Take care of three children sleep,Lu Si and He Wei have some drink more.,Also live back to the house。

The chef has already left,Please do a good hour in the morning,Also quickly pick up the living room clean。
Lan Xin looked at the living room to recover the original,It seems that the laughter before it has never existed。
She looked at Shen Jiaqi’s door closed,Jiaqi did not come back this evening.,I don’t know how my father and mother and my grandmother go to Jiaqijia.,How about talking??
I have no time to ask tonight.,I can only wait until tomorrow morning, call the second brother to live Jiaqi.。
“Blue。”Lu Haocheng whole-term gifts,Bathing,Look down to Lan Xin,This simple and happy birthday,Let him wholeheartedly。
Blue Xin looked at him shallow smile,walk toward him。
“Let’s go up.。”
Lu Haocheng took her hand,Some cold,He holds a tight,Whispered:“Blue,are you tired。”
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,“I am now a key protection object at home.,Do you not let me do anything?,I am not tired at all.。”
Lu Hao Cheng reached out,The eyebrows are rippling:“Blue,You are now, An An Xin’s heart is born.,I will go to the hospital with you tomorrow.。”
Lan Xin nodded,“Um!I should also check it.。”
Two people returned to the room,Blue Xin to bathe,Lu Hao Cheng is waiting for her。
“Ugh!”Lu Haocheng sighed a breath,No blue gift,He is still a bit lost。
but,I think of her kiss,He feels that there is no relationship.。
Blue Xin batched,She shaped a coat,Then turn to the wardrobe to go。
Lu Hao costly wants to call her,Seeing that she opened the door of the wardrobe and did not speak.。
Blue Xin opens drawers,Take out a packaging gorgeous gold box from inside,Her lips slowly moved a smile。
Holding a box,She turned to Lu Hao Cheng。
Lu Hao’s eyes looked at the box in her hand,Heart is nervous。
Is this a gift??
Lu Haocheng looked closer to Blue Xin,Quickly suppress your mood,turn out to be,This little girl wants to give him a surprise。
Blue Xin is sitting around him,The scorpion looked at him.,Hand your box in your hand to him,“husband,Happy birthday。”today,She has not said this.。
“Wife。”Lu Haicheng looked excitedly,This voice,He is now called the incomparable pass.,As long as the wife is called two words,He feels extremely happy。
Blue Xin laughs:“open to take a look。”
Lu Hao nodded,“it is good!”
now,His hand is a little trembling,She opened her heart,Looking at the inside is a couple diamond ring。
“A diamond ring。” Lu Hao is excited。
NS872chapter:With me the best
NS872chapter:With me the best

“Green peas?”

“Niu Niu where found this??”
Su Grandma has also left,Like Zhou, a bean sprout is carefully.,
How to see it is not as long as it is from green beans.?So small beans can grow such a longer?Think about doubts!
“I went back to my green peas.,I put it in the house,I just saw it out of it.,I should be able to eat it.!”
“Milk,You put it in and stir well.!Green beans are delicious,This will definitely eat delicious!”
Niu Niu was surrounded by two people,Can’t go forward at all。I don’t think I will be careless to be died in the cradle.,Selling to Su Grandma,Attempt to mix。
“Can this be lingering?!We have never seen this thing.,I still don’t know if I can eat it.?What should I do if I don’t eat it??”
Have this concern is normal,People who eat poisonous mushrooms every year can be a lot,For fresh eating, it should be kept awake.。
Ugh!It’s too worried.!I want it too much.!
Niu Niu has some depressed。
“Niu Niu is not sad.!Milk has done a lot of delicious food today.!It’s all you love to eat.!If you have this, even if you do this.?”
I want to explain and I can’t explain.,I know that this is what I can eat.,But not straightforward,
“Let’s throw this.?Mother giving you handle,It’s time to eat!”
Zhou is holding a girl, thinking out her hands on her hand.,Niu Niu hesitated,But I can’t stand it again.。
I fell into a stalemate
“Niu Niu?”
“mother,Let’s give the mother chicken.?If it eats no problem,It is definitely no problem.!”
Niu Niu poor Baba looks at the two people in front of,It’s okay.!Don’t kill such a stick!
“Milk,what do you think?”
Su Grandma looked at some of his attached Niu Shen.,
“Niu Niu, only so much by her hens, it is gone.!”
“Can let it grow again,I know it is a long time.!Milk,Let’s try it.?Try this time!”
Niu Niu reached out a small finger,A face prayer。
“Then Niu Niu is going well.?Milk with you with a dollar!”
Southern milk touched a girl’s little face,Take her hand to go out,
“Old couple,The vegetables in the pan should wait for a while.,You will play it out.!”
I can’t get a good thing, I am used to a girl.!So as soon as possible,Niu Niu should be spoiled!
Then I got a head.,Su Grandma shook her head toward her.,It seems to know what she wants to express.。
I really don’t see yourself for yourself for these things.,What’s more, Niu Niu is rare to mention these requirements?。
Zhou sighed,Homemade,Everything well,This is the heart is too soft.。Especially for your own,What is a little about?。
Zhou Shou suddenly distressed two old hen,I have made so many contributions to my family.,I don’t know if I can’t live.!
Come carefully,Zhou’s fire in the stove,Wipe clean,Have it behind them.。
no,I still have to go see it.!
I don’t know what to see.,Others look at your heart, you can settle!
When you arrived,A hen is holding a bean sprout dish,Niu Niu’s face is staring at the god。She can’t rely on chicken on weekdays.,This will extends directly to the chicken mouth.。
Another chicken turns around two people around the grandfield,I want to eat and I don’t dare to go forward.。
It is also a,Mother is still a bit rational。
Zhou’s feelings feel like a lucky luck,May be for the surviving mother!

