I followed a large group of bodyguards behind him.。

“Lu Hao Cheng,You let you go!”Li Tingyuan is full of body shaking,What is this Lu Hao Cheng three more nights??
And it’s also like this to hit the door.,It’s too uncomfortable.。
The second wife and a group are also awakened,Come out to see Lu Haozheng,A surprised Zhang Dazhu。
Li Shuyi pointed to Lu Haozheng Nose:“Lu Hao Cheng,You are just a river in Jiangyou,I also dare to ran to my home in the middle of the night.,You have a few lives.?”
Since the last time I was asked to the bureau,She has always remembered Blue Xin and Lu Haozheng.。
and,Recent companys.hThe company is solely bankrupt by their Chinese entertainment.。
This thing she has never dared to say to Dad,So late Lu Hao Cheng also came to her home to make trouble,Psychological backlog of anger。
Lu Haozheng,The evil charm is biased:“Assistant,Give her some pain to eat。”
The Journey to see two bodyguards behind him.,Two bodyguards,桎梏 黎 婳 婳。
“Let you let me go.,What do you want to do??”Li Shuzhen struggled。
“Lu Hao Cheng,You are a bandit,You are a bastard,If you have this, you kill me.。”Li Shuyi is completely angry,She doesn’t believe it,In her home,Lu Haocheng can still be against the sky。
“kill you,I am dirty.。”He is suddenly awkward,“Give me the arm unloaded her arm。”
Li Tingyuan still does not stop,I heard the scream of Li Shuyi。
“what……woo woo woo woo……”
“Bamboo……”The three lady who have just been scared have been out of color.,Don’t live straight to Runshu。
The bodyguard has already released her.,She fell on the ground soft。
“Chairman,You can’t watch the daughter who is bullied by them.。”I saw Li Tingyuan.。
Li Tingyuan looked at her,Not talking,Being in Lu Hao Cheng,He is already very angry。
Where to Lu Hao Cheng goes off。
Lu Haocheng did not put him in the eyes,This is the big disrespect to him.。
Also invaded his company,In his heart,Lu Haoheng and the bandits have no difference。
“Lu Hao Cheng,Don’t be too arrogant,Your private house,This is a crime。 ”Li Tingyuan is raging。
“hehe……”Lu Haozheng:“Chairman Li,It is really not easy to hear the words in your mouth.。Obviously know the law,Why do you want to send people to chasing me in the city and my lady??”
“what,I do not have?”Li Tingyuan refuses with the fastest speed。
Lu Hao’s eyes flashed。
Others are also a face。
Lu Hao Cheng’s means,Almost they go to find,Lu Hao became turned back now.。
so,During this time they have a lot of。
Li Tingyuan also warned them,Do not allow them to come again。
“Lu Hao Cheng,I don’t understand what you are saying.?Our company is also acquired by you.,We have jeoparded so many times.,I have never won you.,It’s more impossible to chase you.,You don’t want a good person。”Li Tingyuan went to the sofa on the side。
The housekeeper immediately took a cup of tea,Put in his hand respectfully。
Lu Haocheng pays attention to the king managed home,He should be a new man.。
Lu Haozheng ridicule:“You are also good people?”
Li Tingyuan took the cup of the cup slightly shaken slightly,Looking at Lu Haozheng and serious looking away:“Lu Hao Cheng,I can’t move, you are not because I am afraid of you.,But my body is uncomfortable this time.,Waiting for my body.,In the mall,I will win your light.。”
“You have already lost。”Lu Hao is unhappy,Mall,He is still!

“What do you mean by sister Wu?Xiaona and I have to ask your permission for a drink?”Xia Jian smiled,Leaning over and asked Wu Ling。

