Terror air waves and various rays,Can’t see three people’s movements。

Can only see a sharp impact on a matched front,Constantly。
Summer,Two big super strong。
The ground has been trembled。
With the three people constantly touching,Found,Only the wavy waves make the nearby big trees,But also,Wooden trees are like snowflakes。
Successful and deafening,Three people who are entangled together like light,At the same time, fly out。
Summer adjustment center,Foufoot,Body shaking,Zhang mouth spits out a few big mouth blood。
http://www.jhyamy.cn Shake and Orlando are also not good。
It is connected to it.,The two people also left a few deep-deep wounds.,Outside the osmotic blood。
“It’s just that!”
Summer 绽 冷光,Leave a residual movement to kill the past。
Now now,It is impossible to retreat.,It is more impossible to get。
Only one side can live out here。
Summer pressure is very。
Whether it is rushing or Orlando,It is a strong opponent,Join forces,His situation is more difficult。
But he is very bad,I didn’t leave the way for yourself.。
The war is once again opened again.,Both sides do their best to make。
period,Summer causing crisis。
Most dangerous,Shake lights with that gold and titanium rigidly,And Orlando takes the opportunity to shoot,Gold fighting gas condensed spear blood hole wearing his throat。
So much,Also leaving a http://www.hojoy888.cn deep could be left behind。
This battle,For summer,Extremely hard,Nearly suffering!certainly,The shake is equally uncomfortable with Orlando,All-around。
And the two are extremely wronged and resentful。
To know,They can’t take themselves under the summer.,It’s exhausted。
But this is more more to let them want to kill the summer.。
This is only 20 years of youth,Combat consciousness and talents are too enchanting,If he grows up,It will be a great enemy of the Great League.。
All desperately。
So,They have been playing for nearly two hours,I am seriously injured.。
But still no results。
At the end,Summer playing real fire。
Hurt injuries,He western killings。
A big star map was sacrificed by him,Rotate half-air,Eutner down。
Like a natural collapse!When the huge star is pressed,The earth issued a http://www.yaliliangjing.cn dullness,Start rumbling cracking。
Orlando and rush face,Want to exit being covered,But I don’t want the summer, I will intercept the two people.。
The ground on the square is dramatic.。
After all, I still don’t stop the two people.。
When they are rushing out of the cover,Star chart falls on the ground,As a nuclear blown fan。

“so,Zou’s big family,It turned out to be the destroyed?!this,Do you forget to participate in it??!”

“Scorpion!These two years,Edited by the energetic,Ram home,Both of this,Or I have been related to forget?!too frightening!”
“But,Why is he doing this??Zou’s family has always contacted outside,Not like it is like a man who can be revenge with people,How can I get a door??!”
“It must be‘Zou’s heart method’!”
A variety of different sounds in the ear of the Taiwan Shangyinzi,Let Yu Mingzi sink,More in the eyes。
http://www.dreamhorsetoys.cn Sudden,明子 一 微 微 微 微,Look at Yunchin Road:“What is Zou Miss say??I but I am a disciple.,Where is the strength destroy you in the night??”
“You look at these individuals,Are you successful by your words?!”
“Ah,Yes?It’s really good to say.!”Yunqin laughs:“You said no,Then, your chest is never healing scars.?Isn’t it not to mix my Zoujia?,Specially gave yourself a fatal wound?”
“For my home method,You are really painful!Do you want it??I will let you taste the taste of Zou’s heart method.!”
Say,Yunqin has completed the first round of heart method,Controlled colorless field,Just instant,Just cover the whole ring.!
I just had a nonsense with you,Can not be white!
A year’s time,Yunqin has completely combined with the control and Zou’s heart method for the phoenix.,And I realized the silent law,Control the scope http://www.weizhenyifang.cn of the field。
Concentrate,Can superimposed domain power,I can control the immertive beast,A kind,She wants him to taste,Zou’s suffering!
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS190chapter Dishie, he is a magic24
Feel the full body‘Control force’,明子 is in the heart of the heart,Also bring some excitement!
He wants to get Zou’s heart method,It is a similar manner for Zou’s heart method.。
Now it seems,This Zou Yunqin is clearly upgraded by Zou’s heart method.!
This is for him,Absolutely a good thing!
“It is the only one of Zou’s heart method.!Tenior skills are good!Since you have upgraded your heart,Then I will thank you first.!”
明子 中 中,Controlled Yunqin in the entire field,Clear and unparalleled。
Flashing in the eyes,Very quickly,Raise hands,Controlled intangible wire,Directly shot to Ying Mingzi。
Ku Mingzi is not hiding his strength,Intensiveness,Soon show that it is close to the strength of the Kingdom.。
The people under the stage once again emit a sound!
“How many days!It’s actually a superior master.!this,This is in the young life,Can’t do it.?!”
“This strength,In Zongmen,Can already be a teacher?!”
“I am now believe that the disciple is telling the truth.!Have this strength itself,I want to exploit Zoujia,maybe,It is also possible!”
On the second floor,A corner,The three forgotten the disciples who also wear a blue gap dress are all faceless。
“Hao Fei brothers,I will know that this is not a good person.!I just said that this kid entered the door.,I lost a few months.,It turned out to go to the people.!”
“What are you talking??!The woman’s distinction is to fall into the brother.!Three years,Which ofk, which is a teacher, who is not respectful to you??!”
“You actually believe that an outsider said?!”Among them, a female face is not happy.。