Xia Jian patted the table twice with his hand,Smiled and asked Xia Fei:“How is recovery?I wanted to see you in the hospital,I didn’t expect too many things recently,Busy with a mess”

“Nothing,I think I can go home within a week after the operation,The doctor just let me live for two weeks。It’s basically the same as before”Xia Fei said very optimistically。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Still not careless,Pay more attention。In addition, eat more calcium-containing foods in your diet,This will help your recovery”
“Ah!President Xia is really a doctor now?”Gu Yue on the side,I helped my glasses,Finally, I asked Xia Jian lukewarm。
Xia Jian knew that Gu Yue’s heart was not balanced,But he doesn’t know,How can he balance this woman’s heart,After all, the matter between them is in the past tense。He shouldn’t walk too close to her,Otherwise it will really misunderstand others。
Xia Jian looked at Gu Yue,Smiled slightly:“how do I say this?There is something in Mr. Gu’s words,Then just say it。My face is thick,Not afraid of you”
“Is this still straightforward??We sent Xia Fei to the hospital for surgery,You give the beautiful father a needle。Who else is Luo Yi’s grandma?,Don’t you live in her house and do acupuncture for her??”When Gu Yue said this,,Look a bit ugly。
Sitting next to Xia Jian, Chen Jing took a look,Said coldly:“Everyone is friends,What does Xia Jian do?,That’s his own business,I think the rest of us,No need to point fingers at him”
Chen Jing’s words are too direct,I feel ashamed of what Gu Yue said。Xia Fei hurried out to make a round,She pointed at Chen Jing and shouted:“You woman who has forgotten her friends,Xia Jianyilai,I don’t know both of us, right?!”
I saw these two women were pinching together again,Xia Jian hurriedly asked:“Why hasn’t Tie Li come yet??”
“can not come,She applied for transfer to the U.S. Development Department”Gu Yue said blankly。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He recovered and asked hurriedly:“when did it happen?Do you all know?Why i don’t know this at all”When Xia Jian said this,,I kept scolding myself in my heart。Did Tie Li leave suddenly,Have a certain relationship with him?
“She left suddenly,Only me and her know,She doesn’t want to disturb anyone。Moreover,She is going to work,Have a chance to come back”Gu Yue said very coldly,Makes people very uncomfortable。
On this matter,Chen Jing and Xia Fei don’t know why,The two of them didn’t say a word。May be to break the awkward atmosphere,Xia Fei called the waiter loudly。Everyone started ordering。
Xia Jian’s brain is messy,He really doesn’t know why Tie Li did this suddenly。Even if he did something wrong,She should give him a chance to explain!What’s the matter of leaving without saying goodbye??
The food served in the hotel is quite fast。Four people can’t eat much,Two cold dishes,Four hot dishes should be almost done。Drinking is definitely indispensable,Because Xia Fei just left the hospital,So everyone ordered two bottles of red wine。
Wine just poured,The cup is not raised。Suddenly Gu Yue’s phone rang,She took a look at the number,So he didn’t avoid Qian’s connection。

