Electric cars modified and chaos management difficult to wait "one dragon" supervision

Original title: "Crazy Electric Vehicle" is difficult to change the management difficult to wait "a dragon" supervision electric bicycle "New National Standard", many cities have set a transition period for over-standard electric vehicles.

However, the reporter survey found that with the end of the transition period, there is still a lot of excellence, and the electric car is on the road to drive, bringing huge safety hazards. In recent years, traffic and fire accidents caused by over-standard electric vehicles have frequent frequently, but some people do not have to use it.

  Recently investigated a large number of over-standard electric vehicles illegal speeds of less than 25 kilometers, the weight of the vehicle does not exceed 55 kilograms, the battery voltage does not exceed 48 volts, with foot cycling device – this is the hard indicator of the electric bicycle "new national standard", It is also a safe riding guarantee. Up to now, the newly revised "Electric Bicycle Safety Technical Specifications" ("New National Standard") has been introduced more than 3 years, and the transition cycle period in the nearly one or two years of the major cities has also been expired, but according to reporters, some local exceeds the standard electric The car is still full of street.

  Beijing over-standard electric cart 3 years has ended on October 31 this year.

From November 1st, the Beijing traffic police strictly investigated the key violations of "driving to the driving of electric bicycles on the road". On the afternoon of the 9th, in the intersection of the Xicheng District, Xicheng Traffic Detachment police investigated many privately refitted batteries in 1 hour. One of the electric vehicles has been installed two batteries in the bottom of the vehicle, and the battery voltage is close to 65 volts.

The traffic control department of Chaoyang, Tongzhou and other districts also investigated a large amount of exceeding standard electric vehicle illegal. Tongzhou Traffic Duty Captain Ling Camp Brigade Cui Zhuo said that there is no brand and parameters, and the exterior is rough, and some will be fixed in the foot pedal with iron chain. The reporter noticed that many modified vehicles illegally courier or takeaway personnel. There is a car owner cost more than 2 to 3 times the electric car itself, and the battery voltage is measured by the traffic police on-site measurement.

Some owners said that they only changed their licenses after the original car, and the purpose was to run faster, increase the vehicle life mileage, and complete the order. In addition to the huge amount of electric bicycles, in the county, rural areas, the implementation of "New National Standard" is more universal, and the exceeding the standard electric car exists.

An industry expert said to reporters that overall, the current electric bicycle modification ratio is still very high.

  Who is the behind-the-scenes of the modification? Electric bicycle modification is mainly concentrated in terms of releasing speed and installation of battery increases. How is these vehicles modified? The reporter survey found that some merchants have launched the solution limit and intelligent investigation system, and the compliance electric vehicle is changed to "exceed the standard".

  In Shanxi Taiyuan, a well-known electric vehicle brand store, the merchant said that the sale is a "new national standard" car, but the clerk will directly unlike several wires on the car. "Take you experience speed and passion.

"The sales staff said that the maximum speed of the vehicle can reach 60 to 70 kilometers after the speed limit is released, and only 25 km / h should be displayed on the speed table. There are respondents to tell reporters, some non-mainstream brands electric bicycles. The factory directly reserves the modified operation space, and the quick operation can be speeded. The reporter also found several related videos, one of the video tutorials showed that a brand electric bicycle turned off the power, casually pinch the brake rod, screw the electric door Keep a living in the end, then turn on the power, keep more than one minute, the speed limit is released. And some well-known brands have a dedicated controller, decoder.

The reporter visited Taiyuan electric bicycle market to find that almost all brand distributions can decode after purchase.

The decoder sold online is more dazzling, and the e-commerce platform can be purchased at will, and the price is not equal to tens of yuan to more than 100.

Some of the goods are clearly labeled as "release speed" "resume speed limit". Merchants also have tutorials, "5 minutes" "ladies can operate". "If you want faster, you can also replace the battery and controller.

"A salesman told reporters that the modified battery cooperates with the dedicated controller, speed or even seven or eighty kilometers.

If you purchase online, equipped with installation tutorials, you can operate themselves.

  In addition, some vendors said that some manufacturers reserved a larger battery space in the electric bicycle factory session, which is convenient for battery modification. According to the consumer’s own choice, the standard 48 volt, the over-standard 60 volts and 72 volt cells can be purchased.

An online video tutorial shows that a set of batteries can be installed in a set of batteries, or even different attributes of different attributes can be installed on the electric bicycle at the same time.

