Which car V PRO new car is promoted to the 12th store in the Sichuan-China

Hualong Net – New Chongqing Client December 13th 22-Test (Xuchuan) Yesterday (12) Day, 1st Motor Sichuan-Chongwei Battle District At the same time, the Chinese Women’s Shooting Olympic Championship – Zhang Mountain will attend the site as the ownerAnd witnessed the "real smart good car".

At this time, there are 25 stores in the Sichuan-China, there are 6 shops in Chengdu, 4 stores in Chongqing, 15 in Sichuan.

As a truck service in traveling ecosystem, which is the power-saving service has completed 1 吒 吒 电 布 in 150 cities across the country, with 1637 free charging stations, 19,663 DC electric charge piles, covering more than 95% usersUsing the area, truly realize the 100th city thousands of piles.It is worth mentioning that the power-saving service ushered in the national team to enter the country, and the Internet has realized interconnection, which is based on the stars charging and the charity charging, which is addressed in public charging network layout.Another progress will provide the owner to provide more, more convenient charging services.

The Sichuan-Chongwu District Power Distribution Service, 66 Sichuan Province, 35 in Chongqing Area. Take "wisdom" to win to the new and "rising" "70,000-level intelligent technology cabin" which 吒 VPRO is somewhat listed, new cars include long-lived jobs, long-lived wisdom to enjoy the two models, the official price of the subsidy is 10,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan.

Based on the young consumers, there is a personality, dare-to-offer fashion demand, which is VPRO to provide users with the purchase of twelve colorful skin, the official unified price of 2499 yuan.

As a real intelligent pure electric SUV in 100,000 yuan, the VPRO has achieved a new upgrade around intelligence, security, power, and service, bringing a more comprehensive wisdom to travel to users, and become a car for practicing. The Vividness of the Idea of ??Science and Technology Ping.

Limited to intelligence – enjoy the science and technology equivalent to improve the driving experience intelligent upgrade which 吒 VPRO This rejuvenated biggest highlight, new car is equipped with a comprehensive upgrade of the L2 intelligent auxiliary driving system, equipped with high performance chips and up to 14 high-precision cores Sensing equipment, performance far super-class products, can perceive the vehicle surrounding environment and road conditions in real time, and fully guarantee the safety of users.

Among them, the full-speed ACC adaptive cruise system can achieve a full-speed domain of 0-120km / h through the combination of the camera and millimeters, high-precision with the car, covering the congestion, the intersection, upside down, etc. Complex working conditions to meet most of the scenes of user city travel. One-click remote parking capability that VPRO is equipped, automatically identifies and parking into the parking space, fully solving parking lots of newbie drivers parking, irregular parking spaces. The new car is also equipped with a new upgrade inch intelligent central control big screen, and the only 360 information security protection of the same level, fully ensures smooth operation, protect the owner privacy, bring users a more relaxing car experience.

It is worth mentioning that the new 360 information security protection is the first step in the car to create an intelligent security system.

In the future, the car will continue to evolve in information security, providing all-round, system-level security for smart vehicles. Lifting intelligent security leveling to securely escorting the constant temperature battery management system that is high-temperature, high-temperature, heat management function, which is high temperature, heat management function, and extend the battery life in the best working state, extend the battery life. At the same time, improve the life mileage, especially for winter continuous management. The new car will also carry the ESC body stabilization system to prevent the vehicle from turning to insufficient or turning the excessive phenomenon in the rapid turn, dodge or avoidance, enhance the safety and handling of the vehicle, escorting the user’s driving safety. Lifting to performance – Enjoy driving performance Pullness and powering as a year of consciousness, which is the perfect combination of VPRO to achieve extreme performance and efficient kinetic energy.

Which VPRO uses a 70 kW high-power motor, the maximum torque 150N · m, NEDC endless mileage 401km.

The new car is only 0-50km / h accelerates only, whether it is starting speed, or a middleway, it can bring a fast-responding driving experience. The new car can also easily deal with a variety of road conditions such as urban commutation, high-speed roads. While bringing better multi-channel passage to ensure the economics of daily urban commuter vehicles, let drivers can enjoy driving more enjoyable.

Lifting to the service – enjoy the service quality leveling, enjoy the cross-level experience, the good car is not expensive, the service is topped. Which car provides the new car users to provide four lifelong free car services – life free three-primary protection (limited to non-operating private owners, no more than 30,000 kilometers per year), free road rescue, lifetime free car network Traffic (5G flow rate per month), free FOTA upgrade, which provides a full range of car guarantees for the car owner.

In addition, new car users can enjoy 5,000 yuan / Taiwan replacement subsidies or up to 5,000 yuan / Taiwan financial interest at the same time of enjoying "free power-up" and "Valers" service for 2 years. Position 70,000 intelligent technology cabin, which V. Since the listing of November 3, 2020, 47,399 will have been accumulated. With high-quality, high-performance, high-quality and high-quality product highlights, which 吒 V gets the depth of young consumers, especially the delivery of a second-tier city is more than 50%. More importantly, from January to November this year, there are 59,547 sets of car accumulated, a year-on-year increase of 393%.

Among them, in November, there are 13,500 car orders to deliver 10013 units, an increase of 372% year-on-year, an increase of 24% from the previous month, of which individual users account for 91%, and the new forces are the first camp. In November this year, the car will be delivered to 10,000 clubs into the month.

Today, it is a year, which is a new generation of upgraded products. The future of the car is in the future, and the VPRO will establish the industry benchmark in the A0-level pure electric SUV segmentation market through the intelligent technology of the leading style model.

At the same time, the car will continue to adhere to the original intention of "making the car" for the people, with leading intelligent security technology as support, build more intelligent, safer high quality intelligent pure electric vehicles. Dear users, "Chongqing" customers have officially revised to upgrade to "New Chongqing" client.

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