Waiting for landing in Hong Kong,It seems that there is nothing wrong.。

However,The Nikkei index has risen by 5.7% in just a few days.,This is quite sudden,Means Chen Linzhi more money,He carefully thinks about it.,What is the name of God?。
Chen Linzhi recently pondered the taste.,Not missing business genius at all times,Nothing to finally fight for longer,In this case,Not necessarily the interests of interest at all,May wish to look at it.,A few years,Everywhere is a chance。
So the mentality is more and more flat,Come to Hong Kong City,First, please ask several branch executives to eat,Yin Zhu is also。
Bird’s nest,Arma Dragon Tree Crab,Mainly Chen Linzhi wants to eat,By the way, with the manner’s management,The restaurant is facing Victoria Port。
Drink a few bottles of red wine,Chen Linzhi eats full,Take a sleep first,Every time you go out,He is suffering from time difference,Almost no adjustment during Tokyo,Sleeping during the day。
The next day to Hong Kong City。
He passed by hotel,Go to McKinsey Consulting Company Hong Kong City Division,Name names to come to a few experts who are familiar with Hong Kong City Business,Asked how many questions。
First, Lao Li’s business is in recent years.,The second is what excellent companies in the Land City Real Estate Industry,The third is how the stock market performance。
These are comparable regular issues,McKinsey Consulting Company has been working on investigation,There is a ready-made information in the archive,Experts from Chen Linzhi also came to,Soon helping him to explore the road。
From the seven years ago, Yangtze River Industry,Taking billions of Hong Kong dollar assets swallowing British old company and remember Huangpu,Then go to the old ship king to pass the Jiulong Warehouse、Xinhong Base is 3 billion Hong Kong dollars,Plan to build the first high building in Asia。
Many news in more than two hours,Continuously digestive by Chen Linzhi,I often hear familiar names.。
As for consulting company experts,It is mentioned that the stock market is very good.,This belongs to what is expected,This time, bull market, global,The rise in the Nikkei index is not an example。
Flowers 10,000 HK $,Please chat with you for more than two hours.,Business opportunities often hide these news。
Chen Linzhi out of the door,Straight Ben Hong Kong City Exchange,Combined with hand information sitting in the hall,Waiting for the volatility of Hang Seng Index for nearly two years,It’s hard to scare him.。
Because last year,Hang Seng Index is more than 1,600 points,The total market value of Hong Kong City listed company is 2,500 billion Hong Kong coins。After that, the stock market rises all the way.,When I got the market at the end of last year,The Hang Seng Index has risen to more than 2,500 points,The total market value increased to 4,16 billion Hong Kong coins。
In other words,Stock Market Value and Hang Seng Index,In just nine months, it rose 50% and more than 60, respectively.,Especially real estate stocks,Special outstanding performance last year,The stock price is generally more than 50%。
Here1987May in May,Hang Seng Index has been about to exceed 3,000 mark,The whole market is the same as Wall Street,It is so fast that it is overwhelmed by stocks and bonds.。
There is a sentence called someone else to calm down,Others are crazy when they are crazy。
For example, when Chen Linzhi see these data,Surprised to find that he wanted to take it before“car”,It’s already shaking on the edge of the cliff.。
Message of Hang Seng Index,Performance is more intuitive than Japanese data index,After all, the economic foundation is in that,And the Hong Kong City economy is far from comparable to this,It seems that as long as it is a good news, you can stimulate the stock market.,It belongs to the air pavilion。
Chen Linzhi always belongs to finance small white,It’s so far a year.,Current sense of smell,He feels like this, it may have a big chaos.,Although I haven’t fully displayed yet,But it is like a crazy that must appear before each disaster.。
Going out of the Hong Kong City Stock Exchange,Squatting on the roadside,Thinking about something。
Proud to the seedlings,Countless thoughts are telling him,The layout in New York and Tokyo is now very dangerous.,It should be set in time。
Can Big Bulls have been rare for a few years,Every major opportunity is also available,Millions of dollars earned by Chen Linzhi since this year,Not because the appearance of this Bull。
Facing the enthusiasm of the Hong Kong City stock market,Chen Linzhi belongs to the outcome,Incoming,Decision power is in his hand。
Just said it is calm,Can really face opportunities and risks,The head is not enough starting.,I want to catch a lot of money before I can’t get rid of a ticket.,I am afraid that I am not careful.。
A smoke,Chen Linzhi decisively,I feel that it should be calm and cold at this time.,Waiting for the considering that we have made decisions。
Before you come to Hong Kong to learn more,His plan is actually an investment in Yangtze River industry.,Use idle funds to use,Take the windmill long-term layout。
This will find the stock price of the Yangtze River industry.,From last year to the present,Up to one hundred percent,Silly, I chose this time.。
If you don’t guess this wave of market?,I am afraid that the mad investor is hard to die.,Chen Linzhi most wants to do it is empty,However, the current market performance is too irrational,He is worried that it is not allowed to take a loss of the holiday.。
Do the old idea to abandon,The rest is only in contact with the market.,Or the same time to wait and see for a while,Inner risk,The latter is no profitable,Chen Linzhi is particularly entangled in a time,Think about it should not be black gambling。
Said that it is calm and considering,In fact, he only takes into account the afternoon.,I will run in Morgan Stanley Port City Office for lunch.。
Not suddenly awake,But Chen Linzhi chips are enough,Even if the gambling is, it does not hinder normal life.,I can’t even wound my bones.,The money will be thrown back in the last two months.。

