Inner Mongolia Party School (School of Administration), the opening ceremony of the spring semester of 2022 and the continuous improvement of the cadre capacity of the region

  On April 25, the Inner Mongolia Party School (School of Administration) officially started in the spring semester of 2022. The cadre capabilities of the region continued to enhance engineering training as scheduled, thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party, and implemented General Secretary Jinping in 2022 In the spring semester of the Central Party School (National Academy of Administration), the spirit of the important speech in the opening class of young and middle -aged cadres training classes, focusing on creating a team of high -quality professional cadres with loyalty and cleaning, in order to launch the "continuous improvement project of cadres’ ability to improve" Promote.

  Yang Weidong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, Minister of Organization, and President (Dean) of the Inner Mongolia Party School (Academy of Administration) attended and made special counseling.

  Yang Weidong emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen political capabilities, consolidate the foundation of theoretical armed forces, put the rudder of stabilizing the direction of political direction, strengthen the power of keen insight, and continuously improve the political judgment, political understanding, and political execution. It is necessary to work hard for the people’s feelings, practice the people -centered development ideas, and solve the problem of the masses’ urgency and anxiety.

It is necessary to bravely develop, break the inertia of thinking, path dependence, and practice the hard shoulders that implement the new development concept. We must work hard to work hard, riven in front of the motivation, hard work of hard bones, the drilling of the problem, and the tenacity of the end. We must strive for the realm of the realm and firmly establish the correct concept of political achievements. It is necessary to strive for the spirit of struggle, dare to fight, be good at struggle, and show a greater actions for the compilation of the new chapter of the high -quality development of Inner Mongolia in the new era.

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“人 Liu Taozhi,You call me Liu Gong.。”He grinned,It looks quite thick。

Waiting for Liu Tao,Gao Boyi has been embarrassing。
This name,It seems particularly familiar,Where did you hear it?。Historical knowledge in his brain,Seems to have this person,There seems to be。
“NS,He is actually the king of the Killer in North Qi!”Gao Biyi suddenly remembered who Liu Tao is,Shocking。
Liu Taozhi in history,It’s just that the North Qi Emperor’s killer,The emperor let him kill him, who will kill?。
List of deaths in his hands include, but is not limited to:High-tech(North Qi Yongan)、High(Northern Party)、Gao Rui(North Qi Zhao County、Height)、Guantang(North Qi Taifu)、Hu Changren(North Qi Shangshi、Foreign)、Give(Northern Qi Nanan)、Deluge(Northern King)、Deriva(Northern famous)Etc., etc。
It is the fierce character of the color change in Northao.,certainly,His now is still not so powerful。
I just felt that this person was very kind.!
Gao Biyi couldn’t help but pinched sweat。Fortunately, he didn’t put it in front of Liu Tao.X,Otherwise, now you may have a small life.。
He does not agree with the high ocean to help him stop,In fact, the reason is not only Cui Niangzi。Gao Bao remembers,History in Gao Echuan seems to die in the hands of high ocean,The whole family is unfortunate。But what is dead?,He is not clear。
At the beginning, Song Zixian suggested that Gao Bi is directly to Gao Deguan.,Gao Bo is refused.。
Otherwise,It’s so difficult to enter a family spectrum.?As long as he wants to do,Can you still do it?。
“correct,When is the high ocean to open the hell mode??”
Gao Bao is invisible to remember a big event.,Now, I can’t think of it.。
“Stop,It is necessary to change it.,Let’s go first, a little strange monk will be。”
I originally wanted to pay for a high ocean for a day of salty fish.,I didn’t expect to wait for this message.,Gao Biyi has to move hard(false)Say(Scam)The abstinence of Tianping Temple,Get your money from the temple。
Tianping Temple,Tianping Mountain Temple,The famous martial arts was founded in the Northern Wei Dynasty,Located in Yicheng。
The next life here is from the Bicycle Cui Ting along the Panshan Road.,Pine forest,pass“Tianxin Cave”、“Liangxi”、“Tianhan Bridge”,Temple to Tianping Temple,Another name,Under the peak。
The temple is built above the hundred mu of flat basins.,Six peak surround,Steep cliff,Cavity,Wins in the Wonderland。
It is especially worth mentioning.,邺西林 山 山 天平 寺 之 风,Historical in Wuyi,Prestigious。
Shaolin Temple’s second ancestors,Is the hoping of the building。Here you can say is the source of Shaolin Kung Fu。
But Gao Boyi doesn’t know these。
He only knows,The Tianping Temple is indeed a monk.,This has a dense relationship with the times.。
North,A temple is not a martial art,A group of thieves can take the temple group。
not to mention,Temple in this year,That’s“Blackness”Nature“Commercial organization”。
Tourism,Loan,Gaoli,Vadage,Provide accommodation for Chan and Chan,Go to all kinds of square city(Receive protection fee)and many more,It is the main business of temple management。
Most cow,More than one-third of the real estate in the Northern Wei Dynasty is a temple asset.……Regardless of the people rent housing or open shop,It has to pay huge funds to big monks.。
Those greedy bald people look at the more and more drums,I started to think about the money to give more money.。So they got up in the name of charity.“Monks”!
And this is the beginning of the real government level huge loan loan。
Watch,“Monks”Is a means specially used to disaster relief,Raising money by the temple,Then give the government by the government to disaster relief,It looks very verynice?
Excuse me,This money is the government asked the temple.,Can not be white!According to some literature,In the Northern Wei Dynasty, an official was borrowed for the local temple because of urgent need for money.“Monks”,Results This temple is fierce,Use and royal relationship to adjust interest,In the last few years, the officials found that the arrears they borrowed actually have been closed.10Multiplication!Don’t sell the property and pay for it.。
Gao Biyi decided to borrow the tiger skin of the suite,Go to the Tianping Temple this“Really tiger”。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record

