While shooting commercials during this time,Shen Huan also finalized the contract with Todd Phillips。

The subject of the contract is Fengxiang Film and Television Company。
First stroke1000Ten thousand dollars,Shen Huan has called him,Let him do the initial preparations。
The second batch2000Ten thousand dollars,It will be after the crew officially starts operation,Come in again。
The third batch2000Ten thousand dollars,It will be transferred to the crew account when the shooting is almost the same。
If you want to add something,Todd Phillips is going to discuss with Shen Huan one month in advance。
Shen Huan did not find someone to supervise the crew。
It’s not that he is not vigilant,But this movie is the brainchild of Todd Phillips,He wants to shoot better than anyone else。
Under the premise of good shooting,Todd Phillips is definitely not going to eat money or engage in crooked ways。
And for Todd Phillips,Can this movie succeed?,It’s better for him1000Ten thousand dollars、2000Ten thousand dollars is much more important。
So as long as Shen Huan can monitor his financial situation at any time——about this point,He always writes on the ledger,To an account on the Internet,Convenient for Shen Huan to check at any time。
Young people know《clown》Will get10Box office of more than 100 million U.S. dollars,For those who can make money for themselves,Even if you spend a little more money,Actually it doesn’t matter。
It’s just that Shen Huan didn’t treat Todd Phillips wrongly either,He gave Todd Phillips5%Box office share。
10A little more than 100 million U.S. dollars at the box office,Todd Phillips can at least get5000Ten thousand dollars in compensation,This is worthy of him。
Not in vain Todd Phillips put《clown》Is given to Shen Huan。
Although I will shoot later《clown2》,It also needs Warner’s authorization,But after all, Shen Huan had a good oneIP。

Chen Rong,After Chen Rui officially joined,One is assigned to the administrative department,One is assigned to the sales department,The new environment is new to them who have just stepped into society,Follow the company‘’senior‘’A little learning,I have a fulfilling life every day。

Chen Rong in the administration,The daily work is relatively fixed,Come in the morning to do the hygiene of the office area,Take notes of daily meetings in the company,Daily work completion assessment of staff in the office area, etc.,She quickly became familiar with the basic process of work,The relationship with the surrounding colleagues is also handled more harmoniously,Sitting across from her is a sister named Zhang,Zhang Tonglai Company3More than years,Responsible for the promotion and maintenance of the company’s corporate website。
Zhang Tong is bigger than Chen Rong5year old,Have1.7Taller,The whole person is like a pen,Eyes slightly sunken in。
The chin is as sharp as a knife,She tells Chen Rong about her life status and privacy from time to time,I also listen to Chen Rong’s life from time to time,Once on the way back to the dormitory after get off work,Zhang Tong patted her shoulder:‘’Let me introduce you boyfriend,You look so beautiful,I should find a man to love you。
‘’Chen Rong has not revealed that he already has a boyfriend,Just came to a new company,Can’t say too much about anything,It’s not easy for her to reveal these new friends,She bowed her head,Move forward,Zhang Tong thought she was a girl shy,Seems to reveal the meaning of acquiescence,So she made an appointment,Push the man she wants to recommend to her!
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 29
On Friday afternoon,Zhang Tong sent a message to Chen Rong:‘’at night7point,Donghua Building5Lou Liang Liang Fashion Restaurant,Please go to the banquet on time,‘’Chen Rong looked at Zhang Tong who was opposite,Zhang Tong made a victory?Gesture,Made Chen Rong confused,,What is this,This guy is too much。
Finally off work,Can’t hold Zhang Tong’s soft and hard foam,Chen Rong had to promise her to see,Chen Rong let Zhang Tong go first,Go home and change a suit。
The way back,Chen Rong called Chen Rui:Illustrates the emergency,Come to the rescue,Chen Rui made a request,Can help you block:But in exchange for a pair of brand-name sneakers and two movie tickets。
Chen Rong agreed,Help her to dress her up after going back,In the mirror, Chen Rui saw that her image had changed,Is different from my previous style,Worried to ask:‘’sister,I’m worried that I’ll show my stuff later,I can’t learn you!
‘’‘’That simple,You take out the side that you least want to show,Do the most unaccustomed action again,Become what I look like!
‘’‘’It turns out that the two are so different now,I have to reflect on this question!
‘’‘’All right,Don’t be poor,Not enough time,Hurry up!‘’
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 30
Chen Rong lying on her sister’s bed,Flip left,Think right,I always feel worried about what will happen,But comforted:This is also to maintain the friendship just established,After this time, I have a showdown with Zhang Tong,No longer do it!
She slept for a while,The bell rang,It’s Chen Rui:‘’3sister,Oh no,Eating here,Encountered a statement,She treats me as you,Give me a scolding,I’m in a dilemma now,Awkward,Chen Rong almost laughed:‘’Is that a coincidence?What is his face,You paint me。‘’

I don’t see how the buckle drops every day!

