Electric cars modified and chaos management difficult to wait "one dragon" supervision

Original title: "Crazy Electric Vehicle" is difficult to change the management difficult to wait "a dragon" supervision electric bicycle "New National Standard", many cities have set a transition period for over-standard electric vehicles.

However, the reporter survey found that with the end of the transition period, there is still a lot of excellence, and the electric car is on the road to drive, bringing huge safety hazards. In recent years, traffic and fire accidents caused by over-standard electric vehicles have frequent frequently, but some people do not have to use it.

  Recently investigated a large number of over-standard electric vehicles illegal speeds of less than 25 kilometers, the weight of the vehicle does not exceed 55 kilograms, the battery voltage does not exceed 48 volts, with foot cycling device – this is the hard indicator of the electric bicycle "new national standard", It is also a safe riding guarantee. Up to now, the newly revised "Electric Bicycle Safety Technical Specifications" ("New National Standard") has been introduced more than 3 years, and the transition cycle period in the nearly one or two years of the major cities has also been expired, but according to reporters, some local exceeds the standard electric The car is still full of street.

  Beijing over-standard electric cart 3 years has ended on October 31 this year.

From November 1st, the Beijing traffic police strictly investigated the key violations of "driving to the driving of electric bicycles on the road". On the afternoon of the 9th, in the intersection of the Xicheng District, Xicheng Traffic Detachment police investigated many privately refitted batteries in 1 hour. One of the electric vehicles has been installed two batteries in the bottom of the vehicle, and the battery voltage is close to 65 volts.

The traffic control department of Chaoyang, Tongzhou and other districts also investigated a large amount of exceeding standard electric vehicle illegal. Tongzhou Traffic Duty Captain Ling Camp Brigade Cui Zhuo said that there is no brand and parameters, and the exterior is rough, and some will be fixed in the foot pedal with iron chain. The reporter noticed that many modified vehicles illegally courier or takeaway personnel. There is a car owner cost more than 2 to 3 times the electric car itself, and the battery voltage is measured by the traffic police on-site measurement.

Some owners said that they only changed their licenses after the original car, and the purpose was to run faster, increase the vehicle life mileage, and complete the order. In addition to the huge amount of electric bicycles, in the county, rural areas, the implementation of "New National Standard" is more universal, and the exceeding the standard electric car exists.

An industry expert said to reporters that overall, the current electric bicycle modification ratio is still very high.

  Who is the behind-the-scenes of the modification? Electric bicycle modification is mainly concentrated in terms of releasing speed and installation of battery increases. How is these vehicles modified? The reporter survey found that some merchants have launched the solution limit and intelligent investigation system, and the compliance electric vehicle is changed to "exceed the standard".

  In Shanxi Taiyuan, a well-known electric vehicle brand store, the merchant said that the sale is a "new national standard" car, but the clerk will directly unlike several wires on the car. "Take you experience speed and passion.

"The sales staff said that the maximum speed of the vehicle can reach 60 to 70 kilometers after the speed limit is released, and only 25 km / h should be displayed on the speed table. There are respondents to tell reporters, some non-mainstream brands electric bicycles. The factory directly reserves the modified operation space, and the quick operation can be speeded. The reporter also found several related videos, one of the video tutorials showed that a brand electric bicycle turned off the power, casually pinch the brake rod, screw the electric door Keep a living in the end, then turn on the power, keep more than one minute, the speed limit is released. And some well-known brands have a dedicated controller, decoder.

The reporter visited Taiyuan electric bicycle market to find that almost all brand distributions can decode after purchase.

The decoder sold online is more dazzling, and the e-commerce platform can be purchased at will, and the price is not equal to tens of yuan to more than 100.

Some of the goods are clearly labeled as "release speed" "resume speed limit". Merchants also have tutorials, "5 minutes" "ladies can operate". "If you want faster, you can also replace the battery and controller.

"A salesman told reporters that the modified battery cooperates with the dedicated controller, speed or even seven or eighty kilometers.