Is the kindergarten development of sexual education, is it appropriate?

  The picture shows a school, the child is ready to go home. China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang photographed sex education, only adolescence? Representatives suggest that kindergarten launching sex education "Kindergarten teaching, isn’t this funny?" A 4 -year -old father in Guangdong said; a married woman in Sichuan also believes that "Kindergarten knows that it is too early to understand sexual knowledge. Almost. "In the comment area, many netizens also believe that the development of sex education is too young. Others have mentioned that they should not emphasize "sex education" and should say "safety education".

  "The term sex education has been shorter to the public topic. In Chinese culture, ‘sex’ does make people immediately associate sexual behavior, reproductive organs, etc. In fact, the sex education currently mentioned is Comprehensive education ‘, sexual safety is only part of it. "Liu Wenli, a professor and child sex education expert at Beijing Normal University, said in an interview with

  According to Liu Wenli, this suggestion was made by Chen Wei and him. In addition to knowing the body and the birth of new life, the sex education of kindergartens also includes the consciousness of the body, understanding emotional, learning active emotional processing strategies, and understanding of gender equality. Respect children’s rights, prevent sexual assault of children, learn self -protection, and abide by social norms. She pointed out that compared with the traditional sexual education at the traditional sense, comprehensive education has a very core concept -interpersonal relationship.

  "When we are talking about ‘sex’, it is impossible to leave interpersonal relationships. Even if only sexual behavior occurs, it also involves a series of complex factors. For example, we must communicate with people first, and we must respect others’ wishes. Children have a sense of gender equality and tell them the differences between public places and private places, such as not to touch reproductive organs in public places.

"Experts said that from the perspective of individual development of children, sexual development has begun since birth. Children of different ages have different sexual education needs. As parents, they must understand the scientific knowledge of children’s development, rather than judged by personal value. Controversy also shows that the understanding of sex education in society is not comprehensive and accurate, and it is necessary to do a good job in the popularization of sex education. How urgent sex education is? Regarding sex education, this is not the first time to enter the public sight.

  In 2019, the proposal of Yu Xinwei, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, was "Suggestions on incorporating children’s anti -sexual assault education into the compulsory education curriculum system". In 2021, Ma Xiuzhen, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, suggested that sexual health education is included in the middle school student education curriculum system, and pointed out that the average age of adolescent development of girls in our country is an average age, an early age earlier than 30 years ago. During the two sessions of this year, Liu Li, a representative of the National People’s Congress, suggested that the anti -sexual assault courses were included in nine -year compulsory education.

"In the process of growing up, sexual assault will not only bring physical damage, but also bring serious psychological and mental injuries. I hope that children can learn from sexual assault to protect themselves in advance." Liu Li proposed that "Girls girl Protection "2021 sexual assault case statistics and children’s anti -sexual assault education survey report" shows that over 90 % of the respondents believe that it is necessary to conduct sexual education and anti -sexual assault education for minor children. At present, the anti -sexual assault education in my country’s compulsory education stage also lacks national and institutional arrangements, and it is difficult to popularize. Gao Xiaodi, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, also said that although sex education has been mentioned at the level of law and regulations, there are many obstacles to implementation, including misunderstandings of sex and sex education. Wait. She suggested to implement sexual education in various schools at all levels.

