“How can this……”The old demon’s words haven’t finished yet,There was a humming noise in the corridor,Zhang Zhiqiang turned his head in shock,I found a swarm of bees came flying,Scurrying around in the corridor like headless flies。

Zhang Zhiqiang observes,This is a real bee,But this time suddenly appeared,Too weird?“not good,The police outside the door may attack at any time,Let Huo Jianjun not come to meet again,It should be ready to do it in the town immediately。”
“Let go?”The old demon was taken aback,Actually more painful,Huo Jianjun dared to do this,I’m afraid it will soon be blasted into dross by the dense thunder in the hands of mortals,The cultivation base of this clone is far behind Wang Xiang,But just broke through the second level,Even the blood core can hardly escape annihilation。
“How about?Let’s die here together?”Zhang Zhiqiang sneered,Will never give the old devil a chance to consider it in detail,He didn’t even look at the Wang Xiang who was about to break through,Because the dying person is not worthy。
And the Wang Xiang at this moment,Half-human, half-pig-headed face is extremely evil,It closed its eyes tightly,There is a compelling red light above my head,That light and shadow is the image of a troll,Actually have three heads,Each head has two coiled horns,The face is like a cow and a rhinoceros,The huge fangs are very vicious,Slender bear back,Strong and strong lower limbs,Extremely sturdy,From the light and shadow revealed a wild and desolate breath。
“Its blood body is three stone face demons!”The old devil became nervous with a low cry,The clone breakthrough is imminent,If you are attacked by someone from outside at this time, you will lose all your efforts,Now it seems to have become a protector of Huo Jianjun or a protector of the king。
Chapter six hundred and eighty eight Town attack
“I felt them!”
’Big earthworm’very excited,Anxious to show merit to Li Tianchou,“In the north,About a hundred miles away,not one,Are two,Not right,Not two,should be.what?”
Li Tianchou plans,Baishili,Which is forty to fifty kilometers,Already outSZcity,According to previous impressions,Should be Jinghai,It makes sense for clones to converge north,It seems as the instructor said,Their goal should go to the Zhang family。
“you’what’what?How many?”
“Should be two。”’Big earthworm’Not confident,Its front end is very high,As if trying to catch something,“But there seems to be a strange breath,Vaguely,No more now。”
Li Tianchou’s expression became serious,No leaf knife in hand,One is not difficult to deal with,But two or three piles up is difficult,It’s hard to kill the opponent’s vitals,And very good at disguising and hiding,Once the opportunity is lost,Will leave a big hidden danger。

“Anyway, for me,In fact, you now,Also!”

When Shen Xuan said with the front of the eye,The more now,In fact, here,Shen Xuan itself,It is very light。
But treat these,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart is deep,The more I want Johns.,These suffrage are actually very thorough。
And Shen Xuan,Yin Gui,It feels that it feels,I have been insulting itself.。
But the more you now,In fact, this is going to start from what is going to start.,In fact, Shen Xuan itself,It’s more and more likely.。
It’s just that a little bit looks at the eye.,The more now,In fact, these problems themselves,It’s very thorough.。
And you can focus on this scene,At this moment,Shen Xuan is watching,The corner of the mouth takes a smile of a taste.。
“very good,In fact, these places are now,I feel very good.。”
When Shen Xuan said directly in front of him,The more now,In fact, Shen Xuan itself,It is a look that it is completely planned.。
After all, I will follow it.,This time does still need more than a good thing.。
“have to say,It’s really a thorough。”
“Just Shen Xuan,How did you think of these??”
Situ Ying,The next conscious looks,Is it asked for you?。
After all, this thing is,In fact, starting from its own degree,Right,In fact, it is not so simple.。
Just put it here,At this moment,Shen Xuan’s face is filled with a touch of smile。
“All right,In fact, it is now,These things,It is completely secondary。”
“but,Since it is already here,So just kill him again.!”
Anyway, these things,In fact, Shen Xuan is also very clear.,So much,In fact,,Is waste time here。
Because now,The most fundamental thing is not processed。
As for Shen Xuan,It is the front side of the eye.,I can’t help but say。
“all in all,Since you want to play now,Then I,You can accompany you to play with you.!”
When Shen Xuan said directly from here.,Even for these things。
In fact, in Shen Xuan’s heart,Poor is quite understand。
This,Yin Cao is more angry。
“Humph,Play,I want to kill you.!”
When Yin Ce said directly in front of him,The more now,In fact, for these issues。
What yourself,Yin Gui’s heart,But what I want, the more I feel quite a thorough。
Just look at it, look at the eye,The more like this,In fact, in Yin Gui looks,His inner depths,Poor is already quite thorough。
And in front of you,At this time, Yin Shi is looking at it.,I can’t help but say。
“What are you waiting for?,I can’t give me it.!”
Yin Ce’s words,Also reminded these people。
This,At the beginning, the speed of these people began to speed up,The trail is quickly swept here.。
As for these guards of Yinjia,It is anger。
“Humph,Shen Xuan,Advise you, still hurry,This time,You can’t escape。”

