Gion comes carefully connected the gold card,Card is pure gold,Write a traditional land word,And the silhouette of the emperor,This is a symbol of the representative Lu Haozheng.。

“President,do not worry,I won’t let the lady have hurt.。”
Lu Haocheng Road:“Arrange ink seventh and ink dye,in addition,Aura,Call Qing back,Authentic assistant and bodyguard,Protect blue safety。”
I have to make some arrangements in advance now.。
Sin!Blue is his wife,Early evening and pool。
What happened to the LN Ran?。
Qing Dynasty is the tissue Tsing Yi, which he is secretly cultivated.,This time I finally sent it.。
Ou Jing nodded:“Um!Rural,Aunt,She also has something to do.,I will arrange it for a while.。”
Lu Hao points,Thinking in a while:“Arrange things after things,After I came back, you will come to my office.,Previous thing,Let’s take a closer look.。”
“it is good!”
After the Ou Jing and the Journey。
Lu Haocheng picked up the mobile phone and called Gu Yi.。
Gu Yi is lazy to feed。
“Is it a little blue??”
“Do you say??”
Gu Yi said very badly。
“Less nonsense。”
Lu Haocheng sounds cold。
Gu Yi was shocked,“Better,Just asleep,You a call,I woke up her again.,roll,Nothing, don’t call,My own baby sister will take care of yourself.。”
Gu Yi finished,Fast cutting phone。
The body also shot,Said that Lu Hao Cheng is fake,Lu Haocheng is definitely the Lord he can’t afford.。
Blue Xin looked at the big brother,Take a few points in the eyes:“elder brother,Are you afraid of your own sister??”
Gu Yi, Junqi flashed a little unnatural:“Who is afraid of him!If he is in front of me, I dare to hear him.。”
In fact, I don’t dare.,The stinky kid likes him from a small child.。
“hehe”Blue Xin laughs,“I listened to Acai.,When you were young, he was often heavily.。”
Gu Yilu Junyan instantly red:“He is also very embarrassed,Your girl,I am very glorious by your husband.?”
“So,I have learned him well.,He didn’t dare to。”
“hehe”Gu Yi,“What is the matter of this world is Lu Haocheng?,Take him,Tiangu Laozi him still。”

Yun’an shallow this look,I feel that I am in a sky in a sky.。

Lan Xin has Lu Hao Cheng’s wife,There is also a couple who loves her.。
No Lu Haozheng,She also has Gu’s Group。
And she……
Yun’an is closely biting the teeth。
Cloudy,Average,Let her feel extremely imbalanced。
She picked up the phone,Click on Blue Xin’s Weibo,Use your trumpet to fight some vicious languages in the next side.。
Talented to pick up the phone,Continue to accompanykayEntertainment。
not far away,Seeing Xiao Luo came again.。
Yun Anzhen wants to say hello,I can’t pull my face again.,If there is a blue-hearted chart,She will not be so difficult now.。
Help with Xiao Luo,She is in this circle,Really delicious。
kayLook in her direction,Also saw Xiao Luo,actually,She has been quite regret,If it does not borrow Xiao Luo to fight Blue Xin,Xiao Luo is still a person in their side。
They now also one more people。
“Shallow,I feel so long.,Xiao Luo is only afraid that you have forgotten those misunderstandings.。 ”
Yun An shallow shake head,Distressed:“She is still reluctant to,I called her to send WeChat, she ignored me.。”
“Oh!”kayHear,Acknowledge,Quite a bone。
After the banquet is scattered,Go home。
Xiao Luo, father,Xiao Luo is also very fragrant in the circle.,As long as you can ask her,Will try to bring her to the supporting farm。
As long as you have helpful to your father,She will come over。
After the entertainment,She almost all people go home,She doesn’t like someone follows。
She just wants to pull the door,Jurning two drunken men from the dark。
Xiao Luo,Be alert to a few steps。
“Yo!Where is the little beauty??It’s really beautiful.。 ”A man is drunk and smiled toward Xiao Luo Luo.。
Xiao Luo Luo Xiao Xiao Su,Strict tone:“Go away,Dare to provoke me,You have to have a guts to bear the consequences。”
“Hey-hey……”Men laugh,“We only do the little beauty in front of you,What is the consequence of?,The little beauty has never heard of a sentence.,Peony flower,Do ghosts and rivers.。”
Xiao Luo:“……”
Teacher with a drunken ghost,It’s really unclear。
“Yi brother,Bring her back,Let’s enjoy this evening.。”Another drunken man has been can’t wait to move towards Xiao Luo.。
Xiao Luo quickly retreats one step,Salty pig hand。
“Yo!This little beauty moves very dexterous,Also, no one has escaped to drive me?。”
Man is reluctant,Down to Xiao Luo Luo,Two people are drunk, pounce to Xiao Luo。
Xiao Luo,Can also hide two strength big men,And the other party drinks wine。
“Go away,What do you do??”Xiao Luo pushed towards the man。
Unopened,Instead, the man’s arms。
Disgusting wine,Her whole person is disgusting out。
“open,open,asshole,I must make you see the sun in tomorrow.。”Xiao Luo’s angry struggle。

