“I go,This is also kissing indirectly.,Be addicted?”

“Lin girl is definitely it.,Absolutely,Otherwise, how can it be so not?!”
People in live broadcast can’t help but say it.,One by one,AllLsp,The head is the way,It seems that it is very experienced.。
Lin Wei is not going to see the evaluation of her.,A strong eating cucumber,The essential,Ate,Just like it can’t stop,Eat also。
“you……What am you eager?,Eat slowly!”
Xue Qing finally felt something wrong with,Can’t help but say:“Nobody and you grab!”
“Is it so delicious??”
Wu Xiuxiu is a food,But there is not much interest to cucumber this creature.,Just watching Lin Wei eats so hard,I can’t help but ask a sentence.。
“Really delicious!”
There are still many in the mouth of Lin.,Child,A strong saying:“Really delicious,You try to see it.!”
Xue Qing and Wu Xiu Xiu have paid a look,Will believe,Dressing down two cucumber,One person,Learn into Shen Xuan,Lick,Then I bite the small mouth.。
Cucumber crisp,Also special sweet,Acetic,Rosed into the mouth,Last time。
Both people only eat it.,I’m stunned.。
“What’s wrong?”
“It is definitely not good,Both people eat dumbfounded。”
“It is estimated that Lin girl deceived them.,The play is not going on.!”
People in live broadcasts have guess,Every one feels that this cucumber is definitely not good.,Otherwise, how can I stop it??
Almost simultaneously,Wu Xiuxiu and Xue Qing screamed,A thicker,Then I bite a piece of cucumber.。
Big mouth,Just like the previous Lin Hao,Can’t stop。
Three people stand side by side,Human hand, a cucumber,A strong eating,I am too lazy to talk.。
“Trough,Can still be like this?”
“This wall is advertising,Next, guide us to buy cucumber?”
“have to say,Advertising effect,But unfortunately,We will not buy it.!”

Boss silence,Slowly,“There are many strong people in the gods alliance,Among them, there are various magical powers,Ante,Can transform,After turning into,Will be the same as the target。”

“Is this not avatar?。”
Silvester has some disdain,“What is the use?,If only appearance becomes exactly the same,There are many ways in this world to do,Once you have a hand, expose it immediately.,Do you think I didn’t tried this method?。”
Beys again recovered confident smile,“Your Mightiness,I am talking about the power and different,Not only can simulate your appearance,Can also simulate your breath,And your ability。”
Silvester stunned。
He looked at Beth in a very close look.。
Boss smiles,Slightly squat,“Your Mightiness,Just a moment please。”
After the end,Turn around。
About Mo three minutes,He re-entered the box。
Unlike,Side by side。
Silvester suddenly stood up,A pair of eyes,Dead staring。
Because,This person’s body shape,Same as him。
not only that,In the signs of Bery,This person is inactive,A group of white mist。
“Holy light!”
I saw him drinking low.,Stretch the hand,White fog was gently condensed into a silver spear。
Boss smiled,“Your Mightiness,How do you think?”
Silvester didn’t speak,Going to the past,Upper and down,Time before and after。
Half half,He asked,“How is his strength??”
“Of course, it is impossible to be as strong as you.,But the strength of the half-level,It’s enough to blind everyone’s eyes.,Also cope with the peeping of different four law enforcers。”
NS2765chapter three things
Summer with Fangxiang back home。
He inquiry in advance Liu Qingqing,So Liu Qingqing did not go to work,Specially waiting in the villa。
After seeing some cautious square,Liu Qingqing immediately blooms gentle smile。
“You must be a square,Don’t be nervous,Here is your new home.。”
She has learned everything about Fangxiang from the mouth of the summer.,For this dedicated and stubborn little girl full of good feelings。
Her father is a summer comrades,It is also for the sake of summer.,Love house and black,Liu Qingqing is the arrival of Fangxiang,No trace of contradiction。
Reverse,She is very happy,Because the small flowers have finally have a playmate.。
Fangxiang is a bit nervous and cautious,Especially in such a big villa,It is meaningless。
Good enthusiasm in Liu Qingqing makes her gradually relaxed。
but,When I said,Liu Qingqing is full of embarrassment。
“summer,Sister in the future,Call your uncle。”

