I followed a large group of bodyguards behind him.。

“Lu Hao Cheng,You let you go!”Li Tingyuan is full of body shaking,What is this Lu Hao Cheng three more nights??
And it’s also like this to hit the door.,It’s too uncomfortable.。
The second wife and a group are also awakened,Come out to see Lu Haozheng,A surprised Zhang Dazhu。
Li Shuyi pointed to Lu Haozheng Nose:“Lu Hao Cheng,You are just a river in Jiangyou,I also dare to ran to my home in the middle of the night.,You have a few lives.?”
Since the last time I was asked to the bureau,She has always remembered Blue Xin and Lu Haozheng.。
and,Recent companys.hThe company is solely bankrupt by their Chinese entertainment.。
This thing she has never dared to say to Dad,So late Lu Hao Cheng also came to her home to make trouble,Psychological backlog of anger。
Lu Haozheng,The evil charm is biased:“Assistant,Give her some pain to eat。”
The Journey to see two bodyguards behind him.,Two bodyguards,桎梏 黎 婳 婳。
“Let you let me go.,What do you want to do??”Li Shuzhen struggled。
“Lu Hao Cheng,You are a bandit,You are a bastard,If you have this, you kill me.。”Li Shuyi is completely angry,She doesn’t believe it,In her home,Lu Haocheng can still be against the sky。
“kill you,I am dirty.。”He is suddenly awkward,“Give me the arm unloaded her arm。”
Li Tingyuan still does not stop,I heard the scream of Li Shuyi。
“what……woo woo woo woo……”
“Bamboo……”The three lady who have just been scared have been out of color.,Don’t live straight to Runshu。
The bodyguard has already released her.,She fell on the ground soft。
“Chairman,You can’t watch the daughter who is bullied by them.。”I saw Li Tingyuan.。
Li Tingyuan looked at her,Not talking,Being in Lu Hao Cheng,He is already very angry。
Where to Lu Hao Cheng goes off。
Lu Haocheng did not put him in the eyes,This is the big disrespect to him.。
Also invaded his company,In his heart,Lu Haoheng and the bandits have no difference。
“Lu Hao Cheng,Don’t be too arrogant,Your private house,This is a crime。 ”Li Tingyuan is raging。
“hehe……”Lu Haozheng:“Chairman Li,It is really not easy to hear the words in your mouth.。Obviously know the law,Why do you want to send people to chasing me in the city and my lady??”
“what,I do not have?”Li Tingyuan refuses with the fastest speed。
Lu Hao’s eyes flashed。
Others are also a face。
Lu Hao Cheng’s means,Almost they go to find,Lu Hao became turned back now.。
so,During this time they have a lot of。
Li Tingyuan also warned them,Do not allow them to come again。
“Lu Hao Cheng,I don’t understand what you are saying.?Our company is also acquired by you.,We have jeoparded so many times.,I have never won you.,It’s more impossible to chase you.,You don’t want a good person。”Li Tingyuan went to the sofa on the side。
The housekeeper immediately took a cup of tea,Put in his hand respectfully。
Lu Haocheng pays attention to the king managed home,He should be a new man.。
Lu Haozheng ridicule:“You are also good people?”
Li Tingyuan took the cup of the cup slightly shaken slightly,Looking at Lu Haozheng and serious looking away:“Lu Hao Cheng,I can’t move, you are not because I am afraid of you.,But my body is uncomfortable this time.,Waiting for my body.,In the mall,I will win your light.。”
“You have already lost。”Lu Hao is unhappy,Mall,He is still!

Take care of three children sleep,Lu Si and He Wei have some drink more.,Also live back to the house。

