Similar apologies。

The strategy used to rebellion now is the same.——怼 怼 立 立 马 道 道 道,Don’t give her a chance。
Mad at her!
Zheng Yuki is still gently smiling,Reply:“I have a customer, please go,Tofu is also him.,Too paved,I have a 20 dish, I will eat it every time I eat.。”
“Be so far away。”
“fine,Half a day。”Zheng Yulai said light,“Recently, Jin Shi has several teachers.,It should be true。”
“Is the list becoming less??”
“A bit。”
I heard that the horse was twisted.:“Do you want to join hands?,Put those goods……Done!”
His hand is more than before the neck。
Xiao Zheng girl stunned,Also see。
Zhou Zhiyou said:“Don’t take him,Our business that we have received from Yizhou last month is also less.,He is very angry,I am going to give others a day later.,Don’t dare to go。”
“what?”槐 蹙 蹙,“What is I not dare?!If you are stopping me?,I have already done them.!”
“In fact, I didn’t stop him.。”Zhou Zhi Zheng Zhengfu,Sound is gentle and calm。
“What do you say??Still not because I guessed you will stop me.!”The old demon face is red.,old styleCPUHigh-speed operation,Thinking how to save the image of the big devil who kills people without blinking,“Moreover, I have all changed my evil.,I have swearing……”
Xiao Zheng girl nodded gently。
The old monster is more anxious,Supported,I can’t think of the emergency public relations.,I have to have the next sentence.:“I am too lazy to pull with you.!”
Turn back and turn back,Continue to tofu,for‘Pregnancy tofu’prepare for。
Three people continue to talk。
“Zhou I like to eat tofu.,He likes to eat Mapo Tofu。”Nan Ge said。
“I have never eaten how many tofu。”Zhou Zhi quickly added the sentence。
“Mado tofu?……”Xiao Zheng girl whispered,Today is not ready to do Pai Tofu,But now I decide is not late.,So she said with a mouthful.,“In addition to Mugo Tofu,I am also ready to do tofu,Beterfly tofu,Noble tofu,Sour tofu,Tomato tofu,Elbow tofu and a drunken peas,It is what I like there.。But I may not have the master there.……Do a green tofu soup。”
Two people said they were shocked.。
There is a feeling that I haven’t eaten tofu in this life.。
Hacker,Dahuang hurriedly ran into the kitchen,One effort。
Xiao Zheng girl immediately bowed:“What’s wrong?”
槐 is lazy, yawning,Although he has been in the kitchen,But the things that are outside:“do not worry,It is the stupid thing to climb to the tree to see the bird’s scorpion.,I didn’t disappear three times.,The result is climbed up.,Nowhere,Called on the beginning?。”
“Don’t worry about her!Let her stay above!”槐 槐 序 说 说 说,“When I was eating, I went to catch her.,Otherwise, she will not have anything about her.!”

He is not stepped on the void,Instead, step on the void universe、In the future, the future。

Singular avenue rhythm sounds in the world。
This is not heavy,Even causing a landschestra。
Even a little quiet。
What a strange shape。
Monk far away、The demon family can’t experience the horror of the rhythm。
Eight Tianjun experienced。
Their Tianjun is a little not from。
Killing, such as ice and snow。
Be terrible,They condensed the hole,Sneaky to start in a quiet point at this moment。
Tongtian’s heaven,Affected by this rhythm。
Their Tiandao is broken。
This terrible sound is working in step by step.。
It is indeed a step。
The rhythm is getting clearer,That is a footsteps。
Killing in invisible steps。
Footsteps,They know。
But footsteps,They still met for the first time。
Every Tianjun has a hard bitterness.。
This seems to be not the same as the ancient gods in their impression.,They know that the ancient magic magic can move the mountain,Picking a star,They have unobstructed power。
But the big magic,Beyond their inherent cognition。
Terrible footsteps can actually digest the avenue of Tianjun。
The footsteps are still echoing in the cave,They seem to have been crossing the gains of heaven,It is constantly being weakened。
Their tricks are deprived!
I can’t sit still。
Eight Tianjun endure the scary footsteps of killing in invisible,Play out the respective avenue rules,Void,Digital is as clear as the Tianluo,This is the essence of the strength of the world.。
Eight cave days,Eight parties,Place the black figure together。
Tian Jun’s voice, such as Thunder,Drive the avenue。
The net wrapped in the black figure。
not at all!
Black figure floating a small black lotus,The network of the avenue rules is cut by the lotus leaf of Black lotus,Smoother。
Black lotus can’t rotate,Lotus can cut the void blade,Scratching the blood flowers on Tianjun。
This is a terrible。
Eight holes are bleak,Eight Tianjun became defenders from the offensive party。

