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Photo: Hands AESPA debuts the first anniversary of the shining member to send a letter to the letter http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 20211117 /: /// n / 202117 /: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 636 / W1278H958 / 20211117 //: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 636 / W1278H958 / 636 / W1278H958 / 2021117 / / November 17, 2011 08:24 Sina Entertainment News 17th, AESPA debut first anniversary Member photo, and send his hand to write a letter. On November 17, 2020, AESPA issued several single "Blackmamba" officially shot.

3560398 Photos: Hands AESPA debut of the first anniversary of the shining, the mobile phone http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 330 / W1600H1130 / 20211117 /: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 330 / W1600H1130 / 2021111 //: d 娱乐 330 / W1600H1130 / 20211117 / / November 17, 08:24 Sina Entertainment News 17th, AESPA debut first anniversary sharing four A member photo and sent his hand to write a letter. On November 17, 2020, AESPA issued several single "Blackmamba" officially shot.

3560399 Photos: Hands AESPA debut of the first anniversary of the shoe-in-shift http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 460 / W720H540 / 20211117 /: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 460 / W720H540 / 2021111 //: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 460 / W720H540 / 2021117 / / November 17, 2011 08:24 Sina Entertainment News 17th, AESPA debut first anniversary sharing four A member photo and sent his hand to write a letter.

On November 17, 2020, AESPA issued several single "Blackmamba" officially shot. 3560400 Pictogram: Hands Aespa debuts the first anniversary of the photo member to send a letter to the letter http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 549 / W540H809 / 20211117 /: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 549 / W540H809 / 2021111 //: / 5DFBDE5E / 549 / W540H809 / 2021111, November 17, 08:24 Sina Entertainment News 17th, AESPA debut first anniversary sharing four A member photo and sent his hand to write a letter.

On November 17, 2020, AESPA issued several single "Blackmamba" officially shot.

3560401 Photo: Hands Aespa debuting the first anniversary of the photo member to send handwritten letter http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 500 / W520H780 / 20211117 /: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 500 / W520H780 / 2021111 //: /// n / Ent / 4_ori / upload / 5dfbde5e / 500 / W520H780 / 2021117 / / November 17, 08:24 Sina Entertainment News 17th, AESPA debut first anniversary sharing four A member photo and sent his hand to write a letter.

On November 17, 2020, AESPA issued several single "Blackmamba" officially shot. 3560402 Photo: Hands AESPA debut of the first anniversary of the photo member to send a letter from the letter http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 448 / W1024H1024 / 20211117 /: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / 5DFBDE5E / 448 / W1024H1024 / 2021117 //: /// n / Ent / 4_ori / upload / 5dfbde5e / 448 / W1024H1024 / 2021117 / / November 17, 08:24 Sina Entertainment News 17th, AESPA debut first anniversary sharing four A member photo and sent his hand to write a letter.

On November 17, 2020, AESPA issued several single "Blackmamba" officially shot. 3560403.

Young people from all walks of life from all walks of life in the 19th National Session

  China Youth Network Beijing November 18 (Reporter Zhang Jianwei correspondent Huang Zhang Yue) November 8th to 11th, the sixth plenary meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing.

Jiangxi Communist Youth League organizes yourself in the province to learn the publication of the press conference, organize the press conference, convene a special study and discussion, and write a learning experience.

The majority of youths have said that they should study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, in response to the party’s call, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation to dedicate youth strength. Huang Guo Peng, Ministry of Publicity Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education: A country, a political party, leadership core is critical.

The Party Central Committee has a core, the whole party has a core, and the party has power. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has led the people of the whole party to carry forward the great historical subjective spirit. A well-off society, became the attribution of the people, and the core of the party, the people leader, the army commander. The Chief Party of the 19th CPC Plenary Session emphasized the "two establishment", reflecting the common wishes of all nationalities in the whole party, including hundreds of millions of teenagers, developing the party and national career in the new era, and promoting the great revival of the Chinese nation The historical process has decisive significance.

As a group cadre, we have to remember the "two establishment", transformed into the ideological consciousness, political consciousness, and consciousness of "two maintenance", and constantly enhance the "four consciousness", and firm "four confidence". Do "two maintenance". To be more profoundly recognized, there is a leader of the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Any tough danger block can’t stop the pace. Any risk challenge can’t stop the great revival history process. I will fully use the specific requirements of party education to implement the "resolution", and use your heart to do your new era youth.

  Chen Cheng, secretary of the Qingshan Lake District Party Committee of Nanchang City: The long river is unstoppable.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the party, the Party Central Committee held the 19th China Plenary Session. The main task is to focus on the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle. It is again unified all party thinking, firm confidence, unity Mobilization will continue to work to the second hundred years of goals.

