Ruisi, Zhejiang: After 180 days, the cinema "return"!

  Affected by the epidemic of the new coronal pneumonia, from the end of January 2020, the theater in the country was closed, which was the first in the history of China’s film.

This seemingly "distorted" shutdown, the movie enthusiast is a small blow, and many movie practitioners have been in a lasting wait and see, and even some cinemas can’t persist, they will continue to " "The message is often raised on the network. However, the day of "screen light" is finally waiting. On July 16, the National Film Bureau issued a notice to clearly resumed open business in an orderly, low-risk area cinema.

Fortunately, the first movie broadcast after the national cinema was completed, and it was also released in "Zhe".

After the news, the topic of the "Cinema to open the door" rushed to hot search, many netizens have expressed "180 days of respective respectively, for a long time!" According to Xinhua Ruisi system, the "Zhejiang Cinema Rehabilitation" incident mentioned frequency Higher hot words are: theater, complex, audience, company, China movies. On July 20, the cinema of more than 6 months was officially returned.

According to statistics, as of 20 days, Zhejiang has nearly 60% of the cinema completed, which is the province of the number of open cinemas in the country.

On the evening, the Provincial Film Bureau held a special viewing activity in Hangzhou. On-site, wearing a mask, bright green codes, measurement temperature, strictly abide by 30% of the last rate, etc., and the epidemic prevention and control is not relaxed.

  During the network, netizens have made their own "retaliative viewing list", most people said that the cinema restarted, and they must have a few more enjoyable.

But at the same time, netizens’ sense of prevention is also very strong. It is considered that the primary mission is still personal protection. Of course, some netizens have not held a very warm welcome. In their view, they can only sit in the cinema. They can only be separated from people. They can’t eat snacks, and the fun is half-shadow, so go to the movie theater "can wait ".

  The theater is restarted, and it is excited for most fans. But for some relevant practitioners, it is still a "half". Sound pointed out that the largest "sequelae" of the cinema long-term suspension is concerned that the change in lifestyle during the epidemic has a subtle change and shaping of consumer consumption habits. Although the first day of the cinema completion of the national box office, it is compared to the room and drain on the same day last year, the current movie market is still only recovering about 2%.

  In order to help the movie industry through the "cold winter", Zhejiang has introduced a number of support policies and compliance guidelines.

As early as in February this year, the Provincial Party Propaganda Department issued the "Opinions on actively responding to the smooth development of cultural enterprises", will increase the integration area of ??Hengdian Film and Television and Television Industry, Xiangshan Video City support.

In addition, 10 million yuan will be arranged for appropriate subsidies for cinema lines that have been suspended from the epidemic.

At the same time, the movie coupon activities will be launched and guide the public to return to the cinema. "In the past, we went to the cinema. The most important thing is to find a" C bit "(Center center), now we can only sit in the" S-bit "(SAFE security bit)" Some netizen message representation.

However, these don’t block the enthusiasm of moving fans.

The "first step" in the cinema rehabilitation has been taken, confident in Wanjin.

I hope that in the near future, there will be more influential and appeal of the film to be released, ushered in the real spring of the industry. Planning: Liao Xiaohua Monitor: Xu Le Jing Luo Siyu Design: Cheng Huan Hang "Ruisi Light" (Zhejiang) is jointly produced by Xinhuanet Client, Xinhuanet University Data Center, Xinhuanet Zhejiang Channel, reproduced please indicate the source. Editor: Song Yueji: Liu Zhiyuan second trial: Ma Jiang’s third trial: Xu Lejing.

The Party Branch of Jiangjiapo Village, Longjin Street, Yinjiang County

Clear sky, bright sun. On November 10, the new branch committee of the party branch of Jiangjiapo Village, Yinjiang County, with the theme of "learning party history, pioneer, supporting road, and beautiful environment" as the public, "support is built on highway" Compulsory maintenance, management of union road actions. The action is organized by the branch, the party members took the lead, into the party’s active molecules and the masses to actively participate. Clear about 4 tons of firefighting on highway side. The "rebuilding the light tube" communication "changed new installation", which is particularly bright, beautifies the environment, eliminating safety hazards.

