If one day,I was admitted to Qinghua Jingda,Do you have to set off firecrackers all over the city??

Shook his head,Shen Huan walked inside。
Of course a group of female students didn’t let him go。
“Shen Huan,Congratulations!”
“Classmate Shen Huan,You are amazing!”
“Shen Huan,Do you have the time?What I don’t understand in math,Want to ask you!”
“And I,I want to hire you as my tutor,good or not?”
“Classmate Shen Huan,We want to listen to your lecture collectively~~”
They are so enthusiastic,I kept squeezing to Shen Huan’s side。
Thanks to Shen Huan’s rich experience,Just escaped the siege,Ran into his classroom。
See Shen Huan coming in,In the originally lively classroom,Suddenly deserted。
Shen Huan found,Everyone’s eyes are a little different。

I saw that the huge Wuhun Temple has been shrouded in night……

Bibi Dong thought very calmly,The corners of the mouth rise slightly unconsciously……
Look at Xu Sheng,Qing Guo Qingcheng’s cheeks flushed a little,Then passed away in a flash……
Stand up and slowly move closer to Xu Sheng,I stretched out my palm and patted the latter’s shoulder gently……
Pretending to be indifferent“Xiaosheng,It’s getting late,Sleep here today,Just talk to the teacher,Okay?”
Xu Sheng’s legs stiffened while standing,The whole person is as if struck by a thunder……
What is this?
I’m in a master-disciple relationship with Bibi Dong now!
First, the lone man and the widow were alone in the room,Then Bibi Dong let him sleep with him!
Oh my God,Why is the development of this plot always so bloody??
Could it be that we should develop a teacher-student relationship with Bibi Dong?
Xu Sheng shrank silently,Forcing Bibi Dong to release his palm from his shoulder……

Zhan Li knew they were listening secretly,She said that on purpose。

I have to tell these two little fairies——You don’t even have the courage to repost Weibo,Still grabbing a man from my mother,Where does the confidence come from?
Of course it also showed Fang Hao——Those two women are unreliable goods,The old lady is really good to you。
Hongyan there,Of course Fang Hao ran to thank you very sincerely。
This is what he needs to thank most。
No Hong Yan endorses the character,He really can’t hold this wave of public opinion,Can only use the money earned from crowdfunding as originally planned to make a facelift and start from scratch。
Hong Yan waved his hand:“What’s so thanks,You can do anything to save yourself,Couldn’t I even repost it on Weibo to express support??”
And a few others,Fang Hao doesn’t have much communication。
The other people didn’t have any ideas to communicate with Fang Hao.。
A breakfast for eight people,Awkward eating,Even if Hong Yan worked hard to mobilize the atmosphere,Can’t mobilize。
After breakfast,It is also equivalent to the completion of the recording of the program at this point,Everyone goes back to their home。
Fang Hao didn’t leave right away,But found Zhou Qingshan,Said to him sincerely:
“Zhou Producer,Yesterday my incident had a bad influence on the show crew,If you think I’m not suitable to stay in this show group,I can leave this show,Won’t embarrass you。”
Anyway, they really want to push him away,He can’t stay,Might as well take the initiative,Look bachelor。
Zhou Qingshan glanced at him,Smiled:“Not that big problem,You did well in the show,We will not let you leave the show for this reason。”
The program team really cannot fire Fang Hao for this reason。
A man who gave up himself to save others was disfigured,After getting repaired by the doctor, he became very handsome,Is it his fault??
The program team fired people because of such things,That is going to be scolded。
But he didn’t say anything to death。


Mo Ziqin turned his head and sneered at Abin,“He was killed by you just now,Why come to confront you face to face?He will really appear in front of you now,Are not you afraid?”
When Ah Bin heard this, his heart trembled,Anxious:“Chief Mo,You don’t want to squirt people,I don’t even know that Zhou Tao!How could you kill him?!”
When the man on the side heard this, he suddenly raised his head and looked at Abin in surprise.,Then turned to look at his elder brother,I was shocked,Obviously he already guessed it,Brother didn’t give Zhou Tao money at all,Let him run,But killed him!
Wan Xun’s complexion is very plain,No facial expression fluctuations,It can be seen that his mental quality is extremely high,Looking at Mo Ziqin coldly and saying:“Director Mo,We have explained what should be explained,If you come here as a guest,I welcome,If you come here to make trouble,Sorry,I will not accompany you!”
The voice fell off,Wan Xun ignored Mo Ziqin again,Turned around and walked into the house。
“Hold on!”
Mo Ziqin said with a calm face:“Who said let you go!boarding,Come back to the game with me!”
Wanxun turned his head slowly,Squinted coldly:“Director of Mexico University,You can catch me,But please show your evidence!”
His voice fell off,Mo Ziqin suddenly rushed to him,According to his lower abdomen is a neat kick,Wanxun has no time to react,Mo Ziqin kicked to the ground。
Mo Ziqin slammed,Staring at his face,The face is extremely cold:“Wan Xun,You may have a misunderstanding about our Mohist school!I want to catch you,No evidence needed!”
The voice fell off,He immediately took out the handcuffs to handcuff Wanxun’s hand。
Abin’s complexion changed,Immediately stretched out his hand to grab Mo Ziqin’s arm,But Mo Ziqin seems to be prepared,His arm jerked back,I don’t know when my left hand has an extra black pistol,A bang directly hit Abin’s right leg。