Wu Ling’s beautiful big eyes turned around and said:“What did Mr. Xia say?,Don’t say let her have a drink with you,Even if I give her whole body to you,I have no opinion either”
“Well!Xiaona is mine”Xia Jian laughed deliberately,Seem extremely presumptuous。
With Wu Ling’s consent,Xiaona poured her a large glass of wine,Pick it up and touch Xia Jian lightly,Very refreshing。
“it is good!Sure enough, there are no weak soldiers under the strong generals。Sister Wu can arrange such a good place for me,I should really thank her”A large glass of wine,For Xia Jian,And no problems。But when he spoke deliberately,Roll your tongue every now and then。
acting,To act like a little。Otherwise, if you play it,,Not only can’t achieve this effect,And will be ashamed。
Wu Ling winked at Xiaona,Xiaona immediately refilled Xia Jian with wine,At this time a bottle of liquor has bottomed out。Xia Jian knew,After he finished the second cup of fashion drunk, the effect became realistic。
Wu Ling put her body close to Xia Jian,The perfume smell on her body is mixed with the smell of wine from time to time rushed over,Let Xia Jian smell a little trance。
“President Xia!There is a saying like this,Borrow soil for mud,Banquet。You don’t understand the matter between Luo Jun and my sister,So your involvement can only be said to be your bad luck”Wu Ling said,I caught a chopstick dish with public chopsticks,Sent directly to Xia Jian’s mouth。
Xia Jian ate without hesitation,he knows,The good show just kicked off。
Wu Ling continued:“My sister stumbled for a while and had Wu Xiong who was disappointed,But Luo Jun never looked at him directly。STBranch matter,My sister reminded him many times,But this guy just doesn’t listen。But Luo Jun asked you to do this,Really cruel”
Wu Ling was talking,Keep winking at Xiaona。Xiaona picked up the glass again,She said with a smile:“President Xia!Don’t patronize and talk to Sister Wu,Here is my Cortana”
This Xiaona is acting coquettishly,It’s really crispy to the bone。Xia Jian understands what she means,Don’t you just want to get him drunk as soon as possible??
“Damn!Tell the truth,I’m afraid I will be really drunk if I have another drink。I’m afraid this drunk will do some gaffes,Don’t blame the two beauties”Xia Jian said,Picked up the wine glass and touched Xiaona,And drank another big glass。
Xiaona glanced at Wu Ling,It’s very painful。Xia Jian cried secretly,It seems that these two women are definitely not under him。Drink it anyway,It’s strange that he is not drunk。

As for the hearts of others,Why don’t you understand this??

Treat this,At this moment,These people’s hearts,It is already completely out of it.。
Since things have been here,So next,How should I solve it all?。
In fact, their hearts,How can I not understand?,Now these,How should I be dealt with?。
“very good,Look,Everyone is still very fighting。”
“Since now,Has been confirmed,So next,What is you still tangled here??”
When Lei Tianming said to this,The more like this,In fact, here,Those people around them are brushing to see the eyes.。
Such a thing,Now look at it now,How to do it?。
In fact, it is currently,Other things,What is nothing to do?。
But since now,I have already set up the idea to play so.,So all this,In fact, it should continue to do it.。
At this time,People around a sword door come here,It is said to Lei Tianming.。
“Thunder,These are the intelligence we have surveyed before.,Please。”
With the people around the swordsmanship,At this time, Lei Tianming looked at the eyes.。
For these things,Lei Tianming’s face is brought a small smile。
“Ha ha,very good,Really great。”
Others don’t understand,What is the situation here??
Treat these things,In fact, they all,Still a headache and depressed。
And see these places,At this moment,Lei Tianming is said:“China Haihui Chamber of Commerce has planned to take it for us.。”
“Yet,You should be very clear.,I am this person,Is it absolutely not to miss this opportunity?。”
“so,I am planning to make people!”
When Lei Tianming said,More people around you,The more you look, the more excited。
Such situation,before this,All of them,How can it be expected??
So next,When they watched the eye,Even these things are treated,It has already been completely difficult to prevent。
At this moment,Wait until they come back to God,The more you look, the more excited.。
this matter,It’s not a bad thing.。
“Ha ha,What to say,It is completely。”
“That’s right,Is this still used?,Now these things,There is no considerable。”
“Since things have been here,So next,Let’s take a moment to handle this thing.。”
The more now,In fact, they look at them.。
Other things,Call countdown or not to say something。
But the more you now,These things,In fact, there is still a need for this,Should go soon,This is the key。

“summer,There is no you talk here.。”