"Buy big-capacity battery than direct purchase", business is publicity.

  Classification and governance and "full life cycle" supervision in the empress experts said that the number of modified vehicles, urgently to be classified, should coordinate the "full life cycle" closed loop for electric bicycles from production, boarding, boarding, and recycling of multiple departments. Supervision. Jia Yongfeng, observer, observers the National Bike Standardization Technology Commission, said that according to the requirements of the "New National Standard", the vehicle should be handled.

For example, for tampering the type of battery, improving battery capacity, relieving speed limit, speeding speed, etc., it is necessary to severely investigate and deal with; Changing the appearance behavior, the hazards have been relatively highlighted and serious, and it is necessary to correct it in time.

  It is necessary to block the "back door" in the production process, speed up the behavior of "dark code".

According to "New National Standard", the hardware and software of electric bicycles should have tamper-proof design to prevent unauthorized changes to the maximum speed, power, voltage, foot riding ability.

Respondents said that companies should self-standard, and the regulatory authorities should also strengthen the supervision and sampling of the enterprise, compress private modification space from the source. According to incomplete statistics, my country’s electric bicycle has about 300 million units. The number is much, and the supervision involves various departments including industrial and telecommunications, market supervision, transportation, emergency emergency and other departments. It is recommended to coordinate in the government level, change "Kowloon Governing water" " A dragon is supervised.

The reporter learned that in Zhejiang Province, a full chain, full process, full closed regulatory model is being implemented, achieving the overall process of production, sales, registration, riding, charge, and repair to recycling. "There is currently no technical obstacles for supervision, the key is the determination of the government.

"Jia Yongfeng said. In addition, in addition to the use of the group, in addition to strengthening management, each platform, the company should actively adapt, take the lead in compliance with the" new national standard ", adjust, optimize the original distribution algorithm, and establish more humanity The assessment mechanism, let the rider are safely riding.

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Houd de kampioen na de eerste mist: Beijing start zware vervuiling waarschuwing

  Xinhua News Agency, 4 november (Reporter Ni Yuanjin) De Peking Ecologische omgeving en meteorologische afdeling vrijgegeven op de 4e dat Beijing de smog en koude golf in Zhou zal doen, en het wordt verwacht dat de vroege winter het publiek zal zweven, om gezonde bescherming en koud warm warm. De Peking Air Heavy Pollution Emergency Command Office lanceerde de gele waarschuwing van de luchtzware verontreiniging in het kantoor van de ecologische omgeving, de meteorologische afdeling bleef conferenties bijhouden, getroffen door nadelige meteorologische omstandigheden en regionale vervuiling van de vervuiling, de luchtvervuiling van Peking geleidelijk verergerd, 4e Gedurende de dag tot 6 dagen kan 5-niveau zware vervuiling worden bereikt.

  Volgens rapporten, van 3 tot 6 november, werden Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei en de omliggende gebieden be?nvloed door ongunstige diffusie-omstandigheden, zoals statische, inverse temperatuur en hoge luchtvochtigheid en hadden een regio in regionaal medio-regionaal gewichtvervuilingsproces. Vanaf de nacht van de 6e werd Beijing verwezen naar het sterke noordwestkoude en hogedrukgedeelte van de Noordwind, en de diffusie-omstandigheden werden verbeterd en de luchtkwaliteit zal worden gedraaid om uitstekend te zijn. Het Beijing Meteorological Bureau werd vrijgegeven op de 4e dat het impact was op het wind en het koele weerproces uit mijn land uit het noordwesten van Zuidoost. Na de smog van smog op de 6 tot 7e, verschijnt Beijing regen en sneeuw, sterke wind en sterke koeling Weer, en wordt verwacht dat ze deze winter inlevert. Introductie. Het koude golfproces heeft de gecompliceerde regen- en sneeuwfase, de temperatuurdruppel is groot, en de wind is gelijk, en vraagt ??het publiek om aandacht te schenken aan preventie.

  Zhang Linna, Chief Forecaster of Beijing Meteorologisch waarnemingscentrum, zei dat het koude golfproces, de eerste regen van Beijing, vervolgens de sneeuw draait, het meest voor de hand liggende regen en de sneeuwseizoen is op de 6e dag tot 7, de meeste regio kan de regio de regen bereiken, en de regen is gedraaid.

