The director of the Polish National Security Bureau said that Poland has provided Ukraine with a "considerable number" tank

  Xinhua News Agency, Warsaw, April 29 (Reporter Chen Chen Zhang Zhang) Soroch, director of the Polish National Security Agency, said in an interview with a local news program on the 29th that the Polish government has provided Ukraine with a "considerable number of Soviet T-72 main battle tanks, small batch infantry tanks and drones.Sorch did not disclose specific figures in the show.Polish media reported on the 29th that more than 200 tanks have been transferred to Ukraine.Sorch also said about 10,000 American soldiers are stationed in Poland.

  Poland President Duda said earlier this week that Poland had provided Ukraine with 7 billion Polish Ziroti (about $ 100 million) military assistance.


White-haired man turned,Sound is light,“it’s me。”
He no longer hidden,Identity,It is in Ling Tianxia。
The http://www.tuolianwang.cnold man is getting more and more shocked,“you,You really don’t die……”“Ah。”
Like smile in Lingtian,“Elder generation,You are now a hundred or fifty years old.,The body is still so tough,I am still not big.,How can it be too late?。”
Cave,Can enclose its own gas machine,Human body self-contained small world,Just like a sealed cave,Ability to distinguish。
Release the gas,Also integrated with the outside world。
This is the essence of long life of caverns.。
It is said that you can live a hundred and fifty years old.。
If it is possible,Still enhance a lot of life。
Senior man with cane,Can you live for so long?,Obviously the unique master of the ear。
But you can also see it.,He is now state,It should be a few years ago.,It is better than that。
“you,Why do you want to swindle??”
The old man is very excited,If you say it, you have a tribon.。
“Of course there is reason,What is the reason?,Then I do not talk about it。”
Ling Tianxia’s voice with a smile,“Elder generation,It’s better to take my ear.,how?”
The old face is suddenly changed,Complicated。
finally,He shook his head,“You swindle for so many years,Always outside,So to say,You violate the rules of long gangs,Once people break the rules,Break through the bottom line again,I don’t know what you have done in years.,But my ear can have a hundred years.,Don’t dare to pass the ancestor’s legacy,Lingmen main,Forgive me。”
Toned,His eyes look to the ear sunshine that has slowly stand up,Smile,“Just unfortunately, the child of the ear,I have followed you.。”
“Second uncle,Me……”The ear sunshine strong pain,Face color。
His words are directly interrupted by the old people.。 Turn over,Early people,“I announce,Extend the ear,His life and death will have no relationship with the ear.。”
Hundreds of people from the ear came from slight disturbance。
Especially the ear juno,Warlon,Their face is difficult to see。
“Ha ha,Since this,forget about it。”
Ling Tian is not at the attitude of the homework。
Shade,First look at Gano,Subsequently swept over the summer。
“Only two of you??
Your backhand?
Bottom card?”
Summer does not speak,The killing of the heart is ready to move。
Butter,Some of the pain,“Ling Tianxia,Today you are dead.,I am in secret on my primary.。”
“Ha ha。”
Ling the world laughing,Sound is unbridled,With metal vibrato,嗡 回 回。

Hubei delegation: condense the majestic power of unity and work together

On the afternoon of March 8th, the Hubei delegation specially studied General Secretary Xi Jinping’s participation in the Fifth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress for review and visited the agricultural, social welfare and social security community who participated in the Fifth Session of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Participated in the joint team and attended the spirit of the important speech of the PLA and the Armed Police Force’s delegation. Ying Yong, the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, and the head of the delegation, presided over the meeting and emphasized that it is necessary to conscientiously study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the two conferences of the country. , Effectively transform the learning achievements into the political consciousness of adhering to the "two establishment" and "two maintenance", transformed into the political responsibility of the "two big situations" and the "big of the country", and transformed into the upper and lower provinces in the province The majestic power of unity and struggle together, accelerate the promotion of "building a fulcrum, a new chapter at the forefront, and writing a new chapter", and welcomes the 20th victory of the party with excellent results.

Wang Zhonglin, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Governor, and Deputy Leadership of the delegation, conveyed the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech. Wang Ling, deputy head of the delegation Wang Ling and Zuo Zhongyi.

