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This hardware product is provided by Shenzhen Gary Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2006, "Leading Message Board" is the People’s Daily People’s Network specializes in the online mass work platform for the central ministries and local party committees. It has received 3.1 million online people in 15 years, and leading cadres from all over the country. Through the platform to respond to netizens to share 2.3 million pieces, the national 28 provinces will be promoted to the message to handle the work to apply for documentation. With the in-depth advancement of "Wisdom Party Construction" work, the establishment of "Internet Mass Work Big Data Center" has improved the promotion of online mass work platform data sharing business, and the various dimensions of all dimensions online and the intersection are treated. People’s Daily "Online Mass Work Wisdom Big Screen" one screen.

Zeng Zhongsheng: Military career early military discipline

Original title: Zeng Zhongsheng: Military career morning military discussion on June 9 In the middle, the first two-story brick wood structure is reflected in the eye.

Here is the former residence of the Red Army outstanding military home. Here, he had spent his childhood and teenage time in Zhongsheng, and then goes to school and go to the revolutionary road.

  Zeng Zhongsheng, was born in Xingning County, Hunan (now Xingkun) in Xingning County, Hunan Province. In 1925, he was introduced into the fourth phase of the Huangpu Military Academy, and the same year was joined in the Communist Party of China. After graduating from the Military Academy, he was organized by the National General Command of the 8th Army of the National Revolutionary Army to organize the General Command of the General Command of the General Command to participate in the Northern Expedition.

After the "four-one second" anti-revolutionary coup, he was actively United Nations to the country, and he participated in the struggle of King. In September of the same year, Zeng His lived to Moscow in Soviet, to study in Sun Yat-sen University; in 1928, he participated in six major CCP held in Moscow. In the winter of 1928, Zeng Zhongsheng returned to China, and he served as a member of the CPC Central Military Department, the Secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, member of the Central Military Commission, and the Minister of Armed Workers. In September 1930, Zeng Sheng was sent to the EU and Yanyu District of the Communist Party of China. At the Kuomintang army launched the first "encirclement and suppression" in the Ou Wei Zi District, he decided to organize the Temporary Temporary Temporary Commission of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China. And the Temporary Revolutionary Military Committee, unified command to "encircle" struggle, and achieve victory.

  In February 1931, he served as the Secretary of the Communist Party of China and the Chairman of the Military Commission.

He commanded the battle of the grinding house, the new episode, Shuangqiao Town and other battles, defeated the Kuomintang army second "encirclement".

In April of the same year, he served as the Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Vice Chairman of the CPC, the military committee, the fourth military and political committee, and the military director Xu Xiangzhao, and the Minister of Yingshan, Yanshui, Luo Tian, ??Guangji and other counties, successively acquired the river The victory of the battle of the town, washing the horse.

He led the department to participate in the fourth anti- "encirclement and suppression", and injured in the Qiliping battle.

  At that year, the central government sent Zhang Guoyu and Chen Changhao to the "Renovation" Party and Red Army.

Then, Zhang Guozhen announced the revocation of the E-Yu and Anhui Trial, established the E-Yuyi Branch and the new military committee, Zeng Zhongsheng was degrained as a vice chairman of the Branch Committee and the Military Commission. Soon, Zeng Zhongsheng was touched by the Red Fourth Military and Political Committee.

During the implementation of the wrong military route in Zhang Guo, Zeng Zhongsheng and the arms director Xu Xiang forward, the situation of the Red Fourth Army and the direction of action, and reported to the CPC Central Military Commission, clearly expressed opposition to the wrong military policy of Zhang Guozhen.

  In October 1932, Zeng Sheng has evacuated from the red four army main force from the Eu Yuzu District. In December, he served as the Northwest Revolutionary Military Commission, participated in the struggle of Sichuan Sichuan. During this time, although he is still struggling, it is still committed to strengthening military training, paying attention to military theory research, and systematically summarizes the experience of "encircling" combat in the red four-year military. In September 1933, Zeng Zhongsheng was arrested by Zhang Guozhen with a "right school leader" and was imprisoned for a long time. During being imprisoned, Zeng Sheng has written "the main point of war" and "the guerrilla war" "and" 赤 军 "" combat strikes "and other three military books, providing a rich basis for the system of China’s revolutionary war and strategy after Mao Zedong He became an important part of Mao Zedong military thought.

In August 1935, Zeng Zhongsheng was secretly killed in the northwest of Sichuan, 35 years old. At the 745th National Congress, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, said in the opposite Snow, affirmed that his life is a lifetime for the Chinese people to seek truth and heroic battle.

