What to say,I don’t want to think about the letter.,The desperate seeds under the bottom of the people,Just waiting for one。

certainly,If 枝 immediately,That’s better。
Quarter Wen 萱 打 打,I don’t expect to rise to the eyes of Yan Zhi.,Her fierce。
“Than,Si girl, I dredged my brother last night.,NS?”
Branches are cool,“The season girl is now discredient in front of me.。You like two-headed,Is conscience not pain??”
Quarternes can’t prevent,No development:“He actually tells you……”
“The original season girl is worth a good person.,I don’t think he can’t say the arrangement in your back.,I dare to come to me.。”
枝 无 无 地,“But eat more peanuts,Not to make a grievance。If I go to your brother’s evil『chaos』language,Substant, I don’t care.,Torn the face with the season。”
Finish,Yu Zhi’s sleeve came from the front team,Tangly,Infinite:
How can it be like??
Said the elegant season,What is she wants to say bad words??
呜呜 天道 also I also gentle people’s little sister。
Quarterly stood in the land,a long time,She is back with the return reminding her to go to the road.,She anger:“you——You have long been good.!”
裴 逢 蹙 蹙 蹙 蹙 蹙:
“What is the seasons say??”
Quarterne:“From last night, you show my show.,You think about our reactions,Everything is deliberately expressing me.,You want everyone to isolate me.、Don’t trust me again!”
He looked at her innead.,God『color』Unhappy,Not saying。He stretched a quarter,Pensive。
Sea Wenzhao struggles:“What do you want to do?Kill me?!I won’t let you go.!”
Yan Fengxing has to persuade her:“Season girl,I just want to see if you are,You are calm。”
He doesn’t recognize!
After the last night, he showdown on the spot.,He is perfectly disguised into another.。
Quizan suddenly understood,Not her battle in their own house。At home, she is very popular with her mother and her father.,Even if you have a small action, there is always a small action,She has natural advantages。
I don’t have her home.,She did it from it.。
Seasonalne reacted,A few disciples come over to help build her。
裴 星 沉 道:“The season girl was injured,I neglect,Ignored her,It will also be disturbed『chaos』Thoughts。”
Quarterny:“I am not crazy because I am.!”
Ji Fengxing took out one『Medicine』pill,Public authenticity:“Clear,Si girl, you have improved。”
When Qi Wen, I dare to believe him.,Naturally refused to eat,Everyone did not dare to make her more powerful.。push,Actually let the Quarter have pulled a sword.,Straightforward。
Yan Xingzhu won her premium,Only mixed『chaos』In the case of it, it will not hurt the season.,He is hard to be born.,The shoulders were cut out of the quarter.。
“Royal brother!”
Everyone exclaimed。
Next, I don’t want to be very commonplace.,Directly fell to the season,Feeding her a clear pill。
裴 逢 星:“fine。”
Yan Zhi didn’t expect a few people,Returning,Take out the injury while『Medicine』Ask:“You don’t fight her sword?”

“disgusting。”Su Xiaoxue reached out him.,Gaze,“I refer to those words that you and Chen Fei Yan said.。”

