A group of frightened strong people suddenly like Montan,Several people ran over the bottom of the head,Then the fart rolling outward。
As for more than 100,000 yuan in the package,Where do they dare to have half a job?。
This punch is to be on himself.……Think about it。
Waiting them,Summer touched one hundred dollars to boss,Laugh,“boss,Bill, please,Keep the change, please。”
After payment,He walked to the other snack shop,Look at a middle-aged woman who is obviously the boss,Apology,Temperature temperature and。
“boss,terribly sorry,Smash your glass,How much,I pay。”
NS037chapter 宸
Two words before and after,The atmosphere around it is also loose.。
At the moment, the summer livestock is harmless.,Cool image with just now,Judging two people。
The middle-aged woman who was originally ignored quickly shook his head.,The face is a complex expression,“No need to lose money,This is not related to you。”
Summer laughs,“boss,You don’t have to be afraid,I……”
“I am not afraid。”
Not finished,The boss has interrupted him.。
Summary,Weekly sweep around around,I found that there are still many people.,Find many people and boss。
There is not much fear between their look.。
At this time,The boss is holding the accent of the field.,“Boy,As you have just said, I am going up.,Your good,That is a group of people,In addition to bullying of these people,Strong woman in the street,Pit,See who is not pleasing to the eye,It’s just a bad thing.,young people,You really have a breath of these people.,Play well。How can I have to pay with you?。”
More than summer,Even passers-by around the street。
“The boss said,Play well!”
“Be right,Why didn’t you kill the grandson?。”
The boss surrounding many snacks and booths have opened the attached,A way of solving。
I don’t know who is the head.,Someone can’t help but applaud,Turn on people with。
This applause,It’s like a wave swept,Instantly spread the whole food street。
People look at the eyes of summer,Fully admired and admired。
See this scene,Su Xiaoxiao standing on the side is moving。
She looked at the side of the summer,I want to be a scene in my electric flash.,Why,Exquisite faces have a little hot。
Inversely the summer,Facing the applause,Welcome a grateful look,He has some unknown,Feel away。
In fact,He was originally just a pit head,But did not expect this group of people to act so bad。
at this time,Suddenly a voice came。
“Little brother,Do you still hurry?。If it is late,The port of the bald head will definitely retaliate.。”
Go to the sound,The previous billiard table boss came over,Good heart reminded。
“I’m not afraid。”Summer shink,Laugh,“If they still dare to come,I will give them a breath.。”
“Boy,Don’t be stubborn。”
What did the boss of the snack shop also think,Some worry,“The bald head is now relying on the mountains.。”

