Heavy reaching 9kg Alaska 100-year gold block will be auction $ 1 million

  According to the British "Metropolitan News" reported on November 15, a rare gold block of a baby-headed size will be sold at $ 1 million (about RMB 6.35 million) after 23 years. It is reported that this 100-year gold block that weighs about 20 pounds (about 9kg) is found in 1998 by the gold miners Barryclay found in the Swift Creek in Alaska. At that time, CLAY was under the coast of the Swiftcreek Mining. Later, he found 1896 London gold precious relics and discovered this gold block. This discovery is a creative discovery, and created history .

According to records, this is the largest gold block discovered in Alaska, only a little bit more than the major 24 pounds of "Collste’s boots" found in Mexico.

  This Alaska’s 100-year gold block was sold to a private collector, has been collected by him, and this seller who purchased this gold block from Clay before 20 years ago, now I am selling this piece of Dallas’s Heritage Auction Company. Gold blocks, and there are still many other precious collections. The Natural and Scientific Director of the Heritage Auction Craigkissick and the Executive Deputy Director Joemaddalena show this gold block on YouTube, Kissick said: "I think it should be collected in the Smithsoni learning, because this is a groundbreaking gold block.

An ounce gold block is even more rare than a 5-carat diamond ring, and there has never had such a rare gold specimen on the auction, and the gold block of this width and diameter is unlikely again.

"(China Youth Network Compilation Report).

Fan Xuitai: Hong Kong citizens also have "Chinese Dream"

Hong Kong June 13 (Chen Dian, Li Haiyuan) On April 17 Fan Tai said that Hong Kong people also have the "Chinese Dream", hoping that the national revival, the people live in peace, and the "Chinese Dream" is the world ‘s Datong. The following is an interview partial election: [Moderator]: Hong Kong as the Special Administrative Region, under the "Chinese Dream", what do you think of playing? [Van Xuitai]: Hong Kong people also have this "Chinese Dream". I hope our Chinese nation is revived, and the Chinese life is happy.

The so-called happiness is that the child has a book, the level of education is better. I have a house, I have a honest, and the society is roughly harmonious, and everyone has a common purpose, to put our culture, our tradition, It is not required to accept our set of every corner of the world, but everyone is shared. The ultimate goal, I want "Chinese Dream", the most prominent point is that in the world, we have peaceful coexistence, under the sovereignty of each country, we go to seek development opportunities, this is the world.

But first we have to do itself.

De toonaangevende Qingbaijiang en Guanghan 33 van de provincie 33 Matters Cross-Regional

Originele titel: de voorsprong van de provincie in Qingbaijiang en guanghan 33 Matters Cross-Regional Chandang Baijiang District Friendship Hospital Chen Dr. Chen bereidt zich voor om de oefenplaats in een ziekenhuis in Guanghan te vergroten. Het is noodzakelijk om de beoefenaars van de Multi-instelling van de arts te verwerken . Dit kan alleen naar Guanghan gaan. Na het kennen van de kwestie, kunnen de Qingbaijiang en Guanghan worden behandeld in cross-regional, CHEN Dr. Chen nam de informatie over naar het centrum van GBaijiang District Government Affairs in de buurt van huis, slechts 2 minuten doorgebracht en behandeld.

"Het kan in beide plaatsen worden afgehandeld, het is te handig om heen en weer te gaan, het is zo handig." Dr. Chen zei.

  Dergelijke gemak profiteert van het district van Chengdu Qingbajiang en Guanghan City, in de provincie, in de provincie, de eerste om administratieve regio-beperkingen te verbreken en realiseerden de Cross-Regional Unite van goedkeuring. Een paar dagen geleden, het administratief onderzoek en de goedkeuring en de bedrijfsconstructieconfiguratie van Chengdu, en het Administratiebureau van Guanghan Administrateur van Jingbaijiang City, het Executive Approval Office of Qingbai River. De eerste batch van 33 cross-regionale kwesties die nauw verwant zijn aan de Productie en levensduur van de onderneming op beide plaatsen, die betrekking hebben op de oprichting van registratie van het bedrijf, het verklaren van belastingen, gezondheidsvergunningen, wegvervoer bedrijfslicenties, artsen, etc. "Helpt bij het bevorderen van het CHENGDE meisjeng-stadsproces, onderzoeken de oprichting van de tweerichtingskruisregelale lijn onderstrepen administratief onderzoek en goedkeuring en openbare diensten, verken de grensregionale ondernemingen en de massa’s.