“As you think,The forces behind this day snake group are the hen,The snake help is the bronze level of Southeast Asia.,It is also the power of the five poisonous education。”Liu Shun’s face showing a soft smile,The irritating of her face disappeared。

She gently opened the wine,The intoxicating taste is filled into the air,Red wine poured into both cups,This cup doesn’t know what to manufacture,Red wine is poured into these colorful,Like illusion,Give a dreamy feeling。
“Tian snake help,You said that you will not rush it on Native.?”Lin Feng heard the words,After all, this Sen Tianwang was disabled by them.,Now paying now。
“Should it be,Sen Tianwang is in the status of the gangs.,You are imprisoning him like this,If it is leaked,The people who are helping the sky will not shoot,Shooting is just a man,Five-poisonous education these five majors compete,There is a tragic battle。”Willow explains。
“Since this,It is also very likely to rush to the treasure.。”Lin Feng pensive:“European sacred light may not know this matter,So they bought it directly.50%Shares,And these forces are controlled by one10%,I doubt that people who will know the army know this secret.。”
“Most likely。”Willow laughs:“These shares are in total1800Billion yuan。”
“Reasonable price。”Lin Feng picked up the chopsticks and put a piece of meat into the mouth.。
“Emotional,The company’s capital reserve is rich,This1800100 million yuan will be in accordance with the shares to enter the accounts of major shareholders。”Liu Hao also picked up a glass of red wine light drinking road。
“elegant,You didn’t suffer.,This is directly charged more than 100 billion yuan.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Also said that you didn’t suffer。”Liu Yizhen is white and Lin Fengyi:“Why do you listen to you when you?。”
“What did you have in the past?。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“After the future, you will be a lot of welfare.,I will impact the realm of the suffrage for the disciples of all the power.,Of course, if you have a breakthrough,does not matter。”
“what?Breakthrough?You are so grasp?”Liu Hao Wen Yan:“Lin Feng,What is the medicinal medicine??”
The strong people in the affection are also unique in a city.,Among the gap levels,It is a powerful power,Can not be ignored,But there are very few people who can enter this realm.,Many people can’t get on the second pulse for a lifetime.。
“No need for Dan medicine,I have a self。”Lin Feng said with a smile:“I can master more holy springs in the future.,Quench body,Let people get into the third realm,Slightly hone,I can let it enter the situation of。”
He is not a falsehood。
He itself enters this realm so soon.。
“Don’t pass this,Otherwise it is assassinated by people。”Liu Hao believes in Lin Feng said,Because men in front of you have pushed a lot of miracles.。
What happened to him?。
“I naturally know,If we fierce money, buy seven stars to make China,Our team is more growing。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Let’s eat,Try my craft,This matter is waiting for me to go back to the mine.,Always give everyone benefits。”
“Um。”Willow nodded。
Half a long time,Two people have eaten,Willow’s face,She turned into her bedroom.。
After a long time, I came out.,Willow’s hand is holding a string of jade,Blush,It’s like a vast blood.。
“Good jade。”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the jade road in Liu.,This is a top red jade similar to the red crown.。
“Lin Feng,This is a peaceful character,Give it to you,I can’t go in the afternoon.,Be careful。”Willow low,Face blush。
Her mind has emerged in her mother to death.。
“elegant,This is the jade who left you.,If there is a person who meets the favorite one day,Send this jade to him,Protect him,You can also happiness together。”
“Mother, I don’t let you die.!”
“Silly boy,I will leave.……remember……live……Find a favorite man!”
Recalling the scene of young mother dying,The sadness of Liu Hao is incomparable,Her face is drifting red,Her tears fall。
“elegant?what happened?”Lin Feng took the peace and looked at the willows.。
“fine,Eyes into the sand,I would like to rest。”Liu is turned around.。
“elegant!”Lin Feng took the peace.,But Liu is already closed.。
Lin Feng took a safe end for a long time,His perspective looks inside the room,He saw the tears in Liu.,Lin Feng nose is acid,I don’t know why,Lin Feng has a kind of rush into the room,Email the girl in front of you。
“Silly girl。”Lin Feng is holding a peaceful meaning。