“But then,Please don’t disturb our meal。”

When Jiang Ya said to here,Now,It’s like slapped Zhao Shijie on the face。
Even Zhao Shijie,Now I’m a little bit angry。
Even in Zhao Shijie’s look,Now words,I won’t talk about other things for now。
But then,How should we deal with this。
Just these problems,Actually it’s already quite tricky。
So seeing these,At this moment,Zhao Shijie smiled triumphantly:“So,Actually, I really want to see,Who is this lucky guy。”
“do not know,Is it an honor for me to meet?”
When Zhao Shijie’s remarks are finished,obviously,Looks at Zhao Shijie,Actually I am a little eager to http://www.zhuangyan086.cn try。
Start now,I won’t talk about other things for now。
But then,How to deal with such a problem,It’s actually pretty good。
And looking at these,For the moment,Jiang Ya is very angry:“Zhao Shijie,Invite http://www.yeamax.cn you out。”
Jiang Ya thinks,Zhao Shijie hates it very much。
Especially with such a stalker attitude,For other women,May be a little useful。
But these,Actually put it on Jiang Ya,It’s useless at all。
After all, Jiang Ya’s heart,For Wang Teng,Still very much。

Otto is definitely not the opponent of Xilin,Don’t see it now difficult,Continue to lose or yourself。