The action is also a vivid practice of the party history, "I do practical things for the masses", fully demonstrating the cohesiveness, appeal and combat power of the new party branch, and also showing the courage of the Communist Party members, selfless dedication, and leading the lead The fine party spirit of the pendant has changed the phenomenon of "reconstruction of light pipes" in the station. Further improved the service awareness and work of work, and closer to the distance between party members and the masses, they have been warmly welcomed by the masses.

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Young people from all walks of life from all walks of life in the 19th National Session

  China Youth Network Beijing November 18 (Reporter Zhang Jianwei correspondent Huang Zhang Yue) November 8th to 11th, the sixth plenary meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing.

Jiangxi Communist Youth League organizes yourself in the province to learn the publication of the press conference, organize the press conference, convene a special study and discussion, and write a learning experience.

The majority of youths have said that they should study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, in response to the party’s call, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation to dedicate youth strength. Huang Guo Peng, Ministry of Publicity Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education: A country, a political party, leadership core is critical.

The Party Central Committee has a core, the whole party has a core, and the party has power. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has led the people of the whole party to carry forward the great historical subjective spirit. A well-off society, became the attribution of the people, and the core of the party, the people leader, the army commander. The Chief Party of the 19th CPC Plenary Session emphasized the "two establishment", reflecting the common wishes of all nationalities in the whole party, including hundreds of millions of teenagers, developing the party and national career in the new era, and promoting the great revival of the Chinese nation The historical process has decisive significance.

As a group cadre, we have to remember the "two establishment", transformed into the ideological consciousness, political consciousness, and consciousness of "two maintenance", and constantly enhance the "four consciousness", and firm "four confidence". Do "two maintenance". To be more profoundly recognized, there is a leader of the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Any tough danger block can’t stop the pace. Any risk challenge can’t stop the great revival history process. I will fully use the specific requirements of party education to implement the "resolution", and use your heart to do your new era youth.

  Chen Cheng, secretary of the Qingshan Lake District Party Committee of Nanchang City: The long river is unstoppable.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the party, the Party Central Committee held the 19th China Plenary Session. The main task is to focus on the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle. It is again unified all party thinking, firm confidence, unity Mobilization will continue to work to the second hundred years of goals.

I think this conference is two issues and deployment of General Secretary for the Party Central Committee. The two issues made by General Secretary in the ‘July 1’ celebration: See why we can succeed in the past, and how we can succeed in the future.

As a common group of cadres, I should put in-depth study of the 19th China Plenary Session of the 19th Plenary Session of the 19th Plenary Session as the first time of the next time. First, we must take the lead in himself, and understand the spirit of the meeting, and widely promote mobilization, use a variety of publicity positions and Platform, create a strong learning atmosphere, the first time to convey the spirit of the party, the party’s instructions are in place, and further condense the young will to the construction of socialist modernization, and realize the great cause of the second hundred years of struggle.

  Nanchang Tengwang Pavilion Tourism Industrial Center, Chang Wu Tingting: The 100th Years of Party History is magnificent, the past 100 years, the party has saved a superior answer to the people, and now, in the heart of General Secretary Xi Jinping Under the leadership of the party, we set foot on the new history of the second hundred years of goals. As a head of the National Youth Civilization – Tengwang Pavilion, I know that the Communist Youth League is the party’s assistant and the reserve army. According to the understanding of the understanding of the understanding of the youth members to learn the spirit of the Plenary Session, with the spirit of the Plenary. Guiding work, but also with ‘I have implemented practical things for the masses, based on job position, actively contribute youth in the tourism development, epidemic prevention and control, volunteer service and other work. Aviation Industry Hongdu Company Youth employee pays the summers: After learning the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, it has firmly determined my ideal beliefs, and firmly firmly of my truth.

It is all the struggles that the Communist Party of China will lead the Chinese people. Every sacrifice, everything is created, and we have our current stable life. As the employees of the aviation weapon equipment, I want to keep in mind the initial mission, bury the head, and constantly adapt to the current new changes, don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, and play a pioneering role of party members.