He holds the book in his hand with one hand,Staring deep at the winter plum outside the window,Like a true poet’s love,Sometimes I sigh with joy,Sometimes sweet and smiling,Sometimes whispering……

The eyes of the people around have changed。
Especially Young Master Bai Jun,Eyes have magic light!
Never seen such a shameless person。
Actually I didn’t understand why I fell in love with her?
Is this what someone said?!
The name of the Valkyrie,It’s not just that she is brave and brave,More about her beauty,Like a fairy in the heaven,People who have seen it all admire the shocking face。
It takes you a nameless thing to think like this,Why are you obsessed with her?。
Everyone is a man!
First56chapter My lady
“Everybody,I know you have always admired my Yunzi,I also heard many false rumors,If you really admire and respect,Please stop listening to those foul language outside。”Zhu Minglang continued。
His firm tone,Sincere attitude,For a while, let this group of students who came to Xingshi to inquire about sins do not know what to do。
“I do not believe,How could a lady like you?!”Young Master Bai Jun can’t stand it anymore,He pointed to Zhu Minglang’s angry way,“You tarnished her reputation,We can’t forgive!”
Zhu Minglang saw this young man Baijun looking angry,Can’t help but feel funny。
“It’s strange,In the past few months, the entire Zulong City State inside and outside has maliciously slandered Li Yunzi,Why didn’t you see you group of angry people organized like this at that time,Support her,Condemn those who insult her with words for her?”Zhu Minglang questioning these people。
some people,Really hypocritical and ugly。
I wish Minglang lived in Zulong City for a few months,Streets and alleys、Inside and outside the college,Heard more than once of those who really slander her reputation,I didn’t see a person speaking to stop,I can’t even see these so-called female admirers?
Why did Li Yunzi regain her name as a queen?,When the Western War and the Eastern War regained its power,These people all jumped out。
After learning that the tramp was his wish,All the spears are directed at me。

With everyone’s efforts,Finally cleaned up the dirt inside。

original,There is a mouse making a nest in it。
Then directly blocked the ventilation!
It just smells at first,Later, it was directly ventilated.。
Although finishing,Fang Yu’s body is also dirty。
“Mr. Fang,This time it’s really thanks to you……but,your clothes……”
They are grateful。
No Fang Yu,Their restaurant is not functioning properly。
“Little things……You turn on,I’m going back!”
Fang Yu said。
They finished,Hurry up。
When Fang Yu wants to enter the private room again,A woman just hit the side。
Woman looks dignified and beautiful,Looks outstanding。Tall and beautiful……It looks like,Is a white collar beauty!
“You are so dirty……You’re an air conditioner,Why are you here?!”
Woman looking at Fang Yu,Look contemptuous。
Fang Yu wants to explain。

Emperor Sword,Nine robbery,The three people in the Xianli god went up.,Come to the front of proud,Directly telling the rules set by four people。