A bald big man hides,Looking at the battlefield of the front,Have a smile,In the mouth。

“This is the rivers and lakes.,New account old account,Revenge,Clearing clear……Xia Jia has come to this step,Hand and foot,Hey。”
He didn’t show me。
Especially after seeing the sword five,It is even。
However, at this time,One sound is not far behind him,“Brother,What you said is good,Today, we will come once again.。”
NS2580chapter Sword and sword
() soon,Shen Siyin’s voice disappeared in the dark。
The wind blows over the cold wind,Xiao Zongham spit tone,Diagnosis。
Shen Xingyue,He is more than pity,He has been desperately desperately desperate for so many years.,At this moment,Shen Xing Yue is really coming.,He is somewhat embarrassed。
If not him,Shen Siyin will not vicious to poison Shen Xingyue。
Xiao Zong Han saw a few eyes in the direction of Shen Siusi disappeared.,Darkness。
Shen Xingyu stands in the outer hall,The look on the face is some cautious。
She carefully sits on the front of the chair.,The eyes are full of pressing and can’t press it.……
Xiao Zonghan coming in,It’s such a Shen Xingyue.。
“Star moon。”He loudly,Shen Xingyue’s eyes lift,See him,Next moment,The eyes are red.。“Zonghan!”She pounce into his arms。
Xiao Zonghan’s body is slightly stiff,Looking at Shen Xing Moon, crying in his arms,I still extend my hand.。
Holding hands with her back。
Shen Xingyue’s tears dropped,His military uniform,Xiao Zonghan’s lips:“Qin Hai bullied you?”
Shen Xingyue’s body shakes。
Seem,I heard an extremely terrible existence!
Xiao Zonghan’s face is cloudy,I took a look at Shen Xing Yue,Let her and yourself:“Star moon,What is the bastard of Qinhai??!”
“He……”Shen Xing Moon is trembled more powerful,“He……Hit me,Several times,I feel that I am dead.,”She said,Pull up the sleeves on your arm,Under delicate clothes,Actually a one-way scar。
Those scars,Some is new,some,Old,Dripping,Extraordinary。
Xiao Zonghan’s fist is smashed,A punch,狠 on the table:“Son of a bitch!”
these years,In order not to let Shen Xingyue suffer,He avoids Qinhai everywhere in many things.。
But I didn’t expect it.,The bastard or dare to be the same!
Good,This time,He won’t have a concern about Qinhai.。
He bowed,Shen Xing Yue Yingying tears in the eye,Do not know why,Look at this face,His eyes did not show another face。
潋滟 潋滟 双,Pale lips,She laughs and Shen Xingyue is the most different.,Two pear turns deep,Under the face,It is a vicious heart!
“Zonghan,Sister?”at this time,What is Shen Xingyue suddenly thinks about?,I got out from Xiao Zonghan’s arms.。

Night adult struggle for a month’s harvest,This is one tenth of them by them.!

