Huang Huajie, Huang Huajie, will be in the first place, against the water, and then enter the village of floods, the homework, the people, running, transfer, transferThe people trapped.In the face of the raging flood, the thinness broke out for huge energy.

  Huang Huajie helped the people who were trapped.

Mei Wenliang photo homes urgently advised 20 o’clock on July 10, the village cadres of the Zhuhai Village Committee, the Zhuhai Village Committee, the Zhuhai Village Committee, the village cadres of the Zhuhai Lake, have a crack, and the flood will rush to the village immediately.Villagers need to move immediately.

Huang Huajie, who is on duty, immediately drives to the six-bedroom village with colleagues, and there are 26 households in the six-bedroom village. Most of the young people are in foreign workers, and the remaining is mostly for the elderly and children.

When Huang Huajie rushed to the village, the water has been coming to the village. "The folks, the flood is coming, everyone hurry!" The situation is urgent, Huang Huajie immediately opened the police car’s alarm, shouting through the speaker.

In order to improve the transfer efficiency, Huang Huajie and the party members and cadres in Huang Huajie and the village adopted the "one household and one clear" approach, and the family homologous to organize the evacuation.

When they gave villagers transfer large household appliances to high-places, they were flooded, while helping villagers packing clothes, packing covering for backup.

There are many older villagers afraid that the property is lost, refuses to evacuate. Huang Huajie patiently persuaded that he also called him a child’s child, please persuade the elderly to move. After more than two hours of work, 26 more than 80 villagers in the villagers in the village were transferred to the resettlement point.

  In the face of the dangerous and life competition, the villagers were transferred to the six-family village, and the police station received alarm for help. Poyang Lake Yuenguo also had a state of improving the situation. The Jenjia Village and Niejia Village of the Hangqiao Neighborhood Committee will soon be flooded and villagers. Must be transferred to a safe place. Huang Huajie has not had a breath and immediately drives to these two villages.

  At 23 o’clock, a man in Niejiacun stopped Huang Huajie’s police car.

It turned out that the man just rushed home from the field. After home, I found that my family had entered the water, my parents in the age of 70, and the wife and two children pregnant and two children were trapped at home. "Happy to get on the bus!" Huang Huajie immediately greeted the man to get on the bus and rushed to the man’s home. The car just arrived at the door, Huang Huajie rushed into the house first.

Subsequently, he took the two old people to the police car with colleagues, and the man saved the pregnant wife. Because the flood is rapid, the water level has risen, Huang Huajie immediately opened the horsepower, driving with a man with a man to transfer.

After arriving at a safe place, then look back, the flood has drowned the door of the man.

  At this time, Huang Huajie and colleagues have no longer rest, and horses to the replacement point without stopping, helping townships and village cadres to properly resettle the masses, appease their mood, and maintain resettlement points.

Until the next morning 3, Huang Huaji dragged the tired body back to the police station.

After fought for a night, Huang Huajie hueson is hungry, and after eating a barrel of instant noodles, it has not been able to sleep in the bed.

  Once again, please save the water for 11 days. At 6, the alarm phone of the Tang Pantang police station once again sounded again. The flood of the Hangqiao Neighborhood Committee and the floods of Niejiacun have been deep. There are some people who are refused to evacuate until the old man who is in the face of the old man . The police is the order, and Huang Huajie, who only took only three hours of Huang Huajie, and once again rushed to the affected point.

The leader is afraid that Huang Huajie does not eat, and he arranges that he is responsible for the response point, others follow the rubber boat to save people.

Huang Huajie took the initiative to ask: "I am the best water, I am going!" Leaders can only give him a deep water jacket, and then he must pay attention to safety.

  Huang Huajie knocked with the rescue of the rubber boat and homed the door and persuaded that the people quickly evacuate evacuated.

Dozens of entered and exit the victims to help the affected people to transfer materials.

When rescue in a family of people, the rubber boat was cut down to leak, and the masses and several rescuers in the transfer were still tight. If the load is not reduced, the people on the ship will have a danger of life.

"Too much people, afraid that the ship can’t carry, I will go.

Huang Huajie said, took the lead in jumping into the flood.

Several other rescuers saw that they also jumped into the flood and left the masses on the rubber boat.

The rubber boat that relieves the weight is temporarily safe, Huang Huajie and other rescuers in the floods of the waist, step on the floods, slowly transfer the masses to the response point.

