Electric cars modified and chaos management difficult to wait "one dragon" supervision

Original title: "Crazy Electric Vehicle" is difficult to change the management difficult to wait "a dragon" supervision electric bicycle "New National Standard", many cities have set a transition period for over-standard electric vehicles.

However, the reporter survey found that with the end of the transition period, there is still a lot of excellence, and the electric car is on the road to drive, bringing huge safety hazards. In recent years, traffic and fire accidents caused by over-standard electric vehicles have frequent frequently, but some people do not have to use it.

  Recently investigated a large number of over-standard electric vehicles illegal speeds of less than 25 kilometers, the weight of the vehicle does not exceed 55 kilograms, the battery voltage does not exceed 48 volts, with foot cycling device – this is the hard indicator of the electric bicycle "new national standard", It is also a safe riding guarantee. Up to now, the newly revised "Electric Bicycle Safety Technical Specifications" ("New National Standard") has been introduced more than 3 years, and the transition cycle period in the nearly one or two years of the major cities has also been expired, but according to reporters, some local exceeds the standard electric The car is still full of street.

  Beijing over-standard electric cart 3 years has ended on October 31 this year.

From November 1st, the Beijing traffic police strictly investigated the key violations of "driving to the driving of electric bicycles on the road". On the afternoon of the 9th, in the intersection of the Xicheng District, Xicheng Traffic Detachment police investigated many privately refitted batteries in 1 hour. One of the electric vehicles has been installed two batteries in the bottom of the vehicle, and the battery voltage is close to 65 volts.

The traffic control department of Chaoyang, Tongzhou and other districts also investigated a large amount of exceeding standard electric vehicle illegal. Tongzhou Traffic Duty Captain Ling Camp Brigade Cui Zhuo said that there is no brand and parameters, and the exterior is rough, and some will be fixed in the foot pedal with iron chain. The reporter noticed that many modified vehicles illegally courier or takeaway personnel. There is a car owner cost more than 2 to 3 times the electric car itself, and the battery voltage is measured by the traffic police on-site measurement.

Some owners said that they only changed their licenses after the original car, and the purpose was to run faster, increase the vehicle life mileage, and complete the order. In addition to the huge amount of electric bicycles, in the county, rural areas, the implementation of "New National Standard" is more universal, and the exceeding the standard electric car exists.

An industry expert said to reporters that overall, the current electric bicycle modification ratio is still very high.

  Who is the behind-the-scenes of the modification? Electric bicycle modification is mainly concentrated in terms of releasing speed and installation of battery increases. How is these vehicles modified? The reporter survey found that some merchants have launched the solution limit and intelligent investigation system, and the compliance electric vehicle is changed to "exceed the standard".

  In Shanxi Taiyuan, a well-known electric vehicle brand store, the merchant said that the sale is a "new national standard" car, but the clerk will directly unlike several wires on the car. "Take you experience speed and passion.

"The sales staff said that the maximum speed of the vehicle can reach 60 to 70 kilometers after the speed limit is released, and only 25 km / h should be displayed on the speed table. There are respondents to tell reporters, some non-mainstream brands electric bicycles. The factory directly reserves the modified operation space, and the quick operation can be speeded. The reporter also found several related videos, one of the video tutorials showed that a brand electric bicycle turned off the power, casually pinch the brake rod, screw the electric door Keep a living in the end, then turn on the power, keep more than one minute, the speed limit is released. And some well-known brands have a dedicated controller, decoder.

The reporter visited Taiyuan electric bicycle market to find that almost all brand distributions can decode after purchase.

The decoder sold online is more dazzling, and the e-commerce platform can be purchased at will, and the price is not equal to tens of yuan to more than 100.

Some of the goods are clearly labeled as "release speed" "resume speed limit". Merchants also have tutorials, "5 minutes" "ladies can operate". "If you want faster, you can also replace the battery and controller.

"A salesman told reporters that the modified battery cooperates with the dedicated controller, speed or even seven or eighty kilometers.

If you purchase online, equipped with installation tutorials, you can operate themselves.

  In addition, some vendors said that some manufacturers reserved a larger battery space in the electric bicycle factory session, which is convenient for battery modification. According to the consumer’s own choice, the standard 48 volt, the over-standard 60 volts and 72 volt cells can be purchased.

An online video tutorial shows that a set of batteries can be installed in a set of batteries, or even different attributes of different attributes can be installed on the electric bicycle at the same time.

"Buy big-capacity battery than direct purchase", business is publicity.

  Classification and governance and "full life cycle" supervision in the empress experts said that the number of modified vehicles, urgently to be classified, should coordinate the "full life cycle" closed loop for electric bicycles from production, boarding, boarding, and recycling of multiple departments. Supervision. Jia Yongfeng, observer, observers the National Bike Standardization Technology Commission, said that according to the requirements of the "New National Standard", the vehicle should be handled.

For example, for tampering the type of battery, improving battery capacity, relieving speed limit, speeding speed, etc., it is necessary to severely investigate and deal with; Changing the appearance behavior, the hazards have been relatively highlighted and serious, and it is necessary to correct it in time.

  It is necessary to block the "back door" in the production process, speed up the behavior of "dark code".

According to "New National Standard", the hardware and software of electric bicycles should have tamper-proof design to prevent unauthorized changes to the maximum speed, power, voltage, foot riding ability.

Respondents said that companies should self-standard, and the regulatory authorities should also strengthen the supervision and sampling of the enterprise, compress private modification space from the source. According to incomplete statistics, my country’s electric bicycle has about 300 million units. The number is much, and the supervision involves various departments including industrial and telecommunications, market supervision, transportation, emergency emergency and other departments. It is recommended to coordinate in the government level, change "Kowloon Governing water" " A dragon is supervised.

The reporter learned that in Zhejiang Province, a full chain, full process, full closed regulatory model is being implemented, achieving the overall process of production, sales, registration, riding, charge, and repair to recycling. "There is currently no technical obstacles for supervision, the key is the determination of the government.

"Jia Yongfeng said. In addition, in addition to the use of the group, in addition to strengthening management, each platform, the company should actively adapt, take the lead in compliance with the" new national standard ", adjust, optimize the original distribution algorithm, and establish more humanity The assessment mechanism, let the rider are safely riding.

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