The Clippers still have strength,After playing for a while, you can see that this team was able to keep up with the Spurs last season、Mosaic’s all the way to the tiebreaker is definitely not a fake product。
Especially their bench seats are realTMArrogant。
Take a look,Ke Liu,Run away from walkers“Junior Brother”Reims·Stephenson、Paul who joined this season·Pierce has an ex“Eagle King”Josh·Smith、Wesley·Johnson.
Everyone on this bench is enough to make a starter,Even in the league,The Clippers’ bench is also one of the best,Basically no team can come up with such a luxurious lineup。
In the second quarter, the Pacers’ bench was beaten up。
However, the front lineup performed well,When the two sides entered the second half,The Pacers are still leading!
“How much does that damn guy score?”
In the locker room of the Clippers,Griffin took a sip of Gatorade,Ask the staff nearby。
Griffin sinks。
“Is it halfway??”
Why doesn’t that guy look so silent,The data is so powerful?

but,Disappeared three years ago。

Just a few hours ago,This person,Return to the Lin Family。
right now,The entire Central Plains,Anyone from a big family,all know,Lin Shao is back,you do not know?
This is the person being asked,Reply content。
“I remember。”
“This person,It’s really Shao Lin。”
“because,three years ago,When i clean the garbage,Seen in Lin’s house。”
A certain middle-aged man。
Hear this man,Recall the memory of the year。
then,Also followed。
“Oh my god!”
“This person turned out to be,Our Central Plains area,Which young master is the best。”
“No wonder he was shocked just now,Even the so-called righteous brother,Not afraid。”
A certain woman,Hear this,Said with shocked face。
“nonsense,Brother Yi is a fart。”
“Lin,That’s the best。”
This woman’s boyfriend,Heard what my girlfriend said,Open road。

Yugoslavia has the upper hand in terms of attack success rate and patience.。The game is slow,dream3The team can’t make a fast-paced attack wave。

On height Yugoslavia is not at all disadvantaged,Therefore, it is difficult for the U.S. team to penetrate the opponent’s defense line when it is transferred to a position。Yugoslavia21ratio14Lead,The score of Dream Three is terribly low,The gorgeous lineup didn’t work at all。
With David Robinson、Charles Barkley、Anfini Hardaway、John Stockton and Richmond’s second lineup,The U.S. team started at the end of the first half5In minutes。Catch up34ratio35Only difference1Minute,At this time Wilkens replaced the heavy weapon O’Neill,The latter turned around and stormed to get back the lead。
Wilkens presents Robinson and O’Neal’s twin tower lineup,Want to control the air dominance in the penalty area in a slow-paced game。In the passive position most of the first half,At halftime,Relying on the advantage of the depth of the bench,The Dream Three team used the second and third team to smooth the difference and lead5Minute,43ratio38。
Just started the second half,Conflict on the court。Malone clashed with Divac while grabbing an offensive rebound,Two sturdy guys are about to fight with their arms together,When everyone in Yugoslavia saw the situation, the admiral Malong surrounded them。
Reggie Miller outside the encirclement circle can hardly squeeze into the punch,An inspiration came to encircle Wei and save Zhao,Go straight to the opposing coach,Now Yugoslavia really cares about one and loses the other,Hurriedly withdraw troops,Ma Long was able to retreat。
Wilkens cleverly replaced Malone with a hot brain,Change to Barkley to continue to attack the inside,Soon Divac, who has the same brain fever, ate two fouls and graduated with honor。Now Yugoslavia’s inner line suddenly lacks towering trees。Admiral David Robinson begins to show off,His excellent athletic ability coupled with his height and arm length,It made it very difficult for Rebraka to replace Divac。Fast pace,Let the U.S. team quickly establish a tactic of breaking through and giving Robinson the ball,The speed of the latter receiving the ball to putting it into the basket made the slow Yugoslavia like an audience。In the middle of the second half,The U.S. team has67ratio55Lead12Minute,The balance of victory and defeat gradually shifted to the dream team。
Barkley in the second half9Minutes also5Offense,It can be seen that the confrontation between the two insiders is fierce。Until the end of the game6More than minutes,Dream Team 3 leads15Minute,But Yugoslavia did not give up,Still fighting hard for every attack。
Wilkens changes again,Robinson as the center,Hardaway、Miller、A fast lineup of four guards from Stockton and Richmond,Abandoned the attack,Do your best to speed up and pursue a counterattack after steals,This trick worked,Let Yugoslavia be exhausted in fast offense and defense。
The game still has3Minutes and a half,83ratio63,Victory or defeat。The players of the third dream team began to show a relaxed expression off the court。In fact, Yugoslavia’s performance has exceeded most people’s expectations,in front15Minutes they can lead,before30Minutes can match the Dream Team。
At last1minute,Wilkens will be the first hero,Unique28Divide7Robinson with a rebound,Let O’Neill, who is itchy at his leisure, go up and move around,O’Fat is a steal,Let the dream team get the first95Minute。Finally in Stockton’s dribble,The clock is over24second,Dream Team III won the gold medal without any risk。
Chapter Twenty Team roster