Duan Qing’s eyes reveals a touch of complexity,“They also entered their warm-up hunting,Don’t say,It is no one thousand people.。”

“I am coming so that year.,In our big summer, it is a very important genius.,But after this place,I found too much genius.,Many people are so,This kind of drop,Very impact on mentality,Someone is struggling,Someone is awkward。”
Summer is in silence with left fish。
Duan Qing also said a secret,“They only went to Hunting three times,I don’t dare to go again.,Apart from‘inflammation’Outside……Wang Wei,The Director is originally wants to tell you.,But you have not fallen,So preparing‘inflammation’Choose one of Chuyang two。”
Left small fish can’t help,“The exaggeration of the general?”
Duan Qing nodded,“The teenager named Chuyang,Mentality is wrong,May be blown,After going to the hunting city,I don’t dare to go again.,All day a night in the hall,Never go out,Never practice,Instead, that is very good,Vietnam,Tailing,He went to Hunting in almost every day,Do you know how much he is best?,Enter the hunting list16Position。”
Summer and left small fish。
They can’t guess,Chu Yang is only afraid not to be confident。
And the experience of rune sea assessment,Let him have a heart。
Even if the left fish is not promoted,Chuyang himself can’t pass the close,Drill a horn pointer。
Speech,Three people have already gone out of the hall,This topic ends this。
“Go to Hunting City to transfer from the Jiufeng Chamber of Commerce,Transfer to the hunting city,Sending the assessment,And reception members like me will not charge……”Not finished,Suddenly stop。
Summer also consciously turned around。
They are standing at the door of the hall at the moment.,The crowd on the street is coming,Indispensable,Bustling。 However, the left side received a burst of hustle and bustle.,At the same time, a screaming of a scream,“Wang Wei,Small fish……”Heard this sound,Summer is now,“Smoke?”
Left little fish is also a color color,“right,Is the voice of Lingxiao,what happened……”Both people have almost no hesitation,Immediately plundering the direction of the sound。
See this,Duan Qing frowned,Also follow。
However, they just got out of 20 meters.,Just see the crowd in front,A woman is blood,Running into this while running,Walkman on the street has flashed。
“Ling Sister。”
Left little fish shouted。
Flying the Ling smoke also saw the summer and left fish,Originally, an angry face suddenly reveals an excitement and surprise。
“help me……”She accelerates,But just running more than 10 steps,The expression is solidified.。 “Hen!”
A sharp knife wore a hole behind her,Knife tip drop answer。
Ling smoke,Falling on the ground。
Behind him,Three people。
Three are young people。
One of them wears a cyan neoplasia,John twenty five six years old,Hands with a long knife。
The other two are the 17th year old teenagers,They are wearing a dark golden leather armor who participates in the assessment player.。
Sudden scene,Let the people surrounded by people,Tight it is quiet。
One of the teenagers wearing a leather armored,“Hanging of the river,What look!”

Shen Xuan patient started to start meals,A large piece of pork belly is placed in cold water,Those two green onions,Poured the cooking wine,Start cooking。

Take advantage of this,Started two green peppers,Three stupid eggs,Cooker,A meal is like a tiger,Take a closer look,Unfocused!
“What flavor,Splendid?”
Wu Xiuxiu went in,Grain,Wrinkled with a frown。
“Error mistake,I am wrong.!”
Shen Xuan quickly stir fry,Put the green pepper eggs,Inserted in the plate。
“A meal is like a tiger,Take a closer look at two hundred five!”
“Xuan Ge, this cooking is not anyone.,It’s a shame.!”
“Would you like me?,I will also cooking.!”
Wu Xiuxiu said seriously,“Although the taste is not like,But at least it will not be embarrassed.!”
Naked ridicule!
Shen Xuan turned over white eyes,Directly put Wu Xiu Xiu asked,“You and Xue Qing are waiting outside.,I will have a meal right away.!”
“OK then!”
Wu Xiuxiu has no way,I have to wait outside.,Sit and wait。
“Xuan Ge is failed.,Even a girl is doubting your ability!”
“Really shameful,Questioned!”
“I want to be Xuan Ge,Simply find a slit drill into it.。”
Not only Wu Xiu Xiu ridicule,Even the audience in the live broadcast ridicule,Sinking Shen Xuan inadvertent。 “You are waiting,I have to make a dish carefully.!”
Shen Xuan finished,I started to start the pot to burn meat.,Several garlic will be smashed,Put in the oil pan。
soon,A garre floating,Put the small green vegetables washed in,A meal!
After a few minutes, it will come out.!
At this moment,A large piece of pork belly has been cooked in the pot for nearly twenty minutes.,take it out,Cut into pieces,Appear to burn meat,Put onion ginger garlic,Play some soya sauce,Fried red oil,Place the meat。
at last,Pour the chipped green peppers again,Fried together!
After three minutes, you will come directly.!
“This is the practice of going back to the pot.!”
“Still authentic Sichuan cuisine back to the pot!”
“sure,Xuan Ge’s craftsmanship still,Not so ugly!”
People in the live broadcast have praised it.,Seriously doing vegetables,Still!
“Today’s three dishes have been done,Simple and delicious!”

