Then decisively broke out coercion,Only a moment,The three soul guides exploded in an instant……

After the orange looked at the parts that fell to the ground,Just frowned“Surveillance Soul Guidance Device!”
Her Soul Guidance Device is around level five,And Wuhun is not very talented……
So it’s normal to not perceive these seven-level surveillance soul guides!
Qianyu Leng Leng Road“Ok!Every time these surveillance soul guides are destroyed by me within a week,Someone from the college will install the new one”
This Sun Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy should know that he has discovered a surveillance-type Soul Guidance Device,But still tirelessly changing,For this,Qianyu is very puzzled……
Orange nodded thoughtfully,Then I sat on the bed with Qianyu……
“Qianyu,Is it true that you told me to control Xu Tianran??”
Qianyu explained calmly“Ok!That’s one of my spirit abilities,Ability to forcibly erase the opponent’s consciousness,Become one’s own servant!”
Even oranges,After hearing the effect of this spirit ability,I can’t help but feel tight……
however,The orange still spoke softly“thank you,Qianyu,If it’s not my request,You must have killed Xu Tianran?”
Although she doesn’t have a good impression of Xu Tianran now,But the fact that you can’t get rid of is that the latter once saved himself!
In love with reason,I don’t want to do too much……
Qianyu Wenyan,Just calm“Ok!”With a……
After the two talked a little longer,There was a knock on the door……
“Da da da”
Qianyu stood up without delay and walked to the door,Open the door slowly……
After seeing someone coming,Slightly surprised“Dean of Mirror,Are you looking for me?”
The person here is Jing Hongchen!
His eyes gleamed at the oranges in the room,Then smiled towards Qianyu and said“Qianyu,Come to my office,I want to talk to you about something”


Early next morning。
The sunlight came mottled into the room from the window through the gap of the curtain。
Lu Ban opened his eyes。
Vaguely heard something outside。
He opened the door of the room,I saw Kong Xi cleaning the table,Today’s breakfast is on the table。
Sit down and start to eat breakfast。
Kong Xi just gave him a blank look,Didn’t say anything,After all, I’m used to Lu Ban’s problem that he doesn’t brush his teeth and wash his face and just pinch the bun and stuff it into his mouth.。
Ban Lu turned on his phone while eating。
I saw Gu Qiao’s message at first sight,Casually returned oneokPast。
“Your sister said to come back the day after tomorrow,do you know?”He asked Kong Xi。
Kong Xi pushed the milk in front of him,Urn sound:“do not know,I’m not her boyfriend。”
Since Lu Ban and Gu Qiao fell in love,She obviously feels out of favor。

then,He explained:“Maybe because of kindness!As kind,She didn’t hurt me deliberately。

And me too,Didn’t hurt her。
Reasons for breaking up,Just because of helplessness,Anyway,We all live in reality,Can’t get around the worldly society。
There is no right or wrong,Everyone has the right to pursue life。
No need to blame others for their pursuit of vulgarity,How much can anyone say?
Pursue love first,Give up everything for love,Isn’t it vulgar??
Men pursue beauty,Pursue success,Can be said to be very vulgar。
so,After breaking up,Why should there be any resentment?!”
Qin Xiaomi looked at Lin Dong,I didn’t expect this guy to do everything,Confused her。
Is she here to listen to this?
What a mess?
You two are still in love,Just say the rest,Need to say so much?

Mourning hammered his chest excitedly,But Big Ben raised his brows,He didn’t lose the wind in strength against him,But Mourning is taller than him,Even if the two sides collide together,Mourning can still hit the ball into the basket。Big Ben regrets his position,And the hand movements are not clean and the referee blows one2+1。

Mourning missed a free throw,Big Ben will make up for it,Hold the ball in his arms,And handed it to Kobe。
Kobe’s eyes swept away,There is no quick break for this ball,Still gave up the fast break,Dribble slowly。The player defending Kobe in this game is Sasha-Danilovic,The defensive strategy adopted by the Heat is that Mourning sits at the basket,Kobe hits the three-point line。This defensive strategy is very similar to Houston’s defensive strategy for Kobe。A big center sits under the basket to block Kobe’s breakthrough space,Then double-clamping compresses the middle distance space。
have to say,This defensive arrangement really made Kobe more uncomfortable in the first quarter。Because Campbell and Daben are both players who can only score from the basket,They can’t make room for Kobe,Finally, the penalty area and the middle distance are crowded together,Kobe’s offense can only rely on difficult moves to create a mobile phone meeting,Of course the offensive hit rate under this style of play will not be very high。
And in the second quarter,After Harris replaced Curry and Horry on the field,The situation is different。
Big Ben is cruising in the restricted area,The other three players are moving back and forth on the three-point line,Complete a single-block screen without the ball from time to time,Kobe breaks through Sasha-Danilovic is still very relaxed,Once a double-team is formed after the breakthrough,Kobe throws the ball outside,The three top shooters on the outside,The shooting percentage in the open position is not generally high!
“Horry hits three points!”
“Eddie Jones receives Kobe pass,Undefended corner three-pointer!”
“Dale Curry receives the ball,No one around,He even adjusted his breathing rhythm for a second before he shot!Soft touch!Lakers hit three again!”
“opened!The Lakers’ offense is fully open!Consecutive three-pointers!Pat Riley quickly called a timeout,Interrupting the Lakers’ offensive momentum。”
“Consecutive three-pointers,Rewrite the score quickly!Lakers38:42Heat!Lakers crazy chasing points!The score is only4Points are bad!I don’t know if the Lakers players can continue this feeling.?”
This lineup hit a three-pointer5in4,Kobe looked at Pat Riley who was talking about something,Know the next offensive position in the middle distance,The Heat shouldn’t use double-teaming anymore。
Then,It’s time to play by yourself!
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Two Pat Riley