The chef has already left,Please do a good hour in the morning,Also quickly pick up the living room clean。
Lan Xin looked at the living room to recover the original,It seems that the laughter before it has never existed。
She looked at Shen Jiaqi’s door closed,Jiaqi did not come back this evening.,I don’t know how my father and mother and my grandmother go to Jiaqijia.,How about talking??
I have no time to ask tonight.,I can only wait until tomorrow morning, call the second brother to live Jiaqi.。
“Blue。”Lu Haocheng whole-term gifts,Bathing,Look down to Lan Xin,This simple and happy birthday,Let him wholeheartedly。
Blue Xin looked at him shallow smile,walk toward him。
“Let’s go up.。”
Lu Haocheng took her hand,Some cold,He holds a tight,Whispered:“Blue,are you tired。”
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,“I am now a key protection object at home.,Do you not let me do anything?,I am not tired at all.。”
Lu Hao Cheng reached out,The eyebrows are rippling:“Blue,You are now, An An Xin’s heart is born.,I will go to the hospital with you tomorrow.。”
Lan Xin nodded,“Um!I should also check it.。”
Two people returned to the room,Blue Xin to bathe,Lu Hao Cheng is waiting for her。
“Ugh!”Lu Haocheng sighed a breath,No blue gift,He is still a bit lost。
but,I think of her kiss,He feels that there is no relationship.。
Blue Xin batched,She shaped a coat,Then turn to the wardrobe to go。
Lu Hao costly wants to call her,Seeing that she opened the door of the wardrobe and did not speak.。
Blue Xin opens drawers,Take out a packaging gorgeous gold box from inside,Her lips slowly moved a smile。
Holding a box,She turned to Lu Hao Cheng。
Lu Hao’s eyes looked at the box in her hand,Heart is nervous。
Is this a gift??
Lu Haocheng looked closer to Blue Xin,Quickly suppress your mood,turn out to be,This little girl wants to give him a surprise。
Blue Xin is sitting around him,The scorpion looked at him.,Hand your box in your hand to him,“husband,Happy birthday。”today,She has not said this.。
“Wife。”Lu Haicheng looked excitedly,This voice,He is now called the incomparable pass.,As long as the wife is called two words,He feels extremely happy。
Blue Xin laughs:“open to take a look。”
Lu Hao nodded,“it is good!”
now,His hand is a little trembling,She opened her heart,Looking at the inside is a couple diamond ring。
“A diamond ring。” Lu Hao is excited。
NS872chapter:With me the best
NS872chapter:With me the best

Hans’s eyes flaunting,“Can only be wronged you under hell”

This sentence is finished,Garry and others tremble,Looking at Hans with unbelievable。
In essence,They are not wrong。
This is their responsibility,It is also the rule of the black cliff wood。
This is the dark rule。
When the summer is waiting for more than ten meters,Rear, a few crisp guns。
Pull the moon in the summer arm,Body is obvious,Soon recovery。
“This is the life I used to,Most time,People are like a grass,No right,Some just interest。”
Summer explains a sentence,No longer say,But the shape is missing。
The latter A big plus speeds up and parallel with him.。
Summer looks at,“Adong,What happened?”
He just just started,And the headquarters of the Gods, also in Bachelor in Indonesia。
When the single east and Jinmei decided not to follow him,When I returned to Baicheng,After the summer, they will settle it.,I wiped all the traces about myself.。
It is fear that I have tired them.。
Even after it is,He personally subverts the temples,I haven’t visited the single east and Jinmei。
Not summer ruthless。
But it’s really no need.,Not suitable for them to see them。
This world,Never lack the kind of people who are poisonous。
Now the single east appears in Cambia alone,Obviously happened。
I heard summer asking,Single East’s eyes are one red。
But this time, I haven’t let the tears flow.,“I have been very good in these years.,Original small restaurant,It has become a medium-grade big restaurant,But just three months ago,A very powerful forces went to Baucheng,Used in less than half a month,Then unified the underground world of Baucheng。”
Toned,He grinned,Extrusion of ugly smile,“I don’t understand these,It is Mr. Jin and Miss Jin and I speak.。This is originally not related to us,But the people under the power,Almost every day to eat white and white,And also pay the protection fee”
Summer eyebrows,Say,“Then Mr. Jin shot?”
Mr. Jin,It is also a Chinese living in Baucheng.,And the composition of the Chinese League,In local Chinese and parties,Also have a certain influence。
When you leave in the summer,Zeng Deli will introduce the single east and Jinmei to Mr. Jin.。
Please also secretly take care of Shan Dong Kim and sister Kim。
Now it seems,I am afraid that Mr. Jin also has an accident.。
Single East said,“Those people come to the store every day.,The restaurant is almost can’t open.,Later, Mr. Jin knew this thing.”
Merely,Single East looks at the summer,“Brother,You believe me,I didn’t take the initiative to help Mr. Jin”
“I believe you。”
Summer smiles,“Then,You continue to say。”
“The more you get the more, the more you have.,Finally, you can’t get up.。”
Single east face has a touch of complexity,With a silk repent and embarrassment,“At the end,Directly alarmed Mr. Jin of the League,And the church of the power,That power self-proclaimed angel,Their boss is called Carlov。”
“Last result,It is said that both parties have played,How will the alliance be able to play those black society?,I heard a lot of people.,Mr. Jin and Miss Jin also unknown。But under the four parties,They should be fine,But escape。”