  In 1988, Zeng Sheng was identified as one of the 33 military experts in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (then increasing to 36). He is one of the earlier military careers in the 36 military home, and is also a rich one.

  Zeng Zhongsheng sacrificed 86 spring and autumn, the party and the people did not forget that this revolutionary martyr in the mountains.

The former residence of Zeng Zhongsheng has become a provincial cultural security unit and a local party member education demonstration base.

(Reporter Li Bingjun correspondent Li Li).

Tianjin: Green Agriculture Let "Food Bag" "food basket" safe quality

Original title: Green agriculture Let "food bag" "food bag" safety high-quality reporter learned from Tianjin Agricultural Rural Co., Ltd. Agricultural comprehensive production capacity is significantly enhanced, and the advantageous characteristics of the agricultural industry chain supply chain is more sound, and the overall qualification rate of real estate agricultural products is maintained at 98%, and the resource utilization of livestock and poultry is more than 90%. It is reported that during the "13th Five-Year Plan", Tianjin Modern Urban Agricultural Upgrade has achieved significant effects, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk and other "vegetable baskets" product self-sufficiency maintained a high level. The quality of the agricultural product brand with high-level farmers and brand strong, with a higher-level agricultural product brand with higher visibility and market competitiveness, and the qualification rate of real estate agricultural products reached the volume.

The comprehensive utilization of livestock and poultry reaches%, and the agricultural scientific and technological progress contribution rate reached 68%. Innovative development modern seed industry, cultivated a batch of advantageous varieties such as rice, cauliflower, cucumber, and meat sheep, and confirmed 24 crop seeds (seedling) production bases, 50 livestock and poultry aquatic products.

Complete the provision of food production ribilities and basic guaranteed vegetable production ribs, build 10,000 mu of high standard farmland, food comprehensive production capacity is maintained above 2 million tons, and modern urban agricultural upgrading has been significant. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Tianjin will continue to develop the boutique vegetable industry, combined with water resources, climate conditions and industrial foundation, reasonable planning of vegetable key development areas, and strengthen the construction of basic guaranteed vegetable production ribs, in terms of soil and soil resources, A green vegetable production base for developing vegetables grown.

Moderately expand the "two products and one standard" (green food, organic agricultural products and agricultural product geographic logo) vegetable planting area, increase the new variety of high-yield high-quality vegetables and standardized cultivation technology promotion, promote the development of fresh vegetable industries.

Develop special economic crops, develop polish, flower, pasture, Chinese herbal medicine and other economic crops, and fully utilize forests and forests. Be a good modern animal husbandry and green fisheries, establish an ecological, environmentally friendly, healthy green high-quality breeding concept, based on resources and environmental carrying capacity, adjust the optimization of the regional layout and industrial structure of the aquaculture industry, and strictly implement the restriction area, ban The management requirements of the region, promote the standardization, scale, intelligent, sustainable development of the aquaculture industry, and achieve the development of the aquaculture industry and the development of land, resources, environment, and economic and social development. Developing modern urban animal husbandry, playing regional comparative advantages, optimizing breeding layout, moderate development of characteristic breeding in the ring city, ecological culture, and improving livestock products.

Renovation, integration, enhance a group of small and medium-sized farms, build a number of large farms, and promote the moderate scale operation of breeding. Develop green fisheries, protect the development space of aquaculture from the system level, optimize the production layout of aquaculture, and improve the proportion of scale. Advance the construction of high standard pond, improve the ecological environment of breeding waters, and promote new model of green ecological farming. Accelerate the development of special breeding and ornamental fish.

Actively promote rice fish comprehensive breeding, promote the transformation and upgrading of aquaculture industry, and improve the production capacity of breeding.

Continue to support the development of the fishery, strengthen the construction and management of fishing ports.

(Reporter Huang Jiangao) (Editor: Li Dan, Tao Jian) ??Sharing let more people see.

Zhangwan District, Hubei Province: Strictly defending "three people" to do a good job in integrity

Recently, Zhangwan District, Hubei Province, Zhangwan District, and the county rural three-level exchange elections were promoted in order, Zhangwan District Discipline Inspection and Monitoring Organs adhere to the "three people" to do a good job of integrity and cadres and cadres and ensure the selection of candidates. Clean and clear.

All review.

At the level, whether it is a party member cadres, or general party members, whether the parties and townships, or townships and communities, the party members of the community, all need to be reviewed, and they need to review them one by one.

In the review content, not only the case, the trial department reviewed and handled the statute, but also the letter of letters and visits did not affect the use of the letter and visit department, and the party-style political style is subject to "four winds" issues and therefore The situation is treated, and for the party members and cadres received by the treatment, the corresponding discipline inspection teams and township discipline committees are reviewed and corrected.