Representatives of the National People’s Congress Zhang Jiasheng, Song Qingli, Hu Weiyi, and Zhang Fengying spoke. Ying Yong pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches at the two conferences of the country, full of affection, inspiring people’s hearts, put forward important requirements for national unity, food security, people’s livelihood work, and governing the army according to the law. The work provides an important follow. We must learn deeply, learn and understand, understand, believe in and deepen, and deeply understand and grasp the "five reasons" and "five strategic favorable conditions". The self -confidence of the party’s struggle, a new journey and building a new era. Ying Yong emphasized that we must adhere to the main line of building the Chinese nation’s community, with the theme of co -unity and prosperity, and accelerate the advancement of the province’s ethnic minorities and ethnic areas to modernization, so that the flowers of national unity are growing up and prosperous. Ethnic unity "concentric circles" are getting bigger and bigger.

Ying Yong emphasized that it is necessary to complete the new concepts of development in complete, accurate, and comprehensively, coordinate the prevention and control of epidemics and economic and social development, and accelerate the promotion of post -epidemic renovation and high -quality development.

Adhere to ecological priority and green development, actively and steadily promote the "double carbon" work, first set up breakthroughs, pass through the plan, seek truth from facts, seek practical facts, steadily seek progress, and adhere to carbon reduction, dirt reduction, expand green, and promote the promotion of growth.

It is necessary to better coordinate development and safety, put stable growth in a more prominent position, and strive to sprint in the first quarter to "open the door" to ensure that the whole year is "renewed". Ying Yong emphasized that we must unswervingly keep the bottom line of food safety and accelerate the promotion of rural revitalization. As the main agricultural province and the main food producing area of ??food, Hubei must firmly grasp the "big country of the country" of food security, implement the "two key pests" of cultivated land and tibetan grain, hiding grain in technical strategy, and improve the grain Important agricultural products have stabilized production and confession, vigorously promote agricultural industrialization, and raise the bottom plate of high -quality development in the entire region.

It is necessary to do a good job of consolidating and expanding the results of poverty alleviation results and effective connection with the rural rejuvenation, solidly promote rural development, rural construction, and rural governance to ensure that agricultural production is stable and increased, farmers’ stable income, and rural stability.

Ying Yong emphasized that we must unswervingly implement the people -centered development ideas, and better guarantee and improve people’s livelihood in development.

Taking the blessing for the people as the most important political achievements, the people’s longing for a better life as the goal of struggle, coordinating the work, education, social security, medical care, housing, fertility, pension, and supporting the young Criminal acts, care about special crowds and difficult groups, focus on solving the problem of "urgency and sorrow", and steadily promote common prosperity.

Ying Yong emphasized that it is necessary to unswervingly promote the party in comprehensively and strictly, and accelerate the construction of clean and honest Hubei and "good right and honest" provinces. Promote the normalization of party history learning and education, and persistently do a good job of party innovation theory. It is necessary to protect the military construction and the legitimate rights and interests of the soldiers in accordance with the law, and promote the high -quality development of national defense mobilization and reserve forces.

It is necessary to adhere to the people’s supremacy, life first, adhere to external prevention input, internal prevention and rebound, scientifically accurately grasp the prevention and control of the epidemic, and strive to maintain a stable and healthy economic environment, the social environment of Cathay Pacific, and the political environment of the wind and righteousness.

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Just when he continued to flee it.,The wrist is a cool,The feeling of crispy numbness makes him feel very comfortable.,The previous kind of pain is also soon disappeared.。