After all, now,How to deal with this thing。

In fact, in front of you,Shen Xuan itself,The more you look, the more you feel very clear.。
And Shen Xuan itself,It is an active activity,Can’t help but smile。
“Although I am saying now,Really good。”
“but,In my eyes,Still a big cut!”
When Shen Xuan helplessly sighed,Don’t forget to say this。
After all, I will follow it.,How do you plan to do this?。
In fact, their hearts,How to see,How do you feel very clear?。
But just here,Shen Xuan itself,It’s not to take these too seriously.。
“All right,Now,Since we want to solve this。”
“So now,Best solution,In fact, it will start around here.。”
With Shen Xuan, you will look at the eyes.,The more like this,Shenxuan’s face,Surroundings,Why don’t you understand??
So now,In fact, they own,It’s completely ignorant,I want to vent it.。
After all, I will follow it.,How should I handle this thing?,In fact, their hearts,What’s more, the more it is, the more it is clear.。
“Just Shen Xuan,Have you ever thought about it?,Let other forces shot together?”
“After all, Light is light.,Still feeling difficult to have a little big。”
Anguo looks Shen Xuan,Bring a curious face,Asked the next consciousness。
As Agua said,Shen Xuan,It is a little smile.。
This is of course,In fact,This kind of thing does not need to say what Aang said.。
After all, Shen Xuan itself,That’s what is going on。
despite this,But now,How to deal with this in the end?。
Under the case of itself,Such a thing,In fact, there should be this necessary,It’s a key to increase your strength.。
At this moment,Shen Xuan is looking forward,Shenxuan’s mouth,It’s even a touch of smile.。
“very good,In fact, the current,If you have already set this, you have done it.。”
“So now,at this point,I feel,anytime。”
When Shen Xuan looks at the eye,The more like this,Shen Xuan itself,In fact, I don’t think it is at all.,What will I have now?。
And just this,Shen Xuan itself,In fact, it is not too much.。
“Although this is the case,But next,How should I solve this?。”
“I think it is,Next these things,What yourself,In fact, it’s nothing.。”
When Shen Xuan looked at the eyes,The more like this,For the current thing,Shen Xuan knows,Next, you should rely on several other troops.。
Especially shadow troops,It’s ready to be ready.。
The eighth hundred and fifty-third chapter is good, I finally went to us.
at this time,Tang Ming is undoubtedly very happy。
After all, he is currently,In fact, it has fully occupied this stage.。
So in front of you,Tang Nian at this time,It is watching,The more you have a smile on your face。
“Ha ha,Great,Now I am always in the moment.。”
With the Tang Ming,People around those shadow,In fact, it is also almost。
Although it is now,But this,How should I solve it?。
Under the case of itself,In fact, this problem,It doesn’t have any effects。

“Be right,The venom speed is so fast,Attacking the geese is definitely。”