I think this conference is two issues and deployment of General Secretary for the Party Central Committee. The two issues made by General Secretary in the ‘July 1’ celebration: See why we can succeed in the past, and how we can succeed in the future.

As a common group of cadres, I should put in-depth study of the 19th China Plenary Session of the 19th Plenary Session of the 19th Plenary Session as the first time of the next time. First, we must take the lead in himself, and understand the spirit of the meeting, and widely promote mobilization, use a variety of publicity positions and Platform, create a strong learning atmosphere, the first time to convey the spirit of the party, the party’s instructions are in place, and further condense the young will to the construction of socialist modernization, and realize the great cause of the second hundred years of struggle.

  Nanchang Tengwang Pavilion Tourism Industrial Center, Chang Wu Tingting: The 100th Years of Party History is magnificent, the past 100 years, the party has saved a superior answer to the people, and now, in the heart of General Secretary Xi Jinping Under the leadership of the party, we set foot on the new history of the second hundred years of goals. As a head of the National Youth Civilization – Tengwang Pavilion, I know that the Communist Youth League is the party’s assistant and the reserve army. According to the understanding of the understanding of the understanding of the youth members to learn the spirit of the Plenary Session, with the spirit of the Plenary. Guiding work, but also with ‘I have implemented practical things for the masses, based on job position, actively contribute youth in the tourism development, epidemic prevention and control, volunteer service and other work. Aviation Industry Hongdu Company Youth employee pays the summers: After learning the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, it has firmly determined my ideal beliefs, and firmly firmly of my truth.

It is all the struggles that the Communist Party of China will lead the Chinese people. Every sacrifice, everything is created, and we have our current stable life. As the employees of the aviation weapon equipment, I want to keep in mind the initial mission, bury the head, and constantly adapt to the current new changes, don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, and play a pioneering role of party members.

  Ye Jianneng, Fire Rescue Station, Fang Zhimin Avenue, Fuyang County: The Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is a great mission that our party has a major historical conference in an important historical junction, and shoulders the great mission of the opening. After the brigade organized us to talk about communication, I deeply believe that the victory of the 19th Sixth Plenary Session will also have a very important practical significance for promoting fire rescue work.

As a fireman who joined the team for many years and the leading transformation, I deeply felt that we should shoulder the mission of the front of the team, the reform of the reform, and the historical change in the team, especially the system. New major achievements.

In the future work, I will take the red fertile soil in Fang Zhimin’s home, take responsibility, solid work, and work hard to make new work for the party and the people, and contribute to the resident economy and society.

  Huang Wei, Yan Yansheng, Youth Volunteers: The Chief Party of the 19th Central Committee reviewed the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year glory process, let me understand that a generation of young people have a generation of youth, in the historical inheritance of the national and nations, youth is the times The inheritor, pick up the person.

As a young volunteer, there should be a young manager. In this new crown epidemic sniper battle in Lead Mountain County, I was in the first time. There are many people asking me, so dangerous outside, why not rest at home, but I think we have a lot of luck in the red flag, grow in the spring breeze, and my hometown is just when we need us. Only by rushing in front can we dedicate a power to fight the epidemic work.

Among the long years of life, I will continue to hone will, play their own advantages, and work together in the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle, and write hands in the construction of socialist modern power Jiangxi contribute youth. Peng Xiaoliang, Youth Teacher, Jiangxi University of Technology: History is witnessing, the people are looking forward to.

The Chief Party of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is fully summarized by the party’s 100-year struggle and historical experience.

Unremissing, the road is unchanged, from today to tomorrow. There have been star sparks at this room, and they all have a good fortune.

The Chinese Communist Party was born from the crisis of the mountain river. In the war of the wind and rain, the Chinese Communist War is quenched, in the passionate socialist construction, in the wave of reform and opening up, the party group leads the people to "open the mountain open, the water frame bridge" "The squatting the revival macro drawn on the road forward. As a young teacher, I was sneaked as the party’s education, and I wrote human Chinese chapter in the journey of China’s dream. Yin Ziyi, Yin Ziyi, Youth Science and Technology College, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology: Centennial Intersection, Spreading. In the past few hundred years, the party has an excellent answer to the people to the people.

Now, the party group leads the Chinese people to embark on the new rush to achieve the second hundred years of struggle. In Beijing, the Ninth Sixth Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party of China took us to see why we can succeed in the past, and how can we continue to succeed in the future. And clearly pointed out the historical mission of the youth generation, and the youth is highly hoped.

Youth, the country, the times, the iron triangle with the shadow, and the waves of each other boost. The conference sent to youth and eagerly expect, asked the majority of young people to make the tide of the times, and relaxed struggles to achieve a Chinese dream.