If you purchase online, equipped with installation tutorials, you can operate themselves.

  In addition, some vendors said that some manufacturers reserved a larger battery space in the electric bicycle factory session, which is convenient for battery modification. According to the consumer’s own choice, the standard 48 volt, the over-standard 60 volts and 72 volt cells can be purchased.

An online video tutorial shows that a set of batteries can be installed in a set of batteries, or even different attributes of different attributes can be installed on the electric bicycle at the same time.

"Buy big-capacity battery than direct purchase", business is publicity.

  Classification and governance and "full life cycle" supervision in the empress experts said that the number of modified vehicles, urgently to be classified, should coordinate the "full life cycle" closed loop for electric bicycles from production, boarding, boarding, and recycling of multiple departments. Supervision. Jia Yongfeng, observer, observers the National Bike Standardization Technology Commission, said that according to the requirements of the "New National Standard", the vehicle should be handled.

For example, for tampering the type of battery, improving battery capacity, relieving speed limit, speeding speed, etc., it is necessary to severely investigate and deal with; Changing the appearance behavior, the hazards have been relatively highlighted and serious, and it is necessary to correct it in time.

  It is necessary to block the "back door" in the production process, speed up the behavior of "dark code".

According to "New National Standard", the hardware and software of electric bicycles should have tamper-proof design to prevent unauthorized changes to the maximum speed, power, voltage, foot riding ability.

Respondents said that companies should self-standard, and the regulatory authorities should also strengthen the supervision and sampling of the enterprise, compress private modification space from the source. According to incomplete statistics, my country’s electric bicycle has about 300 million units. The number is much, and the supervision involves various departments including industrial and telecommunications, market supervision, transportation, emergency emergency and other departments. It is recommended to coordinate in the government level, change "Kowloon Governing water" " A dragon is supervised.

The reporter learned that in Zhejiang Province, a full chain, full process, full closed regulatory model is being implemented, achieving the overall process of production, sales, registration, riding, charge, and repair to recycling. "There is currently no technical obstacles for supervision, the key is the determination of the government.

"Jia Yongfeng said. In addition, in addition to the use of the group, in addition to strengthening management, each platform, the company should actively adapt, take the lead in compliance with the" new national standard ", adjust, optimize the original distribution algorithm, and establish more humanity The assessment mechanism, let the rider are safely riding.

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Heavy reaching 9kg Alaska 100-year gold block will be auction $ 1 million

  According to the British "Metropolitan News" reported on November 15, a rare gold block of a baby-headed size will be sold at $ 1 million (about RMB 6.35 million) after 23 years. It is reported that this 100-year gold block that weighs about 20 pounds (about 9kg) is found in 1998 by the gold miners Barryclay found in the Swift Creek in Alaska. At that time, CLAY was under the coast of the Swiftcreek Mining. Later, he found 1896 London gold precious relics and discovered this gold block. This discovery is a creative discovery, and created history .

According to records, this is the largest gold block discovered in Alaska, only a little bit more than the major 24 pounds of "Collste’s boots" found in Mexico.

  This Alaska’s 100-year gold block was sold to a private collector, has been collected by him, and this seller who purchased this gold block from Clay before 20 years ago, now I am selling this piece of Dallas’s Heritage Auction Company. Gold blocks, and there are still many other precious collections. The Natural and Scientific Director of the Heritage Auction Craigkissick and the Executive Deputy Director Joemaddalena show this gold block on YouTube, Kissick said: "I think it should be collected in the Smithsoni learning, because this is a groundbreaking gold block.

An ounce gold block is even more rare than a 5-carat diamond ring, and there has never had such a rare gold specimen on the auction, and the gold block of this width and diameter is unlikely again.

"(China Youth Network Compilation Report).

Eye Eye, established an old flower white endicapper promotes precision clinics

People’s Network Changsha on October 21st my country Elderly 60 years old, the incidence of cataract is 80%, while the incidence of old anthropical eyes is close to 100%, more than 80% of 60 years old, older people are suffering from older eyes and cataract Harass.