“Poison snake bites the goose,Goose is estimated.,What do you think?!”
soon,A question of a question in the live broadcast。
“Why do you know why the goose is not afraid??”
Shen Xuan is not angry,Continue to explain,“In the eyes of the goose,Humans are very small,Snake this creature,In the eyes of the goose,Just as the ants of people,Antique,Beans will be afraid of snakes?”
So much,People in the live broadcast are the same as listening to myth.。
“Come,Come,You don’t believe,That is optimistic.!”
Shen Xuano’s nature does not continue to explain,I rushed my grandeon to the vegetable field.。
“呱 呱……”
This is called,The snake in the vegetable field is like a big enemy,Run out,In one piece,Do not swallow the Snake Son,It seems like a particularly horrible thing.。
Goose still calls,I also found a group of snakes in the vegetable field.,even,Also open your wings,Pounce,Long neck stretches in front,Call。
finally,A glasses king snake can’t help but,Tour a few meters forward,Swallow,It seems that I want to drive my beans away.,Declare your sovereignty!
NS113Chapter Capital
Chapter 113
“This is the glasses king snake,Goose may not be able to。”
“The snake has two meters long,You see that body,Thick is not like!”
“Let the big goose come back?,Waiting for a white and white!”
People in the live broadcast saw this scene,I persuaded it.,I hope that Shen Xuan quickly took the goose back.,otherwise,Beans are dangerous。
“嘎嘎……呱 呱……”
Goose’s head,Looking at the glasses king snake,It means not to return,on the contrary,Calling more joyful。
“Don’t worry,Goose brother is not easy to retreat easily!”
Shen Xuan said faintly:“Wooden snake in the district,What is I am worried?,You are too small.!”
“Fart,The glasses king snake is a poisonous.,When you bite one, you will finish.。”
“I see Xuan brothers, I don’t care about the safety of Goose.!”
“Vicious anchor,I want to let the glasses kraft snakes.,You just kill the snake.?”
Many people have guess,even,I have begun to suspect that Xuan Ge’s character.。
Really unable!
Shen Xuan looked at the barrage,I don’t look at it.,This does not understand anything in the keyboard.,Just here。
There is no common sense.!

The center of the sphere is a hollow column,The pillars are full of lines,Below is a diamond sheet with various devices and engraved circuits。

Actually even without this verification,Wang Yufei also knows that this is definitely the most advanced quantum brain in the world.,none of them。
Because this quantum brain can now effectively control at the same time102Qubits,Manipulable qubits are twice the quantum computer shown at Google’s previous press conference。
And the increase of qubits,The increase in computing power of quantum computers is not a double,But an exponential improvement。In other words,If the quantum brain of Yuxin technology is only from the perspective of computing power,Its computing power directly dumped Google’s quantum computer to no shadow。
The simplest understanding,OnenQuantum computer2ofnParallel computing on traditional computers。
Shown at Google’s press conference54Qubit computer,Because there is a qubit that does not participate in the calculation,So it is roughly equivalent to2of53Parallel computing on traditional computers,And this Ultrain is being tested2of102Parallel computing on traditional computers。
No basic theory to support,So many qubits stacked together,Can’t effectively control and operate at all。
Of course, if this test is successful,Wang Yufei wants to add more bits。
Wang Yufei’s ideal first quantum brain to come out should at least have300Bits。
If the first stage test passes,This is not a difficult thing。
From the perspective of quantum computer research,Wang Yufei feels that getting from zero to one is the most difficult,Every subsequent bit increase is equally difficult,But when the controllable bits reach ten,The difficulty starts to change to the difficulty of every ten bits added。
And after the controllable bits reach one hundred,It is even easier to increase the difficulty of qubits in units of hundred than it is to increase in units of ten before 100.。
Of course this simplicity is also relative,There are limits。
According to Wang Yufei’s calculations,The existing industrial base is the limit of 300 qubits。More than this number,The task will become very difficult again。
But for the current earth civilization,300The quantum brain of qubits is enough to use for a long time。

“you……you guys……” Li Jiacheng was also shocked,He never expected that Guo Yingdong would say such hardcore words for Chen Xiu,He Rongsheng on the side also added:“What Lao Guo means is what I mean!”

“Have you two thought about the consequences if the three of us go to war?!”
Li Jiacheng stood up and said sharply:“Your two represent the power of Australia Island,There are not a few families that do business with my Li family on Hong Kong Island。
Once we go to war,Everyone must stand in line,By then it is no longer our own personal business,But a struggle between two places!”
“How is that!”
Guo Yingdong sneered:“If you dare to trouble Chen Xiu,,Never die!”
He Rongsheng also said:“What about the two cities war!”
Li Jiacheng pointed at the airways of the two with trembling fingers:“you……You two lunatics!”
He sat down weakly,It took a long time to say:“You go,We won’t have any intersection with us in our lifetime!”
He Rongsheng and Guo Yingdong looked at each other,All out of the VIP room,Can make this richest Chinese man who has been in the position for more than ten years softened,It’s not easy。
what、After the two Guo left,Li Jiacheng’s face is as cold as autumn water,His eyes are as cold as winter frost,Li Zexuan, even his son, dare not say anything。
After a long time,Li Jiacheng finally said:“Secretly check the identity of Chen Xiu,Must be kept secret,Don’t let the He family、Guo Jiazheng。”
“dad,Since I have promised them,Why do we have extra branches。”
Li Zexuan said worriedly:“In case of trouble,We can’t hold it、The cooperation of the Guo family!”
Li Jiacheng is the richest man。
But better than cash,But it’s not as good as He Rongsheng。

