Ms. Wang cried with aggrieved expression。

Li Yiyi stood up quickly underground,Heard what Ms. Wang said,Also uncomfortable:“Woo woo!!!What a poor dog!I was so scared that I couldn’t distinguish people,Bit me。
It must be you bastard,Scared such a cute dog。”
You got bitten by a dog,You don’t thank me。
You gave me a backhand slap?
Lin Yu’s entire face turned black,If I knew this,Don’t save people even if you die。
And Ms. Wang saw Lin Yu not speaking,Even more angry:“how?
Guilty conscience,So you dare not speak?
Even if you don’t speak,You have to kneel down and apologize to my dog today,Otherwise don’t think about it。”
“This lady,Your dog was scared like this。
Just kneel down and apologize is not enough,You let him eat the poop that the dog pulled out,So as to make the dog happy。”
Li Yiyi heard this,Wiped the blood that was bitten by a dog,Excited。
Chapter Eighteen
“Beauty you are right,It’s not enough to just kneel down and eat my dog’s feces,So that the dog can be relieved。”
The dog owner Ms. Wang heard this,Agree。
And the dog in the distance,Seems to understand the dog owner。
Want Want,Called several times in a row。

“I finished showering,I want to talk to you。”Shan Rou in a loose pajamas smiled and said。

Gave them a look,Smiled again:“Relax,Everyone is acquaintance,Don’t need to be so nervous。”
Chapter Ninety Seven Authentication
No comment overnight。
When the alarm goes off the next morning,Fang Hao and Shan Rou just opened their eyes and closed them again。
Ye Wenwen has to go to work,I can only get up from the bed with my tired body。
After washing,People slowly wake up,Think of things at night,Can’t help but flush again。
When going out,Don’t forget to turn around:“Sister Rou,It’s dawn,You get up earlier,So as not to be seen by Fluttershy。”
“Ok,You make sense,I go back to my room to sleep。”
Shan Rou got out of bed in a daze,Eyes half open and half closed,Staggered and walked out,Walk to own bedroom。
Ye Wenwen watched,I couldn’t help but exclaim:“really big。”
I don’t know what I thought of,My face blushed again,See if time is running out,Went downstairs。
Out of this villa,Looked back,Still have some unreal feelings。
This is the first time she lives in a villa,Experience the luxurious feeling。
Also experienced some very strange things。
Think of those experiences,I feel a fever on my face。

Mo Xiaosheng was silent,Squinting at those demons,A chill of lore flashed in my eyes。

Only those demons can feel this coldness,In a moment, those demons shuddered all over,Have avoided。
Mo Xiaosheng just took a look,I don’t even care about those demons,Turned around and left here。
After Mo Xiaosheng left,Liang Luo gave Sister Liu two needles,Sister Liu’s mood eased temporarily。
Liang Luo see this,He ordered people to untie Sister Liu,But the rope just untied,Sister Liu suddenly rolled her eyes,Rushed over and took a bite on Liang Luo’s neck。
Liang Luo screamed,Immediately push Sister Liu away with force。
The men just rushed up again to hold Sister Liu,Sister Liu yelled hideously。
“Ronaldinho,Are you OK?”Bai Xue rushed up and said with concern。
Liang Luo touched the wound on his neck,Frown,Shook his head and said:“Nothing。”
He was wondering,Didn’t Sister Liu’s mood ease down?,Why suddenly became so manic again。
When Sister Liu’s family comes to take her,Liang Luo gave the prescription she prescribed to her family,And told her to take medicine on time。
After Mo Xiaosheng left,Those demons gathered together,
“I didn’t expect human practitioners to appear here。”
“What shall we do,Hard to make this leave?”
“My eldest brother is also a practitioner,I will contact him these few days。”
“Really,That’s great,There is a big brother,Killed that human brat every minute。”
“That is,My elder brother is now in the seventh stage of Demon Profound Realm。”
Time flies,Three days have passed

If one day,I was admitted to Qinghua Jingda,Do you have to set off firecrackers all over the city??