  Ye Jianneng, Fire Rescue Station, Fang Zhimin Avenue, Fuyang County: The Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is a great mission that our party has a major historical conference in an important historical junction, and shoulders the great mission of the opening. After the brigade organized us to talk about communication, I deeply believe that the victory of the 19th Sixth Plenary Session will also have a very important practical significance for promoting fire rescue work.

As a fireman who joined the team for many years and the leading transformation, I deeply felt that we should shoulder the mission of the front of the team, the reform of the reform, and the historical change in the team, especially the system. New major achievements.

In the future work, I will take the red fertile soil in Fang Zhimin’s home, take responsibility, solid work, and work hard to make new work for the party and the people, and contribute to the resident economy and society.

  Huang Wei, Yan Yansheng, Youth Volunteers: The Chief Party of the 19th Central Committee reviewed the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year glory process, let me understand that a generation of young people have a generation of youth, in the historical inheritance of the national and nations, youth is the times The inheritor, pick up the person.

As a young volunteer, there should be a young manager. In this new crown epidemic sniper battle in Lead Mountain County, I was in the first time. There are many people asking me, so dangerous outside, why not rest at home, but I think we have a lot of luck in the red flag, grow in the spring breeze, and my hometown is just when we need us. Only by rushing in front can we dedicate a power to fight the epidemic work.

Among the long years of life, I will continue to hone will, play their own advantages, and work together in the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle, and write hands in the construction of socialist modern power Jiangxi contribute youth. Peng Xiaoliang, Youth Teacher, Jiangxi University of Technology: History is witnessing, the people are looking forward to.

The Chief Party of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is fully summarized by the party’s 100-year struggle and historical experience.

Unremissing, the road is unchanged, from today to tomorrow. There have been star sparks at this room, and they all have a good fortune.

The Chinese Communist Party was born from the crisis of the mountain river. In the war of the wind and rain, the Chinese Communist War is quenched, in the passionate socialist construction, in the wave of reform and opening up, the party group leads the people to "open the mountain open, the water frame bridge" "The squatting the revival macro drawn on the road forward. As a young teacher, I was sneaked as the party’s education, and I wrote human Chinese chapter in the journey of China’s dream. Yin Ziyi, Yin Ziyi, Youth Science and Technology College, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology: Centennial Intersection, Spreading. In the past few hundred years, the party has an excellent answer to the people to the people.

Now, the party group leads the Chinese people to embark on the new rush to achieve the second hundred years of struggle. In Beijing, the Ninth Sixth Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party of China took us to see why we can succeed in the past, and how can we continue to succeed in the future. And clearly pointed out the historical mission of the youth generation, and the youth is highly hoped.

Youth, the country, the times, the iron triangle with the shadow, and the waves of each other boost. The conference sent to youth and eagerly expect, asked the majority of young people to make the tide of the times, and relaxed struggles to achieve a Chinese dream.

I will do my best to learn my best, engage in the construction of the motherland, and don’t bear the party’s expectations. Nanchang University of Engineering, Ye Lintao: After studying the 19th China Plenary Session, I am deeply called. As a member of the young people, I have to don’t forget the glory of the suffering yesterday, and the mission of today is worthy of today, the great dream of tomorrow, in the new Create a new glory on the road. In the new era, the young people in the new era: In the past 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party has faithfully implemented the initial mission, unity leads the people of all nationalities in China to write a grand epic.

As a grassroots masses, I will closely unite around the party’s central party in the heart of the core, and fully implement the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session. Under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, seize the opportunity, to deal with challenges. Help the revitalization of rural industries, make good technological innovation cards, increase product research and development, constantly improve product quality, build local brands, and contribute more for rural industries.

"14th Five-Year Plan" National Intellectual Property Protection and Application Planning

Original title: "14th Five-Year" National Intellectual Property Protection and Application Planning Xinhua News Agency Beijing, Beijing, on October 28th, the State Council, "The 14th Five-Year" National Intellectual Property Protection and Application Plan "(hereinafter referred to as" Plan ").

