The terrifying breath immediately suppressed all the energy in the space, Lin Yan was also revealing his body dozens of meters away.,And the other one hundred thousand year old soul beasts suddenly showed fearful expressions at the Deep Sea Demon Whale King。

When the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea fell into the sea, he saw the huge breaking waves directly blast all the spirit beasts around.。
The huge deep sea monster whale king emerges from the sea,Two terrifying eyes showed a slow killing intent,Lin Yan knows there will be a terrible battle today,And this Deep Sea Demon Whale King will never let him leave here easily。
“Kid,long time no see!”The deep sea devil whale king roared,The terrifying power almost made Lin Yan fall in the cold water,Fortunately, the power of the spirit ring was used to barely resist this terrifying momentum。
“Last time this emperor didn’t know what’s wrong, his cultivation level suddenly dropped,Otherwise you really think you can escape the palm of my hand,Really ridiculous,How could I let you leave here since it came here today,Swallow you, this emperor will definitely be able to break through the final threshold and become another sea god,And you will be the emperor’s ladder to the top!”The Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea smiled coldly,The cold feeling immediately caused Lin Yan and the soul beasts to tremble.。
That’s right, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King has already recovered his previous strength.,And the seven spirit rings on Lin Yan began to tremble at this moment,This is the coercion of terror,And Lin Yan’s soul-breaking spear also made the sound of dragons,This time stronger than ever。
The Deep Sea Demon Whale King frowned and looked at the soul-breaking gun in Lin Yan’s hand,Last time Lin Yan didn’t have any chance to use the Soul Breaker,So it can’t tell,And this time staring closely at Lin Yan’s soul-breaking gun and the sound of dragons。
“I didn’t expect your martial soul to be a soul-breaking spear,Hahaha,interesting,After swallowing you, the emperor’s strength will increase even more,By then, who in this world can resist this emperor,This emperor will unify the entire continent and kill all of you,This world will enter the ice age forever,a ha ha ha!”
At the moment when the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea laughed wildly, the other soul beasts over a hundred thousand years began to recede,This is not what they can stop,The Deep Sea Demon Whale King is the emperor in the sea,If you are still here, I’m afraid you will have to die here。
The Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea looked coldly at the surrounding soul beasts receding,There is a greedy expression in the eyes,Swallowing these few will also increase its strength,How could it easily let go of these soul beasts。
The greed and cold eyes of a few soul beasts saw the Devil Whale King of the Deep Sea make them tremble.,Immediately turned his head and ran away,The Deep Sea Demon Whale King sneered,Its huge blood basin opens slowly,Suddenly the escaping spirit beasts were sucked back。
“Do not,Don’t,The emperor don’t kill us!”The great white shark shivered and shouted。They are not easy to practice,How could you die here willingly。
“Hahaha,You are all soul beasts in this emperor’s waters,The emperor needs you to obey and dedication unconditionally,Living for more than 100,000 years is enough,Be the power of the emperor,Hahaha!”
Said that the suction in the mouth of my Deep Sea Demon Whale King has increased a little,Several soul beasts showed unwilling expressions on their faces,But how can they resist the power of the soul beast of the deep sea demon whale king,I was sucked into my stomach in the blink of an eye,Lin Yan was shocked. The soul beast that was a hundred thousand years old was so easily wiped out.,Is this the dominant existence in the ocean??
“Old man,I’m afraid I can’t beat it!”Lin Yan said solemnly at the inner world Yuntian,He can feel the gap they only see,Before Lin Yan came to this world, he liked to see Douluo Continent,Of course he knew that Tang San had reached Title Douluo level when he killed it before.,Even if he owns the best martial arts soul-breaking gun, he still feels that powerless feeling。
Is Tianyu’s arrangement hurting him or helping him?,If you really die here today, how will you talk about achievements in the future。
And at this time Yuntian also walked out of the inner world,The soul-breaking gun in his hand is also exceptionally bright,Lin Yan was a little puzzled and didn’t know what Yuntian meant。
“brat,Let’s make the shot together this time,Do you remember what Tianyu girl said??Don’t panic,Underestimate the enemy,If you want to succeed,But also the way!She meant to let us attack with all our strength,You can’t handle the Devil Whale King of the Deep Sea,After several years of recovery, the old man has recovered to almost the level of the 98th Title Douluo,But the old man can’t stay outside for long,The decision is half an hour。”

