White-haired man turned,Sound is light,“it’s me。”
He no longer hidden,Identity,It is in Ling Tianxia。
The http://www.tuolianwang.cnold man is getting more and more shocked,“you,You really don’t die……”“Ah。”
Like smile in Lingtian,“Elder generation,You are now a hundred or fifty years old.,The body is still so tough,I am still not big.,How can it be too late?。”
Cave,Can enclose its own gas machine,Human body self-contained small world,Just like a sealed cave,Ability to distinguish。
Release the gas,Also integrated with the outside world。
This is the essence of long life of caverns.。
It is said that you can live a hundred and fifty years old.。
If it is possible,Still enhance a lot of life。
Senior man with cane,Can you live for so long?,Obviously the unique master of the ear。
But you can also see it.,He is now state,It should be a few years ago.,It is better than that。
“you,Why do you want to swindle??”
The old man is very excited,If you say it, you have a tribon.。
“Of course there is reason,What is the reason?,Then I do not talk about it。”
Ling Tianxia’s voice with a smile,“Elder generation,It’s better to take my ear.,how?”
The old face is suddenly changed,Complicated。
finally,He shook his head,“You swindle for so many years,Always outside,So to say,You violate the rules of long gangs,Once people break the rules,Break through the bottom line again,I don’t know what you have done in years.,But my ear can have a hundred years.,Don’t dare to pass the ancestor’s legacy,Lingmen main,Forgive me。”
Toned,His eyes look to the ear sunshine that has slowly stand up,Smile,“Just unfortunately, the child of the ear,I have followed you.。”
“Second uncle,Me……”The ear sunshine strong pain,Face color。
His words are directly interrupted by the old people.。 Turn over,Early people,“I announce,Extend the ear,His life and death will have no relationship with the ear.。”
Hundreds of people from the ear came from slight disturbance。
Especially the ear juno,Warlon,Their face is difficult to see。
“Ha ha,Since this,forget about it。”
Ling Tian is not at the attitude of the homework。
Shade,First look at Gano,Subsequently swept over the summer。
“Only two of you??
Your backhand?
Bottom card?”
Summer does not speak,The killing of the heart is ready to move。
Butter,Some of the pain,“Ling Tianxia,Today you are dead.,I am in secret on my primary.。”
“Ha ha。”
Ling the world laughing,Sound is unbridled,With metal vibrato,嗡 回 回。

Just when he continued to flee it.,The wrist is a cool,The feeling of crispy numbness makes him feel very comfortable.,The previous kind of pain is also soon disappeared.。

Looking at Li with the wind, there is a swelling place where the dew beads continue to be soft.,Xu Tianci revealed the color of curious。
Because in the hospital is hanging,There is no Li Hui, which is gently drifted with dew beads.。
The most critical is that the swelling is actually retreating with the speed visible to the naked eye.。
Originally hesitating,It is also a red-rising place to become a black purple.,Even slowly saving,Recover。
Less than ten minutes,Xu Tianfei feels that the wrist is actually active.,Even feelings that have nothing to have before。
He originally thought that his wrist would drop lifelong disability,But this moment is let him have a kind of feeling that Li is the style.。
But thinking that the wrist is Li Hui Hui to interrupt.,His exciting heart immediately calmed down。
“All right,Don’t be active,I feel good.,But the injury is one hundred days,You still come,There is also a wrist, don’t say that I will cure it.。”
Xu Tianci did not want to say that his wrist was treated with the wind.,But by Li Hui’s words,He feels that Li speaks from the style of non-probabilies.,I immediately decided to return to the village. I must give Li with the wind.。
Let the people in the village know that their wrists are cured for ten minutes.。
As a result,Affiliate a lot of people will be curious,Will view,Even some people may want to deeply explore the secrets of Li Hui Feng。
The more I want Xu Tianci, the more I feel feasible.。
Thinking about what he himself can’t help but laugh.。
why are you laughing?”
What idea is Xu Tianfei,Li Hui is not interested in the roots,His reasonable tells each other,Just want the other party to give him a propaganda,After all, he can also use this hand to treat several patients.。
If Xu Tianzhi relies,Take him with my words,Then he will definitely be happy.。
He propaganda is not as good as Xu Tianci propaganda.。
“Forehead,nothing,Just thinking that you can get to the drug addiction,I am happy,certainly,If you make me less suffering,I will definitely be more happy.。”
“hehe,Make a beautiful,When I got this stuff,You should know the consequences”Just when he wants to continue to talk,Not far, it is a bunch of lights.。
Chapter 110
Xu Laifu returned home to let Wang Fuxi quickly fry a few small dishes.,At the same time, I will take out someone to give him a good wine to give Li Hui.。
Wang Fume did not understand what happened.,I thought I’m going home at the beginning.。
As a result, I learned that I sent it to Li.,She is also a little uncomfortable.。
He said that Xu Laifu is also an elder.,Even if you don’t look at the face of the elders,That big and small is also a village head.,Also a cadre,How can Li speaks from the wind to let the elders give to eat?,And also told it to get it.。
But after listening to Xu Laofu said,Wang Fumei is not much more。 After all, my son will give people Li apart from the wind to treat.,And Li Hui said that she feels there.。
For your own son,Wang Fumei is also immediately stirring a few small dishes, let Xu Laifu bring,Directly sent Li with the wind。
Xu Laifu is also a fast flight,I am afraid of the cold.。
When he came to the orchard,When using the flashlight to Li Hui,Just also see Xu Tianci that has been awake.。
Seeing Xu Tianci is very obvious.,He suddenly has a strange feeling in his heart.。