Chinese people。

These information will naturally appear in people’s minds in the first time.。
He subverted the heroism of the hegemony of the hegemony with a strong force.,Facts to create a human world,New hegemony。
He is also the most special one。
Have a legendary legend。
Even if he is somewhat,Trampling the rules of the nine big hegens。
But,His way,Is countless bodies, such as mountain pavilions。
His throne,It is blood and bone to create。
He is killing god。
His name is killing。
Many people and forces,Have to recognize its identity。
Now……He wants to fall.。
A gaze,Concentrated on the body。
Some people worry,Some people admire,Someone awe,Some people ridicule and sneak,And some people shoot the eyes of hatred。
But no matter what emotions they have,I don’t dare to ignore the existence of killing god.。
Even if he is quiet,There is no breathing on the body,The face is calmless and can’t see the temple,But people feel palpitations。
A fierce laughter came。
Look,I saw a body shape as a floating shadow.,Fast incredible。
“Kill god,You really dare to wait here.。”
The coming is a burly bald man.,The five senses on the face are not ugly,Conversely, very handsome。
But at this moment, the look is revealed.。
It is the overlord in the dark field,Witch。
See him,Hundreds of people who are watching around do not come from slight hairdressing,Quick down quickly。
Everyone has grown up,I can’t look down.,I am afraid to miss the wonderful。
“Kill god,Are you ready to meet death??”
Facing his provocation,Summer heart,Only one word,“Battle!”
Witch kicks his mouth,Smile,“Although I really want to kill you in the first time,But……I heard that someone wants to find you avenge.,First solve your grievances and then say it.,Maybe I can’t use it, you will die.,Do you say??”
Just fall in his voice。
I only see the two people rush out from two directions.,The speed is like lightning,Blink。
This is two west-shaped men,Specific【】Can’t see age,Deceosis is arrogant,With a murderous。

“very good,I’m struggling。”Tao Meng touched his stomach,Pointing to the leftovers next to,Contented look,He noticed the expression of his companion Liu Yongzhi,With a trace of confusion in the smile,So he can’t understand。