"De relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor de leidende groep van het milieu werk van Chengdu, zei in een interview met een verslaggever. Het is duidelijk dat het principe van het bedrijf en de massa’s, het maximale, het principe van het bedrijf en de massa, het maximum, Het principe van de mensen en de massa’s, en de stad Qingbaijiang district en Guanghan City De provincie is de eerste die de administratieve regio-beperkingen, uniforme standaarden "van zaken, tijdslimiet, servicestandaarden, goedkeuringsproces" breekt, om "dezelfde kwestie, te bereiken, Dezelfde standaard ", behalen twee lokale vensterdiensten, certificeringsmaterialen, goedkeuringsresultaten, enz., Service-integratie, gegevensintegratie is de sleutel. Gebruik de" Window Assistance Help, Data Line Running, Express Line Distribution "Werkmodus en de aanvrager wordt online afgehandeld, het venster wordt rechtstreeks behandeld, de site helpt, enz., Kan Cross-Regional worden ontvangen, de toepassingsmaterialen en documenten, niet nodig om weg te lopen van de regionale ergonomie.

(Reporter Zhao Rongchang Wang Dan) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).

An old photo "touched"

  On November 19, the Henan Party and government delegation visited Suzhou Industrial Park, and the inquiry and orderly investigation process was interrupted by an old photo.

  In 1994, this is the cross-pang town of Jinji Lake in the eastern suburbs of Suzhou City, the dirt road gray tile, the narrow wall, and the Henan countryside is not born.

However, in the sea, in the past 26 years, Suzhou Industrial Park has accumulated taxes of more than 80 billion yuan, achieving the total import and export of over trillion, which has become the highest in the country, the best development is the best, the most innovative environment is the optimal environment. One of the regions. "This old photo, witnessed Suzhou ‘dare to dare to try,’ Dare to become a leap-forward course of the world.

"The members of many delegations said they were deeply touched here.

  In 2019, Suzhou Industrial Park realized regional production value of 274.3 billion yuan, general public budget income of 37 billion yuan, per capita million dollars, a batch of indicators reached the international advanced level, and realized four companies in 219 national-level cross-section in the country crown.

From January to July, 2020, the park realized the increase in industrial added value, which increased year-on-year; total import and export was 100 million yuan, the year-on-year increase of 100 million US dollars, an increase of 211% year-on-year, and became the fastest, development of the epidemic One of the best development zones in the momentum, with international leading gestures, developed a clear "benchmark" for the development of various parks across the country. What is learned to Suzhou "benchmark"? In the horizontal, the peak of Chengling, and the members of the delegation have their own perspective and feel different.

  "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are the landmarks of Suzhou, Suzhou people will eat crabs, and dare to eat crabs’ first spirit is worthy of our in-depth study. Liu Nanchang, member of the Delegation, Sanmenxia Municipal Party Committee, said that the driving force of development comes from liberation, seeking truth from facts.

In recent years, Sanmenxia has risen around the rise of the central region, the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and has solidly promoted new economic development such as new energy vehicles, and has achieved certain results, but there is still a big gap compared with the advanced areas such as Suzhou. Step by step, you must study Suzhou’s entrepreneurial innovation spirit and promote high quality development.

  "I have the deepest impression is that Suzhou Industrial Park will always strive to be first, create the only ‘written in the development flag, firmly build the world’s first-class high-tech parks, enhance the capacity of international innovation resources, participate in international economic and technical cooperation and competitiveness Member of the delegation, the secretary of the Kaifeng Municipal Party Committee, Chen Hong, told reporters that in recent days, the construction of the Suzhou Industrial Park and the Yangtze River G60, I have given us a lot of enlightenment, and we will deeply implement the 19th session of the party. The spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session, promoting Zhengzhou Metropolitan Circle, Zheng Wei integrated construction, to find a positioning, playing advantage in the national regional economic layout, and accelerating the integration into the "double cycle" new development pattern provides useful reference. "Promote high-quality development, but also from public administration and other aspects." When taking to visit Suzhou Industrial Park, the delegation member, the Director of the Provincial Division, "Suzhou is in achieving the economy At the same time, while paying attention to basic education, health, culture, human resources management, office automation, etc., let the people’s sense of gain, happiness, security, worthy of our serious thinking, learning to learn, and earnestly promote the large health industry Development, protect the lives and health of people, and realize the high quality development in Henan in ‘145th and even longer.

(Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana).

Humanities Chengdu thickness: thousands of years into one city

  Chengdu night view. What is the Chengdu in your mind? Maybe, the first time in your mind will be: food, big panda, fashion … is right! These are all a bright business card in Chengdu.

  Chengdu City Keywords – Humanities April 8th, the first Sanlian Humanities City Awards Ceremony was held in Chengdu. The Sanlian City Award was the first construction / city award initiated by the "Sanlian Life Week" in 2020, which is designed to promote the public enlightenment, stimulate public participation, and promote the social value and humanistic care of the future China. That night, the Chengdu Xigu Courtyard of the Chengdu West Village, the Chengdu Xucun Courtyard, who has been accompanied by the building, won the Sanlian City Award – Public Space Award. In 2020, new crown pneumonia epidemic challenged people’s city life, people have more thinking and appeal: What is a good city life, how to create a good city experience? In the future, how can the city generate their own meaning? On the afternoon of April 8th, the Sanlian Human City, the Sanlian City, the Sanlian City Award, "Chengdu Declaration", held in Chengdu, is officially released, and it is designed to find and find and form a consensus consensus.

"Chengdu Declaration" specifically for urban development, the possibility of thinking – "People, is the purpose and scale of the city", only to truly reflect human care and urban cities to understand to the city to make people feel The heart has a return. The bookstore has become a great place to be a lot of Chengdu.

Wang Lei, I found ancient times, Chengdu, the beauty of Chengdu – the brilliant Tianfu culture Chengdu landscape, the property is rich, the people are simple, the culture is colorful, and since ancient times is an important part of "the country". " Chengdu is also the only city in China for more than two thousand years.

  In March 202, the latest archaeological results of Samsung Pile Site were released in Chengdu: New Discovery of Samsung Trick Culture "Sacrifice Pit", now unearthed mask disabilities, bird type diaphragm, eye has painted copper avatar, giant bronze mask, bronze 500 pieces of important artifacts such as Shenshu. The Shang Zhou Dajin mask saved in the Sands Site Museum is now the largest gold mask discovered in China. In this new round of archaeological excavations in this Samsung Pile Sacrifice area, a larger gold mask residue is also discovered, and the Shang Zhou Dajin mask in the Sands Site is very high. The Jinsha site is often considered to have a political, economic and cultural center, a rising, economic, cultural center in Chengdu Plain after the Guanghan Samsung Pile. Archaeological excavation and research showed that there was a significant cultural evolution, absorption and fusion of Samsung culture. Both have the spiritual core of the sun worship, as well as the same equipment style and art style.

The similarity of the golden mask of Samsung Golden Mask and Sands Site also has more confirmed the cultural origin of two ruins of the two ruins. For thousands of years, Chengdu has passed through the brilliant and brilliant, and the book is written in a colorful and unique Tianfu culture.

  The long history of the long history, from Sima Xiangru to Li Bai, Du Fu, from Guo Moruo to Ba Jin, Ma Zhi, Nothing to give Chengdu literature. On the Chengdu District, Wuhou Temple, China’s only Junchen closed the temple of Wuhou Temple, still retaining the breath of the Three Kingdoms; in the river, "Shi Sheng" Du Fu’s "Tao House" originally rebuilt Du Fu Caotang, I said the old time to the world; the city center Dongfeng Road side, built the Daxi Temple between the 3rd century to the 4th century, is known as the "Evan’s First Justic" … Chengdu’s historical and cultural achievement, It is amazing, it is also quite curious. In Chengdu, the Sanlian Human City, the Sanlian City, the city and us: Rebuilding joints, "Sanlian City Award" Chengdu Declaration "officially released. Sanlian is awarded the new version of Chengdu today – "Accelerating the Unique Humanistic World Cultural Mall" in the city core 2019 published, "cultural is a country, a national soul.

Culture For the city, it is both strength and image, but also the kernel and soul.

"And Chengdu people, probably engraved in the pursuit of culture from the bones.

  At present, there are 159 in Chengdu Museum, including 110 non-national museums; in the physical bookstore and more than 3,600 reading spaces, China first. Visiting the museum, bookstore, becoming a great choice for Chengdu people. Chengdu, is also known as China’s "Science Fiction". At present, Chengdu is actively applying for the 81st World Science Fiction in 2023.

