“Failed?Material has problems!Damn spring,He actually dared to take fake to lie to us.”Take the earth with soothing tooth。

The belt is clearly considered to give them a fake.。
And you only shake your head,Yin Yang?This is obviously unlikely。
But why didn’t you change??
“Small problem,I have other sacrifices.”Big Snake Pills stood up and said。
It doesn’t care about it.,And the spring is not necessarily a fake,After all, such a special thing,It’s not casual.。
It seems that Spring may have added some other steps.,Is it necessary to study?。
And this kind of Chakra is a very good research direction.,He can feel the terrorist power contained,Not as http://www.cilve.cn soft as performance。
When thinking in the big snake pill,That Characle has changed。
“Do not,Changing”Surprised。
I saw the blue Chakra rapid expansion.,Then become a blurred humanoid state。
And still rapid changes,Soon, it has formed a person.,Only is presented is a blue transparent state。
The big snake pill is surprised to look at this scene。
But very quickly,Chakra is stable,Started other colors。
“Yin and Yang Sukla?Soil,What exactly is going on”A majesty voice said from this population that has not been completely presented.。
His body is still now,Quickly solidify。
It turned into a red armor,Man with a messy black long hair。
I saw him face cold.,Long http://www.hrbdyt.cn hair covers a eye,And another eye is a round of eyes.。
“Reincarnation!”Big snake pill is shocked。
Then I looked at the belt and absolute,I didn’t tell him before.。
“We have encountered a strong enemy,I have to let you come in advance”Tailored。
“Yes”Yuxi Bo splash sweeping eyeballs。
The big snake pill also laughed with him.。
“happy to see you,I am a big snake pill”
Yuxi Boupeng looked at the eyes of the snake pill,There is no matter。
Big snake pill is not concerned,Just is very curious to the reincarnation in his eyes.。
See this pair of eyes,What did he guessed?。
at this time,The body of Yuxibo spheres came to the territory,I pressed his body with a hand.。
“this is。。。。”Belt soil,He feels that his Chakra is absorbed.。
“Although it is a yin and yang,But Ketra, no available,And the quantity http://www.dongyoug.cn of yin and yang is not enough.”There is no expression of the spot。
Pulling a breath in the heart。
Then he sat on the ground,His Chakra is completely exhausted。

Huaibei reports that the two cadres from the two cadres are not responsible and inaction

The copyright of the text and pictures of all this reporter is owned by Xin’an Evening News.

Any media, website or individual, may not be reproduced, link, reposted or replicated or published in other ways without authorization. Investigate legal responsibilities. Xin’an Evening News Anhui.com Dahui News According to the WeChat WeChat signal, the Huaibei Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has notified two unresolved and inaction issues. The specifics are as follows: 1. Yang Ming, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, missed his duties and missed his duty.

On May 15, 2021, the Garden Police Station of the Xiangshan Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau accepted the police alarm that he was insulted by others in the WeChat group. On June 14, the police handling the case on the grounds that the case was complicated, and the director Yang Ming was approved by the then director Yang Ming. The extension of the processing period was 30 days, but the extension period was not conducted during the extension period.

The post -handling police failed to mediate the case and did not deal with the case in accordance with the law. Until September 13, the Xiangshan Branch issued a law and order a decision on the case of the suspect of the case.

Yang Ming’s poor responsibilities in fulfilling their management and supervision, which led to a serious oversupply of the case, causing adverse effects. In December 2021, Yang Ming was punished by a warning within the party. 2. Liu Hui, the former deputy captain of the Environmental Supervision Brigade of the Ecological Environment Branch of Xixi County, served the company slowly, causing enterprises to delay the issue of special funds.

In June 2019, Huaibei Sanyou Plastic Co., Ltd. submitted the application information of the project funds of 100,000 yuan to the Ecological Environment Branch of Xixi County according to the spirit of the relevant documents.

As the person in charge of the work, Liu Hui arranged for the supervisor of the area to verify the relevant situation and did not apply for the application of funds in time, resulting in the subsidy funds that did not allocate in place until June 2020.

