Jige, you just changed a way of life

“Jige, you just changed a way of life”
Turning away and leaving, Ji Zhe suddenly passed away due to illness, making the people who love him unexpectedly unwilling to believe.Figure / Vision Chinese champion memory Ji Zhe and Marbury and other Shougang teammates celebrate the CBA championship.Figure / Osports fight to the end on March 22, 2018 against the Liaoning team, Ji Zhe fell to the ground, this is his last CBA battle.Figure / vision China Beijing Shougang CBA 4-year-old three-time champion Ji Zhe died of cancer last morning at the age of 33. His teammates and basketball players have mourned. Some people still do not want to believe this bad news.11 CBA seasons, representing Beijing Shougang in 434 games, scoring 3182 points and 3 championships with the team-this is the best memory Ji Zhe left to Shougang and fans.Farewell No. 51, please go all the way.  Those “Ki” counted 3 CBA championships, 11 CBA seasons, 434 games, 3182 points, 2050 rebounds, 346 assists, 199 times, 372 steals at the final whistle. 11 seasons experienced all the troughs and peaks. 1986 10Born on the 14th of January, and passed away on December 5, 2019, there were almost no signs. The 33-year-old Ji Zhe left the world forever.From 2007 to 2018, as the main insider of Beijing Shougang, Ji Zhe, wearing the 51st shirt, dedicated his best years to this Beijing team.  Born in Shenyang, Liaoning, from contacting basketball to entering the professional club echelon, whether participating in the Super League or the National Games, Ji Zhe has been playing for the Liaoning youth team in the early days.Until 2007, Ji Zhe, who had just turned 20 years of age, was loaned to Beijing Shougang by the Liaoning team, and the transformation started a brilliant career.  The 2007-2008 season was Ji Zhe’s debut season at the CBA.At that time, Battle had just left the team. As a young insider recruited by Min Lulei, Ji Zhe played a total of 29 times, averaging 5 contributions.1 point, 3.3 rebounds.Despite the flat personal data, the team’s record has not improved, but Ji Zhe and Zhang Yunsong, Xie Libin, Chen Lei, Jiao Jian and other teammates together, propped up the trough of the Shougang men’s basketball team.  In the 2011-2012 season, through Marbury joining, the Shougang men’s basketball team became the top team in the league, Ji Zhe ushered in the peak period of his professional career.The 2011-2012 season averaged 9 contributions.4 points, 5.With 4 rebounds, Ji Zhe helped the team win the team’s first championship; 2012-2013 season averaged 10.8 points, 6.With 7 rebounds, Ji Zhe had the best season of his career.  In the 2013-2014 season and 2014-2015 season, Shougang won two more championships and Ji Zhe won the third championship trophy.As old captain Chen Lei left the team in the summer of 2015, as one of the longest players in the team, Ji Zhe became the team captain.Since then, although Shougang failed to reach the finals again, in the key games such as the playoffs, Ji Zhe has always been the team’s spiritual pillar.  On March 22, 2018, Beijing Shougang played against the Liaoning team at home. Ji Zhe played 19 minutes with 7 points and 5 rebounds. The Shougang team who lost the ball left the playoff stage.  However, I’m afraid no one thought that that game became Ji Zhe’s career swan song.After the season, Ji Zhe was diagnosed with diabetes due to physical discomfort.Over the past year, Ji Zhe has been fighting the disease and trying to return to the basketball court, but in the end it is regrettable to say goodbye to everyone.  Slow motion was scolded to maximize his most grateful mentor Min Lulei in the 11 seasons in Beijing Shougang, Ji Zhe was beaten by the head coach Min Lulei the most scolded player.  Min Lulei likes to curse people. This is something that all Beijing fans know. He once said, “It turns out that Xiao Yun (Zhang Yunsong) and Chen Lei were scolded.”In the last few seasons of coaching Shougang, Min Lulei has been controlling his emotions, but in the game, it is still a major feature of him to scold the players. Ji Zhe has become the target of the most” shots “.  ”Marbury is so good that I can’t scold, neither can Morris, nor can captain Chen Lei.”Min Lulei was also happy with this question,” so he sent the fire to Ji Zhe. The most telling thing to him was that you can’t fight?”In Ji Zhe’s view, Min Lulei’s” swearing “is more of a kind of love,” Guiding Min is also good for us, and the main thing is that I made the most mistakes on the court and should also scold.After winning the CBA championship for the first time in 2012, Ji Zhe said that he would like to thank Min Lulei: “Without Min’s guidance, there won’t be mine today.”It was he who gave me the ball to play, it was he who made me transfer to the Shougang team after the two loan periods expired, and let the stones in my heart fall to the ground.”Unlike the character of many Shougang players, Ji Zhe on the court loves” choosing things. “In the face of the aggressive foreign aid, he will use some defensive skills to make too many foreign aid fall into the trap, even facing his former teammates.Ao Dejie is an example. Shougang played against Qingdao team at home. Shougang’s former foreign aid Ao Dejie always used acting to deceive the score. Shougang suffered too many fouls.”Can you play like a man!”Zhe Zhe’s words made Audje happy.  From the “North Drift” of that year to one of the heroes of the Shougang Dynasty, Ji Zhe’s feelings for the team and his sense of belonging to Beijing’s first metropolis are increasing.In 2013, Ji Zhe married his wife, both of whom are from Shenyang. They are very close in character. They understand and support each other on weekdays, and they have a lovely son after marriage.  Ji Zhe, who is only 33 years old, should have had a good future. After retiring the jerseys of the Beijing team, he will enjoy the glory and keep the history of the team forever. However, this is the accident.”I experienced two earthquakes in the morning, one from Tangshan and one from Ji Zhe, my heart .” Yesterday, a fan posted in the circle of friends.But more fans do not want to believe in this evil consumption, “May heaven also have basketball, and Sanji will always go well.”Commemorative Wall” would like to meet more and call you Jige again. After knowing the unlucky death of Ji Zhe, Liu Xiaoyu, Zhai Xiaochuan, Fang Shuo, Zhu Yanxi, Wang Xiaohui and many other active members of the Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team, as well as the old Shougang Ma BuHere, Chen Lei, Li Gen and others mourned their former teammate Ji Zhe on social media.  Wang Xiaohui (Shougang team member): My good roommate, my good brother!Since I met in 2008, you have been like my elder brother. When I need help, I help me unconditionally. How can I hope that all of this is fake?Talk about your recent thoughts, and want to meet more, and then call you Jige.  Zhu Yanxi (Shougang team member): It’s all a day of fighting and laughing together.Before the league, I told you in WeChat that I missed you, and you said you missed me.Seeing your news in the morning, I opened your WeChat subconsciously and shouted “Ji Ge Ji Ge” without any reply.Our captain, our brother, Jige, you just changed a lifestyle and continue to live, I hope you will always be happy and happy, and everything is fine.  Liu Xiaoyu (Shougang team member): At the last meal, you recalled the scene where we first participated in the training camp a few decades ago. We talked about the plan to travel around the world after retirement, and we are full of expectations and hopes for life.I found the photo, and I haven’t sent it to you . brother, go all the way.  Xie Libin (Shougang Assistant): 6-year teammates, 4-year roommates, endless memories, don’t know how to accept this reality.Brothers go well, may everything be fine for you in heaven.  Fang Shuo (Shougang team member): I have always believed that you can return to the arena and fight alongside us . Then now, we will take your share of glory, unwilling, looking forward to fighting together.It’s an honor to be with you as a teammate in your career, and the brothers have gone all the way and miss you.  Zhai Xiaochuan (Shougang team member): Las Vegas in July this year was the last time we met. There I saw your old smile, still so handsome. I turned over the previous photos and recalled the previous us. I ca n’t control my emotions., Ji Ge went all the way.  Marbury (Shougang veteran): At this moment, my heart feels heavy for the family who loves you.My brother, my teammate, my comrade-in-arms, my captain, I hope the other side is calm.I can only pray that your family’s heart can bear the pain of losing you, and hope that they will finally be brave.  Li Gen (Shougang veteran): After hearing terrible consumption, I feel very heavy, and it is difficult to accept if I don’t want to believe.We fought together side by side, getting together day and night, my good brother and good roommate.May Heaven not have any pain and go all the way, Beijing will always be No. 51.  Chen Lei (former captain of Shougang): Full of memories of your brain, from the freshness of entering the team, to later becoming the team’s internal defensive gate.I am honored to have experienced the trough of the Shougang team with you, and also witnessed the splendor of the Shougang team.  C02-03 version of the writing / sauna, night net Xu Bangyin