Once clear comments. For the proposed election of the party’s work style and clean government review, appointment of candidates, according to their ideological politics, work performance, and behave in accordance with their ideological politics, work performance, and behave in accordance with their ideological politics, work performance, and behave according to their ideological politics, work performance, and behave in accordance with the daily supervision. The situation has been proposed to make an audit opinion; the review opinion is not clear, the conclusion is unclear, and the case management department urges re-discharge; for the clue of the inconsistency that has not been verified, the department involved in the face-to-face discussion For details of use.

Through the above measures, the procedural idleness, go through the field, and put an end to return to work, and ensure the response opinion, and there is a reference value.

I will sign my back. For the proposed election, the candidate, the committee, the petition, the trial, the party style and the corresponding discipline inspection team and the township discipline committee are signed in the audit materials. For the case of the case, the above sector is jointly negotiated after the concrete Cognitive comments as an attachment.

For the departmental cadres or proposed cadres, it is necessary to sign a seal on the signing of the person in charge of the department, and one unit handles must be tried by the main person in charge of the committee.

Through strict endorsement and archivement, the protection of audit responsibilities is effective and implemented, and then ensure the accurate authority of the review object is clean and integrity. "Next, we will close the regular election of the whole region, the selection of people and other major personnel adjustment work, compress the resignation of the party-style and clean government opinions, for successful completion of the succession and the choice of strong leading cadres and cultivate benign political ecology The anchor is clear and honest, helps the clearing and honesty bay construction, and the main person in charge of the Supervision Committee of Zhangwan District Commission for Discipline Inspection. (High Hongqiang) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Strengthen urban security risk prevention

Original title: Strengthening urban security risks to prevent this newspaper Beijing September 26 (Reporter Qiu Chaoyue) Recently, the State Council Security Committee, the Emergency Management Department issued a notice, deploying urban security risk prevention work, promoting urban lifeline safety engineering experience practices The ability to effectively improve the major risks and emergencies of urban prevention and control, and improve the level of urban safety governance. Notice to determine Hefei, Shenyang, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Dongying, Luoyang, Yichang, Changde, Foshan, Nanning, Zunyi, Beijing Tongzhou, Shanghai Pudong New Area, Shanghai Huangpu, Shanghai Songjiang and other 18 cities (districts) as Predit of the Construction of National City Safety Risk Comprehensive Monitoring Early Warning System.

Notice, the current urban security new and old risk interleaving, safety risk prevention stress is increased, and some cities have repeatedly collapsed, exploding, floods, typhoon and other heavy accident disasters, and urban security situation is complicated. All regions should combine the establishment of safety development demonstration cities, according to the actual coordination of urban security risk comprehensive monitoring and early warning, actively construct a comprehensive overall leadership, unified monitoring, and linkage response disposal. To focus on urban security management, the risks, actively learn from typical practices, increase the test demonstration work, will strengthen urban security risk prevention work into the regional key work, make full use of scientific and technological means, and speed up the establishment and improvement of urban safety risk comprehensive monitoring Warning work system, enhance urban security risk identification, prevention, and resolution level.

It is reported that the pilot work of the national urban safety risk comprehensive monitoring and early warning work system is completed, and the State Council has completed the end of March 2023. The State Council Security Committee, the Emergency Management Department has formulated the construction guide for urban security risk comprehensive monitoring and early warning platform, promoting various regions. The relevant work provides guidance. The State Council Security Committee has recently held a city security risk monitoring warning work on Anhui Hefei, summarizing exchange promotion experience practices, and deployed a risk monitoring warning.

The meeting requested that all regions should adhere to system thinking, social security red line awareness, improve safety responsibility system, strengthen "science and technology Xing’an", strengthen the construction of safety production, comprehensive management, overall development, and comprehensively enhance urban security development level. "People’s Daily" (12th edition, September 27, 2021) (Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Chao) Sharing Let more people see client download.

Oroqen Autonomous Banner: vigorously carry out cultural relics protection

The Oroqen Autonomous National Museum is now collecting more than 1,100 pieces of national cultural relics and prosperous historical cultural relics have won honors such as "National Top Ten Shouting Boutique" Nomay Awards and "Outstanding Patriotism Educational Base of National Cultural Relics System".

In order to further strengthen national key cultural relics protection, improve cultural relics protection conditions, the Eroan Autonomous Finance Bureau adopts three measures to vigorously carry out cultural relics protection.

Flag Finance Bureau actively collaborates the Museum of Flag to do movable cultural relics prevention protection programs.

