In 2022, Shijiazhuang City Public Institution Recruitment Examination Announcement Interpretation

  In 2022, the Announcement of Shijiazhuang Public Institutions Recruitment Examination Announcement was released on March 7, 2022. In 2022, Shijiazhuang City Public Institutions Recruitment Examination Announcement was interpreted as follows: 1. The recruitment conditions of Shijiazhuang City Public Institutions in 2022 (1 ) Basic conditions: 1. The nationality of the People’s Republic of China. 2. Comply with the Constitution and Law. 3. Has a good trip and professional ethics.

  4. Body conditions that meet the requirements of the post. 5. Age is 18 -year -old and above, 35 years old and below (born from March 10, 1986 to March 10, 2004). The titles can be relaxed to 40 years of age and below (born on March 10, 1981).

If the job conditions have specific requirements for age, it is required. 6. Have a national academic degree or above (through self -study examination, adult education, online education, night University, Night University, and other non -Putong higher education forms in the end of July 2022 The academic qualifications obtained before; ordinary higher education education non -working graduates who graduated from the end of July 2022; academic qualifications for the abroad of the Ministry of Education’s Study Service Center before the end of July 2022) before the end of July 2022) Essence

  7. With the age, academic qualifications, professional or skills such as the requirements of recruitment positions (see http: // Annex 1), foreign students must issue an academic degree certification of the Ministry of Education’s Study Service Center Essence

  (2) Other conditions: 1. Job conditions, colleges and universities (including the career period) include the following personnel: (1) Incident in the national unified recruitment plan, admitted by ordinary colleges and universities College graduate employment registration certificate 2022 college graduates.

  (2) The national unified enrollment in 2020 and 2021 General college graduates have not implemented the work unit during the selection period of the job selection of ordinary universities, and their archives relationship is still retained in the original graduate school, or the employment authorities of graduates at all levels (Graduate Employment Guidance Service Center), graduates of talent exchange service agencies at all levels, and public employment service institutions at all levels.

  (3) Students who have obtained foreign degrees outside the country (border) and completed the education department’s degree in 2022, and the education department certification returned to the country, as well as the academic degree certification of the education department in 2020 and 2021 Study abroad in the work unit returned to China. 2. The staff of the grass -roots projects in the job conditions refers to the expiration of the three -branch support plan service period of Shijiazhuang City and qualified personnel, and the rural compulsory education stage in Shijiazhuang City and the service period of 2022 Teachers have a special post plan and college student volunteer service staff.

  3. In the job conditions, retired college students and soldiers refer to the following two types of personnel: First, retirement from Shijiazhuang City to enlist in the army, retire from the service period, and obtain a retired degree or above in general higher education University Soldiers; Second, during the college period, they entered the army from Shijiazhuang City and retired after the service period.

  4. Institutional volunteers of the Winter Olympic University Student Student Volunteers in the Temple of Winter Olympics in 2022 are college student volunteers who serve the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games. 5. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents who meet the recruitment conditions can apply for the corresponding positions, and the academic qualifications recognized by the motherland must be obtained.

  6. When applying for the exam of vocational colleges, under the premise of other conditions such as professionalism, the technician (technician) graduates of the technical college can register for the job of applying for a college undergraduate post , Graduate graduates can register for the job of applying for a college college. 7. If a resident who is recruited for the society is a fresh graduate of ordinary colleges and universities, and his residents are qualified to employ a medical and health institution in the same year. According to clinical medicine, dental medicine, and master’s degree in Chinese medicine, master degree students are treated equally.

  8. Calculation method of recruitment post requirement work experience: From March 10, 2022, the cumulative working hours were 1 year every 12 months. The social practice (internship) experience during school cannot be regarded as a work experience. 9. Candidates must not apply for recruitment posts after applying for employment; ǖ ǖ qLDQUO; All candidates who have the relationship between the person in charge of the hired unit, the relationship between the direct blood relationship, and the blood relatives within the three generations, or the close -up relationship with the relationship between the relationship between the relationship between the person in charge of the unit shall not be appointed. , Financial, disciplinary inspection positions, and positions with direct leadership relationships. When the person in charge of the employer and the recruitment staff, when the employment of the personnel is hired, involves a relative relationship with me or other may affect recruitment fairness, and should also avoid it.