I will do my best to learn my best, engage in the construction of the motherland, and don’t bear the party’s expectations. Nanchang University of Engineering, Ye Lintao: After studying the 19th China Plenary Session, I am deeply called. As a member of the young people, I have to don’t forget the glory of the suffering yesterday, and the mission of today is worthy of today, the great dream of tomorrow, in the new Create a new glory on the road. In the new era, the young people in the new era: In the past 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party has faithfully implemented the initial mission, unity leads the people of all nationalities in China to write a grand epic.

As a grassroots masses, I will closely unite around the party’s central party in the heart of the core, and fully implement the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session. Under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, seize the opportunity, to deal with challenges. Help the revitalization of rural industries, make good technological innovation cards, increase product research and development, constantly improve product quality, build local brands, and contribute more for rural industries.

"Ying Yeong Years of Love, Ao Xue – 2021 Beijing Literature and Federation System Excellent Program Exhibition"

People’s Network Beijing December 5 (Dong Zhai) "River Mountain is magnificent, the scenery is pictures, every seed is rooted. The Yangtze River Yellow River, Himalaya, all ethnic children sing China." December 4th, in the evening, in the heroic heroic In the song sound of the "New Times", the art and light shadow of the Beijing Literary Art Branch, the art and light shadow of the Beijing Linglian Group, the "Art Years of the Youth Hairy" of the Ying Yun – 2021 Beijing Literature Union System Excellent The show appeared in the Tianqiao Art Center.

According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Linglian, the performance aims to improve the Beijing Downtown (Bureau), the production (line) industry, the level of creation, and build a broader promotion, exchange platform, discovery for the outstanding newcomers of the group member unit. Cultivate the cultural talents of the capital, build the literary and artworks of sustainable development, calling, inspiring the vast number of literary and art workers to serve the people, create a popular population, and deeply enumeratively works.

The whole performance is a time line in the past 100 years since its establishment, in the image expression of songs, dance, drama, acrobatics, cross talk, recital, etc., depicting the future, looking at the future.

It is understood that the enthusiasm of the industry (bureau production) and production (line), a total of 25 programs, a considerable part of the work created by the 100th Anniversary and Beijing Winter Olympics in the Foundation of the Communist Party of China, Experts and director groups, "a piece of red cloth", "Li Kun", "Li Kun", "Feng Jing", "Li Kun", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing Dream", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing Dream", "Feng Jing Dream", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing", "Feng Jing Dream", "Snow Dream", will eventually present on the stage.

At the same time, it also invited the "New Era", "Youth Song", "Youth", "Youth", "Youth", "Youth", "Youth" Happy Planet – Technological "" Rehearsal "" We have seen "7" Revival Forces "and other seven outstanding programs to participate in the performance. 1 and a half hours, 14 programs, more than 200 actors of 16 units dedicated, plus dreams like dreams, imaginary stage effect, ignite the enthusiasm of the audience.

(Editor: Dong Zhaorui, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Tsinghua University President Wang Dianjun: Sports education, let high-level competitive talents have emerged

People’s Network Beijing November 25th (Reporter Sun Jing) "Dermatology is less than one.

Sports have always been an indispensable ring in the education system, and vigorously develop school sports.

"Recently, Wang Dianjun, president of Tsinghua University Affiliated Middle School, said in an interview with reporters that the integration of physical education is a general trend, and it can fully improve students’ literacy, and can also make high-level sports competitive talents.

Sports have been developed, and the spirit of essence is improved. "We have never been universities from primary schools. There is no interruption, that is, sports.

Most people think that sports can exercise, but in fact, the value of sports is much better than this.

"Wang Dianjun said that the sports competition has no winning, and it is necessary to cultivate or enhance the quality and spiritual power of the rules, and even the quality and mental power.

"There is a view that the development of sports will affect learning. In fact, the two are complementary relationships. Sports, people’s spiritual appearance is new, have a spiritual god, will learn efficiency?" Adhering to this concept, Tsinghua Attachment focuses on "two things" in sports: First, carry out sports activities for all students to ensure that sports will not be discounted during their children; the second is to cultivate the reserve talents of competitive sports.

"The school has a 35-year history of Ma John sports specialties, and chooses a group of children with special sports talents, using professional coaching resources and training facilities to ensure their potential to make the backup talents of excellent athletes." The temple said.

Pay attention to cultural education, is a successful study on the physical education of sports students, the successful typical success of Tsinghua University, "Surgery integration", now has delivered 645 outstanding student athletes.

"The characteristics of sports specialties are specially emphasized the knowledge of children’s cultural lessons.

"Wang Dianjun believes that traditional body school cultural courses are relatively weakened, but competitive sports is a game, not alone, you can win, you have to fight, and you have to fight.

