“calm,Calm down,Don’t expose our existence,Otherwise, the ninja school graduation exam will be forcibly terminated,Do not worry,Kusina,Kakashi will not do anything to bloggers。”

Watergate smiled bitterly and comforted Jiuxina,Because I saw Bo Ren got fattened by Kakashi,Even about to be eliminated,The angry Kushina’s red body has become redder。
“Watergate,Kakashi seems to have been your student, right,You see what he did to our grandson!”
Knowing that he could not show up to help the blogger at this time, Jiu Xinnai turned his head and transferred his anger to the innocent water gate next to him.。
I used to be angry to beat Kyuubi in my body,Although there are no nine tails now,But Watergate got a body that won’t hurt,It perfectly replaced the role of Kyuubi。
“This one.This one.Maybe Kakashi also has his own considerations,And it doesn’t matter even if the blogger does not become a ninja.Wait,Kusina,Bo Ren seems to have not been eliminated。”
When Watergate hesitated to explain,The situation at the scene has changed again。
At the moment when Bo Ren is about to be eliminated by Kakashi,A handful of Kuwu thrown from the left,Although Kakashi easily stretched out two fingers to clamp,But the subsequent attack also came from the right。
“Lei Dun·Snake Thunder。”
Miyue suddenly appeared from the right of Kakashi,After quick printing,Thunder and lightning gathered on his hands。
Kakashi’s right hand bound the hands of the blogger who was pressed back on the ground,Void seal,The left hand directly emits purple lightning,Eliminates Siyue’s Thunder Attack。
Zidian is Kakashi after the end of the Fourth Ninja War,Before becoming the sixth Naruto,The new Raidun Ninjutsu that does not need to rely on the dynamic vision of the writing wheel eye is developed。
Zidian has a wide range of features。
Although Zidian not only has a wide range,The power is by no means weaker than Rachel,But Zidian’s shape changes more than Rachel’s,Softer,Easier to control,Therefore, it is most suitable to practice against children.。
“Fire escape·The Art of Fireball。”
A ball of fire approached from the front and Kakashi, who used Thunder Dun to stalemate with Siyue, each other。


Yan Binghe immediately raised his head and laughed,Said,“Damn,Kid,So you know your own strength quite well,Really self-aware!”
The people in the whole venue couldn’t help but laugh when they heard this,I didn’t expect someone to be so arrogant,Choose one of three,I actually feel that my chance of choosing is zero。
“It has nothing to do with strength!”
Mo Xiaosheng holds his head up,Said confidently,“Because the three tripods on display,All fake!”
First0477Chapter I am not a little sister
There was an uproar as soon as he said this,Then there was a burst of great laughter。
“Mr. Mo,You have to be the person in charge!”
The fat supervisor was anxious immediately,Two steps to usher up,Mo Xiaosheng said sharply with a calm face,“You mean we deliberately used fakes to fool everyone?”
“If you understand,Can also!”
Mo Xiaosheng nodded and said。
Yan Binghe next to him was also suddenly furious,Pointing to Mo Xiaosheng and said angrily:“You are not just scolding me for having a problem with my eyesight,The old man who is still slandering this manor deliberately deceived us with fake potholes?”
“Yes,Mr. Mo,You are responsible for what you say!”
The fat housekeeper said angrily,“Our manor has hosted countless auctions of this level,Never made any mistakes,Why do you slander us so much now!”
The fat housekeeper is full of grievances now,Their house is hosting this auction for free,Don’t take a cent,Also got a lot of money,As a result, Mo Xiaosheng actually said that they deliberately auctioned off the fakes to everyone,To their master**Naked insult!
“Yes,If you can’t choose, you can’t choose,Slander others by saying this,It’s too much!”
“Just,Where’s your hairy boy,Which round is it for you to slander the old man!”
“Get out!You are not welcome here!”