Waiting for landing in Hong Kong,It seems that there is nothing wrong.。

However,The Nikkei index has risen by 5.7% in just a few days.,This is quite sudden,Means Chen Linzhi more money,He carefully thinks about it.,What is the name of God?。
Chen Linzhi recently pondered the taste.,Not missing business genius at all times,Nothing to finally fight for longer,In this case,Not necessarily the interests of interest at all,May wish to look at it.,A few years,Everywhere is a chance。
So the mentality is more and more flat,Come to Hong Kong City,First, please ask several branch executives to eat,Yin Zhu is also。
Bird’s nest,Arma Dragon Tree Crab,Mainly Chen Linzhi wants to eat,By the way, with the manner’s management,The restaurant is facing Victoria Port。
Drink a few bottles of red wine,Chen Linzhi eats full,Take a sleep first,Every time you go out,He is suffering from time difference,Almost no adjustment during Tokyo,Sleeping during the day。
The next day to Hong Kong City。
He passed by hotel,Go to McKinsey Consulting Company Hong Kong City Division,Name names to come to a few experts who are familiar with Hong Kong City Business,Asked how many questions。
First, Lao Li’s business is in recent years.,The second is what excellent companies in the Land City Real Estate Industry,The third is how the stock market performance。
These are comparable regular issues,McKinsey Consulting Company has been working on investigation,There is a ready-made information in the archive,Experts from Chen Linzhi also came to,Soon helping him to explore the road。
From the seven years ago, Yangtze River Industry,Taking billions of Hong Kong dollar assets swallowing British old company and remember Huangpu,Then go to the old ship king to pass the Jiulong Warehouse、Xinhong Base is 3 billion Hong Kong dollars,Plan to build the first high building in Asia。
Many news in more than two hours,Continuously digestive by Chen Linzhi,I often hear familiar names.。
As for consulting company experts,It is mentioned that the stock market is very good.,This belongs to what is expected,This time, bull market, global,The rise in the Nikkei index is not an example。
Flowers 10,000 HK $,Please chat with you for more than two hours.,Business opportunities often hide these news。
Chen Linzhi out of the door,Straight Ben Hong Kong City Exchange,Combined with hand information sitting in the hall,Waiting for the volatility of Hang Seng Index for nearly two years,It’s hard to scare him.。
Because last year,Hang Seng Index is more than 1,600 points,The total market value of Hong Kong City listed company is 2,500 billion Hong Kong coins。After that, the stock market rises all the way.,When I got the market at the end of last year,The Hang Seng Index has risen to more than 2,500 points,The total market value increased to 4,16 billion Hong Kong coins。
In other words,Stock Market Value and Hang Seng Index,In just nine months, it rose 50% and more than 60, respectively.,Especially real estate stocks,Special outstanding performance last year,The stock price is generally more than 50%。
Here1987May in May,Hang Seng Index has been about to exceed 3,000 mark,The whole market is the same as Wall Street,It is so fast that it is overwhelmed by stocks and bonds.。
There is a sentence called someone else to calm down,Others are crazy when they are crazy。
For example, when Chen Linzhi see these data,Surprised to find that he wanted to take it before“car”,It’s already shaking on the edge of the cliff.。
Message of Hang Seng Index,Performance is more intuitive than Japanese data index,After all, the economic foundation is in that,And the Hong Kong City economy is far from comparable to this,It seems that as long as it is a good news, you can stimulate the stock market.,It belongs to the air pavilion。
Chen Linzhi always belongs to finance small white,It’s so far a year.,Current sense of smell,He feels like this, it may have a big chaos.,Although I haven’t fully displayed yet,But it is like a crazy that must appear before each disaster.。
Going out of the Hong Kong City Stock Exchange,Squatting on the roadside,Thinking about something。
Proud to the seedlings,Countless thoughts are telling him,The layout in New York and Tokyo is now very dangerous.,It should be set in time。
Can Big Bulls have been rare for a few years,Every major opportunity is also available,Millions of dollars earned by Chen Linzhi since this year,Not because the appearance of this Bull。
Facing the enthusiasm of the Hong Kong City stock market,Chen Linzhi belongs to the outcome,Incoming,Decision power is in his hand。
Just said it is calm,Can really face opportunities and risks,The head is not enough starting.,I want to catch a lot of money before I can’t get rid of a ticket.,I am afraid that I am not careful.。
A smoke,Chen Linzhi decisively,I feel that it should be calm and cold at this time.,Waiting for the considering that we have made decisions。
Before you come to Hong Kong to learn more,His plan is actually an investment in Yangtze River industry.,Use idle funds to use,Take the windmill long-term layout。
This will find the stock price of the Yangtze River industry.,From last year to the present,Up to one hundred percent,Silly, I chose this time.。
If you don’t guess this wave of market?,I am afraid that the mad investor is hard to die.,Chen Linzhi most wants to do it is empty,However, the current market performance is too irrational,He is worried that it is not allowed to take a loss of the holiday.。
Do the old idea to abandon,The rest is only in contact with the market.,Or the same time to wait and see for a while,Inner risk,The latter is no profitable,Chen Linzhi is particularly entangled in a time,Think about it should not be black gambling。
Said that it is calm and considering,In fact, he only takes into account the afternoon.,I will run in Morgan Stanley Port City Office for lunch.。
Not suddenly awake,But Chen Linzhi chips are enough,Even if the gambling is, it does not hinder normal life.,I can’t even wound my bones.,The money will be thrown back in the last two months.。

“very good,I’m struggling。”Tao Meng touched his stomach,Pointing to the leftovers next to,Contented look,He noticed the expression of his companion Liu Yongzhi,With a trace of confusion in the smile,So he can’t understand。

