“summer,There is no you talk here.。”

“Shut up,Are you still not disordered??”
As the continuous three sounds sound at the same time。
Might,Ming Text and Mingwu have opened the opening。
They look at the summer,Or concern,Or dissatisfaction,Anger。
I didn’t expect that he will speak in this festival.,And obviously happiness。
Mingli speech,Naturally。
And the civilized martial arts is very dissatisfied。
The old man is so easy to press the other side.,This kid deliberately,Do he wants to let Ming Qin completely torn face,Don’t you die without die??
Ming Hheuan on the side,At this moment, it is revealed.,The coldness of the scorpion is flashing。
Just now, he has been played a slap in a slap.,I now see the summer speech.,I can’t wait for him to step down your own dust.。
And this moment,Qin Tang has been on the summer。
His eyes are like a knife,That hate, you can’t wait for a thousand knives.。
This is this small wild species,Put your own most valuable Suner into a disabled,I have been dead for three days in the hospital.。
“What did you say!”
Qin Tang Zhengqi can’t find the excuse to deal with me,I saw the summer at the moment.,I immediately bite the teeth,“You dare to curse my death?”
“Not a curse you,You are really dead.。”
Speech,Summer slowly,Take a big step to Qin Tang。
“Xiao Tian!Don’t come!”
See this scene,I hop in martial arts,Immediately speaking。
Even if it is a Ming old master,The eyelids are also slightly smashed。
But he quickly recovered calm。
Perhaps in many people,Which of the three limbs developed and air has a rough person,After all, his record is there.。
But in the eyes of the old man,Summer is never courageous。
on the contrary,His hearts have to be ignorant than most people,Just his force masked all this。
He believes that the summer will not be chaotic.,Don’t kill more。
Summer is just a turn to Mingli cast a comforted eye.,Continue to come,Go to Qin Tang near,Up and down。
Qin Tang naturally fearful summer,Stare cold。
“Feel sorry,I am wrong.。”
Looking at him in summer,Faint,“You won’t die,But within a week,Your brain blood vessels will rupture,Cause neurodaria,Become paralyzed,But you are so old,I haven’t lived a few days.。”

Xia Jian patted the table twice with his hand,Smiled and asked Xia Fei:“How is recovery?I wanted to see you in the hospital,I didn’t expect too many things recently,Busy with a mess”

“Nothing,I think I can go home within a week after the operation,The doctor just let me live for two weeks。It’s basically the same as before”Xia Fei said very optimistically。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Still not careless,Pay more attention。In addition, eat more calcium-containing foods in your diet,This will help your recovery”
“Ah!President Xia is really a doctor now?”Gu Yue on the side,I helped my glasses,Finally, I asked Xia Jian lukewarm。
Xia Jian knew that Gu Yue’s heart was not balanced,But he doesn’t know,How can he balance this woman’s heart,After all, the matter between them is in the past tense。He shouldn’t walk too close to her,Otherwise it will really misunderstand others。
Xia Jian looked at Gu Yue,Smiled slightly:“how do I say this?There is something in Mr. Gu’s words,Then just say it。My face is thick,Not afraid of you”
“Is this still straightforward??We sent Xia Fei to the hospital for surgery,You give the beautiful father a needle。Who else is Luo Yi’s grandma?,Don’t you live in her house and do acupuncture for her??”When Gu Yue said this,,Look a bit ugly。
Sitting next to Xia Jian, Chen Jing took a look,Said coldly:“Everyone is friends,What does Xia Jian do?,That’s his own business,I think the rest of us,No need to point fingers at him”
Chen Jing’s words are too direct,I feel ashamed of what Gu Yue said。Xia Fei hurried out to make a round,She pointed at Chen Jing and shouted:“You woman who has forgotten her friends,Xia Jianyilai,I don’t know both of us, right?!”
I saw these two women were pinching together again,Xia Jian hurriedly asked:“Why hasn’t Tie Li come yet??”
“can not come,She applied for transfer to the U.S. Development Department”Gu Yue said blankly。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He recovered and asked hurriedly:“when did it happen?Do you all know?Why i don’t know this at all”When Xia Jian said this,,I kept scolding myself in my heart。Did Tie Li leave suddenly,Have a certain relationship with him?
“She left suddenly,Only me and her know,She doesn’t want to disturb anyone。Moreover,She is going to work,Have a chance to come back”Gu Yue said very coldly,Makes people very uncomfortable。
On this matter,Chen Jing and Xia Fei don’t know why,The two of them didn’t say a word。May be to break the awkward atmosphere,Xia Fei called the waiter loudly。Everyone started ordering。
Xia Jian’s brain is messy,He really doesn’t know why Tie Li did this suddenly。Even if he did something wrong,She should give him a chance to explain!What’s the matter of leaving without saying goodbye??
The food served in the hotel is quite fast。Four people can’t eat much,Two cold dishes,Four hot dishes should be almost done。Drinking is definitely indispensable,Because Xia Fei just left the hospital,So everyone ordered two bottles of red wine。
Wine just poured,The cup is not raised。Suddenly Gu Yue’s phone rang,She took a look at the number,So he didn’t avoid Qian’s connection。