and,Xilin has just been hidden by Judah’s vows.,Under such conditions,Xilin is still so powerful,The law is really not to be underestimated.。
Own body,Still need more debugging,And accommodate more energy。
but,It is already enough。
“Miss of the law,I am almost going.,Looking forward to our next meeting。”
I shouldn’t appear now.,But can’t let go of De Lisa by Xilin,Record data what,It’s just a matter of doing things.。
Otto is smashing the black fog,Calm,Before leaving, I didn’t forget to give Hanjiang.。
Han Jiang reaction timely,Under Red http://www.shkaibei.cn Blocks, Otto。
Otto’s eyes slightly flash,It is a strong,Still me weaker?
A little thoughts,Otto still chooses to leave,No matter how much it is,There is only one end of the second law.,That is dead。
Wait until the second law is consumed.,That is the time that I came out。
Outo leaves,Xilin chased it。
No matter what sudden headless clown male,Get Han Jiang and then revenge to deceive himself!
Xilin’s arm gas has a big fire,Angery flourishing Hanjiang,Flying to half, looked at your arms.。
“it hurts,This flame is not my strength.!?”Xilin looked at the flame burning of their own,Roar:“No matter what something is in my body,Give me,Go out!”
Huge flame ran out from Xilin’s body,Hanjiang, a few hundred meters, felt the burning heat wave,Block your face with arms。
Xilin looks at the flame,The core of http://www.englishdiary.cn an emergence of the second law was strange,The core of the ruling, but God gives yourself.,How can I happen?。
“That is?”
Xilin saw a small square in the Flame Center,The small square is intact,In the continuous release of a hot flame。
Temperature of the flame,It seems that the flame of the law is also high.。
“what happened,That is I created in order to trap Qi Guan and Ceszilia。”
“The wall of the cloist is not destroyed,But how the flames come out?”
“them……What did you do?!?”
The flame suddenly started to rise into the shape of the dragon,Rotated around the square,A tall man appeared……Or,monster。
The de Lisa faintly about the ground seems to be Qifu Fei.,But he is very thick.,And behind the tail……What it is?
Xilin is surprised to watch Qi Gay,This man……Is it a person?……What is still a monster??
Say he is a person,There is only endless chill in the eyes of Qi Gay.,The left hand becomes the claw of the broken beast.,Don’t mention the tail of the spread of his spine。
“This is not a collapse!”Xilin quickly judged the conclusion,She has an absolute supreme command to the crazy beast,This monster is no longer within the scope of the monster.。
Xilin bites his teeth,“Only the ant ant will make these……scare!?”
Qi Guanfei is very thick right hand or right claws,Grab the head of Xilin,The flames on the left hand hit this http://www.ushuai.cn flame to Xilin。
“Give me a quick release!”
Xilin is playing on the chest of Qifu Fei.,Huge power does not make Qi Gay’s body shape, even if it is one。

Tarop seems to kill the summer.,No hesitated admit,And the face is full of viciousness。

“These years,I have been collecting all information and information about you.,I never let go of one,I have been looking for a chance,Looking for a chance to kill you,pity……”Merely,Her face has a sad sadness,“Unfortunately, Avuli and Os did not listen to me.……Yes!You kill my family,You said that you should not die!”
Summer is not angry,Faint,“Your father kills me so much comrades,Harmony, die,I am looking for him to revenge.,Be right,I killed your family.,You http://www.pianopartner.cn are looking for me to revenge,Be right。”
Toned,Swift,The sound is full of coolness,“But you shouldn’t shoot people around me.,Say,How do you want to die?。”
Taro is not a laugh,Laughing sharp harsh,Grievances。
Griffin, who stands straight, stunned。
He knows Tarop so long,I have never seen her like this.。
Laugh,She stared at the summer,“Come!Kill me!”
“Do you think I don’t dare??”
After the words,Summer lightning can explore the right hand,I buckled the opponent’s neck,“Where is my friend?!”
“Cough……Hahaha……”Brain congestion suffocation,Let Taro’s face,Severe cough,But she still issued a creepy laughter。
“Me……I will not say……There is a kind of,You,You kill me.,Kill……”Summer eyes。
Judging in an instant,This woman is a madman。
I am afraid that I don’t care about my life.。
http://www.hzyjhwhz.cn “Hahahaha……”It seems that the summer is alleged,Tarop is once again sharp laugh.,“You……You do not dare……Dare to kill me……Hahaha,I just stand in front of you.,Tell you everything,You don’t dare to kill me.……”Her eyes are dead staring at the summer face,The face is full of virus that cannot be described,“Me……I know how you are alone.……You used to never threatened,After that, no one dares to threaten you.,but now……You have weaknesses,Hahahaha……”Her hiking cheeks,Surging hysterical madness。
But the sound suddenly became calm.。
“If you don’t dare to kill me,Please let me go.……If you don’t want your friends to die!”
The killing in the eyes of summer is like a black cloud.。
The sound is even more invincible cold ice.,“You have confirmed me very well?”
Talk while talking,Not only do not let go,Five fingers slowly。
Tarro,Two eyes,Looking for oxygen in vacuo,issue‘Bamboo’the sound of。
“Falling in my hand,You think you can keep your secret?”
Five fingers。
“Your performance is very realistic,Put yourself into a madman who revenge care,Hehehe,Are you still tender?,wanna die,Not so easy,But Laozi will make you born.!”
Five fingers。
Tarope’s hands and feet struggled。
Respiratory suffocation and the taste of brain congestion,And illusion in front of you,There is also a very similar voice like the ear.……Let her clearly feel that death is slow。
This is not the same as you expect.。
He actually dares to kill the hand!this moment,Even Taro is confident and determined,Some are not sure at this moment.。
Her urine,There have http://www.newlandshop.cnbeen signs of failure。
That is not afraid,Instead, the brain lost the performance of full body muscle control.。
Tarop is afraid。
Really afraid。
She still doesn’t want to die now.。
“Oh……”at this time,A sigh,“Let go of her.,Your friend is there。”