"In Tsinghuaia, the most tight thing is to ensure the cultural cultivation of children. We train two or three hours a day, and the remaining time is the same as ordinary students.

To high school, the training pressure is slightly larger, we will be done separately, adjust the rhythm, systematically arrange, and ensure that their cultural courses and training are incorrect. "In addition to let students become more wisdom, more cultivated There is no big idea.

In addition, unexpected injury is also common in motion.

Furthermore, even in the competitive sports system, it has got a champion, and there is always a retirement, and the day of progress.

If the previous education does not have any reserves, it will be very unfavorable to the future development of students.

So we pay attention to cultural education, in fact, the life of their future life. "Wang Dianjun said. Athletic talent training must respect the law, respect the science" We explore another road to cultivate competitive sports talents in the country, that is, relying on routine education, doing physical education integration.

"Talking about the experience of competitive talent training management, Wang Dianjun believes that the science and law are very important." Not blindly increased training, children will achieve achievements faster. Ma John’s sports special class has excellent results, not accidental, it is the inevitable result of respected law, respect for science, and the inevitable results of the systemic cultivation.

"Wang Dianjun shared the" three levels "concept of school sports. The first is to exercise the physical quality of students, by doing radio gynding, sports class, ensuring that the body’s exercise reaches a certain extent, so that the whole body can get exercise and improve .

The second is to let the child find interest projects during reading, through the community and special activities, let them practice, becoming a sports hobby accompanying life. The third is to discover the talents of the child and cultivate him as a future outstanding athlete.

"If our education is different, there is a feature, let each of the sports talents can find suitable education, then our country’s competitive sports reserve talents can end out.

"Wang Dianjun said that in the future, Qinghua should further excavate and summarize the experience and practices of competitive sports, talent training, and body education, forming the law, hoping to promote more places, so that more children benefit.

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"14th Five-Year Plan" National Intellectual Property Protection and Application Planning

Original title: "14th Five-Year" National Intellectual Property Protection and Application Planning Xinhua News Agency Beijing, Beijing, on October 28th, the State Council, "The 14th Five-Year" National Intellectual Property Protection and Application Plan "(hereinafter referred to as" Plan ").

"Plan" clarifies the guiding ideology, basic principles, main goals, key tasks and implementation of intellectual property work during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and has a comprehensive deployment of intellectual property work in the next five years.

"Plan" adheres to the guidance of China’s characteristic socialist thinking with Xi Jinping’s new era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress and 19th Central, Sanzhong, Fourth, Five Plenary Sessions, and overall the "five-in one" overall layout, Coordinating the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, adhere to the steady and advancement of work, based on the new development stage, complete, accurate, comprehensively implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and insist on promoting high quality development as the theme to comprehensively Strengthening intellectual property protection as the main line, to build intellectual property powers, with reform and innovation is fundamental, deepen intellectual property protection work institutional mechanism reform, comprehensively improve intellectual property creation, use, protection, management, and service level, and in depth promote intellectual property rights International cooperation, promote the construction of a modern economic system, stimulate the innovation of the whole society, and strongly support the high quality development of economic and social.

"Plan" points out, adhere to quality priority, strengthen protection, open cooperation, system coordination Development, effectively support the innovation and driving development and high standard market system construction, which strongly promotes high quality development of economic and social.

"Planning" proposes intellectual property protection to the new level, the application of intellectual property rights is achieved, the intellectual property service has achieved a new level, and the new breakthrough of intellectual property rights, and the establishment of "Higher Triple Value Improduction Patent Patent "8 major intended indicators. "Planning" deploys a key task around 5 aspects, one is to comprehensively strengthen intellectual property protection to stimulate the innovation of the whole society, improve the legal policy system of intellectual property rights, strengthen intellectual property justice, administrative protection, synergistic protection and source protection. The second is to improve the development of intellectual property transfer and transformation and development, improve the transformation of intellectual property transfer and transformation of intellectual property transfer. The third is to build the information of the people’s intellectual property service system to promote innovation achievements better benefits people, improve the public service capabilities of intellectual property rights, and promote the healthy development of intellectual property services. The fourth is to promote the development of intellectual property international cooperation services, actively participate in global governance of intellectual property rights, enhance the level of intellectual property, and strengthen international cooperation between intellectual property protection. The fifth is to promote the development foundation of intellectual property talents and cultural construction. Around the five major tasks, "Plan" also established 15 special projects such as trade secret protection.

"Planning" from strengthening organizational leadership, encouraging exploration innovation, increasing investment, paying close attention to work, etc., ensuring that the target task is implemented.

