See the jar merchant leaving,The man struggled fiercely。

The room on the second floor has only three doors,The bedroom of the man and his wife,Daughter’s own bedroom,And study。
After investigating the first two rooms,The jar merchant stopped in front of the study。
“stop,You guy!”
“Keep me quiet!”Hua Huo suddenly acupuncture at the man,The man fell to the ground weakly,I could only watch the jar, the businessman pushed aside the study, and made a surprised sound。
“what happened?”Because I have to take care of men,So future bloggers did not follow up to check。
“This guy,Actually raising a zombie。”
Said the jar merchant。
Looking at the ugly zombie in front of the little girl,Kahuo’s face also showed an ugly expression。
“Talk about it,What exactly is going on?”
The man hummed,I don’t even care about future bloggers’ inquiries。
“I think i should know.”The jar merchant said,“According to my reasoning,It should be his daughter who was infected with the zombie virus,And those ninjas should have come to prevent the spread of the virus and kill his daughter,But in the end in his resistance,And at the cost of my wife’s life,Protected this zombie.”
“She is not a zombie,She is my daughter!”
“How to do,Blogger?”Hua Huo asked for the first time facing this situation。
“Killed that zombie,As for this person,Send a letter to Master Fengying,Fengying will send someone to deal with it。”
“Don’t,Don’t kill my daughter!”Man screaming,Grasping the corners of the future blogger, begging。
Sorrowful,Listeners cry。

“I will work hard!”

Shen Huan nodded,Serious way。
prove“Fermat’s Last Theorem”,Good master, there is a reward!
I beg you to order all!All orders!
First280chapter What style of painting?
Two-day Mathematical Olympiad,Is suffering for many people,But for many people,It’s also very easy。
When a person is good at something in a certain field,Then he won’t get bored。
Shen Huan is done6The questions are easy,Come out, Teacher Tao Jun took the question and his answer to study,Treat it as a standard answer。
The remaining5After each team member,Also copied them all,So Tao Jun watched them one by one。
He was a little surprised at first sight。
Not only is Shen Huan nailed down42Minute,Li Naihao can at least get40Minute,The most stable Yao Kai is also very likely to be42Minute。
Xia Jiajun and Lei Xiaode are at least35Points above。

Then decisively broke out coercion,Only a moment,The three soul guides exploded in an instant……

After the orange looked at the parts that fell to the ground,Just frowned“Surveillance Soul Guidance Device!”
Her Soul Guidance Device is around level five,And Wuhun is not very talented……
So it’s normal to not perceive these seven-level surveillance soul guides!
Qianyu Leng Leng Road“Ok!Every time these surveillance soul guides are destroyed by me within a week,Someone from the college will install the new one”
This Sun Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy should know that he has discovered a surveillance-type Soul Guidance Device,But still tirelessly changing,For this,Qianyu is very puzzled……
Orange nodded thoughtfully,Then I sat on the bed with Qianyu……
“Qianyu,Is it true that you told me to control Xu Tianran??”
Qianyu explained calmly“Ok!That’s one of my spirit abilities,Ability to forcibly erase the opponent’s consciousness,Become one’s own servant!”
Even oranges,After hearing the effect of this spirit ability,I can’t help but feel tight……
however,The orange still spoke softly“thank you,Qianyu,If it’s not my request,You must have killed Xu Tianran?”
Although she doesn’t have a good impression of Xu Tianran now,But the fact that you can’t get rid of is that the latter once saved himself!
In love with reason,I don’t want to do too much……
Qianyu Wenyan,Just calm“Ok!”With a……
After the two talked a little longer,There was a knock on the door……
“Da da da”
Qianyu stood up without delay and walked to the door,Open the door slowly……
After seeing someone coming,Slightly surprised“Dean of Mirror,Are you looking for me?”
The person here is Jing Hongchen!
His eyes gleamed at the oranges in the room,Then smiled towards Qianyu and said“Qianyu,Come to my office,I want to talk to you about something”

Fang Hao said modestly:“I didn’t do anything,Just paid a little money,The main result is the general manager Zhao you sent,He is the hero。”