  For more recruitment conditions, please refer to: For details of the specific post conditions: 2. In 2022, the registration time and method of recruitment of Shijiazhuang public institutions registration time: 9:00 on March 10th to March 16th registration method: Click on the online registration to view: Three and 2022 Shijiazhuang City public institutions recruitment written test time and content written test time: 9: 0011: 00 "Public Basic Knowledge" on April 10, 14:0016: 00 "Professional Subjects: "Public Basic Knowledge" and "Professional subjects" written test content: "Public Basic Knowledge" is public subjects; "Professional subjects" are divided into three categories: education, hygiene, and comprehensive. Refer to the corresponding subject according to the category of the application position. The professional subjects of education candidates are "Basic Education Theory", and the main content is education, education psychology, education laws and regulations, teachers’ professional ethics, etc.; ", The main content is the basic knowledge, basic skills, related laws and regulations, etc. of the medical and health; the professional subjects of the comprehensive candidates are the" Vocational Ability Test ". Written test information: Special information for test preparation: Four and 2022 Shijiazhuang City Public Institutions Recruitment Interview Precautions: For details of the interview time and place, see the "Interview Notice".

Educational post interview methods are speaking and answering. The interview method of health and comprehensive positions is a structured interview. The detailed arrangements will be in front of printing an interview notice. In the interview notice Published. Interview information: 5. In 2022, Shijiazhuang City Public Institutions Recruitment and Registration Consultation and Supervision Report Telephone Telephone is available for details. See Annex 2.

“Hey……”She sighed a sigh.。

“Why is you sigh??”Lu Haocheng gently fingers gently with her cheeks。
Blue Xin laughs,“its me,Today, go to the Chinese entertainment.,I will remember about five eighteen women’s stars,I always feel that I have some defeats.。”
“hehe……”Lu Haochong,What is he thought?。
“fool,This is called the defeat.?”
“I saw it.,Still have to pay for them a lot of money 。”
“Oh!”Lu Haocheng is black and a smile,Character of Muzi,Everyone else stretched his hand to his wife.,He will pay a default?
“All right,Don’t think about these things.,What do you want to eat at night??Maybe tomorrow,You will start busy.。”
Blue Xin looked at him:“what happened?”
Lu Haocheng looked at her cute.,“Blue,You said before and I have said,You like it very much..lshopping mall,Now you design your clothes can stayocountry.lMall,happy?”
Blue Xin is surprised:“husband,Did you compromise under the immersion of Chu??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“……”How can he hear this?。
He squinted,Some dangers,Can’t help but pinch her cheek:“In addition to you, this world seems to have no one to ask me to seek her.。”
“See you,It seems that I am terrible is,Who didn’t you face??I didn’t give you a face.?”Blue Xinjiao’s mouth glanced at him。
“It’s my fault is my fault.,What do you want to eat at night??”Lu Haicheng took her up。
Blue Xin thought about it,Recently I want to eat spicy incense pots。
“Would you like us to eat Sichuan cuisine?,I haven’t eaten for a long time.,Fashion Square,But now go back and far.,See if there are。”
“Row,All according to you。”
Lu Hao Cheng Baidu,Looking for a very good spicy pot in the vicinity,Take her to eat,Two hours,The two people go home。
Blue Xin bat out,Just look at the lobster video that is happy to send her。
See her eyes,Especially want to eat。
[Blue baby,You also come to eat,too delicious,I am happy to cry.,Mu Zizi fungus apologizes。Thank you.,Blue baby,I feel that my grievance since this time.,It’s generous now.。]
Blue Xin laughs,She has always arrived,Things that can solve themselves will never feel troublesome。
But is Mu Zi 珩 Is someone else??That is her husband。
[Gather,I have to meet this kind of thing in the future.,You are husband and wife。]
[Uh-huh,Blue baby,I see,I will,We are all happy.!]
Blue Xin:[We are very happy now.!]
NS1850chapter I am afraid that I am angry.
[Blue baby,Lu Haozheng bully you,You must tell me。
]Blue Xin laughs:[He does not dare,If he dares to bully me,Let’s join him together.!]“Um!I really don’t dare.。”
Lu Hao Cheng’s voice suddenly appeared behind her。

The 80 -year -old man fell into the sewage canal Huainan police twice to climb into the narrow pipeline more than 10 meters to rescue him

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Xin’an Evening News Dahui News "It was the police rescued my mother.