As for why he is injured,That is not known.,It is said that the award of the Wudao Conference was robbed by a gangman master.。”

“So to say,The martial arts conference is also a year later?”
Wang Yuxin looks different,“to be exact,There are still about ten months,I guess,South Palace can use the Wudao Conference to deal with you。”
Summer look is surprised,“How to say?
I don’t participate in the martial arts conference,How do he for me?。”
Wang Yixin light channel,“Every hundred years of martial arts conference,The most powerful reward is very attractive,First,Will be given a very deep martial art by http://www.lightera.cn the main master of the Temple、Secret、Secretation、The same is the same,The mad dog has been a place,It is said to be a very deep secret.,Just him too Zhang Yang,The result is huge,The graphic of the secret surgery was also robbed.。”
Paused,Also,“Second reward,Can meet the strongest a wish,The premise is that this wish is the master of Xian Temple.。”
Narrate,Summer is really wrong。
“One of the conditions to participate in the Wudao Conference,Must be under God。”
Wang Yixin’s voice came,Just the demult,“I said before talking to you.,Something and you said……When you are closing,Nangong Liang has come to the East, go to you.,I am blocked by me.。”
Summer is full of eyes。
Wang Yixin will send a weapon,Say,“But he let me talk to you.,Forced you to participate in the martial arts conference,if not,If he got the http://www.mobi-x2.cn first,Wishing to the three temples,Let you refine a set of taxi,The three temples will not force you,But if you refuse,Will definitely be sinned……”Summer eyes become cold,But I also feel heavy pressure。
This is a positive,Step by step,Let him go without the way。
NS3510chapter repair
> President of the king
NS3510chapter repair
Nangong debut is a poisonous snake hidden in shadows.,Peek and persecution from time to time,Let summer feel a lot of pressure。
He returned to his own residence,Sub-handling,Ready to continue practice。
Dare to have slightly slow。
He takes Huang Jing out,Swallow。
Fifty-year-old most pure,Many of the energy contained in the Lingtong Terrace。
Happen,The pound of energy makes the summer gas blood,Happily,Like cooked。
Under the dark devil,Produce a huge gravitation,Life is swallowing Jingjing。
Then start refining。
Dantian,Dark magical dragon out,Shake your head,There are nine beautiful cyclic bearing tapes like nearsh clouds in vitro。
And in the dark devil,Like a flourishing black light,Very twisted like burning。
Naked eye,The ninth annular light strip has clearly contored some。
And in persistence。
For three months,The energy of Huang Jing is only refined by one tenth.。