With everyone’s efforts,Finally cleaned up the dirt inside。

original,There is a mouse making a nest in it。
Then directly blocked the ventilation!
It just smells at first,Later, it was directly ventilated.。
Although finishing,Fang Yu’s body is also dirty。
“Mr. Fang,This time it’s really thanks to you……but,your clothes……”
They are grateful。
No Fang Yu,Their restaurant is not functioning properly。
“Little things……You turn on,I’m going back!”
Fang Yu said。
They finished,Hurry up。
When Fang Yu wants to enter the private room again,A woman just hit the side。
Woman looks dignified and beautiful,Looks outstanding。Tall and beautiful……It looks like,Is a white collar beauty!
“You are so dirty……You’re an air conditioner,Why are you here?!”
Woman looking at Fang Yu,Look contemptuous。
Fang Yu wants to explain。

Chen Xiu thought:“I originally thought that the Jianghu gangs could be free from the jurisdiction of the Great Zhou Dynasty,Now it seems that the so-called gangs are just temporary workers in the court,No need to pay。

The Great Zhou Dynasty seems to be loosely managed,In fact, the internal management is still very efficient。
Xiao Bing is just a six-door catch,Already able to command the three major gangs。”
……………… That night, Xiao Bing took the people from the three major gangs straight to Longxi Village。
At night, a large number of people and horses watched by Daniel watching the night watch at the entrance of the village came over vigorously,I thought the bandit was coming to rob the village,Almost sounded the alarm,Fortunately, Chen Xiu is also among the crowd。
Once in the village,Chen Xiu directly asked Daniel to take Xiao Bing to the village head,As for the guide to the mountain,Let him talk to the village chief。
Chen Xiu is about capturing WuiNo interest in Yiru,A reward for one hundred low-grade Qi Gathering Pills,He really looks down on。
Have that leisure time,I might as well practice a few times“Xiaoyao Yufeng”。
On the contrary, Xiao Bing asked an experienced orion from the village chief to be a guide,Even Ye himself led the three big gangs with more than one hundred people into the mountain,Carpet search。
After Xiao Bing and others enter the mountain,Chen Xiu went to the village chief to explain:“village head,That WuiYiru can move from the six doors under the net of many masters,Escape from Qingmu County to Qinghe Town,I’m afraid it’s not easy。
Today the three big gangs sent three lanes of coins,You send people to the town to buy food to distribute to everyone。
Let everyone not go hunting in the mountains easily during this time。”
The village chief nodded and said:“I already let Daniel take people into the city overnight to buy food。”
Chen Xiu is secretly applauding:“The old village chief is really careful,With him,There shouldn’t be any major events in Longxi Village!”
I chatted with the village chief again,Back to the room,Studying Xiaoyao Yufengbu again。

The woman smiled and said:“My name is Xiaoya,The boss here,Also your waiter,Talk wherever you need help”