“Shut up,Are you still not disordered??”
As the continuous three sounds sound at the same time。
Might,Ming Text and Mingwu have opened the opening。
They look at the summer,Or concern,Or dissatisfaction,Anger。
I didn’t expect that he will speak in this festival.,And obviously happiness。
Mingli speech,Naturally。
And the civilized martial arts is very dissatisfied。
The old man is so easy to press the other side.,This kid deliberately,Do he wants to let Ming Qin completely torn face,Don’t you die without die??
Ming Hheuan on the side,At this moment, it is revealed.,The coldness of the scorpion is flashing。
Just now, he has been played a slap in a slap.,I now see the summer speech.,I can’t wait for him to step down your own dust.。
And this moment,Qin Tang has been on the summer。
His eyes are like a knife,That hate, you can’t wait for a thousand knives.。
This is this small wild species,Put your own most valuable Suner into a disabled,I have been dead for three days in the hospital.。
“What did you say!”
Qin Tang Zhengqi can’t find the excuse to deal with me,I saw the summer at the moment.,I immediately bite the teeth,“You dare to curse my death?”
“Not a curse you,You are really dead.。”
Speech,Summer slowly,Take a big step to Qin Tang。
“Xiao Tian!Don’t come!”
See this scene,I hop in martial arts,Immediately speaking。
Even if it is a Ming old master,The eyelids are also slightly smashed。
But he quickly recovered calm。
Perhaps in many people,Which of the three limbs developed and air has a rough person,After all, his record is there.。
But in the eyes of the old man,Summer is never courageous。
on the contrary,His hearts have to be ignorant than most people,Just his force masked all this。
He believes that the summer will not be chaotic.,Don’t kill more。
Summer is just a turn to Mingli cast a comforted eye.,Continue to come,Go to Qin Tang near,Up and down。
Qin Tang naturally fearful summer,Stare cold。
“Feel sorry,I am wrong.。”
Looking at him in summer,Faint,“You won’t die,But within a week,Your brain blood vessels will rupture,Cause neurodaria,Become paralyzed,But you are so old,I haven’t lived a few days.。”

“How can this……”The old demon’s words haven’t finished yet,There was a humming noise in the corridor,Zhang Zhiqiang turned his head in shock,I found a swarm of bees came flying,Scurrying around in the corridor like headless flies。

Zhang Zhiqiang observes,This is a real bee,But this time suddenly appeared,Too weird?“not good,The police outside the door may attack at any time,Let Huo Jianjun not come to meet again,It should be ready to do it in the town immediately。”
“Let go?”The old demon was taken aback,Actually more painful,Huo Jianjun dared to do this,I’m afraid it will soon be blasted into dross by the dense thunder in the hands of mortals,The cultivation base of this clone is far behind Wang Xiang,But just broke through the second level,Even the blood core can hardly escape annihilation。
“How about?Let’s die here together?”Zhang Zhiqiang sneered,Will never give the old devil a chance to consider it in detail,He didn’t even look at the Wang Xiang who was about to break through,Because the dying person is not worthy。
And the Wang Xiang at this moment,Half-human, half-pig-headed face is extremely evil,It closed its eyes tightly,There is a compelling red light above my head,That light and shadow is the image of a troll,Actually have three heads,Each head has two coiled horns,The face is like a cow and a rhinoceros,The huge fangs are very vicious,Slender bear back,Strong and strong lower limbs,Extremely sturdy,From the light and shadow revealed a wild and desolate breath。
“Its blood body is three stone face demons!”The old devil became nervous with a low cry,The clone breakthrough is imminent,If you are attacked by someone from outside at this time, you will lose all your efforts,Now it seems to have become a protector of Huo Jianjun or a protector of the king。
Chapter six hundred and eighty eight Town attack
“I felt them!”
’Big earthworm’very excited,Anxious to show merit to Li Tianchou,“In the north,About a hundred miles away,not one,Are two,Not right,Not two,should be.what?”
Li Tianchou plans,Baishili,Which is forty to fifty kilometers,Already outSZcity,According to previous impressions,Should be Jinghai,It makes sense for clones to converge north,It seems as the instructor said,Their goal should go to the Zhang family。
“you’what’what?How many?”
“Should be two。”’Big earthworm’Not confident,Its front end is very high,As if trying to catch something,“But there seems to be a strange breath,Vaguely,No more now。”
Li Tianchou’s expression became serious,No leaf knife in hand,One is not difficult to deal with,But two or three piles up is difficult,It’s hard to kill the opponent’s vitals,And very good at disguising and hiding,Once the opportunity is lost,Will leave a big hidden danger。