Proud of the emperor:“Since negotiating a good rules,This is the confrontation of the four major forces of your god.,Since this,This game begins.。”
“I added it again.,Is responsible for my brothers around me,If I lose this,These four people have cultivated the wealthy death!”Lin Feng suddenly turned around to the sky,Sputum,Fighting God and others。
猿 天,Fight,If you are waiting for someone to say。
Nine robbery,Immortal,Emperor Sword Wen Wen Wen Yan frowned,Then, the three people turned over to each other to read the same rules.。
“The respective representatives appeared,Rule must,Do not violate,Be dead!”
At this time, the proud of the sharp voice sounded。
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Chapter 1,598 Fairy
“I come!”
天 罡 着 道:“I want a battle!”
“Let me do it。”
“I come,Home!”
Fight,Lu Luo,Chill,If you have come to Lin Feng, you will come to Lin Feng’s.。
“You don’t do this time.,Another person is more suitable for you.,If you enter the innate chaotic hoist。”Lin Feng smiled and took out the innate chaos soil.:“Letter to me。”
Tell this,Fight,猿 天,Cold and other people on the spot,Everyone is a bit uncomfortable。
“Lin Feng,why me?”汐 秀 秀 微 皱。
“This lifts the first eye to see you,So is you。”Lin Feng smiled and explained:“Don’t delay time。”
“no need,This has a token,I see how you change.!”At this time, a playful voice came from afar.,It is a snake god that is directly throwing a snake god.。
Anyway, the snake god has not used it.,It is better to let Lin Feng die more than one person.,In this way, Lin Feng may die less than him.。
“Thank you。”Lin Feng smiled and took a snake goddess:“Sputum,You don’t have to go in.。”
“Ok。”Jutang is a slight bite and glances on Lin Feng.:“This lady is called so。”
“Do you dare to dare?。”Lin Feng smiled and took the innate chaos soil.:“Wasteless,come out!”
Suddenly a white airflow flew out,White air flows,A body appears in the empty,It’s a wasteless。
“I rubbed,Wasteless!”
“Let the wild?Don’t make a mistake.?”
“This Linge is the main,You are not kidding.?”天 咧 拍 林 的 的。
“Lin Shou,this……”Fight,Luo Shui and others suffer,This is a special Too pit.,This waste is not bad.,But it is still more than the half-step god of pseudozymid levels.。
Sentence is not good,Just a place in the scene, you can defeat the ruines.。
I am afraid that I am defeated.,According to the developed protocol,The people here are outside Lin Feng,Will all fall。
“All in mind,Things I have learned.,Never let you down。”I am unable to meet the eyes of everyone.:“We will not die one here.。”
“You can rest assured.,I can get your life to joke.,Trust me。”Lin Feng smiled and calmed the people。

A bald big man hides,Looking at the battlefield of the front,Have a smile,In the mouth。

“This is the rivers and lakes.,New account old account,Revenge,Clearing clear……Xia Jia has come to this step,Hand and foot,Hey。”
He didn’t show me。
Especially after seeing the sword five,It is even。
However, at this time,One sound is not far behind him,“Brother,What you said is good,Today, we will come once again.。”
NS2580chapter Sword and sword
() soon,Shen Siyin’s voice disappeared in the dark。
The wind blows over the cold wind,Xiao Zongham spit tone,Diagnosis。
Shen Xingyue,He is more than pity,He has been desperately desperately desperate for so many years.,At this moment,Shen Xing Yue is really coming.,He is somewhat embarrassed。
If not him,Shen Siyin will not vicious to poison Shen Xingyue。
Xiao Zong Han saw a few eyes in the direction of Shen Siusi disappeared.,Darkness。
Shen Xingyu stands in the outer hall,The look on the face is some cautious。
She carefully sits on the front of the chair.,The eyes are full of pressing and can’t press it.……
Xiao Zonghan coming in,It’s such a Shen Xingyue.。
“Star moon。”He loudly,Shen Xingyue’s eyes lift,See him,Next moment,The eyes are red.。“Zonghan!”She pounce into his arms。
Xiao Zonghan’s body is slightly stiff,Looking at Shen Xing Moon, crying in his arms,I still extend my hand.。
Holding hands with her back。
Shen Xingyue’s tears dropped,His military uniform,Xiao Zonghan’s lips:“Qin Hai bullied you?”
Shen Xingyue’s body shakes。
Seem,I heard an extremely terrible existence!
Xiao Zonghan’s face is cloudy,I took a look at Shen Xing Yue,Let her and yourself:“Star moon,What is the bastard of Qinhai??!”
“He……”Shen Xing Moon is trembled more powerful,“He……Hit me,Several times,I feel that I am dead.,”She said,Pull up the sleeves on your arm,Under delicate clothes,Actually a one-way scar。
Those scars,Some is new,some,Old,Dripping,Extraordinary。
Xiao Zonghan’s fist is smashed,A punch,狠 on the table:“Son of a bitch!”
these years,In order not to let Shen Xingyue suffer,He avoids Qinhai everywhere in many things.。
But I didn’t expect it.,The bastard or dare to be the same!
Good,This time,He won’t have a concern about Qinhai.。
He bowed,Shen Xing Yue Yingying tears in the eye,Do not know why,Look at this face,His eyes did not show another face。
潋滟 潋滟 双,Pale lips,She laughs and Shen Xingyue is the most different.,Two pear turns deep,Under the face,It is a vicious heart!
“Zonghan,Sister?”at this time,What is Shen Xingyue suddenly thinks about?,I got out from Xiao Zonghan’s arms.。

