“disgusting。”Su Xiaoxue reached out him.,Gaze,“I refer to those words that you and Chen Fei Yan said.。”

“What words?”Summer stupid,And what you think of,“You said that”
“Do not say”Su Xiaoxue hurriedly stopped,“Don’t say dirty words in the future.?”“it is good,Do not say,Hey this year,It’s not easy to say that the truth is really easy.,Even the little little, you are with them.。”Summer shakes the head,Disappointment,“You speak people living,Eat drink to sleep,Is it very low?,Just like the woman just
,What is long?,Not a fairy,Still not letting it”
“I don’t listen, I don’t listen, I don’t listen.”
Su Xiaodiao is ashamed,Shake your head,Dark hair。
“Ha ha。”
I can’t help but laugh in summer.。
Two people are handsome men and women,So attitude walks on the street,Naturally, it will attract attention。
Make a trick,Su Xiaoxue looked at the time,Say,“I have been half a half now.,Let’s go back.。”
“Not in a hurry。”
Summer laughing,A pair of dark eyes flashed a different,“follow me。”
Say,He pulled Su Xiaoxiao’s hand,Turned back。
After walking more than ten meters,Stop on the side of a black business car,Knocked the glass of the car。
See this,Su Xiaoxiao is somewhat surprised。
“This car followed us an afternoon.。”
Su Xiaoxue。
At this time,Window glass slowly decline,Out of a man’s face。
This is a youth,Twenty-five-year-old,It looks smart,But this is full of tension and panic on your face.。
He barely squeezed a smile,“Do you have anything??”
“Stop pretending。”Summer is too lazy to talk to him,“Who are you,Why track me?。”
“I,I do not”Youth wants to deny,Can welcome the summer impatient expression,I quickly smirked,Look at the look,“Summer,I am Zhao Shao’s person.,Zhao Shao originally wants you to eat,Gather,But it is not good to bother you and Miss Su.,So let me follow”
NS950chapter Acquaintance
Zhao Shao?
Summer stunned,Ask,“Which Zhao Shao?”
“Uh……Zhao Jia,Zhao You。”
Youth is obviously prepared,After the end,I deliberately reminded a sentence,“Sentimentation time Zhao Lazi once made a game with white family……”
Summer is now。
When he was still in Qinghai Police Station,Just learn from the leaves of the leaves。
About him,Whether summer red is still home,Have not come out,But Zhao’s family and Long Cheng Luo family are handed to help him.。