Zhang Mengke heard this,I couldn’t help but look away。

boyfriend?She never had it。
Haven’t waited for Jing Chu to speak,The fourth master took a hissing breath,Talking to myself。
“and many more,Zhang Mengke?”
Si Ye frowned,As if thinking about something。
Subsequently,Asked the probe:“Miss,You said,Your name is Zhang Mengke?”
Zhang Mengke winced and nodded。
Fourth Master’s brows are getting tighter,There seems to be a trace of panic。
Zhang Mengke……Why does this name sound so familiar?……
Si Ye suddenly seemed to have thought of something,Hurriedly took out the phone,What to look at。
Phone to a page,Si Ye raised his phone and compared it with Zhang Mengke,Isn’t this the same person!
Manager Shen was also startled,Did this girl meet Si Ye in advance??
otherwise,Why is there a picture of her in Siye’s phone??
And now look at Si Ye,Cover your mouth,Eyes are almost staring out!
It’s her!
This grandma!
She is the sister of the noble guest from the Mandarin!
I was bored just now,Look at the phone,Han Liang sent some information in the group,There is information about Zhang Mengke。


First919chapter Deal with rogue
got inside12month,Most of the students started to prepare for the final exam。
For college students,This is also a rare busy time of the year。
Many university libraries finally ushered in the most crowded time period。
Judging from the current domestic situation,Basically the same as another world。
Worked hard12year,She started herding sheep after entering the university。
Only one month before the exam,So I can read it at night,Pray to sharpen the gun,Don’t have any trouble。
Shen Huan once heard such a sentence,During school,Which school’s library,The most people at night,Then this school must be a good school。
If you think about it, it’s really like this。
Take a look at the library of Qinghua Jingda Futan,When it’s absolutely normal,There are many schoolmasters who read and study carefully here,It is absolutely impossible that this place is crowded only before the exam。
This is especially true of those famous schools abroad,There are people who study all night long。
So don’t blame others for always giving out some Nobel science prize talents,It’s all accumulated on the basis of day by day hard work。
Didn’t the ancestors say?
As long as the skill is deep,Iron rod grinding into needle。
Unless you hang up like Shen Huan,Otherwise, don’t want to get a golden doll with a day’s hard work。
Shen Huan actually worked hard。

“I forget,Mine is these few days,”Xiao Wu smiled,Zhao Ming couldn’t stand his gentle appearance anymore。

“I love you。”Zhao Ming gently hugged Xiao Wu’s delicate body,Nothing else。
Lake of life,Tonight is destined to be another sleepless night。
Not just Xiao Wu and Zhao Ming。
Even the other beasts in the Star Dou Great Forest,Can’t sleep either。
because,Their star forest,There will be two masters from today。Their soul beast family will surely regain their glory。
early morning,
The morning sun shines on Yazuli by the lake,
Zhao Ming wakes up slowly,Xiao Wu is still asleep in her arms,The delicate eyes closed like a sleeping princess。
Zhao Ming smiled,No idea of getting up。
With such a gentle and beautiful girl by her side,Even if it’s just holding,do nothing,That is also a great enjoyment。How could he be willing?
Feel the softness in my arms,Use your feet to hook up the silk quilt that they kicked to the foot of the bed,Cover Xiao Wu。
But just built it for her,Xiao Wu woke up。
“Why don’t you sleep a little longer?”Zhao Ming holds Xiao Wu,Said softly。
“Can’t sleep。”Xiao Wu smiled,Showing two dimples。
“Why can’t you sleep。I think you seem to be very tired now。”Zhao Ming looked at Xiao Wu’s beautiful big eyes,It seems a little dark at this time,Obviously didn’t rest well。