“What words?”Summer stupid,And what you think of,“You said that”
“Do not say”Su Xiaoxue hurriedly stopped,“Don’t say dirty words in the future.?”“it is good,Do not say,Hey this year,It’s not easy to say that the truth is really easy.,Even the little little, you are with them.。”Summer shakes the head,Disappointment,“You speak people living,Eat drink to sleep,Is it very low?,Just like the woman just
,What is long?,Not a fairy,Still not letting it”
“I don’t listen, I don’t listen, I don’t listen.”
Su Xiaodiao is ashamed,Shake your head,Dark hair。
“Ha ha。”
I can’t help but laugh in summer.。
Two people are handsome men and women,So attitude walks on the street,Naturally, it will attract attention。
Make a trick,Su Xiaoxue looked at the time,Say,“I have been half a half now.,Let’s go back.。”
“Not in a hurry。”
Summer laughing,A pair of dark eyes flashed a different,“follow me。”
Say,He pulled Su Xiaoxiao’s hand,Turned back。
After walking more than ten meters,Stop on the side of a black business car,Knocked the glass of the car。
See this,Su Xiaoxiao is somewhat surprised。
“This car followed us an afternoon.。”
Su Xiaoxue。
At this time,Window glass slowly decline,Out of a man’s face。
This is a youth,Twenty-five-year-old,It looks smart,But this is full of tension and panic on your face.。
He barely squeezed a smile,“Do you have anything??”
“Stop pretending。”Summer is too lazy to talk to him,“Who are you,Why track me?。”
“I,I do not”Youth wants to deny,Can welcome the summer impatient expression,I quickly smirked,Look at the look,“Summer,I am Zhao Shao’s person.,Zhao Shao originally wants you to eat,Gather,But it is not good to bother you and Miss Su.,So let me follow”
NS950chapter Acquaintance
Zhao Shao?
Summer stunned,Ask,“Which Zhao Shao?”
“Uh……Zhao Jia,Zhao You。”
Youth is obviously prepared,After the end,I deliberately reminded a sentence,“Sentimentation time Zhao Lazi once made a game with white family……”
Summer is now。
When he was still in Qinghai Police Station,Just learn from the leaves of the leaves。
About him,Whether summer red is still home,Have not come out,But Zhao’s family and Long Cheng Luo family are handed to help him.。

Chinese people。

These information will naturally appear in people’s minds in the first time.。
He subverted the heroism of the hegemony of the hegemony with a strong force.,Facts to create a human world,New hegemony。
He is also the most special one。
Have a legendary legend。
Even if he is somewhat,Trampling the rules of the nine big hegens。
But,His way,Is countless bodies, such as mountain pavilions。
His throne,It is blood and bone to create。
He is killing god。
His name is killing。
Many people and forces,Have to recognize its identity。
Now……He wants to fall.。
A gaze,Concentrated on the body。
Some people worry,Some people admire,Someone awe,Some people ridicule and sneak,And some people shoot the eyes of hatred。
But no matter what emotions they have,I don’t dare to ignore the existence of killing god.。
Even if he is quiet,There is no breathing on the body,The face is calmless and can’t see the temple,But people feel palpitations。
A fierce laughter came。
Look,I saw a body shape as a floating shadow.,Fast incredible。
“Kill god,You really dare to wait here.。”
The coming is a burly bald man.,The five senses on the face are not ugly,Conversely, very handsome。
But at this moment, the look is revealed.。
It is the overlord in the dark field,Witch。
See him,Hundreds of people who are watching around do not come from slight hairdressing,Quick down quickly。
Everyone has grown up,I can’t look down.,I am afraid to miss the wonderful。
“Kill god,Are you ready to meet death??”
Facing his provocation,Summer heart,Only one word,“Battle!”
Witch kicks his mouth,Smile,“Although I really want to kill you in the first time,But……I heard that someone wants to find you avenge.,First solve your grievances and then say it.,Maybe I can’t use it, you will die.,Do you say??”
Just fall in his voice。
I only see the two people rush out from two directions.,The speed is like lightning,Blink。
This is two west-shaped men,Specific【】Can’t see age,Deceosis is arrogant,With a murderous。

Summary is a little curious,After that,I asked again.,“Do you hate him??”