“Just sign on it,You are from our Qingyin Department!”

“After adding the light part,Not only delicious tea and pastries to enjoy every day,You can also be in the same room with four beautiful girls!”
“Classmate!Don’t miss the opportunity and never come again!”
Under Lynn’s watch,Tian Jing Zhonglu first gave a light cough,But soon,There was another dazzling light in her eyes。
Draw out one entry application,Her scorching eyes and bewitching words,It really makes people unable to raise the thought of rejection。
“Pain pain……What are you doing?It hurts!”
I haven’t waited for Tian Jing Zhongrui to finish the bewitching words,Akiyama Mio, who was already flushed on the side, smashed her head with a fist。
This made the law team clutch their heads and shouted pain,Almost there was a grin。
“What are you talking nonsense!What does it mean to be in the same room with four beautiful girls!Is this what a girl should say?”
Tian Jingzhong is aggrieved,Qiu Shanmiao was so angry。
after allMIOIs a shy person,Hear this kind of speech from a friend,It’s weird if she doesn’t go crazy!

Lu Shanshan’s face is red:“No way,Let her own woman get rid of the child,Don’t eat tiger poison,Even the emperor,I go to mother and keep children at most。”

Qiao Long couldn’t help laughing:“Yue Ge,You are kind of interesting。”
Gu San didn’t expect Shen Zhiyue to be such a lively temper in private,But being cheerful is a good thing,I can tell my thoughts。
Gu San said:“Nodake,What is your opinion on your role,Even though,I will listen。”
Lu Shanshan thought of the villain Shen Zhiyue played in the past,All seem ruthless,Just for money。
“Teacher Gu,Speaking of my previous role,I don’t seem to know what,All like money。In their eyes,Money is the most important。”
Gu San nodded:“indeed,In the eyes of men,The money is naturally placed very high。But the reason why men chase money and fame,Isn’t it for women??”
Lu Shanshan seems to understand but not understand:“So my role is for women by all means?wrong,This is not scumbag。”
Qiao Long shook his head:“Zhiyue is too young,Some things he has not experienced,Can’t feel it naturally。In fact, men pay much attention to their own face,Own desire,So everything you do,Just for desire。Don’t just understand it as a woman,You understand that desire is better。”
Listen so,Lu Shanshan understands:“Thanks two teachers,I get it roughly。”
Dangling in the crew this day,Lu Shanshan can only take a few photos to keep,Never spread。
“Yue Ge,The script I got this time is very different。”
Lu Shanshan returned to the hospital and said excitedly。
Shen Zhiyue was eating red bean cake brought by Lin Tong,Speak vaguely:“My mom will call you later,Don’t panic。”
Lu Shanshan stayed for a while:“What is your mother looking for?”
Shen Zhiyue has no good air:“I blame you,You don’t want to inherit my mom’s family business,So I can only distract her,She should be very reluctant now,Find your own way to enlighten。”
Lu Shanshan one head and two big:“Yue Ge,Why are you cheating me again?”
Shen Zhiyue raised his eyes:“what do you mean,Let her come back,Teach you how to do business?”
Lu Shanshan sighed:“Yue Ge,you win,You just rely on us to spoil you,Do whatever you want。”
Shen Zhiyue touched his cheek:“Actually, I think it’s not bad to be a well-loved little girl。”

Manager Li is equivalent to being blocked by the entire industry!only,He doesn’t know this yet!