And looking at it all,at this time,Wei Zhonglei’s side,Other people think,Now words,It’s better to find a chance to solve this problem。

if not,Continue to consume here,Actually speaking accurately,Still has a certain degree of difficulty。
“boss,Already done。”
Long Xinhu looks at Wang Teng,Speak directly。
And Wang Teng,He took out a stack of banknotes and handed it to Long Xinhu。
“These ones,It’s a welcome gift,and,You did a good job。”
As Wang Teng finished,Long Xinhu looks at Wang Teng,Suddenly。
Wang Teng feels a little weird:“what happened,Why look at me so?”
When Wang Teng saw this,at this time,Long Xinhu in front of him shook his head,I don’t forget to speak directly to Wang Teng。
“Nothing,I just didn’t expect,my boss,It’s actually the famous Wang Teng。”
When Long Xinhu finished,Wang Teng laughed suddenly too。
Actually some things,Wang Teng felt,Now words,It’s not necessary,Continue to entangle these things here。
slowly,Seeing these,Now,Wang Teng’s face,Is filled with a faint smile。
But other questions,In fact, there is nothing left to struggle for now。
Looking at it all,at this time,Wang Teng said。
“in fact,Now everyone can’t relax。”

Emperor Sword,Nine robbery,The three people in the Xianli god went up.,Come to the front of proud,Directly telling the rules set by four people。

Proud of the emperor:“Since negotiating a good rules,This is the confrontation of the four major forces of your god.,Since this,This game begins.。”
“I added it again.,Is responsible for my brothers around me,If I lose this,These four people have cultivated the wealthy death!”Lin Feng suddenly turned around to the sky,Sputum,Fighting God and others。
猿 天,Fight,If you are waiting for someone to say。
Nine robbery,Immortal,Emperor Sword Wen Wen Wen Yan frowned,Then, the three people turned over to each other to read the same rules.。
“The respective representatives appeared,Rule must,Do not violate,Be dead!”
At this time, the proud of the sharp voice sounded。
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Chapter 1,598 Fairy
“I come!”
天 罡 着 道:“I want a battle!”
“Let me do it。”
“I come,Home!”
Fight,Lu Luo,Chill,If you have come to Lin Feng, you will come to Lin Feng’s.。
“You don’t do this time.,Another person is more suitable for you.,If you enter the innate chaotic hoist。”Lin Feng smiled and took out the innate chaos soil.:“Letter to me。”
Tell this,Fight,猿 天,Cold and other people on the spot,Everyone is a bit uncomfortable。
“Lin Feng,why me?”汐 秀 秀 微 皱。
“This lifts the first eye to see you,So is you。”Lin Feng smiled and explained:“Don’t delay time。”
“no need,This has a token,I see how you change.!”At this time, a playful voice came from afar.,It is a snake god that is directly throwing a snake god.。
Anyway, the snake god has not used it.,It is better to let Lin Feng die more than one person.,In this way, Lin Feng may die less than him.。
“Thank you。”Lin Feng smiled and took a snake goddess:“Sputum,You don’t have to go in.。”
“Ok。”Jutang is a slight bite and glances on Lin Feng.:“This lady is called so。”
“Do you dare to dare?。”Lin Feng smiled and took the innate chaos soil.:“Wasteless,come out!”
Suddenly a white airflow flew out,White air flows,A body appears in the empty,It’s a wasteless。
“I rubbed,Wasteless!”
“Let the wild?Don’t make a mistake.?”
“This Linge is the main,You are not kidding.?”天 咧 拍 林 的 的。
“Lin Shou,this……”Fight,Luo Shui and others suffer,This is a special Too pit.,This waste is not bad.,But it is still more than the half-step god of pseudozymid levels.。
Sentence is not good,Just a place in the scene, you can defeat the ruines.。
I am afraid that I am defeated.,According to the developed protocol,The people here are outside Lin Feng,Will all fall。
“All in mind,Things I have learned.,Never let you down。”I am unable to meet the eyes of everyone.:“We will not die one here.。”
“You can rest assured.,I can get your life to joke.,Trust me。”Lin Feng smiled and calmed the people。