Liu Cixin, a famous science fiction writer, said: "Chengdu is a creature of science fiction, China Science Fiction has developed and going to the world.

In Chengdu, the traditional atmosphere is integrated with modern vitality, making the present and future of the city. "Today, Chengdu has become the" Third City "after Beijing and Shanghai. In 2019, the" Small Bad "" Wandering Earth "" "Small Ball" "" Wandering Earth "" special effect team earned the tears of the people from Chengdu. In the same year, "Chengdu "The Anime Movie" is also open to the world, creating a national roof office of up to 5 billion yuan … After the fire all the country’s "Glory", they once again polished the golden word sign of Chengdu Wenchuang .

  In recent years, Chengdu has accelerated the construction of the World Wenchong City, the tourist city, the event is famous, and the music capital, the capital capital capital, enhance urban cultural communication and global communication, and will "Sancheng Sanyu" as Chengdu Time to build a world cultural city city.

  In 2020, Chengdu has also successfully held the only national comprehensive award in China’s music industry – the 12th China Music Golden Bell Award, currently the highest domestic poetry art event – the 6th China Poetry Festival, ELLE Fashion Card Global 75th Anniversary Celebration and major cultural activities such as the 8th China Network audiovisual meeting … On April 1, 2021, in the 2021 national cultural and tourism consumption training courses held in Culture and Tourism, Chengdu successfully held back. The first batch of "National Culture and Tourism Consumption Demonstration City" medals.

  Today’s humanities Chengdu will never stop.

  This is only 26 meters long in Dujiangyan, 11 meters wide, 12 meters high, weighs 130 tons, and it’s awkward. It attracts many tourists to play card. What is the Dujiangyan Municipal Party Committee for Graph, causing the humanity of Chengdu? Different regional cultures have created different lifestyles. Thousands of years of cultural infiltration, giving birth to the humanities of Chengdu "Leisure Capital", shaping the distinctive characteristics of Chengdu "living city". The words life are deeply engraved in the bones of Chengdu people.

But the Chengdu who loves life, enjoying the fun of life and the martial arts, and constantly imparting more unique human properties for life. Pick up the fat feet, raise your mobile phone, click on the "Self-timer Panda" in Dujiang Zhen Tianwei Square, and the "Selfie Panda" attracted many tourists.

After Chengdu IFS, here became the second giant panda theme network in Chengdu.

  "Selfie Panda" designer, Dutch artist Florectin Hoffman, "Panda raised the mobile phone to self-portrait, the beautiful and relaxed gesture, kind and pleasant, is a kind of life in Chengdu The expression of the art language. In addition to the "leisure" "life" label, inheriting the Tianfu culture inheriting the development of the natural and humanistic, closed and open, the collision integration of farming civilization and urban civilization, also condenses into Chengdu "innovation creation, Elegant and fashionable, optimistic tolerance. In order to further promote the construction of the world’s cultural city, 2021 Chengdu will accelerate the promotion of major cultural landmark facilities such as Tianfu Art Park, Tianfu Cultural Center, Tianfu Media City, and build a national first-class in the field of Condu, Museum, Bookstore, Performing Art, etc. The cultural space of the force; promoting the depth of literary financial depth, implementing digital literary-style products, force digital cultured industries in national level energy levels, etc. .

  Beside the Temple of Taiko, standing in Chengdu, stands with a long history.

Half is a fashion district full of business elements. Half is the Hall of the Millennium, the Qing Dynasty, and the Half Tempe of "Half is the ancient city, half is the trend". Such a unique man-style Chengdu, can you don’t love? (尧 欣).

Herstel persoonlijke informatierechten in overeenstemming met de wet (nieuwe kennis)

Persoonlijke informatie is belangrijke digitale activa. Versterk persoonlijke informatiebescherming, standaardiseer persoonlijke informatie-acquisitie en -gebruik, is niet alleen gerelateerd aan het onderhoud van persoonlijke rechten, maar ook gerelateerd aan digitale economische ontwikkeling. Het "14e vijfjarenplan" en het 2035 langetermijndoelprogramma moeten duidelijke vereisten maken voor fundamentele wetgeving die gegevensbeveiliging, persoonlijke informatiebescherming versnellen. Het Burgerlijk Wetboek heeft een providive voor persoonlijke informatiebescherming gedaan. In augustus van dit jaar werd de wet inzake persoonlijke informatiebescherming officieel in november ge?mplementeerd.