“You never convinced me?”When the teenager noticed the guardian speaking,Eyes have been staring at the foundation stone of the holy fire in his hand。

“Why should I convince you?”
“You are called the guardian of the temple?”
“Not bad,How are you?”
“The temple is mine,You can get out!”
“Who admits that the temple is yours?I just refuse!”
“Dissatisfied,I will fight until you are convinced。”The boy’s voice just fell,Then he hit the guardian’s eye socket with a fist.,Vigorously,Riveted enough strength。
The guardian also expected the boy to take action,But didn’t avoid it,Bang,Body fly out,Fell very embarrassed,It has just been cleaned by the white smoke of the mysterious land,Vitality,I will raise it for a while,It is difficult to return to the previous peak state,Only stiff mouth、The characteristics of stubborn temper have been maintained at the peak。
Humming for a long time,The guardian can stand up,Unexpectedly yet to stand firm,Got a punch head-on,This punch is more powerful,The Guardian fell further。
“You are fascinated by that big eyeball,Hate oneself,Right or wrong,You forgot the teaching of the Holy Spirit,I forgot the rules of the Five Elements Palace,Laozi is upright,Palace Master Formally Sitting,You are so angry with me,Who gave you the courage?You are still called the guardian。”
The boy’s third punch once again beat the Guardian away,The whole temple of five elements is shaking。
“I convinced it all,You count that scallion?”Young man talking,The right hand holds up the foundation stone of the Holy Fire,The black flames flicker in the snow-white stone ring,Seeing all this seems to be quite timid。
“Tell me,How do big eyes confuse you?”
Bang!After the fourth punch,The body of the guardian is directly attached to the wall,Under the great injury,It has nothing to fight back,The stinking bad temper gradually shaken。

Gao Baoyi is reluctant:“I am guilty for this matter.,If you want to marry the Queen,Although the is,I am not opposed.。”

“Ugh,That has to let the ocean give me three thousand prohibited,Then lay down half of Jiangzhou,Keep the entire Jingzhou,Receive Wang Lin Houjun
Although my ancestors claim to be talented,But like you so fierce,Half a world,Turning thousands of miles without failure,Still a little bit of difficulty。”
Two people sitting,The ancestors said:“Just now。And royal marriage,You don’t resist,Don’t be a child,It’s not good to have a disaster。”
“And not you die alone,Instead, the queen is still together.,Maybe you may also waste the prince”
Sure enough, I am expected to be the same as yourself.
Gao Boyi is also a positive color:“Appreciate further details”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS309chapter Elastic defense
“Hao Yang married him to you,Let you be a sister, but you,Do you think why??”
Ancestors asked。 :a
“Internal affair?”
Gao Boyi tried。
“good,Is internal。
The internal contradiction between the high royal family,And intricate。They have some places to dismantle each other,Sometimes I will consistent with the gun.,Don’t understand these,Will be confused by illusion。
For example, the contradiction between the ocean and the Queen Hao Zhaojun is like this.。”
The ancestors have died,Continue to say:“Six towns,Now gradually corrupt。Ocean a few years of waste slaves,Section 9,It’s all to change the bad habits.。Also sent people to continue to high,Revolve,It is already quite effective now。Six Town Xianbei is the largest victim of these policies
Highlight,There is something that is not talking about this.,Frontier,Haoyang has always hope that there is a core force independent of six towns.,Now you stand out,The spokesperson of this force,Gao Yang sees you。
If there is no accident,The high ocean will not be able to fight with the Sudokan army in the near future.,Leading the defeat of Jiangnan,Let you reorganize the army and double people。
There are not many goods in the paramour,And he is sinful to have a good fortune.,So people who take the lead in the army must be you,Section will only play a role of supervision。”
Listening to the words of the ancestors,Gao Boyi suddenly:“No wonder the ocean will make high performance,It turned out that it is what I want to weaken the Baida Fresh.。”
“good,Hundreds of complaints have been tail,It is not everyone who can fight inside,Many of them have eaten the old name of the father.。Just like the Warring States Wei Wei,Post-institutional collapse。Gao Yang wants to change,Just find an opportunity。
If this is a high attack, it will defeat,If you don’t attack, I can’t think of the reason, why don’t he hit?。”
The ancestors looked at Gao Bao Yi smiled。
This is impossible
“I told him.,Let him contain the main force of Wei Guo,Why do he attacked??I have no fighters.”Gao Boyi feels very strange,When the initial letter is clear, it is clear.。
Although North Qi is not his Gao Baoyi,At this stage,North Qi can’t be caught,Losing with him Gao Bao Yi is not good。
“You don’t understand this.,As the saying goes, this moment。
Previously, Wei Guo’s defense system was very strict.,There is no gap at all。However, now they lost the land of Jingjing,Southern portal opens,Have to organize heavy soldiers to guard all in Beijing, Yiyang County, Xinyang,High performance feels organic,So it will always find a chance to fight with Wei Guo。
I have a high performance of the high ocean, which will also be foreseen.。”
Politics is really dark.
Gao Baoyi has a heart,There is no fool in the meat people in Yucheng.,Every one you don’t understand,You have not perceived you all。