"On the afternoon of May 29th, the son of the old lady of Huainan Wei said that on May 26, Mrs. Wei fell into the sewage canal near her home. After receiving the alarm, the police went to deal with it. Inside, successfully rescued the elderly.

Save the people of the people. Jiang Hu is preparing to climb the sewage pipeline to save people.

In the sewage canal, the disappeared old lady Wei Wei was in her 80s and lived near Chaoyang Middle School in Tianjiazhang District, Huainan City. The children were very filial to them. A few months ago, the elderly accidentally injured hospitalized treatment. After being discharged home, their children took turns taking care of the elderly every day.

On the afternoon of May 26, Mrs. Wei’s daughter went to visit her mother and found that her mother was not at home, so she hurried to find her family near home.

A neighbor in the nearby land reminded that seeing a crutch and shoes on the roadside sewage canal. At first glance, Mrs. Wei’s family saw that it was the old man. He immediately felt bad and hurriedly called the police for help. "There are pipelines on both ends of the north and south below the mouth of this sewage canal, and the water flows north." At about 4 pm that day, Jiang Hu, deputy director of the National Day Police Station of the Huainan Public Security Bureau, received an alarm to the scene and went down to the sewage canal. With a flashlight to the north of the pipeline, I visually seeing the pipeline in the pipeline.

The rescue staff tied the rope on the leg of Jianghu.

For the first time, the elderly failed to successfully discharge the channels of the sewage channel about 60 centimeters, the sewage was about 400 cm high, and the space left in the upper layer of the pipeline was very limited, and there was a pungent odor in it. "The space inside the pipeline is small.

"Time is life! Jiang Hu let the rescuers beside him tied a rope on his leg, and then jumped down from the sewage canal, diagonally drilled into the pipeline, and kept his head raised upwards to prevent sewage from preventing the sewage from preventing sewage. Pour from the nose. 1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters … When Jiang Hu approached the old man, he saw that the old man was lying on his face with a flashlight, and he was not conscious.

He tried to pull out the old man, but the space inside was small and it was difficult to use his strength.

After Jiang Hu withdrew from the pipeline, according to the length of the rope on the leg, the position of the elderly was located more than 10 meters deep in the pipeline.

The rescue personnel plan to use excavators to rescue people with excavators next to the elderly, but this plan has the risk of harming the elderly during the rescue process.

Jiang Hu jumped into the sewage canal to save people. When he entered the pipeline to rescue the elderly rescue staff, when the excavator came over, Jiang Hu resolutely decided to try it again.

He re -tied the rope on his legs and climbed into the pipeline. "If you can rescue the elderly earlier, the possibility of the old man is still there." Jiang Hu decided to drag the old man back from the god of death. Jiang Hu was closer to the old man again, and reached out and grabbed the old man little by little. When he retreated halfway, Jiang Hu suddenly found that the old man had a sip of water and breathed. This made him particularly excited. People, let 120 prepare. At 6 o’clock that night, after Jiang Hu’s unremitting efforts, the old man finally dragged the old man to the entrance of the sewage canal. The crowd helped him lift the elderly on the stretcher and sent 120 ambulance personnel to the hospital for rescue.

On the evening of May 29th, the reporter learned from Huainan Xinkang Hospital that after the rescue of the hospital, Mrs. Wei has resumed their vital signs and transferred from the intensive care unit to the Department of Respiratory Medicine.

Jiang Hu was pulled up on the sewage canal after saving people.