Dit is een wet die specifiek de basisbeginselen en het systeem van persoonlijke informatiebescherming bepaalt, die de systemische, gezaghebbende en gerichte persoonlijke informatiebescherming ten zeerste verbetert. Versnel de constructie van digitaal China is van groot belang.

Bescherm uw persoonlijke informatierechten. Algemene secretaresse XI Jinping benadrukte: "De ontwikkeling van netten moet het mensengericht denken implementeren, om het welzijn van de mensen als uitgangspunt en de grond van de informatieontwikkeling te vergroten, zodat de mensen meer gevoelens hebben in de ontwikkeling van informatie, geluk ,gevoel van veiligheid.

"Met de nieuwe technologie, nieuwe vorm, blijven nieuwe toepassingen blijven komen, persoonlijke informatie die wordt opgenomen door elektronica en andere middelen.

De mensen geven over het algemeen om persoonlijke informatie en aandacht aan persoonlijke privacy. Persoonlijke informatie Beveiligingsrecht houdt zich aan de mensen gecentreerde, uitgebreide aanpassing, standaardiseren van individuele informatieverwerkingsactiviteiten, waaronder verschillende onderwerpen, het verduidelijken van persoonlijke informatierechten zoals het recht, besluit, verwijdering, enz., Sterker bepalingen Gevoelige Persoonsinformatie Scope- en verwerkingsregels. Verbetering van de wettelijke verantwoordelijkheid van de wettelijke verantwoordelijkheid voor de sociale weerspiegeling van sterke stressgebruikers stemde ermee in om persoonlijke informatie aan te pakken, "GROTE GEGEVENS" en illegaal handelen, individuele persoonlijke informatie verstrekken of bekendmaken. Deze verordeningen helpen het institutionele mechanisme verder te verbeteren en te verbeteren om persoonlijke informatierechten te beschermen. Bevordering van de gezonde ontwikkeling van digitale economie. Om een ??grote digitale economie te maken, moet u het waardepotentieel van allerlei informatiebronnen continu ontdekken en vrijgeven, het productiepotentieel van massale gegevenselementen, die onafscheidelijk zijn van het effectieve en redelijke gebruik van persoonlijke informatie. Persoonlijke informatie Beschermingsrecht verduidelijkt de definitie van persoonlijke informatie, let niet alleen aandacht aan het beschermen van persoonlijke informatierechten, het voorkomen en bestraffen van het gedrag van persoonlijke informatierechten, maar ook het verzamelen, opslaan, gebruik, verwerking, transmissie, bepaling, openbaarmaking en verwijdering van Persoonlijke informatie. De activiteiten zijn volledig verwerkt en de persoonlijke informatie moet worden behandeld om persoonlijke informatie te verkrijgen in het kader van het premisse van voorafgaande kennisgeving.

Gezien de verschillende kenmerken van de verwerkingsscenario’s van persoonlijke informatie, bepaalt het ook dat andere mensen die persoonlijke informatie kunnen legitiem kunnen zijn, behalve persoonlijke toestemming, zoals het contract, als onderdeel van het contract.

De oprichting van deze instellingen biedt een duidelijke richtsnoeren voor de verwerkingsactiviteiten van persoonlijke informatie, versterkte de duidelijke verwachtingen van het juridische beleid van de markt, het bevorderen van rationeel gebruik van gegevenselementen, wat gunstig is om de vitaliteit van digitale economische ontwikkeling beter te stimuleren.

Geleidingsgegevensbeveiliging en ordelijke stroom. General Secretary Xi Jinping wees erop: "Netwerkinformatie is een grensoverschrijdende stroom, informatiestroom, kapitaalstroom, talentstroom, informatiebronnen worden steeds meer belangrijke productiefactoren en sociale rijkdom, en de informatiemastering is een belangrijke rol in nationaal zacht geworden Sterkte en concurrentievermogen. Teken. "Met de grensoverschrijdende ontwikkeling van de digitale economie stroomt sommige persoonlijke informatie wereldwijd, die nieuwe kansen en uitdagingen voor gegevensbeveiliging en digitale economische ontwikkeling brengt.