This is rare,The two of them have worked together for so long, and they have been quite in agreement,This happens only to show that Liu Yongzhi is also very confused.,Can’t decide inside,Naturally, you can’t give your companions clear hints。
That would be bad,Liu Yongzhi must have found something,then,New discoveries,Quickly overthrew his original idea,Can’t find the correct answer in contradiction。
“Brother Tao,I have a bad appetite,How much did you eat now??”Old Gu was joking,Put the Nati mineral water in your hand on the cart,“Drink on the road,I forgot when I went out。”
“This guy had a stomachache just now,Nourish the stomach。”Tao Meng also responded with a joke,An Yongxiang laughed a few times and dare not speak,The two groups of people are obviously at odds,If you don’t know which sentence is wrong, you may be unlucky。
Liu Yongzhi wants to return the food plate to the store,Haven’t reached out yet,Was snatched by Old Gu,“I’m doing errands,You all rest。”
Liu Yongzhi helpless,Look at Tao Meng with the same questioning eyes,The other party shook his head insignificantly,Nothing unusual around the hotel,He took An Yongxiang out for convenience,I also took the opportunity to observe carefully。
Later Tao Meng tried a poison pretending to be mysterious,The purpose is to show them to Wen Feng,The other party has no response,This in itself indicates a problem,Otherwise, no matter how hard you are, you won’t let this kind of obvious distrust,But Tao Meng just didn’t want to understand,It doesn’t matter why the other party is so heartbroken,Foreshadow?Still some kind*?
Look at Ji Xuejun again,Still the same,The face is neither salty nor light,Standing next to the car with a cigarette in his mouth, looking left and right,Absent-minded,Don’t say it’s Guoan Field Service,Even among ordinary policemen, you can’t find such a character who looks like a wandering soul,Let’s see and respond,Tao Meng hints that Liu Yongzhi is calm and composed,At the same time thinking about whether to inform the instructor of this situation,But I was quickly rejected by myself,Can’t report at every turn,I can’t deal with trivial things,Talk about independently performing tasks?
Old Gu smiled back,Jump into the driving position,Wen Feng tore open the plastic packaging of Nati mineral water,Take out the mineral water inside,One person sends one bottle,“Dishes are a bit salty,Drink water to rinse off,Out in a hurry,We are not prepared,Will be there。”
“very good already,Old Wen, you are too polite。”
“Where and where?This time you are on mission,I can’t interrupt,Next time you come on vacation,Call me when you come,Let’s have a good drink,Drunk,I’ll show you around,Let you see,Southern Yunnan is actually a good place everywhere。”
“I’ll be bothering。”Liu Yongzhi nodded quickly,Can’t drink wine at noon,Wen Feng regrets,Keep complaining。
Tao Meng opened the handcuffs,Liberate one’s left hand,In case of emergencies, you will not be in a hurry,and,Too close with An Yongxiang,Inconvenient to check the phone。When An Yongxiang was handcuffed again,Tao Meng noticed that Wen Feng was looking over intentionally or unintentionally,Originally normal,But how do you look at that look?。
Old Gu started the car,Everyone keep on the road,But start again,The atmosphere in the car is much stranger than before。
After Wen Feng only said two scenes,,I lowered my head and continued to doze off,Don’t talk like you did when you first set off,And Ji Xuejun changed the most,I even put my hands on my chest and started to doze off,And seemed to fall asleep soon。
This seems to give Tao Meng and Liu Yongzhi an opportunity to communicate,But the situation is not so simple,Old Gu’s face in the inverted mirror was red,With the shaking of the car,Round head bouncing,Those little eyes seem to be watching the situation inside the car all the time。
Both people mute their phones,Text each other,Delete immediately after reading,Vigilance is necessary,But in case you make a mistake,Making jokes is trivial,It is absolutely necessary to break the heart of the same。
“What’s the problem with Wen?”Tao Mengwen。

Spring got up and jumped two steps,Long-lasting weight,He has forgotten what is the weight loss.。