  Rescue has continued to 12 o’clock, Huang Huajie and colleagues rescued more than 40 people, transferred more than 260 people. After determining that all trapped people are safely transferred, Huang Huajie took off the deep water coat that has been filled with water, and did not change the wet clothes, and dialed his wife’s phone.

The wife who has already pregnant 9 months is about to be bought, Huang Huajie tells his wife: "When the flood is retired, I must go back to accompany you!" The anti-flood line "good voice" why is it moving, the masses are trapped.

Crisis, he is righteous, "I am the best in water, I first!"

  "Do your best to protect the lives and property of the people."

The important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, incentive, countless public security police, brave, and the first line of Yongyi, and practice the "people’s first" lofty idea. Welcome the flood, charge! Huang Huajie and his comrades ran together, running with time racing, tall to danger.

Carry forward the fearless spirit, is the responsibility and mission of the people’s police.

Whether it is a crime, fighting the epidemic, or flooding, where is dangerous, where there is a people’s police.

When the party and the people are most needed, the people’s police written their dedication with a firm belief, the action, and write a dedication and write down, and write a dedication.

  For the people, charge! Huang Huajie embedded deeply with pregnant wife, putting the lives of the affected people in the highest position. He didn’t hesitate to jump into the flood of the pace, put the only rubber boat to the masses … no afraid, forget to die, this is the people’s police a folk blood in burning. The people’s public security is the people, this lofty concept, flowing in the blood of the public security iron army, inheriting.

  Fire inspection and flooding is loyal.

Huang Huajie’s anti-flooding "good voice", why is it moving? Call of Duty, the people’s life is supreme! This is the answer.

Suqian Suyu: Let the flower of civilization in every corner of the city in full bloom

Volunteer service to carry out normalization.

Suyu Propaganda Department of civilization courtesy practice to create "happy Suyu" brand "Today is my mom 100th birthday, a month ago, there are a lot of relatives, neighbors advised me to ‘put a few tables’.

Civilized community volunteers, after that, not only congratulated the door ahead of our family, we also implement human persuasion fresh air, my mother and I decided to discuss, or eat a meal with a family celebration, not extravagance and waste, reduce human contact.

"November 11, Suyu area within a hotel, Du Wenwu simple family dined, to celebrate the hundredth birthday mother, children and grandchildren a blessing to the elderly. This year, Suyu District in strict accordance with" seven a "standard early start the implementation of the 30 people love fresh air," Su 9 "plans to build a demonstration.

Cumulative carry out the "civilized frugal Xie Shien" "move does not treat" and other special activities, more than 50 fields, promote urban and rural households with an average annual reduction favor spending nearly 2,000 yuan, effectively reducing the burden of human masses. Moral model advocated fresh air, fresh air, then golden old and new style square pass fresh air …… Suyu area to feature as an opportunity to organize a variety of activities at an important time node, fully promote the civilized new yet. The effective area "Suqian civilization 20" "human fresh air" sink 9 "" off the fine implement vigorously advocate change our habits, to promote human burdens. In addition, the Suyu also the full implementation of the "civilized integration" management approach, on the basis of all communities to achieve full coverage, based on the "integral civilization" civilized management extended to the family, civilization campus, civilized units. Small programs, books and other forms of civilized behavior quantify the villagers into points, regarding the implementation of a record monthly publicity, quarterly cash prizes, guide the masses to actively participate in civilized practice, volunteer service, to change our habits and other activities.

In the new era of civilization practice site, Suyu high standards of practice and built a district center of a township (street) practice 10, Murai (community) practices station 82, the practice of relying on point civilized businesses, schools, community and other 45, to achieve full coverage positions. Formed a "shallots to help farmers," "do not pear not abandon" the "new small berry" and other 12 rural characteristics volunteer service teams to carry out normal "civilized practice into the community," "Night Talk Plaza" "small courtyard that matter" and a new era of civilization practice, practice provides a new platform for the masses to participate in rural spiritual civilization. Leading the demonstration write a "civilized Suyu" chapter Suyu-depth cultivation practice the socialist core values ??play a role in a new era of civilization Practice Center (and stations), extensive theme of educational practice loved by the masses, and vigorously promote selected tree Suyu and all kinds of good moral model, a model for the times, the most beautiful figures and other advanced models, in order to infect the people around case Zonta for good.