In de netwerkbeveiligingswetgeving heeft de wetgeving van de gegevensbeveiliging enkele specificaties gedaan voor de gegevens volgens de wet, en de persoonlijke informatiebeschermingsmethode maakt overeenkomstige institutionele regelingen voor de grensoverschrijdende stroom van persoonlijke informatie. Het is duidelijk dat de voorwaarden om persoonlijk te bieden Informatie aan het land geeft individuen op. De informatiegeldler moet een letter van informatie, beveiligingsbeoordeling en andere verplichtingen uitvoeren om persoonlijke informatie te verstrekken en vereisen persoonlijke informatie die persoonlijke informatie in China is opgeslagen zonder de goedkeuring van de bevoegde autoriteit die in China is opgeslagen buitenlandse justiti?le of wetshandhavingsinstanties. Dit biedt een duidelijke gedragsregel voor het verstrekken van persoonlijke informatie buiten het land. Persoonlijke informatiebescherming is gebaseerd op de daadwerkelijke situatie van China, op te tappen op buitenlandse nuttige ervaringen, zich aanpassen aan de behoeften van het goede leven van de mensen. Het implementeren van persoonlijke informatiebeschermingswetgeving zal de bescherming van persoonlijke informatie verder versterken, het nieuwe voordeel van de digitale economische concurrentie van mijn land verbeteren en de hoek van de rechtsstaat consolideren bij het bouwen van digitale China en netwerkmacht. (De auteur is een subonderzoekspersoneel voor het Institute of Law Institute of de Chinese Academy of Social Sciences).

Hainan 6 departments jointly released illegal fund-raising risk tips such as "virtual currency"

  On June 3, Hainan Provincial Local Finance Supervision Bureau, the People’s Bank Haikou Center Branch, Hainan Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Provincial Committee Network Office, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Market Supervision Bureau jointly released the "virtual currency" block chain "Nominal risk tips for illegal fund-raising, reminding financial consumers and investors in the province to strengthen risk prevention, enhance risk identification, and consciously resist the illegal financial activities related to the distribution of loops," virtual currency ". Recently, some criminals have a "digital asset" "Virtual Money" "block chain" "digital asset", "investment rebate", "保 保 保 收", etc., to trick investors to buy "× × currency" "× × beans" The "virtual currency" absorbed public funds, and the "Announcement on Preventing Currency Release Finance Risk" issued by the People’s Bank of China, is suspected of engaging in illegal financial activities, seriously disrupting economic financial order. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, prevent the resolution of financial risks, and 6 departments in Hainan Province issued risk tips. In the risk prompt, any organization and individual in Hainan Province must not illegally engage in the distribution of financing activities; any so-called business finance trading platform shall not carry out legal currency and Currency, "virtual currency" exchange business, do not buy and sell Or as a central opponent buy and sell the book or "virtual currency", it is not available to the Currency or "Virtual Money" to provide services, information intermediary, etc., financial institutions and non-bank payment institutions must not be directly or indirectly distributed Virtual currency provides an account opening, registration, transaction, liquidation, settlement and other products or services, and must not undertake insurance business related to the loop and "virtual currency" or incorporate the loop and "virtual currency" in the range of insurance liability.

  Hainan Provincial Financial Management, Net Letter Management, Public Security and Market Supervision, etc. will increase the supervision of "virtual currency" transactions, first loop issuance (ICO) and phase-changing ICO, comprehensive application of on-site interview, administrative survey, and blocking The website, criminal registration, etc. will be hit.

  The risk reminder specifically mentioned that Hainan Provincial Financial Institutions and non-bank payment institutions have discovered the illegal clues for the illegal clues of the financing transactions, and should be reported to the relevant departments; all kinds of financial industry organizations should have a good policy interpretation, and urge membership unit to consciously resist The illegal financial activities related to the "virtual currency" related to the "virtual currency", strengthen investor education, jointly maintain normal financial order.

  Provincial financial consumers found various types of ICO variant and continued to carry out ICO and "virtual currency" trading services for domestic residents through deployment of overseas servers, collect and preserve relevant information, evidence, and actively report to relevant regulatory authorities . For those suspected of illegal crimes, they can be reported to the public security organs. (Editor: Pan Hui Wen, Chen Haiyan).