“You don’t have to be humble,”Zhao Jiajiadao,“I know Yang Jun’s ability,Not incapable,But it didn’t reach that point,Many people can do what he can do,But what you can do,Ordinary people can’t do it。If it wasn’t for you to promote that mask,That mask is produced,Still slow。He can’t change this situation,But you changed,So you are the real hero。”
What she said is the truth。
The same mask,Can’t sell in the hands of others,Can only be stacked in the warehouse。
Yang Jun’s management ability is stronger,He has no way to change this situation。
If it wasn’t for Fang Hao to promote it online,Drive so many fans and passersby to buy,How many masks are produced,How much money will you lose,In the end, I can only let Gu Mu come to the bottom。
It’s not that Gu Mu can’t afford such a loss,Just doing that kind of nonsense,There are still some risks after all。
It’s sold clean and plain like this,That’s the real achievement。
Gu Mu also said:“This guy has no other abilities,The ability to carry goods is quite strong。I think he made a live broadcast room to live broadcast the goods,More money than publishing books。”
Fang Hao smiled and said:“Only occasionally succeeded in bringing the goods,Too much,Not comparable to those professional。”
What he said is also the truth。threek
My leek garden is the size,Develop several products,The number of leeks that can be cut。
Develop dozens of products,Leeks that can be harvested,Not much more。
Develop hundreds of products,There won’t be much growth,On the contrary, profits will decrease due to increased costs。
Only so much potential,All dug up,That’s it。
Gu Mu only looked at his ability to carry goods once or twice,I thought I had that ability every time,I take it for granted。
Fans don’t have so much money for him to harvest every day。


There’s this thing?”
After that, look at Lin Yu,Disdain:“Kid,do you know who he is?
He is one of the top companies in Ganghwa City,CEO of Yunhai Enterprise。
You dare to ask him to apologize to your mother,Are you looking for death?”
“He has money,Does it have anything to do with me?
If it doesn’t matter,See you in the court。”
People have seen a lot,But like this one,Such an unreasonable person,Lin Yu’s first time seeing。
“it is good!Then I am waiting for your court summons,Mr. Xu,let’s go。”
Hear the broadcast sound in the lobby,Fifteen minutes before the auction starts。
People who did not enter,Please come in in time。
Fifteen minutes later,No entry allowed,Li Yunhai scolded,He left in a hurry。
Seeing these two people leave in a hurry,Lin Yu quickly caught up。
Because the sound just broadcast,Came from the direction the two people were walking。
In other words,This auction venue,Is near the broadcast。

I didn’t think about anything after hanging up the phone,I searched the Internet and saw what department was linked,Later, I can’t hold myself on the Internet,It’s light,What if it’s heavy。

My Father,The face was white and fat in high school,Now the face is dark and thin,When letting them eat better, they promised to be very diligent,But you depend on what they eat,You will feel very sad。
Usually eat cabbage tofu,Occasionally buy meat to treat yourself。What they do is physical work,I’m really worried sometimes,But you can’t be by their side,I’m really confused about what to do sometimes。
Occasionally i go back,Fish, chicken legs, chicken feet or something,Because i love to eat。Go back last time,Dad bought it specifically2Crab,Later, I heard my mom nag me,Your dad said early,The girl came back and bought crabs for her。
I didn’t eat it and it ended up in my stomach。Every time I leave, I go to the supermarket to buy some bread and rice porridge at home,Let them take it with you every day。
I9Food bought in the month,10I basically did not eat when I went home,Ask why not eat?Wait for you to come back to eat。
I said I bought it for you,Do not eat expired,then11Month home,Still not moving there。
Sometimes you really don’t know how to tell them to eat those things you bought。My dad is far away from work,All morning4Get up more and cook rice,Then pack up and go out,Do not eat breakfast in the morning。
That rice is cooked for my mother。my mother8Point to work,6Get up more and simply fry vegetables and eat,Because it takes half an hour to ride an electric bike where my mom works,So she leaves every time she calculates the time。
Sometimes I really feel that our family is very tired,It feels like it’s not as smooth as other people’s lives。
My two little girlfriends,There’s nothing like this at home,Sometimes really envious。Although I don’t think about things,But when I turn off my phone at night to go to sleep, my tears can’t stop falling,It’s sad to think about what my father and mother have been like for so many years,And I just graduated two years ago,I don’t feel much help,Very disappointed in myself。
Really feel,Life is so hard so hard。Really tired。
I’ve been quiet in my father’s thing last night and fell asleep late。A small partner called early this morning and woke up。
Look at the phone,9Too much。Hurry up and go downstairs to buy noodles and eat,Because I’m so hungry,And there is nothing to eat at home。

should say,All bets and open disks are both extremes,Betting here for many years.Stone trade,I don’t really like this way。