"Plan" clarifies the guiding ideology, basic principles, main goals, key tasks and implementation of intellectual property work during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and has a comprehensive deployment of intellectual property work in the next five years.

"Plan" adheres to the guidance of China’s characteristic socialist thinking with Xi Jinping’s new era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress and 19th Central, Sanzhong, Fourth, Five Plenary Sessions, and overall the "five-in one" overall layout, Coordinating the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, adhere to the steady and advancement of work, based on the new development stage, complete, accurate, comprehensively implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and insist on promoting high quality development as the theme to comprehensively Strengthening intellectual property protection as the main line, to build intellectual property powers, with reform and innovation is fundamental, deepen intellectual property protection work institutional mechanism reform, comprehensively improve intellectual property creation, use, protection, management, and service level, and in depth promote intellectual property rights International cooperation, promote the construction of a modern economic system, stimulate the innovation of the whole society, and strongly support the high quality development of economic and social.

"Plan" points out, adhere to quality priority, strengthen protection, open cooperation, system coordination Development, effectively support the innovation and driving development and high standard market system construction, which strongly promotes high quality development of economic and social.

"Planning" proposes intellectual property protection to the new level, the application of intellectual property rights is achieved, the intellectual property service has achieved a new level, and the new breakthrough of intellectual property rights, and the establishment of "Higher Triple Value Improduction Patent Patent "8 major intended indicators. "Planning" deploys a key task around 5 aspects, one is to comprehensively strengthen intellectual property protection to stimulate the innovation of the whole society, improve the legal policy system of intellectual property rights, strengthen intellectual property justice, administrative protection, synergistic protection and source protection. The second is to improve the development of intellectual property transfer and transformation and development, improve the transformation of intellectual property transfer and transformation of intellectual property transfer. The third is to build the information of the people’s intellectual property service system to promote innovation achievements better benefits people, improve the public service capabilities of intellectual property rights, and promote the healthy development of intellectual property services. The fourth is to promote the development of intellectual property international cooperation services, actively participate in global governance of intellectual property rights, enhance the level of intellectual property, and strengthen international cooperation between intellectual property protection. The fifth is to promote the development foundation of intellectual property talents and cultural construction. Around the five major tasks, "Plan" also established 15 special projects such as trade secret protection.

"Planning" from strengthening organizational leadership, encouraging exploration innovation, increasing investment, paying close attention to work, etc., ensuring that the target task is implemented.

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Wuhai City implemented joint rewards and punishment for integrity "Red Black List" enterprises and individuals

  A few days ago, Wuhai City released the "Red Black List" in the 2021 Wuhai City Credit System, including 599 "Red List", 230 "Blacklist". These "Red Black List" will then be unified through "Credit China (the Inner Mongolia Wuhai) website, and through the Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform, the departments of the city, all departments, evaluation, administrative supervision , Administrative approval, financial funding arrangements, public resource transactions, etc. Implement joint rewards and punishments. The "Red List" released in this release covers the Wuhai Taxation Bureau 2020 A-class taxpayers, tourism industry integrity enterprises, five-star express delivery enterprises, harmonious labor relations enterprises. "Blacklist" includes Wuhai Intermediate People’s Court to lose a letter, the law of the law, the "blacklist" blacklist, and the serious illegal and wrong letter. Since 2015, Wuhai City has held 6 "Red Black List" press conferences, issued 960 "red list", "blacklist" 2407. Through the release of the "Red Black List", further praise, discipline, and create a social public opinion environment of "honoring glorious, lost trust". In recent years, Wuhai City has continuously constructed a new type of regulatory mechanism for the full life cycle based on credit-based, things, and afterwards.

In the field of prior supervision, education, tourism, transportation, social insurance, and property services, etc., 466 credit commitments, and implementation of the credit commitment system implementation priority approval, and incorporate the commitment to credit records, as a matter An important basis for post-monitoring. In the case of the supervision process, it is established a credit grading classification supervision system in the field of the Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform, the market main body, social organization, safety risks, real estate development, and corporate environments, etc., and collaborates all kinds of grading. Classified more than 300,000 regulation information.