Hainan traffic police launched persuasion to sell riders to wear safety helmet activities

The traffic police wore the helmet for takeaway rider to deepen the "one helmet" safety guard, promoted the priority industry demonstration lead, regulate the safety driving behavior of takeaway rider, and improve the traffic safety awareness of takeaway practitioners, from May 14th to 15th, Hainan The Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps organizes traffic police jointly takeaway enterprises to jointly advise the activities of police and enterprises to promote the helmet of the soldiers.

According to reports, according to the take-away distribution characteristics, the main intersection of urban takeaway electric bicycle is concentrated and the roads around the residential community, shopping malls, office buildings and other regions are key roads. At 11 to 13, the peak of meal is the focus. During the time, the joint persuasion takeaway distributors wear safety helmets according to the regulations.

After discovering the takeaway rider not wearing a safety helmet, on-site safety education and learning traffic safety knowledge, watch a warning educational film, participate in the obligation to divert traffic, and processed by the enterprise. It is understood that in this event, the traffic police in each city and counties in Hainan Province launched traffic safety into enterprises to preach, joint volunteers, express delivery industry personnel, and conduct police enterprises joint persuading safety helmet law enforcement live broadcast, media with police report activities .

Take the on-site missing persuasion, send a friend circle, watch the warning education video, paste the propaganda slogan car stickers, give a helmet, etc.

Traffic Safety Enterprises Preaching Site (Editor: Pan Hui Wen, Xi Xiuqin).

Hainan Zhangzhou Teacher Tmail: Underated Honor Do not forget the beginning of the three-foot lecture

People’s Network Haikou November 9th (Song Tong Tong) "I can’t think of this honor, I can harvest this affirmation, very excited is also very proud!" Recently, the 8th National Moral Model Nomination Award "winner, Zhangzhou In the interview with reporters, the teachers in Nanfeng Town, the city, said that they will not forget the initial heart, continue to do their jobs, and play an exampleside to take the lead in affecting people. Talking about the honor, inquiry is very emotion, he believes that the award reflects the affirmation of the party and the state to work to work, and also motivates and reminds yourself to make more efforts to help more students go to a broader world, train the motherland. More talents. This honor not only encouraged himself, but also more and more people in the mans. In the man, I told reporters that after returning to the school, the school conducted a publicity mobilization for his deeds, aroused the boom of teachers and students in the school. At the age of 20 to 48, the most precious youthful years have left the most valuable youth, and he talked about this hard experience. He did not regret it. "Looking at more and more students, go out of college. "Island", my pay is also exchanged, worth "." "There are a lot of colleagues and friends as a praise, but also touched my deeds.

"This makes the inquiry aware of the weight and responsibility of the award," (after the award), it can’t be floating. I will continue to play the project, as always, I will work hard, strictly driven by self-discipline, and pass the power of the example to more people! "Attached: The deeds in the woods, male, Li people, born in August 1967, member of the Communist Party of China, Nanfeng Town, Hainan Province, Nanfeng Town, Hainan Province.

Sticking to "Island" teaching point in 28 years, inquiry in the world, in the world, the hopes in the three-foot lecture and rural education, send a batch of students to the or island, with stick to and pay, illuminate the road to the island, "Island Gardener". I don’t forget the initiative, stick to the island.

There is a half-sided loop in the south bank of Songtao Reservoir in Zhangzhou City. It takes more than two hours to cross the reservoir on a mountain without a road.

For the island’s children, set a teaching point. In 1988, the man came to the island in the man, and his only teacher in the teaching point.

The living conditions on the island are quite difficult. Before 2000, the villages did not connect, and the preparations and approval hours at night can only be carried out under the dim kerosene lamp. Because of the inconvenience of traffic, he can only take the island, one batch of inexplicable ingredients and eat two weeks. In such a hard environment, in order to have a book in the mountains, from 1988 to 2016, he adheres to the island teaching point for 28 years, and a batch of students sent a batch of students to the or islands, and went to a broader world. .

Love is accompanying, Gan doing lights. In the teaching career, he always adheres to a concept: "Teach a class, you have to teach the results, bring a class, and bring out the characteristics.

Love is root, no love is educated, use your own love to moisturize every child’s heart.

"In the past 28 years, the students regard the students as their own children.

When faced with the choice of "Island", look at the parents’ thirst, looked at the children in the morning to carry the book, let go of the book to the book, he does not open the footsteps, No these children … With the development of the times, Zhiwen teaching points in Xinvun Village Committee in Nanfeng Town, Zhangzhou are now no longer existed.