  De koude golf is scherp gedaald met de temperatuur, en er is 5 niveaus van noordelijke wind, de windvlaag kan 8 of meer bereiken, de berggust is 9 tot 10. Zhang Linna zei, volgens de huidige voorspelling, de temperatuur van Beijing daalde sterk op de 6e tot 7e, bereikte het laagste punt op de 7e, de bovenkant van het gewone gebied is ongeveer 2 ° C, de laagste temperatuur ‘s nachts is ongeveer 4 ° C .

  Beijing Meteorologisch waarnemingscentrum zal koude golf, sterke wind- en weggeslagensignaal afgeven volgens de weersomstandigheden, die de relevante afdelingen voorbereiden op het voorbereiden van ijsvegen, elektriciteit, tuin en de afdeling landbouw moeten het van tevoren voorkomen.

Haikou Xiuying District launched a list of construction project planning permits

Original title: Haikou Xiuying District launched the construction project plan license to obtain a front list September 23 Construction engineering planning license. The staff informs him that the project meets the "Zero Approval" front list standard for Xiuying District Project Construction Project Planning License, and can be avoided to handle the above documents.

This news makes Li Wei very happy: "Now no need to handle plan permit, save a lot of time and cost, I can go directly to the follow-up construction procedures.

"According to reports, in order to further promote the reform of the examination and approval system for engineering construction projects. Recently, Xiuying District announced the" Notice of the Positive List of Xiying District Construction Project Planning Project in Haikou City ", which clearly exempts the construction project planning license 19-class construction projects, including self-service couriers, temporary mobile public toilets, parking timetry, etc., villages (residential), village groups, etc.

  "I have selected the list of project types including the construction (structure), roads, and transportation, municipal and public facilities.

The projects in these lists do not occupy the construction of the ecological red line, basic farmland and forest land, construction units or individuals can freely travel to handle construction projects (excluding temporary construction project programs) certificate).

Wu Dan, Party Secretary and Director Xiuying District Administrative Approval Service Bureau, introduced that some enterprises existing in the process of improving the level of construction license indicators, reflecting strong highlights, Xiuying District precision, innovation launch Engineering Planning Permits for positive lists, further simply decentralization, reducing institutional transaction costs.

  "Engineering construction project is approximately, difficult, time consumption, high professional and technical requirements."

The announcement of this positive list further simplifies the examination and approval procedures for engineering construction projects, realizing the company and the people ‘zero run’ and ‘teasing running’, and improved the satisfaction of the masses.

"Wu Dan said," Optimization The simplified approval process does not mean that the supervision is relaxed, and the supervision needs to be synchronized afterwards. In particular, it should be noted that the relevant administrative departments will handle the illegal violations in violation of road safety, building safety, house safety, etc. "The relevant person in charge of the Xiuying District Government said, the next step will continue to strengthen the coordination coordination, adjust the content of the full list of positive list, effectively serve the needs of the masses, and further provide the project" loose ", for the enterprise" reduction ", more difficult Plug points, stimulate market subjectivity, help business environment constantly optimize. (Editor: Lu Shaoxiong, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing let more people see client download.

Beijiao Office opened: Animation of the reform of the capital market

Original title: Beijiao Office opened the market: Another iconic incident of capital market reform November 15, the Beijing Stock Exchange is open to the market. The 10 new stocks issued on the same day rose, as of the next day, in the new regulation of the opening limit, this 10 new stocks increased by more than 100%. The "open-door" of the North Exchange reflects the positive attitude of investors involved in market transactions, which helps to guide more organization investors to enter, form the positive benign circulation of the market.

The Beijiao Office opened, and it is another iconic incident of China’s capital market reform.

On September 2 this year, President Xi Jinping announced the establishment of Beijing Stock Exchange at the Global Services Trade Summit of China International Service Trade Fair in the 2021 International Service Trade Fair, and built a service innovative SME main position. From the declaration of official opening, just two months, it can be stable.

Compared with the early 1990s, the repetition test and all the games of the listing of the Shenzhen Exchange, it is understood that the following reasonable use of capital forces to promote development has become a universal consensus of society. The tide of the times is mighty.

Just as there is an endlessly established a securities trading market, it is to introduce social idle funds into the economic circulation system, alleviate the lack of corporate funds, and help enterprises to expand their regeneration. Today, in the deputy, the deputy, the deputy, and set up a North Exchange. It also assumes financing of innovative enterprises that meet the conditions to promote the special mission of high quality development.