In August 2020, Liu Hui was dealt with.

Editor Xu Dapeng.

Fang Fang,Finally can’t help it,Her eyes are red,How Xia Jian was washed away by the flood,Tell Guo Meili in detail。

Guo Meili,Said a little choked:“President Xia has always been lucky,I’m afraid this time, it’s not good enough,It’s been so long”
“Even so,But it’s time to find him,But nothing…”Zhao Hong said suddenly,But http://www.cilve.cn hesitating,Tears have flowed down。
Guo Meili took a breath and said:“Don’t be sad everyone,Something like this,Actually everyone feels bad,Let’s prepare for funeral!I’ll let them look for it,It’s a good luck!”
Guo Meili finished,Beckoned to the car,Heiwa led a few security personnel and jumped out of the car,Without saying a word, he searched directly along the embankment of Taohe River。
Ouyang Hong’s tears had already rolled http://www.mideajfl.cn in her eyes,At this time, I finally couldn’t help it flow down,She knew,Xia Jian has been washed away by the flood for more than ten hours,The hope of surviving is almost zero,What should I do?
at this time,Zhao Hong’s phone rang,She shouted impatiently:“what’s up?”
“village head,You come back soon!Aunt Xia is about to die”Mo Yan said eagerly on the phone。
Zhao Hongyi listen,Cried out in a hurry:“Let Chen Erniu prepare,Take it to the city hospital immediately,We will be there soon”
“what happened?”Ouyang Hong asked in surprise。
Zhao Hong choked and said:“Aunt Xia can’t hold it anymore”
“Go fast!”Fang Fang shouted,First got into a BMW car covered in mud,Ouyang Hong and Zhao Hong hurriedly followed,Guo Meili was taken aback,Then got into the car。
An oil lamp flickered and flickered,The room looks very dim,At an old table,An old http://www.fxccmy.cn man with a childlike face meditates cross-legged,Eyes closed。
Xia Jian in bed,Move your eyes slowly,Looking at everything in the house,He was thinking,Is he dead??This old man wears a crown,Wearing a robe,Although I closed my eyes tightly,But I can see that the face is charitable,It’s not as scary as the black and white in the movie。
Xia Jian twisted her body,I just feel weak,Breathing is also a bit difficult,He is a little confused,Does this person feel like he’s dead?Isn’t it the same as being alive??

The average decrease of the national insulin special collection of Qinghai 48%

The picture shows patients’ medical insurance settlement. (Data Map) Zhang Tianfu was released on the evening of the 30th of the Qinghai Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau.

According to reports, since May 20, 2022, the results of the sixth batch of national organizational drugs (insulin special) were fully implemented in the public medical institutions of Qinghai Province (including the medical institution in the Qing Army). This special insulin collection covers the second and third -generation insulin commonly used in clinical use, including 16 varieties under 16 general names, with an average price reduction of 48%and a maximum decrease of 73%. Insulin is an important drug for the treatment of diabetes. The number of patients with a large number of patients and needs to be used for a long time. Insulin collection is the first time that the national organizational drug collection has expanded from chemical drugs to biopharmaceutical fields. It is an important milestone in the process of collecting reform.

This time, the most declining Liliang Pharmaceuticals Snake -Zinc Reorganization Reorganization and Preserved Inticardine Mixed Injection (25R), 3ml: 300 units (pre -filled) specifications, from the average yuan per branch to each yuan, according to the patient’s monthly monthly With 6 estimates, the cost of one year of medication can save about 4,200 yuan, and the average daily cost is less than 4 yuan. In 2022, Qinghai Medical Institutional Incipidial Agreement was about 1.12 million/bottle. It is expected to save 70 million yuan an annual savings. While reducing the price, a high degree of matching with the actual needs of clinical drugs has been achieved. It has greatly reduced the risk of alternatives. At the same time, the price reduction of the three generations of insulin is conducive to driving the upgrade of insulin in clinical applications. (Reporter Sun Rui).

