While shooting commercials during this time,Shen Huan also finalized the contract with Todd Phillips。

The subject of the contract is Fengxiang Film and Television Company。
First stroke1000Ten thousand dollars,Shen Huan has called him,Let him do the initial preparations。
The second batch2000Ten thousand dollars,It will be after the crew officially starts operation,Come in again。
The third batch2000Ten thousand dollars,It will be transferred to the crew account when the shooting is almost the same。
If you want to add something,Todd Phillips is going to discuss with Shen Huan one month in advance。
Shen Huan did not find someone to supervise the crew。
It’s not that he is not vigilant,But this movie is the brainchild of Todd Phillips,He wants to shoot better than anyone else。
Under the premise of good shooting,Todd Phillips is definitely not going to eat money or engage in crooked ways。
And for Todd Phillips,Can this movie succeed?,It’s better for him1000Ten thousand dollars、2000Ten thousand dollars is much more important。
So as long as Shen Huan can monitor his financial situation at any time——about this point,He always writes on the ledger,To an account on the Internet,Convenient for Shen Huan to check at any time。
Young people know《clown》Will get10Box office of more than 100 million U.S. dollars,For those who can make money for themselves,Even if you spend a little more money,Actually it doesn’t matter。
It’s just that Shen Huan didn’t treat Todd Phillips wrongly either,He gave Todd Phillips5%Box office share。
10A little more than 100 million U.S. dollars at the box office,Todd Phillips can at least get5000Ten thousand dollars in compensation,This is worthy of him。
Not in vain Todd Phillips put《clown》Is given to Shen Huan。
Although I will shoot later《clown2》,It also needs Warner’s authorization,But after all, Shen Huan had a good oneIP。

I know wrong,From now on I will never dare to order Lin Shao your people。”

It was so arrogant before,But at this moment it is becoming very respectful。
“Then go find a car soon?
Can i find it for you?”
Rely on the old and sell the old,You don’t take me Lin Yu seriously, right??
Hear this,Lin Yu asked coldly。
Being so intimidated!Old Zhuo dare not be in front of Lin Yu,Let your hands go。
Can only leave the villa,Out of the door,Then he started to let his subordinates do things。
of course,Before doing business,Give me a slap,Vent Lin Yu’s dissatisfaction with him。
at the same time!Lu Wei who is about to leave Jianghu City,The whole person was stunned at the entrance of the train station。
See this,Lu Wei’s wife slapped over。
“What are you doing?
Never check the ticket again,We’ll be over in a while。”
It hurts!This is not dreaming,This is real。
“Ah wife,We don’t have to go。”
Found to be true,Lu Wei shook his hands and shouted。
Snapped!Slap again!“Are you stupid by me?”
Lu Wei’s wife,Asked angrily。
“Do not,Not being beaten up,look!”

Fang Hao said modestly:“I didn’t do anything,Just paid a little money,The main result is the general manager Zhao you sent,He is the hero。”

“You don’t have to be humble,”Zhao Jiajiadao,“I know Yang Jun’s ability,Not incapable,But it didn’t reach that point,Many people can do what he can do,But what you can do,Ordinary people can’t do it。If it wasn’t for you to promote that mask,That mask is produced,Still slow。He can’t change this situation,But you changed,So you are the real hero。”
What she said is the truth。
The same mask,Can’t sell in the hands of others,Can only be stacked in the warehouse。
Yang Jun’s management ability is stronger,He has no way to change this situation。
If it wasn’t for Fang Hao to promote it online,Drive so many fans and passersby to buy,How many masks are produced,How much money will you lose,In the end, I can only let Gu Mu come to the bottom。
It’s not that Gu Mu can’t afford such a loss,Just doing that kind of nonsense,There are still some risks after all。
It’s sold clean and plain like this,That’s the real achievement。
Gu Mu also said:“This guy has no other abilities,The ability to carry goods is quite strong。I think he made a live broadcast room to live broadcast the goods,More money than publishing books。”
Fang Hao smiled and said:“Only occasionally succeeded in bringing the goods,Too much,Not comparable to those professional。”
What he said is also the truth。threek
My leek garden is the size,Develop several products,The number of leeks that can be cut。
Develop dozens of products,Leeks that can be harvested,Not much more。
Develop hundreds of products,There won’t be much growth,On the contrary, profits will decrease due to increased costs。
Only so much potential,All dug up,That’s it。
Gu Mu only looked at his ability to carry goods once or twice,I thought I had that ability every time,I take it for granted。
Fans don’t have so much money for him to harvest every day。

should say,All bets and open disks are both extremes,Betting here for many years.Stone trade,I don’t really like this way。