“But I don’t think,LeBron can really score with the ball at this time,Not so scary?”Sao Wa rolled her eyes and ignored him。

“Do not!You are wrong again!”Kobe shook his fingers and said seriously:“LeBron must be sure of this ball!”
“Let me give an example,If this ball is given to me,I will have3Get the ball over,Michael 50%,Tracy may need to be more than 60%,But LeBron,This guy dares to come over at this time,According to my guess,Certainly will never be less than 70%!”
This is already a very high success rate。
Kobe is obviously not the only one who can think of this。
Frank panicked now,Not just him,Those Pacers fans who were watching the live broadcast of the game, including the players on the field, panicked。
Xu Xuan forced herself to calm down。
The Cavaliers clearly designed the ball,He thought that the Cavaliers would play with flowers,But I never thought they would spend so much。
He didn’t expect James to catch the ball at this time。
This is a fatal feeling!
Xu Xuan took a deep breath,Almost at the same time,And gave instructions to pickle and others。
Give confrontation!


Zhou Xilan suddenly realized。
Looking at the direction where Shen Huan disappeared outside the door,A smile appeared on Zhou Xilan’s mouth。
This guy is quite interesting!
Although there is no such thing as a star,But not so honest,Very cunning!
But the more such a person,The more I want to dig into his news,The news you get in this way is more valuable for reporting!
First786chapter First goal
Huaguo Agricultural University is more than just a headquarter in Huajing,They have branch schools in several provinces。
So the average annual admission3200Left and right students,Actually allocated,Not many in each subject。
For example, Shen Huan’s Department of Agriculture,Is the most important subject of Huaguo Agricultural University,But only3Class,Every class30Somebody,total100A。
Because I knew in advance that Shen Huan would come to the Department of Agriculture,So many students with enough grades,Have an intentional tilt,As a result, the scores of students admitted this year are higher than last year20Minute,Average score reached610Up and down。
Such achievements in the past,It’s enough to go to some more famous schools。
Can get such high-quality students,Everyone in the Department of Agriculture is very happy。
Why is Qinghuajing Dafutan always so tough?
Isn’t it the best group of schoolmasters every year,Almost all of them entered their school??
The best people to read,Natural energy has the greatest achievement,So these three schools are the top three in China。
If you change to the top prize in every province, come to our Agricultural University,The agricultural business in our country,sure20A great leap will be ushered in after the year。
Unfortunately,Everyone has aspirations,This can’t be forced。

Because Naruto was also erased from memory,So naturally I don’t know future bloggers。

Inside Konoha Village。
With the end of the Fourth Ninja War,The various villages have forged a deep friendship,There are not so many guards between the village and the village,Therefore, the number of people traveling between different villages is gradually increasing,Especially those who went to Konoha Village to witness the appearance of Naruto who saved the Ninja world。
Sakura suddenly patted the back of the blogger Mirai walking in the village of Konoha from behind。
The future blogger slowly turned around,Looking at Haruno Sakura with confusion。
“what,Sorry,got the wrong person。”Sakura quickly bent over to apologize,“I thought you were Naruto。”
“Naruto you said,Was it the hero who saved the Ninja world??”Future blogger said with a smile,“Many people have said that I look like Naruto。”
“Indeed,It looks exactly the same from the back.”Kozakura also said with a smile,“correct,your hands?”
“what,This,I accidentally lost it during the Fourth Ninja War,But I’m lucky to survive。”
In the future, bloggers said indifferently,“I lost my left hand and couldn’t make seals,Basically no relationship with ninja,So recently I am also considering whether to live in Konoha Village。”
“There seems to be a lot of people living in Konoha Village recently,This has also led to a lot of growth in house prices in Konoha Village。”
Kozakura sighed and said。
Hear the voice from behind,Sakura turned her head and looked。
“Hinata!How did you come?”
“Naruto?”Hinata looks to the future blogger before him,Then he shook his head and said,“wrong,You are not naruto。”
“right,Hinata,You think he looks a lot, right,Honestly,I totally admitted my mistake at first。”