Looking at Li with the wind, there is a swelling place where the dew beads continue to be soft.,Xu Tianci revealed the color of curious。
Because in the hospital is hanging,There is no Li Hui, which is gently drifted with dew beads.。
The most critical is that the swelling is actually retreating with the speed visible to the naked eye.。
Originally hesitating,It is also a red-rising place to become a black purple.,Even slowly saving,Recover。
Less than ten minutes,Xu Tianfei feels that the wrist is actually active.,Even feelings that have nothing to have before。
He originally thought that his wrist would drop lifelong disability,But this moment is let him have a kind of feeling that Li is the style.。
But thinking that the wrist is Li Hui Hui to interrupt.,His exciting heart immediately calmed down。
“All right,Don’t be active,I feel good.,But the injury is one hundred days,You still come,There is also a wrist, don’t say that I will cure it.。”
Xu Tianci did not want to say that his wrist was treated with the wind.,But by Li Hui’s words,He feels that Li speaks from the style of non-probabilies.,I immediately decided to return to the village. I must give Li with the wind.。
Let the people in the village know that their wrists are cured for ten minutes.。
As a result,Affiliate a lot of people will be curious,Will view,Even some people may want to deeply explore the secrets of Li Hui Feng。
The more I want Xu Tianci, the more I feel feasible.。
Thinking about what he himself can’t help but laugh.。
why are you laughing?”
What idea is Xu Tianfei,Li Hui is not interested in the roots,His reasonable tells each other,Just want the other party to give him a propaganda,After all, he can also use this hand to treat several patients.。
If Xu Tianzhi relies,Take him with my words,Then he will definitely be happy.。
He propaganda is not as good as Xu Tianci propaganda.。
“Forehead,nothing,Just thinking that you can get to the drug addiction,I am happy,certainly,If you make me less suffering,I will definitely be more happy.。”
“hehe,Make a beautiful,When I got this stuff,You should know the consequences”Just when he wants to continue to talk,Not far, it is a bunch of lights.。
Chapter 110
Xu Laifu returned home to let Wang Fuxi quickly fry a few small dishes.,At the same time, I will take out someone to give him a good wine to give Li Hui.。
Wang Fume did not understand what happened.,I thought I’m going home at the beginning.。
As a result, I learned that I sent it to Li.,She is also a little uncomfortable.。
He said that Xu Laifu is also an elder.,Even if you don’t look at the face of the elders,That big and small is also a village head.,Also a cadre,How can Li speaks from the wind to let the elders give to eat?,And also told it to get it.。
But after listening to Xu Laofu said,Wang Fumei is not much more。 After all, my son will give people Li apart from the wind to treat.,And Li Hui said that she feels there.。
For your own son,Wang Fumei is also immediately stirring a few small dishes, let Xu Laifu bring,Directly sent Li with the wind。
Xu Laifu is also a fast flight,I am afraid of the cold.。
When he came to the orchard,When using the flashlight to Li Hui,Just also see Xu Tianci that has been awake.。
Seeing Xu Tianci is very obvious.,He suddenly has a strange feeling in his heart.。

The Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions reported to praise female employees’ "double disputes" typical

In recent years, the majority of female employees in the province have vigorously promoted the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, and the spirit of craftsmen, and actively strived to create the pilgrims of the pilgrims of the pilgrims and the May 1st. The irreplaceable "half of the sky" role has emerged as a group of outstanding female employees who are brave, pioneering and innovating, diligent, and dedicated. They overcome difficulties and climbed the peak of technology.

Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Yanyan, deputy director of the Hydraulic Pump Motor Research Institute, led and participated in the development of more than 30 hydraulic products. Among them, high -voltage plunger pump products have become key products of Hengli hydraulic, breaking through foreign companies in the field of engineering machinery industry The long -term monopoly has established a benchmark for the domestic hydraulic pump industry.

Xuzhou Xugong Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. Technology Center Processing Bridge Craft Technology Group has completed a total of 25 new products including the DA1190 driver bridge in the past three years. 1.6 million yuan, won two Jiangsu Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Awards. They are based on their posts and insist on excellence. Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. produces a assembly group to actively carry out small reforms and small creations, overcome the technical difficulties of imported appearances and smart meters. In 2021, more than 20 innovations such as assembly automation lines are implemented to create more than 20 items for the company to create economic value for the company 5 million yuan. Gao Xiaoyan, Manager of the Quality Control Department of Jiangsu Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., led the team to set up dozens of QC groups to solve the problem of more than 20 medicinal materials such as honeysuckle, and improved the applicability of the testing methods such as Sanjie Town Affice Capsule. And 39 innovative QC topics won the first prize of QC results in the national pharmaceutical industry. They act, they are willing to work hard.

Zhu Xiaolan, deputy director of the Medical Department of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Zhenjiang City and director of the Reproductive Medicine Center, opened the first auxiliary reproductive (artificial insemination, IVF) medical center in Zhenjiang to carry out more than 10 new technologies such as perfection fertilization-embryo transplantation, single sperm egg cell injection The new project, for the pair of infertility couples, fulfilled the dream of parents.

Chen Chao, an engineer of the Jiangsu Basic Geographic Information Center, has grown into a professional and technical leader in the basic surveying and mapping production direction with a toughness and drilling. She often fights for "white plus black" and "five plus two" in the work of optimizing the operation process, improving technical routes and preparation of implementation plans. The Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions hopes that the majority of female employees in the province will take these advanced models as an example to resolutely carry the glorious mission of Jiangsu’s "competition rate, strive for demonstration, and at the forefront". Fumegao "New Jiangsu Modernization Construction chapter is held with actual actions to welcome the 20th National Congress of the Party.

