I didn’t think about anything after hanging up the phone,I searched the Internet and saw what department was linked,Later, I can’t hold myself on the Internet,It’s light,What if it’s heavy。

My Father,The face was white and fat in high school,Now the face is dark and thin,When letting them eat better, they promised to be very diligent,But you depend on what they eat,You will feel very sad。
Usually eat cabbage tofu,Occasionally buy meat to treat yourself。What they do is physical work,I’m really worried sometimes,But you can’t be by their side,I’m really confused about what to do sometimes。
Occasionally i go back,Fish, chicken legs, chicken feet or something,Because i love to eat。Go back last time,Dad bought it specifically2Crab,Later, I heard my mom nag me,Your dad said early,The girl came back and bought crabs for her。
I didn’t eat it and it ended up in my stomach。Every time I leave, I go to the supermarket to buy some bread and rice porridge at home,Let them take it with you every day。
I9Food bought in the month,10I basically did not eat when I went home,Ask why not eat?Wait for you to come back to eat。
I said I bought it for you,Do not eat expired,then11Month home,Still not moving there。
Sometimes you really don’t know how to tell them to eat those things you bought。My dad is far away from work,All morning4Get up more and cook rice,Then pack up and go out,Do not eat breakfast in the morning。
That rice is cooked for my mother。my mother8Point to work,6Get up more and simply fry vegetables and eat,Because it takes half an hour to ride an electric bike where my mom works,So she leaves every time she calculates the time。
Sometimes I really feel that our family is very tired,It feels like it’s not as smooth as other people’s lives。
My two little girlfriends,There’s nothing like this at home,Sometimes really envious。Although I don’t think about things,But when I turn off my phone at night to go to sleep, my tears can’t stop falling,It’s sad to think about what my father and mother have been like for so many years,And I just graduated two years ago,I don’t feel much help,Very disappointed in myself。
Really feel,Life is so hard so hard。Really tired。
I’ve been quiet in my father’s thing last night and fell asleep late。A small partner called early this morning and woke up。
Look at the phone,9Too much。Hurry up and go downstairs to buy noodles and eat,Because I’m so hungry,And there is nothing to eat at home。

Total votes97ticket!!

Everyone knows that the votes of Jin Guwei and Li Bi must be higher than before。
But I didn’t expect it to be so high。
Jin Guwei95The tickets are already amazing,But Li Bi can make progress,will97The tickets are in the bag。
If Zhao Changshou’s performance is not too shocking,,I am afraid it is really hanging!
Does the suspense of the championship really open?!?
The big guy is watching sitting in the room,Zhao Changshou speaking with the old woman,I feel very complicated for a while。
Only Shen Huan and Shui Qianyu have no other thoughts。
“Let’s go,It’s time for us to debut!”
Shen Huan holding Shui Qianyu’s hand,Out of the room。
Greet them,Is a possibility full of unknown!
First165chapter This song should only be in the sky(Three more for subscription!)
After Li Bi’s vote is over,The time for the ad has reached5Minutes!
While a group of viewers secretly scolded,Also began to solve various personal problems,Prepare in the best state,Greet Mr. Zhao Changshou’s last singing。
The recording scene has also begun a tense arrangement。

“You are a soul master?”Wang Sheng’s horrified voice sounded。

At this time he has been helped by someone,Looking at Zhao Ming in horror。
That power,He experienced it on Xiao Boss,Is a powerful force belonging to the soul master!
I offended a soul master for no reason?Wang Sheng just wants to slap himself fiercely。
It’s impossible to have a bad relationship with Mr. Xiao,But Zhao Mingke is his problem。
Chapter Six Plan
“how?Do you still want to be my boss now??”Zhao Ming found a clean location and did it,Said to Wang Sheng with a smile。
Smile very bright。
But in Wang Sheng’s eyes it looks like a devil,Very scary。
“No no no,Now you are the boss。Good boss Zhao!”Wang Sheng shook his head in fright。
“Ok。Not bad!Little Son!I find you still very promising!”Zhao Ming patted Wang Sheng on the shoulder,Try to be as easy-going as possible。
“What about you?”Zhao Ming’s eyes slanted,Look at other people。
“Good new boss!”Other colleges in the dormitory also reacted at this time,Open road。Doesn’t seem to be dissatisfied,But there are some expectations。
“Boss,Actually, I didn’t mean to target you just now。Every working student who comes here,Have to face these。We work-study students are always looked down upon by other students,and so,We must unite……”Wang Shenghan smiled,Explain to Zhao Ming。
Zhao Ming smiled,“Do not worry,I didn’t care。”
Wang Sheng carefully observed Zhao Ming’s expression,Seeing him doesn’t seem to really care,Suddenly relieved。
“Boss,You look only six years old, right。Did you break through the soul master so early??You are too good。”Wang Sheng rubbed his head honestly,A touch of confusion flashed in my eyes。