Such propaganda,In addition to spending a lot of money,Nothing wrong。

Just like the previous life。
Many people are marveling《Avatar》High box office。
But many people don’t know,《Avatar》Of global promotion costs,It’s also ranked first in the history of movies。
Even if it arrives2020year,There is no publicity fee for a movie,Can and《Avatar》On par。
I’m afraid it can break its publicity expense record,I can only sharpen the sword for more than ten years《Avatar2》Up。
《Gift in Room 7》It’s also an excellent movie,But if you don’t have Shanhai.com’s investment in shooting at no cost,,Without the desperate money-spending propaganda of Shanhai.com,It’s really not as good as it is now!
Good things are piled up with money。
This sentence,to some extent,Still makes sense。
First366chapter The princess’s plight
So in the film industry,Money is a good thing。
It just so happens that the princess has money。
She is really rich。
Nothing else,Just talk about new accounts opened in the last year1000Ten thousandVIPuser,The cash flow brought to Shanhai.com is18Billion。
Various advertising revenue,Is gradually increasing,Compared to three or five years ago,It’s almost a hundred times。
And because of the money-burning characteristics of Internet companies like Shanhai.com,Shareholders have always invested a lot——So much investment anyway,If you don’t continue to spend money,All the previous efforts were wasted!

Qian Daoliu immediately scolded“Kid,I told you to find!I didn’t call you to use soul skills in my elder hall!”

Still such a terrifying spirit ability,If this kid has a range of spirit skills,Isn’t it going to destroy the elder hall!
Then Xu Sheng and Qian Renxue sat face to face,And Qian Daoliu on the side is watching the two with cold eyes……
Xu Sheng is too cunning,Who knows if he will take advantage of his absence,What to do to my granddaughter!
Want to inherit the angel god,The chastity of the heir must be there!
otherwise,Will completely lose the qualification to inherit the angelic deity!
Qian Renxue pressed her thin lips as soft as cherries,Staring at Xu Sheng’s cheek,Asked softly“Xu Sheng,What is it you came to see me?”
On the other hand, Xu Sheng’s gaze was an unhappy look at Qian Daoliu……
Then I looked at Qian Renxue,Nodded“Something,And it’s very important”
Qian Daoliu looked at him coldly from behind,Even if Xu Sheng wants to say something, he feels a little tied!
Secretly annoyed“Does Qian Daoliu like being a light bulb so much??”
Qian Daoliu who saw through Xu Sheng’s mind sneered,Raised his arms secretly“mock up!I see how long you can talk like this”
Qian Renxue thought about it,The amber pupils are a little curious,“Important matter?Is it related to me??”
Xu Sheng nodded,Took off the cloth covering the forehead,Showing a crimson mark!
Qian Renxue looked at the deep red diamond mark on Xu Sheng’s forehead,Subconsciously stretched out a smooth finger to stroke it……
There is only one feeling for her,This crimson mark does not seem to be implanted,It’s more like it’s already in the body!
However, the soft touch brought by the fingers touched Xu Sheng’s heart.……
Qian Renxue’s face flashed a few blushes after he recovered,Hurriedly removed his fingers……
She almost forgot that she had her grandfather Qian Daoliu watching them behind her。