Nan Ge didn’t know where to have a few birth, a little sweet potato,Staying in front of the stove:“Inside。”
“I will not。”Zhou is a novice。
“It’s burning on both sides.。”Nan Ge guides him。
“Can’t be burnt?”Zhou。
“I won’t come!”
“is this correct?”Zhou Siye will put several sweet potato into the http://www.lygfk.cn stove,Location that is burning on both sides,And said to the probe to the stove,“I am not burning very well.?”
“You see my firewood,Piece a pyramid。”Zhou Li,Supplement,“This helps to combust。maybe。”
“……ill。”Nan Ge’s diagnosis。
“……”Zhou Silent。
Zheng Yuki began to laugh again。
Don’t think there is anything,Nan Ge is an abnormal person in his heart.,An abnormal person,Can you understand that a normal person’s thinking is not a normal thing??
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 204 Very harmonious
Yin a day,During the dusk, it was a sun.。
Zheng Yizhen specially used a casserole to do the rice,She cooked rice to half cooked,Take the water,Fried bacon,Plus potatoes and clear and like to eat mushrooms……Not yet,The aroma has already come out.。
Practice is actually like clay rice。
Care dishes are ready to be ready,They are all Zheng Yizhen’s own halogen、Boiled yourself,Or the sausage bacon。
She deliberately mixed chicken chicken,Celebrate the taste of Nange。
What is hot dish?,Most of the raw materials, she also packed it properly.,How much time it is frying in the lower pot?。It is symbolizing some of the more than a year.,Zheng Yuki intends to be a boiling fish。
Nan Ge is obeying,It is difficult to imagine a good vision, you can have such a good kitchen art.。
They are busy,Zhou is still shrinking before the stove hole,Hand holding a bowl of rice soup,Drinking rice soup while the small mouth,Alidendly make your own firewood art。
Mi soup,I will warm up the whole person.。
From time to time, Zheng Yuki will deliver the pot to him and Nan Ge.,Let them taste the savory,Welfare for them。
Hot oil is poured into the fish basin,Tear up a cars,The aroma of the pepper pepper is excited.,Oil is still boiling in the basin。
I don’t know that dinner is actually doing it.。
Zhou Jiyi。
The nanta said to him on the side of the dish.:“Sweet potato,Clip,Burnt again……I know that http://www.lylj888.cn the burning fire will throw it in the wood.。”
Zhouzhi is not awkward,Use only the hot pliers to buried sweet potatoes on both sides.,Put on the side。
Nan Ge went out again,Looking at the red potato,Be careful,I am scalling her call.:“Ok, Ok,just,Waiting for us to finish the rice。”
“Maybe this is the genius.。”
“You are poisonous.……”Nangang headache,Repeatedly,“Don’t put it on the ground,Before the bobbin,Not easy to cool。”
“Go out to eat!”
Zhou Zhi from this only。

The village chief Wu Daxie found Qin Zhijia at noon,Question,“Let you scare down Shen Xuan,Let him hand over tens of thousands of rents,How do you do it??”

“village head,I……I’m not going,find someone else!”
Who knows,Qin Zhi, which has always arrived,But it is difficult to,“I……I am really afraid.!”
what’s the situation?
Wu Dawei http://www.honghaibo.cn frowned,Ask:“What are you afraid of?,Shen Xuan is a nerd that has just been graduated.,do not understand anything,You said something,Does he not??”
Qin Zhi did not believe,Can’t help but say:“village head,The little family raised a wolf,Black bear,I am really afraid.!”
Raise a wolf?
Dark bear?
How can this be!
Shenxuan a nerd,How can I raise such a fierce animal?。
“Who is your kid to lie?!”
Wu Dadoy is a hundred do not believe,“Wolf and black bear,What is Shen Xuan?,He is not a fairy!”
“This is real!”
Qin Zhi has been frightened,Say:“Anyway, I will not go to Shen Xuan more.,To find yourself!”
This kid!
Dare to pick up?
“Row,Then don’t regret,I have to 20,000 yuan.,Don’t want to take you a cow.!”
Wu Dawei did not believe this evil,Drop a sentence,Go http://www.15banglun.cn straight。
I’m thinking in my heart.,Go to Shen Xuan in the afternoon,Get 20,000,As for Qin Xuan, Shen Xuan, who said.,Have a black bear,He didn’t believe it!
Go back home to have a meal,Wu Dawei’s hands behind,Go to the foot of the mountain。
Soon, I saw Shen Xuan standing in the shade of the stream.,What are you waiting for?。
Wu Daxie got the past,Shouted。
“village head,What are you doing??”
Shen Xuan saw the other party,Asked。
“Still because of stone mountain rent,Ten years of 50,000 pieces too little,You will give more than 20,000.,I have brought it together.,If you have no problem,Add a 20,000,I will give you a chapter now.!”
Wu Dadoy took out the contract,Tangible。
Shen Xuan took the contract,It is still a ten years above.,Means of,This Wu Da friend is the benefits of extortion 20,000 pieces.!
Shen Xuan refused,“I have already gave it.,I will not take a penny for you.!”
NS21Chapter Friends come
Listen to Shen Xuan’s words,Wu Daxie’s face is not good.。
In the countryside,Ask for people,Which is not given,Don’t give money?