"Suqian where there is any old and valuable trees? How old the oldest? Which strains of trees most legendary?" Talking about these seemingly rare odd questions, "China good" Zhang Xian always with his voice, familiar, 5 more than ten thousand kilometers trip, 4327 trees, he plotted with both feet protection map of ancient and famous trees. Area "seven old Qiu Shi" to give up the easy life, in spite of the pain, to mark the perseverance to overcome unimaginable difficulties and obstacles, after nine years to complete the "Qiu Shi prepared in relation to" a book for future generations to stay next precious memories nostalgia; seven-year-old Xia Jinyi despite the aging of the body, since the expenses are paid, traveled north and south, to help 21 "lost contact" martyrs "home" …… Suyu the process of building a civilized city guide the masses, educate the masses, the masses of the demonstration process, promotion of socialist core values, and actively practice the Suqian civilization 20, 20 Suyu rural civilization, human fresh air "old nine" strong advocate change our habits.

Full activation "cell culture", the typical stories of publicity campaign to create a number of civilized villages and towns, the election of a number of trees around good guy.

Currently, the region to achieve full coverage of municipal civilized villages and towns, civilized village accounting for over 60%, has emerged in China 20 good people, good people 33 Jiangsu provincial moral model 5.

Vigorously implement the "One Village One Product" project around the traditional virtues of honesty create a number of small village, a small village Party "features small village", to avoid the "Thousand Villages side", highlighting the characteristics of civilization. In order to give full play to the leading role of advanced typical demonstration area set up in the region Suyu enterprises, institutions and communities Murai moral lecture, normal to carry out propaganda activities, the use of books, music, pictures and other forms of stories about the typical character, carry forward the spirit of good , guide the masses of people to learn, to do good, to create Zonta for good social atmosphere.

(Su Yu Xuan) (Editor: Zhang Yan, Wu Ji climbing) share to allow more people to see.

Wuhai City implemented joint rewards and punishment for integrity "Red Black List" enterprises and individuals

  A few days ago, Wuhai City released the "Red Black List" in the 2021 Wuhai City Credit System, including 599 "Red List", 230 "Blacklist". These "Red Black List" will then be unified through "Credit China (the Inner Mongolia Wuhai) website, and through the Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform, the departments of the city, all departments, evaluation, administrative supervision , Administrative approval, financial funding arrangements, public resource transactions, etc. Implement joint rewards and punishments. The "Red List" released in this release covers the Wuhai Taxation Bureau 2020 A-class taxpayers, tourism industry integrity enterprises, five-star express delivery enterprises, harmonious labor relations enterprises. "Blacklist" includes Wuhai Intermediate People’s Court to lose a letter, the law of the law, the "blacklist" blacklist, and the serious illegal and wrong letter. Since 2015, Wuhai City has held 6 "Red Black List" press conferences, issued 960 "red list", "blacklist" 2407. Through the release of the "Red Black List", further praise, discipline, and create a social public opinion environment of "honoring glorious, lost trust". In recent years, Wuhai City has continuously constructed a new type of regulatory mechanism for the full life cycle based on credit-based, things, and afterwards.

In the field of prior supervision, education, tourism, transportation, social insurance, and property services, etc., 466 credit commitments, and implementation of the credit commitment system implementation priority approval, and incorporate the commitment to credit records, as a matter An important basis for post-monitoring. In the case of the supervision process, it is established a credit grading classification supervision system in the field of the Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform, the market main body, social organization, safety risks, real estate development, and corporate environments, etc., and collaborates all kinds of grading. Classified more than 300,000 regulation information.

In the post-event supervision process, the city fully utilizes Wuhai Credit Information Sharing Platform Joint awards and punishment, promoting various districts, and various departments in response to and implement rewards and punishment measures within the scope of authority.

  In terms of trustworthiness, the Wuhai City Tax Department jointly promoted the "Silver Tax Interaction" and realized the tax credit and financial credit mutual recognition, and created "tax" to help "loans", "letter" The financing model of "letter", as of now, has successfully licensed 2101 pens, accumulating integrity tax loan billion, effectively alleviating the difficult problem of small and micro enterprises.

The Postal Savings Bank Wuhai Branch promotes the construction of the double base link "Letter, Credit Village, Credit Township", and has been assessing 16 "credit villages", 979 "letter users", accumulating 378 "letter users" to issue low interest rates However, there is no guaranteed credit loan 56.67 million yuan. In terms of faith discipline, each department can query the application integrated credit information through the account in Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform, and the credit information collected by the Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform will be pushed to the government agency platform and bidding platform. Enterprises listed in "Blacklist" or restrict the bidding to register.