Coordinating funds rationally equipped with the necessary hand-held environmental inspection instruments, "no power diffusion sampling instruments" and other analytical technology equipment; at the same time, the appropriate amount is equipped with no acid-free and acid sac and storage cabinet, improve the collection of cultural relics in the collection, so that the use of funds is implemented. . Special items needed for cultural relics, cultural relics, fire and lightning, etc., do a good job in indicators and distribution, special funds, and effectively improve the use of funds. Up to now, the special funds for national cultural relics protection have been paid for 1.88 million yuan, making the cultural relics protection work, providing a solid guarantee for future cultural relics protection. (Qi Shuhong) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong).

Zhangzhou high quality beef and mutton landing in Chongqing Market

  Original title: Zhangzhou high quality beef and mutton landing in Chongqing Market on December 28, the reporter learned from the Yangzhou Agricultural Rural Area, in the 18th China International Agricultural Products Fair, in the recent, Zhangzhou Agricultural Rural Area and Chongqing City The Hot Pot Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and it is a long-term strategic partnership in terms of long-term strategic partnership. The Cangzhou City is in the north latitude 39-degree grass and herstannium gold industry belt, which is the only city in the country. Special geographical climatic conditions have a wide variety of farming products. "It is characterized by the characteristics of fresh, tender, slippery and fragrant." Shi Shenghua, the person in charge of the Agricultural Rural Rural Area of ??Zhangzhou City, "I hope to recommend the safety quality agricultural products of Zhangzhou to this cooperation. Chongqing’s general public, and uses the world-famous popularity of Chongqing hot pot, and further expands the brand influence of Qizhou quality agricultural products, promoting better development of the cow and lanterns industry and Chongqing hot pot industry. "(Reporter Yuan Zhaoli).

Qiantang Town, Quanzhou County: "Three Guide" Work Law Promotes Performance Assessment

In recent years, in Qiantang Town, Qitang Town, Quanzhou County, has been comprehensively, multi-dimensional performance management approach, through the "three-lead" working method, excited, excited, improved effectiveness, and promotes scientific, standardized, and institutionalize performance assessment.

Strengthen organizational leadership and make performance "steering wheel". Several party and government team meetings, all cadres conferences, and widely solicited opinions of cadres and workers. Focusing on the full-year task of work, determine the performance key indicators of each department, according to the "2021 post responsibility system in Pang Tang Town" to decompose the target task level, implement the department, post and personnel, and ensure everyone There is a matter of hand on your hand and your shoulder is responsible. Focus on practice, work, based on work performance, incorporate the full-year performance evaluation system, guide cadres to fully understand the important role of performance management, firmly establish a comprehensive performance awareness, work responsibility awareness. Pay attention to the excitation guidance, stepping on the performance "oil gates".

As an important starter that promotes the work, combined with the actual development of the "Tang Tang Town Performance Awards Administration Management Measures", aimed at the duties of various departments, set up a common index and individuality indicators, quantified evaluation systems, and rich assessment dimensions.

Strictly implement the "two-way incentive" mechanism, the advanced assessment, give a briefing or award; the assessment is backward, and the interview or notification is criticized.

Apply the results of the assessment to the selection of people, evaluation evaluation, education and training, to encourage cadres to break the work "comfortable circle", by the "passive work" into "active work", in the town formed more than learning A good atmosphere.

Standardize the supervision and supervision, run the performance "acceleration".

In order to ensure the comprehensiveness of the inspection and inspection results, the long-term management mechanism of "Regular Assessment Inspection + Leadership Supervisor + Trend Management Office Tracking Supervision" is established, paying attention to process management, adhere to the results of daily inspection and inspection results and annual target management performance assessment Combine, and modify according to the supervisor feedback results, increase performance indicators, making performance appraisal more targeted.

Give full play to the role of performance appraisal, pay attention to the evaluation of the masses, adhere to the problem-oriented, do not regularly visit the masses, will visit the information analysis summary of the interview as a direction of the supervision and inspection and examination, making the supervision and inspection and examination work Important ripples. (Zhao Yaqi) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

“summer,There is no you talk here.。”