Someone takes the lead,Take someone with people,Offensive。

Miao Xianming is very proud,Especially see,Even Su Meng Meng’s face has been surprised,Happily。
This is what he wants.。
“everybody knows,Bubble dragon well tea is also very particular。Divided into three kinds of law。”
He continues to show off,“Ongoing law,Ball with a transparent glass,First put the right amount of water in the glass,Then take the right amount of tea into it.,Wait for a while,After the tea is absorbed……”
He is not talking about,Have finished three kinds of brewing,A strike,Waiter, please use the tool。
They are a tea knife and a sterile transparent glove, respectively.。
Obvious,He is ready。
First, the white satin shop for the previous packaging tea is started.,Glove,Pick up a tea knife,Slowly dial on the side of the tea cake。
soon,A piece of tea falls。
“No good tea set today,We will drink it.,Use the next specification to brew。”
Miao Xiangming is very good at this moment.,This kind of thing is very important,Let him enter。
In the eyes of everyone admire and envy,Glamful tea,While telling。
After a moment,Longjing tea is finally bubble。
White teapot,Personally,For each person of this table poured a small cup。
With the sound of hot air,A rich aroma is filled around,Take four weeks frequently。
only,When you encounter the summer,Miao clearly deliberately passed。
Just like in his eyes,Can’t see the summer people at all。
not only that,After all,He once again degraded Wang Xiaogang。
“Small,People in this life,Just got a marriage,Never save,if that is the case,You have a face yourself,Femoral face,And your friends and family are more face,Make friends later,I have to pay me like this.,You are right?”
Wang Xiaogang’s face is more ugly。
And the students are quirky。
No one is a fool。
It can be seen now.,Miao Xianming is clearly by Wang Xiaogang,For summer。
“Xiao Tian,You drink my cup.。”
Wang Xiaogang’s anger,Not good on the spot,After all, it is your own wedding.。

Xia Jiangang sat at the table,Ouyang Hong shouted again in her sleep:“Xia Jian,I really like you“

Damn!Oh my god,When did you say bad,I have to say at this time,Xia Jian clearly saw,Zhao Hong’s face is a little different,Can you blame me for this?
Zhao Hong was taken aback,Jump off the kang,Churn from the closet,When Xia Jian sees it clearly,She already has another bottle of liquor in her hand,Xia Jian is a little confused,Can’t help but be surprised,This woman is going to work hard!
Zhao Hong didn’t say a word,Pour her and Xia Jian separately,She raised the cup and said:“Come!drink,I don’t want to,What love and hate,Go to hell with her mother!“
Xia Jian didn’t understand,What Zhao Hong means,He has never seen Zhao Hong scold someone,This is what makes her different from other women in Xiping Village。
Most of the time after drinking the third bottle,Xia Jian thinks he is almost done,The result of drinking again,Just like Ouyang Hong。But Zhao Hong who is sitting across from him,Drinking face is white and red,But she just won’t fall,She won’t fall,Xia Jian will not admit defeat,This is the rule of drinking in Xiping Village for many years,Man and woman drinking,Can only drink and climb down,But can’t admit defeat。
“Xia Jian,you’ve changed,Changed heart,I don’t have me at all,Hey!This is fate,If you couldn’t get out back then,maybe,The man sleeping on this kang is you,but…“Zhao said,Tears flowed down,People who drink too much,The most vulnerable,When it’s sad,Men will cry,Not to mention a woman with sad things。
“No!Really do not have“Xia Jian confused,Reach out,On Zhao Hong’s soft pink face,Rubbing lightly,Wiping,So I touched it。
Zhao Hong turned upside down,Xia Jian only felt soft,Fell under him。
In sleep,Xia Jian only felt his stomach was upset,Very uncomfortable,He only desperately hugs the softness around him,Tumbling on the kang,He seems to feel a woman’s wet lips,Kiss on his face,But he drinks too much,So drunk,Such a good feeling,He hardly remembered。
Nausea,Xia Jian opened his eyes as hard as he could,Lights in the house,Full of the strong flavor of white wine,It’s dawn,Xia Jian remembered hard,Where is he lying,Why is it so uncomfortable in my stomach。
He suddenly felt,Something on your body,One side face,Oh my God,Ouyang Hong has a slender beautiful leg across his stomach,Look here again,Zhao Hong’s untidy clothes,Messy hair,Hugged him tightly with one arm。
Xia Jian hurriedly got up,Pulled Ouyang Hong’s legs away,Separated Zhao Hong’s hand,Hurry down。A mess in his mind,anyway,Can’t remember,How did he sleep between these two women。
Xia Jian didn’t dare to come out of Zhao Hong’s door,Had no choice but to overturn the wall,Just hit the ground,He saw Song Fang in the distance。
First0107chapter Hope in the field
So early,Where is Song Fang doing??
Xia Jian didn’t take two steps,Squatted in the ground by the road,I vomited so dimly,Until I vomit everything in my belly,He felt better in his stomach,No wonder,He drank a bottle of liquor by himself。
At the door,Xia Jian’s eyes lit up,Can hardly recognize it,The original earth wall of my house is long gone,It is replaced by a neat row of red brick walls,What surprised him most was,North of the yard,Five more brick houses with red bricks and blue tiles,This speed is fast enough,It only took a few days to go home by myself。