"People’s Daily" (No. 01 of October 29, 202) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wang Qingshu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shanxi opened the negotiation drug "Double Channel" Hospital pharmacy to buy can be reimbursed

  Original title: Our province opened the negotiation drug "Double Channel" Hospital pharmacy to buy and reimburse it, China Pharmaceutical Society has completed the "Progress of China’s Medical Insurance Drug Administration Reform, the Blue Book" (referred to as Blue Book), through 804 sample hospitals in China The data analysis of multiple dimensions in the clinical administration situation has revealed the changes in clinical medication in hospitals after medical insurance drug reform policies.

  National negotiation drugs are included in medical insurance and is a crucial part of the blue book. Through negotiations, the state has included some innovative drugs into medical insurance reimbursement, escorting more patient health. How is the effect of national drug negotiations in Shanxi? In order to facilitate the use of people, what ways have been taken in our province? On November 16th, on the 17th, the Shanxi Evening News reporter conducted a visit. The chips slowly disappeared with the smile on her face. On November 16, Liu Linlin once again came to the "Opening of Drugs" in a Tangjia Hospital, Taiyuan. The drug she wants to buy is a biological agent, with more than 2,000 yuan, injected into the arm or belly, two, according to the treatment of psoriasis.

Biological agents into the health insurance this year, Linlin Each at their own expense a few hundred dollars, you can effectively control the disease, looking at the body of the lesions gradually disappear, Linlin smile more. Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease, has a "die of cancer," she said, difficult to cure.

More than a decade, the incidence, remission, relapse, remission again, repeatedly haunts Linlin, she eventually finding no way to include Provincial People’s Hospital, Taiyuan Central Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine to cure a number of top three hospitals she has been eager to have a "cure" who can control large tracts of skin lesions. In 2020, doctors recommended her to a biological agent. At that time no biological agents into the health insurance, a drug at least two thousand yuan. The face of the high cost of treatment, she had to choose conservative treatment.

2020 December 28, the National Medical Insurance Bureau announced the outcome of the negotiations, the doctor recommended biological agents were successfully listed in 2020 edition national health insurance drug list by Medicare to negotiate, not only the price drop by more than half, 60 percent of health insurance can be reimbursed.

"Biologics are included in health insurance, I felt my life what have to look forward.

"Linlin happy to say that after the use of biological agents according to their own treatment, their faces and bodies gradually less dander, people are more confident.

  Blue Book shows that in recent years, a large number of domestic and imported original research drugs through the national drug after negotiations into the health insurance, reduce the burden on patients, medication availability improved. 2019 to negotiate the use of new drugs, for example, the first quarter of 2021 was 17 times the amount of drugs the first quarter of 2019, while the amount of drugs the same period in contrast to only incremental times.

  After he recovered hepatitis C will come into the marriage a few more days, Li Taiyuan small group of children held (a pseudonym) to be married. Marriage, Li held a special trip to the hospital for examination of hepatitis C virus antibodies and nucleic acids.

After getting the report of a single negative again, his long sigh of relief. "The doctor said I’m all good, you can normally get married and have children.

"Li Ming-chu says. In 2020, Li was diagnosed move" when hepatitis C, "feeling day to be collapsed. Hepatitis C is a contagious disease, very easily lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer, and even then the drugs has not been included in health insurance, medical treatment at least It takes more than ten million. "At that time, my girlfriend and I have reached the point where gonna get married, but taking into account their own situation, I reluctantly broke it off.

"Li Ming-chu says, did not think his girlfriend who are still adhere to accompany their treatment.

Shortly after, hepatitis C drugs through national negotiations into the health insurance, the cost of treatment greatly reduced, after more than six months scientific medicine, Li held healed.

  The past 10 years, reported cases of hepatitis C virus infection increased year by year. Emergence of direct antiviral drugs, so that hepatitis C can be cured become viral hepatitis.

To allow direct antiviral drugs to benefit more patients with hepatitis C, through the National Medical Insurance Drug negotiations "in order to change the amount of price", will have to negotiate the drug into the national health insurance drug list, in the past few million patients need to pay at least the cost of treatment, and now thousands yuan will be able to cover. Insiders said that with the increasingly sophisticated and reduce drug prices, drug selection of liver disease more reasonable, improved diagnosis and treatment of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer incidence further reduce, enhance the quality of life of patients, while health insurance directory, but also improve the effectiveness of the use of insurance funds. Mass medicines reimbursed implementation of "dual-channel" To ensure that patients "can buy drugs, money can be reimbursed," the province on the part of countries to negotiate drug to implement the "dual-channel" reimbursement policies, in addition to psoriasis, hepatitis C, as well as for malignant pulmonary hypertension and tumors, acromegaly, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and the like a large number of orphan drugs are also included in the "two-channel" management, a total of 95 kinds. "Dual Channel" means that the patient can either buy health insurance designated hospitals to negotiate drug has been included in health insurance, and can also be purchased at the drugstore to negotiate drug and reimbursement policies consistent.