“Shut up,Are you still not disordered??”
As the continuous three sounds sound at the same time。
Might,Ming Text and Mingwu have opened the opening。
They look at the summer,Or concern,Or dissatisfaction,Anger。
I didn’t expect that he will speak in this festival.,And obviously happiness。
Mingli speech,Naturally。
And the civilized martial arts is very dissatisfied。
The old man is so easy to press the other side.,This kid deliberately,Do he wants to let Ming Qin completely torn face,Don’t you die without die??
Ming Hheuan on the side,At this moment, it is revealed.,The coldness of the scorpion is flashing。
Just now, he has been played a slap in a slap.,I now see the summer speech.,I can’t wait for him to step down your own dust.。
And this moment,Qin Tang has been on the summer。
His eyes are like a knife,That hate, you can’t wait for a thousand knives.。
This is this small wild species,Put your own most valuable Suner into a disabled,I have been dead for three days in the hospital.。
“What did you say!”
Qin Tang Zhengqi can’t find the excuse to deal with me,I saw the summer at the moment.,I immediately bite the teeth,“You dare to curse my death?”
“Not a curse you,You are really dead.。”
Speech,Summer slowly,Take a big step to Qin Tang。
“Xiao Tian!Don’t come!”
See this scene,I hop in martial arts,Immediately speaking。
Even if it is a Ming old master,The eyelids are also slightly smashed。
But he quickly recovered calm。
Perhaps in many people,Which of the three limbs developed and air has a rough person,After all, his record is there.。
But in the eyes of the old man,Summer is never courageous。
on the contrary,His hearts have to be ignorant than most people,Just his force masked all this。
He believes that the summer will not be chaotic.,Don’t kill more。
Summer is just a turn to Mingli cast a comforted eye.,Continue to come,Go to Qin Tang near,Up and down。
Qin Tang naturally fearful summer,Stare cold。
“Feel sorry,I am wrong.。”
Looking at him in summer,Faint,“You won’t die,But within a week,Your brain blood vessels will rupture,Cause neurodaria,Become paralyzed,But you are so old,I haven’t lived a few days.。”

Xia Jian patted the table twice with his hand,Smiled and asked Xia Fei:“How is recovery?I wanted to see you in the hospital,I didn’t expect too many things recently,Busy with a mess”

“Nothing,I think I can go home within a week after the operation,The doctor just let me live for two weeks。It’s basically the same as before”Xia Fei said very optimistically。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Still not careless,Pay more attention。In addition, eat more calcium-containing foods in your diet,This will help your recovery”
“Ah!President Xia is really a doctor now?”Gu Yue on the side,I helped my glasses,Finally, I asked Xia Jian lukewarm。
Xia Jian knew that Gu Yue’s heart was not balanced,But he doesn’t know,How can he balance this woman’s heart,After all, the matter between them is in the past tense。He shouldn’t walk too close to her,Otherwise it will really misunderstand others。
Xia Jian looked at Gu Yue,Smiled slightly:“how do I say this?There is something in Mr. Gu’s words,Then just say it。My face is thick,Not afraid of you”
“Is this still straightforward??We sent Xia Fei to the hospital for surgery,You give the beautiful father a needle。Who else is Luo Yi’s grandma?,Don’t you live in her house and do acupuncture for her??”When Gu Yue said this,,Look a bit ugly。
Sitting next to Xia Jian, Chen Jing took a look,Said coldly:“Everyone is friends,What does Xia Jian do?,That’s his own business,I think the rest of us,No need to point fingers at him”
Chen Jing’s words are too direct,I feel ashamed of what Gu Yue said。Xia Fei hurried out to make a round,She pointed at Chen Jing and shouted:“You woman who has forgotten her friends,Xia Jianyilai,I don’t know both of us, right?!”
I saw these two women were pinching together again,Xia Jian hurriedly asked:“Why hasn’t Tie Li come yet??”
“can not come,She applied for transfer to the U.S. Development Department”Gu Yue said blankly。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He recovered and asked hurriedly:“when did it happen?Do you all know?Why i don’t know this at all”When Xia Jian said this,,I kept scolding myself in my heart。Did Tie Li leave suddenly,Have a certain relationship with him?
“She left suddenly,Only me and her know,She doesn’t want to disturb anyone。Moreover,She is going to work,Have a chance to come back”Gu Yue said very coldly,Makes people very uncomfortable。
On this matter,Chen Jing and Xia Fei don’t know why,The two of them didn’t say a word。May be to break the awkward atmosphere,Xia Fei called the waiter loudly。Everyone started ordering。
Xia Jian’s brain is messy,He really doesn’t know why Tie Li did this suddenly。Even if he did something wrong,She should give him a chance to explain!What’s the matter of leaving without saying goodbye??
The food served in the hotel is quite fast。Four people can’t eat much,Two cold dishes,Four hot dishes should be almost done。Drinking is definitely indispensable,Because Xia Fei just left the hospital,So everyone ordered two bottles of red wine。
Wine just poured,The cup is not raised。Suddenly Gu Yue’s phone rang,She took a look at the number,So he didn’t avoid Qian’s connection。