Dialogue -Reporter: You climbed into the sewage pipe to save people at that time. The space inside was very small. How did you feel in it? Jiang Hu: The smell inside is too unpleasant. The space for people in it is too small, and the body is uncomfortable. Reporter: How about the light in the sewage pipe with a flashlight? Jiang Hu: The light is not very bright. Take a look and then fall into the water, because I want to climb forward, and the flashlight can only fall into the water. Fortunately, I bring a waterproof flashlight.

Reporter: When you saved people at the time, did you think that if you have an accident, you can’t get out? Jiang Hu: I didn’t think too much. I just thought about someone in it and quickly rescued people. I didn’t feel afraid of it. I couldn’t care about danger when saving people. Reporter: Do you have any noses or mouths in the sewage pipe? Jiang Hu: When I crawled forward, my head kept lift up, and fell a little bit, my mouth was in sewage, I didn’t pay attention when climbing, I drank two sips of water, and I couldn’t care about whether it was sewage. Essence Reporter: When you pull the elderly out, can people get more than 10 meters away. Can people get information? Jiang Hu: When I touched the old man inside, I shouted to inform people outside. Outsiders could hear that the position of the elderly was determined according to the length of the rope on my leg. Reporter: How long did you use the elderly to save from the inside? Jiang Hu: It took a long time when he climbed in, because he was unfamiliar with the environment inside and had no experience. In addition to sewage, there were about 10 cm thick silt. In the second trip, I saved the elderly in less than 20 minutes. Because of the first experience of entering, I knew what kind of actions were used to climb forward, and I also knew the environment inside. Reporter: How do you feel your body now? Does the smell in it hurt your body? Jiang Hu: When I came out of the day, I felt uncomfortable with my throat and a little dizzy. Now it is normal. On May 29, the Salvation Line was still pulling a warning line.

Zhang Anhao, a reporter from the Xin’an Evening News, Zhang Anhao, a reporter Zhang Anhao, an editor of Zhang Anhao.

If you can succeed,He was forced to hand in hand,Even if the shares are retained,Waiting for them to enter,How do you want to pinch him?,Not all of them?

It’s problematic.……
“If he really did the performance??Then we are not smashed.?”
“how is this possible。”
Zhou Zhixiong laughed:“Busy, we can not help,But if he really has some indication of gambling,We can drag him on his legs.。
Rumor、Wipe black、block,Or directly with the Securities Regulatory Commission,Card does not let him go public,Just think,How much is。
As long as he signed an agreement,Can you complete a gambling?,I can’t say it for him.。
The gambling in the first few phases can be completed,After all, enter the shares.,Finally, I will enter the master.,Good performance is also beneficial to us,But the last listing gambling,He is impossible to complete anyway.。”
The king is slightly talented,Like I don’t know how Zeng,I looked at him.,I am inexplicable in my heart.,Originally thought that his heart is already black,But after listening to Zhi Xiong, he discovered,A ratio with him,I am still too pure.。
Dragging legs, you can think about it.?
As long as Wu Qingdong signed a gambling agreement,You will eat him.?
Or do you eat people don’t spit the bones,Not only need to revenge him,I have to let him work free of charge.,Finally, I will give him the company.,Killing people is just like this.。
really,In black,Still you help with financial capitalists。
But I like it.!
This is called retaliation.,It’s a bit of a bitter,The king has a little expectation in the heart.,Some hesitate:“But if he doesn’t sign it.?”
After saying the king, you will react.,Know yourself,Do not sign, there is no loss to him.,I don’t have to find the two reasons.,The chance of investing him gave it,It is not hesome,This can noble him.。
Zhou Zhi Xiong said:“Happened,Do you have just let me find a rejection??This is not ready-made?”
Wang traffic nodded,Suddenly, I admire him.,No matter what Wu Qingdong is not signed,They all can sit on the Diaoyutai,This plan is not missing.。
“makes sense,Then listen to you,That’s it.,I will notify Wu Qingdong。”
Wang traffic somatoes,Say the phone,I called Wu Qingdong.。
“Total Wang,How did I call me??”Telephone connection,Wu Qingdong has some fox。
“Yesterday, I didn’t say investment. I will come back.、think about it,Give you a reply?,I have just told old Zhou just now.,Zhou Zhixiong,Last time you have seen in the forum。
His research on you3Plan a very interested,Investment intention,If you have time,Go to Changfeng,You talk about it.。”Wang traffic hooks his mouth。
Wu Qingdong’s face,Hurriedly:“Really?no problem,I have time now.,You will wait,I will pass it right away.。”
“it is good,Then I am waiting for you in the company.。”Wang traffic smiled and hangs up,Then look at Zengxiong:“Proper,He will come right away。”
Zhou Zhixiong Road:“Still very positive,Then I will also go to do my homework.,Wang, you will take yourself first.。”
Wang flows up:“Busy,Do not bother me。”
Half an hour later。
Wu Qing Dongxing said over,I am full of joking,Rushing:“Total Wang,Long time。”
Wang flows back to smile:“It’s not bad,Wu Chang is very fast,Didn’t wait for how long,This is the old week,You have seen you,I will not introduce it.。”
Wu Qingdong smiled:“Need not,Zhou total a last time,I still remember it now.,I haven’t seen it for a few months.,The total style of Zhou is still still。”
“you flatter me,Wu is always really still good.。”Zhou Zhi Xiang smiled,Hold a handshake。
Can you blew each other??Wang is dark,Laugh on your mouth:“The company’s business has always been an old week in the management,Now you have seen it.,Do you want to invest、How to vote,You will talk about it.。”
“it is good,3I brought it to the business development and planning plan.,I will introduce it in person with Zhou.,What is Zhou’s concerns about investment or questions?,Can be asked,I must know all。”Wu Qingdong is cool。
Zhou Zhixiong smiled:“I really have a few questions.,I want to know with Wu.,Not anxious,Sit first,If you have something, let’s sit down.。”