This is rare,The two of them have worked together for so long, and they have been quite in agreement,This happens only to show that Liu Yongzhi is also very confused.,Can’t decide inside,Naturally, you can’t give your companions clear hints。
That would be bad,Liu Yongzhi must have found something,then,New discoveries,Quickly overthrew his original idea,Can’t find the correct answer in contradiction。
“Brother Tao,I have a bad appetite,How much did you eat now??”Old Gu was joking,Put the Nati mineral water in your hand on the cart,“Drink on the road,I forgot when I went out。”
“This guy had a stomachache just now,Nourish the stomach。”Tao Meng also responded with a joke,An Yongxiang laughed a few times and dare not speak,The two groups of people are obviously at odds,If you don’t know which sentence is wrong, you may be unlucky。
Liu Yongzhi wants to return the food plate to the store,Haven’t reached out yet,Was snatched by Old Gu,“I’m doing errands,You all rest。”
Liu Yongzhi helpless,Look at Tao Meng with the same questioning eyes,The other party shook his head insignificantly,Nothing unusual around the hotel,He took An Yongxiang out for convenience,I also took the opportunity to observe carefully。
Later Tao Meng tried a poison pretending to be mysterious,The purpose is to show them to Wen Feng,The other party has no response,This in itself indicates a problem,Otherwise, no matter how hard you are, you won’t let this kind of obvious distrust,But Tao Meng just didn’t want to understand,It doesn’t matter why the other party is so heartbroken,Foreshadow?Still some kind*?
Look at Ji Xuejun again,Still the same,The face is neither salty nor light,Standing next to the car with a cigarette in his mouth, looking left and right,Absent-minded,Don’t say it’s Guoan Field Service,Even among ordinary policemen, you can’t find such a character who looks like a wandering soul,Let’s see and respond,Tao Meng hints that Liu Yongzhi is calm and composed,At the same time thinking about whether to inform the instructor of this situation,But I was quickly rejected by myself,Can’t report at every turn,I can’t deal with trivial things,Talk about independently performing tasks?
Old Gu smiled back,Jump into the driving position,Wen Feng tore open the plastic packaging of Nati mineral water,Take out the mineral water inside,One person sends one bottle,“Dishes are a bit salty,Drink water to rinse off,Out in a hurry,We are not prepared,Will be there。”
“very good already,Old Wen, you are too polite。”
“Where and where?This time you are on mission,I can’t interrupt,Next time you come on vacation,Call me when you come,Let’s have a good drink,Drunk,I’ll show you around,Let you see,Southern Yunnan is actually a good place everywhere。”
“I’ll be bothering。”Liu Yongzhi nodded quickly,Can’t drink wine at noon,Wen Feng regrets,Keep complaining。
Tao Meng opened the handcuffs,Liberate one’s left hand,In case of emergencies, you will not be in a hurry,and,Too close with An Yongxiang,Inconvenient to check the phone。When An Yongxiang was handcuffed again,Tao Meng noticed that Wen Feng was looking over intentionally or unintentionally,Originally normal,But how do you look at that look?。
Old Gu started the car,Everyone keep on the road,But start again,The atmosphere in the car is much stranger than before。
After Wen Feng only said two scenes,,I lowered my head and continued to doze off,Don’t talk like you did when you first set off,And Ji Xuejun changed the most,I even put my hands on my chest and started to doze off,And seemed to fall asleep soon。
This seems to give Tao Meng and Liu Yongzhi an opportunity to communicate,But the situation is not so simple,Old Gu’s face in the inverted mirror was red,With the shaking of the car,Round head bouncing,Those little eyes seem to be watching the situation inside the car all the time。
Both people mute their phones,Text each other,Delete immediately after reading,Vigilance is necessary,But in case you make a mistake,Making jokes is trivial,It is absolutely necessary to break the heart of the same。
“What’s the problem with Wen?”Tao Mengwen。

“As you think,The forces behind this day snake group are the hen,The snake help is the bronze level of Southeast Asia.,It is also the power of the five poisonous education。”Liu Shun’s face showing a soft smile,The irritating of her face disappeared。