In the context of the global economic recovery, the new crown pneumonia epidemic, setting up a Beijing Stock Exchange, promoting the formation of science and technology, innovation and capital, is an important measure to improve the national innovation system and cultivate new motivation in the development of growth. In the domestic stock exchanges, the SECCITY is based on the motherboard, and the focus is the leading backbone enterprise in various industries.

But in general, the listing threshold of these two markets is high, and it is difficult to play the role of the financing platform for the innovative SMEs that urgently needed funds.

The establishment of the Beijiao office, the direction is to develop the new three-board trading platform into standardized, standardized financing platforms, which builds a multi-level capital market system, enriched innovative SME financing channels, and promoting economic structural transformation and upgrading. Combo.

China’s reform and opening up for more than 40 years, Chinese people’s attitudes and concepts have also taken profound changes. In the capital market, there are now people who are deemed as a flood beast, but how to promote the development of the capital market, prevent the market failure caused by the uncomfortable, mechanism, the imperfect mechanism, the unreasonable structure, how to make representatives The market main body of advanced productivity development can obtain financial support through the capital market in a public transparent manner, thereby achieving self-optimization and upgrading of economic system, which we should focus on thinking and reforming the direction.

The opening of the Beijiao, also released a clear signal at home and abroad. The track of macro policy, optimizes the development of innovative SMEs, increasing their opportunities to grow into "small giants" "unicorn", and provide investors with higher risk but more relentless market opportunities.

The Beijiao is still a start-up platform. Although there are many useful references at home and abroad, it still needs a process of developing maturity. From the establishment and opening of the North Exchange, we can see that the decision-making level is very awake for the mission and task of the capital market, and is clear and firm.

Reading this is true, you understand the future direction of China’s economy.

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Enterprise show love to the streets in Wuhan, China Road bridge street continue to optimize the business environment

Condolences to health care workers November 12, Wuhan City, China Road area came to love enterprises No. 6 Third Street vaccination points, send "love cake" for the front-line health care workers, help supplement the staff physical, stick to their posts. "We pay special thanks to first-line health care workers, whether vaccinated or do nucleic acids, they all rushed in the front line.

"Love the responsible persons within the jurisdiction of Mr. Jiang said.

They specially prepared a cake with a little love and angel wings, to express feelings of gratitude for the medical staff.

"It was love letter Contact our street, we want to get in touch with front-line workers, the cake delivered to their hands.

"China Road Street relevant person in charge said," We understand their needs, and take immediate action to contact the recipient unit, to build a bridge for health care workers and recipients of the love business.

"" Every morning in front of the store are cleaned very clean, handle the documents since the shop only once run very smoothly.

"Mr. Jiang said, the streets and communities for enterprises to create a good business environment, business, and he wanted to do something in return. All along, the Chinese way street dedicated to promoting business environment optimization, practice the" enterprise should call me. "

Has established a telephone contact with the mechanism of regular visits to the head end of the month May, by way of phasor combination of online and offline, in close contact with the business, understand business needs, the service delivered to their doorsteps, open up "the last 100 between government and business Meter".

In regular visits and services, but also deepened the feelings between enterprises and the streets, many companies voluntarily to join the "volunteer" in the ranks, create a beautiful and harmonious environment with neighborhood streets.

China Road Street official said, the street will continue to optimize the service, improve the "enterprises should I call the" rapid response mechanism, the top service to solve the problem, efforts to boost business quality development.

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Hong Sen to the airport to welcome China’s new batch of new group of new crown vaccines

  Xinhua News Agency, November 17 (Reporter Mao Pengfei) The Cambodian Government held a grand ceremony in Phnom Penh International Airport on the 17th, and welcomed the seventh batch of new crown vaccines in China. The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hong Sen, deputy prime minister and Defense Minister Dish, China Embassy in Cambodia, went to the airport to meet.

  Hun Sen said in greeting the ceremony, China’s successive assistance and commercial mining vaccine helped Cambodia completed the first phase of vaccination programs in advance, namely the new crown vaccine in the age of 6 years old, the program has been on November 1, this year. Formal completion, the national all areas of the Cambodia are gradually recovering and open, and the economic recovery is promoted. Hun Sen said that the successful implementation of the National Vaccination Program in Cambodia has not been divided into China’s new crown vaccine, and Chinese vaccines have become the key to the safeguards of public health and save people’s lives. China is a real "iron friend" in Cambodia, which is always available in time, unconditional support and help.