Slightly adapted,Spring came to the field。
“Are you ready?”
Xiao Li and Springs neatly。
Let me see how strong eight doors,How many doors are my water breathing?。
Spring breathing。
The body of the springs fleet,Xiao Li has not responded yet,Just kicked by the spring。
“how is this possible!”Sasuke eyes must be fell。
On the scene,too fast,Many people actually only saw a black film,Xiao Li was hit by it.。
“hehe,Not his full state before?,I saw it.”Big snake pill。
Where did he know how to remove the weight?,I was killed and I was killed.。
“Cough,So strong”Xiao Li stands up。
“Xiao Li,I can wait for you”Spring said。
“Need not”Xiao Li Diking said。
Spring sweeps the eye,Shake the shaking head,Not coming out,I will play it out.。
The body of the spring is rapid again.,Xiao Li Congni。
“Bamboo”Xiao Li Shuangguan blocks the foot of the spring。
“Good power”Xiao Li is a bit difficult。
“good”Square,Actually, I adapt to his speed so soon.。
Xiao Li is a body genius,Even if you don’t have eight gates,But this keen insight is quite very powerful.。
“but,Light is so can’t”
Springs a fierce foot,A boxing hit the belly of Li。
Xiao Li body,Backward,However, Quan Hua immediately came to him behind him.,He is also a punch。
Spring is surrounded by Xiao Li’s constant strike,And Xiao Li will follow the speed of the spring.。
Looking at the small plum that is constantly hitting,Anxious,“Spring is too much.”
“Do not,He is in charge of Xiao Li’s use of all the strength”Ningxing constantly observed the action of Spring。
Xiao Li’s body is somewhat,He is trying to block,But his current speed can’t keep up.。
Spring body body,A high kick,I hit the chin of Xiao Li,Kick him to the air。
Then the spring is born,Then fierce,Instantly appear in small Li。
“This is a shadow!”Metekai said surprised。
“This is the last chance.,Don’t seriously lose”
The body of the spring is like a small Li.。
“Xiao Li,I allow you to use that”Meteki shouted。
If you don’t have to this time,No chance,Three generations of adults are not good,He doesn’t want Xiao Li to lose so miserable.。
This is not what he works.,Exchange results。
“Xiao Li,Bloom”
Xiao Li’s eyes are fierce,coming,Xiao Li’s eyes slightly swept behind。
“Have you realized?,Unfortunately, late”Springs’ hand grabs the arms of the small。

Do not,This is not the problem of money,But the price,Huge price。

“In order to give my son to revenge,I am willing to pay all。”
Seasonal red laugh,Revolve,Other bodyguards in the yard,“Wake them。”
The bodyguards have been ready early.,Two consecutive barrels of cold water poured in Thunder and Three。
“hehe,Two,how do you feel?”
The seasonal is slow,Restore the elegance of weekdays,Holding it out, overlooking the two。
Thunder and west,From beginning to end, it is an important part of the season red program.。
Recently,She collects west in secret,And the weighing seems to be attacked,Thorough,I often reveal the trend of the Thunder to the season.。
And last night,Seasonal is about white West in the phone,Tell today will deal with summer。
Then there is also the thunder.,Trying to grasp the season red to ask questions。
to be honest,This is a snake out hole,Gauge,螂 捕 黄 黄 behind the play code。
Means of,Baishi did not betray the Thunder,But the Thunder makes him do this.。
Unfortunately, it is still a loss.,There are eight shun mercenaries around the season.,Uniform two people are easy。
“Session Miss,Do you have this means??”
Thunder’s forehead, answer,It’s not hurting,Once the mouth is rushing in the season。Say,He looked to the mysterious man,“Just now,I heard it.,hehe,I know that nine mercenaries in the world are tightly monitored by the three mysteries.,And you can bring them quietly.,Explain that you are not three people,I am sure that I can’t get it.
Tie,Am i right?”
Toned,He breathed his mouth,Aid,“And I am sure,Your organization,Or someone you organized,And my boss,But you don’t dare to provoke him.,I have to take me to sprinkle.,Hehehehe。”
Be right。Thunder and the injury on the west,Not a seasonal red to make people play,But the mysterious man is caused。
NS553chapter Who is playing
Thunder’s words,Let the mysterious man are shocked,Also let the season red。
Because until now,Nihong doesn’t know the identity of mysterious men.,Trial multiple times,Mysterious man is not dripping water。
She only knows,It is the old master of Meng’s family.,I have to make the fan of mercenary sneak into the Qinghai.。
This is also the original intention of her cooperation with Meng family.。
Now the Thunder said these words,Also let the season red is sophisticated。
“hehe,Hehehehe,You didn’t have to die。”
Mysterious man laughs,Slowly stand up,Murder,A big step,I am screaming in the Thunder.。
Thunder mouth hurt,Strong pain,Grievances staring at each other,“My Thunder swear,As long as you die today,I must kill your dog hybrid in the future.!”
“Who do you think you are!Rubbish!”
Men scent,Another one foot playing in his rib,Sudden sound of skeletal fragmentation。
beside him,Baixi is equally weak to the ground,Nasal green face,Ribs have been interrupted。
Seeing the other party seems to die,Weishi immediately yell,“Hybrid,You are less,Waiting for the sky,You are dead.!”
“Ha ha。”
Men disdainful,next moment,God becomes,“What does he count?,Look at it,I will be in your face,Take him into a dead dog,Let him squint at my feet。”
Talk,Continuously in the west。
“I hit you.,You should be honored,To know,Anti you like you,I don’t even look at it.。”
Men’s slightly,狰 狰,“As for the puppy in your mouth,I will make him survive.,Do not die。”
Last few words,The man is biting his teeth.。