But in the eyes of not understanding, This is just a pattern that engraved in erotic neck locks.。

Zuo Luohuan fell in a neck lock, Turning over to the interpretation:“I thought you would differentiate intoalphaI will send this to you.。”
“I know。”Oki’s eye is full of joy,At this time, he is a bit like the place downstairs.‘Fox’Famous father,“Bite lock is my deliberate。”
Know you will definitely send your neck lock, So I will deliberately send the anti-bite lock.。
Zuo Luo blews him, Sitting on the chair looking up looking up:“You want me to send your neck lock?”
Neck lock this thing, Whether it is a fun supplies,From beginning to end。
Oki’s nothing,Just reach your hand and touch it, I’m gogging.,Lip rays shallow radians,The whole person is like a spring flowers after ice, Dazzling,Way。
Zuo Luo is still touched by him,Just suddenly changed a problem:“I haven’t asked, When did you start like me??”
Ji Yue’s hand, Looking down, I’m looking at Zuo Luo Huan., Some people have:“This is my secret。”
Zuo Luo laughed out,Get up and help him:“good, Your secret。”
Obviously, in the school, a person who has nothing to deduct a military uniform.,I am rushing at home., Needle collections。
Combary reaching forward,Practice the hand of Zuo Luo:“We should go down。”
When he turned and walked in front,The laughter on the face of Zuo Luo is gradually spread.。
He said that he deliberately,She naturally understands the meaning of Ji.,Not intentional provocation,I want to send my neck lock to him.。
only……alphaWill want onealphaSend your neck lock?
When she was in an adult,Oki’s still has not been differentiated,According to Jiang Hong said,His test report shows the future to differentiate intoalpha。
Zuo Luo can’t find an answer that can be explained,But my heart has no end.,There is also the sudden rise of the coming.,So active,Instead, the feeling of escaping。
“Do you want to go home today??”Oki, did not detect what Zuo Luo is thinking about,He asked her back.,The sound is not happy.。
Obviously she comes to eating,He is very happy。
“Go back in the afternoon,Say it well with my mom.。”Zuo Luoyuan quickly converges the emotions in the eyes,Reply。
Ji Yong’s step is slow,Waiting for Zuo Luohuan and he walks in a row,Asked softly:“next week,We have been with weekends together?”
Zuo Luo,Pinching his hand,no respond。
Because the living room is coming over。
Two people walk down the stairs,Zuo Luohuan is naturally loosened,But they sit in a piece。
“Small left is not to be cautious。”Yan Jinqiu, hello Zuo Luo,She is very enthusiastic,Dress dressing,Probably the reason for researchers,There is not much nonsense to talk about things.。
But she only came and sat down a few mouthfuls.,The light brain rang。
“Research institute,I have to pass a trip。”Yan Jinqiu looked at the eyes,Turning to Ji Xi Road,“You eat first。”
Although Ji Xiu is in the military committee,There are seventeen armies under the hand,But the wheel is busy or Yan Jinjin,She is a doctor responsible for research materials,Lead a bunch of researchers,Long-term home。
Yan Jin Autumn is turned to take the bag,Ji Xiu has already standed,Let people come to a lunch box,He personally packaged a meal,Before she left,Put the packaged lunch box。
“Don’t forget to eat,I will make people in the evening box.。”
Isomei and west repair,Another cold face is facing Zuo Luohuan。
However, there is a coming,It is not too difficult to eat a meal.,Ji Xi Xiu is willing to say a few words and Zuo Luo Huan。
“Small,Take the box in the second cabinet in my study。”After a meal,Zuo Luo is going to leave,Ji Xi Xiu suddenly。