On October 20th, Irocycloth was officially released in Shenyang. The clinic aims to further promote accurate medical treatment, precise diagnosis and treatment, while saving the patient’s medical cost and time, providing more preciseness for the majority of elderly patients Diagnosis and treatment services, while solving cataract problems, also solves the problem of old spectacles, so that the elderly can enjoy HD vision, embrace high-quality life. Studies have shown that good vision is a key factor in people’s independence and active life. Most of the vision damage has a daily activities. Whether it is reading newspaper, use electronic products, travel, or even daily life will be affected influence. In addition, poor vision reduces the stability of various postures in the life of the elderly, greatly increasing the risk of falling and fractures, decline in vision, blurred vision is one of the important physical factors of the elderly. At the same time, poor vision will also hinder the social activities of the elderly, or exacerbate depression, social autism. Professor Zhang Jinsong, a head of the Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmologist Branch, and the Legend of the Irida Hospital Group, President Zhang Jinsong, pointed out that most of the older and old cataracts were caused by human function.

Old anthram is mainly the phenomenon of lens hardening, elasticity, decrease in ciliary muscle contraction, and difficulty in reading or working. Corruption is mainly symptoms such as turbidity, blur, heavy shadow, glare, and glare. Zhang Jinsong said: "In fact, most of the vision damage can be avoided or treated, such as cataract and old eyes, can be solved by surgery, re-have clear vision, enjoy elderly life.

"Zhang Ayi, 67-year-old this year, is a retired teacher. Because she has a highly eye-catching and older eyes, in order to meet their own eye needs, she needs to carry multiple glasses with them, watching the old flower mirror, seeing the long time Myopia mirror. Her vision is even more and more, and gradually develops to the dimming conditions of light. It can’t even see it.

After the Shenyang Ir Episoconics Hospital, General Works, Deputy CPC, Liaoning Province, made a personalized and white catrication operation suitable for her eyes, and solved the old anthropical eye while treating cataract. Myopia, no matter how long it is idle, it is usually launched, or watching TV at home, or watching TV at home, it can be seen very clear, no longer have to change glasses, and you can enjoy a clear world. Zhou Diwen pointed out that the elderly can not take rid of the glasses as long as they do cataract surgery, and they have clear vision. "We have three different distances, the first is long-distance vision, such as driving or watching TV. The second is the visual acuity of the medium distance, such as using a computer.

The third is close-distance vision, such as reading or watching a mobile phone.

The above needs traditional cataract surgery may not be able to solve all. At the same time, the current old white caver’s internal barrier is solved while solving the patient’s cataract problems, it can also solve the patient’s old flower problem, helping the elderly to have a clear vision and achieve denseness.

"With the continuous development of technology, cataract surgery is constantly iterative, developed from the previous traditional anti-blind cataract surgery to the current refractive cataract surgery, including old white calender surgery designed for different patients, cataract surgery, high myopia Cataract surgery, etc.

Joshuafrenkel, the Ophthalmology, USA WangvisionStitute Clinic, is pointed out that refractive cataract surgery has been very mature in the United States and is widely recognized and selected by patients. Zhou Diwen introduced that "Old flowers and cataract as a surgical way to solve two visually plaguing, which can simultaneously solve old flowers and cataracts, has gradually become more Chinese patient options.

Old flowers and cataract not only remove the turbid lens, but also through surgery to recover or reshape the eye’s good refractive state, on the basis of excluding the risk of cataract blindness, one helps patients solve the dicholiness of old flowers, but Full-visual visual acuity that can be seen from the middle of the time.

"The application of femtosecond laser technology, thoroughly changed the traditional way of cataract surgery for a long time, for surgery, postoperative recovery provides more protection.

It is reported that the Eye Ophthalmology will start the old flowers in the national 12 cities, and gradually expand to 200 cities, so that the old flowers and white cars are more convenient, clinic registration and treatment are more accurate, enjoy high quality medical services faster, Enjoy the high-definition quality for the elderly to escort. (Peng Mengting) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing Let more people see client download.