Get a sure of the girl, the heart is sweet than eating honey.,Leozi。The appetite is better than before.,Eat more small bowls。

Lunch,Everyone is sitting in the yard.。it’s here,Sleep time in the evening,Everyone is not a habit of nap.。Only a child is occasionally sleeping in a nap。
“Su Lao Ge,Come and give me a door!I will give you a good thing.!”
A hurry knocking,Su Jiaren is surprising to find someone,Just hear the familiar big mouth。
“It is a grandfather!”
at this time,The big master has already opened the door to open the door.。
“Niu Niu,You still remember your grandfather.!Su Lao Ge,I said that your big day is doing the door.,I haven’t done anything about you.!”
“I didn’t expect someone to come to the door.,If you know,This door,I guarantee that I will open it every moment.。”
“As long as you know,I thought you didn’t want this thing.!”
I was picking out a piece of paper from my arms and flicked in the eyes of Su.,I didn’t expect Su Grande not moving.,Still sitting straight。
It’s not interesting to sing a one in one person.,Sitting on the bench in the big master,
“I say,Do you not know if this is?!Why is so calm?!”
“You also know that,His good field,I have seen it.!Come,Give you!”
How can you so calm?!In my heart, I’m happy.,I think of the excitement of myself in the Tuen Mun.,I feel some shameful people。
Therefore, a calm attire to deliver the grandfather
“How can I do it so soon?,I thought I had to wait for a few days.!I didn’t expect you to have a lot of age.,Do you still have a good job?!”
Grandpa Su has changed his face at an instant,Laughing mouth can’t work。I nodded,This reaction is,It is too abnormal before.!It’s very good.!
“Who can still have you!I can do more than you.!Don’t know who to put wine~~”
“Cough!Wife,This deed is also got.,Give the silver.!Da Yong must wait for it?!”
Grande, Su, side, point to Su Mai to take the money,I am making the eye in a crazy give。what happened,How to catch a handle is endless?!
Niu Niu smiled on one side
“Correct,Silver has not given you yet?!I will give you this.!Da Yong waited for anxious!”
Su Grandma stood up from the chair,Running in the house。I would like to ask about it.,I forgot after taking the money.
“Su Da,You don’t have to worry!Not bad, this will!”
I realized that I almost talk about it.,Sorry, I saw a grandfather.,Hurry to help this topic
“Su Da,You are going back.!This big noon!”
I finally got it in the way.,Grandpa Su is deeply relieved。Holding a landlord in the sun photo,Smile, I took it up.。
“Waiting for your big brother back,Let’s take a look at it.。Although it can’t grow rice,Let’s take good care.,You can save more from the coming year.。”
“Then turn the two dry land,It can also specifically some vegetables.!”
Su Qiang is the title of,The movement of the box is faster.,I think about not to delay.。
“Grandfather,I also need to go!”
“Let’s take you back and take you.?Today, this moment is a bit big.,Your little face is white,When you are dark, you will not look good.。”