Up to now, 328 credit integrated accounts are opened for the urban departments, and each district, and various departments have passed the account to query the application credit information 18016 times.

In addition, the credit information verification is also necessary to conduct credit information verification, "blacklist" enterprises to restrict funds.

(Reporter Hao Yu) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

"Well-Kang Testament – Record Drop Life" collection activities start

4. Life Well – off the desk with a bunch of flowers, enjoy a warm dinner with friends, a trip to the suburbs that walk, a bright night light show, go close to the net red Objective … Record the trivial and ordinary three-two warm small things in life, each inch is a mess, and it is also unique, but it is full of unique meaning. Dropping in a sunny life, a beautiful and beautiful well-off life.

5. Changkang everyone is a member of the trendy tide, talk about your understanding and sentiment of Xiaoyang life, join the "Sunkang" large team, share our well-off lives with us.

"People’s video" launched "Little Way to Treatment – Record Drops of Life", come to contribute you "there is warm" "touched" "Significant" short video, collect your New Year red envelope! Fourth, the participation method downloads the people’s video app and register. Click "Upload Video" in the "Contribution" function, and check the activity TAG # 小 康 约 – Record a drop of life #, that is, participate in the event; log in to the "People’s Photographer" platform http: // Register and upload related works. Fifth, collecting norms 1. Submission should be the original spirit, in line with the requirements of the event, must be original works, plagiarism, plagiarism. If the work involves copyright, portrait rights, and all other legal responsibilities, the participants are at your own risk.

2. The contributing work must not be added to add watermarks; there is no need to bring a third-party platform logo, a copy or obvious advertising promotion trace of the people.

3. Once the work is uploaded, it is authorized to promote the promotion of organizers and secondary adaptation.

4. People’s video has the final interpretation of the event.

Sixth, reward mechanism 1. Register and participate in the people’s video client and participate in # 小 康 约 约 – Record a drop of life # topic, upload short video and video content in line with the subject, the creator can get incentive bonuses. 2. In the event period, the people’s video app # 小 康 约 约 – Record the top ten in the top ten in the top ten, and some users broke through 1000 users, and they can get a lot of gold 1,000 yuan.

Video creators who meet incentive mechanisms must be before December 31, 2021, in the people’s video app, click the personal avatar to enter account management, select "My Bank Card" to improve personal information.

Overdue or information is incomplete will be regarded as abandonment. (Editor: Peng Yiyi, Tour Seafront) Sharing let more people see.

Strengthen urban security risk prevention

Original title: Strengthening urban security risks to prevent this newspaper Beijing September 26 (Reporter Qiu Chaoyue) Recently, the State Council Security Committee, the Emergency Management Department issued a notice, deploying urban security risk prevention work, promoting urban lifeline safety engineering experience practices The ability to effectively improve the major risks and emergencies of urban prevention and control, and improve the level of urban safety governance. Notice to determine Hefei, Shenyang, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Dongying, Luoyang, Yichang, Changde, Foshan, Nanning, Zunyi, Beijing Tongzhou, Shanghai Pudong New Area, Shanghai Huangpu, Shanghai Songjiang and other 18 cities (districts) as Predit of the Construction of National City Safety Risk Comprehensive Monitoring Early Warning System.

Notice, the current urban security new and old risk interleaving, safety risk prevention stress is increased, and some cities have repeatedly collapsed, exploding, floods, typhoon and other heavy accident disasters, and urban security situation is complicated. All regions should combine the establishment of safety development demonstration cities, according to the actual coordination of urban security risk comprehensive monitoring and early warning, actively construct a comprehensive overall leadership, unified monitoring, and linkage response disposal. To focus on urban security management, the risks, actively learn from typical practices, increase the test demonstration work, will strengthen urban security risk prevention work into the regional key work, make full use of scientific and technological means, and speed up the establishment and improvement of urban safety risk comprehensive monitoring Warning work system, enhance urban security risk identification, prevention, and resolution level.

It is reported that the pilot work of the national urban safety risk comprehensive monitoring and early warning work system is completed, and the State Council has completed the end of March 2023. The State Council Security Committee, the Emergency Management Department has formulated the construction guide for urban security risk comprehensive monitoring and early warning platform, promoting various regions. The relevant work provides guidance. The State Council Security Committee has recently held a city security risk monitoring warning work on Anhui Hefei, summarizing exchange promotion experience practices, and deployed a risk monitoring warning.