Datanghua Yinshun County Energy Company: Due to the power of doing it, go all out to do this winter, spring electricity

The staff is sampled in the fuel.

Reporting units for the map of Changsha, November 9th Huayin Company’s support for energy security and stability supply decision deployment and work requirements, perceived, quickly entering the energy insurance prevention, with practical action to practice "two maintenance", and do a good power to do this winter and spring power safety and reliable Supply work. Improve the stratum comprehensive deployment Promotion of work and coordinate the company’s first time to implement the provincial government, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Energy Bureau, and the provincial government supervisory information on the welcoming winter coal coal power control, the spirit of the conference document, success in October The Energy Preservation Association, the 19th Party Committee and Power Guarantee, the Power Supply Provider, deployed coal-saving and power saving work, and quickly unified the idea and action to the pressing power saving task.

The company established a power supply for leading groups, setting up fuel procurement, funding, safe operation, equipment maintenance, grid coordination, fuel transfer, road enterprise coordination, publicity and public opinion guidance, supervision and assessment 9 jobs, clear Calculation and power saving tasks, formulated the "Special Work Program for Electric Coal Protection" and "Special Work Protection for Fund Guarantee".

Further unify thinking, compaction responsibility, clear direction, actively seek government assistance and shareholders’ support, speed up the landing of financing projects, and fully solve the outstanding problems in the warranty of funds, the key issues, key issues, high politics Responsibility and mission, strictly keep the power supply bottom line.

Keep staring at the coal-source water and land attack protection of granules, the company has thousands of bass to grab all coal-coated opportunities, find resources, measure coalvation, exploration paths, and strive to overcome heavy difficulties to organize shipping, and fully enhance the company’s electric coal stocks.

Grasp to implement the coal source.

The company fully ensures that the Provincial Development and Reform Commission coordinated the long cooperation, continued to strive to promote the Jinneng Holding Coal Industry Group, and actively docking Xiang coal group, and fully ensuring that the provincial government is coordinated in the fourth quarter of 140,000 tons of provinces. .

Stabilized Jiangxi Pingxiang coal supply, fully exploit the company’s surrounding coal-piercing coal, and actively diverted suppliers with storage coal, strive for neutral storage particles to return the warehouse, and should receive it.

It has been initially implemented with 910,000 tons of coal source. Scientific orderly transfer. The company has developed a transportation plan for the actual situation of channel capabilities, priority to protect the railway coal from the northern Changzheng coal and the provincial coal, using Pingxiang coal hair to operate the adjustment means of railway capacity, and do a good job in synergistic management, orderly, orderly Organization avoids centralized transportation, actively communicating with the railway dispatching department, avoiding the vehicle’s exceeding the standard. At the same time, it is actively in harmonized communication with the relevant functional departments of provinces, municipalities and county government, and opened the green channel for electric coal protection, ensuring water transport, highway transportation. Efficient access to security to ensure that the equipment is reliable with the continuous increase in electric coal-oriented operation, the company captures and unloads, one-handed equipment, further improve the reliability of the bucket, turning machine, etc. Go all efforts to ensure smooth coal dressing.

The company fully enhances people’s organizational strength, efficiently operates fuel access, ensuring that the connection and unloading efficiency continues to maintain peak operation.

Do a good job in sampling, connect the reserves of the spare parts for the spare parts, discover the fault, troubleshoot, replace it in time. Currently reaching, changing and simplifying the current banding during the train coal, and compress the warehouse time as much as possible. Optimize train sampling methods, compress train sampling time, and improve the efficiency of trains. Further improve the emergency connection and unloading scheme, dock the unloading space, personnel, equipment, transportation and other work, and ensure that the train is not affected by equipment issues, and automotive coal into the factory. On the one hand, the company arranges a special person responsible for picking up the equipment, the call is followed, 24 hours standby treatment defects, and shorten the maintenance time as much as possible, and reduce the impact of equipment reasons.