Perhaps Yuan temperament,For him,Is a very important、It is also difficult to step by step。

Summer standing in the mountain,Feel the peace of the world。
this moment,His mind is surprisingly peaceful。
Various ideas,Various thoughts。
He thought of many。
Gradually,He suddenly had a kind of touching day.,醍醐 醍醐 顶 顶。
Whether it is the outside world,Still this training,Strength and gas,Yuanqi and Yuan Li,Can become a ratio。
just like,Strength is a kind of gas,Pneumatic is a force。
The same is true for Yuanqi and Yuan Force.,Yuanqi is a kind of gas,Yuan Li is a force。
For ordinary military,This kind of saying is correct。
But practice of extremely roads,Need to put your eyes in a higher place。
There are countless energy between heaven and earth。
Gas is an energy,The power is also an energy,Xuanaowei can also。
Both are different forms of energy。
So what is the pole??
Absolute power。
When the force reaches a certain limit,Justice。
This is an ultimate,A kind of peak。
this moment,Summer great achievement,Complete relaxation。
He opened the mind,Rewinding the god tour。
Concept is also walking in the world。
Wu Wang mid-term,The condensation can have reached thousands of meters.。 Within a thousand meters,Everything is in front of you,Ability to feel the rhythm of energy,Earth pulsation。
Let the complex become simple,Let the fog gradually blow,Let Yuan temperament becomes……The whole person in summer becomes unparalleled,Quietly stand in the mountain,It seems that it has been integrated into the natural nature。
Maybe a moment,Perhaps it is millions of years。
Moment of eternal。
suddenly,He is standing on the evening,Big piece of cloud clutch,That is like a cloud,Time and space change。
Tianshi law’s rhythm,Slowly fall。
this moment,Inside the cave in the Dwarf,Everyone who is practicing,Qi Qi was awakened。
They have gone out of the cave,Looking up at the cloud group。
Subsequently, I hope to one direction.。
“This is……”Wantong brows,“How is this a breakthrough??
Rate……”Not finished,Not help,Faceful……Then become complicated。
He has guess who attracted the object of the vision.。
Not only him。
Those Wu Wang,Including Yunyang and other people at the same time。
If you speak,No one has not reached the Wu King……Non-Wang Wei(summer)Unreasonable!Yes。
He has not completely reached the Wu King。
But his combat power is already exhausted. Wu Wang is full.,Is the strongest of everyone。

“You said,The other party deliberately let me find the gold proud?”

“maybe,Maybe not。”
Why,Summer I thought of Jin Airor’s unmarried wife,That woman named White Shasha。
……at the same time。
Sichuan Province。
Speak on Lushan,Whether it is ordinary person,Original,In the first time, I will think of a long-term ancient martial art.。
Lushan sword。
In fact,Lushan is not a mountain。
But a slogan。
Three mountains are most famous,Emei Mountain、Qingcheng Mountain、Wawham……There are ancient martial arts on these three mountains.,And it is a big school。
As for another hill,There are also big and small martial arts。
These martial arts Emei Mountain、Qingcheng Mountain、Wawu Mountain is headed,A union,With a gas branch。
This is the real Lushan sword.。
also,There is also a very famous sword in Lushan.。
These mountains are not high,But every mountain is straight down.,Far away,Just like a handy sword in the land,Can be a wonders。
Unfortunately,It is difficult to reach here for ordinary people.。
And on Tianchi Mountain,There is no ancient martial art。
Don’t you want,But these mountains are too steep,Can’t open up the mountain gate。
Gano is overlooking the Tianchi Mountain Group。
He is still in China in China,Walking between Maskawa。
It is shocked by an eye-catching http://www.haipiba.cnscene。
Those mountains are not high,But it is straight steep,When you are like a sword,Even people have a mistake to avoid the illusion。
He has been standing for a long time,Slow down,Town Tiangchi Mountain。
Wangshan runs dead horse。
Even if he,It is also used for nearly an hour.。
Koofan,Rising mountain,Also deliberately release the air machine,Taken a four weeks。
This talent,“Gan,Come to see the main!”
The mountain is coming back。
Have a long time,A clear cold voice。
“I decided to wait for you three days.,Today is the third day,I thought you won’t come.。”
NS2973chapter trivia
Xianjian Tianchi Mountain,Rise,Mountain stone,It’s like a sword。
A black woman is frightened,It seems that the fairy is generally light and elegant,Na Na,Like the night goddess。
See her,Gan dry eyelids,Hurry,“Primary!
Women with a mask,Brunette,Although wearing a black dress,But like the sky in the sky。