“Found。But it is late.,My mother passed away last year.。But also……”
Ning Yuan nodded,There is a complexity between the look,Also,“I didn’t think,His identity is so respectful。”
Deeply spit out a sigh,Look straight to the summer,Way,“If it is the strength,He stands on the top of Huaxia pyramids,Can be said that the world,Master the life and death of many people。”
Heard this sentence,Summer is really wrong。
Look at it,Spirit of silk。
“He is called Junli,Huaxia Guardian Alliance。”
When a sentence of Ning Yuan suddenly made summer。
A tea that just drunk in the mouth sprayed out。
Subsequently, the tongue is looking forward.。
“Surpectedly。I am also。”
Ning Yuan smiles,“When I investigate this truth,Shocked more than you……Later,I use all of the resources and methods,Start secret investigation,Later,I only know you.,So I also simply collect all known information about you.。”
Summer slowly。
He realizes,Ningyuan next words,It should be critical。
Ning Yuan looks straight to the summer,“About the contradiction between you and him,Don’t you really resolve??”
There is no one in the summer.,Similarly gaze each other,“I am not a contradiction with him.,But unrecognracted hatred。My parents,My comrades,My master,They all die directly or indirectly in his hands,Do you think our hatred can resolve?,I and him,Definitely only one can live。”
Ningyuan’s mouth,Face has become a bit hard to look。
But he has also experienced a lot,Not an ordinary person,Soon convergence,Say,“Little alleviated room?”
“Do you think possible??”
Summer language has become very。
No matter why the other person says these,What is the purpose?。
He is finally a child’s biological son.。
The two sides naturally stood in the opposite side.。
Ningyuan also thought of this。
Both sides have not spoken,Air is also slow and suppressed。
For a long time。
Ningyuan opening road,“Summer,About you and the grievances,I am not so good now.,But after all, my biological father,But also……He doesn’t know my existence,I haven’t seen him with him.。”
Toned,Welcome the surprised expression in summer,Also,“His identity is too high,I have tried a few times.,But you can’t close,So I want to ask Xia to help a busy。”

Summer sound falls,When the field is suddenly quiet。1t

Many old Chinese medicine doing embarrassing。1t
more people,Unbelievable expression between looks。1t
no doubt,Summer is just a situation of a few people,Completely correct。1t
From these people’s face, they can see it.。1t
How did he do that?1t
Such a thought appearance is denied。1t
If the other party only said a person,Maybe there may be this possible。1t
But he got a seven or eight people.。1t
This is a bit not going.。1t
But if he is just a doctor,If the symptoms are disconnected……This is too amazed, it’s too amazed.。1t
Maybe ordinary people feel that there is nothing.。1t
But these studies have known the difficulties of Chinese medicine, but what is difficult?。1t
What is the observation。1t
simply say,It is the god of the patient.,color,shape,Animatory observation,Introduction to visually visually。1t
Usually,An experienced old Chinese medicine,You can also judge the patient’s condition and prognosis through a visit.,Do an estimate,Have a number of hearts。1t
Like this direct discharging symptom in summer,At least they have never seen。1t
the most important,Look clinic is not just hope,There is also a tongue diagnosis。1t
Hope five official form,Opal nose,Do it first,Then use a differential diagnosis to diagnose specific analysis。1t
Summer this situation,Let many old Chinese medicine think of a realm of the visit。1t
I hope that God knows!1t
for a long time。1t
The old man in the initial white beard suddenly slammed,“God,Mr. Xiaoman,Give us a lesson.,only……”1t
Paused,His face revealed a crying,“Mr. Xiao,You just don’t only point their symptoms,Also said the treatment tips,Can be biased,Ha ha,It seems that it is old as old.……to be honest,I am young when I got to the countryside.,Once I fell from the date tree,The medical conditions are very poor at the time.,I am young and I am not serious.,The result is old, I will branded this root.,Whenever the cloudy rain is not only backache,Left legs are not allowed to stand,I am not giving yourself.,But there is no big effect at all.。Mr. Xiao,You also give your old man.。”1t
This statement,Zhou people are not self-proof。1t
Seeing the summer eyes is very complicated。1t
Discuss,They have studied the Chinese medicine for a lifetime,Now, ask a young man in a twentieth year.,If there is no sense of loss,That is impossible。1t
But the same,They all have expectations。1t
Now I have completely believed that Sun Youde did。1t
Also understand why Mingli will recommend summer play。1t
“I simply give you old two drugs.。”Summer has no reason,“In fact, rheumatism……Uh,Who has a paper pen?”1t
“I have got,Xiao Tian Ge,I have me.。”1t

“Humph,Even if you give money more,Also no。”