Everyone discussed,Maintenance。

Why did they still think of the original half an hour?,Actually took a few hours。
Medium console damaged a lot of places,But they all have repaired.。
Feng Skins is also filtered over the mind.。
Then when everyone went to the host there,He is also holding a box of drinks.。
Black engineer saw Feng himself,His instinct alert。
I want to hurry。
As a result, it was found that Feng it took directly to smoke.。
It seems that I don’t care what they do.。
soon,They also start maintenance hosts。
And just start repair,Feng self appeared again in them again。
Li Hui Feng in the door seems to find that Feng’s own position has expressed that it may suspect the black people’s vigilance。
I immediately shouted at the door.。
“hurry up,There are more than 30 minutes of our leaders.,Leaders are not happy,The consequences are very serious。”
“If you want to fix it in half an hour?,I will give you a salary.,Give you a thousand pieces of tip per person。”
Black man listened to Li Hui Feng, the expression on the consumer face on this thousand pieces, it was a wonderful。
But in the end, I still bury my head.。
Repair this,I have written the program again.。
Feng Shuying saw this scene,Also secretly feeling these people。
At the same time, I also understand that my country has a gap between countries with others.。
And the gap is still not small,It’s just that it is slowly in some areas.。
Half an hour later,Black engineer is full of sweat,The production line is also finally running。
See this scene,Li Hui Hui hurriedly took people to work to work.。
For black engineers, leave a few white people,He is not intended to。
As for that thousands,He will send people。
He is talking about the renminbi,Can not be any dollar?。
This money is completely mentality,Disgusting each other。
After all, the arrogant attitude of the other party will make him very uncomfortable.。
Leading a few white people behind black。
Han Shanshan also hurried up。
“Little plum,Do you have to play this idea??”
“Big squad leader,What did you say?

After all, now,How to deal with this thing。

In fact, in front of you,Shen Xuan itself,The more you look, the more you feel very clear.。
And Shen Xuan itself,It is an active activity,Can’t help but smile。
“Although I am saying now,Really good。”
“but,In my eyes,Still a big cut!”
When Shen Xuan helplessly sighed,Don’t forget to say this。
After all, I will follow it.,How do you plan to do this?。
In fact, their hearts,How to see,How do you feel very clear?。
But just here,Shen Xuan itself,It’s not to take these too seriously.。
“All right,Now,Since we want to solve this。”
“So now,Best solution,In fact, it will start around here.。”
With Shen Xuan, you will look at the eyes.,The more like this,Shenxuan’s face,Surroundings,Why don’t you understand??
So now,In fact, they own,It’s completely ignorant,I want to vent it.。
After all, I will follow it.,How should I handle this thing?,In fact, their hearts,What’s more, the more it is, the more it is clear.。
“Just Shen Xuan,Have you ever thought about it?,Let other forces shot together?”
“After all, Light is light.,Still feeling difficult to have a little big。”
Anguo looks Shen Xuan,Bring a curious face,Asked the next consciousness。
As Agua said,Shen Xuan,It is a little smile.。
This is of course,In fact,This kind of thing does not need to say what Aang said.。
After all, Shen Xuan itself,That’s what is going on。
despite this,But now,How to deal with this in the end?。
Under the case of itself,Such a thing,In fact, there should be this necessary,It’s a key to increase your strength.。
At this moment,Shen Xuan is looking forward,Shenxuan’s mouth,It’s even a touch of smile.。
“very good,In fact, the current,If you have already set this, you have done it.。”
“So now,at this point,I feel,anytime。”
When Shen Xuan looks at the eye,The more like this,Shen Xuan itself,In fact, I don’t think it is at all.,What will I have now?。
And just this,Shen Xuan itself,In fact, it is not too much.。
“Although this is the case,But next,How should I solve this?。”
“I think it is,Next these things,What yourself,In fact, it’s nothing.。”
When Shen Xuan looked at the eyes,The more like this,For the current thing,Shen Xuan knows,Next, you should rely on several other troops.。
Especially shadow troops,It’s ready to be ready.。
The eighth hundred and fifty-third chapter is good, I finally went to us.
at this time,Tang Ming is undoubtedly very happy。
After all, he is currently,In fact, it has fully occupied this stage.。
So in front of you,Tang Nian at this time,It is watching,The more you have a smile on your face。
“Ha ha,Great,Now I am always in the moment.。”
With the Tang Ming,People around those shadow,In fact, it is also almost。
Although it is now,But this,How should I solve it?。
Under the case of itself,In fact, this problem,It doesn’t have any effects。