“dad,What are you talking about!”Li Qianying’s face is blushing,A trace of loss flashed in my eyes,Grabbed her father,“Mr. Mo has a wife。”

Her voice fell off,Li Zhenbei’s laughter stopped abruptly,Looking surprised at her daughter,Then embarrassed:“Mr. Mo,I’m sorry,I was joking……”
“No problem。”Mo Xiaosheng shook his head and smiled,Looked at Luo Yilin who looked equally embarrassed,I have mixed feelings in my heart。
Wait until the bodyguard comes back after grabbing the medicine,Babysitter,Lao Dou watched Mo Xiaosheng drink the medicine with his own eyes,Just got up and left。
“Niche,Then I will go back first。”Luo Yilin said,“You can rest here for two days,Yiyi, I’ll tell her。”
Mo Xiaosheng nodded gently,Did not refuse,Stay here, stay here,It was almost recovered after exactly two days,He still needs to give Li Qianhui more injections。
After everyone is gone,Li Qianying hurried over with a pink quilt,Asked:“Cold or cold,I will cover it for you?”
Mo Xiaosheng saw the color of the quilt,Couldn’t help but smile,Shook his head slightly。
“Do you drink water??”Li Qianying put the quilt off,Asked。
“I’m not thirsty。”
“Eat fruit?I’ll peel an apple for you?”
“I have no appetite……”
“I’ll make you a porridge。”
“no need……”Mo Xiaosheng smiled and shook his head,“Miss Li,You don’t have to be so polite to me……”
“That won’t work,You saved my life,I have to serve you with all my heart。”Li Qianying shook his head gently,Stubborn,Unspeakable sadness in my heart,No matter how dedicated she is,Only two days,How she hopes this deadline will last a lifetime。
Mo Xiaosheng looked sad when she heard this.,Some hesitant。
“Mr. Mo,how do you feel?Is the room smaller,How about I give you a bigger one?”Li Zhenbei came in and asked with a smile。
“no need,Uncle Li。”Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,Dignified expression,“I have to explain something to you,Although I rescued Miss Li,,But didn’t really crack her fate,In other words,I just extended her life。”
Li Zhenbei’s complexion changed slightly,Suddenly fell silent。

“Just sign on it,You are from our Qingyin Department!”

“After adding the light part,Not only delicious tea and pastries to enjoy every day,You can also be in the same room with four beautiful girls!”
“Classmate!Don’t miss the opportunity and never come again!”
Under Lynn’s watch,Tian Jing Zhonglu first gave a light cough,But soon,There was another dazzling light in her eyes。
Draw out one entry application,Her scorching eyes and bewitching words,It really makes people unable to raise the thought of rejection。
“Pain pain……What are you doing?It hurts!”
I haven’t waited for Tian Jing Zhongrui to finish the bewitching words,Akiyama Mio, who was already flushed on the side, smashed her head with a fist。
This made the law team clutch their heads and shouted pain,Almost there was a grin。
“What are you talking nonsense!What does it mean to be in the same room with four beautiful girls!Is this what a girl should say?”
Tian Jingzhong is aggrieved,Qiu Shanmiao was so angry。
after allMIOIs a shy person,Hear this kind of speech from a friend,It’s weird if she doesn’t go crazy!

Go ahead,It’s not hard to find the Moon God in the ruins of the southwestern palace,The statue of Elune won’t stand all over the street,As a landmark,It’s pretty easy to distinguish。

The only problem is that this ruin has been taken by the ogres。
How to do?
eat,go to bed,Fight the Ogre。
Carlos called more than two hundred brothers,Recalling the second orc war。
As a successful example of alien species,The ogre is really good at rudder。
Let alone the spread of the Eastern Kingdoms,It’s just a small part of the journey to Kalimdor with Gu’gall,Now they have grown to be able to compete with powerful local species for living space,It’s ashamed to die of Procambarus clarkii。
Not many ogres occupy the ruins,The scouts roughly counted only sixteen,The error will not be too big。
But Feralas with plenty of food to support people,The silly, big, dark, four-meter-high life is obviously very moist。
“Hard to deal with,We didn’t bring heavy weapons,Are you sure you want to face up?”
Dandema observed in secret for a while and asked。
“It’s okay,We have a psychological advantage。”
Carlos said confidently。
then,Carlos stood upright and went out。