Dress is not cheap things,And in order to face,They entered the highest level。
But one thing Lily is guess.,Although he disappeared for more than a month,But those falling things,Just what he spent a day of harvest,The rest of the time is basically in the road.。
After a circle,The people returned to the Hessea genus,Just return home,I can’t wait for the Night, I hope that Hersse is updated to him.。
Honest,Today’s strength,It’s hard to improve again.,but“God’s grace”Never not be in this limit。
No matter how strong,As long as the level is improved,“God’s grace”More or less can bring some improvement to your body。
Familiar soft touch,Hessian’s blood is like droplets in the lake.,Didn’t enter the night of the body。
And the god behind him,At this time, light is also bright.,And began to change。
Statual skill:Ice gift
Special rare skills:Dragon
“Night,Do you have anything??And this time you are in the dungeon,What have you done??”
Because there is a quick upgrade of the night before,And update each time,Night can bring huge surprises to Herssea。
So this time, I will update the value of the night.,He already has a certain mental preparation。
But this is so,This update data,Still once again, she shocked.,Because such data is unheard。
I originally thought that Herssea,Night can be in this month,willLV3The skilled value is quite a lot of money.。
But let her have no material,Night ghost will not only complete the level of level,But alsoLV4The proficiency is full!
Now even only a great achievement,Can directly improveLV5Level,Become a high-level adventurer in Euras Li。
A magic bar before it,It is also known as“strengthen”Magic filled,That is to say, the most three magic people have realized。
But if the level follows the magic,Just let Herssea surprised,Then the one below“Special rare skills”,Just shocked the Hussea shocked and dumb.。
Even start asking,What did you do in the underground city??
Statual skill“Ice gift”,Already the only skill in the entire Eura,That’s afraid of many people in Eu Rulali,People who can get this type of skill,Never exceed five。
But the night is not only owned“only”Skill,There are now there is no ancient people.“Super-ray skill”,This is a bit of heartbeat.。
Someone else has a rare skill.,But it’s here.,It seems that it is unmatched,And a rare。
this“Dragon”Skill,Although I don’t know what effect?,But when you look at it is a matter of“Ice gift”Weak skill。
Single from this name,This skill is followed“Dragon”Can’t get rid of dry system,In my mythical age,Dragon species can be the existence of gods.!
Asked for Herssea surprised,I don’t know how to go back at night.。
What did he have done??After leaving this world,What he did did.,A lot of strong enemies defeated,Level improvement is not surprising。
Does if he cannot update a value?,Now notLV6Above。
As for the dragon chemical skill,Night, I feel that it should be a dragon magic.“Dragon”。
Actually became a rare skill,That doesn’t mean you don’t have to swallow you.“Magic spirit”,Can be used directly“Dragon”NS?
So happily happened to the question for a long time,This is solved.?It can be used in the future“Dragon”NS!

“I am not a general person.,Our world is different,Definitely can’t speak on the same day,You can’t compare with me.!”

Shen Xuan said seriously:“You compare with other ordinary people,Already a genius。”
This time,Qin Wu is speechless。
He thought that Shen Xuan is to comfort himself.,But this is said,Not in combating yourself?
what is this?
Yourself is an ordinary person,He is already another level.?
“Hahaha,Xuan Ge this,I want to hear him.!”
“that is,How is this soaked?,Too much point。”
“But this is also the truth.,Who let Xuan Ge’s talent is so high?!”
People in live broadcast can’t help but laugh,Many people are directly awkward,How to talk to Xuan Ge。
“I have a joke.,Don’t care。”
Shen Xuan is awkward,Say:“Let’s overrupted.?”
Qin Wu nodded,Tangible:“I am not your opponent,you win!”
Shen Xuan slightly,“So you have to remember a little,There are days outside the sky.,There are people outside people.!”
“Can you never look at it later?!”
I heard this,Qin Wu thoughtfully,He before, it is really too small to look Shen Xuan,Didn’t put Shen Xuan in your eyes,I always feel that I have experienced so many years of martial arts.,Dealing with Shen Xuan,That is the hand to come。
Think now,It’s really big.!
Immediately,Qin Wu stood up,Solemnly hug in Shen Xuan,salute,road:“Got it,I have learned lessons!”
“Thank you Xuan Ge’s teachings!”
Qin Wu’s movement is the standard military etiquette,Very solemn,Also explain,He really learned a lesson,Sincere gratitude。
“Not so polite!”
Shen Xuan busted Qin Wu to help,road:“Your talent is really good,Have a chance later,We can learn from each other,Mutual progress!”
“it is good!”
Qin Wuyi moved,He can’t see Shen Xuan before,even,Still a strong ridicule,Can now?,The other party is not only crowded with him,even,Still active to help him。
How many days!
Xuan Ge’s character is really good.!
“Qin Wu is moving, I’m crying.?”
“I look almost,I was shouted by the excellent quality of the previous suspects of Xuan Ge.。”
“is not it,Really great,It’s really good.,Xuan brother is really an excellent model!”
People in the live broadcast are amazed.,certainly,Looking at the lively Lin Wei, etc. is also an accident.。
Two people who were odded,Suddenly?
Is this a tacit understanding between men??
It’s too awkward.!