Because I listened to the proposal,Cotta Wooden Night will help people with Sasuke,Pulled to different spaces,Ready to break them one by one。

As long as Dharo is not together,She is not seal the danger of her coak wood.。
And look at the three people who disappeared,Night naturally know where they went。
Just touched a touch with the big tube,Let him have not fully recovered Chakra,It is once again consumed seven or eight eight eight。
At the moment,Night, I don’t know how long the Naruto will help.,Therefore, decisively pulled out a long-awaited fairy bean.。
Fairy bean entrance,Feel the massive Chakra return on your body,The physical strength is also back to the most abundant state.。
Then, the night was opened again and finally『Dragon』,Half people’s gesture,In an instant, the only thing in the field also keeps awake in Cardi instantaneous dumbfounded。
Lava world,Naruto faces the chasing of the big tube,It can be described as a bitterness。
A large amount of shadow is in the instant, it has been played.,Although the coastal wooden glow night battle level is not good,But the power of people is real。
And in the small world built in these blood,Castle Wooden Night has natural integration power。
In these small worlds,Casic Wooden Mountain can control everything here,Even no need to use tolerance,Rely on the respective natural conditions here,Can let the Naruto caught in hard work。
A large number of lava in the hand of each other,It is like a life of life.,The overlay is swept toward the Naruto,The shadow is like a generality of paper passers.,Basically, no one round。
Don’t say that each other,Light is consuming,The other party can done him。
And want to be close to each other,I haven’t imagined that simple,Apart from“Huangquan”Space-space skills,Previously bullish,Also let the Naruto stir。
Ordinary shadow is attacked,Will only become a white fog dissipation,And just, his shadow is eating this trick.,Actually, I will gradually disintegrately disintegrate.,Even the memory does not return to his mind.。
Because of the cause of being tired,Naruto is finally revealed a flaw,And a lot of melt is like a huge behemoth opened.,Unrecognizable will swallow him。
Eyes can seal the Ashura, one of the nights, one of the nights.,Darkness is almost, no smile。
But I haven’t come yet, I am happy.,I saw that the hot melt is actually turned black at the speed visible to the naked eye.,Then gradually frozen。
When the temperature is lowered, the frozen magma column is broken.,In addition to the Naruto,More three people,It’s just a night.、Sasuke with Kakasi。
Kakasi used the use of Justice,So there is some low breath at this time.,Because the night is, they don’t know the small world of the Naruto.,So I can only gamble.。
Fortunately, I only used three times.,They not only find Sasuke,I have also found the Naruto.。
Seeing everyone here,It is quite surprised to start,But after seeing Kakasi’s eyes,I don’t think it’s strange.。
“Mother adult,The writing of the white-haired ninja has the ability to open space,It is best to solve him first.。
And his strength is much weaker than other than other people.,Want to solve him, it is easy to deal with others。”
But at this time the big torch,Obviously didn’t hear the words,Instead, put your eyes on the night of the night.。
Because she is surprised to find,Now she is in front of her,More than the shape of the form,And even the Chakra has risen several times again.!
Chapter 864 Three tasks that have changed
No, no recovery of Chakra’s night,Let the big torch,What’s more, he is now not only Chakra completely recovered.,And also used『Dragon』Woolen cloth。
Unfair,Night now, Chakra,It is no longer weaker than the big tube Huachang Night this Chakra’s ancestors.。
And at the moment of chaklila,How to endure someone Chakra to compete with her。
“Naruto, first restore Chakra,Let me first deal with her,Then wait for her to expose the flaw,Finding opportunities to seal her。”
At this time, the night is inciting the dragon wings behind it.,Along with a burst of humming,The night of the night suddenly appeared in front of the big tube。
Colloidal wooden glory controls the surrounding magma,Trying to form a barrier against the night,But the pawl on the night hand,Hot magma exactly frozen。
The claws not only tear magma,Even the narrow brighteps of the night,Out of a white arm。
“Ice dragon’s roaring!”
The dragon magic power under the dragon is greatly improved.,Snowstorm,Even the hot lava world temperature plunged instantly,Most of the melt is actually frozen at this moment.。
Previous lava could not afford the attack of the night,So this time the big tube is wave,A huge view of jade is directly in front of her.,Blocking the violent blizzard。
And to resist the snowy jade,Not disappeared in the first moment,But within a short time,The speed of expansion is getting bigger,Soon, it is like a general size of meteorites.,And smashed down at night。