So many people,Of course it was also considered by Zhang Duocai。

When queuing up, I used that kind of iron railing,Separate the crowd,So as not to enter the supermarket,Everyone rushed in,If there is a stampede,That’s happiness and sadness。
But whole12000Square meters of two floors,Enough to hold so many people。
wait until9O’clock,Open the gate,A group of customers rushed directly into the supermarket,Many are still elderly。
If many people in the previous life saw it,They’re Huang Feihong from the supermarket。
Older people have long-standing goals,They go straight to the area of the goods they want。
Not long,There are long queues in the egg-sale area。
The second place is Taixiang rice,The third is pork,The fourth is to sell7One liter of fresh milk。
Yongxing supermarket has no routines,Won’t let you buy a lot to get this price。
Except that there are ten eggs in a box,The rest you want to buy as much。
Encounter,Any free boy or girl next to you,Will actively help you move the items that have been checked out to the supermarket。
Of course,There are also many items in suits。
For example, a box of mineral water is very cheap,On average, each bottle is8Dime,But must buy12Mention of bottle,Do not accept retail。
Coke is also cheap,Retail outside2.5Yuan a bottle,Sell here1.5yuan,But you still have to buy it12bottle,Can’t buy nothing。
But you can’t say that they are cheating,Because the previous advertisements and leaflets,All written clearly。
You can find out by just walking around,Things in Yongxing Supermarket,Also different from ordinary supermarkets。
Others have rows of shelves,The merchandise is dazzling。
Yongxing Supermarket is piled directly on the ground,Or fix it with two or three big frame cars,Then the goods are stacked in the car,Looks very spectacular。
And the weight of each kind of goods should be larger。

See the jar merchant leaving,The man struggled fiercely。

The room on the second floor has only three doors,The bedroom of the man and his wife,Daughter’s own bedroom,And study。
After investigating the first two rooms,The jar merchant stopped in front of the study。
“stop,You guy!”
“Keep me quiet!”Hua Huo suddenly acupuncture at the man,The man fell to the ground weakly,I could only watch the jar, the businessman pushed aside the study, and made a surprised sound。
“what happened?”Because I have to take care of men,So future bloggers did not follow up to check。
“This guy,Actually raising a zombie。”
Said the jar merchant。
Looking at the ugly zombie in front of the little girl,Kahuo’s face also showed an ugly expression。
“Talk about it,What exactly is going on?”
The man hummed,I don’t even care about future bloggers’ inquiries。
“I think i should know.”The jar merchant said,“According to my reasoning,It should be his daughter who was infected with the zombie virus,And those ninjas should have come to prevent the spread of the virus and kill his daughter,But in the end in his resistance,And at the cost of my wife’s life,Protected this zombie.”
“She is not a zombie,She is my daughter!”
“How to do,Blogger?”Hua Huo asked for the first time facing this situation。
“Killed that zombie,As for this person,Send a letter to Master Fengying,Fengying will send someone to deal with it。”
“Don’t,Don’t kill my daughter!”Man screaming,Grasping the corners of the future blogger, begging。
Sorrowful,Listeners cry。