Henan Kaifeng: "Mind Map" helps block the spread of epidemic

The investigation problem is loaded, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh the reporter Wang Shengxian Daily, a correspondent of the Light Daily reporter Yu Zhaoxi, to the right, and there will be clear personnel classification information. The team can achieve the purpose of rapid closed -loop transfer. "In mid -May, special classes of the Kaifeng Discipline Inspection Commission’s epidemic prevention and control supervision and inspection class organized a special experience exchange meeting. At the meeting, Zhang Yuntao, the secretary of the county party committee and the commander of the county’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters, explained in detail the "Preliminary Tracks Tracks Model of the Estaters". The "Mind Map Work method" is the innovation of Tongxu County in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Its discovery and summary should start with a deep investigation.

  On March 23, the results of the flow showed that two people in Wancai Ling Village, Yuhuangmiao Town, Tongxue County were tested by the secrets of nucleic acid testing positive cases. The city and county -level epidemic prevention and control headquarters immediately launched an emergency plan. As a contact of the Tongxu County subcontract, Lu Qi, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Director of the Municipal Supervision Committee, rushed to investigate the prevention and control of the epidemic. "The complexity and grimness of the resistance and struggle requires us to continuously innovate work ideas and working methods while fully carrying out the spirit of the struggle. Essence

  Innovate the method of preventing and controlling the flow of epidemic, so that the original complicated flow traceability process is visible and dynamically controlled.

Tongxu County takes the risk period as the axis, uses space contact as the face, and takes time and space intersection as a point. Scientifically draws a mind map, and the graphics and texts show the relationship between the secrets, sub -dense personnel, general contact personnel, and the immune -related environment. One picture clearing the danger may spread the trajectory.

  Under the guidance of the Kaifeng Discipline Inspection Commission, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Tongxu County Discipline Inspection Commission establishes a special class of the epidemic prevention and control supervision and supervision, and establishes a collaborative mechanism with special classes such as flow, emergency, and transportation. , Key areas, carry out precise inspections, real -time feedback, urge the problem rectification, and keep the safety bottom line. Establish two sets of work mechanisms: "wartime supervision" and "normalized supervision", coordinate 4 supervision classes with 17 disciplinary inspection and supervision teams, 13 township disciplinary commissions, and coordinate and cooperate with the charts. , Tighten the "pocket" of the epidemic prevention and control.