On the other hand, strengthen maintenance and maintenance and improve the level of equipment.

Strengthen equipment inspection, maintenance, and use the coal gap, the equipment switching gap is carried out, and the maintenance time is carried out reasonably, and the maintenance time is arranged, and the defect processing efficiency is improved. At the same time, in-depth investigation activities and joint inspection activities, focus on the sampling machine, bucket, turning machine, No. 1 and other regions, and rectify the problem list and strip.

Strengthening supervising serious accountability and promoting responsibility to implement the company’s adherence to precise effort, the same strength, coordinate day-to-day supervision and special supervision, adhere to the upper and lower linkages, strengthen supervision and inspection, and find problems in time to supervise the reminder, promote all branches, various teams, departments Strengthening responsibility, earnestly fulfilling, and focusing on improving work execution. With the oversight and coordination mechanism, the electricity guarantees will be included in the main supervision system, the supervision of supervision, audit, discipline inspection, organization, etc. Resultant.

Increase the frequency of supervision, to undertake the fuel purchase department, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance Department, the Safety Environmental Protection Department, the power generation department, and the equipment management department, and the special supervision, and supervise each week. Work measures, work programs, work implementation, personnel performing duties, and discover problems in time to urge reminders.

Serious accountability, interviews, units or individuals of action, units, or individuals, departments, units or individuals of negative slack, dereliction of duty, strengthen the exposure of the report, produce the company’s electricity Large negative affected matters start the accountability process. Since the Party and government Work Group condensed the coal power protection, since October, the company’s party committee fully launched the party’s contract to organize the role of guaranteeing in the process of mass transfer, and asked Party members and cadres to deposit the coal-saving to ensure each post, each piece Regionally, the company’s power supply is implemented, and it is strongly guaranteed.

The company’s party group organizations have launched a series of theme practice activities to provide strong organizational protection for thawing.

All party branches have carried out "big do one hundred days, strive to be new contributions" "promotion of great Justice Party spirit, help energy insurance for attacking" theme party day activities, "3W1" innovative and effective practices, actively showing the model role of party members and Fighting Fortress of the Party Branch. The company’s trade union actively carried out "big do one hundred days, strive for new contributions" innovative and effective labor competition activities, allowing competition coverage more, and more deeply in combination with central work, effectively stimulating the enthusiasm of employees of cadres. The company’s group committee launched the "big do one hundred days, the young people in the pioneer" theme practice activities, actively mobilizing the branches of the group to actively integrate into the coal-saving power, and injected into the vibrant power of youth. In the lower stage, the company will be "two maintenance", keep in mind the "country", practice the political height of the initial mission, putting political responsibility, fulfilling social responsibility, take the initiative, truthfully, and further grasping the fuel procurement, Funding, safe operation, equipment maintenance, power grid coordination, etc., fully ensure this winter Spring Power Supply, play the "top beam column" and "crimp stone" in the fire power enterprise, develop and protect people’s livelihood Electric contribution of power.

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Henan Qixian County special supervision woven net

Cao Aixiang is not the only rescue object that encounters a spot check. It is understood that in order to give full play to the implementation of supervision and protection, the role of promoting development, the Jixian Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission as an important starting point in the field of rectification of poverty alleviation, and went deep into the Minxian Civil Affairs Bureau to see urban and rural residents, high-rise, orphan rescue, Temporary rescue related information is rigorous, focusing on whether there will be high-quality low-conditioned edge population and regenerative population with high risks, whether to solve the rural poor elderly, children and other special groups "detachable" " Leakage problem.

In addition to the investigation of the Civil Affairs Bureau of the County Civil Affairs Bureau, the inspection team also randomly supports more than 60 villages (communities), and conducts visiting inventory, and verifying that all kinds of policies are implemented and subsidized. Source and help help.

It is understood that, as of now, the Minxian Civil Affairs Department issued a temporary rescue of Jinwan, achieving a rescue, and the policy is fully covered.