When he walks in the street,When you enter a alley,Sudden body shape,A few steps,Then quickly rush it in。

All this happens in an instant,There is no slit in the middle。
Shoot from the gun to the summer avoidance,Take more than ten seconds before and after。
Five gunmen have some daze。
They can’t imagine,Some people can retreat safely in the rain of bullets.。
Five pistols with silencer,Five gunmen with precise shooting skills……More than ten seconds,It is enough to let them kill anyone。
But the scene just now is beyond their understanding。
“I saw http://www.maidikuai.cnhim shooting.,Old three old four,You go back to the back,The second and old five are blocked in front of me.。”
One of the faded and fierce big men,Fast convergence clips,Rowing towards the street while。
Just rushing through the street,Prepare the preparation,Summer is from the alleys。
He blooms cold light,The body is shot into a very violent murderous。
Murderous, simulation is essential,Spread the centered on the unbelievable speed,I have a flour of five guns。
Five gunmen are all right,Follow the instant color。
No need to nonsense at all,All crazy buckle triggers,A road gun is swaying。
“咻咻 咻咻……”
Summer is moving。
He is like never appeared,It has disappeared in the same place.。
Just like ghosts generally disappear。
Next second。
The http://www.zolcorp.cn air sounded in the air。
Sound does not know where,It’s like the boring thunder in the clouds.。
Two of them still don’t know what happened.,Just feel that a giant is hit,Send a scream of screaming。
Follow,The other three are also as broken, the kite is generally flying.,Heavy collections。
Da da da。
Footsteps sound。
Five guns raised up,Seeing a man Xu stepped。
People are young people,Tall,Poker face,A dark scorpion is blooming for a cold light。http://www.digetongfang.cn It is summer。
NS1071chapter Yellow chops
Wonderful window free reading!
Summer looking a step by step。
Five gunmen who fell on the ground。
They want to stand up。
It can be found out below,Perseispanic acid,Then, it is extremely severe pain.。

“Shock,Xuan Ge actually has a body!”

http://www.puhuisl.cn “How many days,A brother of Xuan Ge has a body incense?”
“Be too incredible,It’s a treasure boy.。”
A shock in the live broadcast,All amazed。
According http://www.soaptown.cn to routine,Male like Shen Xuan,There is no sweat on your body.,Actually there is a body incense?
“All right,All right,Hurry and go to work!”
Shen Xuan urged:“You still want to eat meat.?”
I heard this,The two big black bear all promised。
but,Big Black Bear on Dry Agricultural Living This kind of thing,I haven’t experienced it.,Looking at a wasteland,Some of them!
“First digly!”
Shen Xuan simply taught the handle,“Round the weeds,When did this weed the weed clean?,You can eat meat.!”
Looking at Shen Xuan’s pulsating action,Two big black bear has a model,Start to learn。
“Row,let’s start!”
Shen Xuan see the black bear does,Let them start。
Two big black bear burys her head in the grass,Don’t have fun。
And Shen Xuan is back home,Move a chair,A table,A pot of tea,Sliced a plate http://www.bsfoto.cnof fruit,All got under the shade。
Leaning on the lounge chair,A bit of tea,Eat a fruit,Look at the two big black bear 吭哧 吭哧!
This day,Don’t have much wonderful!
“Good guy,Xuan Ge’s little days are too beautiful.!”
“Happy life of modern supervision。”
The days of the two black bear are too horrible.!“
People in the live broadcast are very happy。
“What live room is this??”
“Newcomer report,I want to ask,Is this live broadcast of the anchor??”
“Good guy,I am coming to the world world??”
soon,The flow between the live broadcasts will get more.,Many barrage,Just more are curious,Why didn’t you see people?,Just see two black bear in pulling with grass。
“咚……Congratulations to host reached 70,000 heat achievements,Reward draw once!”
what’s going on?