  On April 12, all the villagers in Wancailing Village were tested by 7 rounds of nucleic acid, and the results were negative. After evaluation of the cities and county epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the seal control was lifted. The "thinking map work method" has a demonstration of county epidemic prevention and control in emergency, disposal, and flow.

After that, the Kaifeng Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection sorted out and summarized the "Thinking Map Work Law" and promoted and applied in the city.

  Since the beginning of this year, Kaifeng’s disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels have carried out 4,300 epidemic prevention and control supervision and inspection, and found that 8,459 rectifications were found and issued disciplinary inspection and supervision proposals, notifications of accountability and warning, and notifications for rectification. Investigating and dealing with the problem of incompetence in the prevention and control of the epidemic, 259, and 49 people were filed for review and investigation. "Guangming Daily" (June 01, 2022).

She walked quickly,Say,Several,Feel sorry,Your examination room is not here,We have some mistakes here.,Please go anywhere with me.。

I heard this sentence,The magical juvenile is immediately。
Other students in the temple also doubts。
But there is no opening saying,Several teenagers of the Mozu stand up,Go away。
I don’t know if I haven’t seen it.,Still deliberately,The Mozi teenager who was swearing before the summer,Way to the summer,Lift your feet。
Step on the foot of summer。
Foot falls on the ground。
The Mozi teenager immediately surprised,it turns out……Fall out。
Not step on?
This thought is flashing in the magic texture boy.,Footsteps,Continue to walk。
However, just step,I feel the same at the feet.,The whole person is slammed.,Time-tattoo。
的 响 响。
How many people behind still don’t know how to take,I saw him fell directly to a dog.,Thoroughly。
A young boy in the temple heard the sound,Falling here。
what happened?
Nobody knows。
But does not affect the expression of all people。
Suddenly a laugh。
And this time,The magic texture is already standing,He rose red face,Turned to the summer,Big drink。
Despicable!You dare to sneak me!
NS3141chapter Immortal
Fall into the voice,The four weeks of teenagers have been exposed.。
They don’t know what happened.,But at this moment, look at the eyes of summer,Already a bit of identity。
Identity,Will not stand out。
One side of the brids,Hold the shoulders to watch the lively。
I sneak you?
Summer face is surprised,Why don’t you say,You just want to deliberately step on my feet.?
This sentence,Surrounded by a startup,The young people are scornful and sarcasm。

The advanced deeds of the Patriotic Movement in Yunnan Province preached in Qujing

Original title: The advanced deeds of the residual Olympic performers in our province were preached in Qujing. Recently, the lecture reporting group of the advanced deeds of Yunnan Capital Olympic Games gave a lecture at the Qujing Normal University.

The members of the lecture group are based on the theme of "youth and hard work" and combined with their own experiences to make a wonderful storytelling in terms of how to defeat themselves and beyond themselves."After listening to the preaching report, my heart experienced a baptism.

They fully reflected the spirit of Beijing Winter Olympics, which is ‘the overall situation, confident openness, openness, pursuing excellence, and creating the future’."As long as you want to do it and work hard, nothing cannot be done.

They are worth our learning in the spirit of the scorching sun and the hard work of the cold."After listening to the preaching report carefully, Xu Chongkang and Zhao Binyuan, a 2021 student at the School of Physical Education of Qujing Normal University, said. The relevant personnel of the party and government organs of Qujing City and the teacher and student representatives of the Qujing Normal College listened to the lecture.