He secretly thinks。

After heard of words at this moment,He first swept the youth,And then welcoming the eyes of Lu Shao’s et al.,“Did you never cover up??”
Heard this sentence,Lu Xiangdong is full of face,Teeth,“Chinese people,No matter what you have?,I must make you born.……”
Not finished,Summer pupil,嗖,Frontier。
A Senruo knife swept the place where he was just now。
I don’t know when I don’t know when I am.,I didn’t hesitate to attack at the time of the summer.。
But after the hit,Knife instantly disappears,Did not leave slight fluctuations,Didn’t see people。
Summer can’t help frown。
He knows that this is tolerance。
But……How to crack?
His heart has finally got a hint of worry。
Now you can confirm,These people are being targeting themselves,Several young people next to Lu Xione,Obviously not good,Just before they hide too good,Not perfect until now。
Certainty,A sudden scene is also surprised by people.。
They only see a thorny cold light,As for what happened therefrom,Can’t capture with naked eye。
As for Lu Yidong,The corner is even more cavity.。
I am afraid that he is stupid.,This Chinese people are absolutely not ordinary people.。
Otherwise,These only exist in the legendary strongman,How can I at the same time?。
If you kill each other today,So you are never good.,Absolute!
Think here,Lu Xiangdong breathed a cold air……He knows that it is enough to drown his own rotation.。
It is also a thorn cold light from half of the air.,Bump,The clothes behind the summer are now cracking,A blood marke penetrate。
If the words are in one second,I am afraid that he will be smashed by a knife.。
Summer eyes squint,The cold light suddenly shines。
See the summer injury,Xu Meizhen exclaimed。
Summer deep breathing,Express a clean smile,“Don’t worry,I didn’t……”
Not finished,A ice cold knife is abrupt from the air。
Fast arrived。
“Waiting is that you shoot!”

“Damn!President Xia laughed。We both seem to be a little fatter,But please rest assured,We will be able to restore the body to its original state soon,Absolutely maintain a good professional image”

Chen Guohua said with a serious face。Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but laugh。
First2474chapter Exchange blood
Xia Jian made Ruan Lingna’s arrangements simpler,Even if he said that,But the food on the table is still very rich。Already served,Xia Jian can’t say much,Anyway, they are also to entertain him。
Because Xia Jian is driving,So alcohol is definitely not allowed,Ruan Lingna had to drink with Xia Jian。Chen Guohua in front of Xia Jian,Seems more cautious,Ruan Lingna is very lively,Dare to make any jokes in front of Xia Jian。
Three people are talking about work,While eating。What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,He didn’t want to adjust the management staff here,But Ruan Lingna is not willing。
Xia Jian is very puzzled by Ruan Lingna’s actions,But listen to her,Then understand。It turned out that Hongchuanhe Hot Spring has been opened since,There are many old employees here。But some people do it for a long time,Became an old fritters,Not enterprising all day,Think of it as a place to mess around。
Ruan Lingna wants to pass this merger,Clear some people out,Put on fresh blood。Of course,The advantage of this is to facilitate management。
Xia Jian thought about it:“Ok,I understand what you mean。After I return to the group,I’ll let Vice President Guan send you a message in person,Carry out a full assessment,Eliminate some people who don’t do things out”
What Xia Jian said,Ruan Lingna is so happy。But Xia Jian from Chen Guohua’s face,I didn’t see how happy he was。
“Manager Chen!Do you have any comments on what Manager Ruan did??Say it if yes,Today is the three of us eating together,Also discuss,What’s wrong,We can improve”
Xia Jian glanced at Chen Guohua,Smiled and said。
Chen Guohua sighed and said:“Is such that。There are two or three people on my side,At that time, a vice president of Dongsheng Group personally called and arranged to come in。These two have a backstage in Qingshan County,I’m afraid there will be problems if you move them”
“What’s the problem?Manager Chen,You can’t be so indecisive。some things,Can’t bear it blindly。What do we do,I can’t let two rat shit spoil a pot of soup, right?!”
Ruan Lingna was upset when she heard it,She said angrily。