Provide scientific and systematic sex education for education administrative and school leaders. Organize experts to introduce the "China Sexual Education Technical Guidance Outline" as soon as possible, so that sex education can follow the classroom.


“Excavate?How is the solitary industry? Luozhou is coming.,What did he want to do??”lt;/Pgt;
Luoyang City did not dig what tunnel has been digging in decades.,I didn’t do any Tasaw building,Why is it busy now??lt;/Pgt;
“This military order is obviously unfavorable to us.!”裴 藻 沉。lt;/Pgt;
Participants who sent Jindu City Camp,They all captured Luoyang“Preparatory team”,The armor can make a force。Not only they,Estimated the heart of all Fuyang,The same order should also be received。lt;/Pgt;
lt;/Pgt; Suitable lone life,It’s really hitting the pain of Sima.。lt;/Pgt;
But he can’t come out at all.,There is no way to resist,Unless!lt;/Pgt;
“Look,Still first, two hundred slaves are trying.。”lt;/Pgt;
Sima disadvantaged,Anyway, he has shrunk for decades.,Don’t care more……lt;/Pgt;
Jin Yucheng built on Luoyang,It’s in the residential area of Luoyang.,Northern Northern Northern corner with Luoyang City,There is a passage。lt;/Pgt;
Golden City North and South Growth Square,East、West、There are several twists and turns in the North three sides.,Long width three or four kilometers,That is, there is more than 10 square kilometers.。lt;/Pgt;
The area is probably only one tenth of Luoyang City.!lt;/Pgt;
But Jin Yucheng is very strong,The wall width reached 20 meters!lt;/Pgt;
And Beishan,Nanyi Big City,City is generous,Terrain,Is Luoyang’s military fortress。lt;/Pgt;
according to《Water is notified》Record:“Valley and East Jinyu City North,Wei Mingdi, Northwest Building, Luoyang City,Jin Yucheng。Valley Shuo Luoyang Chengbei,In the old city,Reel,Solemity。Be a base,Luolue。”lt;/Pgt;
So,Jin Yucheng is built by the imitation of the architecture of the city.“Luoyang three”,It is a solid stretcher that three of the city that can support each other.!lt;/Pgt;

Say:“Lu Hao Cheng,thanks!”

Then I took the door out.。
Lu Haocheng has been standing in the place,The deep eyes have appeared confused。
the first time,He doesn’t know what to do.?
He wants to tell the blue blue truth,But I am afraid of blue and blue things。
“I am back。”Mu Ziqi,Suddenly loud outside。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Fright,This Muzi,Obviously, I just invited three days.,And he went to a week。
Let him and Ou Jing, you are so busy this week.。
Ou Jing, who is working,I heard the voice of Mu Zi Yu Hun.,I didn’t even lift my head.。
Mu Ziyou looked at the European scene, so not to give face,I also know in my heart.,This seemingly Wen Run as Yu,I am afraid that I am afraid to be angry with him today.。
He smiled and walked over,Say:“European,I am back,Give a face,Look up and see my eyes。”
Look at him Muzi pitiful,Even someone else wants him to seek people。
But if it is a prayer, I am disserted.,He will also be very sad。
Ou Jing is cold and cold:“No time to!”
Mu Ziyou is depressed,He is resistant to the sex:“European,Else,I just went more for three or four days.,You have to know if I am not.?
I have been so many years.,First look at a woman,You should bless me only,You are indifferent attitude,It’s too hurting this friendship.。”
Ou Jingyi still doesn’t look up,Ten fingers to knock the keyboard,The tone is still very cold:“Work is work,Friendship is friendship,Love is love,I can’t mix it here.。”
Mu Ziyi listened,One,He knocked down the table,“European,Are you crazy?From which an ancient country passed through,But now the 21st century,How do you still have this pedantic idea??
Pleased,I,Muzi,For so many years, you have four friends.,You are not getting water in my head.,Is this friendship be frozen??”
Ou Jing, this stopped the action in his hand.,Lift,Quietly look at him quietly,Say:“But it was not seen for seven or eight days.,Your mouth turns into steel copper teeth.,It is now more and more you can say.,It seems that it is true that fall in love.。”
“Ha ha”Mu Zi fang smiled。
Ou Jingjing looked quietly,Not infected by his smile。
When Muzi is ambush, I feel boring.,He is laughing,Guan Road:“Landscape,Love is the heart of each other,I went for so many days.,Can you think that I can get a wife??You dream than I have to dream, I have to be fast.!”
Mu Ziqi also wants this to take a wife back,Can have a person who is accompanying him to explore unknown future,He must be very happy。
No matter what the results are going on,He has already understood his heart,Le Yu,It is indeed a woman who can combust to Tianlei Fire in his heart.。
European is not shocked,Faintly asked:“so what,You are failed this time.。”
Mu Zizi smashed his head,Handsome face with a little disappointment:“Not failed,Just we have to enter the other party’s life,Walk into the life of each other,Maybe you have to turn around for a long time.?
Don’t you know?,Best love,From your heart,Heartbreaking,Know each other。”
NS446chapter:It’s really a small air tengea