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Siki,I don’t know if you don’t know.,Kunlun Mountain is my root,I don’t know how deep the water,Is it you can go?。

You give me your guy look.,I have to count him alive.。”
敖 汤 老实 拓 prints the appearance of the Tianjun。
It is a monk of a fairy style bone.,Dishes。
鸾 鸾 鸾 鸾,At the same time, the heart is not limited.,I only feel that the sky is chaotic.,Not can’t come out at a point。
“I said that you can’t figure it out.,He said that I will get the first day to kill the sword.,Fortunately in Black Dragon Tan,At that time。”
“Why don’t you say it?,You hold it to Black Dragon Pool,I’d like to see,Who is so bold?,I want to borrow my congenital killing sword to the Kunlun Mountain.。”
Due to the pendant infinite murder, That is a sword, hanging in the top of the soup。
敖 汤 不 瑟 瑟 瑟 瑟。
“Not going back。”
The sword falls down,Scared and rushed to leave the ancient mountain。
Senbai Kill Jian is in the top of Sangtou。
The meditation of the female crown is being pinned in the sword.,Her kills is a congenital killing avenue,This is the end of the road,Traceability,Once this sword,Even if it is Tianjun,Also implied,Strain。
Therefore, the guys who make the soup are bad.,Seeing the sacred object is a fake,Borrowing the sword kill talent is true。
NS170chapter Invade
Black Dragon,Head, white killing sword,I am in my heart.,It is awkward:“Old,I think Black Dragon Tan is not a good place.,Would you like。”
“Who are there so much nonsense,Hurry。”
敖 汤 脸,Hoe:“This family should not be neat,I am, the friend is not a lone,If you start after you?,Unclear,In case people find the door。I can say good,I have to give us a singer.。”
“Your dragon is so much dragon,What kind of。”
“This is not a lot of benefits.。”
“I am, your son is stronger than you.。”
“To say it is really,What’s more, your nephew is now with a love, the brother,蜃 蜃 子 子 是 万 万 面 面,It is equal http://www.susongdanbao.cnto your nephew, and this is a big mountain.,Specified in the future than I have an interest。
To say this is awesome,Wan Demon Emperor So many faces,No one can serve her more than the millennium,蜃 蜃 蜃 子 跟 她 她 她 年,Also mentally shaking,Alien。”
“You are so envious,Do you want to get into the palace?”Kill sword, like a cold universe,Dark void。
“Where。”敖 soup is a cold,Tremble。
Black dragon grinds,I’m not willing to go to Black Dragon Pool.。
“Brother,You really kill swords。”A fairy style of the sky is floating。
敖 汤 勉 强 out a smile。
Tianjun feels strange,Suddenly felt a stronger murder locking。
A forestless kill is awkward。
Tianjun continuous cloth multi-layer body god,But the cave is smashed by the sword.。His mindful,In the case of a unreasonable kill,Nothing everywhere。
Take the heart of the murder, the hole in the sky,A creative wound appears,血 直 直 直 注 注 注。
Tianjun spends the speed of the naked eye。
“观 主,We have no hatred。”
That day didn’t try to stop the injury,I will kill the sword first.,He can only choose a hole,And I have to find ways to make up for the trauma of the hole.。

Chinese -funded enterprises in South Africa held a job fair for local residents

The ambassador to South Africa Chen Xiaodong spoke.

People’s Daily Online, Liu Chang, People’s Daily Online, Johannesburg, April 17 (Liu Chang) A job faire for local residents in Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa, attracted thousands of job seekers to find job opportunities.

Chinese Ambassador to South Africa Chen Xiaodong said in his speech that the job fair was an important measure to implement the consensus of the two heads of state, and it was also a useful attempt to achieve mutual benefit and win -win. It not only provided help for South Africa to solve employment promotion development, but also recruit talents for Chinese -funded enterprises. Inject vitality with local development.

In the next three years, China -funded enterprises have promised to provide 20,000 direct jobs in South Africa, support the economic and social development of South Africa, and compose a wonderful chapter in win -win and common development in China and South Africa. Chen Xiaodong said that as of the end of 2021, China has invested over $ 25 billion in South China.

There are more than 200 Chinese -funded enterprises in South China, creating more than 400,000 jobs for the local area.

In his speech, the Special Representative of South African President, Employment and Labor, thanked China for holding the job fair for the local residents.

He said that the job fair brought hope for changing the dilemma of South Africa’s economic growth and high unemployment, and set a new milestone for the friendship between China and South China. It is hoped that Chinese companies can strengthen cooperation with South African enterprises, create urgent employment opportunities, and help eliminate unemployment and poverty.