This time,Su Li cool wind touches on some impressively。

He did not think Lee will actually leveraging the wind。
“it is good,By the time you give me the contact details,I talk about。”
After exchanged with Su Cool and,Li Hui hangs up the phone,Then hastily eat more rice,We continue to practice together。
Recently, he seems to feel some big some pubic region,And pubic region is full of energy is stored。
In particular, that actually a lot of magical when he closed his eyes,One perspective is actually somewhat similar functions,But http://www.yizhehuo.cn it needs energy to complete the pubic region。
Extending energy,He can wear the object to see the opposite side.。
Even he also tried to control this energy,Let this energy become invisible。
After a few days of trial,He was also a lot of success。
And in these days of effort,Magic are the best hospitals,The two black people is being picked up,Directly to the United States。
While the black family is also directly issue orders,Lee to direct the wind disappear in this world。
All Lee wind is no sleep。
He is a high school at the school gate until the Yang smiled。
Yang Xiao smiled and saw Li Hui Feng’s instant,He filled out sunny smile,Lee has been infected with the wind and it was the other’s smile。
He did not even think of having gone through that kind of thing,Yang smiled the smile still so http://www.thlcz.cn beautiful sunshine。
“Lee brother,My dad said you accompany me to go abroad,This is true?”
“Hey-hey,Of course it is true,But I am a little curious,Why is me??
Many people can?”
I heard Li Hui Hui.,Yang Xiao smiled a pretty face and red.。
“Because I have a sense of security with Li Da Ge.,And as long as you are by your side,It seems that there is no dangerous。”
“Forehead,Be careful in foreign countries,Not dangerous,But if you are not willing to go abroad,I also have the ability to let you go to other places to read,Anyway, I feel that it is still for it.,After all, there is such a thing.。”
Yang Xiao smiled and smiled this.:“whats the matter?”
“Cough and cough still don’t say。”
Li Hui’s problem for Yang Xiao Xiao,It is also awkward。
“Hey-hey,Lee brother,Can I tell you secret??”
What secret,you say,I guarantee confidentiality。”
Yang Xiao smiled directly to Li with the wind,Then put the tip of the foot。
Gently attached to the ear of Li Hui’s ear。
This suddenly close to Yang Xiao Xiao,Li Hui also does not help but,He suddenly felt that Yang Xiao smiled and seems to be much bold than before.。
Smell the unique fragrance on each other,Li Hui Feng feels yourself this is a matter。
And Yang Xiao smiled and smelled the taste of the sun.,Li Hui’s taste is very light,Very good,Let her feel some fans。
“Lee brother,I want to tell you is,I secretly went to the hospital to have seen it.。”
Five hundred and fiftieth eight chapters jet lag
What Seen?”
Yang Li smiled a moment the wind is this saying。
Yang smiled and flushed with a beautiful Qiaolian,Gently said:“What is Tianshir who didn’t take me?,He did not go in,And I was still that layer of film。”

Grasp the implementation of the results of the Shanxi Provincial Government "Sun" and various departments of various cities

In order to implement the provincial government system to implement the spirit of implementing the implementation of the implementation of the meeting, in accordance with the requirements of the "January 1 Inspection" system in accordance with the implementation of the implementation of the implementation situation, the Provincial Government General Office has recently issued the "Notice of the Provincial Government System to implement the implementation of enforcement and promotion." Essence

The report pointed out that since this year, the provincial government system has conscientiously implemented the major decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Government, and took the initiative to plan to promote the implementation of various key tasks. practice. As of March 31, a total of 62 major specialized implementation mechanisms were launched, and 2 tasks have been successfully completed; 368 key issues have been assumed to handle, and 108 tasks have been successfully completed. Among them, 36 provincial departments have hosted 279 tasks and 91 items have been completed; 89 cities have been held in 11 cities, and 17 items have been completed.