Zhan Li knew they were listening secretly,She said that on purpose。

I have to tell these two little fairies——You don’t even have the courage to repost Weibo,Still grabbing a man from my mother,Where does the confidence come from?
Of course it also showed Fang Hao——Those two women are unreliable goods,The old lady is really good to you。
Hongyan there,Of course Fang Hao ran to thank you very sincerely。
This is what he needs to thank most。
No Hong Yan endorses the character,He really can’t hold this wave of public opinion,Can only use the money earned from crowdfunding as originally planned to make a facelift and start from scratch。
Hong Yan waved his hand:“What’s so thanks,You can do anything to save yourself,Couldn’t I even repost it on Weibo to express support??”
And a few others,Fang Hao doesn’t have much communication。
The other people didn’t have any ideas to communicate with Fang Hao.。
A breakfast for eight people,Awkward eating,Even if Hong Yan worked hard to mobilize the atmosphere,Can’t mobilize。
After breakfast,It is also equivalent to the completion of the recording of the program at this point,Everyone goes back to their home。
Fang Hao didn’t leave right away,But found Zhou Qingshan,Said to him sincerely:
“Zhou Producer,Yesterday my incident had a bad influence on the show crew,If you think I’m not suitable to stay in this show group,I can leave this show,Won’t embarrass you。”
Anyway, they really want to push him away,He can’t stay,Might as well take the initiative,Look bachelor。
Zhou Qingshan glanced at him,Smiled:“Not that big problem,You did well in the show,We will not let you leave the show for this reason。”
The program team really cannot fire Fang Hao for this reason。
A man who gave up himself to save others was disfigured,After getting repaired by the doctor, he became very handsome,Is it his fault??
The program team fired people because of such things,That is going to be scolded。
But he didn’t say anything to death。

Because in the three copybooks,Shen Huan has left a small flaw。

If Master Ruan chooses Wen Zhengming’s《Du Fu Chunwang》,Shen Huan can still tell Zhu Zhishan’s《Su Shi, Dielianhua etc.5first》Error inside,Even if it’s Dong Qichang’s《Later》,The same。
In the case of wrong choice,How can Ruan Jiahao win?
I lost so thoroughly,Where is this guy now confident,Want to win this round?
Wait until the two waitresses took the fake copybook aside,I took another shelf from the side。
After a careful suspension fixation,Four shelves,Two copybooks by Shen Huan and two copybooks by Ruan Jiahao,Together presented in front of the audience。
Ruan Jiahao kept thinking about the third game in his heart,I saw three teachers coming from behind again,I said without knowing it:“Three teachers,No more trouble,Just announce the result!After the tie,I have to learn more with Mr. Shen!”
Three teachers:“!?”
Look at them,Ruan Jiahao laughed,“how?Is it hard to judge this??His two copybooks,A picture of Dong Qichang,A picture of Zhu Zhishan!I have a picture of Dong Qichang,A picture of Song Huizong!Can Zhu Zhishan compare to Song Huizong??”
There are people who don’t know the truth below,Hear this,I suddenly became nervous。
Yes indeed!
Both of them have Dong Qichang’s copybook,Offset。
The remaining copybook,No matter how famous Zhu Zhishan is,Is one of Ming’s four,But the opponent is the most talented emperor!
On artistic value, Zhu Zhishan may not be in a disadvantaged position,But regardless of status,There is a huge gap。