She gently opened the wine,The intoxicating taste is filled into the air,Red wine poured into both cups,This cup doesn’t know what to manufacture,Red wine is poured into these colorful,Like illusion,Give a dreamy feeling。
“Tian snake help,You said that you will not rush it on Native.?”Lin Feng heard the words,After all, this Sen Tianwang was disabled by them.,Now paying now。
“Should it be,Sen Tianwang is in the status of the gangs.,You are imprisoning him like this,If it is leaked,The people who are helping the sky will not shoot,Shooting is just a man,Five-poisonous education these five majors compete,There is a tragic battle。”Willow explains。
“Since this,It is also very likely to rush to the treasure.。”Lin Feng pensive:“European sacred light may not know this matter,So they bought it directly.50%Shares,And these forces are controlled by one10%,I doubt that people who will know the army know this secret.。”
“Most likely。”Willow laughs:“These shares are in total1800Billion yuan。”
“Reasonable price。”Lin Feng picked up the chopsticks and put a piece of meat into the mouth.。
“Emotional,The company’s capital reserve is rich,This1800100 million yuan will be in accordance with the shares to enter the accounts of major shareholders。”Liu Hao also picked up a glass of red wine light drinking road。
“elegant,You didn’t suffer.,This is directly charged more than 100 billion yuan.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Also said that you didn’t suffer。”Liu Yizhen is white and Lin Fengyi:“Why do you listen to you when you?。”
“What did you have in the past?。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“After the future, you will be a lot of welfare.,I will impact the realm of the suffrage for the disciples of all the power.,Of course, if you have a breakthrough,does not matter。”
“what?Breakthrough?You are so grasp?”Liu Hao Wen Yan:“Lin Feng,What is the medicinal medicine??”
The strong people in the affection are also unique in a city.,Among the gap levels,It is a powerful power,Can not be ignored,But there are very few people who can enter this realm.,Many people can’t get on the second pulse for a lifetime.。
“No need for Dan medicine,I have a self。”Lin Feng said with a smile:“I can master more holy springs in the future.,Quench body,Let people get into the third realm,Slightly hone,I can let it enter the situation of。”
He is not a falsehood。
He itself enters this realm so soon.。
“Don’t pass this,Otherwise it is assassinated by people。”Liu Hao believes in Lin Feng said,Because men in front of you have pushed a lot of miracles.。
What happened to him?。
“I naturally know,If we fierce money, buy seven stars to make China,Our team is more growing。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Let’s eat,Try my craft,This matter is waiting for me to go back to the mine.,Always give everyone benefits。”
“Um。”Willow nodded。
Half a long time,Two people have eaten,Willow’s face,She turned into her bedroom.。
After a long time, I came out.,Willow’s hand is holding a string of jade,Blush,It’s like a vast blood.。
“Good jade。”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the jade road in Liu.,This is a top red jade similar to the red crown.。
“Lin Feng,This is a peaceful character,Give it to you,I can’t go in the afternoon.,Be careful。”Willow low,Face blush。
Her mind has emerged in her mother to death.。
“elegant,This is the jade who left you.,If there is a person who meets the favorite one day,Send this jade to him,Protect him,You can also happiness together。”
“Mother, I don’t let you die.!”
“Silly boy,I will leave.……remember……live……Find a favorite man!”
Recalling the scene of young mother dying,The sadness of Liu Hao is incomparable,Her face is drifting red,Her tears fall。
“elegant?what happened?”Lin Feng took the peace and looked at the willows.。
“fine,Eyes into the sand,I would like to rest。”Liu is turned around.。
“elegant!”Lin Feng took the peace.,But Liu is already closed.。
Lin Feng took a safe end for a long time,His perspective looks inside the room,He saw the tears in Liu.,Lin Feng nose is acid,I don’t know why,Lin Feng has a kind of rush into the room,Email the girl in front of you。
“Silly girl。”Lin Feng is holding a peaceful meaning。

Hans’s eyes flaunting,“Can only be wronged you under hell”

This sentence is finished,Garry and others tremble,Looking at Hans with unbelievable。
In essence,They are not wrong。
This is their responsibility,It is also the rule of the black cliff wood。
This is the dark rule。
When the summer is waiting for more than ten meters,Rear, a few crisp guns。
Pull the moon in the summer arm,Body is obvious,Soon recovery。
“This is the life I used to,Most time,People are like a grass,No right,Some just interest。”
Summer explains a sentence,No longer say,But the shape is missing。
The latter A big plus speeds up and parallel with him.。
Summer looks at,“Adong,What happened?”
He just just started,And the headquarters of the Gods, also in Bachelor in Indonesia。
When the single east and Jinmei decided not to follow him,When I returned to Baicheng,After the summer, they will settle it.,I wiped all the traces about myself.。
It is fear that I have tired them.。
Even after it is,He personally subverts the temples,I haven’t visited the single east and Jinmei。
Not summer ruthless。
But it’s really no need.,Not suitable for them to see them。
This world,Never lack the kind of people who are poisonous。
Now the single east appears in Cambia alone,Obviously happened。
I heard summer asking,Single East’s eyes are one red。
But this time, I haven’t let the tears flow.,“I have been very good in these years.,Original small restaurant,It has become a medium-grade big restaurant,But just three months ago,A very powerful forces went to Baucheng,Used in less than half a month,Then unified the underground world of Baucheng。”
Toned,He grinned,Extrusion of ugly smile,“I don’t understand these,It is Mr. Jin and Miss Jin and I speak.。This is originally not related to us,But the people under the power,Almost every day to eat white and white,And also pay the protection fee”
Summer eyebrows,Say,“Then Mr. Jin shot?”
Mr. Jin,It is also a Chinese living in Baucheng.,And the composition of the Chinese League,In local Chinese and parties,Also have a certain influence。
When you leave in the summer,Zeng Deli will introduce the single east and Jinmei to Mr. Jin.。
Please also secretly take care of Shan Dong Kim and sister Kim。
Now it seems,I am afraid that Mr. Jin also has an accident.。
Single East said,“Those people come to the store every day.,The restaurant is almost can’t open.,Later, Mr. Jin knew this thing.”
Merely,Single East looks at the summer,“Brother,You believe me,I didn’t take the initiative to help Mr. Jin”
“I believe you。”
Summer smiles,“Then,You continue to say。”
“The more you get the more, the more you have.,Finally, you can’t get up.。”
Single east face has a touch of complexity,With a silk repent and embarrassment,“At the end,Directly alarmed Mr. Jin of the League,And the church of the power,That power self-proclaimed angel,Their boss is called Carlov。”
“Last result,It is said that both parties have played,How will the alliance be able to play those black society?,I heard a lot of people.,Mr. Jin and Miss Jin also unknown。But under the four parties,They should be fine,But escape。”