In the post-event supervision process, the city fully utilizes Wuhai Credit Information Sharing Platform Joint awards and punishment, promoting various districts, and various departments in response to and implement rewards and punishment measures within the scope of authority.

  In terms of trustworthiness, the Wuhai City Tax Department jointly promoted the "Silver Tax Interaction" and realized the tax credit and financial credit mutual recognition, and created "tax" to help "loans", "letter" The financing model of "letter", as of now, has successfully licensed 2101 pens, accumulating integrity tax loan billion, effectively alleviating the difficult problem of small and micro enterprises.

The Postal Savings Bank Wuhai Branch promotes the construction of the double base link "Letter, Credit Village, Credit Township", and has been assessing 16 "credit villages", 979 "letter users", accumulating 378 "letter users" to issue low interest rates However, there is no guaranteed credit loan 56.67 million yuan. In terms of faith discipline, each department can query the application integrated credit information through the account in Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform, and the credit information collected by the Wuhai City Credit Information Sharing Platform will be pushed to the government agency platform and bidding platform. Enterprises listed in "Blacklist" or restrict the bidding to register.

Up to now, 328 credit integrated accounts are opened for the urban departments, and each district, and various departments have passed the account to query the application credit information 18016 times.

In addition, the credit information verification is also necessary to conduct credit information verification, "blacklist" enterprises to restrict funds.

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Summary: Who is the US "diplomatic boycott" in the United States hurts?

On July 20, 2021, the 138th plenary plenary of the International Olympic Committee was held in Tokyo. After the vote vote, it agreed to join the "more unity" after "faster, higher, stronger" Olympic Motto. Post-epidemic era. This is the first revision of the Olympic Motto for more than 100 years.

Reporter Han Haidan’s photographing the United States is both a sports country and a member of the International Olympic family. This should be "more united" advocate, "Olympic Charter" practitioners. Nowadays, their words do not match the Olympic Motto, and their rows violate the Charter, which is more difficult to estimate the damage caused by the Olympic spirit. Second, the so-called "diplomatic resistance" will not damage the international influence of the Beijing Winter Olympics, but will weaken the international image of the United States.

  Pound of the International Olympic Committee, Pound, Vice-President of the Former International Olympic Committee, responded to the so-called "diplomatic boycott", "this will have an impact on China is a guess. And I will say, basically, no." At present, the preparations for Beijing Winter Olympics have entered the countdown sprint phase, including the international community, including the International Olympic Committee, highly recognized the preparation work, a large number of foreign athletes enthusiastically expected to come to China, this sports event will not be due to a country "Resist" and is affected by substantive effects. As China’s well-known Olympic research expert Yi Jiandong said, for a country that hugs and respect the Olympic movement, there should be no to resist the Olympics, and the world should abandon this behavior.

  Third, the so-called "diplomatic resistance" is not only difficult to achieve, but it is easy to generate side effects.

  In 1980, the Moscow Olympics, some countries were boycotted by the Soviet Union Afghanistan; in 1984, the Soviet Union also boycott the Los Angeles Olympics in the year.

Historical lessons prove, boycotting and retaliation not only did not reach the purpose, but instead aroused new hatred.

"Celebrating the Party 100 years · Discover the most beautiful railway" activities started at the same time!

On April 23, the "Celebration Party" and discovered the most beautiful railway "activities jointly held in Beijing, Wuhan, Nanchang, and Nanning, China, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. Deputy Director of the Central News Network, deputy director of the National Net Truna Office, Sheng Ronghua, and ZHOU ZHANG ZHANG ZHOU ZHOU III, and ZHANG ZHIHUAR INCRIC Group Attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech.

Sheng Ronghua emphasized that "celebrating the Party 100 years · Discover the most beautiful railway" activities, we must use the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping.

It is necessary to highlight the theme, enhance the historical thickness, and integrate this event into the establishment of the party’s 100-year major theme publicity.