“Xiao Li!”immediately,Mr. Pan sighed,Solemnly,“I just let you leave,This is because you have been with me for more than ten years,otherwise……”
Speaking of which,In the eyes of Mr. Pan,Flashed a foul light。
“hiss——”Manager Li suddenly took a breath。
He just remembered,Mr. Pan is not a good crop。
To be precise,Can make the business on the scale of Mr. Pan,A few more will be good?
And Mr. Pan’s eyes gleaming fiercely,And let Manager Li fully understand,What a terrible big person I have offended,I don’t have any luck anymore!
“Thank you Mr. Pan,I’ll go through the resignation procedures later!”Manager Li said desperately。
“Ok!”Mr. Pan just nodded casually,I’m already thinking about how to apologize to Chu Yi。
at this time——
Noisy sounds outside the office。
Then there was a sharp scream from a middle-aged man:“Chu Yi!I have to kill you today!”
Hear this voice,Mr. Pan and Manager Li’s face changed suddenly。
“It’s Mr. Qiao’s voice!”Manager Li Liandao。
The two got up in a hurry,Rushed out of the office,I can’t even look at my tea。
“Chu Yi!I have to kill you today!”


First919chapter Deal with rogue
got inside12month,Most of the students started to prepare for the final exam。
For college students,This is also a rare busy time of the year。
Many university libraries finally ushered in the most crowded time period。
Judging from the current domestic situation,Basically the same as another world。
Worked hard12year,She started herding sheep after entering the university。
Only one month before the exam,So I can read it at night,Pray to sharpen the gun,Don’t have any trouble。
Shen Huan once heard such a sentence,During school,Which school’s library,The most people at night,Then this school must be a good school。
If you think about it, it’s really like this。
Take a look at the library of Qinghua Jingda Futan,When it’s absolutely normal,There are many schoolmasters who read and study carefully here,It is absolutely impossible that this place is crowded only before the exam。
This is especially true of those famous schools abroad,There are people who study all night long。
So don’t blame others for always giving out some Nobel science prize talents,It’s all accumulated on the basis of day by day hard work。
Didn’t the ancestors say?
As long as the skill is deep,Iron rod grinding into needle。
Unless you hang up like Shen Huan,Otherwise, don’t want to get a golden doll with a day’s hard work。
Shen Huan actually worked hard。

“Oh,Ok。”Qiao Yiyi handed the bag to Mo Xiaosheng,

“You go back to the house first。”
“Ok。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded,Back to the room with Qiao Yiyi’s bag。The moment he walked into this room,He suddenly felt,Something might happen today。
He might be kicked out again,Or being forced to divorce Qiao Yiyi。
If Qiao Yiyi is really willing to divorce,He doesn’t force it,I’m sad at most。
really,It’s not long before Qiao Yiyi entered Holly’s room,Qiao Yiyi walked out quickly with red eye circles。
She came to the room,Not say a word,Came to Mo Xiaosheng and saved him,Then I cried silently。
“what happened?”Mo Xiaosheng asked。
“It’s nothing。”Qiao Yiyi shook his head,She looked at Mo Xiaosheng,Say again,
“I don’t want to live here tonight,Let’s rent a house outside。”
“Ok,as long as you are happy,Anything。”Mo Xiaosheng knew she must have been wronged。
“Ok,Then let’s go。”Qiao Yiyi nodded。
“Take some change of clothes。”
“Ok。”Qiao Yiyi tidied up briefly,Picking up the bag and Mo Xiaosheng left the room again。
They just walked to the living room,Holly and Jod came out,
“Yiyi,you come back,What are you doing with him?。”Holly said something。
“He looks like this,You still follow him,Don’t feel ashamed。Everything costs you,He is a big man who doesn’t know how to live with his face。”Jode looked at Mo Xiaosheng,Curse。
“Big sister,you come back,Divorced him。”Jory also came out。
Qiao Yiyi looked at them,Cold eyes,


Send message,Gu Qiao rubbed her hot cheek。
Of course this is a psychological effect,In fact, in the eyes of the staff around,She just has a cold and stiff face for too long and needs to move her lower muscles。
Gu Qiao and Luo Yu talked about going back to dinner at night。
Luo Yu didn’t care。
Just curious,Just now she clearly remembered when Gu Qiao received a call from home,I said I was busy today and I won’t go back to eat。
Really busy,
New album just started recording,There are many places to adjust。
Luo Yu knows that Gu Qiao is a workaholic,Once I work, I can’t even care about eating.。
Why are you going back to dinner again??
“Maybe I want to rest。”
Luo Yu sighed,Gu Qiao is really tired recently,After filming the TV series, he held a concert without stopping,Just after the concert, I went to record the variety show on Mango Channel。