(Editor: Yu Siyuan, Guo Jian).

Dagelijks, een van de drie beoordelingen, "Britse bescherming", enorm verheven, kan niet worden gedaan

Wat betekent het in een natie? Wat voor soort bepaling zal worden veroorzaakt als hij niet onderworpen is aan de bescherming en gerespecteerd? In het licht van individuele mensen beledigen, laster, veeg de zwarte en felle fouten, sterk veroordelen en het touw is hetzelfde als de kleine kwestie? Op een andere dag, wanneer we de voorouders rouwen, wanneer we de voorouders rouwen, denken we voorzichtig deze vragen, wat nodig is.

We zijn blij om dat in onze samenleving te zien, telkens wanneer de intentie van de verkeerde fout optreedt, kan het altijd de consensus van de publieke opinie brengen.

Dit is genoeg om uit te leggen, te pleiten voor de held, het verdedigen van de Britten, is de basisconsensus van onze samenleving geworden.

Tegelijkertijd zien we ook dat er nog steeds enkele geluiden zijn als een fluitje van de bakkebaarden, denken dat het "op de lijn" is voor de kritiek en straf van hen.

Wij geloven dat of het de strikte straf is van de snorker die wordt vernietigd, het ook nodig is voor de strikte woorden van de bovenstaande toespraak.

"Wij zijn het moederland, voor de vrede van de bevolking van het moederland, we kunnen geen stap zetten!" Loop de geschiedenis, het talloze Britse gebruik van wijsheid en zweet en zelfs bloed en leven, voor de nationale welvaart, nationale revitalisering, Het geluk van het volk schreef de liedjes. " Hun bloed krijgt de vijand, en hun geest maakt de hemel en de aarde. Met de vreedzame leeftijd, pleiten wij helden, leren we de held en zorgzaam voor helden, is om zich te houden aan de totale waarde van het land en de natie, en de ontwikkeling van de ontwikkeling condenseren.

Het onsterfelijk van de intenties behoren tot een land, een natie.

De Britse daden tonen geweldig, en de geest van de Britse geest is verheven. Ze worden in de nationale spirituele genen gegoten en bouwen het geloof van de samenleving op.

Als de Britse congregatie verlaten is, wordt de geest van de Britse geest vervormd, het nationale gen verandert, en het geloofsgebouw zal ook instorten. Stel je voor dat als er geen spirituele leider is, eens de nationale en de natie het leven en de dood geconfronteerd wordt, wie kan staan ??om te sterven, naar voren komen? Sommige mensen zeggen dat grote behoeften mensen verheven, bescheiden moeten mensen genieten. Het wordt een geschiedenis vernietigd en een natie in een eten vernietigt. De geschiedenis laat ons zien: "Het land van ontmantelen van mensen, je moet eerst naar de geschiedenis gaan" is een gebruikelijke manier van paarden, in chaos, chaos, zal de wortel bewegen, zal een nationale en nationale geestgebouwen laten instorten. Dit is op elk moment zeer waakzaam. Het is niet zo eenvoudig dat de woorden en daden zo eenvoudig zijn dat de woorden en daden zijn verborgen in de ideologie, de schandelijke trucjes van de verborgen geschiedenis.

Respect voor de Britten, zegt resoluut "Nee", is zowel het respect voor een frisse, respectabele ziel, maar ook met respect voor onze eigen, het verlichten van het meest soorten licht in de menselijke natuur. Een hopeloze natie kan geen helden hebben, en een hoopvolle natie kan de held niet loslaten. De tijden kunnen niet niet lokken, de geschiedenis kan niet worden verbroken. Laat de Britse namen van het intellect van de oudheid, hun eigen beschermen, moeten onze waarde van ieder van ons worden.