Seeing the body push back,The left side is in a position to soften the head,Huang Lei is also a little nervous,But fortunately, the other party doesn’t seem to have much ability。

No one at all,Before Huang Lei laughed at him twice,I don’t want to hear the sound of a car,An enemy is coming!
chapter Ten Little trick
A jeep,4personal。
The car quickly came to Qiaotou,It is estimated that it was attracted by labor and management。
Huang Lei can see clearly,But at the same time, I also saw that this guy is reckless,Actually still holding a gun,Still trying to beat Huang Lei down。
Shooting Huang Lei down with a gun is simply useless,Obviously this guy has lost his mind,To do such stupid things。
More stupid,At this moment, he didn’t hide。
Huang Lei looked at the lively labor and management below,I also saw the jump from the jeep4personal。
I basically don’t even think about the latter,Labor and management were knocked down,People4Individuals only need one of them to shoot and sweep,Can sweep him down,Without any hesitation。
This guy is already lying on the ground,The other party only needs to make up the gun,Absolutely becomes a box。
obviously,They didn’t mean to immediately kill the labor and management,I guess I want to fish,Keep him as an inducement,Let the labor and management crawl on the ground。
Don’t know them4What are the individuals communicating,Suddenly circled him,Dancing in front of him,I guess it’s showing off。
Not for a while,4People are moving,Two people hide behind a box piled up not far away。
See here,Huang Lei naturally knows what they want to do,Really is fishing,But this kind of fishing never worked for Huang Lei,Don’t say he can see clearly on the bridge,Even if he just arrived here at the bridge, he knew the trick very well,He won’t let himself be deceived。
After all this is a trick,And it’s commonplace。
The other two people don’t go around,Stop playing around with labor and management,Also found a place to hide。
Later, a person found that the car parked at the bridgehead seemed more eye-catching,Went over and drove the car under the bridge。
The movements are so skilled,Good technique,Looks like a veteran。

I know wrong,From now on I will never dare to order Lin Shao your people。”

It was so arrogant before,But at this moment it is becoming very respectful。
“Then go find a car soon?
Can i find it for you?”
Rely on the old and sell the old,You don’t take me Lin Yu seriously, right??
Hear this,Lin Yu asked coldly。
Being so intimidated!Old Zhuo dare not be in front of Lin Yu,Let your hands go。
Can only leave the villa,Out of the door,Then he started to let his subordinates do things。
of course,Before doing business,Give me a slap,Vent Lin Yu’s dissatisfaction with him。
at the same time!Lu Wei who is about to leave Jianghu City,The whole person was stunned at the entrance of the train station。
See this,Lu Wei’s wife slapped over。
“What are you doing?
Never check the ticket again,We’ll be over in a while。”
It hurts!This is not dreaming,This is real。
“Ah wife,We don’t have to go。”
Found to be true,Lu Wei shook his hands and shouted。
Snapped!Slap again!“Are you stupid by me?”
Lu Wei’s wife,Asked angrily。
“Do not,Not being beaten up,look!”


“I am a little tired now,Want to rest。”
Siyue said with apology on her face。
“It’s ok,Siyue。”Bo Ren helped Si Yue lie on the bed and said,“You rest well,and also.I will protect you this time。”
Naruto Tower。
Naruto Office。
“Naruto,Are you still in the country of fire??”
Call via video,Shikamaru and Naruto got in touch。
“Ok。”Naruto nodded and said,“I am discussing with Sasuke about the countermeasures against instant fire,You just think of a way for us。”
“I’ll talk about this later,Naruto,I have one thing to tell you。”
“Did something happen in the village??”
Naruto’s face gradually became serious。
“Ok,but,It’s not something that will harm the village,Actually,We found Siyue outside the village,and,Siyue has something to say,Makes me care。”
Naruto’s expression slowed down just now because he heard something that didn’t harm the village, with a surprised expression。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty One Invade the brain
“Siyue,I came to see you。”Open the door of the ward,The blogger with condolences said,“Siyue?what happened to you?”