Xia Jian took a closer look at the boss,Now this woman is very beautiful,I look at the age of 27 or 18,Should be his age,It’s just that she wears it casually,Suddenly looks,She seems to be a little older,Actually not。
Una glanced at Xia Jian, who was a little dazed,Couldn’t help but laugh:“Do you fall in love with the boss again??So useless,The room price won’t cost you a penny”
This foreign woman,Talk straight,Take the matter of men and women so simple,What she said made Xiaoya bow her head embarrassedly。Xia Jian stared at Wuna and said:“Don’t make such a joke,Be careful her husband beat me”
“Why beat you?This shows her wife is pretty,He is too happy”Una said,Also shrugged,Looks so funny。
Xia Jian was afraid that the more he drew with this woman, the more unclear,Busy smiled and said to Xiaoya:“Let’s go down and check in how about?”Xia Jian said,Gave Una a gesture,Let her sit down and rest for a while。
I registered my ID,Xia Jian spent four days’ room rate at once,There is a deposit of 500 yuan。Just when he was about to turn around,Xiaoya smiled and asked:“The foreign girl upstairs is your girlfriend?”
“No no no,Is not,Just ordinary friends”Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly shook his hand and said。
Xiaoya smiled and said:“Nothing,You can sleep together,We are not very strict about this aspect here,In case something happens,I will tell you in advance,Isn’t there another side room in your room??Just let her cope in bed”Xiaoya said,Two bright big eyes staring at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled,Did not explain too much,Walked upstairs,Xiaoya’s shout came from behind:“Come down to eat in a while,You just arrived,Not familiar with outside,Even if it’s my treat tonight”
Xia Jian happily responded,People went upstairs。Una in the room,Standing in front of the glass wall looking at the beautiful scenery outside,She saw Xia Jian came back,Smiled and said:“We’ll go out to eat later,You just took the car,Do you want to wash first?”
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“it is good!Wait for me!I’ll be fine in a while”
The bathroom uses a water heater,Very convenient,Xia Jian three under five divided two,Solved the problem。If this is at home,I wash it only once in two or three days,He came out this time,Wash almost every day,This may be the difference between North and South!
Take a good bath,Changed another dress,Xia Jian feels a lot lighter,They just came downstairs,I was stopped by Xiaoya:“Don’t go out,I have cooked for you two,Just deal with it tonight,I’m familiar with here,You go out to eat”
Una whispered:“I am familiar with here“Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly gave her a hand。Mrs. Boss, this is kind,If they don’t appreciate,Feel a bit unreasonable,Isn’t it just a meal??
Una is still smart,Nothing more,With Xia Jian,Sat down obediently。
Xiaoya cooks pretty fast,One cool three hot one soup,Several dishes came up,Then each person has a bowl of rice。Xia Jian took a bite,Can’t help but praise:“Good craftsmanship,The taste of this dish is really good“
“Do this every day,Can’t say it’s good,Should be edible“Xiaoya said very modestly。
Xia Jian just now,Xiaoya lives on the first floor,How many rooms are there,But she is the only one who eats,So I couldn’t help asking:“Where are the others in your family?Why do you eat alone“

Silver needle does not change。

But there is no disappointment in the summer.,Reselect the silver needle。
This time,He runs mysterious energy。
Almost,Original might sparkling silver needle,Come it with the speed visible to the naked eye。
Summer revealed,At the end, the vegetables are placed in the nose.,More confirmed。
This is a very vicious poison,Colorless,Modern medicine is hard to check out,After being taken,Blood boiling,Heartbeat,If it is checked,That is acute heart disease recurrence。
simply say,This poison is the same as the corrugation,Both of genetics。
In the beginning, Li Qingshan hired thousands of organizations.,I have also used this toxic to eliminate the summer.。
So to say,Sure enough,?
Or……Someone bought the people around Longfei.,Secret poison。
So the scene will be the same,Some people are not struggling at all,And some people have no poisoning,Frequently rebellious。
Who is moving??
Summer doubts。
at this time,Sichuan ice suddenly sent a excitement,“what……”
Summer look,I saw him pointing at the right side.,Face is pale,“Yes,Yes,Longfei……”
Summer walks in the past,Look down。
Sure enough is Longfei。
Just at this moment,It has become a corpse,At least a dozen blood caves,That is caused by gun injury。
And in his throat and heart part,It is very obvious knife injury.。
Longfei double-eyed,Pupil,Facial expression 狰狞 distortion,But still residue,anger,Unhappy,Do not believe,fear,Sentence and other complex expressions。
“Twelve shots,Two knives……”Ice in Sichuan has endured the meaning of vomiting,“Look at the wound and blood,At least twelve hours。”
Summer nice head,Ambient,“Means of,Between 8:00 yesterday,These bodyguards are rooting,I found some people to poison,Suddenly there is a hide of mysterious people to visit here,Kill everyone。”
Sichuan sisters are silent,Because summer speculation is almost uniform。
And at this time,Summer road,“The head of this group,Should be known to Longfei,Even very familiar……”
Welcome the eyes of Sichuan sisters,He leaned over and inspected the wounds and blood of Longfei.,“Longfei has no poisoning,Means of,He is eating after eating,Mysterious people come here,Maybe it is alone,Maybe with a few bodyguards,But in the dark, some people will block it here.。”He lows,Move the blood under the dragon,I have been the second floor stairway.,“Longfei is not in the hall,He was hurt in the second floor or on the third floor.,If it is not hurt by mysterious people,It is the bodyguard sneak injured by the bodyguards around Longfei.,The mysterious people apparently bought one of Longfei.
Part of the person,And it is trustworthy,Otherwise it is impossible to poison。”
He has some doubts,“Who is moving??”
Sichuan sisters shook their heads,It seems innocent。
Summer is not to ask them,Shake your head,Look again to the body of Longfei,Some complexity。