So the most popular ones are window opening and half betting。
Although this price is much higher than full bet,But the risk can be reduced a lot,Also better reflect one’s vision and luck。
Actually there is a bigger bet,That is gambling。
Direct Zone Myanmar,flower5000Ten thousand、1Billion、2Billion、3Mountain tops of different sizes under 100 million packs,Then I dug everything out,All the jade dug out is yours。
But many hills have been dug,It’s not uncommon to have no stone,One or two billion、Three to five billion is over。
Ignore these。
Shen Huan is at the Jewelry Pedestrian Street, one of Ruili’s five major jewelry parks.。
In addition to the large and small shops here,There are many stalls here beside the stalls,Even carrying a leather bag,There are tens of thousands in it、Millions of rough jadeite。
Shen Huan comes here this time,Not alone。
He brought Shui Qianyu。
Although Xiao Shuishui did not express dissatisfaction with Zhang Yaya’s previous behavior,But now Shen Huan has returned to China,Of course she wants to be with Shen Huan more。
After all8Month after,Shen Huan is going to study in Huajing。
I can stay together for two or three months at most a year,Time is too little。
It happened that Shen Huan asked her,Do you want to accompany him to Caiyun to buy jade?,Of course Shui Qianyu readily agreed。
Caiyun has good weather all year round,This time in the summer morning,Sun rises,The temperature is not very high,It’s suitable for everyone to hang out and buy things。
When Shen Huan and Shui Qianyu came to the Jewelry Walking Street,There are already thousands of people hanging out and bargaining here。

The terrifying breath immediately suppressed all the energy in the space, Lin Yan was also revealing his body dozens of meters away.,And the other one hundred thousand year old soul beasts suddenly showed fearful expressions at the Deep Sea Demon Whale King。