  November 16, Linlin need of hospital drugs sold out, after a good start in the hospital medicine, she went into the hospital pharmacy opposite the purchase of medicines.

"Whether in the hospital or in pharmacies are reimbursed 60%, and health insurance can be billed directly, very convenient." Linlin said. As early as March 2017, the province will be the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia, malignant gastrointestinal stromal tumors, six kinds of breast cancer drugs targeting these three diseases included in health insurance, other than inpatient, outpatient slow special disease, health insurance pooling funds separate reimbursement policy, patients in hospitals and pharmacies can be reimbursed, and a national early implementation of "dual-channel" mode provinces. 2018 to 2021, according to the results of the national negotiations, the province increased four times to adjust the "dual-channel" Drug List, and gradually optimize the management approach, the formation of more mature "dual-channel" operation mechanism. Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, as of the end of August this year, the province has determined that special drugs designated 214 hospitals, 310 pharmacies, to achieve the province’s 117 counties (cities, districts) in each county (autonomous regions and municipalities) have at least one the special medicine outpatient medical institutions and a drugstore.

September 6, the provincial Medical Insurance Bureau in the official website issued a unified province special outpatient drug "dual-channel" designated medical institutions and pharmacies information to facilitate the people for medical treatment, purchase of medicines, accept social supervision.

  At the same time, the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, Wei Jian Commission jointly issued a circular calling for hospitals according to the function positioning, clinical diagnosis and treatment capacity and demand with timely, rational use of the country to talk about drugs.

Clinical needs of the hospital to hospital all at once into the directory medication, medication to meet the needs of patients. (Reporter Wu Jia).

Zhangwan District, Hubei Province: Strictly defending "three people" to do a good job in integrity

Recently, Zhangwan District, Hubei Province, Zhangwan District, and the county rural three-level exchange elections were promoted in order, Zhangwan District Discipline Inspection and Monitoring Organs adhere to the "three people" to do a good job of integrity and cadres and cadres and ensure the selection of candidates. Clean and clear.

All review.

At the level, whether it is a party member cadres, or general party members, whether the parties and townships, or townships and communities, the party members of the community, all need to be reviewed, and they need to review them one by one.

In the review content, not only the case, the trial department reviewed and handled the statute, but also the letter of letters and visits did not affect the use of the letter and visit department, and the party-style political style is subject to "four winds" issues and therefore The situation is treated, and for the party members and cadres received by the treatment, the corresponding discipline inspection teams and township discipline committees are reviewed and corrected.

Once clear comments. For the proposed election of the party’s work style and clean government review, appointment of candidates, according to their ideological politics, work performance, and behave in accordance with their ideological politics, work performance, and behave in accordance with their ideological politics, work performance, and behave according to their ideological politics, work performance, and behave in accordance with the daily supervision. The situation has been proposed to make an audit opinion; the review opinion is not clear, the conclusion is unclear, and the case management department urges re-discharge; for the clue of the inconsistency that has not been verified, the department involved in the face-to-face discussion For details of use.

Through the above measures, the procedural idleness, go through the field, and put an end to return to work, and ensure the response opinion, and there is a reference value.

I will sign my back. For the proposed election, the candidate, the committee, the petition, the trial, the party style and the corresponding discipline inspection team and the township discipline committee are signed in the audit materials. For the case of the case, the above sector is jointly negotiated after the concrete Cognitive comments as an attachment.

For the departmental cadres or proposed cadres, it is necessary to sign a seal on the signing of the person in charge of the department, and one unit handles must be tried by the main person in charge of the committee.

Through strict endorsement and archivement, the protection of audit responsibilities is effective and implemented, and then ensure the accurate authority of the review object is clean and integrity. "Next, we will close the regular election of the whole region, the selection of people and other major personnel adjustment work, compress the resignation of the party-style and clean government opinions, for successful completion of the succession and the choice of strong leading cadres and cultivate benign political ecology The anchor is clear and honest, helps the clearing and honesty bay construction, and the main person in charge of the Supervision Committee of Zhangwan District Commission for Discipline Inspection. (High Hongqiang) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

People’s fast comment: Who should participate in desert adventure? 16-year-old students?

According to reports, recently, a 16-year-old high school student participated in the desert adventure activities organized by the China Adventure Association, unfortunately killed. The official Weibo of China Explorer has confirmed this matter, promised to "undertake the corresponding responsibility, strive to be as early as possible, properly handle the post-good matte".