The meeting requested that all regions should adhere to system thinking, social security red line awareness, improve safety responsibility system, strengthen "science and technology Xing’an", strengthen the construction of safety production, comprehensive management, overall development, and comprehensively enhance urban security development level. "People’s Daily" (12th edition, September 27, 2021) (Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Chao) Sharing Let more people see client download.

[Secretary Lectures Party Course] Liu Kun, Li Kun, Learning Party Class

  Liu Kun, pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on the construction of the central and state organs, to strengthen and improve the party’s construction in the new era of the central and national organs, enhance the awareness of political organs, and take the first parties to indicate the direction of efforts, provide Fundamentally follow. In-depth learning, the general discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping, profoundly understanding the importance of strengthening the party’s political construction, consciously strengthening the consciousness of political organs, briefing the "two maintenance" ideological foundations.

  Liu Kun emphasized that the financial party members should resolutely do the number of people in the hearts of the country, conscientiously fulfilled, and strengthen the consciousness of political organs reflect all aspects of financial work.

It is necessary to resolutely implement the "active financial policy to be more active" requirements, and do a good job in "six stable" work, fully implement the "six guarantees" mission, and fully support the "three major attacks and strive", truly play a stable economy and key The role, in order to complete the decisive battle to win the poverty target mission, comprehensively build a well-off society contribution. Liu Kun demand, to adhere to the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, fully implement the general requirements of the new era of the party, with the "warning education Zhou" activity as an opportunity to effectively put the deployment of political organs In order to promote the construction of the Ministry of Finance and the new level and achieve new achievements. Zou Qi, member of the Party Group, Vice Minister, Party Secretary of the Organ Committee, presided over the meeting, and representing the party group to implement the special party class spirit, combined with the "Warning Education Week" event arrangement, and propose specific requirements for all units.

  The members of the party group, the report of the Ministers of the Ministry of Relationship between the Ministry of Commission, and the Secretary of the Ministry of Commission, the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection and Commissioner, and Discipline Inspection Commission at the main venue.

The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen National Accounting, China Finance and Tax Museum, attended the meeting at the meeting.

(Editor: Zhao Jing, Xie Lei).

Oroqen Autonomous Banner: vigorously carry out cultural relics protection

The Oroqen Autonomous National Museum is now collecting more than 1,100 pieces of national cultural relics and prosperous historical cultural relics have won honors such as "National Top Ten Shouting Boutique" Nomay Awards and "Outstanding Patriotism Educational Base of National Cultural Relics System".

In order to further strengthen national key cultural relics protection, improve cultural relics protection conditions, the Eroan Autonomous Finance Bureau adopts three measures to vigorously carry out cultural relics protection.

Flag Finance Bureau actively collaborates the Museum of Flag to do movable cultural relics prevention protection programs.

Coordinating funds rationally equipped with the necessary hand-held environmental inspection instruments, "no power diffusion sampling instruments" and other analytical technology equipment; at the same time, the appropriate amount is equipped with no acid-free and acid sac and storage cabinet, improve the collection of cultural relics in the collection, so that the use of funds is implemented. . Special items needed for cultural relics, cultural relics, fire and lightning, etc., do a good job in indicators and distribution, special funds, and effectively improve the use of funds. Up to now, the special funds for national cultural relics protection have been paid for 1.88 million yuan, making the cultural relics protection work, providing a solid guarantee for future cultural relics protection. (Qi Shuhong) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong).

Will this year become cold winter? National Climate Center response

China New Jingwei November 4th, China Meteorological Bureau November 2021 Press Conference.

Jia Xiaolong, deputy director of the National Climate Center, is expected to affect my country’s cold air in this year’s winter, the strength is strong, and the temperature in most parts of the Middle East is relatively large. At the press conference, there is a reporter, this year, this year, Ronina is affected, just mentioned the climate prediction, my country is too cold, so everyone is very concerned that it will not develop into cold winter, take this opportunity to ask experts to make experts to popularize cold winter knowledge.

May I ask in the southwestern region, what is the prevention of the rain and snow in the western part of Jiangnan? Jia Xiaolong, deputy director of the National Climate Center: Jia Xiaolong, China Meteorological Bureau, pointed out that this winter affects my country’s cold air is still more frequent, the strength is strong, and the temperature in most parts of the Middle East is relatively large.