It seems like it is,It is very reasonable.。

but,Shen Xuan is an indifferent look,Still you play with the phone。
As if these people said,He has nothing to do with him。
“Hey,Boy,Didn’t you hear it?,Vougroom has given you a chance.,I still don’t miss the wrong。”
“Then,Pray for the forgiveness of。”
Li Lei standing there,Stand up,I can’t say a look。
But Shen Xuan,Turn around,Slightly curiosity to everyone。
“What did you say?”
“You have to give me a little apologize.,it is good,I accepted,Let’s hurry.。”
Shen Xuan finished,Money is also almost almost old blood spurt。
This is too scary.,I didn’t expect it at all.。
“Humph,Boy,You are enough,security guard,I will give me go out.!”
“such a man,after,Never hire!”
Qian Hua, reach the finger to Shen Xuan,I am not polite.。
Shen Xuan couldn’t help but smile,Calculate time,Also almost?
around,Several prepared security guards standing there,Narrate,Directly。
At this time,not far away,A majestic sound:“I see who dares to move Mr.!”
This sound,Make everyone in the business department,All doubtful。
But wait until they see who is that the person is,These people are more surprised。
Because this person is not someone else,Zheng Tianhao, Chairman of Qianhao Group。
“Chairman,you listen to me。”Money again stationed,What is the intention and Zheng Tianhao?。
But Zheng Tianhao see Shen Xuan,I have come to everyone in front of everyone.:“I officially notified now,Mr. Shen is our company behind the scenes,Means of,Mr. Shen is the chairman of the company!”
Chapter 4,Hurry
“Dong Dong,Chairman?”
Qian looked at Shen Xuan again,Some inexplicable feelings。
Other business units,Also all stupid。
This,how can that be possible?
Life of life,I have not been too fast.?
originally,An interns who just entered the company today。
First, be a manager of the business department.,and then,Real identity announced,turn out to be,He is actually the chairman of the company?
“kindness,In the same year,You manage it very well。”

Spring got up and jumped two steps,Long-lasting weight,He has forgotten what is the weight loss.。

Slightly adapted,Spring came to the field。
“Are you ready?”
Xiao Li and Springs neatly。
Let me see how strong eight doors,How many doors are my water breathing?。
Spring breathing。
The body of the springs fleet,Xiao Li has not responded yet,Just kicked by the spring。
“how is this possible!”Sasuke eyes must be fell。
On the scene,too fast,Many people actually only saw a black film,Xiao Li was hit by it.。
“hehe,Not his full state before?,I saw it.”Big snake pill。
Where did he know how to remove the weight?,I was killed and I was killed.。
“Cough,So strong”Xiao Li stands up。
“Xiao Li,I can wait for you”Spring said。
“Need not”Xiao Li Diking said。
Spring sweeps the eye,Shake the shaking head,Not coming out,I will play it out.。
The body of the spring is rapid again.,Xiao Li Congni。
“Bamboo”Xiao Li Shuangguan blocks the foot of the spring。
“Good power”Xiao Li is a bit difficult。
“good”Square,Actually, I adapt to his speed so soon.。
Xiao Li is a body genius,Even if you don’t have eight gates,But this keen insight is quite very powerful.。
“but,Light is so can’t”
Springs a fierce foot,A boxing hit the belly of Li。
Xiao Li body,Backward,However, Quan Hua immediately came to him behind him.,He is also a punch。
Spring is surrounded by Xiao Li’s constant strike,And Xiao Li will follow the speed of the spring.。
Looking at the small plum that is constantly hitting,Anxious,“Spring is too much.”
“Do not,He is in charge of Xiao Li’s use of all the strength”Ningxing constantly observed the action of Spring。
Xiao Li’s body is somewhat,He is trying to block,But his current speed can’t keep up.。
Spring body body,A high kick,I hit the chin of Xiao Li,Kick him to the air。
Then the spring is born,Then fierce,Instantly appear in small Li。
“This is a shadow!”Metekai said surprised。
“This is the last chance.,Don’t seriously lose”
The body of the spring is like a small Li.。
“Xiao Li,I allow you to use that”Meteki shouted。
If you don’t have to this time,No chance,Three generations of adults are not good,He doesn’t want Xiao Li to lose so miserable.。
This is not what he works.,Exchange results。
“Xiao Li,Bloom”
Xiao Li’s eyes are fierce,coming,Xiao Li’s eyes slightly swept behind。
“Have you realized?,Unfortunately, late”Springs’ hand grabs the arms of the small。

Summary is a little curious,After that,I asked again.,“Do you hate him??”