“You are not wanting to do today.,Jinshan, you come to the magic knife.,Live Buddha,You for the blood of Phoenix,Shi Nelgie,You are for the Empress.。”Fire cloud burning faint smile。

“Intoiled brother is smart。”Shi Ningg’s figure walked up:“good,I want to get the Empress,At that time, the Emperor took a verse under the Bodhi tree.,I want to see it.,Since then, the well is not committed。”
“The magic soul knife is only a magic knife in your hands.。”Jinshan Emperor:“Complete this transaction,Previous grace complaints,In the future, the well is not committed to river water.,Regenerate,Quote。”
“Amitabha,Old horses walk directly,Want to find a drop of phoenix blood。”Living Buddha laughs:“I want to take things in exchange.,Previous thing!”
“The Emperor is only a bad,Jinshan Emperor,You take a goddess and I exchange the magic knife.,Live Buddha,The blood of this phoenix is also the case of my five-toxic teaching machine.,Immediately Fei Xiange Millennium Monastery,You can go there to auction there.。”Fire cloud inchausence heard a frown。
These three conditions,The last condition makes him more difficult,Phoenix Blood This thing is extremely hard to find,This living Buddha is on,To be honest, even the soldier,He is not willing to take it out,It’s not the blood of the gods without the blood of the phoenix.,But he is not lacking。
NS584chapter reconciliation
“Amitabha,I naturally take out what you can’t get back.。”Living Buddha is empty in colorless face with Maitreya’s smile:“The world does not know the origin of your teachings and my Tongz,But you should clear your heart.。”
When this is, Jinshan Emperor and Braise God teach the two people heard a slice.,Is it true??Five poisonism and Tongzan have a deep origin。
“Live Buddha,What do you mean?”Fire cloud incinement heard a micro-variability:“What if there is anything?。”
“I have eight waste gang master。”Living Buddha smiles。
“The Emperor Emperor!”
“You have a profile?Live Buddha?”
“impossible,Eight wilderness has already lost it.。”
“This is not a treasure of the Emperor Emperor.?”
Tell this,Jinshan Emperor and Braise God teach the two people are discolored,The two are from the golden level for a long time.,Nature know the existence of the Emperor Emperor,Surprise is one of the most amazing powerful people。
Create a rural waste!
“what?What did you say?You have a profile?”Fire cloud burns:“impossible,The general public did not circulate it.,The rumor only has the treasure of the emperor.。”
“Amitabha,Poor can deceive you。”Living Buddha smiles:“Unfortunately, my Tempse’s suggestion is lost.,This master is useless,And the division is just a method of combining the Daily Heart and the Five Poisters.,Can be able to control the rural heat of the two gods。”
“It turns out that this is true,The five poisonous and big Japanese heart is originally a set of gods.。”Jinshan Emperor and Braise God of Teartel。
“You are really willing to give me?”Fire cloud burns the fairy light sharp looks at the Buddha Road。
“Of course!”Living Buddha void colorless laugh:“I can have a message.。”
Fire cloud incinement will hear whitening,And look at the void sigh:“Even if I want this profile??I don’t have a big day,Even if I have a big day??How is the master??It is also very difficult to have a total of two major gods.。”
It is like God’s decision and Ming Yuxi.。
God’s Day and Mingyu are essentially a set of gods.,Tang family also has a master,But hundreds of years,Not a few people can combine them。
“Ha ha,There is always a line opportunity。”Void colorless Buddha laughs:“how?Phoenix blood gives me,I immediately give you this master.。”
“it is good!”Fire cloud inchaused 闻 闻 言 道:“Transaction reached!”
“Congratulations,Congratulations。”Jinshan Emperor and his wife gods and gods have smiled and congratulations.。
“Jinshan Emperor,The transaction between us can,But I need to enter the treasure of the Emperor.,I won’t win anything.。”Fire cloud burns fairy looking at Jinshan Emperor laughing:“how?I just want to see the ancestor body。”
“Ancestor?”Jinshan Emperor heard his face:“how do I say this?”Don’t take anything?How can this be!
“Amitabha,Still old。”Void colorless Buddha laughs:“The Daxin Empire is destroyed,There is a child in Qin I,Winning fire cloud,Winning the fire clouds escape in the war,Learn to win the official,Directly changed your name,This is also the origin of the fire cloud.。”