  Wang Wentian said that China has so far available new crown vaccine more than 90% of the total number of vaccines, but also the Chinese vaccine is not only safe and effective, and it has played an important role in the invoice of the invitation.

Since the new championship, the people of the two countries have worked together with the people, watching each other, in the fight against the new championship, the Chinese people have always stood with the Cambodian people.

  The latest statistics on the Ministry of Health of the Cambodia show that more than 14 million people in the country have been vaccinated with at least 1 new crown vaccine, accounting for 88% of the national population, of which 1.32 million have completed two doses. Editor in charge: Zhang Meixia.

Bohai Bank – – 贷 贷

Small faster ## 2000 ## 25 ## / bhbank / s101 / zhongxiaoqiyefuwu / %% fast loan ## 1870 ## 25 ## / bhbank / s101 / zhongxiaoqiyefuwu / mskuaijiedai / %% mortgage loan ## 1872 ## 25 ## / bhbank / s101 / zhongxiaoqiyefuwu / msanjiedaikuan / %% 贷 贷 ## 1873 ## 25 ## / bhbank / s101 / zhongxiaoqiyefuwu / msxieshouzhanye / %% shares transfer ## 1874 ## 25 ## / bhbank/ %% unit fixed escaure ## 1877 ## 25 ## / bhbank / s101 / zhongxiaoqiyefuwu / msdanweidinghuoyi / %% SME services ## 25 ## 0 ## / bhbank / s101 / zhongxiaoqiyefuwu / %%.

A case in Shanxi Province was selected for the highest prior to punish the typical case of casino crimes.

On November 29, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate held a press conference that "fulfilling prosecutive functions according to law, from severe punishment of casino crimes", issued procuratorates to punish typical cases of casino crimes according to law. 11 people who have been selected by 11 people and other 11 people in the province’s procuratorate.

After investigation, Malaysian residents’ bears (original Chinese, in escape) were illegal interests, from October 2017 to August 2019, the implementation of online casino crimes.

In order to facilitate the settlement gambling gambling gambling, the defendant Song, a certain person, a certain person, a certain person in the abroad, hire the defendant Wanmou, in Shanxi Province, Changzhi City is open "Network Studio", sending gambling advertising information for Xiongmou’s online gambling platform, providing gambling platform links, and mass acquire bank card, ID card, online banking u shield, Alipay (commonly known as "four sets" ) For gambling for online gambling platforms.

Through online banking, gambling settlement, or direct withdrawal, stealing the national border to transport gambling, involved in the case of more than 300 million yuan. In addition, some members of the gang also implemented illegal detention, theft, concealing, concealing crimes, loan fraud and other crimes.

In the case of the case, the city procuratorate shall accurately identify the fact and accurate applicable law.

The procuratorate believes that the acquisition of "four sets" in the online gambling website settlement gambling process, which is implemented for online gambling, and is part of the opening of casino crimes, and should evaluate the opening of casino crimes.

Yuncheng City Salt Lake District People’s Court made a judgment on June 29, 2021 to open a casino, illegally detained crime, and stealing the guidelines for the sin of the defendant Songmou and other 11 people six months to two years. In prison for the month, it is sentenced to the corresponding penalty. This decision has taken effect. (Reporter Deng Weiqiang) (Editor: Lei Hao, Zhao Fang) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

We have incomparable confidence and pride

  Today, we have successfully opened a new journey of building a socialist modern country, so that we will welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Looking back in the past vicissitudes, I feel that today’s struggle, looking forward to the future of the future, we feel more deeply, socialism has historical necessity in China, and China’s success reveals the scientific truth of socialism. China chooses socialism, not only lets itself created the miracle of "as a world", but also made an important contribution to world peace and development. Adhering to socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is beneficial to the Chinese people and is beneficial to the people of the world. In this regard, we have no reason not to be confident, and there is no reason to be unprotten. China has long been in the world’s leading position in history.

In modern times, encounter all kinds of internal problems, China’s development began to fall behind in the world’s trend. After the founding of the Communist Party of China, it has been hard to sacrifice, and it has a huge sacrifice.