“Found。But it is late.,My mother passed away last year.。But also……”
Ning Yuan nodded,There is a complexity between the look,Also,“I didn’t think,His identity is so respectful。”
Deeply spit out a sigh,Look straight to the summer,Way,“If it is the strength,He stands on the top of Huaxia pyramids,Can be said that the world,Master the life and death of many people。”
Heard this sentence,Summer is really wrong。
Look at it,Spirit of silk。
“He is called Junli,Huaxia Guardian Alliance。”
When a sentence of Ning Yuan suddenly made summer。
A tea that just drunk in the mouth sprayed out。
Subsequently, the tongue is looking forward.。
“Surpectedly。I am also。”
Ning Yuan smiles,“When I investigate this truth,Shocked more than you……Later,I use all of the resources and methods,Start secret investigation,Later,I only know you.,So I also simply collect all known information about you.。”
Summer slowly。
He realizes,Ningyuan next words,It should be critical。
Ning Yuan looks straight to the summer,“About the contradiction between you and him,Don’t you really resolve??”
There is no one in the summer.,Similarly gaze each other,“I am not a contradiction with him.,But unrecognracted hatred。My parents,My comrades,My master,They all die directly or indirectly in his hands,Do you think our hatred can resolve?,I and him,Definitely only one can live。”
Ningyuan’s mouth,Face has become a bit hard to look。
But he has also experienced a lot,Not an ordinary person,Soon convergence,Say,“Little alleviated room?”
“Do you think possible??”
Summer language has become very。
No matter why the other person says these,What is the purpose?。
He is finally a child’s biological son.。
The two sides naturally stood in the opposite side.。
Ningyuan also thought of this。
Both sides have not spoken,Air is also slow and suppressed。
For a long time。
Ningyuan opening road,“Summer,About you and the grievances,I am not so good now.,But after all, my biological father,But also……He doesn’t know my existence,I haven’t seen him with him.。”
Toned,Welcome the surprised expression in summer,Also,“His identity is too high,I have tried a few times.,But you can’t close,So I want to ask Xia to help a busy。”

Xia Jian picked it up and took a sip and said:“Let’s talk about business,Have you considered what I said on the phone?You have to say if you have different opinions,After all this is a big deal”

“Do it if you decide!Once you take this item,Then you have a foothold in Bucheon。From urban to rural,A great feat of returning from the countryside to the city,You become a true legend”
Guan Tingna said with a smile。She looks extremely generous and natural,This made Xia Jian a little unexpected。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“What’s the surprise!The rivals in this competition are all very strong。And these are all clear,What else is hiding in the dark and not coming out??It’s scary to think about it”
“Then pull up our Hongjian,Bundled with Xiao Xiao’s entrepreneurship to participate in the bidding,This will be more certain”
Guan Tingna is really amazing,Two sentences came to Xia Jian’s heart。Actually Xia Jian really didn’t know how to open this mouth to Guan Tingna。
Although the legal person of this company is his Xia Jian,But Guan Tingna’s dad also invested so much money in,This means Guan Tingna is also a shareholder of the company。And Guan Tingna is responsible for half of the company’s burden,Otherwise, he won’t have much chance to run around。
Xia Jian looked at Guan Tingna,Took a long breath and said:“Tingna who knows me!I don’t need to say much,You actually understand”
“Do it!What is missing, just speak up。Pingdu city,You don’t have to worry about it,Manage Bucheon City”
Guan Tingna said very firmly。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Pingdu is basically fully staffed here,You can use them boldly。For example, Bai Li and Li Yue,You can load them”
“Ok!Bai Li is almost exercising,But Li Yue is too young after all,I’m still a little worried,This matter can’t be urgent,Have to come slowly。Oh!Which of Hu Huiru’s men I met the other day,Which one is Feng Yan”
Guan Tingna stopped right here。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You say her!The woman officer has nothing to say,Just too many ideas,So Hu Huiru has been reluctant to reuse her。If she honestly followed Hu Huiru,Which Manager Lu was on”
“Oh!You mean this person is not thinking right?”
Guan Tingna asked Xia Jiandao a little disbelief。