What to say,I don’t want to think about the letter.,The desperate seeds under the bottom of the people,Just waiting for one。

certainly,If 枝 immediately,That’s better。
Quarter Wen 萱 打 打,I don’t expect to rise to the eyes of Yan Zhi.,Her fierce。
“Than,Si girl, I dredged my brother last night.,NS?”
Branches are cool,“The season girl is now discredient in front of me.。You like two-headed,Is conscience not pain??”
Quarternes can’t prevent,No development:“He actually tells you……”
“The original season girl is worth a good person.,I don’t think he can’t say the arrangement in your back.,I dare to come to me.。”
枝 无 无 地,“But eat more peanuts,Not to make a grievance。If I go to your brother’s evil『chaos』language,Substant, I don’t care.,Torn the face with the season。”
Finish,Yu Zhi’s sleeve came from the front team,Tangly,Infinite:
How can it be like??
Said the elegant season,What is she wants to say bad words??
呜呜 天道 also I also gentle people’s little sister。
Quarterly stood in the land,a long time,She is back with the return reminding her to go to the road.,She anger:“you——You have long been good.!”
裴 逢 蹙 蹙 蹙 蹙 蹙:
“What is the seasons say??”
Quarterne:“From last night, you show my show.,You think about our reactions,Everything is deliberately expressing me.,You want everyone to isolate me.、Don’t trust me again!”
He looked at her innead.,God『color』Unhappy,Not saying。He stretched a quarter,Pensive。
Sea Wenzhao struggles:“What do you want to do?Kill me?!I won’t let you go.!”
Yan Fengxing has to persuade her:“Season girl,I just want to see if you are,You are calm。”
He doesn’t recognize!
After the last night, he showdown on the spot.,He is perfectly disguised into another.。
Quizan suddenly understood,Not her battle in their own house。At home, she is very popular with her mother and her father.,Even if you have a small action, there is always a small action,She has natural advantages。
I don’t have her home.,She did it from it.。
Seasonalne reacted,A few disciples come over to help build her。
裴 星 沉 道:“The season girl was injured,I neglect,Ignored her,It will also be disturbed『chaos』Thoughts。”
Quarterny:“I am not crazy because I am.!”
Ji Fengxing took out one『Medicine』pill,Public authenticity:“Clear,Si girl, you have improved。”
When Qi Wen, I dare to believe him.,Naturally refused to eat,Everyone did not dare to make her more powerful.。push,Actually let the Quarter have pulled a sword.,Straightforward。
Yan Xingzhu won her premium,Only mixed『chaos』In the case of it, it will not hurt the season.,He is hard to be born.,The shoulders were cut out of the quarter.。
“Royal brother!”
Everyone exclaimed。
Next, I don’t want to be very commonplace.,Directly fell to the season,Feeding her a clear pill。
裴 逢 星:“fine。”
Yan Zhi didn’t expect a few people,Returning,Take out the injury while『Medicine』Ask:“You don’t fight her sword?”