Pingb District carries out vegetable planting training

In order to improve the planting technology of rural people, it is effective for the effectiveness of the poverty and rural revitalization. On November 5, the Municipal Guan Work Committee hosted, the Pingba District Guan Work Committee, Tianlong Town Offshore Administration, Tianlong Town He Wangcun Village Committee Held, for two days of vegetable planting training in Hengwang Village, Tianlong Town, Nearly more than 100 villagers in Wangcun participated in the training. In the two-day training, Pingbi vegetable planting can hand Zhaosheng Cheng and floral planting capabilities Li Xingchun. The two teachers start from their own experience and deeply explained the precautions of breeding, fertilization, herbicia, etc., and wonderful training won everyone’s applause.

The villagers who participated in the training stated that through the training of the teacher, let them benefit from the people, they will be confident in vegetables. They will use the knowledge they have learned to practice, increase production and quality, increase their income, and promote the village revitalization of the village Contribute.

Participants also launched on-site training and observation in Baiyun Town, Pingba District.

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These five kinds of foods "are not afraid of expiration", there are more than will give money

Usually, let’s buy things, basically there will be a production date, and there will be a shelf life.

It may be forgotten after a while, suddenly look at it expired, in fact, there are five things in our family, it is unhealthy period, that is, it will not expire, what is it? Let’s take a look. The first kind of food that will not expire is this kind of tangerine.

Usually we have this tangerine when you have a soup, or when you drink medicine, or drink medicine.

In fact, it is also a lot of steps. It is only available after drying. So it is very dry, and there will be no expire.

The second kind of food that does not expire is this honey, and the real pure natural honey does not have expired this statement.

Because of its honey itself is a strong natural substance.

Of course, we said this honey that will not expire is very pure natural honey. If we buy some blending, or after processing business processing, it is not purely possible to have some sour odor. Everyone must pay attention.

The third is white wine.

We also have heard such a sentence, friend is still a good wine, or the fragrance of the age. So, the more you buy wine, the more beautiful this wine, the more expensive it, but it is not all the wine. If this wine precision is less than 10 degrees of alcoholic drinks.

There may be a clear use period.

And this white wine is divided into pure fragrance and sauce. If it is a pure fragrant wine, the taste of liquor has its unique fragrance after five years. But if it is a sauce type of white wine, or a high concentration of liquor, it is more suitable for long-term hidden, the more valuable. The fourth is not a shelf life is this soy sauce. Even if the bottle cap of this soy sauce is opened, it can also be stored for three years.

If the bottle cover is sealed, the saved time will have been longer.

But want to keep this soy sauce for a longer time, be sure to look at the types of soy sauce, processing method, quality, storage temperature, etc. These conditions, high-quality soy sauce only through natural fermentation. This process will basically take several months or two years. Such soy sauce can last for more than three years and will not deteriorate. The fifth will not expire, and the metamorphic thing is Pu’er tea.

Pu’er tea has such a beautiful name.

After the best food, the interior of the tea has undergone some changes, but it is still possible to drink. Because Pu’er tea makes its overall production process, the entire process is very complicated, so the overall dryness is also very good.

So there will be basically not expired.

However, Pu’er tea will not expire, but will deteriorate.

The metamorphous Pu’er tea, the whole color, tea soup is a red brown, and there is some bitter taste.

"Important secretary of the General Secretary", the new era mission, "Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province, Party Secretary of the Public Security Bureau, Li Chunsheng Interview

Interview Introduction On August 26, the Chinese People’s Police Warrior The flag ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the People.

General Secretary of the Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping gave a flag of the Chinese People’s Police Team and restructed the words, and further specified the forward direction for the construction of the public security team in the new era, and provided fundamental follows.In order to learn from the general secretary of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Xi Jinping’s flag warning ceremony, the Brand of China, the public security department, and the People’s Network jointly hosted "Important Training of General Secretary", the Director of the New Times Mission "Public Security DepartmentSeries interview.Time: 10pm November 25, 2020: Li Chunsheng Deputy Governor, Party Secretary of the Public Security Department, and Directors.