And looking at it all,at this time,Wei Zhonglei’s side,Other people think,Now words,It’s better to find a chance to solve this problem。

if not,Continue to consume here,Actually speaking accurately,Still has a certain degree of difficulty。
“boss,Already done。”
Long Xinhu looks at Wang Teng,Speak directly。
And Wang Teng,He took out a stack of banknotes and handed it to Long Xinhu。
“These ones,It’s a welcome gift,and,You did a good job。”
As Wang Teng finished,Long Xinhu looks at Wang Teng,Suddenly。
Wang Teng feels a little weird:“what happened,Why look at me so?”
When Wang Teng saw this,at this time,Long Xinhu in front of him shook his head,I don’t forget to speak directly to Wang Teng。
“Nothing,I just didn’t expect,my boss,It’s actually the famous Wang Teng。”
When Long Xinhu finished,Wang Teng laughed suddenly too。
Actually some things,Wang Teng felt,Now words,It’s not necessary,Continue to entangle these things here。
slowly,Seeing these,Now,Wang Teng’s face,Is filled with a faint smile。
But other questions,In fact, there is nothing left to struggle for now。
Looking at it all,at this time,Wang Teng said。
“in fact,Now everyone can’t relax。”

Gion comes carefully connected the gold card,Card is pure gold,Write a traditional land word,And the silhouette of the emperor,This is a symbol of the representative Lu Haozheng.。

“President,do not worry,I won’t let the lady have hurt.。”
Lu Haocheng Road:“Arrange ink seventh and ink dye,in addition,Aura,Call Qing back,Authentic assistant and bodyguard,Protect blue safety。”
I have to make some arrangements in advance now.。
Sin!Blue is his wife,Early evening and pool。
What happened to the LN Ran?。
Qing Dynasty is the tissue Tsing Yi, which he is secretly cultivated.,This time I finally sent it.。
Ou Jing nodded:“Um!Rural,Aunt,She also has something to do.,I will arrange it for a while.。”
Lu Hao points,Thinking in a while:“Arrange things after things,After I came back, you will come to my office.,Previous thing,Let’s take a closer look.。”
“it is good!”
After the Ou Jing and the Journey。
Lu Haocheng picked up the mobile phone and called Gu Yi.。
Gu Yi is lazy to feed。
“Is it a little blue??”
“Do you say??”
Gu Yi said very badly。
“Less nonsense。”
Lu Haocheng sounds cold。
Gu Yi was shocked,“Better,Just asleep,You a call,I woke up her again.,roll,Nothing, don’t call,My own baby sister will take care of yourself.。”
Gu Yi finished,Fast cutting phone。
The body also shot,Said that Lu Hao Cheng is fake,Lu Haocheng is definitely the Lord he can’t afford.。
Blue Xin looked at the big brother,Take a few points in the eyes:“elder brother,Are you afraid of your own sister??”
Gu Yi, Junqi flashed a little unnatural:“Who is afraid of him!If he is in front of me, I dare to hear him.。”
In fact, I don’t dare.,The stinky kid likes him from a small child.。
“hehe”Blue Xin laughs,“I listened to Acai.,When you were young, he was often heavily.。”
Gu Yilu Junyan instantly red:“He is also very embarrassed,Your girl,I am very glorious by your husband.?”
“So,I have learned him well.,He didn’t dare to。”
“hehe”Gu Yi,“What is the matter of this world is Lu Haocheng?,Take him,Tiangu Laozi him still。”