In 2016, the last batch of 2 students were completed in the second grade of primary school, and the Muchi officially transferred to the teaching point and went to the town center elementary school. The annual Teacher’s Day, a student’s text message, a phone, a call from the heart, let him feel happy and satisfied.

In the man said: "My adheres to the garden flowers, this is my biggest wealth in my life." Yuhua won the title of Hainan Province Excellent Country Teacher.

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"After 75" Guiyang Dynasty Mayor Ma Ningyu, the position is adjusted

The new Guiyang Director, Guiyang, Guiyang, has been director of Gui’an New District Management Committee, and reminissed the director of the Provincial Data Bureau.

On November 17, the official website of Guizhou Province issued the "Notice of the Provincial People’s Government on Comrade Maining" (the composition time is November 13). Among them, Ma Ningyu, director of Gui’an New District, Gui’an New District, Guizhou, no longer served as Director of the Great Data Development Administration of Guizhou Province; Jing Yaping served as Director of the Great Data Development Administration of Guizhou Province, no longer served as the president of Guizhou Academy of Sciences.

Chang’an Street, IT (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) noted that Maining Yu is the director of Guizhou Province, the deputy secretary of Guiyang Municipal Committee, who was served as the party secretary, deputy mayor, agency mayor of Guiyang Municipal Government in October, Gui’an New District Party Secretary of the Deputy Secretary of the Work Committee and the Party Group of the Management Committee. Gui’an New District, Guizhou is the eighth national new district approved by the State Council in 2014. It is located in Guiyang City and Anshun City Combination Department, the core area of ??China’s economic zone, has a planned area of ??1795 square kilometers. The straight pipe area is 470 square kilometers, and there are 1 street of 1 township 2 towns. There are 1 comprehensive bonded area, 1 provincial-level industrial park, and there are 10,000 people with existing people. At present, Hu Zhongxiong, member of the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, has served as Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Gui’an New District.

The official resume shows that Ma Ningyu was born in October 1976, Xi’an, Shaanxi, participated in the work in July 2003, joined the Chinese Communist Party, graduate degree, and Ph.D., Engineering in December 1994.

In September 1993, Ma Ningyu entered Tsinghua University to study. In the next 10 years, I have been studying in Tsinghua in Tsinghua. In July 2003, I received a Ph.D. in automation system control theory and control engineering. After leaving school. During Tsinghua reading, during the coaching, Ma Ningyu has passed the deputy director of Guiyang Economic and Trade Commission, Guizhou, Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, and Deputy Secretary of the Huaihai Middle Road, Luwan District. In March 2005, Ma Ningyu officially went to Guizhou, and served as the Standing Committee, Deputy Director of the Wuzhuang District Committee of Guiyang City, the Standing Committee, deputy director of the Xiaohe District Committee (in accordance with the executive work), the secretary of the Xiaohe District Committee, Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Secretary of the Party and the Communist Youth League, the deputy director of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, deputy director of the Guizhou Provincial Economic and Information Committee (the executive work), deputy secretary of the party group, the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Director, Director, Director, and Provincial Committee Secretary of the National Defense Work Committee is equal. In September 2016, Ma Ningyu was a deputy secretary-general of Guizhou Provincial Government, and the Party Secretary and Secretary of the Provincial Data Development Administration, followed by November 2018, no longer serves Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government.

It is worth mentioning that Guizhou Provincial Big Data Bureau is the provincial government directly affiliated with the agency and the department level.

Since 2014, Guizhou has vigorously developed the electronic information industry led by big data, through the continuous efforts, big data has become a new business card in Guizhou.

In April 2021, Ma Ningyu has served as deputy secretary of the Guiyang Municipal Committee, and continues to serve as the Secretary for the Provincial Data Bureau until this time is adjusted. Jing Yaping, a new director of Guizhou Provincial Big Data Bureau, born in August 1964, born Sichuan Fushun, born Guizhou Zunyi, November 1986, participated in the work, June 2005, joined the Communist Party of China (the same as the party members of the same party), Postgraduate degree, doctoral management.

Jing Yaping has worked in Guizhou University of Finance and Economics (formerly Guizhou University of Finance and Economics), Guizhou Institute of Technology, December 2016, deputy director of Guizhou Provincial Bureau, member, member of the party group, June 2017, the deputy main committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, Dean of Guizhou Academy of Sciences in December 2019. Source: Chang’an Street Issue Process Editor: U007.