When the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea fell into the sea, he saw the huge breaking waves directly blast all the spirit beasts around.。
The huge deep sea monster whale king emerges from the sea,Two terrifying eyes showed a slow killing intent,Lin Yan knows there will be a terrible battle today,And this Deep Sea Demon Whale King will never let him leave here easily。
“Kid,long time no see!”The deep sea devil whale king roared,The terrifying power almost made Lin Yan fall in the cold water,Fortunately, the power of the spirit ring was used to barely resist this terrifying momentum。
“Last time this emperor didn’t know what’s wrong, his cultivation level suddenly dropped,Otherwise you really think you can escape the palm of my hand,Really ridiculous,How could I let you leave here since it came here today,Swallow you, this emperor will definitely be able to break through the final threshold and become another sea god,And you will be the emperor’s ladder to the top!”The Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea smiled coldly,The cold feeling immediately caused Lin Yan and the soul beasts to tremble.。
That’s right, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King has already recovered his previous strength.,And the seven spirit rings on Lin Yan began to tremble at this moment,This is the coercion of terror,And Lin Yan’s soul-breaking spear also made the sound of dragons,This time stronger than ever。
The Deep Sea Demon Whale King frowned and looked at the soul-breaking gun in Lin Yan’s hand,Last time Lin Yan didn’t have any chance to use the Soul Breaker,So it can’t tell,And this time staring closely at Lin Yan’s soul-breaking gun and the sound of dragons。
“I didn’t expect your martial soul to be a soul-breaking spear,Hahaha,interesting,After swallowing you, the emperor’s strength will increase even more,By then, who in this world can resist this emperor,This emperor will unify the entire continent and kill all of you,This world will enter the ice age forever,a ha ha ha!”
At the moment when the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea laughed wildly, the other soul beasts over a hundred thousand years began to recede,This is not what they can stop,The Deep Sea Demon Whale King is the emperor in the sea,If you are still here, I’m afraid you will have to die here。
The Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea looked coldly at the surrounding soul beasts receding,There is a greedy expression in the eyes,Swallowing these few will also increase its strength,How could it easily let go of these soul beasts。
The greed and cold eyes of a few soul beasts saw the Devil Whale King of the Deep Sea make them tremble.,Immediately turned his head and ran away,The Deep Sea Demon Whale King sneered,Its huge blood basin opens slowly,Suddenly the escaping spirit beasts were sucked back。
“Do not,Don’t,The emperor don’t kill us!”The great white shark shivered and shouted。They are not easy to practice,How could you die here willingly。
“Hahaha,You are all soul beasts in this emperor’s waters,The emperor needs you to obey and dedication unconditionally,Living for more than 100,000 years is enough,Be the power of the emperor,Hahaha!”
Said that the suction in the mouth of my Deep Sea Demon Whale King has increased a little,Several soul beasts showed unwilling expressions on their faces,But how can they resist the power of the soul beast of the deep sea demon whale king,I was sucked into my stomach in the blink of an eye,Lin Yan was shocked. The soul beast that was a hundred thousand years old was so easily wiped out.,Is this the dominant existence in the ocean??
“Old man,I’m afraid I can’t beat it!”Lin Yan said solemnly at the inner world Yuntian,He can feel the gap they only see,Before Lin Yan came to this world, he liked to see Douluo Continent,Of course he knew that Tang San had reached Title Douluo level when he killed it before.,Even if he owns the best martial arts soul-breaking gun, he still feels that powerless feeling。
Is Tianyu’s arrangement hurting him or helping him?,If you really die here today, how will you talk about achievements in the future。
And at this time Yuntian also walked out of the inner world,The soul-breaking gun in his hand is also exceptionally bright,Lin Yan was a little puzzled and didn’t know what Yuntian meant。
“brat,Let’s make the shot together this time,Do you remember what Tianyu girl said??Don’t panic,Underestimate the enemy,If you want to succeed,But also the way!She meant to let us attack with all our strength,You can’t handle the Devil Whale King of the Deep Sea,After several years of recovery, the old man has recovered to almost the level of the 98th Title Douluo,But the old man can’t stay outside for long,The decision is half an hour。”


Early next morning。
The sunlight came mottled into the room from the window through the gap of the curtain。
Lu Ban opened his eyes。
Vaguely heard something outside。
He opened the door of the room,I saw Kong Xi cleaning the table,Today’s breakfast is on the table。
Sit down and start to eat breakfast。
Kong Xi just gave him a blank look,Didn’t say anything,After all, I’m used to Lu Ban’s problem that he doesn’t brush his teeth and wash his face and just pinch the bun and stuff it into his mouth.。
Ban Lu turned on his phone while eating。
I saw Gu Qiao’s message at first sight,Casually returned oneokPast。
“Your sister said to come back the day after tomorrow,do you know?”He asked Kong Xi。
Kong Xi pushed the milk in front of him,Urn sound:“do not know,I’m not her boyfriend。”
Since Lu Ban and Gu Qiao fell in love,She obviously feels out of favor。

Ms. Wang cried with aggrieved expression。

Li Yiyi stood up quickly underground,Heard what Ms. Wang said,Also uncomfortable:“Woo woo!!!What a poor dog!I was so scared that I couldn’t distinguish people,Bit me。
It must be you bastard,Scared such a cute dog。”
You got bitten by a dog,You don’t thank me。
You gave me a backhand slap?
Lin Yu’s entire face turned black,If I knew this,Don’t save people even if you die。
And Ms. Wang saw Lin Yu not speaking,Even more angry:“how?
Guilty conscience,So you dare not speak?
Even if you don’t speak,You have to kneel down and apologize to my dog today,Otherwise don’t think about it。”
“This lady,Your dog was scared like this。
Just kneel down and apologize is not enough,You let him eat the poop that the dog pulled out,So as to make the dog happy。”
Li Yiyi heard this,Wiped the blood that was bitten by a dog,Excited。
Chapter Eighteen
“Beauty you are right,It’s not enough to just kneel down and eat my dog’s feces,So that the dog can be relieved。”
The dog owner Ms. Wang heard this,Agree。
And the dog in the distance,Seems to understand the dog owner。
Want Want,Called several times in a row。