Qiantang Town, Quanzhou County: "Three Guide" Work Law Promotes Performance Assessment

In recent years, in Qiantang Town, Qitang Town, Quanzhou County, has been comprehensively, multi-dimensional performance management approach, through the "three-lead" working method, excited, excited, improved effectiveness, and promotes scientific, standardized, and institutionalize performance assessment.

Strengthen organizational leadership and make performance "steering wheel". Several party and government team meetings, all cadres conferences, and widely solicited opinions of cadres and workers. Focusing on the full-year task of work, determine the performance key indicators of each department, according to the "2021 post responsibility system in Pang Tang Town" to decompose the target task level, implement the department, post and personnel, and ensure everyone There is a matter of hand on your hand and your shoulder is responsible. Focus on practice, work, based on work performance, incorporate the full-year performance evaluation system, guide cadres to fully understand the important role of performance management, firmly establish a comprehensive performance awareness, work responsibility awareness. Pay attention to the excitation guidance, stepping on the performance "oil gates".

As an important starter that promotes the work, combined with the actual development of the "Tang Tang Town Performance Awards Administration Management Measures", aimed at the duties of various departments, set up a common index and individuality indicators, quantified evaluation systems, and rich assessment dimensions.

Strictly implement the "two-way incentive" mechanism, the advanced assessment, give a briefing or award; the assessment is backward, and the interview or notification is criticized.

Apply the results of the assessment to the selection of people, evaluation evaluation, education and training, to encourage cadres to break the work "comfortable circle", by the "passive work" into "active work", in the town formed more than learning A good atmosphere.

Standardize the supervision and supervision, run the performance "acceleration".

In order to ensure the comprehensiveness of the inspection and inspection results, the long-term management mechanism of "Regular Assessment Inspection + Leadership Supervisor + Trend Management Office Tracking Supervision" is established, paying attention to process management, adhere to the results of daily inspection and inspection results and annual target management performance assessment Combine, and modify according to the supervisor feedback results, increase performance indicators, making performance appraisal more targeted.

Give full play to the role of performance appraisal, pay attention to the evaluation of the masses, adhere to the problem-oriented, do not regularly visit the masses, will visit the information analysis summary of the interview as a direction of the supervision and inspection and examination, making the supervision and inspection and examination work Important ripples. (Zhao Yaqi) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Ya’an Municipal CPPCC, the executive vice president of the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, the secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party Group, the executive vice chairman Chen Wei accepts discipline review and supervision

  The Deputy Secretary-General of the Ya’an CPPCC, the executive vice president of the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, the secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party Group, and Chen Wei, the executive vice chairman, is suspicious of the law and discipline, and is currently accepting discipline review and supervision.

  Chen Wei resume Chen Wei, male, Han nationality, July 1963, Sichuan Ya’an, in-service university degree. In July 1986, he participated in the work, joined the Communist Party of China in October 1997.

  From July 1986 to November 1991, the trade department of Audit Bureau in Ya’an District; November 1991 to July 1992, Ren Yaan District Audit Bureau’s audit office; July 1994, March 1994, Work in Finance and Economic Audit Division in Ya’an District; March 1998 to February 1998, Ren Director of the Office of Ja’an District Audit Office; May 1998, May 1999, in May 1999, Renkeepaire, Renkea, Auditorium, Ja’an District, Division; From May 1999 to October 2000, Ren Ja’an District Audit Bureau Commercial Audit Branch; October 2000 to December 2000, Ren Yaan District Audit Bureau Party Group member, deputy director; 2000 to 2006 11 Month, Ren Ya’an City Audit Bureau party members, deputy director; November 2006 to February 2017, Ren Ja’an Environmental Protection Bureau Party Secretary, Secretary; February 2017 to March 2017, Ren Yaan Municipal Committee Secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party Group, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau; March 2017 to July 2017, Ren Vice Minister Yaan Municipal Committee, the Secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party Group In April 2018, the deputy secretary general of Ya’an CPPCC, deputy director of the Ministry of Municipal Committee, the Secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party, for the executive Vice-Chairman of the Municipal Industry and Commerce; April 2018 to January 2019, Ren Yaan CPPCC Deputy Secretary Long and Municipal Party Committee, deputy director of the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party; Vice-President; Since November 2019, the Deputy Secretary-General of Ja’an Municipal Committee, the executive vice president of the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, the Secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce, the executive vice chairman, and the first-level researcher.