Extremely cold and cold winter concept is different. Evergreen is to talk about climate, and the temperature is low, but the cold winter has some strict threshold standards according to standards.

The basic element of the cold winter is the average temperature in the winter, divided into three stations, regions, and national levels in space.

The average temperature of the single station is defined as a single station cold winter. If the number of cold winter stations exceeds 50% of the number of regional terminals, it is defined as a regional cold winter. If the cold area exceeds the national effective area 50%, is defined as a national cold winter.

That is, the standard of cold winter is related to the degree and range of low temperature.

Jia Xiaolong introduced that cold winter is more than the comprehensive assessment and judgment of winter climate conditions or temperature conditions. We expect temperatures to be low, but can achieve cold winter standards or according to standards.

Jia Xiaolong pointed out that the low-temperature rain and snow in the south in 2008 have a relationship with very complex climate factors. On the one hand, the cold air is more frequent, and on the other hand, the water vapor transport conditions are very good, so there is a long time in 2008. Rain and snow freezing weather. From this year’s forecast, the water vapor conditions in the south of my country are less than 2008, and there is a wide range of sustained low-temperature rain and snow, but in the eastern part of the southwest and the possible stage of low-temperature rain and snow, frozen weather. Procedure, pay attention to the influence of staged low-temperature rain and snow freezing weather processes on grid and transportation, and to prepare for possible phased concentrated electricity demand. Source: China’s new latitude.

"I do practical things for the masses" III: I’m using the heart and use your feelings to protect the "one old one"

Children in Menzheng Kindergarten in Yuzhong District are taken by wood.

Yunzhong District Education Commission is awarded in March this year, covering more than 2,000 square meters of Chongqing Yuzhong District Mengzheng Kindergarten, which has become the first public kindergarten in the new construction of the Yunzhong District Education Committee.

"Due to historical reasons, the public garden in Yuzhong District is distributed in East Door.

"The relevant person in charge of the Chinatal Education Commission said that in order to solve the problem of lack of high-quality public welfare degree, the uneven distribution is uneven, the localization of the garden is laid out, and the governance of the community is focused, so that the children can enjoy high quality schools at home. Education. For example, Yuzhong District Education System has clearly determined 105 sets of custom children, counting 661 classes, through new construction, repurchase, relocation, reconstruction, expansion, etc., add 4 public parks in the western part, 10 Huimin Office, enrich 3,100 Puxian degrees to achieve optimization park layout.

"My daughter read the Yinzhong District Sunshine Chuncai Kidney Inner Park is the Puhui People’s Office, and now a monthly tuition fee of 900 yuan.

"A child parents told reporters that when the school started to turn into a Prattovic kindergarten, parents were worried about issues such as expenses and teacher resources, and the facts proved to be more

"In July this year, Yang Wenzhuang, Director of the Popular Division of the National Health and Health Committee, introduced that there is about 42 million infants and young children in the age of 0 to 3 years old.

According to the survey, 1/3 of the infant family has a strong housing service demand, and the actual supply is only about%. In the state encouragement of birth, let young husband and wife parenting do not have worries and goals and goals.

In the same month, Shenzhen introduced the first local guidance opinion on the construction of children’s friendly cities. It will strengthen the construction of children’s activities, expand children’s service positions and activity platforms; strengthen the mental health education guidance and diagnosis of children’s mental health education, meet children’s growing growth Psychological service needs, etc. Qingdao, Shandong Province, in the initial construction of 0 ~ 1 year old family guidance, providing "main" family homology, a family housing mixing service of "Advance Education", and 2 ~ 3-year-old Provide diversified optional homological service mode.

In addition, it is also mentioned that the city’s 3-year-old baby care and housing institution land, rent, water, gas, heat, talent training, tax reduction, information security, etc. enjoy preferential policies. Chengdu, Sichuan, clearly: Encouragement kindergarten to start Tutans in accordance with the housing service standard, recruit 2 ~ 3 years old; support the industrial park, organizational enterprise unit joint professional organization provides housing services for employees in the workplace. "Multi-Partying", "Happy Dreams", "Happy Dreams", "Everyone has a small, everyone will be old," Relevant experts said that urban and rural pension institutions are unbalanced, and the participation of all parties in society is not high enough. The concept of lagging after the concept is a short board that is currently "an old" service.