One for two,From the perspective of later generations,This deal,Pistons earned。

After all, Jennings’ value is here,Ilyasova,This person has good attributes,But it’s not bad,Nothing compares to Harris。
You know, Harris is20+7The master,Quasi all-star player。
The key is that he is young,1992Harris, who shot in the year, is bigger than Xu Xuan3year old,only24Years old,Unlimited future。
inNBAThe most important thing is not like Curry、Superstars like Durant,The most important thing is these promising supernovas。
An analogy。
19-20Season’s thick eyebrows,Strong enough?
Vaguely has the style of the first person in the west,The limelight is bigger than the old man,But if you trade him for Dongcic、Or change to Tatum、Or Zion·Williams,Look at the lone ranger、Celtics and Pelicans can’t change。
Sure not to change。
Your thick eyebrows are strong,The current combat power burst table,But you have proven yourself,You can’t lead the team。
What if you can lead the team to the playoffs??
I am young,I have unlimited potential,I am young and invincible!
This is what the teams value most。
to be frank,Xu Xuan can’t figure out what the Magic mean。
You said you want to make the playoffs、If you hit the conference finals or even the finals,This deal makes sense,After all, a future supernova was exchanged for two instant combat power,For now,This deal is not a loss。
But the problem is,You are done with the transaction,Nothing happened either。

Unexpectedly,Wait until the official suspension of the first quarter,The Boston Celtics, who are sitting at home with ease, are actually behind.

4Minute28second,score18ratio10,The Knicks are here7Leading by as many as within minutes8Minute!
Don’t talk about others,As a result, the old fish that I saw were all stunned.。
In his heart,Although the Celtics are not a strong team in the league now,But they have exhausted their physical energy to the limit,The old fish in this game doesn’t have much hope,Did not expect,Xu Xuan gave him a big surprise in the first quarter。
Looking at Xu Xuan on the court,A bold idea suddenly emerged in his heart.
This game may be won?
Xu Xuan has no rest,The teammates consume a lot of energy,Melon went down too,There must be a person who presides over the overall situation。
inJRIn the case of continued malaise,Xu Xuan has virtually become the best candidate。
First120chapter this one?
Xu Xuan did it on purpose。
Who made Rondo look at him with that look at the beginning?
He’s not an easy master,Your long coach’s weakness is so obvious before me,If I still don’t know how to deal with you,I am not blind to the rebirth?
Rondo is the core of Boston’s control organization,He was affected,It means that the Celtics’ entire offensive and defensive system has been affected.。
Xu Xuan understands,Director Long is also a very proud person,And deal with such people,We have to start from the psychological,Judging from the current results,The effect is very good!
Although he was not convinced and tried two outside shots,But no doubt,Didn’t get in at the end.

Manager Li is equivalent to being blocked by the entire industry!only,He doesn’t know this yet!

“Xiao Li!”immediately,Mr. Pan sighed,Solemnly,“I just let you leave,This is because you have been with me for more than ten years,otherwise……”
Speaking of which,In the eyes of Mr. Pan,Flashed a foul light。
“hiss——”Manager Li suddenly took a breath。
He just remembered,Mr. Pan is not a good crop。
To be precise,Can make the business on the scale of Mr. Pan,A few more will be good?
And Mr. Pan’s eyes gleaming fiercely,And let Manager Li fully understand,What a terrible big person I have offended,I don’t have any luck anymore!
“Thank you Mr. Pan,I’ll go through the resignation procedures later!”Manager Li said desperately。
“Ok!”Mr. Pan just nodded casually,I’m already thinking about how to apologize to Chu Yi。
at this time——
Noisy sounds outside the office。
Then there was a sharp scream from a middle-aged man:“Chu Yi!I have to kill you today!”
Hear this voice,Mr. Pan and Manager Li’s face changed suddenly。
“It’s Mr. Qiao’s voice!”Manager Li Liandao。
The two got up in a hurry,Rushed out of the office,I can’t even look at my tea。
“Chu Yi!I have to kill you today!”


Send message,Gu Qiao rubbed her hot cheek。
Of course this is a psychological effect,In fact, in the eyes of the staff around,She just has a cold and stiff face for too long and needs to move her lower muscles。
Gu Qiao and Luo Yu talked about going back to dinner at night。
Luo Yu didn’t care。
Just curious,Just now she clearly remembered when Gu Qiao received a call from home,I said I was busy today and I won’t go back to eat。
Really busy,
New album just started recording,There are many places to adjust。
Luo Yu knows that Gu Qiao is a workaholic,Once I work, I can’t even care about eating.。
Why are you going back to dinner again??
“Maybe I want to rest。”
Luo Yu sighed,Gu Qiao is really tired recently,After filming the TV series, he held a concert without stopping,Just after the concert, I went to record the variety show on Mango Channel。