“Their strength is not,at this point,It’s hard injury.。”
Shen Xuan’s eyes fall in front of him,Be unchecked,Be here。
With Shen Xuan’s words,This is to let everyone look at Shen Xuan.,The more you look, the more you feel angry。
Plug,I have used it recentlyapp, \\app \\ Android Apple mobile phone support!
Since it is like this,So how to deal with this matter,It is obvious。
“Let us go together,He only has a person.,Can it be our opponent??”
“That’s right,Before it was just that he was lucky.,What to see now,Also。”
“If this explains,So now I have confidence.,This kid is dead。”
This,With those people around,You have said that I am talking here.。
These people,More more, the more I feel excited.。
After all, they look at them.,What you need to do next,Just getting Shen Xuan。
As these people go directly,Envelop Shen Xuan。
However, these people have compared,To be more selling。
But Shen Xuan,Sweeping the eyes before these people,But the more you look, the more you feel funny.。
“A bunch of thought is guy,Really thought this,Can you do something for me?”
“I can only say you,It’s really too big.。”
Look at these people,Shen Xuan is a scornful smile,Don’t forget it here。
Before,Just play with them.。
But but I didn’t think of it.,I suddenly heard that they said this.。
But now,all of these,In fact, it is already very obvious.。
Look at the front,Shenxuan at this time,It is helpless to sigh.。
“Ugh,Obstacle,It can’t blame me.。”
Shen Xuan said,Side speed,Quickly arrive directly from your eyes。
These people in front of Shen Xuan,At this moment,How can it be an opponent of Shen Xuan??
So very fast,These people are even tragic.。
As for Shen Xuan?,It is very silent to look at this scene.。
Another thing is aunt and temporarily say something。
But for Shen Xuan,The primary purpose of now is to win the Tang Yuanwei in front of him.。
original,Tang Yuanwei’s face is full of joy。
But I saw Shen Xuan,So tonless to write down the scene。
Even Tang Yuanwei,At this moment, it is also as dead ashes.。
Finish,How is the best end of the end now??
If it really turns this?,So next,What should Tang Yuanwei should do??

Li Tianzhen’s generous standing,Habitual stretch,But found empty,Whether it is a leaf knife,Still big black gun,Nothing。

Only then did he remember that these magic weapons were something Li Xiucheng and Yuwen sought for common ground,The wild beasts such as the liger beast have been sealed in the little blue world,At the moment, I don’t know where I am floating in the gods.,If it is forcibly summoned,Of course it can be recalled again,But completely contrary to the previous breakup,Far from being a question of repetition,But forcibly reversing the rules will pay a heavy price,So he gave up this idea。
Since awakening,Li Tianzhen is really not used to it,Relying on the spirit of Li Xiucheng before,With the help of the other’s golden body,Wear Seven Flame Armor,No different from the real God of War,I hold the big black gun in my hand again,Full of confidence,Right now the strength is soaring,Facing the fierce battle that may come,But guilty。
The key is that Li Tianzhen is not yet familiar with the new fighting style,Occasionally, the power of triggering the rules is indeed terrible,But only when facing one or two opponents,If you run into the strongest or gang fight,He’s afraid he can’t react,And this level of gang fights may be able to make a hole in the world in an instant,Can’t let go。
But I’ve been called before,Only bite the bullet,Kuchimo did not respond,But there was movement ahead,There is light in the dark,Light spots like light bulbs appear in pairs,Left and right,Suddenly far and near,In a moment, large and small spots of light spread all over the front like stars,Li Tianzhi knows,This is not a light,But the eyes,Big and small,Various,Rough estimate,There are thousands of pairs。
So many evil spirits appear,But rare breath revealed,Explain that this place is very far away from the other party,And all the evil spirits that appeared this time are tough,The means to hide the breath are superb,Make Li Tianzhu more cautious,It is strange that,This time I still haven’t found the breath of the Xeon,These evil spirits are persistent,Are you going to use wheel warfare to test?
“Friend in front,Xiao Ke accidentally broke into the gate of heaven,For the seeker Kukimo,If offended,Wang Haihan。”First salute,Li Tianzhi also hurry up‘Conservation’Quickly familiar with the attributes of the power of various rules in the memory of、Scope of application,And the technique of gravitational force,Front kick‘collapse’,I borrowed it hastily‘destroy’the power of。
and many more,Why can I borrow‘destroy’the power of?Li Tianzhen suddenly stayed,I suddenly remembered this overlooked issue,It’s like discovering a new world,The more I think about it, the more exciting it gets,
It seems not difficult to explain,He and‘destroy’From the Metaverse,Later they were kidnapped to the mortal world together,At the time‘Creation’On the top of the sacred mountain。
‘Conservation’Wake up first,Found that the situation has changed,The surrounding environment is obviously not the familiar Metaverse Biyoutan,So regardless of weakness,Use the power of rules to plant the earth’s axis,To close the depths of the seabed,Prevent unknown risks,Unexpectedly, the defensive barrier was destroyed by Zhenjun Guangfa later,Give and then‘destroy’Not awake yet。
Master Guangfa didn’t know what method he imposed‘Conservation’Sleep again,And then transformed into a lotus villain‘destroy’Moved to the mountainside of Qingyang Jianzong and sealed,This past,Li Tianzhen is also based on partial memory,Plus Star Turtle Spirit、The fragmentary information revealed by Shifangjun and others is smooth,There are many key fragments that can be connected,such as,How did he leave the bottom of the earth’s axis,How does it reincarnate many times in the mortal world?
These missing fragments do not hinder the course of the big event,But it’s very important to Li Tianzhu,A lot of information is hidden in Kukimo’s body,The existence of this evildoer is, in a sense, a huge threat to Li Tianzhen。
far away‘Mountains’Has changed,A huge shadow seems to be moving,at the same time,A pair of light spots like soybeans are also expanding rapidly,In the blink of an eye, I came to Li Tianzhen,Like a mountain, it obscures all the scenes behind。
“You claim‘Conservation’?”‘Alpine’Sounds that are not known in the body,Like a thunder,Reverberating in this silent dead place,Unspeakable horror and horror。
“Not just claiming,Others call it that。”
Li Tianzhen is unmoved,And he is extremely relaxed,Just a very short exposure,He will be the opponent’s race、Features and capabilities,A seemingly powerful necroman,Looks too arrogant in front of him。
Chapter one thousand and ninety three Yoshie