“you……you guys……” Li Jiacheng was also shocked,He never expected that Guo Yingdong would say such hardcore words for Chen Xiu,He Rongsheng on the side also added:“What Lao Guo means is what I mean!”

“Have you two thought about the consequences if the three of us go to war?!”
Li Jiacheng stood up and said sharply:“Your two represent the power of Australia Island,There are not a few families that do business with my Li family on Hong Kong Island。
Once we go to war,Everyone must stand in line,By then it is no longer our own personal business,But a struggle between two places!”
“How is that!”
Guo Yingdong sneered:“If you dare to trouble Chen Xiu,,Never die!”
He Rongsheng also said:“What about the two cities war!”
Li Jiacheng pointed at the airways of the two with trembling fingers:“you……You two lunatics!”
He sat down weakly,It took a long time to say:“You go,We won’t have any intersection with us in our lifetime!”
He Rongsheng and Guo Yingdong looked at each other,All out of the VIP room,Can make this richest Chinese man who has been in the position for more than ten years softened,It’s not easy。
what、After the two Guo left,Li Jiacheng’s face is as cold as autumn water,His eyes are as cold as winter frost,Li Zexuan, even his son, dare not say anything。
After a long time,Li Jiacheng finally said:“Secretly check the identity of Chen Xiu,Must be kept secret,Don’t let the He family、Guo Jiazheng。”
“dad,Since I have promised them,Why do we have extra branches。”
Li Zexuan said worriedly:“In case of trouble,We can’t hold it、The cooperation of the Guo family!”
Li Jiacheng is the richest man。
But better than cash,But it’s not as good as He Rongsheng。

Because I listened to the proposal,Cotta Wooden Night will help people with Sasuke,Pulled to different spaces,Ready to break them one by one。