Anxious moment,He feels that it is hot.,But soon disappeared.。

Originally he also felt that the other party was scared,But that moment is a strong feeling,Let him know that Li Mei’s pill is really。
“Now I can go.?”
“Um,You can go to the hospital to check it out.,I promise that I can’t find anything.,And I advise you not to move anything,After all, my fourth chair is your,And I also tell you by truth.,There are many talents in my hand.。”
I heard Li Mei said.,Nie Yang face is also a bit surprising,Some mistakes。
Soon, he also wants to understand it.。
“become,do not worry,Since I lose,Will I want to gamble,I will give you a vision tomorrow.,How about it?”
“Can,At eight o’clock tomorrow,We don’t see it.。”
Finish,Li Mei is also directly let Nie Yang goes away.。
Lu Changsheng looked at Nie Yang’s back,The eyes are also flashing with a murder。
“You feel simple to control each other with a pill.?”
“Giggle,I just have confidence to control the blood wolf within a week.,As for him,If obeyed naturally, it will not be difficult for him.,If you don’t afford, you can only be free.。”
Li Mei’s words are to let Lu Changsheng’s face look very well.。
“alright,Take this thing in these days,Lotus Village is our fundamental。”
Why is the roots of lotus village??”
Li Mei has some unexpected look at Lu Changsheng,I really don’t know why Lu Changsheng said.。
“Don’t you feel that you are stronger than now in Lotus Village??
The most critical is that there is enough practice,I doubt that Li Anti-style has any plan there.,We only need to root there,Then we will be the beneficiary。”
“Forehead,You say this, I really really,I am sleeping naturally there.,A hundred times,And just need to sleep for six hours, it’s almost enough.。”
“Um,so,We just control it here is enough.,Then slow down,After all, if you want to kill the devil, it is not a day two days.。”
Just when Li Mei discussed these things,Li Hui is also busy in the depths.。
After the cool test,I returned to the magic,And he is in the depth of the city.。
Recently, the drug aware house in his opening has encountered some resistance.,But it is all resolved by him.。
Ye Tiancheng is also full of confidence in the drug aware house.。
After all, he also saw Li Hui Feng’s medication.,That day’s account is enough to be a week before he opened.。
This is calculated,Even if it is a five-five branch of pure profit,He is still earned than before.。
I can’t help but feel this decision very reasonable.。
Ye Yen is also started to learn with Li with the wind.。
Li Hui Feng just taught what he understood.,I didn’t expect Ye Yeo, but it is more blue and better than blue.。
Even a lot of net red routines are also used by Ye Yeno.。
Looking at the drug diet in the city’s more and more fire,Li Hui Feng also feels that it is time to retreat.,After all, his main purpose is here to see if you can find Qin Ya Ya.。
Just when he is ready to give all all everything to Su Cooled,But it is found that the surrounding hotel seems to be red.。
And to promote promotion at the same time。
“Lee brother,The meals of the hotel around us seem to have price cuts.,Many people have gone around the restaurant.。”
“fine,Do we still have a lot of customers??”