To build a boutique, enhance the activity, and promote a batch of political heights, the depth of thinking, and emotional temperatures.

To hammer the team, enhance combat power, communication power, guiding, influence. When Zhongyi’s membership of the event group and speaking, "the most beautiful railway" activity is the important part of the railway system to celebrate the topics of the party, covering 18 railway bureau companies, all over the country, and the national iron group The unit will carefully plan organization, strengthen service guarantee, innovative means, to ensure new color, further show great achievements, promote great spirit, and condense. As the brand promotion of the railway system network, "Discovery the most beautiful railway" activities have been continuously held for 6 years. This year’s event will run through the year, the content is focused on the 100-year theme, and the railway line of the four-way eight-through, the red footprint along the railway, the red footprint along the railway, show the huge achievements of the railway construction development under the leadership, reflecting the railway people Inheriting the party, the red gene walking with the party, unforgettable, keep in mind the mission, struggling to promote the high-quality development of the railway. From April to October, members of the "Discovery of the most beautiful railway" will revisit the "Mao Zedong" road, feel the "Mao Zedong" locomotive group spiritual inheritance, see the change of Beijing, Zhang Zhang; walk into Eu Yu, see railway people Trough the big mountain, guarding the big Beijing nine; walking into the railway anti-US aid chartering Memorial Hall, inheriting the Northeast Railway Revolutionary Spirit and Red Gene; visit the Highland China New Town Road, see the renovation of the snowy field; walk along the new four military footprints, listening " The Yangtze River Triangle "helps the story of local economic and social development; deep into the Beijing-Bian Railway, chasing the red gene of the Beijing Beijing Railway.

There are more than 400 people in the central and local news websites, commercial websites, live broadcast platforms, network positive energy backbone representatives and events, and participate in launching ceremony in Beijing, Wuhan, Nanchang and Nanning.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Ya’an Municipal CPPCC, the executive vice president of the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, the secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party Group, the executive vice chairman Chen Wei accepts discipline review and supervision

  The Deputy Secretary-General of the Ya’an CPPCC, the executive vice president of the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, the secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party Group, and Chen Wei, the executive vice chairman, is suspicious of the law and discipline, and is currently accepting discipline review and supervision.

  Chen Wei resume Chen Wei, male, Han nationality, July 1963, Sichuan Ya’an, in-service university degree. In July 1986, he participated in the work, joined the Communist Party of China in October 1997.

  From July 1986 to November 1991, the trade department of Audit Bureau in Ya’an District; November 1991 to July 1992, Ren Yaan District Audit Bureau’s audit office; July 1994, March 1994, Work in Finance and Economic Audit Division in Ya’an District; March 1998 to February 1998, Ren Director of the Office of Ja’an District Audit Office; May 1998, May 1999, in May 1999, Renkeepaire, Renkea, Auditorium, Ja’an District, Division; From May 1999 to October 2000, Ren Ja’an District Audit Bureau Commercial Audit Branch; October 2000 to December 2000, Ren Yaan District Audit Bureau Party Group member, deputy director; 2000 to 2006 11 Month, Ren Ya’an City Audit Bureau party members, deputy director; November 2006 to February 2017, Ren Ja’an Environmental Protection Bureau Party Secretary, Secretary; February 2017 to March 2017, Ren Yaan Municipal Committee Secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party Group, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau; March 2017 to July 2017, Ren Vice Minister Yaan Municipal Committee, the Secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party Group In April 2018, the deputy secretary general of Ya’an CPPCC, deputy director of the Ministry of Municipal Committee, the Secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party, for the executive Vice-Chairman of the Municipal Industry and Commerce; April 2018 to January 2019, Ren Yaan CPPCC Deputy Secretary Long and Municipal Party Committee, deputy director of the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Party; Vice-President; Since November 2019, the Deputy Secretary-General of Ja’an Municipal Committee, the executive vice president of the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, the Secretary of the Municipal Industry and Commerce, the executive vice chairman, and the first-level researcher.


