“Hey……”She sighed a sigh.。

“Why is you sigh??”Lu Haocheng gently fingers gently with her cheeks。
Blue Xin laughs,“its me,Today, go to the Chinese entertainment.,I will remember about five eighteen women’s stars,I always feel that I have some defeats.。”
“hehe……”Lu Haochong,What is he thought?。
“fool,This is called the http://www.ffsos.cn defeat.?”
“I saw it.,Still have to pay for them a lot of money 。”
“Oh!”Lu Haocheng is black and a smile,Character of Muzi,Everyone else stretched his hand to his wife.,He will pay a default?
“All right,Don’t think about these things.,What do you want to eat at night??Maybe tomorrow,You will start busy.。”
Blue Xin looked at him:“what happened?”
Lu Haocheng looked at her cute.,“Blue,You said before and I have said,You like it very much..lshopping mall,Now you design your clothes can stayocountry.lMall,happy?”
Blue Xin is surprised:“husband,Did you compromise under the immersion of Chu??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“……”How can he hear this?。
He squinted,Some dangers,Can’t help but pinch her cheek:“In addition to you, this world seems to have no one to ask me to seek her.。”
“See you,It seems that I am terrible is,Who didn’t you face??I didn’t give you a face.?”Blue Xinjiao’s mouth glanced at him。
“It’s my fault is my fault.,What do you want to eat at night??”Lu Haicheng took her up。
Blue Xin thought about it,Recently I want to eat spicy incense pots。
“Would you like us to eat Sichuan cuisine?,I haven’t eaten for a long time.,Fashion Square,But now go back and far.,See if there are。”
“Row,All according to you。”
Lu Hao Cheng Baidu,Looking for a very good spicy pot in the vicinity,Take her to eat,Two hours,The two people go home。
Blue Xin bat out,Just look at the lobster video that is happy to send her。
See her eyes,Especially want to eat。
[Blue baby,You also come to eat,too delicious,I am happy to cry.,Mu Zizi fungus apologizes。Thank you.,Blue baby,I feel that my grievance since this time.,It’s generous now.。]
Blue Xin laughs,She has always arrived,Things that can solve themselves will never feel troublesome。
But is http://www.szjiwjyybwlxjo.cn Mu Zi 珩 Is someone else??That is her husband。
[Gather,I have to meet this kind of thing in the future.,You are husband and wife。]
[Uh-huh,Blue baby,I see,I will,We are all happy.!]
Blue Xin:[We are very happy now.!]
NS1850chapter I am afraid that I am angry.
[Blue baby,Lu Haozheng bully you,You must tell me。
]Blue Xin laughs:[He does not dare,If he dares to bully me,Let’s join him together.!]“Um!I really don’t dare.。”
Lu Hao Cheng’s voice suddenly appeared behind her。