Fang Fang,Finally can’t help it,Her eyes are red,How Xia Jian was washed away by the flood,Tell Guo Meili in detail。

Guo Meili,Said a little choked:“President Xia has always been lucky,I’m afraid this time, it’s not good enough,It’s been so long”
“Even so,But it’s time to find him,But nothing…”Zhao Hong said suddenly,But hesitating,Tears have flowed down。
Guo Meili took a breath and said:“Don’t be sad everyone,Something like this,Actually everyone feels bad,Let’s prepare for funeral!I’ll let them look for it,It’s a good luck!”
Guo Meili finished,Beckoned to the car,Heiwa led a few security personnel and jumped out of the car,Without saying a word, he searched directly along the embankment of Taohe River。
Ouyang Hong’s tears had already rolled in her eyes,At this time, I finally couldn’t help it flow down,She knew,Xia Jian has been washed away by the flood for more than ten hours,The hope of surviving is almost zero,What should I do?
at this time,Zhao Hong’s phone rang,She shouted impatiently:“what’s up?”
“village head,You come back soon!Aunt Xia is about to die”Mo Yan said eagerly on the phone。
Zhao Hongyi listen,Cried out in a hurry:“Let Chen Erniu prepare,Take it to the city hospital immediately,We will be there soon”
“what happened?”Ouyang Hong asked in surprise。
Zhao Hong choked and said:“Aunt Xia can’t hold it anymore”
“Go fast!”Fang Fang shouted,First got into a BMW car covered in mud,Ouyang Hong and Zhao Hong hurriedly followed,Guo Meili was taken aback,Then got into the car。
An oil lamp flickered and flickered,The room looks very dim,At an old table,An old man with a childlike face meditates cross-legged,Eyes closed。
Xia Jian in bed,Move your eyes slowly,Looking at everything in the house,He was thinking,Is he dead??This old man wears a crown,Wearing a robe,Although I closed my eyes tightly,But I can see that the face is charitable,It’s not as scary as the black and white in the movie。
Xia Jian twisted her body,I just feel weak,Breathing is also a bit difficult,He is a little confused,Does this person feel like he’s dead?Isn’t it the same as being alive??