Only 16 years old, life painting roll is slowly fake, and the flower sample is like this, bringing the endless mourning, bringing the whole society, can’t stop. Is this desert adventure legal compliance? Let the minors participate in this desert adventure project with certain hazardous nature, who gives organizational courage? According to reports, when the incident, the students involved in the past fell to the ground. In this process, the team leader still did not pay enough attention until they lived. At the same time, it is reported that this adventure activity is accompanied by no team. If the report is true, the organizer has a non-shirle responsibility. The problem is that people can’t help, what is the responsibility of the organization? The Ministry of Education has issued many times to notify the ban on commercial publicity activities to enter campus and require education administrative departments and schools. According to reports, in June this year, the China Adventure Association preached a desert hike in schools involved in students. Regardless of whether the desert adventure is legal, the school allows commercial publicity activities to enter campus and is undoubtedly worth discussing.

Adventures have no original sin, but in the development of expedition must be exhaustive to ensure safety, but do not allow students to assume risks and dangers.

According to relevant promotional materials, the event time is April 3, 2021, and the cost is 22,500 yuan. The cost is not Philippine, but there is no basic security, there is no sound response program, which is the disappointment of the parents of the students, and it is also an irresponsible for life. Of course, what is the specific truth looks like, the police have been involved in the investigation, and they will finally fall. The death of life is regrettable, and it is also sigh. While waiting for the truth, I hope that the relevant organizers really fear life, don’t contempt for the benefits, I also hope that the relevant departments will take responsibility, increase supervision, and do not let similar tragedy replay. (Editor: Wei Simin, Songyuan) Sharing let more people see.

Which car V PRO new car is promoted to the 12th store in the Sichuan-China

Hualong Net – New Chongqing Client December 13th 22-Test (Xuchuan) Yesterday (12) Day, 1st Motor Sichuan-Chongwei Battle District At the same time, the Chinese Women’s Shooting Olympic Championship – Zhang Mountain will attend the site as the ownerAnd witnessed the "real smart good car".

At this time, there are 25 stores in the Sichuan-China, there are 6 shops in Chengdu, 4 stores in Chongqing, 15 in Sichuan.

As a truck service in traveling ecosystem, which is the power-saving service has completed 1 吒 吒 电 布 in 150 cities across the country, with 1637 free charging stations, 19,663 DC electric charge piles, covering more than 95% usersUsing the area, truly realize the 100th city thousands of piles.It is worth mentioning that the power-saving service ushered in the national team to enter the country, and the Internet has realized interconnection, which is based on the stars charging and the charity charging, which is addressed in public charging network layout.Another progress will provide the owner to provide more, more convenient charging services.

The Sichuan-Chongwu District Power Distribution Service, 66 Sichuan Province, 35 in Chongqing Area. Take "wisdom" to win to the new and "rising" "70,000-level intelligent technology cabin" which 吒 VPRO is somewhat listed, new cars include long-lived jobs, long-lived wisdom to enjoy the two models, the official price of the subsidy is 10,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan.

Based on the young consumers, there is a personality, dare-to-offer fashion demand, which is VPRO to provide users with the purchase of twelve colorful skin, the official unified price of 2499 yuan.

As a real intelligent pure electric SUV in 100,000 yuan, the VPRO has achieved a new upgrade around intelligence, security, power, and service, bringing a more comprehensive wisdom to travel to users, and become a car for practicing. The Vividness of the Idea of ??Science and Technology Ping.

Limited to intelligence – enjoy the science and technology equivalent to improve the driving experience intelligent upgrade which 吒 VPRO This rejuvenated biggest highlight, new car is equipped with a comprehensive upgrade of the L2 intelligent auxiliary driving system, equipped with high performance chips and up to 14 high-precision cores Sensing equipment, performance far super-class products, can perceive the vehicle surrounding environment and road conditions in real time, and fully guarantee the safety of users.

Among them, the full-speed ACC adaptive cruise system can achieve a full-speed domain of 0-120km / h through the combination of the camera and millimeters, high-precision with the car, covering the congestion, the intersection, upside down, etc. Complex working conditions to meet most of the scenes of user city travel. One-click remote parking capability that VPRO is equipped, automatically identifies and parking into the parking space, fully solving parking lots of newbie drivers parking, irregular parking spaces. The new car is also equipped with a new upgrade inch intelligent central control big screen, and the only 360 information security protection of the same level, fully ensures smooth operation, protect the owner privacy, bring users a more relaxing car experience.

It is worth mentioning that the new 360 information security protection is the first step in the car to create an intelligent security system.