What to say,I don’t want to think about the letter.,The desperate seeds under the bottom of the people,Just waiting for one。

certainly,If 枝 immediately,That’s better。
Quarter Wen 萱 打 打,I don’t expect to rise to the eyes of Yan Zhi.,Her fierce。
“Than,Si girl, I dredged my brother last night.,NS?”
Branches are cool,“The season girl is now discredient in front of me.。You like two-headed,Is conscience not pain??”
Quarternes can’t prevent,No development:“He actually tells you……”
“The original season girl is worth a good person.,I don’t think he can’t say the arrangement in your back.,I dare to come to me.。”
枝 无 无 地,“But eat more peanuts,Not to make a grievance。If I go to your brother’s evil『chaos』language,Substant, I don’t care.,Torn the face with the season。”
Finish,Yu Zhi’s sleeve came from the front team,Tangly,Infinite:
How can it be like??
Said the elegant season,What is she wants to say bad words??
呜呜 天道 also I also gentle people’s little sister。
Quarterly stood in the land,a long time,She is back with the return reminding her to go to the road.,She anger:“you——You have long been good.!”
裴 逢 蹙 蹙 蹙 蹙 蹙:
“What is the seasons say??”
Quarterne:“From last night, you show my show.,You think about our reactions,Everything is deliberately expressing me.,You want everyone to isolate me.、Don’t trust me again!”
He looked at her innead.,God『color』Unhappy,Not saying。He stretched a quarter,Pensive。
Sea Wenzhao struggles:“What do you want to do?Kill me?!I won’t let you go.!”
Yan Fengxing has to persuade her:“Season girl,I just want to see if you are,You are calm。”
He doesn’t recognize!
After the last night, he showdown on the spot.,He is perfectly disguised into another.。
Quizan suddenly understood,Not her battle in their own house。At home, she is very popular with her mother and her father.,Even if you have a small action, there is always a small action,She has natural advantages。
I don’t have her home.,She did it from it.。
Seasonalne reacted,A few disciples come over to help build her。
裴 星 沉 道:“The season girl was injured,I neglect,Ignored her,It will also be disturbed『chaos』Thoughts。”
Quarterny:“I am not crazy because I am.!”
Ji Fengxing took out one『Medicine』pill,Public authenticity:“Clear,Si girl, you have improved。”
When Qi Wen, I dare to believe him.,Naturally refused to eat,Everyone did not dare to make her more powerful.。push,Actually let the Quarter have pulled a sword.,Straightforward。
Yan Xingzhu won her premium,Only mixed『chaos』In the case of it, it will not hurt the season.,He is hard to be born.,The shoulders were cut out of the quarter.。
“Royal brother!”
Everyone exclaimed。
Next, I don’t want to be very commonplace.,Directly fell to the season,Feeding her a clear pill。
裴 逢 星:“fine。”
Yan Zhi didn’t expect a few people,Returning,Take out the injury while『Medicine』Ask:“You don’t fight her sword?”


A group of frightened strong people suddenly like Montan,Several people ran over the bottom of the head,Then the fart rolling outward。
As for more than 100,000 yuan in the package,Where do they dare to have half a job?。
This punch is to be on himself.……Think about it。
Waiting them,Summer touched one hundred dollars to boss,Laugh,“boss,Bill, please,Keep the change, please。”
After payment,He walked to the other snack shop,Look at a middle-aged woman who is obviously the boss,Apology,Temperature temperature and。
“boss,terribly sorry,Smash your glass,How much,I pay。”
NS037chapter 宸
Two words before and after,The atmosphere around it is also loose.。
At the moment, the summer livestock is harmless.,Cool image with just now,Judging two people。
The middle-aged woman who was originally ignored quickly shook his head.,The face is a complex expression,“No need to lose money,This is not related to you。”
Summer laughs,“boss,You don’t have to be afraid,I……”
“I am not afraid。”
Not finished,The boss has interrupted him.。
Summary,Weekly sweep around around,I found that there are still many people.,Find many people and boss。
There is not much fear between their look.。
At this time,The boss is holding the accent of the field.,“Boy,As you have just said, I am going up.,Your good,That is a group of people,In addition to bullying of these people,Strong woman in the street,Pit,See who is not pleasing to the eye,It’s just a bad thing.,young people,You really have a breath of these people.,Play well。How can I have to pay with you?。”
More than summer,Even passers-by around the street。
“The boss said,Play well!”
“Be right,Why didn’t you kill the grandson?。”
The boss surrounding many snacks and booths have opened the attached,A way of solving。
I don’t know who is the head.,Someone can’t help but applaud,Turn on people with。
This applause,It’s like a wave swept,Instantly spread the whole food street。
People look at the eyes of summer,Fully admired and admired。
See this scene,Su Xiaoxiao standing on the side is moving。
She looked at the side of the summer,I want to be a scene in my electric flash.,Why,Exquisite faces have a little hot。
Inversely the summer,Facing the applause,Welcome a grateful look,He has some unknown,Feel away。
In fact,He was originally just a pit head,But did not expect this group of people to act so bad。
at this time,Suddenly a voice came。
“Little brother,Do you still hurry?。If it is late,The port of the bald head will definitely retaliate.。”
Go to the sound,The previous billiard table boss came over,Good heart reminded。
“I’m not afraid。”Summer shink,Laugh,“If they still dare to come,I will give them a breath.。”
“Boy,Don’t be stubborn。”
What did the boss of the snack shop also think,Some worry,“The bald head is now relying on the mountains.。”