Fang Fang,Finally can’t help it,Her eyes are red,How Xia Jian was washed away by the flood,Tell Guo Meili in detail。

Guo Meili,Said a little choked:“President Xia has always been lucky,I’m afraid this time, it’s not good enough,It’s been so long”
“Even so,But it’s time to find him,But nothing…”Zhao Hong said suddenly,But hesitating,Tears have flowed down。
Guo Meili took a breath and said:“Don’t be sad everyone,Something like this,Actually everyone feels bad,Let’s prepare for funeral!I’ll let them look for it,It’s a good luck!”
Guo Meili finished,Beckoned to the car,Heiwa led a few security personnel and jumped out of the car,Without saying a word, he searched directly along the embankment of Taohe River。
Ouyang Hong’s tears had already rolled in her eyes,At this time, I finally couldn’t help it flow down,She knew,Xia Jian has been washed away by the flood for more than ten hours,The hope of surviving is almost zero,What should I do?
at this time,Zhao Hong’s phone rang,She shouted impatiently:“what’s up?”
“village head,You come back soon!Aunt Xia is about to die”Mo Yan said eagerly on the phone。
Zhao Hongyi listen,Cried out in a hurry:“Let Chen Erniu prepare,Take it to the city hospital immediately,We will be there soon”
“what happened?”Ouyang Hong asked in surprise。
Zhao Hong choked and said:“Aunt Xia can’t hold it anymore”
“Go fast!”Fang Fang shouted,First got into a BMW car covered in mud,Ouyang Hong and Zhao Hong hurriedly followed,Guo Meili was taken aback,Then got into the car。
An oil lamp flickered and flickered,The room looks very dim,At an old table,An old man with a childlike face meditates cross-legged,Eyes closed。
Xia Jian in bed,Move your eyes slowly,Looking at everything in the house,He was thinking,Is he dead??This old man wears a crown,Wearing a robe,Although I closed my eyes tightly,But I can see that the face is charitable,It’s not as scary as the black and white in the movie。
Xia Jian twisted her body,I just feel weak,Breathing is also a bit difficult,He is a little confused,Does this person feel like he’s dead?Isn’t it the same as being alive??

Help 2.26 million retired soldiers achieve employment (new data and new highlights)

  Our newspaper, Beijing, May 5th (Reporter Li Longyi) The reporter learned from the retired military affairs department: In the past 4 years, the retired soldiers’ affairs system has held more than 10,000 retired soldiers in various parts of the country, and a total of 12.75 million posts have been provided to help help help. 2.26 million retired soldiers realized employment. Through the employment model of "recommendation+independent choice", the retired military affairs system has signed a total of Wanjia in the country’s employment cooperation company to guide cooperative companies to provide a large number of employment positions for retired soldiers.

The full system has held a retired military entrepreneurship and innovation contest for two consecutive years.

  In terms of supporting employment and entrepreneurship, the Department of Retirement Military Affairs Promote the implementation of the education and training of retired soldiers, devoted themselves to rural revitalization, employed employment and entrepreneurship in the development zone, encouraged and guided private enterprises to recruit retired soldiers, organized and implemented targeted recruitment of firefighters, organized adaptive training for 10,000 Thousands of people and skills training are tens of thousands of people.

  In addition, focusing on the work goal of "making soldiers the career respect for the whole society", departments at all levels to take multiple measures and multi -point efforts: build more than 600,000 retired soldiers service centers (stations); complete the concentration of basic pension insurance for some retired soldiers Replenishment, 10,000 people enjoy policy dividends; various localities have invested 100 million yuan in funds to carry out caring for retired soldiers; serving social organizations for retired soldiers to more than 1,000 … Really caring measures to allow retired soldiers and preferential care targets The sense of gain, happiness, and security are continuously enhanced.

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“With your strength,Only the air transport is worthy of you to run.。”

Lin rang to protect the moon:
“When I will pick you up。”
“knew。Grinding,It’s really like Yuan Yingqiang,Impolded like a small white face。”
She said that she is talented。
Lin lives on her waist,Immediately walk into the room。
Didn’t get out of the room for a while,Let two unpatient mates blush like red apples。
Early morning,Lin rang and the moon teacher go too to the instrument。
Send her to the mountain,Yiyi。
The teacher is too double-eyed and resentful to the mountain after leaving.。
Goodbye in the future,I don’t know what year.。
Maybe there may be no more time.。
the other side,Lin rang has returned to Changmen’s Yin Shenfu。
Because I haven’t come back too long,I have found many people,Big ate。
Red clothes have been returning,Excited can’t control yourself。
“Gainful people。You finally came back.。”
Lin rang the red clothes,ask:
“How can so many people??”
“Are the disciples of Tibetan Mountain。Because the gain of gods have never been,I don’t know how to arrange them.,Let them all do 阴 阴,What can I catch a ghost?。”
“According to strength,This is unlicy。”
“Gainful people。look,Can I have this point??”
Lin Nong didn’t expect red clothes to prepare,After passing,Careful review,Nodded:
“in this way,It is best to。”
“Yin Shen adult,I will let them do this.。” “Can。”
Red receipt,Tell the forest:
“The three gods of the three gathers and the three gods of the land of the water are waiting for the Changmenfu.。”
“Let them come!”
After the red clothes retired,Leave from Yinzhen Temple,Come to the inn。
This six is sorry drinking wine,Seeing red clothes,Inside the past,These old monsters can be described as attentive to her.。
“How is Xiangu??”
“Is it a gain of god??”
“Be back,Let you see his old man。”
Six people finally penetrated。
When the record of the forest is increasing in the land of 渭 水,These people are in the throat,Each scared。