“Oh?You have a way?”

Gao Bo Mi is coming。
“What is difficult?,Don’t come out at all。I only need to send people to the mortgage of the Mountain Wangfu.,The servants will finish the things we want to do and not easy.,Then you can break the door,Kill those slaves。
Finally, put all the crimes to the servant,Don’t you do it??”
Fish praise is not the first time to do this,Actually, I said my head is the road.,It is clear,He estimates that many means to do things that Gao Bi can’t do.。
have to say,Fish praise,Not completely bold,Heartwork。His political olfactory and mind,Also an indispensable factor。
Book friends welfare reading books can be cashorDollar currency,BesidesiPhochWaiting for you!pay attention tovxPublic account!
Gao Biyi said,But did not continue to say anything。The carriage has come to the Gaoyang Wangfu, which is already a smoky。
“okay,You go back.。Recently staring at everyone。”
Gao Bao gently swayed,Take the fish,Then go to the gate of Wangfu, leisurely。
“How have you been to see people so long??”
Fierce“fighting”after the end,The flush on the face of Yuan Zhonghua has not faded,Dear clothes。Because she feels,Gao Bo Yi came again,Not ignoring her body。
But there must be something。
“I have something to find you today.。”
Gao Bo Yi has already dressed in clothes,A face is working。Unmthical two people,It’s more far more than if you don’t return it.,Different from Li Zugu,Yuan Zhonghua seems to have some broken tissue broken,I just want to have the meaning that I have to enjoy it before.。
“Um,You said.。”
“Lady,You don’t know?”
Gao Boyi said that it is a quiet emperor in history.。
She is a high performance room,Duobang,Han surname,Luoyang, Henan。Northern Wei Royal Back,Dao Wu Emperor Tuo Sixth Sun,Kaifu instrument。
Yuan Zhonghua,It is a granddaughter of Xiaofei Yuanhong.,Yuan Hong, Tuo Hong, is a grandchildren of Tai Warttie.。
so,Yuan Zhonghua and the relationship between ladies,Can say quite far,From Tuoba,It is not a。
Plug, \\app \\ Really good,Worthwhile,After all, there are more books.,Books,Update fast!
Have to say awareness,That is definitely known.,only,There are not many times in contact with the two.,Even somewhat,Simply“do not know”。
“Uh,Not very familiar。”Yuan Zhonghua has a little apologetic。
“but,You can enter the mountains,Right?”
Gao Baoyi asked,This makes Yuan Zhonghua rising a weird thought。This good color is,Will n’t you want to get your baby??
Don’t say,This possibility is really not small。
“Go to you,I can’t say anything.。”
Yuan Zhonghua said no good luck。She can’t stop Gao Bo Yi playing with a woman,But let her help do these things,Feel sorry,She still didn’t go down to this point。
Although she already feels enough now“Lower”NS。
“Don’t say this?,Is there being a business。”
Gao Biyi light stroted Yuan Zhonghua’s back:“Larctation,I will accompany you for two days.?”

“Be right,The venom speed is so fast,Attacking the geese is definitely。”