In the future, the car will continue to evolve in information security, providing all-round, system-level security for smart vehicles. Lifting intelligent security leveling to securely escorting the constant temperature battery management system that is high-temperature, high-temperature, heat management function, which is high temperature, heat management function, and extend the battery life in the best working state, extend the battery life. At the same time, improve the life mileage, especially for winter continuous management. The new car will also carry the ESC body stabilization system to prevent the vehicle from turning to insufficient or turning the excessive phenomenon in the rapid turn, dodge or avoidance, enhance the safety and handling of the vehicle, escorting the user’s driving safety. Lifting to performance – Enjoy driving performance Pullness and powering as a year of consciousness, which is the perfect combination of VPRO to achieve extreme performance and efficient kinetic energy.

Which VPRO uses a 70 kW high-power motor, the maximum torque 150N · m, NEDC endless mileage 401km.

The new car is only 0-50km / h accelerates only, whether it is starting speed, or a middleway, it can bring a fast-responding driving experience. The new car can also easily deal with a variety of road conditions such as urban commutation, high-speed roads. While bringing better multi-channel passage to ensure the economics of daily urban commuter vehicles, let drivers can enjoy driving more enjoyable.

Lifting to the service – enjoy the service quality leveling, enjoy the cross-level experience, the good car is not expensive, the service is topped. Which car provides the new car users to provide four lifelong free car services – life free three-primary protection (limited to non-operating private owners, no more than 30,000 kilometers per year), free road rescue, lifetime free car network Traffic (5G flow rate per month), free FOTA upgrade, which provides a full range of car guarantees for the car owner.

In addition, new car users can enjoy 5,000 yuan / Taiwan replacement subsidies or up to 5,000 yuan / Taiwan financial interest at the same time of enjoying "free power-up" and "Valers" service for 2 years. Position 70,000 intelligent technology cabin, which V. Since the listing of November 3, 2020, 47,399 will have been accumulated. With high-quality, high-performance, high-quality and high-quality product highlights, which 吒 V gets the depth of young consumers, especially the delivery of a second-tier city is more than 50%. More importantly, from January to November this year, there are 59,547 sets of car accumulated, a year-on-year increase of 393%.

Among them, in November, there are 13,500 car orders to deliver 10013 units, an increase of 372% year-on-year, an increase of 24% from the previous month, of which individual users account for 91%, and the new forces are the first camp. In November this year, the car will be delivered to 10,000 clubs into the month.

Today, it is a year, which is a new generation of upgraded products. The future of the car is in the future, and the VPRO will establish the industry benchmark in the A0-level pure electric SUV segmentation market through the intelligent technology of the leading style model.

At the same time, the car will continue to adhere to the original intention of "making the car" for the people, with leading intelligent security technology as support, build more intelligent, safer high quality intelligent pure electric vehicles. Dear users, "Chongqing" customers have officially revised to upgrade to "New Chongqing" client.

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"American Democracy" is disliked, even Americans don’t recognize

  The "Nanhua Morning Post" website issued an observation report on November 1, saying that the peer survey found that the world’s recognition of "American Democracy" decreased in the cliff.

The full text is as follows: The developed economies in the world still treat the US military advantage with envy, but they are now on the so-called "American Democracy" – perhaps the most famous thing in all US outputs – but not so far Envious.

  This is the result of a new survey of the Leather Research Center. This survey found that in other forms of US strength is still recognized, the evaluation of the American political system overseas has declined.

  The problems in the survey gave three answers: "American Democracy" is a good example worthy of other countries; "American Democracy" has been a good example, but in recent years, "American Democracy" has never been a good example. According to the survey of the results of the questionnaire, "Almost no one thinks, ‘American Democracy’ – at least in the current state – can act as a good example of other countries.

"This survey queried for thousands of adults of 16 developed economies from March and May this year, and respondents in early February were 2500 adults in the United States. Report, more than half (57 %) Global respondents believe that "American Democracy" was once a good example, but it was no longer in recent years.

The report also pointed out that the Americans also held this view, 72% of US respondents gave the same answer. On October 30, tourists visited the National Square of Washington, USA. In the domestic policy agenda of the US President, Xinhua News Agency, when he tried to convince American Congress, the US Congress in infrastructure and health care, he regards the power of "American Democracy" and health. A central topic. Biden also plans to host a video conference called the "Democratic Summit" later this year to revitalize "democracy" support.

  The senior researcher of the Leather Research Center, the author Laura Silver is called the "American Democracy" evaluation is also related to the global view on whether the US government respects the personal freedom of the country.

  The report said that this view has improved during the Former President Trump, this view has improved during the governing period, however, some countries still believe that the so-called "democratic" situation in the United States is more than Bitron’s ruling period. Oops. Silver said: "Yes, the view may have a rebound.

It is completely recovered in some places.

But not all places fully recovered. "The respondents also expressed" serious concerns "on the United States’s race and national discrimination. Report said:" Among the public outside the United States, 82% to 95% of people think that this discrimination is at least Savory is a serious problem, more than 40% of people think this problem is very serious. ".