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Fourteen Games full schedule released

Original title: The full schedule of the 14th National Games released this newspaper (Reporter Snow Intern Qu Lin Xin) On June 3, the State Sports General Administration issued the 14th National Games Competition Total Schedule (Edition). According to the total schedule of the competition, the 19 large games such as swimming, football, gymnastics, and baseball will be swimming, and 26 large competitions such as swimming, track and field, basketball, volleyball will be conducted during the opening ceremony. .

At the same time, the State Sports General Administration will dynamically adjust the competition schedule according to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

  The 14th National Games will be held in Shaanxi from September 15th to 27th, and the competition has 35 large items, 409 small items.

According to the latest release of the competition schedule, the Diving Youth Group of the First Federation Competition will be held on June 26th in Xi’an Olympics Center. In July, U18 women’s football team, the gymnastics youth team will continue to compete. The three major ball projects that have received much attention will be taken first before the opening ceremony, U20 men’s feet, U18 men’s feet, men’s adult group volleyball, women’s five small groups of basketball 5 small competitions. Athletics and swimming are the most gold medals in the National Games. Among them, the swimming projects of the diving youth group, trick swimming, diving, men’s water ball, marathon swimming will decide the champion before the opening ceremony; the 37 gold medals and women’s water ball cards will be produced on September 19th to 26th. 52 gold medals in the track and field project will be decided from September 20 to 26.

(Editor: Zou Xing, Deng Nan).

Fujian improves the full life cycle performance management of PPP projects

Fujian Perfect PPP Project Full Lifecycle Performance Management Source: [] "Implementation Rules" sets three-level quantitative indicators based on different stages of construction period or operation period, and sets the evaluation index system for different evaluation target classification. For example, for project companies, set up completion acceptance, sustainability, fund management and other indicators in PPP project construction, highlight the quality of project construction and the use of funding; set up economic indicators such as project operations, social environmental impacts, etc. in the project operation period. Effect indicators, as well as project normative management and management indicators, multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation projects of economic and social benefits.

PPP project performance evaluation results will be used as an important basis for effective payment, implementation of rectification, supervision accountability. In order to implement the whole process performance monitoring, "Implementation Rules" clearly, PPP project performance monitoring is tracking, monitoring and management of the degree of realization of project daily operations and annual performance targets, including the degree of target implementation, target protection measures, target deviation, and correction condition.

Implementation agencies have explicitly incorporated the key indicators and performance monitoring ideas of monitoring each year, in principle, in principle, at least one performance monitoring is carried out each year.

In addition to the issue of the project company in the performance monitoring process, the monitoring results are used to evaluate the project company score based on the indicator.

The project company conducts daily work based on the indicators of performance monitoring to achieve monitoring targets, and regularly submit regular submission of monitoring results in accordance with the implementing agency.

  The relevant person in charge of the Fujian Provincial Department of Finance pointed out that the introduction of the "Implementation Rules" is Fujian High Quality Promotion PPP Mode Development, Comprehensive Improvement of Project Quality, Optimizing the Management of Financial Management, will carry out the construction period and operation performance evaluation of the project. Operation guidelines help promote the quality and efficiency of projects to improve public service supply quality and efficiency. (财).

Houd de kampioen na de eerste mist: Beijing start zware vervuiling waarschuwing

  Xinhua News Agency, 4 november (Reporter Ni Yuanjin) De Peking Ecologische omgeving en meteorologische afdeling vrijgegeven op de 4e dat Beijing de smog en koude golf in Zhou zal doen, en het wordt verwacht dat de vroege winter het publiek zal zweven, om gezonde bescherming en koud warm warm. De Peking Air Heavy Pollution Emergency Command Office lanceerde de gele waarschuwing van de luchtzware verontreiniging in het kantoor van de ecologische omgeving, de meteorologische afdeling bleef conferenties bijhouden, getroffen door nadelige meteorologische omstandigheden en regionale vervuiling van de vervuiling, de luchtvervuiling van Peking geleidelijk verergerd, 4e Gedurende de dag tot 6 dagen kan 5-niveau zware vervuiling worden bereikt.