Boss silence,Slowly,“There are many strong people in the gods alliance,Among them, there are various magical powers,Ante,Can transform,After turning into,Will be the same as the target。”

“Is this not avatar?。”
Silvester has some disdain,“What is the use?,If only appearance becomes exactly the same,There are many ways in this world to do,Once you have a hand, expose it immediately.,Do you think I didn’t tried this method?。”
Beys again recovered confident smile,“Your Mightiness,I am talking about the power and different,Not only can simulate your appearance,Can also simulate your breath,And your ability。”
Silvester stunned。
He looked at Beth in a very close look.。
Boss smiles,Slightly squat,“Your Mightiness,Just a moment please。”
After the end,Turn around。
About Mo three minutes,He re-entered the box。
Unlike,Side by side。
Silvester suddenly stood up,A pair of eyes,Dead staring。
Because,This person’s body shape,Same as him。
not only that,In the signs of Bery,This person is inactive,A group of white mist。
“Holy light!”
I saw him drinking low.,Stretch the hand,White fog was gently condensed into a silver spear。
Boss smiled,“Your Mightiness,How do you think?”
Silvester didn’t speak,Going to the past,Upper and down,Time before and after。
Half half,He asked,“How is his strength??”
“Of course, it is impossible to be as strong as you.,But the strength of the half-level,It’s enough to blind everyone’s eyes.,Also cope with the peeping of different four law enforcers。”
NS2765chapter three things
Summer with Fangxiang back home。
He inquiry in advance Liu Qingqing,So Liu Qingqing did not go to work,Specially waiting in the villa。
After seeing some cautious square,Liu Qingqing immediately blooms gentle smile。
“You must be a square,Don’t be nervous,Here is your new home.。”
She has learned everything about Fangxiang from the mouth of the summer.,For this dedicated and stubborn little girl full of good feelings。
Her father is a summer comrades,It is also for the sake of summer.,Love house and black,Liu Qingqing is the arrival of Fangxiang,No trace of contradiction。
Reverse,She is very happy,Because the small flowers have finally have a playmate.。
Fangxiang is a bit nervous and cautious,Especially in such a big villa,It is meaningless。
Good enthusiasm in Liu Qingqing makes her gradually relaxed。
but,When I said,Liu Qingqing is full of embarrassment。
“summer,Sister in the future,Call your uncle。”