Botes, deputy minister of South Africa Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said that the job fair is not only the efforts to support South Africa to eliminate poverty, unemployment and inequality challenges, but also a vivid footnote for the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and South China. The friendship between China and South China has been new for a long time. Relations between the two countries have long surpassed the field of politics and diplomatic. They have achieved the fruitful results of "win -win" in various fields such as economic and social cooperation, which has effectively promoted the well -being of the people of the two countries.

Chen Longjian, executive vice chairman of the South Africa -China Economic and Trade Association, said that Chinese -funded enterprises involved the industry in Nantou’s capital. This job fair also shows the characteristics of diversified posts, high technical content, and strong professionalism. Base. The Association will be committed to the long -term recruitment of recruitment activities to provide more employment in South Africa job seekers to help local economic development.

Representatives of the employees of COSCO African company and applicants for job fairs spoke in accordance with their own experience. Thanks to China for contributing to the local anti -new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic recovery, praise Chinese companies’ localization development results, deeply affect many families in South Africa, and deeply feel that China deeply feels China. The charm of culture has expanded the global vision.

At the event site, Chen Xiaodong also accompanied the guests to witness the signing agreement with the South China Economic and Trade Association and the Training Department of the Ministry of Education to visit the exhibitors booth.

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This eternal heart,Nature is giving me the favorite person,Also my three children’s mother,Blue Xin。”

“what”surprise!Unconvident!Even Look at the reporter will,There are some unbelievable look at Lu Haozheng。
Now,I can’t hold anything.。
Ning Feifei also looked at Blue Xin。
The attention of the reporters is full of unbelievable,Whether it is a journalist or a mask with a screen?,I suddenly not calm down at this moment.。
Have to say,There is a relationship between Blue Xin and Lu Haocheng,Everyone is now nothing.。
But,To say he is the father of three children,This makes all people unbelievable。
Especially Lin Zikai,Lu Haokai,Gu Anan。
The look of the three people are calm than anyone.。
“how is this possible?”
Lin Zikai died in the fist,Biting teeth,The eyes are angry and have to be high.。
But look at Lu Hao Cheng’s serious gaze,Not like kidding。
Lu Haokai’s face is more gloomy and terrible,He finally understood,Why did my mother called him??
I am afraid that my mother knows some things he don’t know.。
After a female reporter reacted,Excitement:“Continental,Just now, you can say it again.。
Today is online,Blue Xin’s three children,Because of7Year ago,Peaceful Wang’s Wang,After one night, I left three children.”It’s just that the reporter has not finished.,Lu Haochong is cold and gloomy eyes to her,A suppression,Let the female reporter instantly can’t be closed.。
Lu Haocheng gazing sharply looked at everyone,A reporter looks at him nervous,The whole game is not autonomous under his coldness,Not from home 。
“Everyone is tall,Blue Xin’s three children,It is my Lu Haoheng biological flesh.。
That Wang,For your own interests,Dare to do this to smear my mother’s mother,I will pursue this thing.。”
He is powerful,Silent scene,Incomputory in everyone’s ear,After saying this sentence,In the case of the public reporters have not returned to God,He left the scene,Leave only a touch of back。
And the main screen,After seeing this scene,The whole person trembles。
In the river,No one can sin Lu Haozheng。
Sin, his end,How will consequences??
In the industry,He is very clear,He should not talk to his face。
“Do not,impossible,impossible。”
Lu Haokai shakes his head in an unbelievable,How can there be such a smart?
Seven years ago,That night, he chatted with Wang and Wang.,Although the Wang always said,The words are talking about her and blue.。
How to turn your eyes,Will make him solemn。
Gu Ai’an is not credible to watch the eye-catching man in the screen.,When he admitted that he was the father of three children in front of everyone,That kind of happiness,She has never seen it.。
“But,The three children really will be a child of Lu Hao Cheng??”
Even Lu Haozheng personally said,She doesn’t believe it。
Lin Zishi biting his teeth answer:“Even not his child,But from his mouth,Who dares to question??”
Lu Haokai smiled:“How is it from his mouth??