The report pointed out that the Provincial Energy Administration, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and the Provincial Agricultural and Rural Department have grasped the implementation of work planning fine and solid. In terms of implementation, two tasks such as the "double first -class" construction work led by the Provincial Department of Education and the "Winter Olympic Games" of the "Winter Olympic Games" led by the Provincial Ecological Environment Department have been concluded and the iconic results have been achieved. In addition, there are seven work achieved staged results, including: actively strive for policy support; the construction of Taixin integrated economic zone; The "development of cultural tourism and health care industry"; the "resolutely curbing ‘two highs’ project blind development" led by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission; The number of industrial enterprises on the end of the fourteenth and fifteen -fourth Five -Five -Five -Year Plan "exceeds 10,000 houses."

At the same time, the notification also invested some tasks of grasping the implementation of shortcomings and weaknesses and urgently needed to make up lessons.

The report emphasized that grasping implementation is the top priority of the current government work. The provincial government system should further improve the initiative and forward -looking work, strive to overcome the impact of the epidemic, continue to pay close attention to the implementation of the work, make up for the shortcomings, plug loopholes, and weak items, and do a good job of all the work and solidity. Twenty victories were held. (Reporter Zhang Jufeng) (Responsible editor: Zhang Tingting, Zhao Fang) Share more people to see recommended reading.

Chinese -funded enterprises in South Africa held a job fair for local residents

The ambassador to South Africa Chen Xiaodong spoke.

People’s Daily Online, Liu Chang, People’s Daily Online, Johannesburg, April 17 (Liu Chang) A job faire for local residents in Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa, attracted thousands of job seekers to find job opportunities.

Chinese Ambassador to South Africa Chen Xiaodong said in his speech that the job fair was an important measure to implement the consensus of the two heads of state, and it was also a useful attempt to achieve mutual benefit and win -win. It not only provided help for South Africa to solve employment promotion development, but also recruit talents for Chinese -funded enterprises. Inject vitality with local development.

In the next three years, China -funded enterprises have promised to provide 20,000 direct jobs in South Africa, support the economic and social development of South Africa, and compose a wonderful chapter in win -win and common development in China and South Africa. Chen Xiaodong said that as of the end of 2021, China has invested over $ 25 billion in South China.

There are more than 200 Chinese -funded enterprises in South China, creating more than 400,000 jobs for the local area.

In his speech, the Special Representative of South African President, Employment and Labor, thanked China for holding the job fair for the local residents.

He said that the job fair brought hope for changing the dilemma of South Africa’s economic growth and high unemployment, and set a new milestone for the friendship between China and South China. It is hoped that Chinese companies can strengthen cooperation with South African enterprises, create urgent employment opportunities, and help eliminate unemployment and poverty.

Botes, deputy minister of South Africa Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said that the job fair is not only the efforts to support South Africa to eliminate poverty, unemployment and inequality challenges, but also a vivid footnote for the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and South China. The friendship between China and South China has been new for a long time. Relations between the two countries have long surpassed the field of politics and diplomatic. They have achieved the fruitful results of "win -win" in various fields such as economic and social cooperation, which has effectively promoted the well -being of the people of the two countries.

Chen Longjian, executive vice chairman of the South Africa -China Economic and Trade Association, said that Chinese -funded enterprises involved the industry in Nantou’s capital. This job fair also shows the characteristics of diversified posts, high technical content, and strong professionalism. Base. The Association will be committed to the long -term recruitment of recruitment activities to provide more employment in South Africa job seekers to help local economic development.

Representatives of the employees of COSCO African company and applicants for job fairs spoke in accordance with their own experience. Thanks to China for contributing to the local anti -new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic recovery, praise Chinese companies’ localization development results, deeply affect many families in South Africa, and deeply feel that China deeply feels China. The charm of culture has expanded the global vision.

At the event site, Chen Xiaodong also accompanied the guests to witness the signing agreement with the South China Economic and Trade Association and the Training Department of the Ministry of Education to visit the exhibitors booth.

(Responsible editor: Wang Yuxun, Wu Chengliang) Share let more people see it.