NS446chapter:It’s really a small air tengea
Ou Jing, look at him like this,I don’t feel this time.,That face lost,But the general people can not install it.。
Looking at his look,Some sly,he asks:“You will not always be defeated,Didn’t sleep?You like this,If it is seen by Mu Wei,But I have to be sad.,Your mother takes you as a treasure,Usually, you can’t bear you from any grievances.。”
Mu Ziyi listened,I have no heart to jump.,he“Ha ha”Smile,“European,Don’t say my mother,Your mother is also like this,I can’t see you.,But I am really nothing to have.,Just too tired。”
He is occasionally,It can be described as not to eat without sleeping.,Already reached the realm of the devil。
This sin is also what he is willing.,Whose resentment is not。
Mu Zi said,Slown to walk to Europe。
End of the coffee in front of him,It is not too disappointing that it is a cup of Europe.,Drink the coffee all over a breath。
There is a strong tiredness between the hands and prosperity.。

Hanzhong: Cohesion and combining force to build a line of defense

"Villagers and friends, if you do n’t do nucleic acid testing today, please go to the hospital for nucleic acid testing.

If you do nucleic acid testing, please stay at home, do not go out, do not gather, and do your own protection.

"Hello, I am an epidemic prevention and control staff. Your home is located in the controlled area and prohibits going out. If you miss the grain and rice and salt at home, you can contact me and deliver it to you at any time. "… On the evening of March 8th, 34 scientific cadres rushed to Lueyang County, which was urgently transferred in Hanzhong City to report to the town and street epidemic in the front line of prevention and control of the towns and streets. , Assist the town (street) to carry out the prevention and control of the epidemic. Since the new case of new crown pneumonia occurred in Hanzhong City on March 8, a total of 4 confirmed cases (as of 24:00 on March 10) in Hanzhong After the epidemic occurred, the city and county levels immediately launched an emergency response mechanism, and the personnel flow, nucleic acid testing, environmental elimination, and material reserves were carried out in an orderly manner.

In order to comprehensively investigate the hidden dangers of risks, since March 8th, Hanzhong City has carried out multiple rounds of large -scale nucleic acid testing in key areas such as Lueyang County, Hantai District, and Nanzheng District. A total of 10,000 samples have been sampled, and there have been 10,000 people. The detection of nucleic acid detection of 21 key groups such as logistics and cold chains is carried out in an orderly manner. Lueyang County has carried out multiple rounds of prevention of anti -killing for the main roads and key public places in the urban area, with a cumulative disinfecting area exceeding 400,000 square meters.

The main road surface of the central urban area of ??Hanzhong also carried out preventive disinfecting.

Including the difficulty of the difficulty, on March 10, the Lioba County emergency deployed fresh vegetables to support Lueyang County.

The party members and cadres in Lueyang County acted overnight to organize personnel to sort and carry vegetables to pack 1,000 vegetable bags. Vegetable bags are mainly storage -resistant vegetables such as broccoli, potatoes, and green peppers. Each one is enough for a family to eat for one week.

At present, the relevant departments of Lueyang County have guided large merchants to build a solid supply relationship with suppliers.

The county has more than 500 tons of living necessities such as rice, noodles, oil, meat, and vegetables, which basically meets the needs of the people’s living needs; more than 10,000 uniforms of disposable medical surgery masks, more than 10,000 sets of disposable medical protection, test reagents, test reagents More than 10,000 copies can meet the needs of the epidemic in the emergency state.