So the most popular ones are window opening and half betting。
Although this price is much higher than full bet,But the risk can be reduced a lot,Also better reflect one’s vision and luck。
Actually there is a bigger bet,That is gambling。
Direct Zone Myanmar,flower5000Ten thousand、1Billion、2Billion、3Mountain tops of different sizes under 100 million packs,Then I dug everything out,All the jade dug out is yours。
But many hills have been dug,It’s not uncommon to have no stone,One or two billion、Three to five billion is over。
Ignore these。
Shen Huan is at the Jewelry Pedestrian Street, one of Ruili’s five major jewelry parks.。
In addition to the large and small shops here,There are many stalls here beside the stalls,Even carrying a leather bag,There are tens of thousands in it、Millions of rough jadeite。
Shen Huan comes here this time,Not alone。
He brought Shui Qianyu。
Although Xiao Shuishui did not express dissatisfaction with Zhang Yaya’s previous behavior,But now Shen Huan has returned to China,Of course she wants to be with Shen Huan more。
After all8Month after,Shen Huan is going to study in Huajing。
I can stay together for two or three months at most a year,Time is too little。
It happened that Shen Huan asked her,Do you want to accompany him to Caiyun to buy jade?,Of course Shui Qianyu readily agreed。
Caiyun has good weather all year round,This time in the summer morning,Sun rises,The temperature is not very high,It’s suitable for everyone to hang out and buy things。
When Shen Huan and Shui Qianyu came to the Jewelry Walking Street,There are already thousands of people hanging out and bargaining here。

“This time the battle between Fuhuan and Nichen should have risen toALevel or evenSLevel up,Otherwise, there won’t be so many masters gathered here。Now they have the upper hand,We want to avoid their inspection and ask for more information,Almost impossible。”Liu Yan analyzed and said。

“I have reported this,The headquarters will soon send a lot of help,I’m afraid this matter will develop towards the situation that headquarters most want to see。”
“What do we do now?If we continue to explore,May reveal identity!”Liu Yan asked,“Inside the Floating Fantasy and Nichen,Everyone is a master at Dao and even extreme,And most of us here have just stepped into the Taoist level,It’s hard to win if you fight。”
“You’re right,All we can do is this。but,From the current momentum,That one‘Crimson Shadow’Not only is extremely important for Floating Fantasy and Against the Dust,And it’s also very important to us。But we have lost the opportunity,If we continue to wait,I am afraid it will be even worse。”Chen Feng said tangledly。
Lin Yuan noticed that his expression was abnormal,Seems to be worried and didn’t make it clear。
“Is there a new order from the headquarters??”Lin Yuan asked。
Chen Feng froze for a while,He stared at Lin Yuan blankly,I thought to myself that my mind really couldn’t escape Lin Yuan’s eyes,He said slowly,“Hey——You’re right,Just now the headquarters sent a new order,We need to speed up this matter,Don’t go back。all,Must focus on tasks!”
Especially the last sentence,Chen Feng said very hard。
He feels that their team has been pitted by the top,What I said at the time was personal safety first,But now things are going in a bad direction,Their orders become task-oriented。
“Ah,That’s it!”Liu Yan sneered,He has no complaints about the indifference of the headquarters,All this seems to be what they expected。
He only cares how to face the current situation。
Chapter Twenty Nine Infiltration plan
“What should we do now?”
“If it is facing the enemy,They have a lot of masters in the extreme,We don’t even have a chance to save our lives,but,If we join them and act with them,Maybe it is also a way。”Chen Feng meditated for a while and said。

sound,Very powerful。

Within a hundred miles,Can hear it,This strong will to fight。
“it is good,well。”
“what I want,That is your will to die。”
“This time,Who can be in the martial battle,Build the most credit,Become the strongest person,Then,I am the master,after,Just who。”
Head,Set a new reward again。
This reward comes out,The man below,Will to fight,Stronger。
Chapter 329 Parting
at the same time。
Lin,Lin Yu just woke up。
Seeing Lu Yingying still asleep,I think of myself going out this time,One out,I don’t know how long it will take to come back。
Can’t help but look more,then,Cautiously walked out of the door。
Don’t know when i will leave,This is the best goodbye。
Once I know when I will leave,perhaps,No one wants to leave。
Discomfort of separation,Lin Yu,It’s not the first time I have felt。
This time,Lin Yu,I don’t want Lu Yingying to be uncomfortable。
“Are you ready for everything?”
Master Lin,Saw Lin Yu come to his room,Look past,Asked。