  Volgens rapporten, van 3 tot 6 november, werden Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei en de omliggende gebieden be?nvloed door ongunstige diffusie-omstandigheden, zoals statische, inverse temperatuur en hoge luchtvochtigheid en hadden een regio in regionaal medio-regionaal gewichtvervuilingsproces. Vanaf de nacht van de 6e werd Beijing verwezen naar het sterke noordwestkoude en hogedrukgedeelte van de Noordwind, en de diffusie-omstandigheden werden verbeterd en de luchtkwaliteit zal worden gedraaid om uitstekend te zijn. Het Beijing Meteorological Bureau werd vrijgegeven op de 4e dat het impact was op het wind en het koele weerproces uit mijn land uit het noordwesten van Zuidoost. Na de smog van smog op de 6 tot 7e, verschijnt Beijing regen en sneeuw, sterke wind en sterke koeling Weer, en wordt verwacht dat ze deze winter inlevert. Introductie. Het koude golfproces heeft de gecompliceerde regen- en sneeuwfase, de temperatuurdruppel is groot, en de wind is gelijk, en vraagt ??het publiek om aandacht te schenken aan preventie.

  Zhang Linna, Chief Forecaster of Beijing Meteorologisch waarnemingscentrum, zei dat het koude golfproces, de eerste regen van Beijing, vervolgens de sneeuw draait, het meest voor de hand liggende regen en de sneeuwseizoen is op de 6e dag tot 7, de meeste regio kan de regio de regen bereiken, en de regen is gedraaid.

  De koude golf is scherp gedaald met de temperatuur, en er is 5 niveaus van noordelijke wind, de windvlaag kan 8 of meer bereiken, de berggust is 9 tot 10. Zhang Linna zei, volgens de huidige voorspelling, de temperatuur van Beijing daalde sterk op de 6e tot 7e, bereikte het laagste punt op de 7e, de bovenkant van het gewone gebied is ongeveer 2 ° C, de laagste temperatuur ‘s nachts is ongeveer 4 ° C .

  Beijing Meteorologisch waarnemingscentrum zal koude golf, sterke wind- en weggeslagensignaal afgeven volgens de weersomstandigheden, die de relevante afdelingen voorbereiden op het voorbereiden van ijsvegen, elektriciteit, tuin en de afdeling landbouw moeten het van tevoren voorkomen.

Gansu Fire: Practicing the Training Word forged

"May 1" holiday, Cai Jianbo, political commissar of the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps, and inspected the fire safety work of Lanzhou Old Street.

Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps for map statistics show that the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps put into vehicle equipment construction fee billion yuan, purchase 185 fire cars, 110,000 pieces of equipment equipment, Gansu Provincial Government planned information construction funds 4500 Ten thousand yuan, implement the provincial prize funds 82.8 million yuan, which provides a fire-fighting remote water supply system, a macrower multifunction rescue vehicle, etc.

According to reports, 14 of the 14 city of Gansu Province, the fire station allocated, and more than 30,000 pieces of equipment materials were reserved.

Continuously improve material supply, collecting replacement, emergency adjustment, cross-regional priority, etc.

Focusing on learning and implementing the spirit of training, the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps always puts ideological and political construction first, in-depth promotion "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education, adhere to the "five do not shake" education practice activities and party history education, from The Ideal Ideals and Value Pursuits are solved.

The Gansu Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government is mainly responsible for comrades in the three-year work of the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps, and the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Team is facing the urgent difficult task of mission. It is not afraid of sacrifice, always around the center, service The overall situation, continued to deepen the reform, loyal to fulfill its duties, in order to safeguard the province’s social overall situation, protect the people’s homework has made important contributions. "We will strive to build a comprehensive exquisite emergency rescue main force and national team, and strive to prevent the resolution of major fire safety risks, safeguard social stability and people’s lives and property safety, to speed up the construction of happiness and beautiful new Gansu Constantly create a new and greater contribution to the new situation of the rich people.

"The Army of the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps said. (Editor: Jiao Long, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.