In order to do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic, build a traffic line, and in the 10 -day highway in Wuxiang Town, Hantai District, Hanzhong North Export Extraction Prevention Points. Medical staff and police stations of health centers measured the body temperature and inspected the health code and itinerary to all vehicles and passengers of the highway, and transferred vehicles and personnel of the medium and high risk areas to the epidemic control team. "Police prevention and control points strictly implement uninterrupted and seamlessly connected to the 24 -hour duty preparation system. Investigation and control, cooperate with body temperature testing, screening, registration reports, and dissuasion and isolation.

"Li Jinghua, the captain of the Hanzhong Traffic Police Brigade, introduced the full police mobilization of the Hanzhong traffic police brigade, and the full police investment to build the epidemic defense line at the fastest speed and decisive measure. Flowing, inspection, and testing, strictly implement measures to prevent and control the epidemic, block the chain of virus transmission, strictly prevent the occurrence of hidden communication in the community, and orderly carry out the transfer of reserve materials to ensure the transportation work, and ensure the needs of the people.

Haopin Shandong · Hardytecotic Manufacturing 丨 Shandong Huatai Paper: Win the world’s right to speak for the field of Chinese news paper

Along the way, the paper industry cracked the "dependence of introduction" and "sky -high" import products said to enter the production workshop with an annual output of 450,000 tons of Huatai Group. Stopping, pressing, rolling, cutting, labeling, packaging … All processes are conducted in an orderly manner. The staff is grabbing time to perform sampling quality inspections, and sprints the "opening of the door" for the Chinese New Year.

What makes reporters unexpected is that the project running in front of the workshop is one of the world’s largest news paper projects.

According to the relevant person in charge, the total investment of the project has a total investment of 100 million yuan, which can produce 34-60 grams / square meter high-quality color printing newspaper. It is by far the world’s largest single-machine capacity, the fastest vehicle speed, and the widest paper production paper production line.

The start of the project has once again promoted the achievement of quality of Huatai Group, which played a positive role in promoting the high -quality development of the industry. Behind the normal operation of each device, it is inseparable from the "craftsmen" who are working in various workshops and positions.

In the history of the Huatai Group, a "craftsman" is like a healthy sailor driving a ship and sailing to a wider distance, and the national model of labor is also arisen.

Entering the innovative studio of Wei Guohua, the national labor model and the chief engineer of Huatai Group, the chief engineer of Huatai Group, all kinds of electronic parts are amazing. The inconspicuous circuit board needs 200,000 yuan in foreign imports. "Wei Guohua said.

According to his memories, when the new 400,000 tons of paper production line equipment in the factory, the network equipment always had a problem of sudden failure. Each time the operation was stopped, the entire production line was stagnant. Small circuit board. In order to grasp the principle of the equipment and the precise handling of the fault, Wei Guohua has not closed his eyes for three days and three nights next to the electrical appliance. Repeatedly, from the network quality of the production line, the programming of the software, to the line contact, etc. Dictionary, checking mobile phones, reading and translation of a large amount of automated equipment related information. In the end, a product that can replace it. A part with a cost of less than 100 yuan, plus Wei Guohua’s second processing, is completely complete This "sky -high" circuit board instead not only saves financial resources for the company, but also uses "Made in China" to solve the "dependence introduction".

"In Huatai, the size of innovation is not important. The most important thing is to cultivate the consciousness of independent innovation." Wei Guohua said.

Today, Wei Guohua led other scientific and technological personnel of the studio to apply for 176 patents, becoming the most award -winning enterprise in the papermaking industry, and has become a strong support behind the rapid development of the enterprise.

Everyone is eligible to sign up,Even if you are a member of the cooking class。

It just has to pass the test of the military competition of the whole army first,Only the best soldiers are qualified to enter the reserve in the iron and blood blade。
Yes,The best special forces can only become reserves for the iron and blood blade。
There are only a very small number of special forces that are valued by people with iron and blood.,Able to get full members directly。
It is estimated that there are only one or two in a year。
This year’s Tekken’s highest voice is He Chenguang from Sharpshooter Silian,And Wang Yanbing from the Seventh Company。
These two people are currently the most popular,It is recognized that the special forces most likely to enter the iron and blood blade。
Among all subjects,Both of these two completed the assessment with excellent results。
Starting today is the military competition of the whole army。
“Hiroko,Get up,Today is the first day of the military competition,If you are late, you will miss the first game。”
As Qin Hao’s roommate and best friend,Huang Xiaoding shook to Qin Hao。
“Didi,The host gains pure friendship,Congratulations to the host for getting a red envelope from Taishang Laojun,Strengthen the body strong activation pill。”
“Once this pill is taken,Permanently improve the host’s endurance,And increase the load and speed。”
suddenly,A dark pill appeared on Qin Hao’s right hand。
While Huang Xiaoding is getting dressed,Qin Hao swallowed this powerful activation pill, which is called physical fitness。
This Dan melts in your mouth,No smell,Then a burst of majestic medicinal effects radiated from the whole body。
Sure enough to keep fit,Qin Hao felt that a certain part of his lower body was now straight up。
Bulged up a big tent,Made him very embarrassed。
“how,Not out yet,It’s really late if you don’t go,”Huang Xiaoding said eagerly。

If you can succeed,He was forced to hand in hand,Even if the shares are retained,Waiting for them to enter,How do you want to pinch him?,Not all of them?