Chen Feng secretly scolded a girl,He quickly connected to the phone。Fang on the phone asked quietly:“Have you come out of the courtyard?”

“what happened?Where did you Sao Niang go?,I’m so uncomfortable”Chen Feng ignored his brother,Scold。
Afang smiled and said:“My sister’s residence in West Street,Or you come over。I know why you are so awesome all at once,So you took the medicine”Afang said,Just smile。
“You go to uncle,South Street for a while,West Street for a while。Say place”Chen Feng was so angry。He can’t wait to eat this woman raw,To put it bluntly, she caused the trouble,Almost finished playing just now,Fortunately I ran into an acquaintance。But he can’t remember this bald head。
“West Market Street178number6On the right side of the third floor of the building“A Fang hung up the phone。
Aniu followed Chen Feng,He said quickly:“Big brother,This place only takes ten minutes by taxi,If you really want to go,Let me drive you!”
“No need to,Let everyone go quickly!You stop me a car on the side of the road”Chen Feng said,Squatted uncomfortably on the side of the road。Okay,He just came down the car。
The place Afang said is not far away,But for Chen Feng at this time,It’s farther than going to Xitian。He finally got to the third floor,Just knocked on the door,The door opened。At the door stood a very sexy woman,This woman looks even more beautiful than A Fang。
“Are you Feng brother!Come in soon”Woman talking,Reached out and pulled Chen Feng in。This is a two-bedroom building,The layout inside is still neat。
Chen Feng took a look at the situation in the room,Asked a little anxiously:“Where’s Afang?”
“She is taking a bath,Brother Feng will sit down and have a cup of tea,She’ll be out in a while。I am her good sister,You can call me Aling”Woman with a seductive smile,Her eyes kept looking at Chen Feng’s expression。
Chen Feng, who was hot in the bath, really hated the woman who sold him medicine。How long has it been,Why is it so uncomfortable,I knew this,He doesn’t love this sin anymore。
A Ling glanced at Chen Feng,Suddenly lowered his voice and said:“Did you take any medicine?!it does not matter,Let me help you,I still have some experience in this area”A Ling said,Reaching for Chen Feng and walking towards the bedroom。Chen Feng is a bit at a loss,Even though he is a slutty ghost,But after all…
First1992chapter Unexpected
More than half an hour later,Chen Feng hugged A Ling and walked out of the bedroom。He just feels weak,The momentum in the body has long been gone。A Zhen, this woman really has the means,Chen Feng can really enjoy him。
“Feng Ge!Comfortable this time?”Afa on the sofa gave a smirk。Chen Feng just understood,It turned out that Afang deliberately avoided him,Let Aling solve the problem for him。Since this woman is so generous,He doesn’t care about it。
When I saw a woman,Chen Feng forgot his surname。He completely forgot what his brother Chen Jiang confessed to him.。
He went out in the afternoon,Played until ten o’clock in the evening,Bring A Ling and A Fang out to eat supper。
Chen Feng relied on having two money in hand,Can’t see it in general。Besides, I brought two women around,He is a bit show off。Deliberately took these two women to eat seafood。

“Anyway, for me,In fact, you now,Also!”