Xuancheng Ningguo City to create a "good person +" model to play a demonstration leading role in China’s online Xuancheng Channel

  Since this year, Xuancheng Ningguo City is to start the level of the national civilized city, build "good people +" model, and focus on party history, civilized practice volunteer service, difficult group help, positive typical propaganda, actively play good people Demonstration leads, transfer positive energy.

  Good people + party history learning education, let the party history learning education "live".

Focusing on the selection of good people, the party history, practice activities, etc. History, I feel the party, and I will talk to the party "tell the party’s words" and the broadcast propaganda, organize moral model and good people around the group "36 games, in addition, provincial moral model nomination prize winners Xuanheng participated 8 games in the provincial and municipal law system, "Anhui Good people" Hu Xia joined the Xuancheng "Model Propagander Troupe" in-depth community, "Xuancheng Good Man" Huang Hongping joined "Five Old" Propaganda Reports to carry out "party history Entering the campus "29 games. Good people + volunteer service, let volunteer service "bright". All levels of moral model and good people around the theoretical propaganda, mental health counseling, civilized transportation persuasion, minor ideological and moral construction, etc. A special volunteer service team was batch, and a national most beautiful volunteer, 1 provincial excellent volunteer, 4 outstanding volunteers in Xuancheng City.

Among them, "Xuancheng Good Man" Ding Jiahao combined with its own experience, the atrial preaching, more than 20 times; "Xuancheng Good Man" Tan Tianwen took the lead in building 36 people "the most beautiful, good people" traffic volunteer service team, in May, National Day, etc. Holidays and love helps the senior high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, etc. Committed to the science and technology dream of the circle of minors.

  Good people + difficult groups help, let the people of the people "warm".

The "Ningguo Moral Model and Good People’s Consolation Goods", each year’s condolences to new level moral models and good people, especially difficulties, accumulated condolences to spend more than 100,000 yuan.

Hold the moral credit credit ritual, a good person who has demand for production and development, and a total of more than 3 million yuan have been credited since this year.

At the same time, good people at all levels actively send love, warmth, among them, "China Good Man" Yang Tonghai and the enthusiastic public welfare business people have been established in Ningguo Sino-US Love Education Development Promotion Association, accumulating to poor students more than 1.1 million yuan; " Chinese good people "Zhu Zhang Chengdu is more than 40 million yuan to donate more than 40,000 yuan to the difficult masses, affected areas, etc., and practice" Lei Feng spirit ";" Anhui Good people "Wang Changlin rely on" Wang Changlin Volunteer Service Team "to carry out cold door students, difficult to stay in children, difficult party members Waiting for the treatment of help, this year, I have donated money to donate money; "Xuancheng Moral Model", love entrepreneur Hu Shaofan has donated nearly 70,000 yuan to difficult college students, difficult families and old party members in recent years.

  Good people + positive typical propaganda, let the good people figure "tree". Online offline combination, multi-channel propaganda, form a social atmosphere of "learning good people, do a good job". Online relying on all kinds of media to open a special column, often publicize Yin Meiming, Zhu Zhang, Xuanheng, Hu Shao Fan, Zhang Xiaoping and other moral models and good personnel traces, "civilized Ning Guo" WeChat public number to publicize all levels of personnel traces. Line offline through the annual live good people exchange activities, tailor the story competition and the creation of a street, a good person’s track, and create a variety of forms of literary works such as a good person model as prototype, promote moral model and good people around him, and promote "good people" Spirit". At the same time, in public places such as park square, public welfare cultural facilities, the main roads, etc., can be seen in the modern privilege of the model, and the good person’s deck is passed to each corner of the city and establish the correct orientation. According to statistics, the city’s existing models have 81 models, 680 wells at all levels, including 3 people, 12 people, 15 people, "China Good people", "China Good people", "China Good Man", "China Good Man" "62 people," Xuancheng Good Man "257 people. In the future, the city will find a good person’s model with the establishment of a new carrier, combined with the central work, and important time nodes, etc., so that good people have become better. (Rao Song Town).