The data is bad,Keep writing,When it’s on the shelves, it’s probably a dozen or so orders.,There may be dozens of yuan in manuscript fees a month,Really can’t write it down。

right now,Can only press a pause button for this book。
Maybe I won’t write it in the future,Maybe someday,You don’t need to care about the manuscript fee,Then continue。
Thank you for your support,I am not worthy of that support,Sorry。
start again
amount,I didn’t plan to write this book,But today I came again to recommend the short station,That would be embarrassing。
Must be updated,Otherwise, I’m afraid I will have to be blacklisted。Ok,From today,Keep updating。
Chapter Forty Four Pan him(Happy new year’s eve)
Ye Wenwen’s mother’s house is not small,Three bedrooms and one living room,Over ninety square meters。
When I bought it, the house price was very cheap,During the period of falling house prices in Pengcheng,Just six or seven thousand one square meter,In a nearby area, the price is relatively high。
right now,The house price here is still a bit worse than in the Guan,However, the price per square meter in the second-hand housing market has reached more than 50,000。
From this suite alone,Her mother did not marry wrong。
Fang Hao and Ye Wenwen arrived early,It’s only about ten in the morning,Far from the meal。
This is a very scary time period,this means,Mother Ye has a long time to play Fang Hao’s future son-in-law。
——Future son-in-law,In vain。


Mo Ziqin turned his head and sneered at Abin,“He was killed by you just now,Why come to confront you face to face?He will really appear in front of you now,Are not you afraid?”
When Ah Bin heard this, his heart trembled,Anxious:“Chief Mo,You don’t want to squirt people,I don’t even know that Zhou Tao!How could you kill him?!”
When the man on the side heard this, he suddenly raised his head and looked at Abin in surprise.,Then turned to look at his elder brother,I was shocked,Obviously he already guessed it,Brother didn’t give Zhou Tao money at all,Let him run,But killed him!
Wan Xun’s complexion is very plain,No facial expression fluctuations,It can be seen that his mental quality is extremely high,Looking at Mo Ziqin coldly and saying:“Director Mo,We have explained what should be explained,If you come here as a guest,I welcome,If you come here to make trouble,Sorry,I will not accompany you!”
The voice fell off,Wan Xun ignored Mo Ziqin again,Turned around and walked into the house。
“Hold on!”
Mo Ziqin said with a calm face:“Who said let you go!boarding,Come back to the game with me!”
Wanxun turned his head slowly,Squinted coldly:“Director of Mexico University,You can catch me,But please show your evidence!”
His voice fell off,Mo Ziqin suddenly rushed to him,According to his lower abdomen is a neat kick,Wanxun has no time to react,Mo Ziqin kicked to the ground。
Mo Ziqin slammed,Staring at his face,The face is extremely cold:“Wan Xun,You may have a misunderstanding about our Mohist school!I want to catch you,No evidence needed!”
The voice fell off,He immediately took out the handcuffs to handcuff Wanxun’s hand。
Abin’s complexion changed,Immediately stretched out his hand to grab Mo Ziqin’s arm,But Mo Ziqin seems to be prepared,His arm jerked back,I don’t know when my left hand has an extra black pistol,A bang directly hit Abin’s right leg。

Mourning’s ears yelled from his teammates,Be careful?Be careful?

and many more,I seem to have forgotten something,Behind me seems。。。。。。。
Nail board big hat!
Peter Pan Kobe jumps high,The top of the head is almost equal to the basket,Slammed Mourning’s shot to the backboard in the air!
Capped?I was capped by a guard!Or pegboard hat?
Mourning eyes staring at Jingxing,At this moment he could hardly accept this fact。
But Kobe did it!
Accurately judge the offensive tactics,Pass route,Mourning’s offensive approach。
Everything was expected by Kobe!Then the next thing is just jumping high,With the superhuman bounce when he was young,Flying in the air,Then he shot the ball to the backboard!
Nail board big hat,Guard cap center!The Heat’s home stadium in Miami are silent!
And the game continues!
Campbell blockedPJBrown,Compared toPJBrown was thin and weak body,But infinite power broke out!
“what!”Campbell yelled,Strong takeoff,Hold downPJBrown took Kobe’s basketball on the backboard into his arms。
“Fast pass!”Eddie Jones ran to the front court,Shouting。
Campbell throws the ball to Eddie Jones,Jones ran down quickly!
Marsh was the first to react this time!Quick retreat,Blocked Jones at the free throw line!