“With your strength,Only the air transport is worthy of you to run.。”

Lin rang to protect the moon:
“When I will pick you up。”
“knew。Grinding,It’s really like Yuan Yingqiang,Impolded like a small white face。”
She said that she is talented。
Lin lives on her waist,Immediately walk into the room。
Didn’t get out of the room for a while,Let two unpatient mates blush like red apples。
Early morning,Lin rang and the moon teacher go too to the instrument。
Send her to the mountain,Yiyi。
The teacher is too double-eyed and resentful to the mountain after leaving.。
Goodbye in the future,I don’t know what year.。
Maybe there may be no more time.。
the other side,Lin rang has returned to Changmen’s Yin Shenfu。
Because I haven’t come back too long,I have found many people,Big ate。
Red clothes have been returning,Excited can’t control yourself。
“Gainful people。You finally came back.。”
Lin rang the red clothes,ask:
“How can so many people??”
“Are the disciples of Tibetan Mountain。Because the gain of gods have never been,I don’t know how to arrange them.,Let them all do 阴 阴,What can I catch a ghost?。”
“According to strength,This is unlicy。”
“Gainful people。look,Can I have this point??”
Lin Nong didn’t expect red clothes to prepare,After passing,Careful review,Nodded:
“in this way,It is best to。”
“Yin Shen adult,I will let them do this.。” “Can。”
Red receipt,Tell the forest:
“The three gods of the three gathers and the three gods of the land of the water are waiting for the Changmenfu.。”
“Let them come!”
After the red clothes retired,Leave from Yinzhen Temple,Come to the inn。
This six is sorry drinking wine,Seeing red clothes,Inside the past,These old monsters can be described as attentive to her.。
“How is Xiangu??”
“Is it a gain of god??”
“Be back,Let you see his old man。”
Six people finally penetrated。
When the record of the forest is increasing in the land of 渭 水,These people are in the throat,Each scared。


“So early。”
“do not know what to do。”
“Why don’t you give you something??”
“I am afraid to eat it.,I can’t eat something you gave me.。”Little white fox,“If you bring things over, I didn’t eat.,You must think that I don’t like you.。”
“So, do you like me??”
I don’t know what to say.,Just laugh。
This little monster’s like is too easy.,His almost didn’t do it, I got her like.。
Then he opened his backpack again.,Pour out a lot of vacuum packaging food from inside:“I have brought you something.,It is installed with plastic。Plastic is the transparent paper outside this layer.。You can bring them back to the place where you remember,When you can’t find something, you will come out.,But when you eat, you have to bite the outside of the plastic outside.,And this layer of plastic can’t eat。”
“Be broken。”
“Not broken,Can be saved next year。”
“But outside this layer can not eat 喔,Can only eat the meat inside。”Zhou Zhi and then emphasize,“Although you are a monster,But not good。Then remember to throw the plastic bag into the trash can,It is the bucket that I have a lot of plastic paper and plastic jars behind me.。It is best to lose when there is no one in the evening.,Don’t let people see it.。”
“Thank you,I remember!”
“I have to go through the New Year.,Outside this year,Very serious。”Turn around,“In the New Year, our country may limit the flow of people.,People who come to play will rarely,If you have finished eating these things,Looking for those who wear clothes in the mountains.。”
“Then how did you come??”
“Take a winter holiday,Not a New Year,Come over。”
“winter vacation?”
“That is to study holiday。”
“Are you still reading??”
“Then I wish you a big name!”Xiao Baihu said seriously,Still like a model sample to him,And again,“Big name!”
“Thank you,But we are not the same now.,I don’t have to test my name.。”
“That……Then I wish you……May all your wishes come true!”Xiao Bai foors think about this word,Then seriously said,“The previous people liked to wish in front of me.,They also said,I will implement it in front of me.,Say me very spiritually。”
“actually……In fact, I will not。”Xiao Baihu is a bit awkward,“I don’t know why they will talk about this.。”
“His honesty。”
“Monsters will not lying,This is born。”
“Is it……”
Zhouzhi sights a fake monster who is full of lie around himself.,Two fake monsters also look at him,目 光‘What do you do?’Doubt。