It’s problematic.……
“If he really did the performance??Then we are not smashed.?”
“how is this possible。”
Zhou Zhixiong laughed:“Busy, we can not help,But if he really has some indication of gambling,We can drag him on his legs.。
Rumor、Wipe black、block,Or directly with the Securities Regulatory Commission,Card does not let him go public,Just think,How much is。
As long as he signed an agreement,Can you complete a gambling?,I can’t say it for him.。
The gambling in the first few phases can be completed,After all, enter the shares.,Finally, I will enter the master.,Good performance is also beneficial to us,But the last listing gambling,He is impossible to complete anyway.。”
The king is slightly talented,Like I don’t know how Zeng,I looked at him.,I am inexplicable in my heart.,Originally thought that his heart is already black,But after listening to Zhi Xiong, he discovered,A ratio with him,I am still too pure.。
Dragging legs, you can think about it.?
As long as Wu Qingdong signed a gambling agreement,You will eat him.?
Or do you eat people don’t spit the bones,Not only need to revenge him,I have to let him work free of charge.,Finally, I will give him the company.,Killing people is just like this.。
really,In black,Still you help with financial capitalists。
But I like it.!
This is called retaliation.,It’s a bit of a bitter,The king has a little expectation in the heart.,Some hesitate:“But if he doesn’t sign it.?”
After saying the king, you will react.,Know yourself,Do not sign, there is no loss to him.,I don’t have to find the two reasons.,The chance of investing him gave it,It is not hesome,This can noble him.。
Zhou Zhi Xiong said:“Happened,Do you have just let me find a rejection??This is not ready-made?”
Wang traffic nodded,Suddenly, I admire him.,No matter what Wu Qingdong is not signed,They all can sit on the Diaoyutai,This plan is not missing.。
“makes sense,Then listen to you,That’s it.,I will notify Wu Qingdong。”
Wang traffic somatoes,Say the phone,I called Wu Qingdong.。
“Total Wang,How did I call me??”Telephone connection,Wu Qingdong has some fox。
“Yesterday, I didn’t say investment. I will come back.、think about it,Give you a reply?,I have just told old Zhou just now.,Zhou Zhixiong,Last time you have seen in the forum。
His research on you3Plan a very interested,Investment intention,If you have time,Go to Changfeng,You talk about it.。”Wang traffic hooks his mouth。
Wu Qingdong’s face,Hurriedly:“Really?no problem,I have time now.,You will wait,I will pass it right away.。”
“it is good,Then I am waiting for you in the company.。”Wang traffic smiled and hangs up,Then look at Zengxiong:“Proper,He will come right away。”
Zhou Zhixiong Road:“Still very positive,Then I will also go to do my homework.,Wang, you will take yourself first.。”
Wang flows up:“Busy,Do not bother me。”
Half an hour later。
Wu Qing Dongxing said over,I am full of joking,Rushing:“Total Wang,Long time。”
Wang flows back to smile:“It’s not bad,Wu Chang is very fast,Didn’t wait for how long,This is the old week,You have seen you,I will not introduce it.。”
Wu Qingdong smiled:“Need not,Zhou total a last time,I still remember it now.,I haven’t seen it for a few months.,The total style of Zhou is still still。”
“you flatter me,Wu is always really still good.。”Zhou Zhi Xiang smiled,Hold a handshake。
Can you blew each other??Wang is dark,Laugh on your mouth:“The company’s business has always been an old week in the management,Now you have seen it.,Do you want to invest、How to vote,You will talk about it.。”
“it is good,3I brought it to the business development and planning plan.,I will introduce it in person with Zhou.,What is Zhou’s concerns about investment or questions?,Can be asked,I must know all。”Wu Qingdong is cool。
Zhou Zhixiong smiled:“I really have a few questions.,I want to know with Wu.,Not anxious,Sit first,If you have something, let’s sit down.。”