When Shen Xuan said with the front of the eye,The more now,In fact, here,Shen Xuan itself,It is very light。
But treat these,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart is deep,The more I want Johns.,These suffrage are actually very thorough。
And Shen Xuan,Yin Gui,It feels that it feels,I have been insulting itself.。
But the more you now,In fact, this is going to start from what is going to start.,In fact, Shen Xuan itself,It’s more and more likely.。
It’s just that a little bit looks at the eye.,The more now,In fact, these problems themselves,It’s very thorough.。
And you can focus on this scene,At this moment,Shen Xuan is watching,The corner of the mouth takes a smile of a taste.。
“very good,In fact, these places are now,I feel very good.。”
When Shen Xuan said directly in front of him,The more now,In fact, Shen Xuan itself,It is a look that it is completely planned.。
After all, I will follow it.,This time does still need more than a good thing.。
“have to say,It’s really a thorough。”
“Just Shen Xuan,How did you think of these??”
Situ Ying,The next conscious looks,Is it asked for you?。
After all, this thing is,In fact, starting from its own degree,Right,In fact, it is not so simple.。
Just put it here,At this moment,Shen Xuan’s face is filled with a touch of smile。
“All right,In fact, it is now,These things,It is completely secondary。”
“but,Since it is already here,So just kill him again.!”
Anyway, these things,In fact, Shen Xuan is also very clear.,So much,In fact,,Is waste time here。
Because now,The most fundamental thing is not processed。
As for Shen Xuan,It is the front side of the eye.,I can’t help but say。
“all in all,Since you want to play now,Then I,You can accompany you to play with you.!”
When Shen Xuan said directly from here.,Even for these things。
In fact, in Shen Xuan’s heart,Poor is quite understand。
This,Yin Cao is more angry。
“Humph,Play,I want to kill you.!”
When Yin Ce said directly in front of him,The more now,In fact, for these issues。
What yourself,Yin Gui’s heart,But what I want, the more I feel quite a thorough。
Just look at it, look at the eye,The more like this,In fact, in Yin Gui looks,His inner depths,Poor is already quite thorough。
And in front of you,At this time, Yin Shi is looking at it.,I can’t help but say。
“What are you waiting for?,I can’t give me it.!”
Yin Ce’s words,Also reminded these people。
This,At the beginning, the speed of these people began to speed up,The trail is quickly swept here.。
As for these guards of Yinjia,It is anger。
“Humph,Shen Xuan,Advise you, still hurry,This time,You can’t escape。”

“disgusting。”Su Xiaoxue reached out him.,Gaze,“I refer to those words that you and Chen Fei Yan said.。”

“What words?”Summer stupid,And what you think of,“You said that”
“Do not say”Su Xiaoxue hurriedly stopped,“Don’t say dirty words in the future.?”“it is good,Do not say,Hey this year,It’s not easy to say that the truth is really easy.,Even the little little, you are with them.。”Summer shakes the head,Disappointment,“You speak people living,Eat drink to sleep,Is it very low?,Just like the woman just
,What is long?,Not a fairy,Still not letting it”
“I don’t listen, I don’t listen, I don’t listen.”
Su Xiaodiao is ashamed,Shake your head,Dark hair。
“Ha ha。”
I can’t help but laugh in summer.。
Two people are handsome men and women,So attitude walks on the street,Naturally, it will attract attention。
Make a trick,Su Xiaoxue looked at the time,Say,“I have been half a half now.,Let’s go back.。”
“Not in a hurry。”
Summer laughing,A pair of dark eyes flashed a different,“follow me。”
Say,He pulled Su Xiaoxiao’s hand,Turned back。
After walking more than ten meters,Stop on the side of a black business car,Knocked the glass of the car。
See this,Su Xiaoxiao is somewhat surprised。
“This car followed us an afternoon.。”
Su Xiaoxue。
At this time,Window glass slowly decline,Out of a man’s face。
This is a youth,Twenty-five-year-old,It looks smart,But this is full of tension and panic on your face.。
He barely squeezed a smile,“Do you have anything??”
“Stop pretending。”Summer is too lazy to talk to him,“Who are you,Why track me?。”
“I,I do not”Youth wants to deny,Can welcome the summer impatient expression,I quickly smirked,Look at the look,“Summer,I am Zhao Shao’s person.,Zhao Shao originally wants you to eat,Gather,But it is not good to bother you and Miss Su.,So let me follow”
NS950chapter Acquaintance
Zhao Shao?
Summer stunned,Ask,“Which Zhao Shao?”
“Uh……Zhao Jia,Zhao You。”
Youth is obviously prepared,After the end,I deliberately reminded a sentence,“Sentimentation time Zhao Lazi once made a game with white family……”
Summer is now。
When he was still in Qinghai Police Station,Just learn from the leaves of the leaves。
About him,Whether summer red is still home,Have not come out,But Zhao’s family and Long Cheng Luo family are handed to help him.。