Victoria disappeared。

In the moment that she disappeared,Surrounded by night, ghosts crying,It seems to open the door of hell,It seems that endless resentment is crying。
This is a complete butcher knife。
It is combined by the three holy instruments of the blood family.。
Angel thorn,Eating blade,Hustless pony。
Each handle has its own capabilities。
When they are combined into a complete butcher knife,What is the power of horror?,In addition to Victoria,No one knows。
Especially ranking first,It is said that the key to the hell gate,Have a magical energy。
More legend,
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First1495Chapter I am not all of you.
First1495Chapter I am not all of you.
Guardian Alliance。
Inside,Self-proclaimed guard。
Their interested。
Guardian,Shock eight-party small。
But in fact,The country will not recognize,Will not give them any identity。
All this,They are their own advertises。
Never lack some justice,Worry in the world。
Also less selfish people,In order to make a profit。
But it is undeniable that,The status of the guardian alliance is unmanned。
How to kill a guardian。
Absolute will cause vibration。
And not to mention that every guardians have strong combat power,Just the guardian alliance itself,It is necessary to maintain its own supernatant status.。
The dignity of the guardian is not provocative!
Victoria can imagine,If this guardian is killed, the message passed back.,Absolutely trigger a storm。
“What should you do next?,Even if we erase all traces,It will definitely be found。”
Victoria is looked at the summer。
Wait for summer answering,She immediately said,“Otherwise,I take this everything.,Anyway, the guardian is also murder.,Didn’t go back to the West。”
“Not necessarily。”
Summer shink,“Let you worry about a woman,I am not as good as finding a piece of tofu.。”
“You listen to me……”

His figure is slightly thin,Facial towering,Give people a nutritious view。

Two people have a self-competition,A rear of a self-service,At the same time, step towards the center。
finally,That’s 30 meters。
“Please advise。”
No extra nonsense。
The fierce war out of the moment。
The bright light runs through the round number,The gorgeous energy is like an angry sea.,Turning in the air。
Endless light drowned two people。
This is by no means the energy fluctuation that the Tianjun level can explode.。
This is the strongman of the two Tianzun level in the war.。
Many elders,Thousands of people watching the war are surprised。
Chen Qi Feng does not have to say,This is a famous young powerful,It is the second step strength in the middle of the sky.。
What is Xue Nine??
I actually broke out the energy fluctuations in the middle and late birthdays.。
The war is extremely fierce。
The dust is turned on,Energy is spread。
The thorn light comes out,From time to time, there are huge boxing ripples to reverse,Crack in half air。
Xue Jiu Tian absolutely has the war of the top 20,Actually and Chen Qifeng。
The high-end gods on the throne。 but,Xue Jiu Tian is still very good。
In the middle,He suddenly felt the constraint,The body is so heavy like a mountain,It’s hard to move.,Action suddenly slow,Needle。
This is a secret law of the earth system.。
Just stand on the ground,Soil strong people have a constant power,Can also use strong secrets with advantages。
Under a punch,Xue Jiu Tian was bombarded halfway。
Wow,Vomiting blood,Far away from the edge of the ring。

NS4027chapter Soil
NS4027Zhang Wei Ling to the fire
All dislikes。
The long face of the fire,Many people got up。

Han Rong said:“Agree,Is there a dog with the agreement between us??”