“Poison snake bites the goose,Goose is estimated.,What do you think?!”
soon,A question of a question in the live broadcast。
“Why do you know why the goose is not afraid??”
Shen Xuan is not angry,Continue to explain,“In the eyes of the goose,Humans are very small,Snake this creature,In the eyes of the goose,Just as the ants of people,Antique,Beans will be afraid of snakes?”
So much,People in the live broadcast are the same as listening to myth.。
“Come,Come,You don’t believe,That is optimistic.!”
Shen Xuano’s nature does not continue to explain,I rushed my grandeon to the vegetable field.。
“呱 呱……”
This is called,The snake in the vegetable field is like a big enemy,Run out,In one piece,Do not swallow the Snake Son,It seems like a particularly horrible thing.。
Goose still calls,I also found a group of snakes in the vegetable field.,even,Also open your wings,Pounce,Long neck stretches in front,Call。
finally,A glasses king snake can’t help but,Tour a few meters forward,Swallow,It seems that I want to drive my beans away.,Declare your sovereignty!
NS113Chapter Capital
Chapter 113
“This is the glasses king snake,Goose may not be able to。”
“The snake has two meters long,You see that body,Thick is not like!”
“Let the big goose come back?,Waiting for a white and white!”
People in the live broadcast saw this scene,I persuaded it.,I hope that Shen Xuan quickly took the goose back.,otherwise,Beans are dangerous。
“嘎嘎……呱 呱……”
Goose’s head,Looking at the glasses king snake,It means not to return,on the contrary,Calling more joyful。
“Don’t worry,Goose brother is not easy to retreat easily!”
Shen Xuan said faintly:“Wooden snake in the district,What is I am worried?,You are too small.!”
“Fart,The glasses king snake is a poisonous.,When you bite one, you will finish.。”
“I see Xuan brothers, I don’t care about the safety of Goose.!”
“Vicious anchor,I want to let the glasses kraft snakes.,You just kill the snake.?”
Many people have guess,even,I have begun to suspect that Xuan Ge’s character.。
Really unable!
Shen Xuan looked at the barrage,I don’t look at it.,This does not understand anything in the keyboard.,Just here。
There is no common sense.!

“Damn!President Xia laughed。We both seem to be a little fatter,But please rest assured,We will be able to restore the body to its original state soon,Absolutely maintain a good professional image”

Chen Guohua said with a serious face。Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but laugh。
First2474chapter Exchange blood
Xia Jian made Ruan Lingna’s arrangements simpler,Even if he said that,But the food on the table is still very rich。Already served,Xia Jian can’t say much,Anyway, they are also to entertain him。
Because Xia Jian is driving,So alcohol is definitely not allowed,Ruan Lingna had to drink with Xia Jian。Chen Guohua in front of Xia Jian,Seems more cautious,Ruan Lingna is very lively,Dare to make any jokes in front of Xia Jian。
Three people are talking about work,While eating。What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,He didn’t want to adjust the management staff here,But Ruan Lingna is not willing。
Xia Jian is very puzzled by Ruan Lingna’s actions,But listen to her,Then understand。It turned out that Hongchuanhe Hot Spring has been opened since,There are many old employees here。But some people do it for a long time,Became an old fritters,Not enterprising all day,Think of it as a place to mess around。
Ruan Lingna wants to pass this merger,Clear some people out,Put on fresh blood。Of course,The advantage of this is to facilitate management。
Xia Jian thought about it:“Ok,I understand what you mean。After I return to the group,I’ll let Vice President Guan send you a message in person,Carry out a full assessment,Eliminate some people who don’t do things out”
What Xia Jian said,Ruan Lingna is so happy。But Xia Jian from Chen Guohua’s face,I didn’t see how happy he was。
“Manager Chen!Do you have any comments on what Manager Ruan did??Say it if yes,Today is the three of us eating together,Also discuss,What’s wrong,We can improve”
Xia Jian glanced at Chen Guohua,Smiled and said。
Chen Guohua sighed and said:“Is such that。There are two or three people on my side,At that time, a vice president of Dongsheng Group personally called and arranged to come in。These two have a backstage in Qingshan County,I’m afraid there will be problems if you move them”
“What’s the problem?Manager Chen,You can’t be so indecisive。some things,Can’t bear it blindly。What do we do,I can’t let two rat shit spoil a pot of soup, right?!”
Ruan Lingna was upset when she heard it,She said angrily。

but,Disappeared three years ago。

Just a few hours ago,This person,Return to the Lin Family。
right now,The entire Central Plains,Anyone from a big family,all know,Lin Shao is back,you do not know?
This is the person being asked,Reply content。
“I remember。”
“This person,It’s really Shao Lin。”
“because,three years ago,When i clean the garbage,Seen in Lin’s house。”
A certain middle-aged man。
Hear this man,Recall the memory of the year。
then,Also followed。
“Oh my god!”
“This person turned out to be,Our Central Plains area,Which young master is the best。”
“No wonder he was shocked just now,Even the so-called righteous brother,Not afraid。”
A certain woman,Hear this,Said with shocked face。
“nonsense,Brother Yi is a fart。”
“Lin,That’s the best。”
This woman’s boyfriend,Heard what my girlfriend said,Open road。