Deeper『dew』Heavy,A surprising resounding。
枝 惊 惊,Immediately head to the door。
Almost when she opened the door,Yan Fengxing appeared outside the door:“Sister!”
“The sound is from the seasons.,Let’s go see!”
They rushed to the season of Jiwen,A wolf in the house,Quarterly contained in the bed account Shake,I saw them.,The fall and crash are rushed towards。
裴 裴 逢 手 手,When she stopped her movement。
Quarter『chaos』Really realized this,Gain:“Come, there is a black shadow,Liu Shenzi saved me,Has been chased out。”
枝 道:“I am going to find Liu Jin,You look at the season girl。”
She has just takes advantage of her。
裴 逢 拉 她 她:“You leave,I am going to chase。”
枝 欲。
裴 裴 逢 不 她 她 她,Waiting for the season, the season is a plug in her arms.,The figure is like the wind and get out of the window.。
Impressive people in branches:“……”
枝 地 地 地 招 招 招 文 招,“good evening?”
Seasonal:“……good evening。”
竹 拉 季 萱 萱 下 桌,I poured a cup of tea for her.,I also patted her hand back to calm her.。
Seasonal Walkman『dew』A heart-hearted smile response,Just barely,Fang Nai Fengxing’s performance is also,Foot saying that branches are really her love。
No wonder that her first looks, I don’t like it.。
Her heart loves the branch,She doesn’t want to take the branch anyway.。
With this way, you can’t have a hidden thought of outside.,Sea Wenkai saw the black and black behind the branches.『color』Foggy,But there is a first time speaking reminder,But if there is anything wrong with 枝。
When the branch found, it was late.。
black『color』Foggy——More suitable,Grouped the whole room。
“Be a demon。”
枝 has a gathering,This can be fighting,But the season。Yan Zhi must have to score her、To protect her unscrupulous erosion。
瘴 瘴 生 生 瘴 瘴,Once the formation is very powerful,Can form a junction that cannot be blocked,Silently penetrate、No-hole,And very difficult to spot,Only evaluate the fog appearance to judge。
Only a little defect is that it is too far from being separated from it.。

Chen Rong,After Chen Rui officially joined,One is assigned to the administrative department,One is assigned to the sales department,The new environment is new to them who have just stepped into society,Follow the company‘’senior‘’A little learning,I have a fulfilling life every day。

Chen Rong in the administration,The daily work is relatively fixed,Come in the morning to do the hygiene of the office area,Take notes of daily meetings in the company,Daily work completion assessment of staff in the office area, etc.,She quickly became familiar with the basic process of work,The relationship with the surrounding colleagues is also handled more harmoniously,Sitting across from her is a sister named Zhang,Zhang Tonglai Company3More than years,Responsible for the promotion and maintenance of the company’s corporate website。
Zhang Tong is bigger than Chen Rong5year old,Have1.7Taller,The whole person is like a pen,Eyes slightly sunken in。
The chin is as sharp as a knife,She tells Chen Rong about her life status and privacy from time to time,I also listen to Chen Rong’s life from time to time,Once on the way back to the dormitory after get off work,Zhang Tong patted her shoulder:‘’Let me introduce you boyfriend,You look so beautiful,I should find a man to love you。
‘’Chen Rong has not revealed that he already has a boyfriend,Just came to a new company,Can’t say too much about anything,It’s not easy for her to reveal these new friends,She bowed her head,Move forward,Zhang Tong thought she was a girl shy,Seems to reveal the meaning of acquiescence,So she made an appointment,Push the man she wants to recommend to her!
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 29
On Friday afternoon,Zhang Tong sent a message to Chen Rong:‘’at night7point,Donghua Building5Lou Liang Liang Fashion Restaurant,Please go to the banquet on time,‘’Chen Rong looked at Zhang Tong who was opposite,Zhang Tong made a victory?Gesture,Made Chen Rong confused,,What is this,This guy is too much。
Finally off work,Can’t hold Zhang Tong’s soft and hard foam,Chen Rong had to promise her to see,Chen Rong let Zhang Tong go first,Go home and change a suit。
The way back,Chen Rong called Chen Rui:Illustrates the emergency,Come to the rescue,Chen Rui made a request,Can help you block:But in exchange for a pair of brand-name sneakers and two movie tickets。
Chen Rong agreed,Help her to dress her up after going back,In the mirror, Chen Rui saw that her image had changed,Is different from my previous style,Worried to ask:‘’sister,I’m worried that I’ll show my stuff later,I can’t learn you!
‘’‘’That simple,You take out the side that you least want to show,Do the most unaccustomed action again,Become what I look like!
‘’‘’It turns out that the two are so different now,I have to reflect on this question!
‘’‘’All right,Don’t be poor,Not enough time,Hurry up!‘’
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 30
Chen Rong lying on her sister’s bed,Flip left,Think right,I always feel worried about what will happen,But comforted:This is also to maintain the friendship just established,After this time, I have a showdown with Zhang Tong,No longer do it!
She slept for a while,The bell rang,It’s Chen Rui:‘’3sister,Oh no,Eating here,Encountered a statement,She treats me as you,Give me a scolding,I’m in a dilemma now,Awkward,Chen Rong almost laughed:‘’Is that a coincidence?What is his face,You paint me。‘’