“Agreement?”Xilin snorted,Say:“I have not let me face the nephew of my companions without saving.!”
“companion!?”Han Jiang asked:“Can you determine that she is your companion??”
“She is just a unable to conscious experiment,All memories are just the same as you have the same concern, and there is an influence of the core.。”
“I really thought that my companions killed for many years.?”Han Jiang said loudly:“Do you think about it?,Even if you are you,It is no longer the previous Silin.。”
“you say?I am no longer my previous.?”Xilin reached out and gently kneaded。
Two sides are formed by the wall formed by the space to Hanjiang,Han Jiangyan waved,Breaking a wall。
Who knows that wall is still gathering,Wait for Hanjiang like the shape of the palm。
Schuliard jacket:“Han Jiang,Be careful of those walls,Hide quickly!”
Han Jiang also wants to hide,No matter what he is there,The power of space will follow。
Huge explosion and tragic sound attracted the attention of Jindin,Han Jiang also finally from Xilin’s“Death hand”Escape。
Blackyuan white flower first rated power,Holy Gun Bloom plus Hugulan Dell’s own ability,There is also the power of the world or bubble, and it hits the body of the disease.。
Agata’s defense instantly crushed,Void fire is burning fundamentally,Can only use the body to fight against this horrible harm。
After the holy gun bloom,Change to a small solar floating island to return to the original color,Like the broken night, I started to slowly change.。
Everyone on the floating island began to dim,Vision rapidly,Cannot recover between a time。
Waiting for everyone to come back,The armor on the body of the inflammation has been broken,Wound everywhere。
After eating Dalemate,Can also go to Xilin。
“Kill them,Kill them,Xilin!”
Agata shouted,“These alive humans,Be unhappy,Be sure to kill them!”
Xilin wants to save,But by the three people of Hanjiang.,Not inch。
Lita returned to the battlefield,Blocking the way of the arms。
When the law of Ice is suppressed by the legs of Ice.,But the law in the inflammation is different from this.。
“Hatered the original inner heart,Revenge this world with the power of borrowing,Miss the law of inflammation,Please meet your heart.。”
A word time,Yan Shi Dell also flew over,Just excessive consumption,But the law of inflammatory inflammation continues to fight,There is no problem.。
The law of inflammation defeats,Tesla and Schr?dinger have already seen it.。
Tesla is bored:“Schr?dinger,You said that Qiaa saved later later,Do we want to launch weapons from headquarters,Directly blown up the floating island,Just like the second crash。”
“At that time what happened,Did you have a backstower of the sky??”Schr?dinger left time,After coming back, I am busy experimenting.,No time to learn about the second collapse。
“no,At that time, we and the second law,The result is that he has done such a place.,Cannon Siberia。”
Schr?dinger shook his head,“What to do,There is no difference between us and younger.。”
“Ugh。”Tesla:“I am thinking about it.,Just see the law of inflammation is dying,I feel that this is feasible。”
“It is because the last Otto’s practice has born so much trouble.,Do we want to learn Otto,Inverse entropy is reverse entropy,Walking dead。”
Tesla is angry and weak,Sometimes she really wants to experience a feeling of a wicked person.。
Chapter 691 I believe I can control it.

Say:“Lu Hao Cheng,thanks!”

Then I took the door out.。
Lu Haocheng has been standing in the place,The deep eyes have appeared confused。
the first time,He doesn’t know what to do.?
He wants to tell the blue blue truth,But I am afraid of blue and blue things。
“I am back。”Mu Ziqi,Suddenly loud outside。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Fright,This Muzi,Obviously, I just invited three days.,And he went to a week。
Let him and Ou Jing, you are so busy this week.。
Ou Jing, who is working,I heard the voice of Mu Zi Yu Hun.,I didn’t even lift my head.。
Mu Ziyou looked at the European scene, so not to give face,I also know in my heart.,This seemingly Wen Run as Yu,I am afraid that I am afraid to be angry with him today.。
He smiled and walked over,Say:“European,I am back,Give a face,Look up and see my eyes。”
Look at him Muzi pitiful,Even someone else wants him to seek people。
But if it is a prayer, I am disserted.,He will also be very sad。
Ou Jing is cold and cold:“No time to!”
Mu Ziyou is depressed,He is resistant to the sex:“European,Else,I just went more for three or four days.,You have to know if I am not.?
I have been so many years.,First look at a woman,You should bless me only,You are indifferent attitude,It’s too hurting this friendship.。”
Ou Jingyi still doesn’t look up,Ten fingers to knock the keyboard,The tone is still very cold:“Work is work,Friendship is friendship,Love is love,I can’t mix it here.。”
Mu Ziyi listened,One,He knocked down the table,“European,Are you crazy?From which an ancient country passed through,But now the 21st century,How do you still have this pedantic idea??
Pleased,I,Muzi,For so many years, you have four friends.,You are not getting water in my head.,Is this friendship be frozen??”
Ou Jing, this stopped the action in his hand.,Lift,Quietly look at him quietly,Say:“But it was not seen for seven or eight days.,Your mouth turns into steel copper teeth.,It is now more and more you can say.,It seems that it is true that fall in love.。”
“Ha ha”Mu Zi fang smiled。
Ou Jingjing looked quietly,Not infected by his smile。
When Muzi is ambush, I feel boring.,He is laughing,Guan Road:“Landscape,Love is the heart of each other,I went for so many days.,Can you think that I can get a wife??You dream than I have to dream, I have to be fast.!”
Mu Ziqi also wants this to take a wife back,Can have a person who is accompanying him to explore unknown future,He must be very happy。
No matter what the results are going on,He has already understood his heart,Le Yu,It is indeed a woman who can combust to Tianlei Fire in his heart.。
European is not shocked,Faintly asked:“so what,You are failed this time.。”
Mu Zizi smashed his head,Handsome face with a little disappointment:“Not failed,Just we have to enter the other party’s life,Walk into the life of each other,Maybe you have to turn around for a long time.?
Don’t you know?,Best love,From your heart,Heartbreaking,Know each other。”
NS446chapter:It’s really a small air tengea