The average decrease of the national insulin special collection of Qinghai 48%

The picture shows patients’ medical insurance settlement. (Data Map) Zhang Tianfu was released on the evening of the 30th of the Qinghai Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau.

According to reports, since May 20, 2022, the results of the sixth batch of national organizational drugs (insulin special) were fully implemented in the public medical institutions of Qinghai Province (including the medical institution in the Qing Army). This special insulin collection covers the second and third -generation insulin commonly used in clinical use, including 16 varieties under 16 general names, with an average price reduction of 48%and a maximum decrease of 73%. Insulin is an important drug for the treatment of diabetes. The number of patients with a large number of patients and needs to be used for a long time. Insulin collection is the first time that the national organizational drug collection has expanded from chemical drugs to biopharmaceutical fields. It is an important milestone in the process of collecting reform.

This time, the most declining Liliang Pharmaceuticals Snake -Zinc Reorganization Reorganization and Preserved Inticardine Mixed Injection (25R), 3ml: 300 units (pre -filled) specifications, from the average yuan per branch to each yuan, according to the patient’s monthly monthly With 6 estimates, the cost of one year of medication can save about 4,200 yuan, and the average daily cost is less than 4 yuan. In 2022, Qinghai Medical Institutional Incipidial Agreement was about 1.12 million/bottle. It is expected to save 70 million yuan an annual savings. While reducing the price, a high degree of matching with the actual needs of clinical drugs has been achieved. It has greatly reduced the risk of alternatives. At the same time, the price reduction of the three generations of insulin is conducive to driving the upgrade of insulin in clinical applications. (Reporter Sun Rui).


“So early。”
“do not know what to do。”
“Why don’t you give you something??”
“I am afraid to eat it.,I can’t eat something you gave me.。”Little white fox,“If you bring things over, I didn’t eat.,You must think that I don’t like you.。”
“So, do you like me??”
I don’t know what to say.,Just laugh。
This little monster’s like is too easy.,His almost didn’t do it, I got her like.。
Then he opened his backpack again.,Pour out a lot of vacuum packaging food from inside:“I have brought you something.,It is installed with plastic。Plastic is the transparent paper outside this layer.。You can bring them back to the place where you remember,When you can’t find something, you will come out.,But when you eat, you have to bite the outside of the plastic outside.,And this layer of plastic can’t eat。”
“Be broken。”
“Not broken,Can be saved next year。”
“But outside this layer can not eat 喔,Can only eat the meat inside。”Zhou Zhi and then emphasize,“Although you are a monster,But not good。Then remember to throw the plastic bag into the trash can,It is the bucket that I have a lot of plastic paper and plastic jars behind me.。It is best to lose when there is no one in the evening.,Don’t let people see it.。”
“Thank you,I remember!”
“I have to go through the New Year.,Outside this year,Very serious。”Turn around,“In the New Year, our country may limit the flow of people.,People who come to play will rarely,If you have finished eating these things,Looking for those who wear clothes in the mountains.。”
“Then how did you come??”
“Take a winter holiday,Not a New Year,Come over。”
“winter vacation?”
“That is to study holiday。”
“Are you still reading??”
“Then I wish you a big name!”Xiao Baihu said seriously,Still like a model sample to him,And again,“Big name!”
“Thank you,But we are not the same now.,I don’t have to test my name.。”
“That……Then I wish you……May all your wishes come true!”Xiao Bai foors think about this word,Then seriously said,“The previous people liked to wish in front of me.,They also said,I will implement it in front of me.,Say me very spiritually。”
“actually……In fact, I will not。”Xiao Baihu is a bit awkward,“I don’t know why they will talk about this.。”
“His honesty。”
“Monsters will not lying,This is born。”
“Is it……”
Zhouzhi sights a fake monster who is full of lie around himself.,Two fake monsters also look at him,目 光‘What do you do?’Doubt。