Yugoslavia has the upper hand in terms of attack success rate and patience.。The game is slow,dream3The team can’t make a fast-paced attack wave。

On height Yugoslavia is not at all disadvantaged,Therefore, it is difficult for the U.S. team to penetrate the opponent’s defense line when it is transferred to a position。Yugoslavia21ratio14Lead,The score of Dream Three is terribly low,The gorgeous lineup didn’t work at all。
With David Robinson、Charles Barkley、Anfini Hardaway、John Stockton and Richmond’s second lineup,The U.S. team started at the end of the first half5In minutes。Catch up34ratio35Only difference1Minute,At this time Wilkens replaced the heavy weapon O’Neill,The latter turned around and stormed to get back the lead。
Wilkens presents Robinson and O’Neal’s twin tower lineup,Want to control the air dominance in the penalty area in a slow-paced game。In the passive position most of the first half,At halftime,Relying on the advantage of the depth of the bench,The Dream Three team used the second and third team to smooth the difference and lead5Minute,43ratio38。
Just started the second half,Conflict on the court。Malone clashed with Divac while grabbing an offensive rebound,Two sturdy guys are about to fight with their arms together,When everyone in Yugoslavia saw the situation, the admiral Malong surrounded them。
Reggie Miller outside the encirclement circle can hardly squeeze into the punch,An inspiration came to encircle Wei and save Zhao,Go straight to the opposing coach,Now Yugoslavia really cares about one and loses the other,Hurriedly withdraw troops,Ma Long was able to retreat。
Wilkens cleverly replaced Malone with a hot brain,Change to Barkley to continue to attack the inside,Soon Divac, who has the same brain fever, ate two fouls and graduated with honor。Now Yugoslavia’s inner line suddenly lacks towering trees。Admiral David Robinson begins to show off,His excellent athletic ability coupled with his height and arm length,It made it very difficult for Rebraka to replace Divac。Fast pace,Let the U.S. team quickly establish a tactic of breaking through and giving Robinson the ball,The speed of the latter receiving the ball to putting it into the basket made the slow Yugoslavia like an audience。In the middle of the second half,The U.S. team has67ratio55Lead12Minute,The balance of victory and defeat gradually shifted to the dream team。
Barkley in the second half9Minutes also5Offense,It can be seen that the confrontation between the two insiders is fierce。Until the end of the game6More than minutes,Dream Team 3 leads15Minute,But Yugoslavia did not give up,Still fighting hard for every attack。
Wilkens changes again,Robinson as the center,Hardaway、Miller、A fast lineup of four guards from Stockton and Richmond,Abandoned the attack,Do your best to speed up and pursue a counterattack after steals,This trick worked,Let Yugoslavia be exhausted in fast offense and defense。
The game still has3Minutes and a half,83ratio63,Victory or defeat。The players of the third dream team began to show a relaxed expression off the court。In fact, Yugoslavia’s performance has exceeded most people’s expectations,in front15Minutes they can lead,before30Minutes can match the Dream Team。
At last1minute,Wilkens will be the first hero,Unique28Divide7Robinson with a rebound,Let O’Neill, who is itchy at his leisure, go up and move around,O’Fat is a steal,Let the dream team get the first95Minute。Finally in Stockton’s dribble,The clock is over24second,Dream Team III won the gold medal without any risk。
Chapter Twenty Team roster