A group of frightened strong people suddenly like Montan,Several people ran over the bottom of the head,Then the fart rolling outward。
As for more than 100,000 yuan in the package,Where do they dare to have half a job?。
This punch is to be on himself.……Think about it。
Waiting them,Summer touched one hundred dollars to boss,Laugh,“boss,Bill, please,Keep the change, please。”
After payment,He walked to the other snack shop,Look at a middle-aged woman who is obviously the boss,Apology,Temperature temperature and。
“boss,terribly sorry,Smash your glass,How much,I pay。”
NS037chapter 宸
Two words before and after,The atmosphere around it is also loose.。
At the moment, the summer livestock is harmless.,Cool image with just now,Judging two people。
The middle-aged woman who was originally ignored quickly shook his head.,The face is a complex expression,“No need to lose money,This is not related to you。”
Summer laughs,“boss,You don’t have to be afraid,I……”
“I am not afraid。”
Not finished,The boss has interrupted him.。
Summary,Weekly sweep around around,I found that there are still many people.,Find many people and boss。
There is not much fear between their look.。
At this time,The boss is holding the accent of the field.,“Boy,As you have just said, I am going up.,Your good,That is a group of people,In addition to bullying of these people,Strong woman in the street,Pit,See who is not pleasing to the eye,It’s just a bad thing.,young people,You really have a breath of these people.,Play well。How can I have to pay with you?。”
More than summer,Even passers-by around the street。
“The boss said,Play well!”
“Be right,Why didn’t you kill the grandson?。”
The boss surrounding many snacks and booths have opened the attached,A way of solving。
I don’t know who is the head.,Someone can’t help but applaud,Turn on people with。
This applause,It’s like a wave swept,Instantly spread the whole food street。
People look at the eyes of summer,Fully admired and admired。
See this scene,Su Xiaoxiao standing on the side is moving。
She looked at the side of the summer,I want to be a scene in my electric flash.,Why,Exquisite faces have a little hot。
Inversely the summer,Facing the applause,Welcome a grateful look,He has some unknown,Feel away。
In fact,He was originally just a pit head,But did not expect this group of people to act so bad。
at this time,Suddenly a voice came。
“Little brother,Do you still hurry?。If it is late,The port of the bald head will definitely retaliate.。”
Go to the sound,The previous billiard table boss came over,Good heart reminded。
“I’m not afraid。”Summer shink,Laugh,“If they still dare to come,I will give them a breath.。”
“Boy,Don’t be stubborn。”
What did the boss of the snack shop also think,Some worry,“The bald head is now relying on the mountains.。”