Shook his head,Shen Huan walked inside。
Of course a group of female students didn’t let him go。
“Shen Huan,Congratulations!”
“Classmate Shen Huan,You are amazing!”
“Shen Huan,Do you have the time?What I don’t understand in math,Want to ask you!”
“And I,I want to hire you as my tutor,good or not?”
“Classmate Shen Huan,We want to listen to your lecture collectively~~”
They are so enthusiastic,I kept squeezing to Shen Huan’s side。
Thanks to Shen Huan’s rich experience,Just escaped the siege,Ran into his classroom。
See Shen Huan coming in,In the originally lively classroom,Suddenly deserted。
Shen Huan found,Everyone’s eyes are a little different。

Lu Shanshan’s face is red:“No way,Let her own woman get rid of the child,Don’t eat tiger poison,Even the emperor,I go to mother and keep children at most。”

Qiao Long couldn’t help laughing:“Yue Ge,You are kind of interesting。”
Gu San didn’t expect Shen Zhiyue to be such a lively temper in private,But being cheerful is a good thing,I can tell my thoughts。
Gu San said:“Nodake,What is your opinion on your role,Even though,I will listen。”
Lu Shanshan thought of the villain Shen Zhiyue played in the past,All seem ruthless,Just for money。
“Teacher Gu,Speaking of my previous role,I don’t seem to know what,All like money。In their eyes,Money is the most important。”
Gu San nodded:“indeed,In the eyes of men,The money is naturally placed very high。But the reason why men chase money and fame,Isn’t it for women??”
Lu Shanshan seems to understand but not understand:“So my role is for women by all means?wrong,This is not scumbag。”
Qiao Long shook his head:“Zhiyue is too young,Some things he has not experienced,Can’t feel it naturally。In fact, men pay much attention to their own face,Own desire,So everything you do,Just for desire。Don’t just understand it as a woman,You understand that desire is better。”
Listen so,Lu Shanshan understands:“Thanks two teachers,I get it roughly。”
Dangling in the crew this day,Lu Shanshan can only take a few photos to keep,Never spread。
“Yue Ge,The script I got this time is very different。”
Lu Shanshan returned to the hospital and said excitedly。
Shen Zhiyue was eating red bean cake brought by Lin Tong,Speak vaguely:“My mom will call you later,Don’t panic。”
Lu Shanshan stayed for a while:“What is your mother looking for?”
Shen Zhiyue has no good air:“I blame you,You don’t want to inherit my mom’s family business,So I can only distract her,She should be very reluctant now,Find your own way to enlighten。”
Lu Shanshan one head and two big:“Yue Ge,Why are you cheating me again?”
Shen Zhiyue raised his eyes:“what do you mean,Let her come back,Teach you how to do business?”
Lu Shanshan sighed:“Yue Ge,you win,You just rely on us to spoil you,Do whatever you want。”
Shen Zhiyue touched his cheek:“Actually, I think it’s not bad to be a well-loved little girl。”

Under her complicated command,Shen Huan passed through at least20Multiple blocks,Finally reached an empty meadow。

Not far from the grass is the dam,The watermark of a billowing river came into view。
Get out of the car and let go of the blonde chick,Carried his bag on his shoulder,Took her back to her,The blond girl stared at Shen Huan,Immediately mentioned the racing car,Walked a dozen steps forward,Threw it into the river。
She took out the phone in her bag and looked at it,Found that from leaving the Houston Museum of Art to the present,It’s just past11minute。
“Isn’t it?”The blonde chick couldn’t help being shocked,“I rode this distance twice before,It took at least half an hour!You ride me,How can it be so fast?”
“I am strong。”
Shen Huan held back a word that she wanted to hit someone。
Forget it,I am not with this kind of violence.Middle-aged uncle。
Blonde chick takes a deep breath to comfort herself。
From Shen Huan’s belly,And the voice of speaking,And the steady and awkward behavior.petty,I guess Shen Huan’s age should be40Around the age of,Compare with her,Of course the middle-aged uncle。
“Now we can go separately。”Blonde chick pointed to the sides,“Go from these two directions,There are no monitors in a few small streets,You can take off your gear in a dark corner,Put it in the bag,You can come out and meet people openly。The museum is from here7More than kilometers,Don’t worry about them coming here so quickly。”
Shen Huan nodded slightly。
Although she took herself in chaos,But when Shen Huan was parking just now,As soon as I looked up I saw the logo of the Hilton Hotel。
Since I can see,So it’s within two or three kilometers。