He secretly thinks。

After heard of words at this moment,He first swept the youth,And then welcoming the eyes of Lu Shao’s et al.,“Did you never cover up??”
Heard this sentence,Lu Xiangdong is full of face,Teeth,“Chinese people,No matter what you have?,I must make you born.……”
Not finished,Summer pupil,嗖,Frontier。
A Senruo knife swept the place where he was just now。
I don’t know when I don’t know when I am.,I didn’t hesitate to attack at the time of the summer.。
But after the hit,Knife instantly disappears,Did not leave slight fluctuations,Didn’t see people。
Summer can’t help frown。
He knows that this is tolerance。
But……How to crack?
His heart has finally got a hint of worry。
Now you can confirm,These people are being targeting themselves,Several young people next to Lu Xione,Obviously not good,Just before they hide too good,Not perfect until now。
Certainty,A sudden scene is also surprised by people.。
They only see a thorny cold light,As for what happened therefrom,Can’t capture with naked eye。
As for Lu Yidong,The corner is even more cavity.。
I am afraid that he is stupid.,This Chinese people are absolutely not ordinary people.。
Otherwise,These only exist in the legendary strongman,How can I at the same time?。
If you kill each other today,So you are never good.,Absolute!
Think here,Lu Xiangdong breathed a cold air……He knows that it is enough to drown his own rotation.。
It is also a thorn cold light from half of the air.,Bump,The clothes behind the summer are now cracking,A blood marke penetrate。
If the words are in one second,I am afraid that he will be smashed by a knife.。
Summer eyes squint,The cold light suddenly shines。
See the summer injury,Xu Meizhen exclaimed。
Summer deep breathing,Express a clean smile,“Don’t worry,I didn’t……”
Not finished,A ice cold knife is abrupt from the air。
Fast arrived。
“Waiting is that you shoot!”

Qian Daoliu immediately scolded“Kid,I told you to find!I didn’t call you to use soul skills in my elder hall!”

Still such a terrifying spirit ability,If this kid has a range of spirit skills,Isn’t it going to destroy the elder hall!
Then Xu Sheng and Qian Renxue sat face to face,And Qian Daoliu on the side is watching the two with cold eyes……
Xu Sheng is too cunning,Who knows if he will take advantage of his absence,What to do to my granddaughter!
Want to inherit the angel god,The chastity of the heir must be there!
otherwise,Will completely lose the qualification to inherit the angelic deity!
Qian Renxue pressed her thin lips as soft as cherries,Staring at Xu Sheng’s cheek,Asked softly“Xu Sheng,What is it you came to see me?”
On the other hand, Xu Sheng’s gaze was an unhappy look at Qian Daoliu……
Then I looked at Qian Renxue,Nodded“Something,And it’s very important”
Qian Daoliu looked at him coldly from behind,Even if Xu Sheng wants to say something, he feels a little tied!
Secretly annoyed“Does Qian Daoliu like being a light bulb so much??”
Qian Daoliu who saw through Xu Sheng’s mind sneered,Raised his arms secretly“mock up!I see how long you can talk like this”
Qian Renxue thought about it,The amber pupils are a little curious,“Important matter?Is it related to me??”
Xu Sheng nodded,Took off the cloth covering the forehead,Showing a crimson mark!
Qian Renxue looked at the deep red diamond mark on Xu Sheng’s forehead,Subconsciously stretched out a smooth finger to stroke it……
There is only one feeling for her,This crimson mark does not seem to be implanted,It’s more like it’s already in the body!
However, the soft touch brought by the fingers touched Xu Sheng’s heart.……
Qian Renxue’s face flashed a few blushes after he recovered,Hurriedly removed his fingers……
She almost forgot that she had her grandfather Qian Daoliu watching them behind her。