NS446chapter:It’s really a small air tengea
Ou Jing, look at him like this,I don’t feel this time.,That face lost,But the general people can not install it.。
Looking at his look,Some sly,he asks:“You will not always be defeated,Didn’t sleep?You like this,If it is seen by Mu Wei,But I have to be sad.,Your mother takes you as a treasure,Usually, you can’t bear you from any grievances.。”
Mu Ziyi listened,I have no heart to jump.,he“Ha ha”Smile,“European,Don’t say my mother,Your mother is also like this,I can’t see you.,But I am really nothing to have.,Just too tired。”
He is occasionally,It can be described as not to eat without sleeping.,Already reached the realm of the devil。
This sin is also what he is willing.,Whose resentment is not。
Mu Zi said,Slown to walk to Europe。
End of the coffee in front of him,It is not too disappointing that it is a cup of Europe.,Drink the coffee all over a breath。
There is a strong tiredness between the hands and prosperity.。

Her state,But let young women are slightly strange,But only this。

The car quickly left the main road,Go to the suburbs,All the way,Liu Qingqing is highly concentrated,Observing the environment and route outside the car。
Here,Young woman next to him is not intentionally,No,It’s just that there is often a contemptuous coldness between the look.。
Forty four minutes,The car stopped in front of a beautiful body.,The hospital is a three-story building。
The driver is holding the driver with a driver.,And young women are cold and staring at Liu Qingqing.,I walked into the courtyard,Come to a layer of living room。
Entrust,Liu Qingqing immediately discolored。
There are others in the living room.。
A woman dressed in a village,Sitting quietly on the couch,Close up,A look of a foreign high person。
Be behind her,Still standing with a male and one girl two youth,Faced face,Look indifferent。
“master,People bring people。”The woman’s face respectfully opens。
“Let her call in summer。”
The village woman opened his eyes,With an extremely indifferent look。
This kind of eye makes Liu Qingqing very uncomfortable,Even very uncomfortable,As if not look at the living,Instead, it is watching a dead。
“Call。”The sound of young woman sounded on the shore of Liu Qingqing ear.。
“you……Who are you?……”
Liu Qingqing’s heart,I just interrupted by the village when I didn’t finish it.。
“If you don’t want to die,Call the summer。”
Liu Qingqing face,Don’t say anything more,Silently took out the phone。
Jinxiu Garden13Villa。
In the hall of the villa,Tian Yi looked at the dining table to take the hot food,Look at the summer in the lady in the apron.,Some helplessness。
“Young master,These will be given to me.,If you let the lady sees it,I will definitely blame me.。”
Summer will put a dish on the table,Wipe your hand on the apron,Laugh,“Rest confidence,She dares you.,I just married her.。”
Narrate,Tian Yu suddenly wished,It is also very pleased,“Young master,You and Miss’s feelings are really good。”
Afternoon,I will tell Tian Yu in the summer.,Liu Qingqing will come back today。
Then to the kitchen to cooking vegetables personally,Ready to give her a surprise。
Tian Yu has only hit it next to it.。
“There is also a dish,Tian Yu,Your association,I am alone.。”
Summer laughing,Turning to the kitchen。
But just at this time,The phone suddenly rushed.。
Wipe again in the summer,This is touched from the pocket。See the above number,Haunsheng,“Hey,Old willow,Are you going to the plane??”
NS771chapter Kill
Living room。
Liu Qingqing stands on the ground,Mobile phone is close to the ear。
When the sound of the ear of the ear,Why,She is a red,Insurance some tears。
“Take this idea。”Young woman said faintly,Hand a white paper。