The next thing is to let the North Her she is far away.。

Remember,In fact, when you start,The North Sea did not receive the original,Just look at the original,The original master, the cold,So I stayed in the North Section.。
As for things behind,It is also the original primary death.。
Now it is replaced with her,She has to work hard.,I want to make a way to let the northern chain accept her。
Think of the next‘tough battle’,Yun Qin couldn’t help but remember the whiteness of the world.。
Last World,All the white na is really a petting.,No matter what,Help her ready,Don’t worry about her,Not too careful。
Now I will pay myself to work hard now.,Think,Yunqin is quiet and sighing,I unconsciously moved。
not far away,One elegant arranged room,Tray,A white northern pointer,What is it feeling?,Brush opened the shameful eyes。
Raise hands,Looking at the nameless finger that suddenly twisted,North Pictures,Another hand pinch,Soon quickly from the fingertips if there is no traction。
North Chair got up,Go towards the source of picked up their own fingertips。
Going to the familiar house entrance,In the eyes of the North, there was a flash。
open the door,Shi Siki went in。
Forgiven, it is a person who lives in the northern part of Daxiefeng.,I don’t know when I walk into the room of a girl.,The first is to knock on the door。
then,When the North Chair went to the room to see Yunqin is going to wear a coat,There is a flash in my eyes。
Yunqin, which is wearing clothes is also stiff,Followed up。
Darkly glad,Fortunately, she has worn her clothes.。Even if she is still a three-year-old doll,But she also knows shame。
Before the North Point reaction,Yunqin has been wearing itself.,Clean coat that has been cleaned。
Then,Yun Qin’s face of the face of gratitude, smashing, ran to the front of the North,Protecting white tender little hand,Be careful of the eyes of the eyes。
“Fairy long,Are you saved me??”
“Fairy long,That bed sleeps well.!Yunqin has not slept so comfortable bed for a long time.!”
“Fairy long,Can I sleep this bed later??I like it, I like it.!”
“Fairy long,Yunqin can do anything,Can I stay??”
Before she came,The whole of Daxie is only living in the North Chair.,Nowadays appear in front of her,In addition to the North Point,She doesn’t make any guess。
Look down on,Faceless worship,The little deer is full of high-spirited little guys。
Original dirty little face,Because of cleaning,At this time, it looks pink.,only,Maybe because it is not good,Small face,Look at the poor。
One time,The North Sea forgot his original intention,Gentle the little hand of Yunqin grabbed his jacket。
Probably because of the extremely cold poisonous,White little hand ice is cold,Touch to get the touch of the northern。
Darkness under the hand,Warm internal force quietly passing into Yunchi。
Yunqin only feels that a comfortable feeling that is opened with pores,Conceive,When she is unfortunately coma, she has a hard to join in this North.,Proximity‘Cactus’It’s so comfortable?!
This feeling,Like a sucking?!
Taking into account the small child of Yunqin,Always look up is very uncomfortable,The body of the north is thinking down,Try to talk to Yunqin。
“You are called Yunqin?”
Yunqin is very unfortunately,Selling。
“You want to stay here?”
“No one can take care of you here.,and,In addition to the place where living here,Nothing at all,I am afraid,You don’t want to stay in two days.。”
He said, but the truth,He has been living alone in Dagufeng,At this stage of his strength,No longer need to eat grains,so,Daxiefeng is no kitchen。
Listening to the meaning of non-resisting yourself in the North Shigong,Yun Qin quickly nodded。
“it’s OK,Fairy,Yun Qin likes it,Yunqin can take care of yourself!”
Looking at the small arm of Yunqin,Just he kneel down,Don’t have his high tall,The northern session is seriously suspected of the authenticity of Yunqin.。