He secretly thinks。

After heard of words at this moment,He first swept the youth,And then welcoming the eyes of Lu Shao’s et al.,“Did you never cover up??”
Heard this sentence,Lu Xiangdong is full of face,Teeth,“Chinese people,No matter what you have?,I must make you born.……”
Not finished,Summer pupil,嗖,Frontier。
A Senruo knife swept the place where he was just now。
I don’t know when I don’t know when I am.,I didn’t hesitate to attack at the time of the summer.。
But after the hit,Knife instantly disappears,Did not leave slight fluctuations,Didn’t see people。
Summer can’t help frown。
He knows that this is tolerance。
But……How to crack?
His heart has finally got a hint of worry。
Now you can confirm,These people are being targeting themselves,Several young people next to Lu Xione,Obviously not good,Just before they hide too good,Not perfect until now。
Certainty,A sudden scene is also surprised by people.。
They only see a thorny cold light,As for what happened therefrom,Can’t capture with naked eye。
As for Lu Yidong,The corner is even more cavity.。
I am afraid that he is stupid.,This Chinese people are absolutely not ordinary people.。
Otherwise,These only exist in the legendary strongman,How can I at the same time?。
If you kill each other today,So you are never good.,Absolute!
Think here,Lu Xiangdong breathed a cold air……He knows that it is enough to drown his own rotation.。
It is also a thorn cold light from half of the air.,Bump,The clothes behind the summer are now cracking,A blood marke penetrate。
If the words are in one second,I am afraid that he will be smashed by a knife.。
Summer eyes squint,The cold light suddenly shines。
See the summer injury,Xu Meizhen exclaimed。
Summer deep breathing,Express a clean smile,“Don’t worry,I didn’t……”
Not finished,A ice cold knife is abrupt from the air。
Fast arrived。
“Waiting is that you shoot!”