Practice has proved that only socialism can save China, only socialism with Chinese characteristics can develop China, only to persist and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The huge success of socialism with Chinese characteristics, vividly reflects all aspects of China’s development, reflecting in the people’s masses that have enhanced, happiness, and sense of security. Standing in the new historical starting point, my country’s economic strength, scientific strength, comprehensive national strength is greatly improved, the people’s living standards continue to improve, the socialist system highlights huge superiority and strong vitality.

For example, creatively establish and develop a socialist market economy, so that the market has decisive role in resource allocation, and better play the role of government, let the "invisible hand" and "visible hands" each of them, mutual cooperation There is no unsharing and developing public ownership economy, and it is not shakes, support, guiding non-public economic development, so that all kinds of market subjectivity is constantly released; adhere to the distribution of labor, while adhere to various distribution methods, Other production elements such as capital, land, knowledge, technology, management, and data are encouraged to participate in allocation, achieving efficiency and fair organic unity. China adheres to the basic principles of scientific socialism, but also add new connotations to socialism according to their actual and era characteristics.

Today, socialist China has successfully completed the arduous task of eliminating absolute poverty, forming the largest secondary income group in the world, built the world’s largest social security system, basic medical insurance covers hundreds of millions, basic pension insurance covers nearly 1 billion people . People’s democracy is the life of socialism, and there is no socialism without people’s democracy.

The people are the fundamental power to promote historical development. The people are the foundation of my country’s socialist system is better than the capitalist system. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that design and development of national political systems must pay attention to historical and reality, theory and practice, form and content organic unity. It is necessary to adhere to the state of the country, from the actual formation, it is necessary to grasp the long-term formation of historical inheritance, but also to grasp the development path, accumulating political experience, the political principles formed, and also grasp the reality requirements, focus on solving real problems, can’t Cutting history, I can’t imagine that I suddenly moved "Feira Peak" on a political system. In the long-term practice, our party gradually established the people’s democratic dictatorship, the people of the people’s congress, and the multi-party cooperation and political consultation system of the Communist Party of China, the national regional autonomous system, the grassroots mass autonomous system, formed my country society Basic framework of democratic politics. A series of effective institutional arrangements, the people are really falling to the practice.

China’s large population size, the vast territory of the territory, meaning that China’s institutional design needs to be more inclusive, more integrated to ensure the stability and continuity of national governance. In China, electoral democracy and negotiate democracy is two important forms of people’s democracy, and the two complement each other and complement. Socialist negotiation democracy is not only a system arrangement of the political level, but also a system arrangement of economic and social levels.

Democratic consultation, ensuring the orderly political participation of the broad masses of the people.

These institutional design enabled China to be awarded towards national rejuvenation. Sudden new crown pneumonia epidemics, it is a major test for all mankind.

Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, China’s mobilization capacity, coordinated capacity, implementation capabilities, and use significant strategic achievements in the fight against neozopp pneumonia, prove the huge advantage of socialist systems. China uses different models with Western countries to realize the development of speed and scale in human history, so that the world is scraping.

This is China’s success and the victory of socialism.

It not only brings development to China, but also encourages more and more countries that meet the development path of their own national conditions, and explore a better social system.

  Dean of the Chinese Institute of Fudan University.

Qiqihar City Tiefeng District opened the livelihood: list "menu" to let the people "order"

Li Lin, secretary of the Dragon China Street Party Work Committee, said: "We set up 10 questionnaires, and the questionnaire survey was taken away from home.

"The voice of the people has a echo. Sun Shujuan, who lives in Longhua Community in Tiefeng District, puts forward the opinions of the old community. Now, Sun Shujuan’s desire is in a little realization.

The citizen Sun Shujuan said: "The district government can dismantle the construction in accordance with the will of the residents, I am full of hope for the community, and I will become better and better in the future.

"As a key people’s livelihood project, Tiefeng District has three old communities in this year, but also public facilities such as green space and parking spaces, but also enabled old communities.

Chen Haipeng, deputy director of the Tiefeng District Housing and Construction Bureau, said: "It is equivalent to the people’s topic, let’s answer the volume, the masses participate in the whole project, and finally through the signature of the mass representatives can be accepted." Tiefeng District Camp Ma Zhandong, the Board of Commerce, said: "The people’s livelihood issued by each committee shall invite the mass representative to participate in the evaluation, and the final people’s livelihood is based on the satisfaction of the masses.

(Liu Yibo) (Editor: Wang Xu, Wang Yan).