Boss silence,Slowly,“There are many strong people in the gods alliance,Among them, there are various magical powers,Ante,Can transform,After turning into,Will be the same as the target。”

“Is this not avatar?。”
Silvester has some disdain,“What is the use?,If only appearance becomes exactly the same,There are many ways in this world to do,Once you have a hand, expose it immediately.,Do you think I didn’t tried this method?。”
Beys again recovered confident smile,“Your Mightiness,I am talking about the power and different,Not only can simulate your appearance,Can also simulate your breath,And your ability。”
Silvester stunned。
He looked at Beth in a very close look.。
Boss smiles,Slightly squat,“Your Mightiness,Just a moment please。”
After the end,Turn around。
About Mo three minutes,He re-entered the box。
Unlike,Side by side。
Silvester suddenly stood up,A pair of eyes,Dead staring。
Because,This person’s body shape,Same as him。
not only that,In the signs of Bery,This person is inactive,A group of white mist。
“Holy light!”
I saw him drinking low.,Stretch the hand,White fog was gently condensed into a silver spear。
Boss smiled,“Your Mightiness,How do you think?”
Silvester didn’t speak,Going to the past,Upper and down,Time before and after。
Half half,He asked,“How is his strength??”
“Of course, it is impossible to be as strong as you.,But the strength of the half-level,It’s enough to blind everyone’s eyes.,Also cope with the peeping of different four law enforcers。”
NS2765chapter three things
Summer with Fangxiang back home。
He inquiry in advance Liu Qingqing,So Liu Qingqing did not go to work,Specially waiting in the villa。
After seeing some cautious square,Liu Qingqing immediately blooms gentle smile。
“You must be a square,Don’t be nervous,Here is your new home.。”
She has learned everything about Fangxiang from the mouth of the summer.,For this dedicated and stubborn little girl full of good feelings。
Her father is a summer comrades,It is also for the sake of summer.,Love house and black,Liu Qingqing is the arrival of Fangxiang,No trace of contradiction。
Reverse,She is very happy,Because the small flowers have finally have a playmate.。
Fangxiang is a bit nervous and cautious,Especially in such a big villa,It is meaningless。
Good enthusiasm in Liu Qingqing makes her gradually relaxed。
but,When I said,Liu Qingqing is full of embarrassment。
“summer,Sister in the future,Call your uncle。”