As long as Dharo is not together,She is not seal the danger of her coak wood.。
And look at the three people who disappeared,Night naturally know where they went。
Just touched a touch with the big tube,Let him have not fully recovered Chakra,It is once again consumed seven or eight eight eight。
At the moment,Night, I don’t know how long the Naruto will help.,Therefore, decisively pulled out a long-awaited fairy bean.。
Fairy bean entrance,Feel the massive Chakra return on your body,The physical strength is also back to the most abundant state.。
Then, the night was opened again and finally『Dragon』,Half people’s gesture,In an instant, the only thing in the field also keeps awake in Cardi instantaneous dumbfounded。
Lava world,Naruto faces the chasing of the big tube,It can be described as a bitterness。
A large amount of shadow is in the instant, it has been played.,Although the coastal wooden glow night battle level is not good,But the power of people is real。
And in the small world built in these blood,Castle Wooden Night has natural integration power。
In these small worlds,Casic Wooden Mountain can control everything here,Even no need to use tolerance,Rely on the respective natural conditions here,Can let the Naruto caught in hard work。
A large number of lava in the hand of each other,It is like a life of life.,The overlay is swept toward the Naruto,The shadow is like a generality of paper passers.,Basically, no one round。
Don’t say that each other,Light is consuming,The other party can done him。
And want to be close to each other,I haven’t imagined that simple,Apart from“Huangquan”Space-space skills,Previously bullish,Also let the Naruto stir。
Ordinary shadow is attacked,Will only become a white fog dissipation,And just, his shadow is eating this trick.,Actually, I will gradually disintegrately disintegrate.,Even the memory does not return to his mind.。
Because of the cause of being tired,Naruto is finally revealed a flaw,And a lot of melt is like a huge behemoth opened.,Unrecognizable will swallow him。
Eyes can seal the Ashura, one of the nights, one of the nights.,Darkness is almost, no smile。
But I haven’t come yet, I am happy.,I saw that the hot melt is actually turned black at the speed visible to the naked eye.,Then gradually frozen。
When the temperature is lowered, the frozen magma column is broken.,In addition to the Naruto,More three people,It’s just a night.、Sasuke with Kakasi。
Kakasi used the use of Justice,So there is some low breath at this time.,Because the night is, they don’t know the small world of the Naruto.,So I can only gamble.。
Fortunately, I only used three times.,They not only find Sasuke,I have also found the Naruto.。
Seeing everyone here,It is quite surprised to start,But after seeing Kakasi’s eyes,I don’t think it’s strange.。
“Mother adult,The writing of the white-haired ninja has the ability to open space,It is best to solve him first.。
And his strength is much weaker than other than other people.,Want to solve him, it is easy to deal with others。”
But at this time the big torch,Obviously didn’t hear the words,Instead, put your eyes on the night of the night.。
Because she is surprised to find,Now she is in front of her,More than the shape of the form,And even the Chakra has risen several times again.!
Chapter 864 Three tasks that have changed
No, no recovery of Chakra’s night,Let the big torch,What’s more, he is now not only Chakra completely recovered.,And also used『Dragon』Woolen cloth。
Unfair,Night now, Chakra,It is no longer weaker than the big tube Huachang Night this Chakra’s ancestors.。
And at the moment of chaklila,How to endure someone Chakra to compete with her。
“Naruto, first restore Chakra,Let me first deal with her,Then wait for her to expose the flaw,Finding opportunities to seal her。”
At this time, the night is inciting the dragon wings behind it.,Along with a burst of humming,The night of the night suddenly appeared in front of the big tube。
Colloidal wooden glory controls the surrounding magma,Trying to form a barrier against the night,But the pawl on the night hand,Hot magma exactly frozen。
The claws not only tear magma,Even the narrow brighteps of the night,Out of a white arm。
“Ice dragon’s roaring!”
The dragon magic power under the dragon is greatly improved.,Snowstorm,Even the hot lava world temperature plunged instantly,Most of the melt is actually frozen at this moment.。
Previous lava could not afford the attack of the night,So this time the big tube is wave,A huge view of jade is directly in front of her.,Blocking the violent blizzard。
And to resist the snowy jade,Not disappeared in the first moment,But within a short time,The speed of expansion is getting bigger,Soon, it is like a general size of meteorites.,And smashed down at night。

While shooting commercials during this time,Shen Huan also finalized the contract with Todd Phillips。

The subject of the contract is Fengxiang Film and Television Company。
First stroke1000Ten thousand dollars,Shen Huan has called him,Let him do the initial preparations。
The second batch2000Ten thousand dollars,It will be after the crew officially starts operation,Come in again。
The third batch2000Ten thousand dollars,It will be transferred to the crew account when the shooting is almost the same。
If you want to add something,Todd Phillips is going to discuss with Shen Huan one month in advance。
Shen Huan did not find someone to supervise the crew。
It’s not that he is not vigilant,But this movie is the brainchild of Todd Phillips,He wants to shoot better than anyone else。
Under the premise of good shooting,Todd Phillips is definitely not going to eat money or engage in crooked ways。
And for Todd Phillips,Can this movie succeed?,It’s better for him1000Ten thousand dollars、2000Ten thousand dollars is much more important。
So as long as Shen Huan can monitor his financial situation at any time——about this point,He always writes on the ledger,To an account on the Internet,Convenient for Shen Huan to check at any time。
Young people know《clown》Will get10Box office of more than 100 million U.S. dollars,For those who can make money for themselves,Even if you spend a little more money,Actually it doesn’t matter。
It’s just that Shen Huan didn’t treat Todd Phillips wrongly either,He gave Todd Phillips5%Box office share。
10A little more than 100 million U.S. dollars at the box office,Todd Phillips can at least get5000Ten thousand dollars in compensation,This is worthy of him。
Not in vain Todd Phillips put《clown》Is given to Shen Huan。
Although I will shoot later《clown2》,It also needs Warner’s authorization,But after all, Shen Huan had a good oneIP。