Waiting for landing in Hong Kong,It seems that there is nothing wrong.。

However,The Nikkei index has risen by 5.7% in just a few days.,This is quite sudden,Means Chen Linzhi more money,He carefully thinks about it.,What is the name of God?。
Chen Linzhi recently pondered the taste.,Not missing business genius at all times,Nothing to finally fight for longer,In this case,Not necessarily the interests of interest at all,May wish to look at it.,A few years,Everywhere is a chance。
So the mentality is more and more flat,Come to Hong Kong City,First, please ask several branch executives to eat,Yin Zhu is also。
Bird’s nest,Arma Dragon Tree Crab,Mainly Chen Linzhi wants to eat,By the way, with the manner’s management,The restaurant is facing Victoria Port。
Drink a few bottles of red wine,Chen Linzhi eats full,Take a sleep first,Every time you go out,He is suffering from time difference,Almost no adjustment during Tokyo,Sleeping during the day。
The next day to Hong Kong City。
He passed by hotel,Go to McKinsey Consulting Company Hong Kong City Division,Name names to come to a few experts who are familiar with Hong Kong City Business,Asked how many questions。
First, Lao Li’s business is in recent years.,The second is what excellent companies in the Land City Real Estate Industry,The third is how the stock market performance。
These are comparable regular issues,McKinsey Consulting Company has been working on investigation,There is a ready-made information in the archive,Experts from Chen Linzhi also came to,Soon helping him to explore the road。
From the seven years ago, Yangtze River Industry,Taking billions of Hong Kong dollar assets swallowing British old company and remember Huangpu,Then go to the old ship king to pass the Jiulong Warehouse、Xinhong Base is 3 billion Hong Kong dollars,Plan to build the first high building in Asia。
Many news in more than two hours,Continuously digestive by Chen Linzhi,I often hear familiar names.。
As for consulting company experts,It is mentioned that the stock market is very good.,This belongs to what is expected,This time, bull market, global,The rise in the Nikkei index is not an example。
Flowers 10,000 HK $,Please chat with you for more than two hours.,Business opportunities often hide these news。
Chen Linzhi out of the door,Straight Ben Hong Kong City Exchange,Combined with hand information sitting in the hall,Waiting for the volatility of Hang Seng Index for nearly two years,It’s hard to scare him.。
Because last year,Hang Seng Index is more than 1,600 points,The total market value of Hong Kong City listed company is 2,500 billion Hong Kong coins。After that, the stock market rises all the way.,When I got the market at the end of last year,The Hang Seng Index has risen to more than 2,500 points,The total market value increased to 4,16 billion Hong Kong coins。
In other words,Stock Market Value and Hang Seng Index,In just nine months, it rose 50% and more than 60, respectively.,Especially real estate stocks,Special outstanding performance last year,The stock price is generally more than 50%。
Here1987May in May,Hang Seng Index has been about to exceed 3,000 mark,The whole market is the same as Wall Street,It is so fast that it is overwhelmed by stocks and bonds.。
There is a sentence called someone else to calm down,Others are crazy when they are crazy。
For example, when Chen Linzhi see these data,Surprised to find that he wanted to take it before“car”,It’s already shaking on the edge of the cliff.。
Message of Hang Seng Index,Performance is more intuitive than Japanese data index,After all, the economic foundation is in that,And the Hong Kong City economy is far from comparable to this,It seems that as long as it is a good news, you can stimulate the stock market.,It belongs to the air pavilion。
Chen Linzhi always belongs to finance small white,It’s so far a year.,Current sense of smell,He feels like this, it may have a big chaos.,Although I haven’t fully displayed yet,But it is like a crazy that must appear before each disaster.。
Going out of the Hong Kong City Stock Exchange,Squatting on the roadside,Thinking about something。
Proud to the seedlings,Countless thoughts are telling him,The layout in New York and Tokyo is now very dangerous.,It should be set in time。
Can Big Bulls have been rare for a few years,Every major opportunity is also available,Millions of dollars earned by Chen Linzhi since this year,Not because the appearance of this Bull。
Facing the enthusiasm of the Hong Kong City stock market,Chen Linzhi belongs to the outcome,Incoming,Decision power is in his hand。
Just said it is calm,Can really face opportunities and risks,The head is not enough starting.,I want to catch a lot of money before I can’t get rid of a ticket.,I am afraid that I am not careful.。
A smoke,Chen Linzhi decisively,I feel that it should be calm and cold at this time.,Waiting for the considering that we have made decisions。
Before you come to Hong Kong to learn more,His plan is actually an investment in Yangtze River industry.,Use idle funds to use,Take the windmill long-term layout。
This will find the stock price of the Yangtze River industry.,From last year to the present,Up to one hundred percent,Silly, I chose this time.。
If you don’t guess this wave of market?,I am afraid that the mad investor is hard to die.,Chen Linzhi most wants to do it is empty,However, the current market performance is too irrational,He is worried that it is not allowed to take a loss of the holiday.。
Do the old idea to abandon,The rest is only in contact with the market.,Or the same time to wait and see for a while,Inner risk,The latter is no profitable,Chen Linzhi is particularly entangled in a time,Think about it should not be black gambling。
Said that it is calm and considering,In fact, he only takes into account the afternoon.,I will run in Morgan Stanley Port City Office for lunch.。
Not suddenly awake,But Chen Linzhi chips are enough,Even if the gambling is, it does not hinder normal life.,I can’t even wound my bones.,The money will be thrown back in the last two months.。